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    Post  Lela on Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:20 am

    Ķąlęb : -The trees cringed in the brutal gusts and Kaleb's clothes whipped angrily about his form...a forest was no place to wait out a storm but he didn't seem particularly bothered. His clothes were long since drenched and above the roar of thunder seemed to rattle the very sky. Not prime hunting weather...but then nobody liked a challenge better than-c-
    18:10:56•MatthewϕKnight• : lol))
    18:11:26Ķąlęb : he did. His prey was a boar, a young one for now since it's mother would no doubt take great pleasure in goring him. Kaleb was sure he could handle it, his head really was that big but survival instinct made him stick to small prey. Tracking prey posed no difficulty to the wolf and the scent of fresh uncooked pork filled his nostrils. This would-c-
    18:13:48Ķąlęb : have been easier in his other skin, even sans a pack but Kaleb didn't much fancy waking up naked in a puddle with little idea where his clothes were...so he'd stuck to a speak. Old school...human hunting. It was all very cave man, very neolithic...very bloody annoying. Inside the beast itched to get out, to run on all fours and don fur but he -c-
    18:15:31Ķąlęb : quelled the feeling with the reassurance he needed the practice...Well...he didn't but best not let the wolf know that. "Here piggy...piggy..." he called, spear tapping along the nearest tree. He was encouraging the boar to charge him...was he mad?! Really...what did he have to fear from a piglet?? Wet grip tightened on the weapon as his ears -c-
    18:17:15Ķąlęb : picked out the snuffling sound of the creature...then the grunt when it realised he was close. Brave bugger, he plain lifted his snout and made for the human with no care for the fact his mother wasn't around. Kaleb almost felt bad...almost. But not really. Survival of the fittest baby. The pair of creatures squared off in a clearing, starting-c-
    18:19:08Ķąlęb : each other down with hard glares. Only one would come out the other side...they both knew that. Kal grinned and set the spear shaft to the muddy ground. "Come and get me piggy..." No doubt anyone who saw him would think him insane. Not only was he talking to a boar and encouraging the beast to attack him...he was standing ankle deep in mud-c-
    18:19:42Ķąlęb : wearing nothing but a pair of soaked breeches...Cave man style after all! You wouldn't want to be overdressed for such an occasion.-
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    18:39:31Sybilla·Covelin : An elder once told Sybilla that all things share the same breath- the beast, the tree, the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports. This morning when she awoke to the angry sounds of the Great Spirits above, Sybilla knew she'd ignored them for too long. Adorning a more traditional piece of dress made of the skin of deer /c/
    18:39:42Sybilla·Covelin : she'd killed throughout the years, Sybilla had spent the day in the woods in dance. Worshipping the Great Spirit and Mother Earth as her tribe had taught. Near dinner time Sybilla had started to track a boar through the woods. Eat only what she could finish. Minimal impact. That was what had been taught to her since she was /c/
    18:39:51Sybilla·Covelin : a little child. Sybilla was surprised to find that at the end of tracking there was a man with a spear after the same boar. The bone crafted dagger in her hand was palmed and Sybilla crouched lower. What sight she would be drenched from the storm, covered in mud, dressed in deerskin holding a rudimentary dagger looking about ready /c/
    18:43:37Sybilla·Covelin : to tackle the very same boar as he. Had it not been for the rain hiding this man's scent, Sybilla may have thought twice when she took another step closer to the prize pig. Alas, she wasn't aware this wasn't some human out to play hunter. It was another predator looking for a meal. Mattered not, that was her pig... and she lunged to get it. /d/
    18:46:31Ķąlęb : -Kaleb was not from the same school of thought. It was his nature to hunt, so he hunted and it mattered very little to him what he needed to eat and what he didn't. That wasn't to say he killed for the sake of it...anything left over could be sold on for decent coin. There might be a wolf in there but there was also a man...a man who liked to -c-
    18:52:06Ķąlęb : drink and occasionally sleep in something more comfortable than a pile of dirt. Of course like most predators he was not the sort to share...wolves were pack animals but Kaleb had been sans pack for so long that he only really knew how to look out for himself. At the appearance of the woman with her small dagger and her animal skin getup Kaleb -c-
