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    19:25:34SeleneHart : The humidity seemed to have been relieved and it was simply warm. Much easier to sleep however and her shift was finished at the Kings Head. Nellie had been the recipiant of one of the oranges and she still had one left. Instead of sitting inside she decided to take the load off her aching feet and watch the street traffic outside. On a bench>>
    19:27:22SeleneHart : she leaned back with her feet tucked under her. On her lap was the orange that was carefully peeled , the peels tucked away in a bag for later uses. She was getting quite accustomed to the citrus fruit. Dividing it carefully she watched the comings and goings, the sun was behind her so there was shade in the eaves of the building. It was still>>
    19:28:23SeleneHart : hot but not as stifling. A man and wife were arguing outside, it seemed that the man was a bit drunk early in the day and the wife tired and hot was giving him
    19:28:25SeleneHart : >>>
    19:28:47SeleneHart : quite the tongue lashing. Selene tried not to look but it was hard to not overhear and it was quite amusing at that.
    19:30:59†Dominus† had tied his horse up in a camp a ways back as well as some of his belongings leaving a few brother knights behind. He wore his black hooded robe the words and symbols glinted in a silver and white in the sun it wasnt too hot underneith as his hood was resting on his shoulders and the robe was rather thin. His blonde hair rested on his shoulders<C>
    19:33:31†Dominus† shifting with each step. His sword scabbard on his back the hilt with engravings of his order. As he had just entered the city from the south he walked carefully not to bump into people his eyes scanning the structures in curiousity. His hands rested together behind the small of his back though occasionally reaching up to push hair that would <C>
    19:34:49†Dominus† fall and impose upon his face. He figured the city was large enough it had to have some kind of order or something of the manner about<D>
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    19:38:18SeleneHart : Selene turned from the scene of the man and woman fighting stuffing a orange in her mouth to hide her chuckle. When she saw Dominus her eyes widened slightly. He was dressed in black and had to be hot under there. She had on a light cotton dress and a light sheen of sweat covered her. He seemed to have some sort of orders symbols that >>
    19:39:52SeleneHart : in her travels and time at the taverns where she had worked she hadnt seen before. He didnt exactly look lost but he was not local for he was looking around far too much for that. Selene wasnt one for ceremony, being a serving wench had cured that long ago. She was never rude but she was not opposed to talking to strangers. She called to him as >>
    19:41:02SeleneHart : approached her "Priest? you look like your searching for something....I might be able to help you" friendly, unassuming she offered a piece of orange "looks a bit hot under that robe a piece of orange ?"
    19:47:25Sybilla•Covelin : Tomorrow night was the full moon. It was felt by the woman. Started as an itch like a mosquito and now it was a buzzing in her ear. An incessant buzzing. Sybilla had hunted earlier in the day and that had slowed the crawling sensation beneath her skin. The heat wasn't helping any. A waterskin filled with some of her tribes berry /c/
    19:47:35Sybilla•Covelin : mush was helping. Sort of. If only to keep the sensation of being too warm at bay and the feeling of her stomach full. Eyes settled from where she'd perched herself on the shiny object. A man in the shiny object. Selene near it. It caused a slight smirk and with an easy hop down the woman sauntered in their direction. "Not a priest. /c/
    19:51:09Sybilla•Covelin : Are yah, darlin'? Priests don't carry weapons like that..." eyes roamed over the man, Sybilla rounded him in a circle before coming to stop beside Selene with a tilt of the head. Okay so she was acting more wolfish but it was a day until the full moon and it was getting more and more difficult to control the little things. Like the crinkle of /c/
    19:52:20Sybilla•Covelin : her nose as the assault of smells from the traveler. He was with some others. A single inhale and she smiled. /d/
    19:53:59†Dominus† had stopped abruptly as at first he was very surprised that Selene had approached him. He would reply slowly with a low voice and a smirk..."I am no Priest....." and he looked down at his robes as his hands untucked from his back though his eyes then diverted to Sybilla as she paced around him...he would speak up again..."I am really just..."<C>
    19:58:00†Dominus† "on a pilgrimage. A Knight of a disbanded order" He looked down at his robes and wondered if it wasnt a great idea to wear them as often. Dominus would reach out waving his hand and spoke..."no thank you" to the orange and Selene's offer. "I am just merely on a pilgrimage to find a place to plant roots again" He wasnt one to shoot off about<C>
    19:58:53†Dominus† god this and god that. He would probably seem odd as he stuttered and repeated himself however his travels were rather long and he was just in slight shock at the sudden attention that he attracted<D>
    20:06:09SeleneHart : "A knight? Well that is something like a priest...you have a cause anyway" she canted her head and looked to him again as she greeted Sybilla "Well welcome to Hadara nevertheless. I am Selene" she stood and gave a quick bob to him. "I would suggest the Kings Head if your looking for a good meal or a drink, there is a bar on the docks >>>
    20:07:29SeleneHart : if you want but it tends to a bit rougher crowd but the food and drink are good there too" she gave a slight grin her blue eyes dancing with humor "So are you a black Knight as well? Or would you be a knight that helps a lady in distress" Just then the arguing couple got louder and the woman who was a bad aim was picking up rocks and >>
    20:09:00SeleneHart : screaming trying to pelt the drunk husband. One came whizzing by and hit someone in the head. A big burly man who was handling chickens. He roared and at the direction that the rock came from and then other rocks found marks not intended as the woman like a banshee didnt pay attention. The street became a cacaphony of sound and people not knowing>>
    20:10:32SeleneHart : what was going on began to push and shove to get out of the way. Selene was about to move when the cart with the chickens began to roll and chickens began squacking the man who was to tend it was bellowing at the woman while the drunk husband slipped into the Kings Head. The wagon with the chickens rolled into another holding barrels of ale >>
    20:11:14SeleneHart : big casks began to fall out as they had been untied for unloading , ale and chicken feathers, rocks and shouting erupted .
