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    SeleneHart : It was hot and humid outside but even more so inside and so when her duties at the Kings Head were done she ran upstairs, put on the coolest dress she had and piled her hair up to keep it off her neck. Tendrils of flame hung down but were damped by the heat radiating from her body. She had particularly enjoyed the orange of the day before >>>
    12:05:44SeleneHart : and so with a few coins in her pocket she was going to head down to the market and spend some precious coin on one or two more. Her windows were flung open but no breeze entered her room and after she had peeled her clothing off and put on a light cotton dress she locked her door behind her and took the stairs quickly to get out of the >>>
    12:08:13SeleneHart : trapped heat from upstairs. It was only a bit cooler downstairs but still...cooler. With a wave to a already heat weary Nellie , she called out "If Geoffery comes looking for me tell him I went to the market and I will bring you back a orange when I get back " she smiled grateful for Nellie though for her loose ways she did have>>
    12:09:19SeleneHart : a good heart. The streets were close and of course the heat exasperated the smells, the marketplace at least had spices and so she made her way quickly there and away from the clausterphobic streets where no breeze blew.
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    12:16:32Geoffrey_Troi : Most days Geoffrey would be helping work on the castle, however today was not like most days. It wasn't overly hot outside, but the moisture that hung in the air coupled with the direct sunlight made it a damn near miserable day. Today the work was probably best left to those that were paid to do it, besides, he deserved a day off. His clothes -c-
    12:18:42Geoffrey_Troi : were donned quickly and he couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of the women who would be disappointed when he wasn't shirtless and working outside. Perhaps they deserved a day off as well. There wasn't really any debate about what to do with his extra time, he only had to find the object of his devotion and surely they could find -c-
    12:24:33Geoffrey_Troi : an activity that would help stave off this weather. Perhaps today was the day she got her swimming lessons. He left the castle and took Dauntless from the stalls; the poor horse shouldn't be locked into his stall on a day like this. Besides, Geo didn't feel like walking all the way to the King's Head to find Selene. Surely she would enjoy a -c-
    12:26:38Geoffrey_Troi : ride down to the beach. The horse was moving slowly at first, due to either his muscles having been unused for so long or the heat, but once the air hit him as he started running he picked up speed quickly. His trip to town was short, but his conversation with Nellie even shorter. The normally talkative woman was feeling the effect of the -c-
    12:28:13Geoffrey_Troi : weather as well. She mentioned the market and something about an orange but her sentences were short and barely to the point. It was probably best that he leave her be, but he made a note to come back a bit later and buy her something nice and cool to drink. Once back on his horse he made his way to the market, the going was slow thanks to -c-
    12:29:25Geoffrey_Troi : all the people just milling about to avoid being inside, but he made good time anyway. He kept his eyes peeled for his love, excited to tell her of his plans for the day and anxious to get going before too many people had the same idea. -d-
    12:33:02SeleneHart : The man selling oranges, and lemons was still there and his wares had been refreshed. Selene was a hard person to forget with her red hair and he smiled when he saw her "Back for some more are ye?" She flashed him a grin " I must say that you know how to part a woman from her money. I will take four today" He nodded and picked over till he >>>
    12:36:09SeleneHart : found his best. He added a lemon and she started to protest but he shook his head " I have a soft spot for redheads" she gave a embaressed smile and then counted out carefully the ten silver that the extravagent fruit would cost. Totally worth it as far as she was concerned. The fruit then made its way into her cloth bag and she bid>>
    12:37:49SeleneHart : the man goodbye. The market had many colorful stalls and she meandered but her eyes caught someone on horseback and she waved to get his attention above the heads of others milling around the market.
    12:42:49Geoffrey_Troi : He had spotted her just before she stuck her hand up above the crowd. A lone flame of red in a sea of other people. The crowds parted as he made his way to her, stopping once the last of the people stepped aside. "There you are, love. Out shopping?" A question with an obvious answer; what woman went to the market without buying something? -c-
    12:47:01Geoffrey_Troi : He offered his hand down to her, "Come with me, I have a surprise for you." She would fit just fine on the horse since he allowed his sadle to be modified for two people. It was a bit awkward at first and Dauntless didn't care for it much, but they were men and adapted quickly. He considered stopping to get some food and decided a nice picnic -c-
    12:48:20Geoffrey_Troi : on the beach would be a good idea. Once she was mounted with him he would nudge the horse onward towards a stall that would provide them their meal. Once again his eyes were peeled, though not for his love this time. No, now he was looking for a merchant that might sell shoes with very hard soles. -d-
    12:51:52SeleneHart : She had to hitch her skirt to straddle the saddle. Her skirts showed her ankle very scandlous but here in the marketplace no one seemed to care much though some admiring glances were thrown her way, but with Geoffery there were no catcalls or comments. "I bought some oranges perhaps we could find someplace cooler and indulge, I know , I know a >>
    12:54:37SeleneHart : extravagence but I have been saving rather diligently" she would have to move out of the Kings Head and needed to find someplace soon. "And how did you escape the castle today? The women found some new man that caught their fancy to stare at?" she teased him. She knew that he garnered attentions from women but it never bothered her, it just wasnt>>
    12:56:00SeleneHart : in him to stray though it was rather flattering to have a man that others wanted. "Working in this heat must be torture, though I suppose that wearing armour in this heat is worse, like roasting in a oven" she hadnt seen him wear armour really, mostly leather if he did .
