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    20:28:00«Αdiϵ٠Τhorηωycκ» : Welcome Sven.))
    20:29:16∙†Sven†∙ : ty much))
    20:29:34Elyse : welcome)
    20:30:16∙†Sven†∙ : ty))
    20:32:14∙†Sven†∙ walked down along the stream towards the city he had saw signs of on the road not to far back. However Sven didnt like to stick to roads much or even civilization. He moved down the stream looking around the forest as if he had been hunting but not hunting any animals. Sven wore tattered cloth for clothes with leather boots that were worn and <C>
    20:34:50∙†Sven†∙ old. With a harden leather armor covering his torso and chest. He had trinkets of animals long dead that he had hunted some time long ago from fangs to bones here and there along his armor and clothing. His dual axes attached to his back had runes inscribed of a tribe he could not remember. Sven was lost but not lost all at the same time. He felt<C
    20:36:13∙†Sven†∙ like he knew where he was going but he did not know his destination. He had no coin as he did not need it, he had all he needed on his back to live off the land and it was what he did. After the accident he had been through a town or two and got the same reaction each time. People seemed to fear him or were uneasy around him though it did not <C>
    20:36:57∙†Sven†∙ offend him any. Sven enjoyed watching people move around him carefully at times, somewhere deep inside he found the fear of others entertaining at times.<D>
    20:40:56Elyse : One thing about herbs was that they often needed to be refreshed. She had sold a few lintments and poultices but that was it and now she needed to refresh her stock of certain plants. She had checked on the wagon and the waggoner did apologize but he would still be a few more days. She saw no reason to be angry, what could not -
    20:43:02Elyse : be helped only was a window opening for opportunity. Instead of staying in her room or hanging once again at the marketplace, she bought a few apples and some cheese for lunch expecting to spend the day out in the forest gathering. Her herb bag slung over her shoulder she left the city following the road a walking stick in hand. It served a few-
    20:48:13Elyse : purposes. It was nice to lean on, it could be used as a weapon and it helped her lift foilage when looking for certain plants. What she needed today grew along water. Trudging she wore a light scarf over her head, her garments were long and flowing robe like in appearance but lighter and more colorful. Her people enjoyed color and wore it -
    20:50:40Elyse : often. The sun was brought down in the cooler paths of the forest and she followed the path till the sound of tinkling water caught her ear. The stream came into view and she took off her shoes, that were akin to moccassins made of a soft leather they lacked ornmentation. The shoes were slipped into her bag as her toes wriggled in the cool water-
    20:51:06Elyse : Dark eyes concentrated on the banks of the stream in search of the prize she had come to find.
    20:55:50∙†Sven†∙ As he moved down the bank of the stream he had heard noise of someone or something a ways away moving through the forest. Though he did not move to hide or to really see what it or who it was Sven stopped walking. He stood looking out at the stream and occasionally looking back at where the noise in the distance came from. Sven moved to a tree <C>
    20:58:03∙†Sven†∙ near the bank of the stream was and leaned against his arms crossed as he waited to see exactly what it was. He thought to himself as he watched. Though as she came into view he watched her as she approached the stream and moved about. He was unsure if she just ignored him or if his clothing was dark enough to help him go unnoticed for the time<C>
    20:59:30∙†Sven†∙ being. Sven would attempt to leave her alone as he moved along the tree line though he was sure his large frame would be seen at that range. Sven was not always one to be social as usually people found him as being very rude or just not very pleasant<D>
    21:04:00Elyse : The walking stick served to help keep her steady along the banks which at times could crumble at inoppertune times. She was so intent on looking for the plants that she failed to see what was in front of her and tripped. The water was shallow but that was not what the problem was , her bag slipped out of her hands and began to float downstream-
    21:05:47Elyse : a hard morning and afternoons work was in that bag and she scrambled up and started to run in barefeet along the bank trying to overcome the water as it ferried her shoes, her lunch and her herbs down its course. A snag in the creek saved her as she could see the bag had been tangled in its branches but here the water seemed a bit more trecherous-
    21:07:48Elyse : roaring over rocks with white headed rapids. She waded out as far as she felt she could go and tried to use the reach of her walking stick to pull the bag to her but she needed longer arms. She dared not go further for her slight form was already having problems standing as the water was waist high. Maybe rocks would loose it a miricle would -
    21:10:09Elyse : occur and she could draw it back to herself. She slogged through the water and picked up some rocks she could hold in one hand, her stick in the other and began to try to pelt the bag to loose it from the snags grip.
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    21:11:23Elyse : welcome)
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    21:12:56∙†Sven†∙ shook his head as he seen what happened to Elyse and moved his way over to her and he spoke out with a quiet yet harsh sounding voice...."If you loosen it there you shall just say goodbye to its contents as it flows through the rapids" he pointed further downt he stream. He stood straight as he looked at the bag and the rapids then back to the<C>
    21:15:49∙†Sven†∙ woman with a curiousity as he stood on the bank. Sven exhaled as a sigh and he said..."Let me do this or you will either be at it all day or loose what you are trying to get" his voice would come across arrogant now though it was his nature and he saw himself as not a fake person by not trying to cover up who he was. Sven stripped his belts that<C>
    21:17:43∙†Sven†∙ held his duel axes "the fangs" to his back and dropped them on the ground with a clank as they landed on the bank. Without asking he thrusted himself into the water and pushed into the rapids though strong he was slow to push for footing so not to fall he was well capable of not being carried off as he made his way to the woman's satchel<D>
    21:24:59Elyse : She had not known she was not alone or that anyone saw her dilemma. She spoke not a word but simply backed off from her percarious postion. The man was must better at being able to keep from being engulfed by the strength of the rapids. He sounded almost reluctant as he offered to help her which brought a slight smile to her lips-
    21:27:56Elyse : He nevertheless pushed into the water after he discarded that which might impede him. Dark eyes watched with intent, a well built man obviously a warrior of some kind. He had some arrogance to him but there were many warriors that did and it could be conscrewed as confidence as well. He had certainly taken the time to access the situation and -
    21:29:48Elyse : though he had grumbled he was now working to get her items back. She bent down and wrang out the bottem of her robes, at least she had been cooled off for a moment anyway. Her eyes flitted back to the impressive form of Sven and she waited for his return .