    20:18:03Sybilla•Covelin : A Knight. Who wore silver. The inner beast raged silently which caused Sybilla to shift her feet some. Eat him! No, no. There would be no eating of anyone. A lift of her waterskin was given and she drained some more of the purplish-blue pulp filled liquid. It all started because of one human wench. Sybilla had been attempting to ignore /c/
    20:18:13Sybilla•Covelin : the squawking as best she could but now? Now the squawking had turned into hollering and screaming. The noise caused the woman to physically cringe, bring her hands up to hold her ears. Thankfully it was loud enough that no one would hear the rumbling growl released by the innocent looking woman. Well, maybe only the people /c/
    20:19:39Sybilla•Covelin : closest to her would get a sense that she grumbled though she did so with her eyes shut tightly. It was enough to make her dizzy, nauseous even. Too many sounds. Too many smells. Human sickness, think human sickness! "I...think...the heat..." yes, that was it too much heat. A hand motioned toward the inn and Sybilla began to /c/
    20:20:17Sybilla•Covelin : stumble for the door where hopefully inside it would be quieter, there would be less smells, and she wouldn't feel quite so...ill. Had it not been the day before a full moon, maybe she'd been able to tolerate the chaos with a bit more humor. Maybe. /d/
    20:22:03†Dominus† now looked passed both of the women that were infront of him. seeing the crazyness that started up causing him to blink. As Sybilla was already moving out of the way he grabbed Selene by the arm to pull her out of the way of one of the casks and pointed her in the same direction as Sybilla though not forcefully. He wasnt able to answer as he <C>
    20:23:55†Dominus† reached out and kicked one cask on an alternate path from side so it would divert into a wall though causing a shock in his leg due to the weight of the cask and the force of the kick he had used. He turned and limped once but corrected and was now off to the side following Sybilla and said to Selene..."God wouldnt be too happy with me if I was"<C>
    20:26:08†Dominus† "A black knight" he chuckled though he had been on a few crusades in his time he had been a straight arrow for the most part. Any sin he had commited he had confessed on for what sins he did commit he had scriptures tatooed and burned into his skin along his arms, back and chest<D>
    20:28:40SeleneHart : He had taken her arm and helped her inside and once inside she thanked him. The shutters were open and so they could still see what was going on. A chicken did lift itself and come through the window . Selene looked to Dominus and gave a grateful grin"Thank you for your assistance, that barrel didnt break your toes did it? You should sit down>>
    20:32:28SeleneHart : and take your boots off and let me take a quick look." she looked over to Sybilla "Are you alright? Didnt get hit by a stray rock or anything did you ?"The chicken still nervous from the goings on outside ran around the room and Selene moved after it trying to catch it . This further irratated it and she called out "Nellie corner him!!" The other >
    20:33:40SeleneHart : wench tried to head the hapless bird off and when they cornered him Selene took a leap and caught him in her arms but gave a yelp when the talons caught her arm, ripping her dress. The chicken was dropped again as Selene examined her arm "This is why I will never make it on a farm!! I cant even catch a chicken!"
