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    (due to some hostly moofs and crashes there some parts missing)

    14:32:51The chat's topic is: [ Realistic Medieval Fantasy ][NKZ/ Multi-Para Literate][ToD equal to EST. Weather Forecast: Warm and sunny with sea breeze]

    14:34:20GiadaΦMilos : She nodded " My vows were to continue till I no longer drew breath, not till hope ran out." she canted her head thoughtfully as she looked at him "I do believe that we are the answer to each others prayers. I know the path of sorrow and guilt for I have walked it these many months. I am pleased you will teach me and though I do not <C>
    14:36:03GiadaΦMilos : know as much as you perhaps God wishes you to learn from me as well" she smiled encouragingly "A life that is spared and wasted is a life lost as if in battle" She tore another piece of bread off the loaf and then realized he said he was going to blacksmith "If I was able to earn the money would you be able to make me a set of armour and <C>
    14:37:44GiadaΦMilos : a sword? I never passed the final trial which is why I never recieved my armour yet but I was slated to too, you could certify me correct?" her eyes sparkled for she had practiced long and hard, she was out of shape now and needed practice but she could pass what was needed and then he could teach her the next levels.<F>
    14:40:16Sybilla•Covelin : thankies)
    14:42:19†Dominus† he listend to her remakrs of vows and beliefs though he didnt say anything right away he replied..."I still honor my vows and my beliefs..." he paused as she stopped to take a bite of food watching her closely he said..."You do not have to pay me, you just have to get me the material you want it to be crafted from" He fancied that he could mold<C>
    14:42:22†Dominus† : yw))
    14:44:38†Dominus† anything from any material and it be ten times stronger than anything anyone else made. Though he was obviously a bit rusty as he hadnt smithed in quite some time. He thumbed his textured scriptured ridden arm it was a habbit when he was hard at thought as to ask god for his opinion before speaking. Dominus spoke again "I will train you and I"<C>
    14:46:59†Dominus† "will get you where you need to be" Dominus was asked to be a Master in the Council for the Order quite a few times though he turned it down every time as he felt his time was needed where he was. Dominus didnt need recogintion when the Order still stood he just needed the allowance to train and mentor knights. <D>
    14:50:13GiadaΦMilos : "Since you have a room will you hold the tomes and parchments I was able to save? I will camp out in the forest for a while, I think I need to spend my coin on something I really need" She offered him bread and cheese one more time, before wrapping the leftovers in a cloth and then into a side bag she carried. Her eyes turned to his gestures and<C>
    14:54:25GiadaΦMilos : she decided to keep silent reguarding it. "You never told me what happened, I was gone when the carnage happened, were you also ?" she was delving she knew but she would answer his questions and she hoped that it would be returned. "I rode to the battlefeild hoping that Brother Marcas was still there and I could find comfort but it was <C>
    14:56:03GiadaΦMilos : filled with death there just like the monostary. " Her eyes got a far off look filling with pain "I was there my tears soaking the ground for what seemed like days" she shook her head to move the image from her eyes. "Perhaps I came too late and missed you somehow."<F>
    14:58:34†Dominus† nodded and said..."yes you can keep whatever you need in the room, and may even stay in it if you so wish I shall let you have it" after he heard her question he would start thumbing his arm again staring off into space as if he lost the converstaiond and then as she finished her remarks he replied low.."I was on my way to reenforce Marcas with"<C>
    15:00:33†Dominus† "my knights when we were ambushed. They captured a handful of us. when the heathens found out I was their captain they forced me to watch their torture and slow deaths. Their cries for my help still haunts me"....he paused a moment and continued..."As it came my turn they unshackled me to move me and I took the time to escape. So I ran gathering"<C
    15:01:56†Dominus† "What gear I could and essentials and found the monastary destroyed and Marcas's warband dead as well. So after sulking I started my pilgrimage of repent" it was obvious he felt as though his sins had come to bear upon him and is the reason the events that happened came to pass<D>
    15:03:37Sybilla•Covelin : That was it. Sybilla was laying on the floor staring in Tully's direction much like she had been for the last few hours. Answering questions before drifting off to sleep. A few more hours, she wanted to make sure that the feeling had really left. It had. There was a swallow when Tully asked again. Nods came. Yes, she was sure. Even if, as she'd /c/
