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    18:13:10SeleneHart : Just finishing up she wiped off the last remaining tables when Nellie came in to take over the afternoon shift. "It was busy this morning Nellie...." she gave a tired smile " Everyone and his brother deceided that this was a good morning for breakfast. " she threw the rag into a pile that was to be washed and then quickly finished >>
    18:15:53SeleneHart : the books for the morning. Her hair was repinned as with her frentic movements through the morning to get everyone served strands had escaped their confines. With Nellie dealing with the new customers coming in for lunch she had a chance to get a quick bite to eat herself. Settling down at a table with a cup of tea and a meat pasty she let out a>>
    18:16:47SeleneHart : deep breath glad that the day was over and that she had the rest of the day for herself, that is till she had to go to the Wench. She dug into her meat pasty with the satisfaction only hunger could produce while blue eyes watched the goings on outside and within the tavern proper.
    18:19:55†Dominus† had left early on after a good sleep before dawn broke over the land to go back to get his stuff at a makeshift camp that he had not to far on the outskirts of the city. He had made his way through the city again back towards the tavern moving past people and occasionally looked up at the sun as to curse it under his breath for being <C>
    18:22:26†Dominus† inconvienent. He wore his ragged clothing black pants tucked into black leather boots and the shirt that had no sleeves. Though he dawned a rucksack on his back with his armor and other belongings inside. His longsword now scabbarded attached to his belt on his left side. His long hair tucked back so that it would stay out of his face. He moved <C>
    18:23:41†Dominus† past whre the ruckus had been the day prior and into the inn that he had stayed the night before slowly moving through the door and into the confines as he eyed others that stared at him. Wether if it was the burns and tattoos on his arms or just him a sa stranger he did not know<D>
    18:27:49SeleneHart : Selene looked up and her face broke into a smile " Hello and good morning!! I must of missed you leaving this morning, you know you still have a meal since you didnt eat breakfast" she lifted up the meat pasty "These are very good , and filling!" she placed it back down on the wooden platter . She eyed him curiously "did you find your >>
    18:29:36SeleneHart : cathedral or did you have other business?" once again her penchant for asking questions, not out of being nosy but just out of friendliness and curiosity. Most did mind and he seemed kind enough yesterday to not mind though she had a inkling that he could be much more then just a kind man should the need arise. "I would welcome some company >>
    18:30:03SeleneHart : if you were inclined and I will try to not ask so many questions" she grinned" or at the very least let you ask as many as I do "
    18:32:48†Dominus† smiled as he heard the familiar voice and turned to Selene and nodded to her in return saying.."Ah Good morning to you as well,...I left quite early and ate while I was out and about thank you" he moved towards her loosening his straps on his pack on his back and dropped it off his shoulder catching it with his right hand to place it on the <C>
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    18:35:03†Dominus† the floor next to the chair across from Selene at her table with a clank of metal on metal in the pack. He pulled the chair out and seated himself and he replied..."I have time to share company, I have not set out for the Cathedral yet" though he was in no big rush as he was not sure if it would go the way he would expect it. He leaned on the <C>
    18:35:40†Dominus† table and finished his comment..."you will have to forgive me though I am not always a great conversationalist" he chuckled some<D>
    18:39:26SeleneHart : She nodded and then gave a chuckle " you would be surprised, there are many drunks that can barely come up with a few slurred words and I can still manage a conversation with them....not always a good one ...but a converstation nevertheless." she took a sip of her tea and then took another bite of the meat and potato filled pasty. She motioned >>>
    18:41:29SeleneHart : to Nellie "Another pasty for Dominus here and a ale" Nellie gave Dominus a demure look and a quick flutter of lashes, when she disappeared into the kitchen Selene whispered " She likes you, if you wish to bed her you have but to say the word. She is quite accomadating." It had never been Selenes style as a barwench to bed men that>>
    18:42:58SeleneHart : she didnt know but not all wenches were cut out of the same cloth. She asked another question "So have you met any others from Hadara yet or only myself and Sybilla so far?"