    20:39:42Sybilla•Covelin : It wasn't absolutely quiet inside. There were still lots of different heartbeats and other noises but Sybilla dropped into a chair. Eyes flecked with more silver than before watched the human chasing the chicken and a rumble of laughter came. "Move, darlin'..." Damn humans, didn't even know how to properly hunt a chicken. A towel from a /c/
    20:39:53Sybilla•Covelin : nearby table was picked up and she snatched a left over piece of bread one of the tables. Sybilla was still trembling from the incident outside. Adrenaline was not a werewolf's friend so close their change. The bread was sprinkled on the floor and then Sybilla moved out of the way as the chicken followed the trail which was really just a /c/
    20:41:07Sybilla•Covelin : circle before she dropped the towel on top of it and lifted it up. "You cover their heads, darkness calms them." Gripping the chicken by the feet and holding the towel over its eyes Sybilla stood there. "Hold their feet, can't get yah. Now, what you want to do with her?" As if catching chickens was the most natural thing in the world /c/
    20:43:00Sybilla•Covelin : for a whore to know. Well, she wasn't just a whore but that was beside the point. Okay, she felt much better now. An easy wolfish smile appeared on her face. /d/
    20:46:02†Dominus† As they moved inside he didnt reply as Selene took chase after the chicken and Sybilla helped her. He moved to an empty table bent his bodly slightly so he could pull his robes off he placed the robles on the back of a chair at an empty table. This revealed dominus worn out clothing underneath. He wore black pants tucked into leath boots, his <C>
    20:47:52†Dominus† tunic if you want to call it that had cut of sleeves revealing his arms and the tatoos and burns he had alnog his arms. He didnt hide his past or his faith so he did not care what others thought of his markings. As Sybilla caught the chicken he looked and chuckled as she held it upside down. His stout frame more prevelent without his robes on<C>
    20:49:25†Dominus† as he now stood straight up with good posture. He spoke again..."So is everyone ok now?" he would give a smirk as he would now look at Selene's arm and wondered if Sybilla was truely ok or if she had some sort of bad headache when they were outside<D>
    20:52:00SeleneHart : Selene threw him a small grin "Nothing too bad indeed. I will repay your kindness with buying you a drink of your choice , what would you like?" she looked to Sybilla and squenched a eye, "Throw him back out the window the man who he belongs too surely would feel the loss " she moved behind the counter and took a clean towell to dab the angry >>>
    20:54:19SeleneHart : strip that oozed crimson. She watched as guards came outside and seemed to put things in order, the ruckus would soon be over and it would be another typical afternoon on the streets. She kept the towell fast to her arm as she inquired again "Is your foot alright? ...."turning to Sybilla she offered her a drink as well " I appreciate you catching>>
    20:54:46SeleneHart : that thing. I love eggs and roasted chicken but never had much to do with them, more my sisters area then mine"
    20:57:17Sybilla•Covelin : Outwardly, she looked as they looked, white of skin and blue of eyes. The truth of her parentage was different. That she was really of native blood and native beliefs. That she was as white as...well, the Knight's robes. "Her. Chickens are female." Strange that the woman didn't know that. Okay. Rather than throwing the animal which /c/
    20:57:29Sybilla•Covelin : would be cruel and against Sybilla's beliefs she walked to the door and gently set the animal down. Giving it a few loving rubs on its back and thanking the great spirits for keeping it safe before wandering back into the inn. When Selene spoke a brow rose, "we have no taverns or inns or things of that sort. If you want food you either /c/
    20:59:56Sybilla•Covelin : kill it or grow it or gather it." The waterskin was held up and she smiled. "Thank you though for the offer. I would like a cup." When she got the cup Sybilla sat the table Dominus had chosen and poured the bluish purple liquid into it. Sybilla had seen plenty of human cities now that they no longer surprised her but it was always nice /c/
    21:01:44Sybilla•Covelin : returning to the tribe and going back to basics. The thought brought a frown as she took a drink of the juice. "Have you travelled far, Knight?" Logical question. Normally she'd be less willing to sit so closely to him but the woman was feeling brave./d/
    21:06:26†Dominus† he rested his arms on the table as he leaned foward and answered Selene about his foot..."It will be fine thank you" and after he answered about the drink.."Ale Please if you have it, if not water will do" he then looked back to Sybilla and said..."I have travelled through much yes....about four months now" Dominus's arms crossed slightly on the<C>
    21:06:43Sybilla•Covelin : DON'T DRINK THE WATER)
    21:06:57†Dominus† : lol i know Cool)
    21:10:51†Dominus† trying to find comfort. He had no realized how much cooler it was until this moment out of his robes. His scripture tatoos on his arms were outlined with burn tissue giving them a semi odd highlight. Though he did the ink himself over the scars. He would ask his own question now..."This city has a place of god yes?" he wasnt sure what to call <C>
    21:11:58†Dominus† it here if they had another name for it then what he did. As for him they called it a Chapter House or a Monostary Chapel<D>
    21:17:10SeleneHart : A ale was drawn from the cask and sat in front of Dominus "It is customary to give a name when you have been extended the same courtesy you know ...Sir Knight" a easy smile showed she wasnt particularly serious " There is a cathedral here but beyond that I am not sure, I suppose it depends on what God you serve, though many believe there>>
    21:19:35SeleneHart : is but one God." she herself had her own thoughts on God, she knew that many had their own ideas and she was not into religious arguements and such so she avoided the subjects more often then not "If you wish I can take you there....I am not working right now and its a bit of a maze the streets here in Hadara" she sat with the two , her orange >>
    21:20:37SeleneHart : had been a victim of the drama outside but she could still smell the peels that were in her bag. She was definitely going to have to buy a few more . She looked to Sybilla "What is that in your cup? Some sort of wine perhaps?"
