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    16:48:31Sybilla·Covelin : As the sun rose the fur retreated back into her flesh, muscles diminished, and the wolf shape took a more human one. The shift back was always less violent, less dramatic. It was also usually done once the beast fell asleep. Which had occurred a few hours after the apex of the moon. The slash marks which had been so viciously opened /c/
    16:48:40Sybilla·Covelin : by the shifting last night had nearly healed by morning. Dried blood flaked on the pale woman's skin while she slept. Both hers and her meals. Though sleep was a light term for what Sybilla was doing. It was closer to an unconsciousness that eventually gave way to aches and pains throughout her body. Lips felt dry, cracked, bleeding or /c/
    16:48:48Sybilla·Covelin : maybe that was just the remnants of her meal. It was hard to tell. Breathing hurt. Her ribs were sore from banging against the cage and from the abuse of the shifting. The right palm was flattened to the bottom of the cage, muscles quivered in strain as the woman started to push herself upright. Soon there was enough room to drag the /c/
    16:48:57Sybilla·Covelin : numbed left arm out from under body to join the right one in forcing her body to sit up. A piece of meat which she'd left from the chunk she'd bitten off the cow last night was picked up and shoved into her mouth to be chewed at it with a quiet mumbling of appreciation for food. Not to mention the appreciation of saliva to /c/
    16:49:54Sybilla·Covelin : wet her mouth from chewing. The chains rattled as Sybilla stretched out her legs in front of her and then slowly dared to look beyond the cage for her... caretaker? Well, she guessed that's what he was at the moment. Hopefully she hadn't eaten him. Though there wasn't enough blood for that to have happened and there was no body nearby. /c/
    16:50:08Sybilla·Covelin : "Tully..." her voice was hoarse and her throat felt like she'd swallowed glass. /d/
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    17:19:05÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~Something woke him, a small sound. His eyelids, which felt like steel vaults, raised, fell, raised again, and he saw ceiling, which he then stared at. "Ugh..." His voice, was cracked as well. He rolled over. "No.." He put his pillow over his head. The hell time was it? He peeked from under the pillow at The Cage. At Her. Blinked a few times, with>
    17:21:18÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : bleary, bloodshot eyes. What had he done? What happened? His face hurt, his head hurt, and once he thought about it, he was sore all over. Stiff and sore. "S--Sybilla.." He scooched over, out from under the pillow, and then somehow hung off the bed enough to fall into a sit on the floor. Leaning back against his custom-made bed to rub at his >
    17:23:25÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : aching face. "Ow...my nose..." He sneezed suddenly and blood came out. He realized belatedly he was naked. And green. He shook his head, trying to clear it, trying to fathom what had gone on last night, and couldn't do either. Brows furrowed as something came to him, though. A lot of yelling. Suddenly he noticed empty bottles about him. "Oh.." He >
    17:25:43÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : leaned, pushed, came to a slouching stand, and stumbled his way over to her. Putting his hands to the bars, peering in. "Sybilla..I'm sorry." For what? "I got drunk..I think.." He glanced at his hands, which gripped into the bars mightily at that point. Admiring his own...oh crap. Now he remembered. He'd been jealous of her, of her power. He'd >
    17:29:39÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : gotten wasted. Broke a lot of..ah crap. There were splinters and fragments of wood everywhere. His room was a mess. His dresser...was smashed. Had he done that with his head? He thought so. His frelling brain hurt..But he uprighted himself. There was no point in dwelling over it. He was here, now, and sober enough to think, anyway. "Sybilla..." >