    21:30:10∙†Sven†∙ he gripped a rock as he was he knew he would be unable to keep up with the next step if he did not have a brace and reached out grabbing the satchel. he slowly turned and started making his way back to the bank. His cloth pants and part of his shirt was now soaked and his boots were a bit heavy from the water though he showed not a care of the <C>
    21:32:48∙†Sven†∙ he pushed his long hair back from his face with his right hand and held the satchel out to her with his left hand as he stood on the stream's edge now. Sven would speak up again with his harsh tone..."look Lass... next time strap it off to yourself and it wont float away" he would probably seem to have an odd accent as he was far from home. Sven<C>
    21:34:17∙†Sven†∙ looked down to his axes and then back to her as his right hand moved to rest on one of the belts around his waist as he stood waiting for her to retrieve her satchel from his grasp though when she would his left hand would also move to one of the belts along his waist<D>
    21:37:49Elyse : She took the bag and brought her index finger and her ring finger together pressing it on her forehead. Her peoples way of saying thank you though the utterance came as well. Her voice wrapped around her like a silk ribbon, "My thanks for the man who became my savior." Her dark eyes sparkled "I would say that you came from the heavens -
    21:41:11Elyse : for I did not see you before you offered to help me. I would hazard a guess that you are no angel" she opened the bag in which everything was soaked, it did not matter the contents would dry. The important thing was that she did not lose them. "I would be grateful if you took these apples as a token of my thanks." she had nothing else to offer -
    21:43:16Elyse : and she quipped "Take some time to eat them and you might have a chance to dry off, I have cheese too. " her lunch but without him she would have lost her work and her shoes. Those would be harder to replace , a slender tanned hand palm open extended the apple to him "A gift for a angel ..."
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    21:48:16∙†Sven†∙ he watched her interesting actions as she thanked him. Sven moved to pick up his axes and attached them around him so they seated on his back once more. He looked her over curiously as she spoke as he had never seen the attire she wore before. As she commented about him being a savior and an angel he laughed. Sven shook his head and returned with<C
    21:51:56∙†Sven†∙ his own words..."Savior, Angel,....I am none of these things" he looked at the apples and he took only one. Sven immediatlly taking a bite out of it. He lacked on manners as it came to be seen obviously. "The wild is not safe, things like I stalk through it" he talked as he chewed the bite from the apple. Sven had basically refered to himself as<C
    21:54:37∙†Sven†∙ a predator of sorts, which was true to a degree. Sven would not take the other apple offered as he prefered to hunt for for food. He normally dined on some sort of wild animal and ale when he had it. He shook his head at the offer of cheese. Sven would take another bite out of the apple watching her curiously. Though he would not immiedatly reply<C
    21:55:38∙†Sven†∙ to the last angel comment he would eventually say..."More of a Wolf or maybe a bear or even a lion...but no angel Lass" <D>
    21:58:54Elyse : She took the other apple and bit into its sweet crunch while he talked and then answered smoothly "One mans rubbage is another mans treasure, and one mans beast may be anothers companion. " she spoke softly before she took another bite " And one mans witch is anothers healer..." the next bite caused juice to run down her chin, and she wiped it-
    22:01:15Elyse : with the back of her hand once again eyeing him. "You are far from your lands and do not emply normal methods of combat that civilized peoples use. " she had been here long enough to know that a axe wasnt a standard. The men she had seen the past few days carried swords or rapiers, even cutlasses but not axes. "You are proud of the hunt-
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    22:02:56Elyse : and you have great prowess." he was not clad like a normal warrior, no metal armour and he had a feral feeling about him that had nothing to do with his comment about being a beast and not a angel. That was all she could see now for sure a bit more time and perhaps she could discern more indepth.
    22:06:53∙†Sven†∙ tilted his head some and ran his hand through his goatee and took the last bite of the apple and tossed the core into the woodline nearby. As he chewed the last bite of apple he would reply to her witch comment. He could see that she was calm about him his voice comming foward once more..."Witch, Healer no difference. Both serve the purpose"<C>
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    22:10:20∙†Sven†∙ As she spoke more about him he stood straight and he replied..."We call your ones like you rune priests where I am from" he could see that she was either a herbalist or something similiar as she did not have the look of a hunter. Which would explain the reason for her being this far out in the wild. "You are not as lost as you seemed at first"<C>
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    22:11:46∙†Sven†∙ "Lass" he would say as he spoke again, though he never tried to sound rude much it just came across that way alot. "Though what you say is true I am in search of those like me" he wasnt sure about the whole story of what he looked for as his amnesia was still covering a thick portion of his memory<D>
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    22:13:52Elyse : Her ears perked if he was looking for others like him then maybe he had come accross people that were like her "In your travels to find those of your kin have you seen any that reminded you of me? Dressed and the warriors used no weapons, they were called Dance Masters. They would be nomadic not saying in anyone place"-
    22:16:22Elyse : She had asked everyone that had told her that they traveled. Someone surely had seen them , she dropped her core and dark eyes fastened upon him. She took a breath and apologized "Forgive me, I have been searching for many weeks now . It is like trying to find a voice on the wind, " she slid her bag over her shoulder for she would have to make -
    22:18:37Elyse : her way back to town. She was not afraid of the dark but she did not want to stay out in the forest with nothing to make camp with.