    15:03:50Sybilla•Covelin : warned him, she couldn't do much to help. All good thing about full moons was all the shifting help to speed up the healing on her wounds and she barely had a scratch on her. She was sore as hell but there wasn't a mark on her. Only bones were left of the cow and she'd eaten the remainder of the hearts for breakfast. Tully's compassion /c/
    15:05:42Sybilla•Covelin : toward her was still startling, she faintly remembered snapping her jaws at him as the beast. He'd make some human a very good mate some day. The thought caused a slight smile as she felt the chains slack. And the shackles responded by falling open. Strange werewolf magic. There were bruises but they'd heal now that she was free. A hand /c/
    15:06:39GiadaΦMilos : So that was the reason he had lost hope. She listened nodding at times for she knew how it was and her heart broke with him as he told his story. "We share the same nightmares it would seem. " She stood and nodded toward the door "Care to come with me ? I think I am going to see the city and what it has to offer to look for work." A change of <C>
    15:07:46Sybilla•Covelin : reached for the orc. "Help me up." Because she was too stubborn to be carried out of her cage. "I think next month I might try ingesting some wolfsbane." Was she insane? Maybe, partly, it would certainly weaken her. "I can actually remember short flickers. Maybe if I have more in my system..." Or it was suicide. /d/
    15:09:12GiadaΦMilos : venue she hoped would help dispell the horror that they had shared with one another. " I think I need to find a practice sword as well so that I can start my lessons." She smiled " I do thank God that we did meet again. I remember you from some of the ceremonys and I always thought you were quite dashing and I know that Brother Marcas<C>
    15:09:55GiadaΦMilos : thought well of you. He always told me he didn't take too many neophytes under his personal tutuledge unless he felt the promise in their heart"<F>
    15:14:31†Dominus† did not return any response about the story he had just told. Dominus had been trying not to relive it. He stood and put his hand out for her to lead the way he laughed now at her wording saying he was dashing and he replied..."as some thought I was horrid due to my trend of marking myself with the word of god" he chuckled though it was frowned<C>
    15:16:03†Dominus† upon to mutilate one self but he did not see it as that. Dominus moved to the door and pushed it open holding it and standing back so she could walk through the entrance and he said.."Marcas was a good man as all our Brothers and Sisters were great people" though obviously there were some exceptions as some considered him as one but never the <C>
    15:16:13†Dominus† less that was not the point<D>
    15:16:14÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He was tired, but not as tired as she looked. It was taxing, looking after a giant beast like he had, staying with her in the day, keeping her company, being there for her. He went and helped her up with a clawed hand. "Maybe just a little.." He looked her over, his own state rather a mess. He'd wound up in some pants and nothing else. His face >
    15:19:13÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : and head were both cut and bruised, a bit swollen, but it was all minor damage. Remarkably so for what he'd done. His room was a wreck. He'd flipped his bed over, strewn his clothes everywhere, smashed his dresser to pieces, and didn't bother cleaning any of it up, having opted to simply sleep on the floor, using some shirts as a pillow. He felt >
    15:19:30GiadaΦMilos : She stepped out into the fresh air and sunlight and turned her face to let it seep into her for just a moment. "Where should we start? I take it you have been in the city longer then I have, do you have a horse?" her questions came tumbling out and she apolgized "Forgive me for talking so much. It seems that you and I are opposites in many ways<C>
    15:20:55÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : surprisingly good today though. And all of yesterday and today he'd been well behaved, devoting his time to Sybilla and her needs. He didn't know what he'd been ranting and raving about, what he'd been so angry about when he'd caused all the chaos, but what's done is done as they say, and he'd been sober ever since. He was just >
    15:22:25÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : glad he hadn't done anything infinitely stupid as letting her out or messing with her, but he still had all his arms and legs and here she was, with none but cow's blood on her. "Let's get you a bath, and I could use some food. Where would you like to go?"~
    15:22:51GiadaΦMilos : I talk enough for two people and you speak only that which is necessary" she smiled brightly "You are rather somber and I tend to be optomistic so perhaps we are both halves to a whole!" she saw Palous and made her way to him. She pulled off his bags and then spoke "I need to change I have been wearing these clothes far too long and I would <C>