    12:59:52Geoffrey_Troi : He chuckled and shook his head at her, "I've told you, you don't have to explain your spending to me. It's your money, you're free to do whatever you want with it." Why she felt she had to explain her purchases was beyond him, perhaps someone she had been with before got to her. He steered the horse away from the market and towards the beach. -c-
    13:02:17Geoffrey_Troi : It wasn't that he had an issue with people finding her attractive, but he was never one to invite problems and if they continued in the market he was sure to find some. He never did find any food to take, but the oranges she bought would probably suffice. Once they were clear of the mass of people and on their way he turned his neck to look -c-
    13:04:58Geoffrey_Troi : back at her. "The women will just have to deal with it. On a day like today I figure the workers can deal with the castle." He shrugged as she mentioned the heat. "It's what they're paid for, I assume at some point they get used to it. I've never been one for armor and this is a prime reason why. All it does is constrict and suffocate and for -c-
    13:07:32Geoffrey_Troi : what? I'd rather have the freedom of movement, better to not get hit than to be able to withstand blows anyhow." As they got nearer the ocean he could feel a slight breeze and he turned Dauntless a little more away from civilization. His goal was to find a deserted spot where they could relax. The shore finally started to come into view and -c-
    13:08:08Geoffrey_Troi : he listened for her reaction. She might just think this was a spot to eat oranges, hopefully she wouldn't be able to guess his other plans. -d-
    13:13:09SeleneHart : She held her arms lightly around his waist. She tried to not press against his strong back because of the heat, but it was hard not to be close to him from sheer proximity and from the desire to just want to be near him. Those women at the castle had nothing on her, she knew every muscle and strong plane of his body. When they came towards the >>
    13:16:29SeleneHart : shore there was a slight breeze that dried the drops of persperation from the back of her neck giving a bit of relief. "I wonder how the weather is where my sister is. We came here in the early spring so I had no idea about the humidity. What is it like in Riverwind where you come from? Are the summers more moderate?" She half hoped someday that>>
    13:17:45SeleneHart : the Princess would journey there and then she would go with Geoffery. "I would love to see your home one day if the Princess decides to visit too...you would take me right?" a half hopeful smile and taint to her voice was given as she kissed the back of his neck softly, a little enticement could never hurt.
    13:35:26Geoffrey_Troi : He tilted his head a bit in thought. It had been years since he had spent any real time in his home. "Well, we don't have the ocean as close so the humidity wasn't as bad as it is now, I think." He thought for a moment and found it odd that the Princess had never made the trip back home since her coming here. "No, I think I'd leave you here. -c-
    13:37:21Geoffrey_Troi : Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?" A pause and then he couldn't hold his laughter anymore as he imagined the look on her face. "Of course I would take you, love. Any trip is sure to keep me away for weeks and I don't think I'd last that long without you." He pulled the reigns and brought Dauntless to a stop at the shore's edge. -c-
    13:39:47Geoffrey_Troi : With a smooth motion he dismounted and then offered her his hands to help her down. Once she was on solid ground he removed the over-sized saddle from the horse's back and allowed him to wander. He knew his friend wouldn't go too far off. The horse began to jog around the beach, enjoying the feeling of the air across his skin as Geoffrey turned -c-
    13:41:13Geoffrey_Troi : to the water. He took in a deep breath and enjoyed the air himself before turning to Selene. "Now, time for that surprise I promised you. Considering the weather I thought today would be the perfect time to give you some swimming lessons." He grinned at her and gestured to the water. "I might not be the best teacher but if nothing else the -c-
    13:42:33Geoffrey_Troi : water should provide some relief from the heat, and after we can sit and enjoy those oranges. What do you think?" He hoped she would like the idea, and he hoped he would be able to properly teach her how to move in the water, though he knew practice made perfect. -d-
    13:45:01SeleneHart : A amber brow raised and she gave a sly grin "Swimming is it? Are you sure you just dont want to see me half naked frolicking in the waves with my shift wet , tight and see through?" She pulled out the pins from her hair letting it fall down , along with her hair comb she placed them in her bag with the citrus." I dont want to lose anything in >>>
    13:48:19SeleneHart : the waves" she looked to the water with apprehension and then turned to him questiongly "you are a strong enough swimmer to save me from drowning if I get in over my head right?" of course he was or he wouldnt risk it but there was a slight flash of fear showing in her blue eyes. " I am sorry, I will admit I am a bit afraid of water having>>
    13:50:33SeleneHart : never learned to swim." she cast a slight smile to him "Though I trust you Geoffery , I really do , I ....am still afraid. When I was a small girl there was a man in our villiage that drowned and they brought the body in a wagon through the villiage. The wind blew off the blanket and it was awful, he was bloated and his eyes were open and >>>
    13:50:42SeleneHart : it made me stay away from the water ever since"
    13:53:33Geoffrey_Troi : His own brow raised in response to hers, "Only half? Well, I can't force you, but I don't plan on getting all my clothes waterlogged." As he finished his sentence he was already kicking his boots off and pulling his shirt over his head. He stopped for a moment as breeze blew across skin and he took in another breath. Perhaps one day they'd find -c-
    13:56:23Geoffrey_Troi : a nice place near the water to live in. Though he would have to make sure the Princess was near. When she began to speak of her fears he focused his attention on her. Once she was done he made the short journey to her and put his hands on her waist, staring deep into her eyes. "I promise, I won't let anything happen to you." He leaned forward -c-
    13:58:56Geoffrey_Troi : to place a firm kiss on her lips to accentuate his sincerity and then pulled back and gave her a quick smack on the butt. "Now get those clothes off and get in the water." He grinned and turned to walk back to his pile of clothes left on the ground. His pants were undone before he got there then removed and added to the pile. He turned back -c-
    14:00:00Geoffrey_Troi : and winked at her before walking into the waves, the water warm against his skin. He got out far enough for the water to cover up to his waist and waited for her, his hands playing along the surface, getting a feel for the shifting of the tides. -d-
    14:03:44SeleneHart : She was comforted by his words and as he undressed she began to slowly undress herself till she was in only her shift, he did bring up a good point, the clothes wouldnt dry in this humidity. A long look around to make sure that there was no one else around she shed her finally bit of clothing, leaving her skin exposed. She >>
    14:06:48SeleneHart : of course had no embarassement in front of her lover but she still found herself crossing her arms over her chest, trepidation haunted her steps as she made her way into the waters. The lapped deliciously against her skin and instead of focusing on the waters she kept her eyes on the man waist deep in the water waiting for her.>>>