    22:21:47∙†Sven†∙ raised a brow when she retaliated with her question of those who he might have seen. Sven was impressed that she wasnt disgusted with him yet and he said in reply..."I barely remember my own people, I woke up on rocks not too long ago I cannot remember past that Lass" and when she apologized to him he didnt reply. He remembered much of his <C>
    22:23:40∙†Sven†∙ customs and beliefs but not what they were doing last or where they were. Sven loved the wild and he could find any where to stay regardless of gear or lack there of. He made his camp from just about anything and he was good and doing it and that is what he had planned. Sven wasnt keen on civilized areas as it made him feel uncomfortable as it<C>
    22:23:52∙†Sven†∙ smelled strange to him and offputting at that<D>
    22:32:34Elyse : "I am afraid I have not seen any of your people either" a smile tugged at her lips "It seems that we are both displaced at this time." she noticed the sun was going down and she knew that she would only need to follow the stream. "I am in this land for a while, my wagon is being fixed and I have no conveyance. I am staying at a Inn _
    22:34:44Elyse : in the town. I do not want to lose my way so I better be getting back" she picked up her walking stick and then smiled widely "By the way angel beast, I am Elyse, I deal in herbs and plants if you have need to mend a wound or perhaps stop your bowells from spewing forth, I can help you" she bowed her head once again her fingers touching her -
    22:35:16Elyse : forhead. "I would be honored if you wished to share a meal with me in the town, though I get the feeling you are more comfortable here"
    22:38:33∙†Sven†∙ he gave a chuckle at her displaced comment as he replied..."I am not lost" as he wasnt really. He had just forgotten where he was or where he was going though to him that didnt make him displaced or lost. As she spoke about how she was in the land for a while and spoke of an inn. He thought to himself where there is an inn or a tavern there was<C
    22:42:19∙†Sven†∙ ale. Ale was always welcomed in his book. A odd smirk would present itself to his face as he thought about it and replied... "I am Sven Russ Bloodclaw, ...I fear crowds do not fair well in my presence" though he had not been sure why he retained a title that floated in the back of his mind as blood claw. Sven spoke again his harsh voice trickling<C
    22:46:56∙†Sven†∙ out once more...."If you wish it Lass, if you enter the wild once more I shall find you.....your scent is unique" he would give a grin at his comment though it was up to her to take it well or ill. Sven had learned to distinguish scents at a young age and learned as a tracker for his tribe. <D>
    22:50:25Elyse : She said his name but with her accent it came out sounding without the "v" "Very well Sween I shall look for you on the morrow. " she chuckled "What you smell is cloves and allspice mixed with a flower from my lands called "saroif" though I do not know the common tongue name for it" She moved to walk off and then turned -
    22:51:45Elyse : around before she left "I shall bring some refreshment, I shall come back to this place when the sun is at its zenith, be well Sween Russ" she turned leaving that cloying scent behind as she walked barefoot through the underbrush and disappearing from his sight. The path noted as she made her way back to town for a bite-
    22:52:42Elyse : of dinner and some meditation. She was almost looking forward to the next meeting with this one. He was not quite as readable as some she came around and she believed that some interesting knowledge could come from this warrior. Knowledge to add to her own ...
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    23:22:25»Đãřâẏ« : welcome both))
    23:23:00William_Frewin : thank you very much.))
    23:29:39William_Frewin : As anything been happening?))
    23:30:15Rosalie_Shadowfax : ty))
    23:30:37Rosalie_Shadowfax : currently just playing around with my profile))
    23:32:27»Đãřâẏ« : it's pretty quiet right now))
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    23:34:49BrandonΞArrow : welcome everyone sorry dinner called)
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    23:37:13BrandonΞArrow : welcome please read the rules and whisper me if you have any questions)
    23:37:15BrandonΞArrow : bah)
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    23:39:39BrandonΞArrow : At the Drowned Wench if anyone would like to play)
    23:43:08William_Frewin William stepped out of the King's Head dressed for his business. His green cloak doing its best to conceal the long sword at his left hip. His dark brown eyes looking about the streets. It was the evening and it seemed like a fairly nice evening as far as he could tell. He slowly walked down the streets of the market looking over the wares, at>
    23:45:09William_Frewin least those places that were still open. He was looking for the next great adventure, or at least a little adventure, to come his way. He had high hopes of finding his riches in some undiscovered location or dungeon or something! He chatted up every shady character he could trying to get a few leads but to no real success. He always had such >
    23:46:33William_Frewin ease finding his next trouble, but this place was going to make him work for his trouble. With a broad smile on his face he continued to walk til he found the Drowned Wench. If some trouble would be found, he thought, surely in such a place. He slowly opened the door and stepped inside. His thick riding boots clapping out each step in the >
    23:47:14William_Frewin building. His eyes searching around for an interesting character, the type of person that just stands out and seems like they knew something.
    23:50:30BrandonΞArrow : Brandon usually didnt work menial work around the bar. Not that he was above it he just had hired enough people to do the job for him. Brigit was sick however and it was Selenes day off and the new gal hadnt been in yet and so here he was with a rag in his hand cleaning up spilled ale from the roughhewn bartop. The usual crowd was in but when>>
    23:52:04BrandonΞArrow : William came in he raised a brow. His first thought that he was being investigated perhaps. His Tavern usually attracted a bit of a darker crowd, this man seemed a bit cleaned up and did not have the look of a sailor or a thief. He gave a nod in greeting however for the only ones he would put a foot down would be fecking mermaids,unless of course >
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    23:54:14BrandonΞArrow : he was serving them up on the menu. "Well met sir, have a seat and let me be knowing what I can get for you this evening. I would reccomend...." a fight broke out over in the corner and he held up a hand " I will be right with you " he strode over and tipped the table over where the two men were arguing and roared "Now I told you >>>
    23:55:38BrandonΞArrow : if your going to be gambling in here, and the bet is to cut off fingers then do it somewhere else!! Blood stains are not what I want Tana to see and since I have to sleep with her I get the bitching!!" he gave the men a stern look " Thats it one more time and I am kicking your arses out and you can try to see if the Kings Head will let your >>
    23:56:39BrandonΞArrow : smelly arses into there." he looked down "Now clean the table up I have customers to deal with" He brushed his hands off and came back to the bar and gave a roguish grin "Sorry about that , what can I get you ?"
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    23:56:58BrandonΞArrow : welcome)
    23:57:08Sīεgfгїεδ : Thanks for asking! It went great ))
    23:57:16BrandonΞArrow : current play at the Wench)
    23:57:57BrandonΞArrow : finds Siegfrieds comment a bit odd and slips back ic)
    00:04:20William_Frewin eye's finally landed on the host. He gave a polite nod but then some distrubance rose up. William's hand went to the hilt of his sword but it seemed that the host was able to handle the situation with out him. He took the time to look about the people within before stepping up to the host. "I'm looking for some information. I'm sure you hear >
    00:05:52William_Frewin alot of things and I just wish to know if you've heard any interesting rumors." He said with a grin and a dashing smile. "such as evil wizard kidnapping princesses, evil beast attacking merchants and hoarding there loot, an entire city of gold, that sort of thing." The host might have thought William was kidding except for the fact that >
    00:07:55William_Frewin William said with a straight face and in an earnist tone. "I'm the great Adventure William The Kobold Slayer Frewin!" A passing bard he had talked to had suggested that a title or nickname would do wonders for his image. So he decided to try out the bard's advice. Although he had only killed one kobold and it was on accident. "So, do you think>
    00:08:33William_Frewin you can help me out? I'll make it worth your time." He reached into his pouch and pulled out a single gold coin and set it on the counter's edge nearist to William.