    21:24:10Sybilla•Covelin : Four months travel was a long way for a human. This seemed to intrigue the woman and she offered a hand in his direction. "Sybilla Covelin." Though when and if he took it he'd find her warm. Excessively so. Nearly feverish. "I went with the candlestick maker there once to the cathedral." Leaning forward there was a sly grin. "The men /c/
    21:25:34Sybilla•Covelin : there liked to stare." Perverse little men. One even came to find her at the docks. Interesting man. With a very large... vocabulary. The thought made the woman smirk even more. In the cup? Eyes focused on the thick juice and Sybilla leaned the cup toward Selene so the woman could see the pulpy substance. "Juice." No alcohol was /c/
    21:26:16Sybilla•Covelin : involved. Just mashed berries and fruit. "People of my tribe use certain berries and fruits and mash them into this juice which we've found helps keep us hydrated during the summer months." Because the wolves ran so much warmer than the humans the summer heat became a very real problem. "Plus it's thick so it fills the stomach /c/
    21:28:51Sybilla•Covelin : and curbs hunger pangs." Like wanting to eat humans the day before a full moon. Only the wolves were allowed to have this juice or the knowledge of which fruits to use to make it. One of the perks of the transference. "I'd offer you some but I haven't been feeling well and I would hate to make you sick." With lycanthropy. Eyes turned /c/
    21:29:01Sybilla•Covelin : to the Knight and she peered at his tattoos. Those were the words of her Father's god. Sybilla recognized them from the book he kept on his ship./d/
    21:32:44†Dominus† felt embarassed as he looked back to Selene now after she had made the comment about names "Forgive my manners. I am Dominus Brother Captain of The Order of the Dragon" he turned and took Sybilla's hand gently and was surprised of how warm she was raising a brow letting her hand go and returning it to his to its original position. He would then<C>
    21:34:17†Dominus† reply to Selene..."Thank you for the offer, I shall find it when it is time for me to" He smirked and figured after all he had been travelling for quite some time. Now he listened to the words that the two Women exchanged and notice Sybilla looking at his tatoos though he said nothing about it. He took his ale up that he had recieved from Selene<C>
    21:34:40†Dominus† and took a long drink from it as though he hadnt tasted liquid nurishment in sometime<D>
    21:44:42SeleneHart : "As you wish...Order fo the Dragon? I cannot say that I have heard of such in town here, but perhaps you will find others that share your beliefs anyway. " She moved the towell from her superficial wound and it had stopped bleeding. " I think I will have to find some ungent for this , cant say that a chickens talons are all that clean especially>>
    21:46:43SeleneHart : since he was loose in the streets" there was unmentionalbe things in the streets, most didnt care about even looking when they dumped their chamber pots from the second story window. " I know ..." she thought better of it , she had been going to mention Geoffery he had many affliations and having come from Riverwind she wondered if he would know.>>
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    21:49:20SeleneHart : "Have you ever been to Riverwind? I know someone from there and it was just a thought, perhaps he could help you " she wasnt sure if Geoffery could but at the mention of his order....
    21:50:01SeleneHart : welcome home Tully)
    21:57:08Sybilla•Covelin : Sybilla tilted her head at his name. In Ancient Rome his name was the Latin word for an owner of slaves. Also the word for Lord. Interesting choice to name a child who become a Knight. The conversation between the two humans continued on without her and Sybilla leaned back with her cup of juice to merely listen. Better /c/
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    21:59:51Sybilla•Covelin : that way. Order of the Dragon. Sybilla hadn't heard of it and it didn't sound like a group of hunters but then, the humans who killed her mate hadn't been an Order of Anything. Muscles along the woman's jaw flexed as she drank from the cup. The tightness in her chest, in her skin, a low rumble escaped in a sigh as she emptied /c/
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    22:04:08Sybilla•Covelin : the cup. The closer night came, the worse it was going to be, tonight she'd have to stay in the forge. Already she was not feeling particularly...pleasant. It did not help that her back was still sore from the lashings she received from her parents for breaking pack law. Best go now and make sure everything was ready for tomorrow. /c/
    22:04:41Sybilla•Covelin : Sybilla rose from her chair and gave a polite smile. "I must be going. It was pleasant meeting you Sir Dominus. Nice seeing you again, Selene." The waterskin was snagged and Sybilla wandered toward the door free hand coiled into a tight fist. Too close to the full moon to be associating with humans... she was going to go hide where it was safe. /d/
    22:08:42†Dominus† looked back to selene now and spoke ..."I have been have never been through Riverwind though my father had" he was looking at her arm in curiousity where the chicken had scratched her and he said..."I havent stayed in my realms long as i felt like i needed to keep moving" He reached for his ale and took another long drink finishing it off and <C>
    22:10:58†Dominus† placing the drink back onto the table top. He turned his gaze back to Sybilla and asked..."Is everything ok?..." he had hoped he didnt offend anyone. Dominus sat back though his arms still resting on the table as he scooted the chair foward slightly making a squelching noise on the ground. Dominus posture still rather straight for how he now <C>
    22:11:05†Dominus† sat in the chair<D>
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    22:14:01SeleneHart : She put down the towell and nodded " I havent been there either but someone very close and dear to me has. He is a Guardian of the princess ,King Adams daughter, married Prince Rowan. " she remembered her converstation with Geoffery yesterday she spoke softly"Much like you he has a sacred duty that rules his life" She waved to Sybilla >>
    22:15:18SeleneHart : "Take care Sybilla, perhaps next time we meet I shall have another orange to share." she gave a friendly smile and looked again to the scratch, after the problems with her foot she wasnt going to ignore this . Infection could set in far too fast for her comfort and Geoffery would be none too pleased if she got ill again.
