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    The chat's topic has changed to: [ Realistic Medieval Fantasy ][NKZ/ Multi-Para Literate][ToD equal to EST. Weather Forecast: Cloudy w/ a chance of scattered showers.]

    Sybilla·Covelin : The bang, bang, bang at the forge wasn't for Sybilla. Sensitive hearing plus repeated loud banging noises. Sybilla had spent the morning the market. Had returned around lunchtime and hadn't left the kitchen area since. The deer had been butchered. Strips were being dried for jerky. A roast was being cooked for dinner with a /c/
    16:56:46Sybilla·Covelin : little of the normal trimmings. But, Sybilla had had a craving to bake. Pies had been shuffling in out of the wooden oven all day to cool, set out to cool, there was a dough set out to rise which would be the coup de grace. The death blow of the meal. Fried dough sprinkled with sugar but to make it special she'd made a jam out of lemons /c/
    16:56:53Sybilla·Covelin : and raspberries to dip the dough into. Little square puffs of heaven. Whenever Tully wandered too close Sybilla rushed to redirect him about some silly question about why a blade had two edges or only one. Any questions about the weapons that would make him too distracted about what was going on in the house portion of the forge. /c/
    16:57:00Sybilla·Covelin : And then, it was done. The roast was medium rare with rosemary and thyme and garlic. Some odds and end vegetables. Mainly carrots because she liked those better than potatoes. Sybilla even dragged a table into his room and had found plates and silverware and things to set it with. The apron was set to the side since she still had /c/
    16:57:06Sybilla·Covelin : to cook the fried pieces of dough. They weren't any good cold so it was going to be done after they were finished eating. Right then... method to the insanity of cooking dinner... Sybilla had a conversation that she needed or rather wanted to have with Tully and filling his stomach first seemed to be the best way to do it. Instead of alcohol /c/
    16:57:12Sybilla·Covelin : she'd pressed some berries into juice and it was waiting when he'd wander in from whatever it is he did out there. She had no idea because she never went out there to look at what all the banging was about. /d/
    17:05:08÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He was banging and clanging away, blasting steel with heat then pounding it into useable shapes. Every now and again he'd take a break, wander around, go outside to cool off, or wash off and take a few swigs of liquor, or search yet again for some hidden stash of Dalt's clove cigarettes, but every time he ventured near to where Syb seemed to be >
    17:08:12÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : she had some question for him that seemed quite important to her. He was glad to see her taking an interest in weaponry since it was his trade, and happy to answer anything she may have to ask, no matter how rudimentary it was to him. He told her about the difference between double- and single-edged weapons, that they were of different weights and>
    17:09:34÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : balances and that they were generally used for different purposes, double-edged being used more for heavy work and large battle scenarios where you may have one man behind you and another in front, or one on each side and need to make quick work of them, or simply need to smash through armor and then, the multi-angularity and added weight would >
    17:11:02÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : come in handy whereas, with single-edged weapons they were generally better for deft, quick strokes and precision as well as single-opponent situations, that it was good to have one of each in your arsenal and that, there were also exceptions to these rules. In other words he gave her entirely indepth answers that had him wandering back to >
    17:13:21÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : wherever it was he came with absolutely no clue she was merely causing him a distraction. It helped, too, to take his mind off the hot work, and soon enough he'd go back to the banging and smashing and the bending and the punching and all the malleating he was doing. Eventually he looked outside and thought, damn, it's got to be about closing >
    17:14:33÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : time, and took another swig of whiskey and swiped some sweat off his brow and then splashed his face with water and used a towel to dry off, went over to the front door, fished out a key from his pocket, and locked up shop for the evening. No customers, or anyone for that matter, had come in for at least an hour (though one had commented on the >
    17:16:42÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : smell intermixed with all the forge scents he himself couldn't detect it through the overpowering taste of whiskey on his breath) and the sun was in such a place he deemed justifiable to close the Phoenix Feather. He sighed a breath of relief. Ah, another day down the drain. Now he could do whatever he wanted. Well, first things first, he thought.>
    17:19:07÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : And went to his room to go get changed up after leaving the protective leathers he wore while working on the workbench. It was as he entered he noticed all the things set before him and his eyes went a bit on the wide side. He looked from the meal to Sybilla, back to the meal, then back to Sybilla. "Sybilla," he said, stomach suddenly growling in>