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    22:48:25Sybilla·Covelin : The butcher had just left. Sybilla had thanked him kindly for dropping off the half a cow. Made friendly conversation despite looking very ill. Pale, shaky, sweating and despite his concerns the woman managed to drag the half a cow into the forge along with the sac of cow hearts. The clanging of Tully working had been ringing /c/
    22:48:40Sybilla·Covelin : her ears all day causing waves of nausea that left the wolf wandering out the back door for reprieves. Spirit knows she hated full moons some times. Using her racial strength the cow was lifted and forced onto the large metal hook. Aching pains had begun through her ribs. Normal now that the afternoon was passing into evening hours. /c/
    22:52:16Sybilla·Covelin : An extra length of chain which Tully had lying around was used to hold the half of cow to the roof of the cage. Then it was time to grab the chains that would keep the beast secure. Sybilla wasn't doing it without Tully for any reason other than this was a ritual for her. She wasn't going to lock herself in until it got dark but she at least /c/
    22:54:57Sybilla·Covelin : wanted the end of the chains secured. A particularly sharp pain had Sybilla leaning against the cage which rattled with the force of banging into it. Oh, this was going to be a fun one. Some moons the pain wasn't as bad but with the wolfsbane still working its way out of her system she was in for a world of hurt. A bare foot stomped the /c/
    22:55:53Sybilla·Covelin : lock down into place for the leg chains before she moved toward the ones for her wrists. You know, part of her, wouldn't wish this on anyone. Ever. /d/
    23:07:23÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He wiped sweat from his brow, then went to set his hammer down. He'd been banging away all day, trying to get it just right. It was too big for him to hold in this form, not properly, but he knew the weight was right from experience with his other self, his other arms, his other hands. He set a hand down to the workbench, pondering his action. >
    23:09:27÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : Should he have done this? It was a precautionary measure..a Just In Case. He stared at the mirrored shine on the blade, so pristine and smooth it reflected him perfectly. A costly thing, and quite evil in purpose if used improperly. He threw a blanket over it and stashed it away, hopefully never to be revealed. A week's worth of work, >
    23:11:41÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : maybe more. All hopefully for nothing. He raised an ear to the sounds coming from his room, an ear still ringing from all the clammor of his work but he could still hear her in there, suffering. He had seen her pallor, caught the clear signs of her struggle of what he glimpsed of her as she came in and out. He didn't make any attempts to hide his >
    23:15:51÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : work from her, but she'd seemed preoccupied. He threw a bucket of water over himself and washed off briefly before going to the front door and locking up for the day, the night, the whole weekend. He had a stash of food for himself, and plenty of clean water to drink. He turned and went into his room. Where she was, in her cage. Locked up, in >
    23:17:22÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : obvious pain. He stood in the doorway a moment, just watching her, before walking further in. He drew in a breath, one that was preparing him for this night and the ordeal he was about to undergo, and then let it out with the question "What can I do?"~
    23:25:01Sybilla·Covelin : The decision to wait was negated when the scent of him wandering closer created a low rumbling noise more beast than human. That was when Sybilla realized that waiting until the sunset would cut it too close. So she sat next to the still unlocked door with her head resting against the bars. "In the wooden keg..." when she moved /c/
    23:26:05Sybilla·Covelin : her hand the chains rattled. "there's juice. Can you bring me a cup?" Sybilla knew what he'd been working on. She'd smelled the silver but really? Could she blame him? "Make me a promise Tully, if I get out, you'll use that weapon you've been working on." It was so hot. Sybilla growled quietly at the rising body temperature. That /c/
    23:28:45Sybilla·Covelin : was what the thick purplish juice in the keg was for to help keep as much nutrients in her as possible while she burned up. "And stay away from the cage once I have fur...I know you'll be tempted but please don't try it." Last thing she wanted to do was wake up and realize she'd torn his arm off or something. /d/
    23:37:01÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~"Of course." He went over to the keg and, grabbing a mug, dipped it in and brought it over to her. He looked her in the eye as he handed it over. "I don't want to kill you, but I will if I have to." The way he said it, there was no mistaking the fact that he would. He had battled many a beast even in his short time of being 'awake,' and knew well>