    15:23:23GiadaΦMilos : like to store these artifacts in the room, you will wait for me?" her voice held a taint of hope, she had just found him and was almost afraid to let him out of her sight.<F>
    15:25:39†Dominus† stepped outside along with her just behind her as he watched her move to the horse while talking and gather things he would reply to her first words and say..."I am not Somber" he chuckled as she said both of them were halves he found her entertaining as he had not had too much company since he left the order. "I will wait while you store what"<C>
    15:27:09†Dominus† "you need to store and dow hatever else you need to do" he did not might waiting as he was just as lost in the city as she was the only real place he knew how to get to was the Cathedral. "I would like a shorten my Hair today as well" he thought it was time to trim up and look less ragged. His hands came to rest right hand on his belt and left<C>
    15:27:48†Dominus† on the hilt of his sword again this was his comfortable and feeling confident with himself stance at times as though he was bound for great things<D>
    15:29:33GiadaΦMilos : She gave a huge grin" I can cut it for you. I used to cut papas hair all the time before I joined the Order." she hurriedly took the bags up to the room and locking the door behind her she pulled out the clothing she had. She frowned as not much met her criteria. Everything but one item was just as dirty as what she was wearing now. Being at<C>
    15:31:31Sybilla•Covelin : There was a long stretch as Sybilla stood for the first time in what felt like days. Oh, wait, it had been days. Muscles cramped in protest. "I need a bath? I smell that bad?" There was a sniff and face was made. Well, rolling in cow's blood for two days she supposed she did smell a bit like a butcher. The hand that she had a hold of was /c/
    15:31:41Sybilla•Covelin : given a squeeze, a silent thanks for his staying with her. "I prefer the King's Head now that I've been there a couple times." Sybilla let go of him, stood still a few moments and took a slow step forward. It was always a little iffy walking straight after being let out. Noticing the chaos in his room Sybilla tilted her head and laughed /c/
    15:33:20GiadaΦMilos : sea she hadn't been able to do laundry. She sighed and dressed forgoing boots she slid into slippers. She had to resort to wearing a dress. She had to have one for some occasions required such , red had always brought out her coloring, the dark hair would take on a slight sheen of gold with it, it was a simple dress nice enough for a occasion <C>
    15:33:35Sybilla•Covelin : quietly. "It looks like I got out..." though she knew since he was still alive that she hadn't. The change of clothes she brought with her were put on and Sybilla gave a nod as she straightened the skirt and loosened the laces on her shirt with a shrug. Human thoughts on modesty baffled her. She wouldn't go around topless but hiding every /c/
    15:35:02GiadaΦMilos : but not ornamental. A empire waist and belled sleeves, a simple belt in silver. She was actually grumbling for she would have to walk like a lady around the city for a bit. She stowed the books under the bed and then with the resolve to do laundry she locked the door behind her and then hurried back outside. Breathless and as if she hadn't just <C>
    15:35:55GiadaΦMilos : transformed into a woman she spoke "Just let me know how short and I would be glad to help you." she flashed him a smile and then looked up and down the street." so which way?"<F>
    15:36:13Sybilla•Covelin : inch of skin just made very little sense to the woman. Besides, it was too hot for a person whose body temperature was hotter than a human's to be buttoned up all the time. "Do you have a rain barrel? I could probably get most of the visible blood off... people might be suspicious about a woman with bruises covered in blood." /c/
    15:37:22Sybilla•Covelin : Hands were lifted up to show the bruises. Though they were fading slowly Sybilla shrugged. "If they ask, I'll just say we play rough. Usually makes them quiet and they're afraid to ask anymore questions." It caused a mischievous snicker. /d/
    15:39:00†Dominus† waited looking up and down the street at passer byers. He looked like any old Rabble though he had a sword on his hip. He turned around when he heard Giada speak again and he didnt reply as he stared. Dominus was struck by her choice of clothing, it wasnt a bad thing he was just stunned at the change. He shook it off as he realised it had been<C>
    15:40:34†Dominus† a moment he said as he pointed to his right..."We could go this way first I am not sure how the market is layed out" he had no horse as the one he had had died from dehydration on the trail that he had taken away from the monastary. He replied about the length of his hair after he had realised she had asked about it as well..."half the length"<C>