    00:11:56BrandonΞArrow : Now Brandon heard all sorts of things this was a tavern after all. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully "Well I hear that there are strange things happening as of late, a group of hunters was attacked not long ago. None were killed but they are babbling about how it was retribution for shooting as suspecting werewolf. There was a mermaid here not>>
    00:13:24BrandonΞArrow : long ago but I took care of her myself. Are you hunting for sport? Inside Hadara the guards keep a very close watch on things . If you were to find anything interesting you would need to go on the outskirts in the forest I would be reckoning. All sorts of beasts in there , no kidnappings, the Princess just pushed out three heirs>>>
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    00:14:35BrandonΞArrow : and I would sooner try to storm a dragons lair then to be caught trying to go there to cause mischief and I am sure many a man has figured the same thing. The wrath of the royals would come down so hard," he nodded "That is about the best I have for you right now, who might seek for a price and if there was any glory in >>
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    00:14:54BrandonΞArrow : in it well that I could not tell you "
    00:14:59Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg yawned and stretched out his arms and legs. Today would be another eventful day. With limber steps, he made his way back to the docks and to the wench, where he had ordered the duck last time, thinking that tonight something else would be on that plate. Perhaps some nice catfish would serve him well. He pushed open the door to the place and >
    00:16:17Sīεgfгїεδ : kept a low profile this time about, keeping in mind the conversation last night had held for him. Still the place looked as though no one was paying him any mind, and he would give the same courtesy to the others, sliping himself to the bar and speaking up "Catfish and rum if you would be so kind." Now waiting on his order quietly with some >
    00:16:29Sīεgfгїεδ : space between himself and the other patrons who frequented this place. -f-
    00:21:52William_Frewin He looked towards the host. "hmm, so, perhaps the royals....How does one go about getting an audiance with a Royal family member? I suspect one of them might have the information that I require." He gently twirled the gold coin he had placed on the counter. He wasn't going to pay for nothing. His heard turned as the door opened and someone >
    00:24:39William_Frewin tepped in. He watched as the person came up to the bar near him. He gave the stranger a slight nod before turning back to the host hoping that the host could at least have some useful information. "Like is there someone I should talk to, a certain day, I'm unfaimiliar with the customes of this kingdom." While waiting for an answer he thought >
    00:25:12William_Frewin about hunting the beast that didn't kill anyone, but there didn't seem to be a lot of coin or glory for doing such a hazardious act. He was looking for something with a bit more reward.
    00:26:52BrandonΞArrow : Now if the man had been a theif or a assasin Brandon could have directed him to several possiblities but the man had the air of goodness to him, and Brandon couldnt see him going to a operation like the theives guild and being comfortable with it. "Well the castle is up the main road, you cant miss it. The Prince Rowan I suppose>
    00:27:14Rosalie_Shadowfax has returned.
    00:28:46BrandonΞArrow : might be able to help you. " Brandons face broke into a grin when he saw Siegfried "Well where is your girl with the breeches? Did she decide to take my advice and come back when she is older? " her chuckled "What can I get for you Siegfried was it?" Where was that damn new wench!! She had a pretty face that was true>>
    00:30:29BrandonΞArrow : bound to get a lot of customers in here trying to corrupt her. If she stayed around here too long she would be corupted. He held up another hand "Hold that be right back again" A drunk stumbled over to the cornor and he was unbuttoning his breeches and pulling out his business "What the hell!! Go to the fecking chamber pot you swarmy bastard!!" >
    00:31:19BrandonΞArrow : Brandon grabbed the man and shuffled him out the door" Piss in the sea and not in my tavern!!" he turned and made a face and once again slid behind the bar "Now what did you fellows want? "
    00:31:28Rosalie_Shadowfax : Rosalie rushed into the Drowned Wench, with skirts lifted, she couldn't believe she hadn't kept track of the time! of all days to be late! Flush faced, and panting, the girl swept inside, dropping her skirts now that she didn't need to be running and made a quick bee line for the kitchens so grab up an apron and quickly cinch in around her -c
    00:33:32Rosalie_Shadowfax : waist. Hazel eyes flicked towards Brandon with sheepish look, oh she was going to have to do some major kiss'ing up for being late on the first day. Patting back dark chocolate tendrils into the up swept bun, she snatched up a tray, adjusting the corset show casing glorious bosom to make the boys thirsty and started on her rounds. -c
    00:35:05Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg chuckled at his initial question. "Never can tell what a lady is thinking. And I already ordered some catfish with rum, but thanks for asking." A smile showed on his lips as the man remembered his name. Sure it had been only a day, but he was usually either significant, or otherwise. Most often the latter. "I have no idea how you can do >
    00:35:38Rosalie_Shadowfax : Standing at 5'7 the girl had some nice curves to her, and sweet personality to go with it unlike a lot of other wenchs around who spirits had been dampened and volatile tempers to any who tried to make a grasp for them. Rosalie took everything in stride, blushing as men snagged her around the waist and pulled her into their laps for a short -c
    00:36:26Sīεgfгїεδ : such a job like this. I much prefer to travel and see the world." he mused out loud, trying to imagine working any sort of mundane job that didn't involve fighting or travelling and constant learning. It was just the sort of thing that matched his personality, however rare he decided to show it. -f-
    00:37:24Rosalie_Shadowfax : spell before shed quickly make excuse to leave and scurry out of their clutches to fill the orders she had already taken. With quick beating heart she finally made her way behind the bar, skirting round Brandon as she started grabbing mugs and filling them with ales and other assorted drinks.-d
    00:40:17William_Frewin He pushed the coin to the host's side of the counter before leaning up. He had gotten what he thought he could from this place. He nodded to the woman who had rushed in and started to work. "M'lady." He said with a warm smile and then turned back to Brandon. "Thank you for your aid, I'll be sure to remember this place if forture pans out as it>
    00:42:05William_Frewin should!" He swiftly turned towards the door. His long cloak swirled a bit, revealing the shiny longsword at his hip. He walked out of the bar with purpose, with hopeful steps that would lead to his riches and glory." He turned and started to head back to his room to hope to visit with the royals in the next few days.