    23:40:36÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : what it took to cut one down. Everything he had, every fiber of his being, and his full heart. He would go through with it if he had to, for himself, for those he knew in Hadara, and for Sybilla, as he knew her well enough by now, to know she didn't want Human blood on her hands, at least not the blood of those who had done her no wrong. "And yes,>
    23:42:58÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : I'll stay away. Do you want me in the room with you? Would I be an unnecessary temptation?" Like hanging a piece of fresh meat just in front of a caged predator, just out of reach. There was a towel around his neck he'd used to dry himself off. He now used it to wipe off the sweat from her face. "You called this a blessing..it doesn't seem that >
    23:43:10÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : way now."~
    23:47:38Sybilla·Covelin : Good. The cup shook as Sybilla drank from it the pulpy liquid was horrid on a brain that only wanted meat. Berries were not on her diet at the moment but it was swallowed down anyways. A gag came once she finished. Human loved berries. Beast? Was not too happy. "Whatever you want. I won't remember anything." /c/
    23:48:39Sybilla·Covelin : When he mentioned temptation there was a tilt of the head and her eyes swung to the meat hanging. "That's what that is for." Blessing. Sybilla gripped at her side when another sharp pain came through her. Once it passed though the woman left herself with her head on the bottom of the cage. "Balance. Everything has its price." /c/
    23:50:11Sybilla·Covelin : Very philosophical for a woman who was hours away from turning into a raging blood thirsty beast. When he wiped the sweat away from her face Sybilla sighed quietly. "Thank you for this." /d/
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    01:26:37÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He just shook his head at her thanks, of course he would help her out. He didn't know if this was illegal...and didn't care. He just hoped she wouldn't make too much noise and alert the guards. Likely she would. Likely he was going to be put to death for this. At the very least stoned to a pulp. And her? He sent a glance to the other room, to the>
    01:29:08÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : weaponry he knew was there. Perhaps he would just have to die gloriously, without surrender. Then his eyes shifted to his pocket, to the key he knew was in there. Perhaps he would not go alone..He closed his eyes, mind going to an object he had been laboring over for some time now. It was so near completion..he at least had that to survive for. >
    01:33:05÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : There was someone who had need of it..He opened his eyes. To the fates he would leave this. Come what may, so be it. He looked down to Sybilla, who lay prone and helpless to her condition. To her blood. He was crouched beside her, calm and collected, ready for whatever lay ahead. "I'll stay. I know you will have no control..I will wait here for >
    01:36:36÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : you, for when you return." He would wait there with her until she showed clear signs of the turning. He was remarkably placid in the midst of this impending event. If it weren't for the cage perhaps things would be different, but he held no fear in his heart. It wasn't that he underestimated her. Afterall, she had proven on par with his Orcish >
    01:38:58÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : strength even in this seemingly fragile form of hers. So it stood to reason she would be superior to him in many ways as this beast. However, he was one to stand tall in the face of even insurmountable odds, however stacked against him. He was stoic, resolute, determined to be there for this woman, however things may turn out.~
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    02:48:00Sybilla·Covelin : : As the hours ticked past, the pain and the fever grew worse. So did her attitude. Rushing at the bars to growl in his direction. Pulling at chains that showed no sign of stress by her strength. Even the cage seemed to respond and become planted in place. Sybilla knew better than to stand, so, lying at the bottom of the cage was /c/
    02:48:11Sybilla·Covelin : her only option as the first rays of moonlight came in to the room. It started in the ribs, the sound of each on snapping apart, muscle tearing beneath skin, and Sybilla writhed on the floor of the cage. Reaching up to check the lock one last time. That would make the fourth time she'd tugged on it to make sure it was locked. /c/