    17:21:56÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : fevered anticipation, "You really didn't have to." He was still all sweaty and was now without a shirt, certainly not dressed for the occassion but then, he knew she didn't care about such things. He smiled, a bit excited in fact to be able to feast so immediately after work. Usually he had to go through the entirely too painful process of waiting>
    17:25:49÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : for food to be prepared or, even worse, doing it himself. "But I'm glad you did!" He sat down boisterously, grabbing a cup, a fork, downing some of the cup, nodding approval before grabbing the knife and going to town on the meat, for starts. Then he caught himself and looked back to her. "How was your day?"~
    17:31:09Sybilla·Covelin : The information about the weapons really went into some far dark spot into the back recesses of her mind. Wasn't that Sybilla didn't care just that it didn't really apply to her. That was her name. Didn't have to, no, shoulders lifted in a half shrug as she stood there watching him. "I had an itch..." hands motioned to the food /c/
    17:31:19Sybilla·Covelin : and the woman shrugged again. She really hated being idle and all her laziness caught up with her today to the point that she knew she had to do... something...Sybilla looked down and brushed away some of the flour unsuccessfully. When he sat, Sybilla wandered to sit too. How was her day? "Uhm...busy. I went to the market and /c/
    17:32:01Sybilla·Covelin : spent a few hours there...obviously and then I came back here and made a mess." There was a smile at the last part. Really, cooking and baking was very messy. But, if he went to look he'd find that she'd cleaned as she went so the mess wasn't so bad. "I picked up some other things too... like wolfsbane." It was said casually as she stabbed /c/
    17:34:33Sybilla·Covelin : a carrot and placed it into her mouth to chew. So, she was still stuck on that rumor of trying to make herself tamable during the full moon. Could he blame her? Sybilla cut pieces of piece into squares and took several more bites. "Some of those clove cigarettes you keep looking for..." it was said with a smile before she mashed the /c/
    17:34:58Sybilla·Covelin : carrots up and then ran the piece of the meat into it. /d/
    17:36:10Sybilla·Covelin : pieces of meat^ )
    17:56:08÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~"What?" he asked rather stupidly, mouth full of food and then remembered to chew. He swallowed before continuing. "You know, you should really be careful messing around with that, if you get too weak you won't be able to defend yourself. Hadara isn't a safe place, and I know you better than to think you'd be satisfied to sit back and have me do >
    17:59:12÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : all the work in a fight if it comes to that. Unless you want to learn how to use weapons, you'd be rather useless without your strength." He chewed some more food, allowing her time to retort. He was really glad to hear she had found some cigarettes. He...well he never thought to go looking around for them, content to just pilfer Dalt's stashes. >
    18:00:40÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : He was also content to, at least for just a moment, watch her eat, eyeing every little detail of the action. He shook himself out of it though, with a bit of a grin, and went back to working at his own food.~
    18:21:55Sybilla·Covelin : There he went forgetting she was older than him. Sybilla ignored the words while she cut up the next slice of meat. "A drop or two at a time isn't going to weaken me that much. I just... I mean, if there's a chance that I could somehow know what I was doing during the full moon." Maybe she wouldn't be such a threat. Maybe she'd be able /c/
    18:22:04Sybilla·Covelin : to control it. All maybe's. Sybilla sighed quietly. "It's a foolish chase... I know that." Sybilla would probably just leave it alone have Tully stash the wolfsbane in the same place he stashed that silver blade he made. "So, there's a couple other things that kind of been on my mind..." Sybilla took in a deep breath and drank from the /c/
    18:24:23Sybilla·Covelin : juice. Palms rubbed under the table. "Now that the full moon has passed... we could...talk about where I'm going to sleep. I shouldn't be here much longer... I put my letters in to the Merchant's Guild and the Crown over a week ago. Just..." she made a face and sighed heavily. Fuck, she sucked at this. "...until then I need a roof." She was /c/
    18:25:02Sybilla·Covelin : homeless, basically, and while she had the coin to survive in the Inn for quite some time. She wanted to make sure she had enough to get the bakery going and keep it going so she hadn't gone into that portion of the coinage yet. "I can go work... and give you part..." Work. Yea, -that- kind of work. Most other places asked about past /c/
    18:25:31Sybilla·Covelin : employment. How does a nearly two hundred year old werewolf explain her employment record to a human? /d/
    18:27:52÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He continued to eat while she spoke, although stopped briefly as she mentioned she had a couple of things she wanted to talk about. Worry crossed his features but subsided as quickly. Ordinarily talking wasn't a good thing when it was mentioned like that, but neither of them were ordinary so he waved that away. Once she let him know what it was >
    18:30:01÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : about, though, he just gave a lighthearted laugh and shook his head at the whole thing. "Don't even mention it, and no, you don't need to go work to pay off what doesn't cost me a thing. You can stay as long as you like." He smiled at her and then went back to eating a moment, before remembering something. "Oh, you could help me with that letter >