    17:32:12÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : He went to grabbing for the key in his pocket, found it, and unlocked the door. Swung it open, to fall into a slump against its frame. He let out a heavy breath and reviewed her. "Rough night."~
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    19:34:39Sybilla·Covelin : Welcome)
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    19:44:00GiadaΦMilos : She waited at the dock for her horse to be brought off. It had been a damnable journey, rough seas and she wasn't used to sea travel anyway. Paulos seemed to not have minded, with a blindfold on to keep him from being spooked he was led down the gangplank. He was the one thing that was familar to her and she had been happy to have<C>
    19:49:08GiadaΦMilos : paid the high price to have him transported. She wore only a black cloak with a leather jerkin and pants , under that was breeches and a shirt, her boots needed mending and she had no armour. She was to be fitted with it but of course that never came to fruition. It was rather warm but she did not notice the heat. When Palous hooves<C>
    19:52:01GiadaΦMilos : touched down to the docks, a sense of relief washed over her. They were once again on dry land. She removed the hood and took the reins , running her hand down comfortingly down the muzzle she whispered "Maybe the nightmares will not find us here." she hoped that her words would be true. She didn't ride him giving him time to get used to being <C>
    19:53:21GiadaΦMilos : back on land as she was trying to adjust. Her legs felt like they were moving on their own accord. The city seemed to be very busy even at that she felt all alone, the Order had been her family and they were all dead.<F>
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    19:56:29†Dominus† walked slowly from the Inn he had been staying at he wore a better clothing this day. That of a Black tunic and black pants tucked into his normal leather boots. Dominus moved down the street slowly his hair pulled back out of his face shifting with each step. He had found good directions to the Cathedral and it was time for him to repent he felt<C
    19:58:27†Dominus† His hand rested on the hilt of his sword that was honored to him by the Order his right hand swinging freely. Dominus's eyes scanned the crowd and the buildings as he made his way down the streets. He still was not use to so many unknown people as in the Monastary he knew almost everyone other then new neophytes who he would eventually get to <C>
    19:59:16†Dominus† know. However he couldnt help but feel this would end up being his knew home as his pilgrimage was comming to an end. Dominus's travels were hard but well worth the cleansing<D>
    20:01:35GiadaΦMilos : With very little money she had no where to go but she wondered if perhaps there was another monastary here of some order. She simply headed down the streets, the ones that seemed to have the most people, a mistake perhaps since she wasn't sure where they were all going but it beat just standing around and wondering. She had a good head on her <C>
    20:02:50GiadaΦMilos : shoulders but her training had ended far too soon. She had not achieved rank but her vows were written upon her heart and even though the Order was gone it mattered not. She was as stalward as ever, if only haunted by the guilt that had she not been gone the total destruction would not have happened. A foolish notion because she would have<C>
    20:04:25GiadaΦMilos : been killed with the rest of her brothers and sisters. There were times she wondered if it would have been better if she had perished but then she had to repent for her selfishness. God must have kept her alive for a reason, she just needed to find his will. She saw signs of businesses and Paulos made it through the crowds with stocism, he was <C>
    20:05:44GiadaΦMilos : her joy and had been a gift from one of the Captians, a battle trained horse he was not skittish and she believed he was as devoted to duty as she was. The sign of her Order was tooled into his leather saddle but she was sure no one here would recongize it , her life was far away.