    14:11:05SeleneHart : She slid closer to him her arms leaving her chest and reaching out to him as the waves carressed her body and made it sway slightly bumping her into him. Trusting eyes looked to him as she held onto his strong arms "I am ready to be taught...." a wave came and she was bumped against him , slick skin sliding against his own she winked>>
    14:11:17SeleneHart : "This reminds me of a certain bath tub though just much bigger"
    14:16:29Geoffrey_Troi : His eyes stayed locked on her as she undressed and moved towards him. Her feet were uneasy on the shifting sand beneath them, which was obvious by the way she shifted and moved with the waves. Her hands locked onto his arms for balance though her body still shifted and rubbed against him. He took a second to block the memory she referred to. -c-
    14:18:22Geoffrey_Troi : It would be difficult enough to think properly with her this close and naked, he didn't need other things coming up and complicating things. He did smile at her though, "Yes, it does. Best bath I've ever had." He gently pulled her hands from his arms and placed them just on the water's surface, though he stayed where he was in case she should -c-
    14:20:32Geoffrey_Troi : lose her balance or need to grab him. "The first thing you need to do is get comfortable with the waves. Fear causes panic and you lose all logic and reason. Try to close your eyes and feel the movement of the water. Don't worry, I'll be right here." He waited until she had closed her eyes before moving silently around behind her, his hands -c-
    14:22:48Geoffrey_Troi : finding her hips. He only applied light pressure to let her know he was there, she would have to support herself against the motion of the waves. He leaned in and whispered into her ear, hopefully not breaking her concentration, "Some people move with the waves, allowing themselves to become part of the water, while others stay strong against -c-
    14:24:56Geoffrey_Troi : the waves making themselves master of the tides. Both methods are fine, just do whatever is most comfortable for you. Do what feels right." He was never given that choice when he learned, he was always instructed to master the elements and bend them to his will. Fine training for a fighter, but not quite suited for a woman. -d-
    14:29:04SeleneHart : She trusted him and so she closed her eyes and stumbled a bit as she got used to the rythem of the waves. His hands on her hips made her feel comforted he was there, it was not going to get out of hand. She decided to move with the waves worked better for her, she kept her eyes closed and used her other senses to move with the waters. It took>>
    14:32:04SeleneHart : a few moments, she was knocked back into Geoffery once or twice but she found her footing again and though her chest was rising and falling it slowed as she concentrated. She spoke to him though she did not turn around " I think I have it now..." just then a large wave came and overwhelmed her a bit she lost her footing and fell back>>>
    14:33:11SeleneHart : he was there but she slid under momentarily and came back up sputtering, strands of red covered her face and she quickly wiped them away and caught her breath again. It wasnt as bad as she thought and she turned giving a slight grin "The bathtub is a bit more forgiving I think..."
    14:36:16Geoffrey_Troi : After he gave her the advice his own eyes closed and he focused on her movements within the water itself. From what he could tell she was going to move with the water and not fight it, a good choice. Everytime she lost her footing his hands held her tighter until she regained her balance. Soon she wasn't falling as often and then there was a -c-
    14:38:45Geoffrey_Troi : long stretch where she didn't struggle at all. She started to speak and then the waves punished her for it. She fell back but his hands caught her under her arms and brought her back to the surface. She came back up sputtering but the fall seemed to lessen her fear some. "I agree, the bathtub was a different environment to be sure. So, do you -c-
    14:40:29Geoffrey_Troi : think you can stand on your own?" He assumed she would say yes, her feet were quickly getting used to the constant movement. Once she answered he would slowly back away from her until he was a good five feet away. "Let's try walking then. Take your time and feel the waves. Also, be careful of the undertow. After each wave comes in it sucks back -c-
    14:42:44Geoffrey_Troi : out and can make you lose your footing. Don't worry, I'll be right here." He offered her another smile and let his hands play on the surface of the water again. If she were to fall he could cover this distance with hardly any effort so he wasn't concerned. She had to overcome her fear one day, and whether she knew it or not she was making great -c-
    14:42:47Geoffrey_Troi : progress today. -d-
    14:47:58SeleneHart : She was feeling more confident, hardly ready to tackle deep water but she was losing her trepidation. It was hard to be too upset with a naked man so near, especially since she was passionatly in love with him. She rose and fell with the waves and when she was threatened to be knocked over she kicked up a bit and rode the wave >>>
    14:50:31SeleneHart : till her feet reanchored on the sand. She waved her arms through the water and non-chalently threw out a question "So will you always be here if I lose my footing my dear?" her eyes sparkled like the sun on the waves. It had been a while since they had professed their love for one another, the last months had been filled with >>>
    14:52:09SeleneHart : compaionship and desire. If anything her feelings had only grown deeper, there were times when she swore she could almost feel his emotions even when he was far away. She hadnt told him since it first started happening for fear of sounding like a crazy woman. It was especially strong when they were making love, then it was almost as if there>>>
    14:52:43SeleneHart : were no line between the two of them, she chalked that up to just the passion they shared but there were other things as well. One day she would talk to him but today was not that day.
    14:55:54Geoffrey_Troi : He watched her carefully, the smile still playing at his lips. When she allowed herself to be carried by a wave rather than fall he knew she was on the right track. "I may not always be within eyesight, but I'll always catch you if you fall." More complex than a simple yes or no, but he was feeling a bit poetic at the moment. She was making -c-
    14:57:46Geoffrey_Troi : steady progress and it wasn't long before she was near enough that he took her into his arms. "Well done, my love. Why don't we take a break for a bit and relax on the beach. Unless you wanted to play in the water some more?" He left the choice up to her, but gave her an out if she wanted one. He knew the water had a way of taking it's toll -c-
    14:59:47Geoffrey_Troi : but excitement could counter that just as easily. Everyone seemed to be different. He pressed his lips to her forehead and spoke again. "You're making such good progress, you surprise me. For someone claiming to be afraid of the water you take to it like a fish." He grinned and remained unmoving as he held her close. He gave her the option -c-
    15:00:05Geoffrey_Troi : to do what she wanted and he was going to follow through with that. -d-
    16:15:07SeleneHart : She looked towards the shore "Well there are oranges waiting, how about a break ?" she broke from his arms and attached a arm around his waist moving towards the shore "Tell me how is the Princess? I would imagine she doesnt go out much with just having her babies, I tell you its a good thing she is royality. I could not imagine having three at >>
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    16:18:21Sybilla·Covelin : Brother Ben.)