    18:55:00Ķąlęb : could only glare. The look that found his face said 'fuck off and get your own' but seemingly went a miss. Her scent was lost in that of wet forest and fresh rain but even if he'd known the fur beneath the skin Kaleb would still have made for the animal. Heels dug in, feet bare before he launched forward too. The forward thrust would drive the -c-
    18:56:31Ķąlęb : spearhead into the confused boar's throat (after all why was it being attacked twice?!) and once embedded his left hand would snap out to try and grasp the woman's neck. "This is mine princess....back off!!" He spat with authority. Whether he caught her was another matter...they were both more than human after all.-
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    19:04:31BrandonΞArrow : welcome home)
    19:04:37Geoffrey_Troi : ty))
    19:07:42BrandonΞArrow : "I do not want any more of your trying to lay with the wenches that work here if they say no and if you do I personally will take you out back of the tavern and cut off your balls and force you to eat them and see how you like it "he roared as he sent the hapless man sprawling out the door "Now go and pay for a proper whore and leave >>>
    19:09:23BrandonΞArrow : my women alone!" they were not really his women. Tana was but he paid the others to work and they had complained about that guy far too much because of his liberties. Sometimes you just had to lay down the law. Boner barked as if making sure the man understood. Brandon looked out toward the docks and shook his head, the weather was bound to get>>>
    19:12:33BrandonΞArrow : more nasty. He hated being cooped up on land though and he had yet to find another ship. It would be coming though, over the weeks his theives road had been completed, at least one lane of it. Now there was a tunnel from his wine cellar cleverly concealed of course, to a house that was no where near here. Yes life was good, but Tana was still not >
    19:13:57BrandonΞArrow : herself and that worried him. Boner turned and walked back inside, he had a new pegleg that thumped a bit when he walked, he was devoted to Brandon , he liked the others but Brandon was his master and he always shadowed the man. "If he comes in here again let me know and I swear to Neptune himself I will do as I said"
    19:26:43»Đãřâẏ« : OMG IT'S MY BRANDON!))
    19:31:09Geoffrey_Troi : The day started well enough, but as it grew older things quickly got ugly. Well, ugly depended on who you asked. For the workers and stall vendors in the city it was ugly; but for Geoffrey it was beautiful. Few things reflected the power of nature quite like a good storm, and it had been so hot for so long that he hoped this would bring in some -c-
    19:33:27Geoffrey_Troi : cooler weather. The clouds had long since gathered and the sky was rumbling a warning to those still remaining in the open. The message was plain, get clear or get wet. Most people took the hint and cleared out, seeking shelter inside and behind their mugs of ale, Geoffrey however was not like most people; a fact that was obvious to those that -c-
    19:35:44Geoffrey_Troi : knew him. Instead of seeking the safety of the indoors he was preparing to venture out into the coming storm. His traditional leather breeches were traded for normal cloth that was more durable against the water. His normal shirt was fine in this weather though and so didn't need to be changed. He even went so far as to leave his sword in his -c-
    19:38:40Geoffrey_Troi : room. His change in dress garnered a few double takes from a couple of the castle staff, but he paid them no mind. No, he was focused, something about the coming storm calmed his mind and drew out a different side of him. It wasn't long after he stepped from the drawbridge that the sky let loose the downpour it had been holding back and drenched -c
    19:40:19Geoffrey_Troi : the land in a much needed rain. Geoffrey, on foot since he didn't want to bring Dauntless out into this, stopped his trek momentarily to raise his head and arms to the sky. He enjoyed the falling rain for a couple minutes and found the continual thunder and billowing winds comforting. It was times like these he wished he could soar into the -c-
    19:42:41Geoffrey_Troi : clouds and dance with the crackling energy above. Once some time had passed he went back to walking. For some reason he didn't want to go to the King's Head, no, he wanted to be close to the water, close to the waves. He knew the sea would be dangerous during a storm, so instead he went to one of the only places he knew about on the docks, the -c-