    22:21:43†Dominus† reached into his pouch and pulled out a small cloth wrapped over a herb he pulled it out of the cloth and started grinding it up into a dust as it was very dry to begin with he then held his hand out and said..."here, if you dust it with this it should help it heal well" it was the last he had from his home. They called it Lupercal and only <C>
    22:23:48†Dominus† grew in the mountains near the monastary he lived in. He was no healer but it helped clot a wound and killed most bacteria as it naturally burn a bit in the wound though not enough to leave any real mark. He smiled as it was just an offer though she did not have to take it. his opposite hand held the small cloth open as if she didnt take it he <C>
    22:23:54†Dominus† would return it to the pouch<D>
    22:27:20SeleneHart : She gave a smile and moved her arm closer to him"Thank you ! Will save me a trip to the healers, would you mind ?" she pulled her sleeve so it was out of the way" A few months ago I got a severe infection from stepping on something on the beach, it got quite nasty and kept me out of things for a while, I learned my lesson" she >>
    22:29:20SeleneHart : continued with friendly conversation."Do you have vows you had to take ? I know some religious orders demand celibacy and vows of absolute that I have heard of." she chuckled and gave a sheepish smile "If I am too nosy just let me know, I tend to rattle on, I suppose its a byproduct of being a wench, though most men that are drunk>>>
    22:29:54SeleneHart : want far more then conversation" she made a wry face " I am a wench and not a whore and they sometimes cant tell the difference after six or seven ales"
    22:31:36†Dominus† Sprinkles the herb into her cut and he says..."itll burn slightly but not too bad, however that means its working" he folded up the clothing looking down at it and placed it in his pouch though he looked up when she asked about his vows and what not. "Yes I had to take vows. But Celibacy....no there was not such vow. However we do have vows of" <C>
    22:34:14†Dominus† "Honor, Duty, Integrity, Loyality, so when it comes to women or marriage we walk a fine line as Women are raised just under God to us of the order" he smirked at her next comment about being nosy and he shrugged"I hide nothing and I do not lie,...And I am not an average drunk" he smirked as he made the slight joke.."Though i do believe you" he <C>
    22:34:53†Dominus† leaned foward again on his arms his right hand thumbing over his left arms forarm feeling the scriptures under his finger tip as though almost reading brail<D>
    22:38:03SeleneHart : "Curiousity has been my bane at times, people drinking ale tend to be very loose though and I dont have to pry much. " her brow arched "Do you have a place to stay? The rooms here are good but if you want a bit cheaper you can go to the Drowned Wench on the docks, Brandon Arrow runs that establishment but as I said earlier it does >>
    22:40:04SeleneHart : have some rougher clientle though he keeps a tight rein on things. I work there and here , trying to save money to get my own cottage or something. " One did not make a lot being a wench but she had been lucky and saved all her tips and wanted for nothing. "I wouldnt reccomend sleeping on the street though if you do be careful..."