    16:18:31SeleneHart : once, I would never sleep!" she continued "There was plenty of ale flowing at the Kings Head in celebration. " The water had cooled her off and as the last of the waves reluctantly pulled away she made for the pile of clothing that they had discarded. She bent down and spread her skirt so that they would have a place to sit that didnt >>>
    16:19:27Bęňąt : Miss Sybilla))
    16:19:45SeleneHart : have sand invading their intimate places. She did throw on her shift just in case anyone did come by. That being done she sat down and pulled the bag that held her oranges , pulling one of the sweet fruits out she began to peel it while conversing with Geoffery.
    16:20:04SeleneHart : wb Syb and welcome Benat)
    16:21:46Bęňąt : Thanks))
    16:24:28Geoffrey_Troi : Geoffrey followed her back to the shore and answered her questions along the way, "To be honest I think she is still a bit tired from the whole ordeal. Even with all the help there are still three babies that need their mother so she doesn't have time to do much of anything. " He continued walking as he thought for a moment. "I imagine there -c-
    16:26:16Geoffrey_Troi : was celebration at the docks too. I hear the Arrow family has ties to the Princess." He took a seat next to her and reclined back onto his elbows. He didn't bother to try to cover up. A shirt was pointless and he seriously doubted leather breeches were going on to wet skin. No, he would let the sun dry him though chances were they would be back -c-
    16:28:01Geoffrey_Troi : in the water before too long. He turned to Selene, "You don't have to dress you know. I brought us far enough out that we shouldn't have any company." Though considering the chaotic nature of the two other people in the room it might be best if they both covered their private bits. -d-
    16:29:59Sybilla·Covelin : The distance from the forge to the forest was short, sweet, and that was partially why Sybilla had been hanging around so much. It was nice to be able to escape the clutches of the human civilization and return to something more familiar. The pack/tribe lived in a wooded area much like this one. Tall trees that seemed to be /c/
    16:30:27Sybilla·Covelin : reaching for the sky spirits. Two days until the full moon. Two days, it was begin to crawl beneath the wolf's skin like some kind of parasite itching to be released. Scents wafted toward her nose. Familiar and foreign at the same time, the bear's camp came into view as Sybilla wandered closer. "Brother bear..." there was no humans /c/
    16:32:13SeleneHart : She gave a wry grin "I unlike you have a tendancy to turn very red in the sun if I stay too long. And if I do then I must tell you that I get very cranky" she placed the peels of the orange back into the bag for later. She split the fruit and bit the wedge in half, the other half with the juice exposed she leaned over and pressed it to his lips>>>
    16:34:40Sybilla·Covelin : around. There was no around to hear such a reference. If she was feeling the pull of the moon then surely he was too. Company of similar kin might relieve this ebbing loneliness that came of not having her pack around during such a time. Where had she been for the last day? Licking her wounds. After Tully had started working /c/
    16:35:13Sybilla·Covelin : in the forge the next day she'd been 'summoned' to the boat. Oh, the parents were not pleased. Pack law was laid down for a reason. She'd reached out to a human worse an -orc- for assistance with the kennel and paid harshly. /c/
    16:35:57SeleneHart : "then you shall have to smear that smelly ointment that releaves burns, and not only shall I be cranky but I shall be covered in a smelly paste and you shall head for the castle till all is well" she winked at him and then sat back up looking out to the ocean. Her long hair covered her shoulders in wet lanky strands. She swatted a sandfly as it >>
    16:36:47Sybilla·Covelin : The wolf's back still stung from the lashes but it was done, they'd unloaded the equipment into the building that Sybilla was waiting to purchase and her workers were holed up in the inn. No matter, they were gone and she was here. Without the pack. Sybilla was now on her own. Kind of. /d/
    16:38:22SeleneHart : attempted to land on the fruit and suck from its golden juice. "Soon I need to move out of the Kings Head, Cherik has been most gracious, I will get a bit more money from my work there as well without the room as a part of my salary. I was wondering, would you like to come with me to look?"
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    16:43:13SeleneHart : wb)
    16:43:32Sybilla·Covelin : The distance from the forge to the forest was short, sweet, and that was partially why Sybilla had been hanging around so much. It was nice to be able to escape the clutches of the human civilization and return to something more familiar. The pack/tribe lived in a wooded area much like this one. Tall trees that seemed to be /c/
    16:43:38Sybilla·Covelin : reaching for the sky spirits. Two days until the full moon. Two days, it was begin to crawl beneath the wolf's skin like some kind of parasite itching to be released. Scents wafted toward her nose. Familiar and foreign at the same time, the bear's camp came into view as Sybilla wandered closer. "Brother bear..." there was no humans /c/
    16:43:44Sybilla·Covelin : around. There was no around to hear such a reference. If she was feeling the pull of the moon then surely he was too. Company of similar kin might relieve this ebbing loneliness that came of not having her pack around during such a time. Where had she been for the last day? Licking her wounds. After Tully had started working /c/
    16:43:51Sybilla·Covelin : in the forge the next day she'd been 'summoned' to the boat. Oh, the parents were not pleased. Pack law was laid down for a reason. She'd reached out to a human worse an -orc- for assistance with the kennel and paid harshly. /c/
    16:44:01Sybilla·Covelin : The wolf's back still stung from the lashes but it was done, they'd unloaded the equipment into the building that Sybilla was waiting to purchase and her workers were holed up in the inn. No matter, they were gone and she was here. Without the pack. Sybilla was now on her own. Kind of. /d/
    16:44:15Bęňąt : thanks))
    16:44:21Sybilla·Covelin : You're welcome)
    16:44:23Bęňąt : x2))
    16:45:15Geoffrey_Troi : Her grin was returned, "Then we'll just have to get you out of the sun and back into the water." He wasn't keen on the idea of her being cranky...or smelling of that ointment. Those thoughts faded when she fed him a slice of orange however and he chewed the fruit thoughtfully. There had to be ways to avoid burning in the sun...why was he able -c-
    16:47:26Geoffrey_Troi : to withstand it and she wasn't? Bah, genetics wouldn't be able to explain that one for years to come so he didn't even let it bother him. He swallowed the remainder of the fruit and turned to her when she posed her question. "I would love to come looking with you, but you know I can't be far from the castle. It would be nice if you were able -c-
    16:48:03Bęňąt : -The bear's camp was sitting at the edges of the forests and Benat was busy roasting something over an campfire. Chicken? No Lucille was a few feet away, pecking and clucking happily. It was rabbit. Presumably the bear had been hunting...he didn't think anyone would mind since rabbits were generally a pest when it came to crops. "Hello there -c-