    19:44:52Geoffrey_Troi : Drowned Wench. The energy he felt from the storm caused his steps to grow longer and so the journey was short. Once more, on the docks, he paused for a moment and let the rain wash over him, taking a few extra precious seconds to wait for another bolt of lightening and the crack of thunder that followed. Once satisfied he stepped into the -c-
    19:45:39Geoffrey_Troi : establishment and without a word took a seat nearest a window. If he couldn't be outside he would enjoy the weather from indoors. -d-
    19:48:24BrandonΞArrow : The windows were open, well the shutters were and the oil cloth had been rolled up to let the breeze in and clear out the heat. Brandon saw Geoffery and poured him a frothy ale, and he himself had a wooden mug that had a few shots of rum in it. One of the wenches who was new was trying to make her way to Geoffery almost being too obvious about >>>
    19:50:53BrandonΞArrow : her interest. Brandon walked by on his way to Geofferys table and found it amusing himself, he would love to see how the young man handled this. Selene wasn't working tonight and so he wondered what had brought the man in so far from the castle. The mug was set upon the table , it sloshed a bit as Brandon spoke "So lad, your fiery goddess isn't>>
    19:52:48BrandonΞArrow : working tonight so what brings you down to the docks? Not usually a place that a man filled with goodness and light comes to enjoy himself, all sorts of things happen down here, mind if I sit and join you ?" The older man indicated to a seat and he didnt wait for a answer. It was his bar after all and he would sit wherever the hell the>>>
    19:54:06BrandonΞArrow : impulse hit him. He followed Geofferys gaze outside and then looked back to him "I would venture to say that your quite fond of storms, I am a bit worried for some of the ships that haven't come to dock they are going to have a time of it " He brought the mug of amber liquid to his lips and took a healthy swallow.
    19:59:16Geoffrey_Troi : No mind was paid to anything else in the bar until a mug was set on the table. Geoffrey looked up to find Brandon, the owner, addressing him. One very long sentance was spoken and then he took a seat. A good point was made though, why did he decide to come here? Something felt different in him, that was all he knew. His eyes looked over the mug -c-
    20:01:37Geoffrey_Troi : before lifting it from the table and taking a drink. Not bad, though it wasn't a drink he normally preferred. The mug was returned to the tabletop and then he finally responded to Brandon, "No, I'm sure she is busy at King's Head with all the people wanting to get out of the rain. You are correct though, I just wanted to enjoy the storm. -c-
    20:03:55Geoffrey_Troi : However, I think maybe your impression of me is a bit off. I wouldn't say I'm so full of 'goodness and light' personally. I prefer to think of it as dedication and loyalty, traits common to many men, no?" It was then that his gaze drifted around the bar, taking stock of the possible things Brandon might have been talking about. Yes, he did -c-
    20:05:22Geoffrey_Troi : notice the barmaid that had taken an interest in him, though he paid her no real mind. If she didn't have the courage to address him then why should he make the effort? Not that anything would happen mind you, but it was principle. After his quick check he turned his attention out the window again, "I wouldn't worry too hard about your ships. -c-
    20:06:36Geoffrey_Troi : If what I hear is true then you have some of the best captains in port. Surely they can handle a little wind and rain." He took another drink from his mug, finding himself enjoying the liquid more than he thought. Yes, something was different about him today, but he couldn't fully say he didn't enjoy the change. -d-
    20:09:50BrandonΞArrow : He gave a grin "Not my ships, the Drowned Rat is at the docks safe unless the waves get really bad and they start knocking the ships around against the docks, but will probably hurt the docks more then the ships." The wench did come over and flashed Geoffery a smile of intent "Can I get you and your guest anything else Captian Arrow?" she never <C>
    20:13:53BrandonΞArrow : even had the courtesy of looking at Brandon. She dropped her rag on the floor and said demurely her eyes casting coyly downward as she bent down to pick up the rag, giving a view of ample cleavage. She paused halfway down so that he could see more then enough. She stood back up and Brandon waved her off dryily " I will let you know if we need>>
    20:14:33BrandonΞArrow : anything" she smiled showing the flash of white teeth to Geoffery "My name is Brigit anything you need just let me know,"