    22:44:40†Dominus† smirked at her remark about her Curiousity. Dominus hadnt had much social contact in the past four months and this intrigued him. He sat up and stood taking his Robes over his left arm and said..."Well I shall take a room here for the night, how much would it cost?" he rested his right hand on his pouch ready to pull what coin he had out of it<C>
    22:47:19†Dominus† He woudl take his hand out of his pouch momentarily to pull his hair back from his face and place it back on the pouch. "I thank you for your conversation and your Curiousity has not bothered me in the least" he would remark about her curiousity as well as he looked down to her with a smile<D>
    22:50:34SeleneHart : "Its five silver and you get a one meal with that so dinner or breakfast, I hope to see you again soon Dominus and without perhaps the chickens and stray ale kegs coming at us" she laughed easily, she had a sense of humor and her spirit seemed to be free and relaxed."Thank you for the powders too I appreciate it, look me up>>
    22:52:16SeleneHart : should you have need and I will see what I can do ." she stood and held her hand for the money, even though she wasnt on duty she could do that for him. She leaned and whispered to him " If you are going to have breakfast avoid the gruel, it sits in your stomach like a rock, try the eggs and ham " she gave him a wink
    22:54:23†Dominus† smiled and as a travelling knight of the order he would help the one that gave him aid and good conversation he dropped his coin pouch that had his last 5 gold in her hand and closed her hand over it and replied..."Its all there as well as your tip for being very hospitipal" he smiled at her comments about the food. His hands rested together <C>
    22:55:39†Dominus† clasped infront of him now his robes still on his left arm hanging down towards the floor shifting with his movements. "Thank you for your food tips" he said quietly back a slight chuckle in his voice he was weary and it was getting obvious the later it got into the night. He was just glad to be in civilization again<D>
    22:57:28SeleneHart : "Up the staircase there and the last room on the left ...you sleep well Dominus!" she bowed her head to him and then moved to put his name in the books and that the bill was paid . She opened her hand and saw what he had given her and she started to protest "Sir this is far too much!!" she wouldnt see that much in three months. >>
    22:58:42SeleneHart : She figured he wouldnt take it back but she knew what to do with it . " You are very kind I am sure you do your order proud sir" she gave a smile and then continued checking him in as he could make his way to his room finding it clean and hospitable after his long days of traveling.
    23:00:44†Dominus† nodded in reply and said..."may your night fare well" he had already started toward the starecase and as she protested he stopped and turned his head back to her and smiled..."Like I said it is your tip" and at her words of him and his order he turned and started up the staircase he moved down the hall slowly looking from door to door. He knew <C>
    23:02:11†Dominus† he would sleep well tonight it had been a long journey. He figured once the sun rised he would move out to find the Cathedral and start finding areas he could help in around the city and help in the name of his lord. His faith had been shook but he still stood by his faith none the less. He opened the door to the room and closed it behind him as<C>
    23:02:22†Dominus† disappeared into it for the evening<D>
    23:03:11†Dominus† : good day / evening everyone))
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    23:37:54Sybilla•Covelin : Crawling, buzzing, it was the most annoying sensation that someone could go through. Torture really. Since it was much like an itch that couldn't be relieved no matter what one did to scratch at it. Meditation helped. After leaving the King's Head Sybilla had stopped at the butcher to double check that her order would be /c/
    23:39:56Sybilla•Covelin : delivered tomorrow. After leaving there she weaved through the crowds of people until she reached the forge. Better. A hand lifted to rub away the ache in her face. The last twenty-four hours before shifting were the worst. Curiosity took hold though and Sybilla stared at the weapons in the room just outside Tully's bedroom while /c/
    23:40:54Sybilla•Covelin : she sucked the juices from a strip of steak. Blood dripped through her fingers onto the floor but Sybilla was too entranced by the shiny things and the metallic taste of bloodied meat in her mouth to be bothered noticing. Her father being of the White people had taught her brothers how to use these weapons and she'd been /c/
    23:42:41Sybilla•Covelin : around long enough to understand their basic concepts. In an odd brutal way, they were pretty... the way the light glinted off them. Though it was probably the beast's desire of carnage that was truly making her interested. /d/
    23:47:32÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~Tully had finished up at work and then gone shopping for food in the marketplace. So he came back to the forge with two loaves of bread, a wedge of cheese, two bottles of well-aged wine, two bottles of well-aged whiskey, and four giant steaks. He didn't know if she'd be there so he got enough, he thought, just in case she was, otherwise he'd try >
    23:49:22÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : to eat it all himself. In his Human form he found he couldn't eat or drink as much, but still, it was a considerable amount. The items were all wrapped up separately in different bags and one hand was full with them as the other opened the door and then closed it behind him. He hefted them over to the counter, where he set them and then went about>
    23:52:30÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : sorting them out and lining them up there. He then popped open a bottle of whiskey, took a few glugs, and went toward his room when he spotted her standing there. "Oh, hey there," he said, having caught a glimpse of the way she was eyeing his weaponry. "Have you changed your mind about them?" He didn't wait for an answer, though, he went back for >
    23:53:59÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : the front door and, pulling out his key he locked it up. He didn't want any unwanted visitors and, if someone really wanted something they could knock and, if he wasn't busy, he'd answer. Anyway it was after hours, so he felt justified enough in doing so.~