    16:48:59Geoffrey_Troi : to live and work there. I'm sure they have plenty of need, what with new babies and all." He stopped and considered that, did he really want her working around babies and getting a motherly instinct? What would he say if she came home and wanted to have kids? Was he even ready for that? In short, no. He wasn't quite ready for all that just yet. -c-
    16:49:06Geoffrey_Troi : But living together was not out of the question. -d-
    16:50:51Bęňąt : Miss Sybilla..." He ventured at the appearance of the wolf, his frame shifted on the log which groaned beneath his impressive weight. The fire crackled...neither of them needed the heat since summer was still set in but Benat wasn't much for eating raw...especially so close to the moon. No need to get the bear inside riled up. Nose wrinkled and -c-
    16:52:59Bęňąt : he gave Sybilla a light sniff...whether she came close or not he could still smell the wounds healing on her flesh. "Did something happen?" The seat beside him was patted. Ben liked to help out were he could and she looked a little frayed around the edges. "Or is it just the lunar threat looming in the sky?" Ben did speak a little flowery -c-
    16:52:59SeleneHart : She looked over to him and pulled another wedge from the diminishing golden globe " I know that you would like me to work at the castle, I think I would miss wenching but I will look into it. At the very least perhaps there can be a cottage near there for sale. I will start inquirys....you have to always live in the castle? Near >>>
    16:54:12Bęňąt : sometimes. Ben was old and he'd taken his bear form so many times he could no longer concern himself with it. Stressing only made him antsier. He had a cage...that was usually enough.-
    16:55:13SeleneHart : is out of the question?" she wasnt trying to get him to change his duty, after all he was groomed for this but she was trying to find out how far the boundries might strech. She bit off another half wedge and then leaned down and ran the exposed edge accross his neck before teasingly licking the juice from its trail and finishing with a >>
    16:57:14SeleneHart : sweet kiss upon his flesh. "if I got something close enough , you could live with me and we could keep house."
    16:58:34Sybilla·Covelin : Rabbit. The smell assaulted her senses and instantly the wolf's mouth began to water. Really, it couldn't be helped. Something happened and the lunar threat was looming. This moon was making her more nervous than most. Perhaps because she was trusting someone to help. Maybe that was her mistake like her mother had said. /c/
    17:01:16Sybilla·Covelin : Father usually remained silent during these things but even this time he'd been railing against her. "Pack law prohibits me from sharing the secrets of how our cages work. I did so to the orc-human. I needed help, he offered to but I am worried." She always worried about being let out. Bears weren't nearly as destructive as wolves. "What /c/
    17:01:41Geoffrey_Troi : He sighed slightly and looked up to the sky, the clouds drifted lazily overhead. "It isn't that I want you to work in the castle...well, it isn't like I don't. I just want you to be happy. I only mention working in the castle because that would lend itself to living in the castle, and that would mean more time together and that would make you -c-
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    17:04:18Sybilla·Covelin : if he gets curious and decides to open the door? What if he forgets to lock it?" Sybilla was young enough that all these things were still very new threats. Sybilla had not ever killed a human, yet. Never bitten one during a full moon not even when they'd been killing her mate. Though, she'd been too frightened to move then. A breath of /c/
    17:04:27Geoffrey_Troi : happy. If we get a place outside the castle you'd go to work somewhere and I'd go to work in the castle and it would be very similar to what we have now. Except we'd have a place to call home. If I was to live off the grounds we'd have to find somewhere very close, I can't rely on messengers to tell me when something happens." He paused as she -c-
    17:06:07Sybilla·Covelin : air was blown out and the pup put her chin in her hands to stare at the chicken. This bear wasn't all that different from other bears she'd met. They were always very nature loving, kind of, oddly cuddly types. "These humans and their fear of us. If they could just understand we meant them no harm it would make things a lot easier." /d/
    17:07:41Bęňąt : -The monk pondered her quandary as he pulled the rabbits from the flames and offered one out to her. No cutlery or plates but he doubted that would bother her. He smelt her hunger or perhaps that was his own...either way it was only polite to share. One could assume the monk probably ate an exorbitant amount if it was based on size but he could -c-
    17:08:20Geoffrey_Troi : teased him with the fruit. His eyes closed to the touch of her tongue to his neck. "I think you are trying to tip things in your favor here, cheater." He opened his eyes and stuck his tongue out at her. "Besides, I think you'd like the castle. They have a tavern, and the library, and me. What more could you need?" He grinned his challenge at -c-
    17:08:59Geoffrey_Troi : her and rolled to face her, resting himself on a single elbow now, the other arm draped across his stomach. -d-
    17:09:37Bęňąt : always catch more...or eat berries as she had teased him of earlier. Bears were not carnivores after all. "You must trust that in telling him...you believed him worthy of the responsibility..." He offered simply, taking a bite and wiping the juices that escaped down his beard. "I suspect you are speaking of Tully? Clearly the man does not like -c-
    17:11:08Bęňąt : me...but I do not think he will let you down..." It wasn't blind reassurance, just a judgement of the man's character. Benat didn't know if perhaps the dislike for him had something to do with Sybilla but he got the impression the orc wished to protect this woman...including protecting her from herself. There was a pause for a few more mouthfuls-c-
    17:12:36Bęňąt : before he continued. "Humans grow to fear the things they cannot understand...and we are capable of great destruction when the moon is full. To them, in that moment, we are monsters...It doesn't matter that the rest of the time we wear flesh, the rest of the time we do good or fit in better than most with their kind...Do not judge them too -c-
    17:12:58SeleneHart : She leaned to face him propped up and gazing into his eyes she started listing "I need a new corset, some stockings, slippers, a haircut, some perfume...." she laughed and leaned to kiss his lips tenderly sitting back up she acquiesced "Very well I shall look to see what is available around the castle and what jobs are to be had>>
    17:13:55Bęňąt : harshly...Mortality has that effect on most people..." Not that he was immortal but comparative to a human he guessed he was far different. "I think it is easier for me...I have never really known any of my kind...nor do bears come in packs..."-
    17:16:23SeleneHart : within and we can go from there." she placed the orange down in between them for the moment and traced along his chest with her fingertips. "Geoffery, is there....I heard that a bit back you came into the Wench looking for me and were not quite yourself. I was told you were rather testy and was wondering if there was anything wrong?>>>
    17:17:24SeleneHart : I heistated to ask because it truely didnt sound like you but the people that witnessed it told me that you got angry." It was not something that was generally in his nature at all. He was very easy going for the most part and she wondered if perhaps there was something going on that he didnt want to worry her with.