    18:31:34÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : though. I'm not too good at writing, and haven't ever really done anything like this before. Not much of a..hmm, an official type. I'd rather just go see someone at the castle and have a face-to-face with them and explain the situation but I get the feeling that isn't how things are done around here." Although he -had- gone to the castle on >
    18:33:15÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : several different occasions, and even gotten involved in some of the nobles' affairs at one point in time, he hadn't been making a habit of it lately and didn't know if he would again after being jailed. Best to just stay away, keep his head down while he was in Hadara. Try not to get involved. Afterall, he was harboring a Werewolf.~
    18:39:08Sybilla·Covelin : Oh, the letter! "Yea, I've been working on it but I got distracted by cooking food." She gave a lopsided smile. "I'll be right back. Dessert needs to be made." While she was gone, Sybilla stared at the heating cottonseed oil before she placed the portioned pieces of dough into the oil to watch as they fried. Puffed up into glorious /c/
    18:39:17Sybilla·Covelin : squares of yumminess. It was a good thing she couldn't get fat. What would she do with her time if they didn't give her the bakery and she didn't work the streets? Sybilla knew she had to do -something- with her time. A hand lifted to scratch at the back of her neck idly while she waited for the dough to finish cooking. Once it was done /c/
    18:40:58Sybilla·Covelin : she dusted it with sugar and brought out the jam in a bowl. "There's pies too but I figured we could have those for breakfast." Pie for breakfast? Why not... Sybilla placed three onto his plate and three onto her plate and set the basket of the rest in the center before sitting down. "So.. about -where- I'm going to sleep..." The outside of the /c/
    18:43:19Sybilla·Covelin : dough was crisp and the inside soft and flaky, warm. Sybilla took a bite and smiled happily as she chewed. Happiness was food. That's all there was to it. And sex. Food and sex. Humans didn't understand the simplicity of happiness. /d/
    18:49:37÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~While she went off to cook some more Tully finished his plate. It was very scrumptuous and he sat back with a contented sigh, looking around at his...still mess of a room. Crap. He really needed to clean it up. As for Tully, he couldn't get fat because he exercised too much. Otherwise he likely would, the way he ate. And drank. When the items >
    18:51:54÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : were set down he watched her go to her end of the table. She was really something. Beautiful, fun to be around, and smart, too. She was even an excellent cook. His brows rose as she mentioned where exactly she'd be sleeping, and he glanced aside in thought. "Well..." He looked down at his food, back to her, down to his food again. "If you want..>
    18:53:53÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : you can sleep here." Again his gaze settled into hers. "With me." THen he popped one of the pieces of dough into the jam and then that into his mouth, chewing it idly as he watched her, reading her reaction. He knew well all her stipulations and rules about..things, but he really liked having someone to sleep with. Literally to sleep with, >
    18:54:54÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : as in sleeping in the same bed as him. He'd done it with her a couple of times but since then she'd taken to the cage. Now that that ordeal was over, at least for now, he wondered if she wouldn't like having an actual bed again. There were, of course, other options but he wouldn't mention them for now. If she was uncomfortable with such an >
    18:55:00÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : arrangement, of course, he would.~
    19:03:47Sybilla·Covelin : In the bed. With him. It would be nice to have a bed again. "On a condition..." yes, Sybilla and her rules. "Over the years, I've gotten to watch what constant consumption of alcohol does to a human and I know you're not all human but... well, you're my friend and I hate to have to watch you die early because of your drinking. So, maybe /c/
    19:03:58Sybilla·Covelin : you could stop?" Stop drinking. Sybilla understood that what she was asking him really wasn't her place and she'd understand if he quickly threw her out of the door on her tail for it but she'd watched him and watched what he was capable of when he drank too much. She'd seen what alcohol did to the human body as it aged and while /c/
    19:05:51Sybilla·Covelin : she didn't know much about orcs... he was still part human and there was no telling what parts were human and what parts weren't. Well... some part she knew... err, never mind. "You stay sober and I sleep in your bed with you..." seemed like a half decent trade off to her. "But I'll have to find something to do to occupy myself while /c/
    19:06:35Sybilla·Covelin : you're working during the day. I can't just sit... a bored werewolf is a very bad thing." Another lopsided smile. "Tend to get into trouble that way..." /d/
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    21:00:49«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : In the bed. With him. It would be nice to have a bed again. "On a condition..." yes, Sybilla and her rules. "Over the years, I've gotten to watch what constant consumption of alcohol does to a human and I know you're not all human but... well, you're my friend and I hate to have to watch you die early because of your drinking. So, maybe /c/