    00:02:32Sybilla•Covelin : The piece of meat in her hand was forced into her mouth and chewed on. After she'd swallowed it, Sybilla looked in his direction and smirked. "Nope. Just thought they looked pretty. Light was flashing off the metal." Loud sniffs were made of the air and feet were shuffled toward the bags. Sybilla had already finished off one steak /c/
    00:02:44Sybilla•Covelin : that she'd bought at the butchers. The cheese , the bread, wine, all were left alone. A steak was snatched up and the paper covering was ripped at while she growled. "Tomorrow is the full moon. I feel so..." shitty was a good word. Agitated. Another good word. "Hungry." That was a very good for it. Fingers grasped and she /c/
    00:04:30Sybilla•Covelin : bit into the meat with a quiet sigh. Being injured didn't help. Though the injury was her own fault. She knew she was breaking pack law when she involved Tully and she did it anyways. "My parents are gone." The words came in between bites and with a low growl. "The ship left a couple days ago. It is the reason I have not been here." Sybilla /c/
    00:05:35Sybilla•Covelin : took a larger chunk out of the steak. "Everything has been moved into the building I have planned to purchase." Would she tell him about the lashings? After she ate... after they both ate and perhaps he was a little more intoxicated. Since he seemed to be on that road tonight. Better tonight than tomorrow night. /d/
    00:08:16÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He walked over to the counter she was at, devouring the steak. Blood was everywhere, all over her face and hands. "Why did they leave?" he asked, just watching her eat while he took another couple of chugs of liquor, opting to just hold the bottle in-hand while he used the other to take a chunk of bread and pop it into his mouth. He chewed it a >
    00:10:07÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : few times, then swallowed before grabbing a chunk of cheese and another chunk of bread and eating those as well. He didn't know about her..well, yes, he did, but as for him he'd like to cook his steak a little bit before consuming it. They were really very large steaks, in hopes of being enough to fill them both. He had known already she wouldn't >
    00:12:26÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : go for the bread and cheese, but he did slide a bottle of wine her way. The whiskey was nearby as well in case she wanted any of the harder stuff. He had more in his room in case they ran out of that. He had a huge stash of liquor, in fact, just in case he ended up getting holed up in the forge, for whatever reason. He was thinking of clearing >
    00:13:51÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : out a room for food storage as well. But that was still just a dream at this point. In any case he awaited her answer curiously, and not without a bit of concern. He had hoped she would stay, but the way she had said it suggested it hadn't been on good terms.~
    00:21:38Sybilla•Covelin : Why did they leave? There were plenty of reasons. "They went home." Went back to the pack and the dark furred wolves. The thought came with a grumble which really sounded more gravelly, more growling than any human sound. "My youngest brother is trying for a transference." Eyes rolled. "This will be his fourth attempt." /c/
    00:22:58Sybilla•Covelin : Part of Sybilla hoped it killed him but that was the beast talking. "I didn't need to be bitten. Mine came naturally." Was she boasting? The gleam in her eye sure made it sound that way. The edge of the steak was gnawed at until it came free and then she swallow. "Thank-you for the steak. Was your day good?" /d/
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    02:28:33Sybilla•Covelin : -changes that to a /c/-
    02:40:48Sybilla•Covelin : Sybilla seemed generally interested because she was. This was to be home now. They'd made it very clear their position on when Sybilla could return to the pack and that was going to be awhile. Punishment was not just a lashing that wouldn't heal right away but a 'time-out' of sorts. Sybilla could not return until she /c/
    02:44:31Sybilla•Covelin : reached her second century. More steak, a few long swallows of wine, and Sybilla felt a little more human and less...monster ready to eat people. Even if her pupils were pin points amid the more silvered speckled blue of her eyes. First signs that tomorrow would be a long day and tomorrow night would be even longer. "I made sure the /c/
    02:45:01Sybilla•Covelin : butcher is going to drop everything off as needed." /d/
    05:14:30÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He thought, screw it, and picked up one of the steaks and took a bite out of it raw. He didn't know if his Human stomach could handle it like that but he guessed he'd find out. He was ravenous and took another bite almost as soon as he'd taken the first one. He listened as he did, nodding a few times, though he shook his head at her question of >
    05:17:11÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : how his day went. "Too hot," was his explanation there. "Well," he said between bites, then took another one, chewed, swallowed before continuing, "I'm glad you're sticking around." He didn't see why she was so proud of being born a certain way, but held his tongue. He was proud of his strength because he worked on it, although he had to guess he >
    05:19:27÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : wouldn't be half as strong, even in his Human form, had he not been born a certain way. He basically inhaled the steak from there, and took a few more handfulls of bread and cheese as well. Somewhat full from that, he figured it'd do until later when he'd get a second meal in. He drank more whiskey to wash it all down. "How do you feel about your >
    05:19:58÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : family leaving?"~
    05:35:59Sybilla•Covelin : "Oh, this on par for normal." Sybilla said as she lifted herself to sit on top of the counter. "I broke pack law and they punished me for it. I didn't expect anything less to happen."After so many years, Sybilla had come to realize the one thing she could count on was her parents keeping to pack law with her. "Twenty lashes and I can't -c-
    05:39:51Sybilla•Covelin : return to the pack until my second century." All for trusting a orc. The bottle was tilted and Sybilla downed more of the wine. "See, I'm the odd pup out. The whole rest of the pack are dark furred and yellow eyed. Including my bitten father who has the same skin color as me." Yes, she sounded bitter. A growl erupted as she spoke -c-