    17:20:53Geoffrey_Troi : He laughed at her, "All things that can be bought. You know what I meant." Though he was pleased that she would look into the castle. When she brought up that night at the tavern by the dock he rolled his eyes slightly. Not so much at her, but because he knew the full story wouldn't be passed on to her. "I wasn't testy, I was insulted. I went -c-
    17:22:46Geoffrey_Troi : looking for you and instead found two women who thought I was someone else. I told them I wasn't, even apologized for the confusion but they carried on insulting me. I know sometimes I don't act like it, but I was raised to be a fighter. I'm not the kind to just sit and take an insult." He wasn't upset, his voice was calm and slow as he -c-
    17:24:32Geoffrey_Troi : explained things from his point of view. The problem with women was that they seemed to only remember specific things about events. For example, only remembering that a man got angry and not remembering that you insulted him. Or perhaps forgetting that he tried to correct the situation and was called a liar for it. Things like that seem to slip -c-
    17:27:09Geoffrey_Troi : through the cracks. "It wasn't something I've repeated since then, but if you're worried that something is bothering me then let me assure you, I am fine. So long as you don't start blatantly insulting me one day you'll never be on the receiving end of any of that." He smiled and ran a thumb along her cheek. With a laugh he added, "Were there -c-
    17:27:34Geoffrey_Troi : any other serious things on your mind? Or can you rest easy tonight?" -d-
    17:28:32Sybilla·Covelin : There came a chuckle at the mention of Tully's dislike for the bear. The rabbit was taken and bits were peeled off to be eaten. Trying to be somewhat human about the food but she was hungry. Eventually Sybilla just lifted the roasted animal to tear away bites like the wolf might. Great destruction was an understatement. Sybilla /c/
    17:28:42Sybilla·Covelin : had heard rumors, stories of pack rampaging entire villages come the full moons leaving nothing behind but bodies. Do not judge them too harshly... the words mimicked those of her elders after her mate had been murdered in front of her. Sybilla crinkled her nose at it. She'd wanted revenge. Instead they willed her to wait. Decade /c/
    17:29:51Sybilla·Covelin : later she was still waiting. "Thank you for the food." Rabbits didn't last long and weren't enough to fill her but it would take the edge off until she could go find a small deer to gnaw on later. Closer it got to the Full moon the more she ate. "Where do you go for the moon?" She was curious where he would be for the moon. /d/
    17:33:00SeleneHart : "I think you have assuaged my fears dear one. I was just wondering if there perhaps was some undue pressure on you and you were starting to crumble under pressure, but you seem to always be able to handle what is thrown at you and so I think I choose well in who I let into my bed" as if it was all her, he had choosen as well . "So how about >>>
    17:33:37÷Ťûľľŷ÷ has joined the conversation.
    17:33:54Bęňąt : -The were didn't care for manners really, even when in human company. Still he atleast ate with his mouth shut and refrained from belching...there was that at least? Benat didn't know about the loss of her mate or perhaps he would have understood her mistrust further...Most weres grew wary of humans as the moon grew closer, aware of the monster -c-
    17:33:54Sybilla·Covelin : Hey Tully)
    17:35:09SeleneHart : dip into the ocean before we head back for some supper or did you have other plans? I promise I will look where I am walking as well" she gave him a wink and then sat up. She split the remaining orange and handed him his share " I promised Nellie a orange, she never gets to the market. I think that all the free time she has is bedding men >>>
    17:35:53Bęňąt : lurking inside themselves just ready to be unleashed. Some weres let it, left it to overcome them and enjoyed the carnage it brought. But most had to learn to live with it. To deal. "Not a problem...I know what the moon does to our stomachs...I blame it for how large I am!" A barrelling laugh escaped his broad chest. Ben wasn't fat of course just-c
    17:36:22SeleneHart : she has quite the appetite, she doesnt get paid for it but they buy her things. "she popped a piece of orange in her mouth and chewed "I am wondering how much we shall get accomplished if we do live together...will I be spending all my time in bed...bent over the bed, the table, the chair...."
    17:37:45Bęňąt : excessive in muscle and width...Human doors for example often proved to be an issue. "Where do I go?" He didn't mind sharing and he hauled himself up off the log and meandered over to his cart, shoving the patchwork cover back. The entire back of the thing was a cage. "In there...don't touch it by the way..." Bears were not as wild as wolves but-c-
    17:39:17Bęňąt : Benat wasn't willing to risk it...as such his cage was coated in silver. Touching it would sear his flesh and he had countless scars beneath his robe from where his werebeast had attempted to go through it. "I take it off the cart first...I weigh quite a bit when I shift...I'll put it somewhere in the forest, that way if I get out I'll probably -c-
    17:39:25Bęňąt : only eat the wildlife..."-
    17:41:01Geoffrey_Troi : He sat up and stretched his arms out and behind him, the motion causing his chest to thrust outwards before he brought his hands back to his sides. "I think that sounds like a good idea. We'll see if you remember what you've learned today." He ignored the joke about her stepping on something again. That was a time he really didn't want to -c-
    17:43:33÷Ťûľľŷ÷ has left the conversation.