    00:42:15William_Frewin : (Sorry, I'm going to have to head out, thanks for the quick fun.))
    00:42:36BrandonΞArrow : come again and take care)
    00:42:47William_Frewin has left the conversation.
    00:44:25BrandonΞArrow : He blew out a breath "Call this my day job" he gave a smirk and then called to Rosalie "Rosie come and help this man see what is taking his fish so long and he needs a ale just be careful he might have to check under your skirts to make sure that your the same as his girl in breeches" he laughed racously and then scooped>>
    00:45:44BrandonΞArrow : up the gold coin. If the man wanted to pay him he wasnt going to go after him. "You look out my door and you will see where my true love lies, she is a fickle mistress always changing her mind but she has the voice of a siren. I have only been able to gaze upon her from the shore lately, but soon I plan to be>>
    00:47:45BrandonΞArrow : back in her sweet embrace and have her wash over me like a lovers carress" he rubbed his chin and jabbed a thumb in Rosalies direction "women like her make this job bearable anyway" he winked. Tana shared his bed but he had made no promises to her that he wouldnt fill his eyes with a pretty maid every once in a while. He was who he was and he>>
    00:48:41BrandonΞArrow : she knew he was a pirate and ...well she didnt know about the theif part but she loved him. He loved her as well but he had swore after Makayla that he would never get tied down in a suffocating marriage again. He had made no promises and she had accepted such.
    00:51:44Rosalie_Shadowfax : That got a blush to burn even deeper as she looked from Bradon to Siegfried with a kind of 'oh dear' look, hopefully he was just kidding about the lifting the skirts part. " right away Mr. Arrow.." she'd call back, and instantly pour Siegfried a mug of ale and set it before him on the bar. Lfiting her tray of assorted drinks for the other -c
    00:53:41Rosalie_Shadowfax : patrons she swished her way around the tables, depositing drinks along the way to the kitchen, she may have been an innocent but she certainly new how to move to draw attention to herself. Disappearing into the kitchen, shed ask the cook what was taking so long, getting a very loud verbal assault back about how he was over worked and blah blah-c
    00:55:15Rosalie_Shadowfax : blah blah. Rosalie just kind of stood there blinking for a moment, not exactly sure how to respond yet to the boisterous males around her as the plate of food was shoved into her hands and she was shoo'd back out. " ...I can see...this is going to take some getting used too.." shed utter under her breath as she made her way back to Siegfried-c
    00:56:38Rosalie_Shadowfax : offering charming smile on slightly rouged lips. " sorry that took so long sir." the apology sheepish as she set the plate down in front of him. " need anything else just holler for Rose" -d
    00:57:45Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg shrugged and said nonchalantly. "Myself and the lady in breeches are simply temporary companions it seems." This little tidbit of information was just to help clarify things for Brandon. Seems like Sieg always had one thing going on or another. "Aye if a woman were ever stuck with me, she would need to be ready to travel." He paused as his >
    00:59:13Sīεgfгїεδ : drink and food were served to him. "Thank you ma'am. Relax, I have no intention of lifting up your skirt or otherwise." With a small nod, he took a bite of the fish, and sipped the drink rather calmly, his focus going to the wooden counter. Things were pleasant here, if not a little slow for his lifestyle. Perhaps he would stay a little longer >
    01:00:36Sīεgfгїεδ : than he had originally intended to do so, before packing his things and disappearing to explore new lands as he had done time and time again. With each passing shift in his scenery, he had left behind acquiantences and friends. Always someone to return to say hello when he stopped by the towns he had previously visited. -f-
    01:04:24Rosalie_Shadowfax : brb))
    01:04:25Rosalie_Shadowfax is away.
    01:10:00BrandonΞArrow : He shook his head "A shame Siegfried, she had potential that girl. Pretty just needed to brush up on her rapier wit." he leaned back and pulled up a his stash of rum. His teeth grasped the cork and he pulled it out. "So what are you going to do now Siegfried? Your girl is still in Hadara eh?" he assumed that men were >>>
    01:11:37BrandonΞArrow : all the same. They met a girl, they got along with said girl, they bedded said girl. "Or did you leave her company? She was a feisty one you seem rather tame in personality" it was not a slam on the man but he was fairly quiet and reserved where Livinia had been not adverse to speaking her opinon. Tana was feisty with him >>
    01:11:45BrandonΞArrow : at times but they had a understanding.
    01:13:58Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg took a deep drink of the ale and another bite of the catfish. Damn it was good too. "Well.." he started, taking another bite, chewing and swallowing before going on, "I think she is off doing her own thing. I think she rather only enjos my company when the fancy strikes her." It was his opinion of the situation, not necessarily true, as he >
    01:15:27Sīεgfгїεδ : had other thoughts crossing his mind that were not the best things to speak of out loud. For the time being he munched on his fish before speaking up again. "I take it you have a wife or something of the sort?" It was a decent question, and not something too outrageous to ask. Sieg wanted to be reasonable, but if he got drunk, things could skew >
    01:15:52Sīεgfгїεδ : out of the lines of decency, and into the realm of things of questions not to be asked in casual conversation. -f-
    01:22:26BrandonΞArrow : He grinned "of the sort. Yes her name is Tana and she helps me manage this place. She is a spitfire but you just need to learn to deal with it. Every man has a line and it is up to him to let the woman know that she cant cross that line." he wasnt cruel to her nor was he overbearing. He gave when >>
    01:23:28Sybilla·Covelin has joined the conversation.