    20:17:47Geoffrey_Troi : A half interested nod was given to the window in response to Brandon bragging about his ship's durability. He wasn't being rude, but he already heard about the fate of the newest addition to the Arrow Armada, as he liked to call it, and such a fate took some of the wind from their sails, so to speak. Once the wench came over Geoffrey's -c-
    20:20:32Geoffrey_Troi : attention was pulled from the window. She was blatant in her display but he had to at least give her credit for coming over. She did give quite the view, but it took a bit of effort for Geoffrey not to shrug at her. The first thought that came into his head was, "Meh, I've seen better." Before she had the time to stand back up he was already -c-
    20:23:13Geoffrey_Troi : finishing his ale and setting the mug back on the table. Once she stood upright again Brandon waved her off but Geoffrey was quick to return her smile. "You can bring me another ale, Brigit." It wasn't so much a question as a command, and though he did want another drink the main purpose was to negate Brandon's dismissal of her. A crack of -c-
    20:25:16Geoffrey_Troi : thunder split the sound of raindrops and the less firm in the bar jumped at the sudden change. Geoffrey, however, didn't so much as blink, his eyes on Brigit and his smile on his lips until she left to get the drink. After that he turned to Brandon just long enough to smirk and then back to the window, his attention once again on the storm. -d-
    20:31:51BrandonΞArrow : "Perhaps I should tell her that Selene is your woman?" he shrugged, he liked the girl but he wasnt a babysitter. He looked out the window and followed Geofferys gaze. "So how is the Princess? I havent seen her for a while , actually since I got here to Hadara though I understand she just popped out a few children " He was still going to try to >>>
    20:34:35BrandonΞArrow : talk Tana into having a baby , he was getting older by the day and it he wanted to see his son grow and teach him so that he could stand up to his older siblings. Brandon loved his offspring but there was always room for another pirate in the world. He watched as lightening ripped the sky and he once again turned to the young man his eyes >>>
    20:35:51BrandonΞArrow : narrowed on him. Something seemed a bit off about him though to tell the truth he had only met the boy a few times and that was in passing when he came to pick up Selene. "You planning a family? I must say that is quite a lady you have there, she garners a lot of attention with that hair of hers."
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    20:45:13Geoffrey_Troi : A laugh escaped him. Why was it that people thought they needed to share information that wasn't theirs to begin with? "No, let her figure that out on her own. No sense in dashing her hopes just yet." Once conversation turned to the Princess however his head once again was on a swivel and faced the pirate. "Catrina is fine, she just had -c-
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    20:50:06Geoffrey_Troi : triplets and so she is a bit worn down. Children have a way of keeping you busy." He had already talked a bit about this with Selene and his personal life was not something he was likely to discuss with a pirate. "No." A short and simple answer served him just fine in this case. "She gets attention for good reason. She is one hell of a woman. -c-
    20:51:02Geoffrey_Troi : Though the beggars here had best keep their hands to themselves, lest they lose them along the way." A dark look crossed his face for a moment and then he turned back to the window. Where the hell was that woman with his drink? -d-
    20:59:14BrandonΞArrow : He raised a brow "I make sure that the women that work for me are treated well. I broke no attentions on them that they do not want and all they have to do is give me a nod or a word and I take care of it." he shook his head at the dark look ," I am sure she can take care of herself as well she seems to know her >>
    21:05:10BrandonΞArrow : way around a bar and the kind of men that come in. I wouldnt think you need to worry about her." Brigit came and placed a mug next to Geoffery brushing his arm as she moved and Brandon looked intensely to Geoffery after she left "You are alright young man? I thought Selene said you were a easy going type of guy but you seem to be a bit>>>
    21:06:30BrandonΞArrow : riled up so to speak, its in your eyes" He really didnt care but he was sitting her chatting with the lad. He gave a glance wondering where the hell Tana was , she still didnt venture out much and he wondered if she was frightened by the storm she too seemed antsy a lot lately. Boner raised his head and moved further under the table >>>
    21:07:02BrandonΞArrow : as the storm seemed to intensify, the eaves helped keep the rain out but it came down furiously bouncing off the streets.