    17:44:38Geoffrey_Troi : go through once more. He accepted the orange but set it back into the bag for now. She mentioned living together once more and it seemed she had her mind focused on something other than her lessons. He offered her a casual grin, "It depends on what you consider accomplishment. To some, making it through the day and living to see the next is an -c-
    17:45:39Sybilla·Covelin : Yes, where did he go? Sybilla's heart leapt a little at the sight of another cage. Don't touch it. A good thing he had said something since the wolf had left her dinner behind and had crossed the distance with good speed just to reach for the bars. The scent then of silver brought a confused look to her face. That was.. torture. Why? Why /c/
    17:45:49Sybilla·Covelin : would he do such thing to himself? Sybilla reached out to tap her finger against the silver bar only to retreat with a quiet growl when it did burn her. Stubborn young wolf. "That is insanity." The burned fingertip was stuck into her mouth like one might if they had touched a stove. "I have ordered half a cow. Which I hang from /c/
    17:46:32Geoffrey_Troi : accomplishment. Others set their goals a bit higher." He left it at that and strode back out into the water, this time going a bit farther out. Earlier they had stopped when the water met his waist, now he waded into the waves until they came high on his chest, though not quite hitting his neck. Hopefully she would be able to follow. -d-
    17:46:39Sybilla·Covelin : a hook in my cage. If I don't eat it seems to be worse. I've found ingesting hearts during the day hours when I go back to my human form helps too." But she was a carnivore and needed all of that to keep the blood lust at bay. Something she was not sure the bear had. "Do you lust for things during the full moon?" For her it seemed /c/
    17:47:24Sybilla·Covelin : everything she desired on a day to day basis was almost needed simply to survive during those three days. Perhaps bears were different. /d/
    17:48:48SeleneHart : She stood and removed her shift once again, he hadnt put anything on and as he went deeper she heistated at first, she was shorter then him and she would have to stand on her tiptoes. She trusted him though and she began her descent into the waters as it eagerly welcomed her once again. The water rushed to her and her feet sank down into the>>
    17:51:55SeleneHart : sand. She walked into the salty water her eyes on him as the waves gently rocked back and forth. The level came up higher to carress her waist and then it covered her breasts reaching up toward her neck. "Geoffery I ....think your too deep for me to stand." she stood a few feet away from him the waves were already lifting her gently as they moved>>
    17:52:26Bęňąt : -The bear's cage didn't change in size like Sybilla's did but the doorway was obviously only wide enough for Benat to get in whilst human...so the werebear couldn't get out. "It is unusual I know and makes me vulnerable...the silver alone usually leaves me weakened well past my shift...but this was the only way I could find to contain myself -c-
    17:54:02Bęňąt : without the help of another..." He couldn't rely on anyone to keep him locked in, so this was the way it went. "The floor isn't silver, just the bars...My bear usually learns after he has been burned a few times..." He covered it over again, careful not to touch. What did he crave during the moon? He was a monk and so he was more in control of -c-
    17:54:21SeleneHart : towards the shore. She wasnt panicing but she was being cautious, when the next wave lifted her she kicked her feet and paddled towards him with her arms, she swallowed a bit of water but by dog paddling the next few feet she was able to reach him and when she did she held to his neck, her body pressed against him as she clung to him. >>
    17:54:31SeleneHart : she had been right she couldnt touch the bottem.
    17:55:50Bęňąt : the lusts that Sybilla perhaps was. "I am hungrier...hornier too...but I have learned to ignore those animal instincts...I cannot get in and out of the cage...once I am in there I stay there for the duration. I might put a deer in to keep me going..." Ben seemed very casual about it all...about the torturous confinement, the poison, the -c-
    17:56:19Bęňąt : confinement. It was just a part of his life...Ben guessed it was rather like a very extreme version of what women went through every month...-
    18:00:23Geoffrey_Troi : Once more Geoffrey had his eyes on her, making sure she was safe. She expressed her concerns and he was about to move closer to her when swam towards him and then clung for dear life. He smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek, aware of what she must have been thinking as she did that. "That's my girl," he said softly to her as he began to move -c-
    18:04:03Geoffrey_Troi : farther from the shore. The water slowly rose higher as he took her legs and wrapped them around his waist then wrapped an arm around under her to keep her up. He needed to be able to kick his own legs to get them where they were going. Further and further out they went until he felt sand beneath his toes once more. He continued walking -c-
    18:05:54Geoffrey_Troi : backwards until the water started to drop once more, and once it got to his stomach he let her stand on her own feet. Having been afraid of water, he assumed she had never been on the sandbar before. Unable to remember his first time out he was anxious to see her reaction. -d-
    18:08:46SeleneHart : She was a bit alarmed when they were heading further out into the ocean but when he sat her back down on the sand she started to breath normally again. Looking back to the shore she questioned "are we safe here Geoffery? What if the waves come back...." she had never been to the beach except for a very few times and was not familar>>
    18:09:21Sybilla·Covelin : Well, it was nice to know it wasn't just werewolves. "I don't leave the cage. I have chains to keep me in." So even if someone opened the door there was the matter of releasing her chains without being killed first. When she thought about it the likelihood of that happening was slim to none. The beast would kill anything that got too close. /c/
    18:11:20SeleneHart : with the way things worked. She still clung to him though her feet were on the ground she then let out a chuckle " I read a story once of a mermaid that wanted legs, here I am having legs wishing I had a tail so that I could swim and not drown...and you ....you are the handsome night that fell in love with the landlocked beauty." her eyes >>
    18:11:24Sybilla·Covelin : "Even without silver I usually cannot get out on my own. For a day afterwards." She usually laid there in the cage looking dead. Sleeping off and on throughout the day. How though did he learn to ignore such instincts? Why? They were instincts for a reason... Sybilla found that as long as they were satiated within reason and without her /c/
    18:11:42SeleneHart : sparkled with humor "What did you give up to be able to try to win her heart?"