    01:24:34BrandonΞArrow : necessary and reeled things in when necessary. "So what do you do for a job here in Hadara? "his eyes scanned the tavern just to make sure all was peaceful and he didnt have more drunks trying to piss in the corner. "I have seen a lot of warriors as of late, but no rumors of war anywhere odd..." he took a deep drink>>
    01:24:57BrandonΞArrow : welcome home)
    01:25:03Sybilla·Covelin : Thanks)
    01:25:43BrandonΞArrow : from his bottle. He put it down with a thud on the bar and turned his eyes back to Siegfried waiting.
    01:27:46Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg nodded and finished the catfish, savouring the final bite slowly, and gulped down the rest of the ale. "I am a travelling fighter. Sometimes I make my wage in arena battles, or teach the guards of towns and cities what to do, and what not to do in combat." It was true, he had seen enough fights to know the do's and don'ts, and took part in >
    01:29:04Sīεgfгїεδ : enough to know how to apply the knowledge in situations. "Sometimes I also lend out my services to those in need of them, well if no killing is involved. Some say I am too merciful, but I believe everyone should have the opportunity to better themselves." With a light shrug, he thought he had basically explained the entire reasoning behind the >
    01:29:51Sīεgfгїεδ : path he folowed, the path of the light fist. "War or weapons don't make a difference to me. Death is always a heavy burden, always has been, always will be." -f-
    01:32:47BrandonΞArrow : He spoke gruffly"Sometimes mercy is in the killing blow. You must be young but some are beyond redemption, live long enough and you will find that out" the young man had his own sense of morality and that was not shared with Brandon. Brandon had his code of course but it had been formed>>
    01:34:38Rosalie_Shadowfax has returned.
    01:34:51Sīεgfгїεδ : wb))
    01:34:54Rosalie_Shadowfax : ty))
    01:36:24BrandonΞArrow : over years of being a father, husband, pirate and thief. " I have lived the harsh realities and growing up in the poor quarter there were many that were a waste of flesh" he took another drink and then losing his reverie his eyes came back into focus toward Siegfried "My advice is to remember that when fighting with someone that shows no >>
    01:36:40BrandonΞArrow : mercy you should give none, or your dead"
    01:36:43BrandonΞArrow : wb)
    01:37:49Sīεgfгїεδ : Go ahead and post if you want rose))
    01:38:04Rosalie_Shadowfax : ty))
    01:40:12Rosalie_Shadowfax : Rose listened to the conversation between Brandon and Siegfried for a moments time while she was at the bar, but never did she linger too long in one spot, constantly making rounds and ensuring there was not an empty mug in the place. Her smile was kind, the blush always panting her cheeks in different shades giving away the different levels of -c
    01:40:41Allene has joined the conversation.
    01:40:49BrandonΞArrow : welcome home)
    01:40:54Allene : Hello.))
    01:41:45BrandonΞArrow : play is in the wench)
    01:41:50Rosalie_Shadowfax : flustering she was receiveing from customers as she went. For one so quiet mannered, it seemed such a place would quickly swallow up said strumpet and devour her but she seemed to be holding her own, teasing Brandons patrons just enough to get them drooling before wandering away before any trouble could start. Rose wasn't stupid, she knew this-c
    01:41:51Allene : Thanks.))
    01:43:20Rosalie_Shadowfax : was a shady place to be...well shadier than most, and things weren't all on the up and up...she was just blissfully or perhaps ignorantly unaware of exactly how far the shadyness went. Brandon had been nothing but a gentleman to her, and aside from his sometimes vulgar way of speaking she had no reason to think him a deviant. Another round of -c
    01:45:43Rosalie_Shadowfax : drinks delivered had the girl moving back behind the bar with an easy sway to her hips that brought skirt to swish about her slender legs. Taking up rag the girl worked quietly, just trying to get her barrings and learn the customs before she'd really open up any. -d
    01:47:56Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg nodded. "I suppose with experience comes some form of structure to ones life." Siegfried did not argue that point, or argue against the mans ideals. Nay, he respected the opportunity for everyone to grow in their own way, without forcing them to become something they were not. Perhaps just his sensitive side coming into play. "Well, to each >
    01:49:22Sīεgfгїεδ : their own." he muttered and turned to look at the waitress who had served him before. "Could I get another drink?" He asked politely, his mind wandering to think, and looked back to Brandon. "I do seem to be running low on funds lately. Do you have need of a strong fighter?" Well, way to put it in eloquent words Sieg, he thought to >
    01:49:49Sīεgfгїεδ : himself in reprimand. Well possibly better to be up front about this sort of thing than indirect and silver tongued. -f-
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    01:53:43BrandonΞArrow : "Well sometimes when I am not here the ladies need a bit of help. Take Rosie there, pretty thing, drunks try to take their liberties or there is other altercations. I suppose I could use a man that could strong arm to protect when I or my sons are not around, I am not sure how to pay for that unless we work something out" he gave>>
    01:53:55Sybilla·Covelin : uughh as much as i want to rp... 'fraid sleep wins this time.)
    01:54:03Sybilla·Covelin is away.
    01:54:34BrandonΞArrow : a shrug "Its a offer and if I am around or the boys then you would be able to do your own thing" a bouncer yes that was what he was trying to get accross but the word bouncer didnt exhist in his venacular.