    21:12:25Geoffrey_Troi : "I have confidence in her as well. But I have seen how men can get, and I know full well what they are capable of with enough drink in them. It isn't my job to take chances." Then Brigit was there, brushing against him and providing more drink. He nodded to her with another smile, "Thank you, Brigit." As she left he took a sip and watched her -c-
    21:14:35Geoffrey_Troi : walk away before turning once more to Brandon. "There seems to be a great amount of misconception about me in this place." It wasn't really an answer to the question, but he hadn't forgotten the last time he was here. Besides, it wasn't any of the pirate's business what was going on. The glance to the stairs was not missed and after another -c-
    21:16:43Geoffrey_Troi : sip he addressed it. "Worried about your own woman? Not afraid of a little rain is she?" Another smirk and he drained his mug of the remainder of it's contents before holding it aloft and whistling for Brigit. Maybe she would get the message and he would be spared from her feeble attempts at flirting, at least until she delivered the drink. -c-
    21:20:31Geoffrey_Troi : He didn't turn back to the window this time, instead he stared at the pirate as if waiting for something. The storm raged outside and if Brandon was paying enough attention, he would notice that a light seemed to flash in Geoffrey's eyes a split second before it split the sky. -d-
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    21:29:04BrandonΞArrow : welcome home)
    21:29:19Tᴀɴᴀ оғ Tнєєđє : Thank you, dear.))
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    21:30:47BrandonΞArrow : He leaned back in his chair his arms crossed over his chest and the back two legs being rocked on "Just dont let her hear you talk that way, she is a feisty little thing, and I will just sit and watch the carnage that comes from her tongue lashing you . She hasnt been feeling entirely well if you need to know though I am sure you could care less">>
    21:32:53BrandonΞArrow : Maybe Tana was right this guy was a bit of a bastard, was Selene totally blind at his arrogance? "The first ale was on the house you will have to pay for the others, " he drained his mug with a smack of the lips and then wiping his mouth with the back of his hand he drew his eyes to the spectacle outside . He had seen worse but he >>>
    21:33:27BrandonΞArrow : was going to keep a eye on Geoffery, not a dandy but maybe he had been in the castle a bit too long and he was starting to act like a snob.
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    21:41:05BrandonΞArrow : welcome home)
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    21:44:23BrandonΞArrow : welcome)
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    21:48:05Geoffrey_Troi : Another chuckle. "We've 'spoken' before, she doesn't really scare me, though not many do." It seemed like Brandon was dismissing him, which was fine. He didn't come in asking for company anyway. "No worries, I have no problem paying for my drinks." As if to prove his point he drew some silver from the pouch in his pocket and set it on the -c-
    21:49:47Geoffrey_Troi : table. "I suspect four is enough? At least for what I've had so far, I'm sure if I decide to drink more I'll owe more coin." After that he gave Brandon no more of his attention. The man wanted to be dismissive and Geoffrey was fine with that, he simply turned his head back to the window to admire the fury outside. If this was just a simple -c-
    21:50:42Geoffrey_Troi : storm then a hurricane must be fantastic. Once more he found himself waiting for Brigit to bring his drink. For a woman that found him attractive she sure was taking her time in caring for him. -d-
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    21:54:48÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He gripped the bar. Pushed up. It bent and moved, hovering over his chest. He grimaced, and then let it fall in a controlled manner to his sternum, before pushing it back up with a momentous effort. His muscles strained, triceps and chest bulging with veins popping out all around them, and he lifted it back to a hovering position. There were >
    21:58:10÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : >eight giant stacks of metal weights on either side. He threw it up into the holds he'd made for it and then sighed. He was exhausted. Drenched in sweat. All the same he removed two weights from either side and then went back to a laying position and pushed it up several more times. He was proud of himself, he'd gotten stronger, and it showed. Now>
    21:59:58÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : even in his Human form he was a short giant, muscles swollen with training. He sat up quickly, his ripped abs bringing him up like a shot. He stared at himself in his full-length mirror for a time, just catching his breath. THen he went to a basin and splashed himself off and grabbed a towel and dried, before throwing on some clothes and going >
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    22:02:58÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : into the Dressing Room. He had to light a torch so he could see with his Human vision and then went through his wares, selecting some things. Eventually he came out wearing a green cloth shirt, tan cloth pants, leather boots, and a leather belt, opting not to wear any armor or weapons this night. Opting to go in his Human form. But where? He >
    22:03:23÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : looked outside at all the chaos, and then just stepped out the front door to sit in it.~
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    22:11:34Geoffrey_Troi : The place had grown dull and the storm was only getting more interesting. Without a word he rose from his seat, leaving his payment on the table, and made his way outside. He felt a stronger connection to the weather around him while he was standing in the middle of it and so he left, off to the woods or something to take it all in.