    02:48:28Sybilla·Covelin : It was. Even with clothes on as the bones broke it was visible. From the ribs it spread to the collarbone and Sybilla clutched at her stomach while her organs shifted their places to make ready for their new shape. Oh, fucking wolfsbane was going to make this torture. The lashes that hadn't healed split further open as vertebrae began to /c/
    02:48:43Sybilla·Covelin : snap and move making room for new bones that would make her taller. Much taller. Seven foot three taller. Sybilla managed to turn her head in his direction. It normally wasn't this bad. Parents did this on purpose to deter the human/orc from getting himself bit. Smart. Sybilla would have to thank them for using her as an anti-get bit /c/
    02:48:56Sybilla·Covelin : advertisement later. Blood began to seep through the tunic from the open lash marks. /d/
    02:58:42÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He had resigned to sit on his bed, watching every change she went through. Her shift, it was much more violent than his. It was a shame to see something so beautiful turn so, twisted, deformed, and ugly. It was a shame to see her in so much pain. He knew there was nothing he could do for her, and knew she was used to this by now..But he felt >
    03:01:54÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : sorry for her. He did not take it personally that she wished to attack him. He was neither shocked by the level of grotesque he was witnessing. Instead, he was experiencing a major case of deja vu. As if he had seen this before, this very thing. He felt a sadness, to see her leaving in a sense, being replaced by something else. Something he did >
    03:04:23÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : not know. Was she lashing out in pain, or was she acting on base impulses that could not be controlled, the impulses of something entirely different than herself, another entity altogether..He wished he could share in her pain, take a part of it for himself to ease her burden. He found himself..amazed, as well. At how she was still conscious >
    03:05:57÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : through all this. He had, afterall, entirely underestimated her. Going back to the previous night..her pain threshold was altogether missed. It was no wonder she was able to tolerate those comparative trifles. He imagined he likely would have passed out from all of this..of course, perhaps it was merely part of the change, to remain accursedly >
    03:08:01÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : aware of it all. Part of her power, her curse. So this was what it looked like..he had been warned by another, of this. Of the agony of the experience. Yet he still found himself jealous. Of her power. There was unmistakably a part of him that wished to get too close, take his chances and gamble with his own life just for the slim percentile of >
    03:10:51÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : hope that he could become afflicted with this 'blessing' and raise his strength, his speed, his senses, his healing rate dramatically. Not to mention immunity to diseases. He watched her, not taking his eyes away from the horrid sight, and sighed. She wouldn't forgive him if he did such a thing, would she?~
    03:16:47Sybilla·Covelin : It would spread rapidly after it hit her hips. Almost all at once both her arms and legs would break and reform into massively muscled replacements of themselves at the ends of which instead of hands became paws. Paws the size of dinner plates. Tattered remains of clothes dropped and for a brief second without the fur he'd /c/
    03:16:56Sybilla·Covelin : be able to see just how large she really was. That all near three hundred pounds was all muscle. And then the transformation completed itself with her head and face. Hair falling to the bottom of the cage. Beautiful honey strands suddenly replaced by an explosion of tawny fur that would cover her entire body while a tail elongated itself. /c/
    03:17:07Sybilla·Covelin : At the end of it, the beast laid unmoving on the bottom of the cage eyes shut, ribs barely showing breath. Long moments passed where the beast didn't move. Then its ear flicked, it's tail flicked, ear flicked again. If he thought Sybilla was quick before... the speed the beast suddenly got to all fours and slammed its full weight against /c/
    03:17:18Sybilla·Covelin : the side of the cage with snapping bites at the bars would be alarming. Drool leaked from the animal's mouth, nostrils flared wildly. The eye color was nearly the same though there was a considerable addition of silvered streaks. When the beast's nose finally caught scent of the cow instead of the human it's jaws latched hold and its /c/
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    03:19:14Sybilla·Covelin : head began thrash violently. Banging the half of cow against the bars until a piece broke free. Holding the piece down with her paws Sybilla watched the orcs growling loudly while she tore pieces of meat off the chunk and chewed. /d/
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