    21:00:56«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : you could stop?" Stop drinking. Sybilla understood that what she was asking him really wasn't her place and she'd understand if he quickly threw her out of the door on her tail for it but she'd watched him and watched what he was capable of when he drank too much. She'd seen what alcohol did to the human body as it aged and while /c/
    21:01:01«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : she didn't know much about orcs... he was still part human and there was no telling what parts were human and what parts weren't. Well... some part she knew... err, never mind. "You stay sober and I sleep in your bed with you..." seemed like a half decent trade off to her. "But I'll have to find something to do to occupy myself while /c/
    21:01:13«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : you're working during the day. I can't just sit... a bored werewolf is a very bad thing." Another lopsided smile. "Tend to get into trouble that way..." /d/
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    21:45:40÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~Her words hit him like a sack of bricks. He was currently buzzed from the liquor he'd been drinking throughout the day and had planned already on drinking much more throughout the night. He had bottles and bottles stashed all over the forge in case he ran dry. He'd been drinking straight, day in and day out for, what? Months? He couldn't even >
    21:48:45÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : tell. He sat stone still, her words barely even registering after that first 'stop'. His brain suddenly felt split. He wanted to do so many things in reaction to such an outrageous idea but in the totality of his dichotomy he simply sat there, stunned. Eventually he took another bite of the dessert, barely able to taste it anymore, and realized >
    21:51:42÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : she had changed the subject. Ignoring the subject of sobriety altogether he said "You should continue to hunt." He then went to gobbling down the remainder of his food, focussing on that instead. It was really very good, now that he was able to concentrate on it again. -Very- good. "You know, I can see now why you want to open up this bakery. This>
    21:54:03÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : is delicious!" He gave her a bright smile, then stood and went over to grab a towel, wiping off. "You could also help me out at the forge if you want. I don't just make weapons, you know. I make all sorts of things. And I could pay you for your work. We could make armor out of the hides you bring as well." His smile softened considerably but >
    21:56:15÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : stayed. Meanwhile he was busy thinking on what she had said. He knew better than to think this wasn't a pressing issue, afterall she'd need to sleep this very night and where she did depended on his answer. He sighed, finally resolving to give her one. "Okay, look. I know you mean well, asking me to quit." He walked back over to the table and took>
    21:57:44÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : a seat again, looking her directly in the eyes. "But it's not that easy. I can't just. Stop. Just like that." He wanted to say many other things but none of them were nice. Instead he bit his tongue and wanted to hear what she'd have to say once she understood him a little better.~
    22:11:25Sybilla·Covelin : Yes, it was delicious. Not to be a cocky but if after four bakeries the woman didn't have it right by now. There was something wrong. Hunt. Help at the forge. Bang metal for a living. "I can't hunt too much or they'll know..."When he went to get a towel, Sybilla got up to start picking up plates. They were set down when he returned to /c/
    22:11:32Sybilla·Covelin : the subject of drinking. Can't just stop. The towel was snatched and she carried the plates to the rain barrel which was full to start scrubbing them clean. Why did it bug her so much? Did he see his room?! And if he did that to another human? They would have been dead. With the plates cleaned, she wandered back to put them /c/
    22:11:45Sybilla·Covelin : back where she found them. Opened a drawer that she'd found several bottles of alcohol too. In fact, the sheer amount of alcohol she'd found while wandering and looking around had thrown her for a loop. Sybilla knew he like to drink but it was at that point that she understood this was more than just a -like- to drink. The entire drawer /c/
    22:12:10Sybilla·Covelin : was removed and carried out with her. "We'll start simple then..." Now, she was kind of glad she didn't take any of that wolfsbane. "...you can drop yourself down... slowly." However, the bottles he had... were leaving. First one, Sybilla held out to show him from the rear door and then opened to pour out on the ground. A waste of good /c/
    22:12:58Sybilla·Covelin : alcohol but she was saving his liver. "But... you don't need all this alcohol and I can't -trust- an addict to get rid of it." When the bottle of empty she smashed the bottle against the side of the building so he couldn't refill it. /d/
    22:16:41÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~Her anger confused and confounded him, as -he- was the one trying not to be angry. When she went to wasting the liquor he went up to her, remaining calm, saying "Wait, wait.." But it was too late. She went and smashed it. He visibly shook at the display, his eyes wide with what seemed either terror or rage or maybe a bit of both. He went over and>