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    22:13:17Sybilla·Covelin : That... bastard... took her pig! The old saying, if you fail try, try again came into play. Sybilla manage to find a small deer. The feet of which were tied with some vine she found. The neck of animal slashed and Sybilla had let it hang, using its cleaned out stomach to catch the blood, while she danced in thanks to the spirits for the /c/
    22:13:33Sybilla·Covelin : successful hunt. By the time that the woman had trudged her way back to the forge it was dark. What a sight she would have been walking up to the door. Deer over her shoulders, hair matted in mud and blood, rain dripping from the tendrils as bare feet padded along the cobblestone street. People turned to look at the wild looking /c/
    22:13:43Sybilla·Covelin : woman. Sybilla ignored the looks. This was who she was. This was who her mother's people were. She could hide it with pretty skirts and her white skin but not by her blood. The sight of Tully sitting in the rain gave her pause to cock her head off to the side, the small deer would need to be cut up but Sybilla had wanted to return before /c/
    22:16:42Sybilla·Covelin : the storm got any worse. With a practiced heave the deer was set as his feet. An offering of sorts for allowing her to remain under his roof long passed the time of the moon. "Isn't this weather wonderful?" Wonderful? Most humans were ducking and running to hide from the rain and she was standing in the midst of it palms raised /c/
    22:19:05Sybilla·Covelin : to the heavens. Obviously the weather did not bother her. The thunder, though loud on her sensitive ears was a welcome sound. /d/
    22:23:46÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~Wonderful? "Yes, it is a welcome shower." He smiled at her kill, and went to get up and open his door to her. "You need one. But you can come in and.." He eyed her up and down. "Wash off." His smile shifted to a grin. SHe looked more barbaric than he had in a long time. Perhaps he was too domesticated these days, in his stupid shirt and pants >
    22:25:33÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : while here she was in furs and mud and blood, with a bone dagger around her neck..He loved the look. "I'm getting drunk if you want to join me. I was thinking of going out, maybe to the Drowned Wench since it's the place to be." He was constantly hearing stories about it from the people he knew, and how populated it was. Unfortunate that the >
    22:27:37÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : King's Head was not longer the hot spot, as it was so much closer. Then again he never minded the lightning, the thunder, the rain, and didn't mind walking in it. He stood on the top step, braving the newest gust of wind that pelted against his clothing, his brawny flesh. He didn't yell over the storm as he knew she could hear him just fine even >
    22:31:14÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : if he whispered. "As for the deer..Come bring it around back. I'll unlock the door and let you in." He went inside, closing and locking the door behind him. He walked, leaving a trail of rainwater behind him, to the back door and opened it up, and waited for her. Once she was around he'd say "Thank you for the deer. I'm starving." He'd gesture for>
    22:34:26÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : her to follow him in, after signifying she should leave the deer behind her. "I'll grab some things for that. Did you want to cook it?" He went to the counter and grabbed a bottle of whiskey. Popped it open and drank from it liberally. He'd earned that much. He sat up on it and just enjoyed watching her. "On second thought, maybe you shouldn't >
    22:34:42÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : wash off. This could be the new look."~
    22:42:49Sybilla·Covelin : Needed a bath? Oh but it was far more fun running around like this. If they were going to go out though Sybilla supposed that she would need to look civilized. The deer was brought around back as Tully instructed, set down where he'd pointed and she watched him watching her with a lofted brow. "You can cook it. Save the skin /c/
    22:43:27Sybilla·Covelin : though, I can make new foot coverings." When he spoke of not washing it off there was a laugh. "Why should I care what they think of how I look, Tully?" Fingers dragged through the dripping locks of hair to force them back and away from her face. "I am covered in the places I need to be covered. Nothing else should matter." A look was /c/
    22:45:48Sybilla·Covelin : given out the open door. "Besides, walking in this... I will probably be washed clean by the time we get there." At least she wasn't wearing one of those stupid tunics. That would stick to her body and cause even more issues. "I am going just like this..." Sybilla stomped her foot in the small puddle that had been caused by her dripping /c/
    22:48:27Sybilla·Covelin : as she stood there. "Without this..." the dagger that was around her neck was set down on the counter. "Why are we getting drunk tonight?" We. She was going to join him? Might as well. A hand reached for his bottle of whiskey with a smirk. /d/