    18:14:15Sybilla·Covelin : harming anyone there was no reason not to. Bears were odd solitary creatures, perhaps, that was why. "If you would not mind, I could come to let you out." With Tully's help, she would probably be up and moving before the bear. "I have a salve that will help with the silver burns too." Though since he'd been doing this so much she /c/
    18:14:25Sybilla·Covelin : was sure he had something too. /d/
    18:16:08Bęňąt : -Not really. He just endured the pain. Perhaps it was a religious thing...paying penance each month for the times he hadn't had a cage...for before he even understood what he was and had done such terrible things. "We are lucky I guess...We only have to stay in cages for a short time...I think perhaps that is why the humans are so wary of us...-c-
    18:17:42Bęňąt : Some of them spend their lives in cages of a sort..." He pressed a large paw of a hand to the cage, the fabric preventing his skin from connecting with it. "It takes me days...but I would appreciate being let out earlier..." She had Tully...then again he wasn't sure the orc wouldn't just bring a silver spear an drive it into him whilst he was -c-
    18:17:43Geoffrey_Troi : He grinned and spun her to face out into the ocean then took his place behind her. "Yes, we're safe. This is the sandbar. There are a couple more out there before you get to the deeper parts, but they aren't as high as this one." He smiled and placed a kiss on her shoulder. "I've yet to find you restricting me from something, love. Even now -c-
    18:18:56Bęňąt : confined...based on his dislike of him. "And a salve would be appreciated...I let the burns linger...perhaps it is my instinct to suffer for what I am and what I am capable of...?" He didn't know...this was just the way he did things and had for a long time. He was hoping this place wouldn't be any different.-
    18:25:21Geoffrey_Troi : you fight your fears to spend time with me. I couldn't ask for more." His hands once again found their way to her hips as they looked out over the endless waters. The wind was much stronger here and he moved his head to be just over her shoulder so he could avoid being hit in the face or choking on her hair. He was willing to stay here as long -c-
    18:25:46Geoffrey_Troi : as she wanted, he knew the sight and feeling could be incredible. -d-
    18:28:31Sybilla·Covelin : Let the burns linger. Like the sting of the lashes that crisscrossed her back. Which reminded her how foolish it had been to trust so easily. "We all do things that cause us a certain amount of pain to remind us just what we are capable of..." Humans did it too. Orcs as well. Maybe it was just nature. Sybilla wasn't a genius and didn't /c/
    18:28:38Sybilla·Covelin : pretend to understand the great workings of the world even after being in it for almost two centuries. What she did know was that even as long as she'd been here things continued on the same way. Oh, cities got bigger, humans seemed to multiply but ultimately everything was the same. "My people make a juice of berries..." yes she /c/
    18:28:54SeleneHart is away.
    18:30:04Sybilla·Covelin : would give him a moment to laugh at her for that. "it is made to replenish. I will bring you some when I come to let you out." Palming her thighs, Sybilla looked toward the forests and took in deep breath. "It will help bring back some energy." Curb a bit of hunger too since it was pulpy and filled the stomach./d/
    18:31:36Geoffrey_Troi : Well, it's dinner time for me. Enjoy your cages and I'll be back by to play fetch and prevent forest fires later.))
    18:32:38Geoffrey_Troi has left the conversation.
    18:35:53Bęňąt : -Indeed they did. It was perhaps a way of coping. If you allowed yourself to go unpunished then what was to stop you from turning into a monster? Theology and philosophy were a touch too heavy a subject to be churning over so early in the evening and with nothing but rabbit in your belly so Ben moved on. "Is your pack...your tribe a big one?" -c-
    18:37:13Bęňąt : He was curious about wolf society because it was at odds with how bears worked...then again he had been raised in a monastery...that had similar trappings to a tribe. People working together, co-existing and so forth. Of course he'd eaten a few monks and thus proved co-existing didn't really work...but that was another matter entirely. "And -c-
    18:38:07Bęňąt : where is it your tribe hail from...? I cannot recall if you told me already....perhaps you did but I was too busy navigating your orc friends evil looks to make note of it...Across the ocean was it?"-
    18:51:59Sybilla·Covelin : The pack was smallish, only twenty wolves, the tribe was larger. Mostly human offspring who had not been granted a wolf spirit. "It is. The tribe is a mixture of the human offspring who were not given the wolf spirit's blessing and those who are wolves. The pack fluxes depending on the time of year, during the winter it is larger /c/
    18:52:09Sybilla·Covelin : as the offspring usually come home to the tribe to bed down. Stays large through the time of mating season. And then those had mating partners usually leave the pack to try and have cubs of their own." When he mentioned where she was from and across the ocean there were nods. "Far, very far, the boat has to sail for a long time. /c/
    18:53:19Sybilla·Covelin : Though our woods are much like these... my people are darker in skin." The look on her face showed a measure of shame. "My father looks as I do, but even when he took his wolf after mother bit him he was dark of fur like them. Even has their eyes. I am the only one with light eyes and light fur."/d/
    19:00:04Bęňąt : -Her tales did interest the large man and he listened intently. Of his own people, he knew little and the weres he'd met had mostly been bad experiences...Sybilla's family sounded like a very large group of weres and humans who managed to co-exist. "When you are with your tribe...do those without the wolf spirit ensure those who have it remain -c-
    19:01:23You have been marked as being away.
    19:02:21Bęňąt : caged?" He guessed that must be the case, hence why she'd ended up trusting Tully with the task. "You are lucky to have such a large family..." He mused absently though her shame was read too easily and Benat could only shake his head. "Then you are unique...there is no reason to feel bad about that..." Luckily he didn't start some religious -c-
    19:03:03Bęňąt : spiel about how God made everyone to be individuals. He wasn't that sort of monk. "I am sure there are many in your pack who are jealous of your light looks...just as you are of their dark ones..."-

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