    05:43:04Sybilla•Covelin : her pack given name. "nashoba tohbi is what they call me. Roughly it means wolf of white. Refers to the color of my skin and my fur. None of my siblings are white of skin they are all dark like my mother's people." Sybilla furrowed her brows and kicked her feet out much like a scorned child might. "When my mate was murdered I -c-
    05:46:00Sybilla•Covelin : wanted revenge. They told me no. So I refused to take a new mate and I have been refusing ever since and I will continue to refuse until they do what is right. So it angered my parents when they smelled my excursions." To which she smirked. "So I told them the truth and I took what they gave." -d-
    06:10:17÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He let her talk, just listening to everything she said for the moment, taking it all in. It was a lot to learn about her, about what she'd grown up with and who she was, and very important to him. Nashoba Tohbi, he'd remember that name if his limited brain would allow it. At the mention of lashings his brows furrowed in a subtle twitch, but he >
    06:12:47÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : just continued to listen for the time being, drinking on his whiskey in the meanwhile. Once she was done, he just let it all sit with him another moment, trying to figure out where he should begin or what he should say, anyway. Finally he just asked "Can I see where they lashed you?" He had to figure that, her being what she was, this would be no>
    06:15:07÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : normal lashing. Something she couldn't just heal from easy as she could...other things. "And why didn't they want revenge?" It made no sense to him. If someone were murdered that he knew of, he would certainly kill the murderers. It just seemed as natural as breathing. Only the strangest of law would dictate otherwise. Hence his aversion to law, >
    06:15:20÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : it twisted and corrupted what naturally should be.~
    06:18:51Sybilla•Covelin : When he asked to see the lashings there was a shrug, maybe he'd never see someone lashed before. Though of the twenty only four of the marks were refusing to heal as quickly. Their law forbade the use of silver against each other but it did not forbade the use of wolfsbane. Which was slowing the healing down and making the /c/
    06:19:44Sybilla•Covelin : four marks more human looking. For her own good. They said. "To do so would start a war. A war that we could not win. Eradicating the pack to avenge one wolf..." the woman understood why but it did not erase what the human's had done and what they no doubt continued to do. "They are right but it does not make the pain of the /c/
    06:22:24Sybilla•Covelin : loss any less." And that was why they thought she'd someday make a good alpha because she could see past that pain to the logical side of things. For the betterment of the whole pack rather than just herself. "Those humans will get what is coming to them. Great Spirit will see to that." It was then that she finally pulled her tunic off and /c/
    06:22:49Sybilla•Covelin : turned her back in his direction so that he could see the sixteen freshly created scars and four wounds. This was not the first time and probably would not be her last. /d/
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    06:34:51÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~Tully approached, observing the marks, how most of them were already scars yet some of them were still fresh. He had never seen lash marks, that he could remember, though they seemed somehow familiar to him..He ran a finger along one of the scars, working its tip up along its line, until it came to intersect with one of the still open marks. He >
    06:38:35÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : said, "I can't pretend to understand your family's ways, but if you wish, I will help you seek revenge." He already knew she would decline him, or thought he knew, but he meant every word he said to her. "How is it you haven't healed from this already?" He ran the finger along another scar, working it down this time, lightly tracing it along until>
    06:41:17÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : it came to yet another open wound. "Also, how old are you exactly? How long until you reach your second century?" He bit his lip, then, looking upon her back and the wounds she was offering to him..and he stuck his finger into one of the openings in her flesh, dragging the tip roughly along that line. He winced as he did this, as if he could feel >
    06:42:28÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : it himself, and hissed in air at the action. "Oh, I'm sorry," he said quietly, calmly, before going down to place a gentle kiss where he'd just touched so harshly. "Did that hurt?"~
    06:50:28Sybilla•Covelin : In few weeks the scars would fade, in a few months they'd become nothing but lines. The ones that were more festered would take more time but her parents had known it was close to the full moon and knew the three days of shifting in and out of forms with constant food would rush the healing. Still the scar was sensitive to touch. /c/
    06:50:40Sybilla•Covelin : She was sensitive to touch and Sybilla's muscles flexed from beneath skin and there was a sigh at the mention of revenge. After a decade, it was time to give it up. "Hate is a disease Tully, the longer I hold on to it, the deeper the infection will go. I do not need revenge, I just, need time to let the pain pass on my own terms." Which was /c/
    06:50:52Sybilla•Covelin : what she was doing? Yes. Learning to trust humans despite the fact they had been the one's to kill her mate would make her a stronger werewolf. Make her a better werewolf. "Wolfsbane." How old was she exactly? "Late hundreds...stop keeping track after awhile." When Tully decided to dig into the wound the woman clenched her /c/
    06:51:07Sybilla•Covelin : jaw. Pain rocketed through her nerve endings. Then came the apology and the light kiss, which she smirked at, did it hurt...no, having his finger dig into her flesh tickled. It hurt but it also didn't seem to bother her one way or the other. Then again, as she through a wolfish smile in his direction. "I've felt worse." It was an honest answer./d/
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