    22:19:53÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : grabbed the drawer with the remainder of bottles still intact. "Hand it over. Now." He wasn't having this. If he was going to quit it would be on -his- terms, he wasn't going to just sit idly by and take this kind of treatment. He was glad he was only buzzed at the moment and not full-on drunk. Yet already this had gotten physical. It wasn't that >
    22:21:28÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : he couldn't afford to buy more booze, far from it. But he had already bought this stuff, it was good stuff, and if anythign he could at least sell it and get some of his money back. He wasn't poor but he certainly wasn't so rich he could throw out a drawer full of the good shit any time he wanted. But it was more than that. These bottles, which >
    22:22:36÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : seemed so useless to her, and were, held a lot of value to him. They could get him through hard times, they could turn an ordinary day into something fun. No, he wasn't just going to sit back and say okay and watch her destroy what was important to him.~
    22:37:54Sybilla·Covelin : This. This was what was important to him. Hand it over. Sybilla stood there for a long minute before she let go. Not only did she let go but she gave a shove with the drawer in his direction. "You're right, your way will work much better." It was a condescending tone and she knew it. A hand swept over the damage of his room "because /c/
    22:38:04Sybilla·Covelin : obviously you being blind drunk makes you smarter. And next time, you do.... this..." she motioned to the damage again. "...what if it's a person? What will you do then? Go down in a blaze of glory against the guards." She mimicked a brave man's voice and shook her head. "Do you know what happens to those men? They die and /c/
    22:38:12Sybilla·Covelin : they're forgotten. All people will remember is that you got drunk, killed someone and died for it." The woman had seen enough in her time to know these things. "And if you do... this.. again? You get hurt... no one is here... you die in your own vomit, piss and shit..." This was cruel but sometimes blunt truth was better that tip-toeing /c/
    22:38:42Sybilla·Covelin : around it. "I consider you a friend Tully. A very close friend. So, don't pull the.. you don't care about me... line out on me. Cause I will shove it straight your ass. If I didn't care, I would sit here and watch drink yourself to death without saying a word." And now she would wait.. because the explosion was coming. Oh, she'd been through /c/
    22:38:51Sybilla·Covelin : this before. Once or twice. /d/
    22:42:28÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~There was no explosion. He took the drawer, shoved or not it was in his hands again, and safe and sound. He took it, carrying it over all the rubble, and put it back where it belonged. Once it was secure, he turned around, letting her talk. He was remarkably calm considering just a moment before he'd been half-ready to fight, seeing her smash his>
    22:45:48÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : shit like that. "I understand your concern, but I don't think I'm ready to quit yet. You're trying to rush something that's not to be rushed. I'm not just going to stop, and I don't even particularly feel like slowing down at this point. This? All of this?" He chuckled. "Maybe I should get a cage for myself, like you have. You know.." He shook his>
    22:47:36÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : head. "Nevermind, I'm going to be the nice guy here. Like I said, I can tell you care about me and want what's best, and I agree it would be best for me to quit. However I'm not going to do that right now. THis is what I am, you can like it or leave it. And don't go flaunting sleeping in my bed before me like some kind of prize, either. >
    22:50:04÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : If you don't want to sleep in it just tell me so, don't make it some kind of reward." He regarded her cooly, really surprised at her behavior. It was like she was trying to piss him off. However he was only buzzed, and well experienced in dealing with his anger. It's what kept him here so long, so far anyway.~
    23:02:12Sybilla·Covelin : This suddenly got all fucked up. Sybilla ran her fingers through her hair and turned to walk out into the rain to stare up at the sky. Or the lack thereof. Hands found her hips as she stood there letting the rain cool her off. See, that... didn't go at all how it had gone in her head. Ws she flaunting? Fuck. She was flaunting. Damn it. This... /c/
    23:02:23Sybilla·Covelin : this was why Sybilla tried to avoid these kinds of things. After a few minutes in the rain Sybilla wandered back in and shook her head at him. "Let's try this again..." Fuck. Damnit. What the hell was wrong with her?! She couldn't get through -one- conversation. One. "we're going to forget that entire conversation that started with 'on one /c/
    23:03:45Sybilla·Covelin : condition..' and uhm, just start from now... so, you've just asked me to stay in your bed..." Right, because magically the words just disappear. "And I was trying to say... That'd be nice, Tully, thanks." There that's more how it sounded in her head before her mouth screwed things all up. "Good? Okay. End of conversation." A /c/
    23:04:54Sybilla·Covelin : deep breath was taken in, let out before Sybilla wandered passed him to just go try and find a room to disappear into. Or a hole. /d/
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