    01:54:38BrandonΞArrow : sorry short post brb)
    01:54:50Sīεgfгїεδ : It's fine ))
    01:56:39Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg nodded and glanced about. It didn't sound like too hard of a job to keep thing at least peaceful in here while the management was out of dodge. "I'm sure that can be arranged. Payment can be in money or supplies. Whichever is easiest for you to manage. However much you think I earned would be enough for me." Well that was that. He had laid >
    01:57:09Sīεgfгїεδ : Oops sorry, go ahead and post rose ))
    01:58:00Rosalie_Shadowfax : With the request for more ale, the dark haired beauty was all to happy to comply as she strode down along the bar with pitcher in hand. Nimble fingers hooked round the handle of Siegfrieds mug, drawing it closer to her as she poured him another round with flirtacious smile and gentle flutter of thick fans of lashes in wink towards him. -c
    02:00:04Rosalie_Shadowfax : " would certainly make a girl feel safe having you around." she'd say softly, over hearing that he might be hired to watch over the wenchs of Brandons establishment. -d
    02:01:36BrandonΞArrow : back)
    02:01:48Sīεgfгїεδ : Wb))
    02:01:52Rosalie_Shadowfax : wb))
    02:03:26Sīεgfгїεδ : out his terms. Of course, they were negotiable, but it had the proper outline of what he had wanted in exchange for his efforts. With a nod to rose he spoke softly. "Well it would be nice to guard a nice woman like yourself." He chuckled and brought the mug to his lips, feeling the burning liquid sear down his throat with a pleasurable heat. -f-
    02:06:10BrandonΞArrow : He rubbed his chin again, a sign he was thinking "Well Siegfried, you know that this is not the Kings Head, I have a let a lot go here. Cant necessarily reel in bawdy talk and the such but if the girls are not inviting the touches then you need to step in. With your moral conduct can you handle that? I dont want to run off>>
    02:08:12BrandonΞArrow : my clientele. You are bound to get some lip as well and so I need you to have good judgement and not take offence because there is one Captain here and that is me" he grinned and took another swig "As far as pay, meals when your here but no spirits while on duty. As well as a silver every day that you work, since somedays we wont need you I do >>
    02:08:50BrandonΞArrow : not wish to pay you for work not rendered and a salary would be unfair to those that work everyday here" he was a fair man and waited if Siegfried had nay objections and they could negotiate.
    02:13:40Rosalie_Shadowfax : The girl seemed to appreciate the compliment, making amused sound within her throat, as she noded her head towards Siegfried. Once more she'd meander away wiith gentle motions, another round of ale hollared for at her as shed pick up her pitcher. " keep your trousers on boys, a girl can only move so fast" shed chide the merry makers playfully -c
    02:15:06Rosalie_Shadowfax : and squealed as arm was looped around her waist and she was pulled into anothers lap with a raucous roar of laughter but for the moment she didn't seem too distressed by this, laughing as she poured the exuberant party more ale.-d
    02:17:01Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg chuckled at the merriments and thought for a moment. "Words don't mean anything when spoken from the mouths of drunk men. But I will not tolerate the abuse of someone who is working here, female or otherwise. As for your terms, they all seem as fair as fair goes." A slight nod of his head in agreement to his statement, after this motion >
    02:18:43Sīεgfгїεδ : taking another deep swig of ale. "But I'd like to know how i should deal with those who... misbehave." It was a fair point, he supposed. Didn't want end up losing a job opportunity for going to easy or rough on those who did not abide by the rules of this place. Well, Sieg had an idea of how to handle it while not scaring the patrons away, but >
    02:19:01Sīεgfгїεδ : rather, wanted to make sure his ideas were in the limitations of what he was allowed to do. -f-
    02:22:22BrandonΞArrow : He leaned forward on his elbows on the bartop "Well I usually grab them by the scruff of the neck and throw them out or if they get combative then a punch to their swarmy faces just to knock them out and save them from theselves." he looked Sigfried over "how you going to deal with someone if they have a knife on you? " he was interested>>
    02:25:25BrandonΞArrow : in how the man would handle things. He watched Rosie and called out "Girl just cause you were late, you know you can take a seat and a breath" he wasnt a ogre as a boss, in fact he was pretty decent as long as the work was done. "I forgot to tell you that if you wanted to room with Brigit you can, though she tends to like to bring customers>
    02:25:52BrandonΞArrow : up to the room. I guess she fancies a bit more money then the Captain pays"
    02:30:21Rosalie_Shadowfax : Escapeing the grasping clutches of some overly groping men, emerald and caramel orbs flicked towards Brandon as she returned to the bar. " well thank you thats very kind...and here I thought I'd be needing to butter you up for ages to make it up." the tone playful and amused. Though she still didn't exactly sit but moved back behind the bar to-c
    02:31:14Rosalie_Shadowfax : clean up some mugs and other such vessels. " mm I don't think I fancy that idea very much...don't want them boys gettin the wrong idea seeing us both up there."-d
    02:33:41Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg thought for a moment. "Depends on hwo they brandish it I suppose. Worse case scenario, I take the knife and thump them over the head a few time before throwin them out. I'd rather not have an angry person with knives playin around in here for too long." He laughed, and finished off his cup of ale, with a deep gulp. He could already feel the >
    02:35:17Rosalie_Shadowfax : brb again))
    02:35:19Sīεgfгїεδ : alcohol taking hold in him, things getting a bit twisty around him. "No one really learns their lesson without more than a slap on the wrist." With a shrug he sat back the mug of ale and thought fuzzily on whether or not to order another drink under the current circumstances. Probably not the greatest idea, after all Sieg was a terrible drunk. >
    02:35:19Rosalie_Shadowfax is away.
    02:35:46Sīεgfгїεδ : Often times he lost control over how much strength he put into his motions, and occasionally found himself accidentally breaking things. -f-
    02:37:42BrandonΞArrow : He gave a quick nod "rather not have a place where people are afraid to come to have a good time but I do not want knifing going on. We will test things out and see how you handle things, remember as well I do not want the Imperial Guards having to come down to the docks to deal with things." Why he wanted them to not be >>
    02:40:49BrandonΞArrow : sniffing around was his own business. He stood back up straight and looked back toward the stairs "By the way if Tana tells you something she does have the right. There are perimeters though, if I have told you to throw someone out and she says no....I always trump her" he grinned" I dont see there is a problem though." he looked over to >>
    02:41:50BrandonΞArrow : Rosie "Well I can understand that, Selene has a man and I understand they have a house now. If you want a place to stay maybe she could give you ideas should you see her"
    02:48:51Rosalie_Shadowfax has returned.