    20:12:55ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : Raine had been back a few days now. Had returned after the city she'd moved to had collapsed into lawlessness. All over a pack of dogs. The Harris family jewelry store hadn't budged. Hadn't changed. Nor did her parents seemed surprised to see their daughter returning from her stint of independence. It was temporary, she assured them. {c}
    20:13:17ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : Their conversations 'behind her back' had left Raine feeling a little more than hurt that they'd forget she could read their lips. Raine had gone to the only place there had ever been comfort. Only place there had ever been solace and simply sat. Their ill thoughts were not her own. Their ill thoughts were not her own. It was a lifelong struggle{c}
    20:13:31ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : to know that although she wasn't physically 'complete' that her mind was intact. More importantly. That her soul was intact. The brothers that resided in the cathedral for the most part remembered Raine and ignored her. Raine was unable to give confession the normal way. In the box. Considering she needed to see a person's mouth to 'hear' {c}
    20:14:57ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : them. So, her confessions went straight to God's ears. Raine could remember the first time she'd sat at the steps to the altar. She'd been five years old and had come running in after some local children had teased her about being deaf. She remembered praying until she fell asleep. But, she'd awoken with an answer. This was God's plan and she {c}
    20:15:27ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : needed to just trust in his plan and that's exactly what she'd been doing since. And she'd shocked most people at the things she could do. {d}
    20:17:54†Dominus† moved infront of the cathedral as he looked up at it was a sight to behind for him. Dominus entered it and saw very few that moved around inside though he did see a few of the faithful moving around inside but more or less what seemed to be for upkeep. He moved to the read and slid into a pew. Leaning foward he had removed his sword and held it <C>
    20:19:44†Dominus† in his hands by the hilt the scabbard point on the ground. He looked to the front Noticed Raine though he was not rude to interupt he would wait his time. Dominus kneeled his forhead to the hilt touching it to his skin as he prayed his opening prayers that he always did before he knelt under gods grace to repent. Dominus' demeaner was that of<C>
    20:20:48†Dominus† sorrow. However he kept his collected composure and began reciting the scriptures that were engraved into his arms as he had them memorized better then anyone of the Order as his faith was second only to the Chapter Master of the Order before he had died<D>
    20:24:58GiadaΦMilos : She stopped to ask for help "Excuse me do you happen to know of a religious order within the kingdom or just outside ?" The man looked at her and then at her attire and spoke gruffly "There is a cathdral down a few streets to the east then three streets north, you can't miss it" She bowed her head in respect "Thank you and may your day be<C>
    20:27:00GiadaΦMilos : blessed for your kindness" it wasn't sarcasm at all it was heartfelt. The man just smirked and she moved in the direction that was indicated. She was still trying to get used to walking but the robes helped cover up her slight gait. Paulous made no protestation as she led him deeper into the city. After several minutes she saw the building in <C>
    20:28:27GiadaΦMilos : question. There was no mistaking it, she knew right away it wasn't the Order but she did not expect to find anything like her Order though would she admit it she was slightly disappointed, maybe beyond hope some one had built another in a foreighn place that she had not known about. She tied Paulous up and patted him "Just a few moments<C>
    20:30:29GiadaΦMilos : my friend and then we shall see if we can find some work to trade for room and board for the night" She made her way solemnly with the respect that a religious instituation would dictate. Her heart was heavy as she entered. She saw the heads of a few others coming to practice their faith. She did not slide into the benches however but to the <C>
    20:31:28GiadaΦMilos : altar, where she bowed down on bended knee. Tears came to her eyes as she let the grace from this place sink into her, tears of sorrow, tears of guilt flowed before she could even eek out a prayer.<F>
    20:35:44ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : This was really just a building. A holy building one that filled Raine with such a feeling of calmness that she used to say when she walked in it was like God was reaching down to hug her. But, she'd learned to find that feeling everywhere. In doing good works. In praying not just inside a building. God really was everywhere. Some wondered {c}
    20:35:55ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : why Raine hadn't just become a nun. That had caused the deaf woman to laugh. (an action she does with her hands and not with sound) That was not her calling. Raine had a natural calling as a jeweler. She was good at it. Very good. Good enough that it made her siblings and her father scowl that a deaf child could accomplish so much. {c}