    22:57:13÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~"In celebration.." He looked off to the side, trying to conjure up some reason to celebrate. "Celebration of the storm." He smirked as well, then laughed. "It is a fine night for drink!" He grabbed another bottle he had stashed away and clinked glasses with her. "Honestly I'm just glad to have gone another day without winding up in the dungeons.">
    23:00:47÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : He hopped off the counter and then swigged some more liquor. He went to the back door and looked out again at the deer. Already bled and gutted as it was..He just went out and dragged it inside by the head. May as well hide it from the public eye. "I'll put this in my room." Seemed like a good idea at the time. He slid it along to there, where he >
    23:03:29÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : then closed it in for later. Dusting off his wet hands, he nodded. "Okay, we can eat from that later. Let's go down to the bar and...wait a second.." He chugged more whiskey. "Okay, we'll go down to the Wench and order some more drinks, and...wait a second.." He slugged more liquor. "Okay, I'm ready. Shall we?"~
    23:15:56Sybilla·Covelin : Celebration of the storm. Sybilla could drink to that and as she lifted the bottle and felt the burn of the alcohol there was a sigh. Yes, they shall. The bottle was left on the counter for later. Sybilla headed back out into the storm. Lifting her face into the rain with a quieted laugh of amusement. This was crazy. To go to the docks for /c/
    23:17:35Sybilla·Covelin : drinks in this weather just because they could. Eyes of blue slid in Tully's direction with a wide grin. It was difficult for Sybilla to truly get drunk. Buzzed she could do but with her race's metabolism drunk was very, very hard. As the wind whipped her hair around, whipped the rain into their faces Sybilla danced a little in the street. Not /c/
    23:19:29Sybilla·Covelin : they would. These people with their gowns. But as her mother's people would to thank Father Sky for such a blessing. Did she care that people saw her? No. They prayed to their Gods and she would pray to hers. In the end, wasn't it all just the same thing? Sybilla did stop though... only to run and jump into a large puddle with a laugh. If they /c/
    23:20:52Sybilla·Covelin : were going all that way to the Wench then by golly she was going to enjoy every puddle along the way. "Tully, this is the best day I've had all week!" It was and she gave him a light hip bump with wide smiles that promised she'd make his day better too. If only with her company./d/
    23:23:49÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He laughed, watching her have her fun. WHat a crazy woman, right up his alley. "I can feel it getting better as we speak." As for himself, he'd had a rather horrid day, all hungover and slaving away at the forge. "Oh, remind me to get your help on something. I need to write the..well I need to write a letter requesting the forge be handed over to>
    23:26:02÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : me. I'm not too good at writing.." He pulled out a wadded up piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to her, getting soaked even as he did. If she unfolded it it would say in big, childish scrawl "I NEED TO HAVE THE FORGE PLEASE, THANKS" And he had been very careful and considerate in his writing of that. He shook his head, then laughed again>
    23:27:17÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : and went and ran at a rock and kicked it as hard as he could. It went flying a long way through the rain, till he couldn't see it anymore. "Damn, it's crazy out here!" His hair was down and matted about his face. He looked up at the sky just as a bolt of lightning streaked across it, and he yelled into it at the top of his lungs, bringing out his >
    23:29:39÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : arms wide. "Haha!" He looked over to her, his barbarian friend, and smiled. "So tell me, what did you do today?" he asked as they walked along.~
    23:33:49Sybilla·Covelin : When Tully mentioned needing help Sybilla listened, slowly offered nods of her head at the request and then took the parchment he gave to her to look down at the writing. No judgment was given. No condemnation that he couldn't write well. Merely a smile in his direction. "I'll write something up in the morning and show it to you /c/
    23:33:58Sybilla·Covelin : once you're finished with work." As he ran to kick a rock, Sybilla watched it fly and laughed. The pair of them wandering through the city in a thunderstorm like crazy people. What did she do today? "I danced for the great spirits in thanks of the weather. And then I hunted. And then I danced more in thanks for my kill. Today I reconnected /c/
    23:34:46Sybilla·Covelin : with the things my tribe taught me. My mother's people do not live in permanent structures. Our tribe is nomadic. We go where the food is. Many times we live in forests much like those here. So, I felt connected to them in a way." Sybilla tilted her head back to watch the lightening as it streaked across the sky. "It is good to remember /c/
    23:35:03Sybilla·Covelin : who we are inside and not just who we are on the outside." /d/

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