    02:49:00BrandonΞArrow : wb)
    02:49:03Rosalie_Shadowfax : ty))
    02:49:18Sīεgfгїεδ : wb, go ahead and post ))
    02:52:24Rosalie_Shadowfax : " thank you Mr. Arrow, I shall speak with her soon as I can...keep me from being late anymore." shed muse, leaning upon the bar top, generous amount of cleavage being displayed his way as bust strained against the restrictions of her clothing; it was a wonder the girl could breath. Chin rested gently within the palm of her hand, while she let-c
    02:53:31Rosalie_Shadowfax : her hazel gems drift over those present, and smile as she looked at Siegfried. " be wanting another ale?" she asked with tilt of her dark head.-d
    02:54:51Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg nodded and put an elbow on the counter of the bar and put his head on an upright palm, trying to at least maintain balance at this time. "Another ale would be very nice, thank you." He blinked and thought for a moment. "I suppose you will be wanting me here tomorrow?" It was more of idle conversation than just wondering. Either way, he would >
    02:56:20Sīεgfгїεδ : most likely show up tomorrow, and watch over the place just in case. He did also wonder where the hell Liv had disappeared off to. It was awfully quiet without her boisterous personality driving everyne else off the deep end. Quite frankly it was entertaining, but enough of that for one minute or a few. "I'll do my best to keep violence to a >
    02:56:36Sīεgfгїεδ : minimum, and keep the people roaring with their laughter." -f-
    02:59:22BrandonΞArrow : I have to be afk for a little bit will try to return soon)
    03:00:55Sīεgfгїεδ : ok ))
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    03:06:56Rosalie_Shadowfax : I think I should call it a night Siegfried, been a long day))
    03:08:28Sīεgfгїεδ : Alrighty, sleep well then ))
    03:09:10Rosalie_Shadowfax : you too))
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    03:53:53BrandonΞArrow : "Very well, as I said you can have meals the days you are here, just keep track of them and have a wench mark it down in the books so I can pay you every week." he dropped his voice low just in case he was going to embarass the young man "You do know how to make sure you dont get any disease from a wench right? I tell you >>>
    03:53:54Øяioи●Ðårkcław has joined the conversation.
    03:53:59BrandonΞArrow : welcome)
    03:54:25Øяioи●Ðårkcław : Thanks.)
    03:54:27Sīεgfгїεδ : welcome and such ))
    03:56:11BrandonΞArrow : stay away from that Nellie at the Kings Head, nice gal but she will make your man parts feel like they want to shrivel and fall off. She has had even sailor in port or so it seems" he gave a quick nod "Now take that gal Selene that I have working for me, she has it all , redhair, smile and breasts that would make a bishop fall from grace>>
    03:57:04BrandonΞArrow : but she doesnt sleep with every man who gives her the eye. Best bet is to find one woman that you want and stick with her." he nodded sagely like he never wenched with the best of them in just about every port he had ever been to.
    04:00:13Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg nodded, taking in those words. Pick one and stick with her? Seemed like an easy thing for him, but picking the right one would not be so easy, let alone finding such a person. Oh well. "You are probably right." He said, laughing as he sipped down his third ale. "Never been one to bed with just anyone, you know?" He chuckled again, drinking >
    04:00:48Sīεgfгїεδ : more of the ale and blinking a bit to adjust his vision. "Don't usually drink so much either. Gonna regret this in the morning I tell you." -f-
    04:05:16BrandonΞArrow : He laughed "Well nothing wrong with that. Best thing to do is sleep it off and if your in too bad of shape, drink a few more ales then sober up. I prefer Rum myself. Never been out to sea without a steady supply, even taught Tana how to drink it. The drink of men lad, I tell you stick around and I might rub off on>>
    04:07:25BrandonΞArrow : you about. I could tell you stories...." he paused " My boys would roll their eyes at this point, they have heard them a thousand times before" He rubbed his hand on the back of is neck, "Yes sir, seen a lot of things go down though my proudest accomplishment was having all three of Aqua Reefs daughters. Not all at the same time I tell you. My >>
    04:09:10BrandonΞArrow : favorite was Makayla" he closed his eyes "Skin like ivory, legs that went to her neck and a dispostion that even I couldnt argue with. She was quite a lady, a princess in fact. I married her sister Annalise now she was a bitch in disguise and Alexia, dont get me started on her." he popped open his eyes "But you dont need to here of my conquests"
    04:09:32»Đãřâẏ« has joined the conversation.
    04:09:41BrandonΞArrow : wb)
    04:09:50Sīεgfгїεδ : wb))
    04:10:02BrandonΞArrow : hear*
    04:10:19»Đãřâẏ« : ty ty))
    04:11:18»Đãřâẏ« : *snugs brandon before dragging his sickly butt to bed*))
    04:11:20»Đãřâẏ« is away.
    04:11:49Sīεgfгїεδ : He nodded, and thought. "I've never had a taste for romance I guess. No real reason for a traveller to invest in it. Maybe once I see enough of the world I can settle down, but I have yet to explore even half of what I plan to." He finished his drink and put down the mug, wondering further on that topic. "Well, I'm always open to stories. Gives >
    04:13:40Sīεgfгїεδ : me ideas and more places to travel to." He looked down, and began to idly check on the handwraps, tightening each one a bit to make sure they didn't get too loose, and looked around. Seemed like the place had emptied a bit. "Guess I'm done drinking for a bit" he exclaimed with a laugh, and pulled out the small bag he had for money, and placed a >
    04:14:00Sīεgfгїεδ : few of the coins on the bar in payment for his drinks and food. "I hope that's enough to cover it.." -f-
    04:18:47BrandonΞArrow : Brandon counted out the silver and pushed back what was not necessary, "Start drinking slow always best to be the one with your wits about you unless you know your alone. Tana frowns on my drinking at times though that is how we met. I got her so drunk she couldnt remember her name" he chuckled "she is a fine woman. Tell me do you have >>
    04:19:56BrandonΞArrow : feelings for the girl in breechs? I am afraid she would be tough to handle," The man seemed so mild mannered that he wondered why Liviana found him so attractive to her. Most feisty ones liked the ones that fought back, made for better angry sex .
    04:24:02Sīεgfгїεδ : He opndered for a moment, mulling over the question. Perhaps, he did feel something, but seldom did he pay attention to these things. "She makes things interesting, that's for sure." He grumbled inwardly at his response, it made no sense whatsoever. Well, what made sense anyways? Sweeping out a hand, he took the extra silver back and put it into >
    04:25:41Sīεgfгїεδ : the money bag, slipping the bag into his gi where it would be safe from pickpockets and the like. Aye, he had found a riddle that stumed him alright. Years of travel and he did not hold the keys to such matters. "Wonderful fish you serve here as well." It was random, but still he felt like saying it. -f-

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