    20:36:08ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : Their jealousy was really very concerning for her. There was no hope of marriage and Raine had long come to terms that such a thing was not to be prayed for. Marriage would mean children. To risk having a deaf child simply to fulfill some maternal instinct, in Raine's mind, was selfish. Blonde strands fell into her face as lifted her face {c}
    20:36:20ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : toward the heavens and listened. Funny, a deaf person listening. By listening, she was more feeling the vibrations around her. Through the floor, through the air. Such was the reason why Raine turned her head toward the tearful woman who came to the altar near her. Raine didn't hesitate. Didn't inch away from strangers. Instead she {c}
    20:39:05ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : moved closer and if the woman allowed would embrace her without words. To merely offer comfort. {c}
    20:39:17ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : {d}^ I got c happy... lol))
    20:41:19†Dominus† saw the next person enter as he looked up from hearing the movement. In awe he stood up and moved to the front behind the two women now he wasnt sure if the cloak was stolen or if he had been wrong all along. Though he wasnt quick to speculation he kneeled down on the step as well though not making any motion toward either of them. He paced his <C>
    20:44:32†Dominus† scabbarded sword down on the ground infront of him. he pulled both sleeves of his tunic up to his elbows exposing his forearms though he could not see her face he knew thats how his order knew of him. Dominus put both hands palm down on the sword on both ends hilt and tip. Placed his head low and spoke out in a low tone ""I tread the path of"<C>
    20:46:01†Dominus† "of Righteousness. Though it be paved with broken glass, I will walk it barefoot.. though it cross rivers of fire, I will pass over them.. though it wanders wide, the light of the Lord guides my step." it was the oath the Knight Captains spoke before most fuctions and made parchments of for the knights under them to wear on the armor the Knights<C
    20:47:01†Dominus† wore in battle. He figured all his actions would lead to his answer, and if it was the answer he thought. He would expect god had a odd way of condemning him or and odd way of showing his release from pain<D>
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    20:50:30GiadaΦMilos : She was in full sorrow and when Raine came to embrace her she did not protest. She had born the burden along for a long time she appreciated the empathy towards her heavy heart. She did not notice Dominus however but she heard his voice and when he spoke the Oath she turned her head . Tears still streamed down her cheeks and she spoke <C>
    20:53:16GiadaΦMilos : "Though darkness cover the land so shall I be guided by the light , when the people cry in despair I shall comfort them with the grace of the Lord , with my whole heart and soul shall I not be found wanting in his sight" She could not see the marks in his arms as her tears clouded her sight. She took the hand of Raine and squeezed it just to <C>
    20:54:30GiadaΦMilos : make sure the girl and what she just heard was truth, perhaps God had given her a vision she was confused and wondered if she had wandered into some dream, but Raines hand felt cool and soft and solid, and she felt the girls arms. The figure of Dominus was still there....<F>
    21:04:10ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : Green eyes had shifted toward the incoming man with a sword. In a protective manner, Raine hugged the woman tighter. As if, that would somehow protect them if chose to swing the blade? No. Raine believed in letting what happens happen. That if God wanted her to die she would no matter what. Some thought it to be a passive {c}
    21:04:20ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : way of living. Still by watching, though she had to turn her head much like an owl to do so, she could read his lips. It read like some kind of oath. Then the woman spoke, she could feel the vibration of speech through the body and turned her head to watch the corresponding words. The squeeze to her hand was returned with a {c}
    21:04:31ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : comforting smile. It was not her place to speak in this. They seemed to know each other or know of each other's similar markings. Something. God, perhaps, put her here to merely be a intermediary. A buffer to lessen the shock between the two. Reaching with her free hand Raine tugged out a handkerchief and held it toward the crying woman. {c}
    21:06:36ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : It had been given to her several months ago by a someone she'd considered to be a friend. Someone God had sent to her when she needed someone and now, she was happy to pass it on. {d}
    21:09:56†Dominus† sat up and looked at both women after hearing Giada's words. He reached out placing his hand on Raine's arm though half on Giada's hand that held it and he spoke in a low tone as though it was a secret of sorts...."The Lord has shined a light on us this day Sister" he had thought he was the only one but no one knew their oaths. It was a secret of<C
    21:11:52†Dominus† the order. A smile graced his face and he fought back the tears that he had himself so they would not come. a strong heart and a strong resolved got him where he was today and he kept it up well. He spoke again...."As long as there are two or more of us, the burden we bear isnt held alone" He could see she felt the same feelings he had pent <C>
    21:13:13†Dominus† up inside. He looked to Raine and smiled in a thank you though he did not speak it but he was obviously appreciative. He wasnt sure who Giada was off hand as it had been a long time though her face was very familiar. Dominus knew together they could shed light on the whole situation of their order or so he thought<D>
    21:16:08GiadaΦMilos : She stood and seeing that he was a rank above her she knelt her head to him and brought her hand accross her chest " Indeed....Captian how did you? I ...everyone was dead?" She was still not sure that this wasn't a vision. She brought the handkerchief accross her eyes to try to wipe away the fuzziness that had occured with the tears<C>
    21:18:52GiadaΦMilos : She turned to Raine and bowed her head in thanks "Thank you for your comfort." Her eyes turned back to Dominus "There are more alive then? "So many questions that needed to be answered, her legs still felt weak and she held to Raine to make sure that she didn't succomb to it."I think there is much to discuss, shall we sit?" her blue eyes looked<C>
    21:20:24GiadaΦMilos : for surety once again. " You aren't a vison.." she reached out to touch him just to make sure and her hand met with solid warm flesh and she was convinced. Her mind was in a whirl and despite the holding to Raine the stress of her journey, her deep sorrow and guilt and now this revelation, the darkness could not be stopped and she fainted.<F>
    21:20:39GiadaΦMilos : feel free to NPC I have to get going for now thank you for the roleplay both of you)
    21:21:02Sybilla·Covelin : You're welcome! (Raine-mun here) Please feel free to return!) )
    21:22:07†Dominus† : give me one sec i gotta go afk and run a few doors down))
    21:22:14†Dominus† curses having a bladder))
    21:23:16Sybilla·Covelin : kk)
    21:26:48†Dominus† : ok i only have about a half hour))
    21:28:11Sybilla·Covelin : We could... just... rp magic her to the King's head.)
    21:28:14Sybilla·Covelin : lol(
    21:28:39†Dominus† : thats cool lol))
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    21:29:08†Dominus† : however you want to do it))
    21:34:01ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : Raine was a little confused at the goings on. However, she remained quieted, holding the woman and showed an amazing strength when the woman suddenly dead-weighted against her person. "Oh my." The words were uttered softly, slightly deformed in their pronunciation but still understandable. Green eyes shifted to Dominus and {c}
    21:34:11ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : she would help as the man would carry his knew found...friend...to the King's Head. After all, someone had to open doors. At the King's Head, Raine's face would light up at the sight of a familiar face tending bar. Hand waving. 'Hello, Raine.' The tender spoke and Raine pointed at the man and his unconscious friend. Raine's hands moved {c}
    21:35:14ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : in quick movements with her excitement which had the tender laughing quietly. 'Slow, slow, slow.' Right. She forgot. Some people here in Hadara had actually taken the time to learn her language but often when she got excited she signed more quickly than they could understand. 'Two ales and your usual?' Raine nodded happily. {c}
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    21:37:34ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : "It's good to be home." The words were struggled through but they made the tender smile. Raine turned her attention back to Dominus who no doubt would probably go tend to his friend. The tender made his way from behind the bar and nodded, 'I'm going to translate for her...' Raine nodded. And her hands moved a bit and then stopped. {c}
    21:39:38ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : 'She says, that you should go tend to your friend and that she's having food and drink brought up to you.' Raine waved her hands at Dominus in a shooing motion and smiled wider. 'Oh and her name is Raine. You can thank her later. She lives at the Jewelry store up the street.' Raine had watched the tenders lips and shook her head at the last {c}
    21:41:13ѻRᴀiᴎeѻ : part, reaching out to smack him playfully in the chest. "I did not." Guh! Hands were thrown up at the insinuation of the words. That was not how she said it. Lost in translation. {d}
    21:44:42†Dominus† carried Giada that had fainted from the excitement through the Street with Raine's help very suprised and happy that he had such help he moved back to king's Inn. Dominus stopped looking to Raine as she spoke and the tender started to translate for her he smiled in thanks as he then realized that she was most likely deaf due to her speech. <C>
    21:46:01†Dominus† Dominus turned and moved through the tables and people carrying Giada and stopped at the stairwell he would drop her off and let her sleep it off while he returned to the cathedral though he spoke out to Raine..."Thank you Raine, you may call upon me at any time for anything" he was very greatful and hope she could understand he moved up the <C>
    21:46:53†Dominus† and dropped her in the room that housed his things and knew he would need to pay for the room again and would do so as he moved to settle her in and go about getting back to the Cathedral<D>
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