    15:41:25†Dominus† Dominus was some where between confusion and wondering if he was underdressed which made him smirk<D>
    15:41:50÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~"Ummmm.." He had to think a second. "Well, okay. We'll just say I like you to beat me up if they ask further." Since his face was all messed up and the bruises were on her hands. Made sense enough. He looked around at all the destruction, waving it off lazily. "Yea, that was me. Sorry 'bout that. And yea, I got a rain barrel. Follow me." He >
    15:44:24÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : walked out of the room, then realized he was still green, shirtless, with no shoes on his feet, and shrugged it off. Whatever. He stopped a moment, tightening up his belt, and then led the way out the big back door to the barrel. He sent a brief, rather careless look around. "Alright, come on out. I don't see anybody." He went ahead and scooped up>
    15:44:51GiadaΦMilos : The delay did not get lost on her and she gave a shy explaination " I am sorry, all my clothes are dirty or need to be mended. I spent most of my money on passage here that I had so I haven't had the opportunity to get anything new." she nodded toward Paulos " You can use him anytime that you might need. Battle trained he is only about four <C>
    15:46:20÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : a couple handfuls to splash on his own face, into his hair, ruffling it up some, and then shook it off like a dog before stepping back to allow her access. Putting his hands on his hips and twisting his upper torso around, trying to stretch out as well. Wincing, hearing his back pop. "Feels like I got my ass kicked again. Ugh. Remind me not to >
    15:47:01GiadaΦMilos : years old and so he has a lot of strength but it is controlled, he almost reads my mind." Since he was escorting her she tucked her arm into his as they walked along. "Probably a dress is better to try to find a job anyway. Most people would think twice about a woman dressed like they could skewer them without a second thought" she chuckled at<C>
    15:48:15÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : drink for a while. On second thought, remind me to get drunk enough I can't feel anything for a while." He looked around again, then back to her as she washed up. He was not without that certain glint in his eye as the rivulets and droplets came cascading down her supple ivory flesh. He smiled a slight way, more to himself than anything at some >
    15:48:31÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : passing thought. "So tell me, how do you feel?"~
    15:49:02GiadaΦMilos : her own joke. "My mama used to be so upset with me. We grew up always being at the monostary because my father sold vegetables and other farm stuffs there. He always brought me along . I would watch the practice and then go home and I procedded to teach my brother how to weild a sword, though it was only sticks. He never learned the lesson<C>
    15:49:39GiadaΦMilos : of ducking and I split his skull open with my winning blow. I had to muck the cow and horse stalls for a month because of that"<F>
    15:52:30†Dominus† after hearing her story and her offer about her horse he replied as they walked let her arm tuck into his out of respect he said...."I will not need your horse,...its bond is with you and it shall stay that way" it was his belief that a horse was apart of its rider. As they walked listening to her talk he debated on telling his story as most<C>
    15:53:58†Dominus† thought it was just rumors though Araelius and Marcas new it was true. After his debate in his own mind he spoke out saying..."I actually was born in the North to a barbarian tribe. When Araelius found me he raised me as a blacksmith and later to be a knight" he wouldnt dive to deep into the story as he didnt acknowledge to much of the barbarian<C>
    15:54:30†Dominus† part. Though it was rather obvious when one would think about looking at his blue eyes and blond hair coupled with his large frame matching nothing of his step father.<D>
    15:57:03GiadaΦMilos : She turned to him eyes sparkling "What mischief did you get into as a child? Let me guess, you talked incessently and no one could think so they decided that you should only use a thousand words a day and it stuck" she winked at him teasing. He did only seem to say what was necessary "Thank you though for sharing , I would like to hear more <C>
    15:58:54Sybilla•Covelin : Oh like any normal human is going to believe that she was capable of beating him up. But alright. At the all clear and after he washed himself up, Sybilla began washing away the dried cow's blood. It took a bit of effort and the rain water turned a pinkish color but she managed, turning to see that slight smile on his face. How did she feel? /c/
    15:59:26Sybilla•Covelin : "Sore. It will pass though, by tonight I'll be back to my normal self." A finger was use to lightly shove at him. Sybilla was still noticeably lacking in the strength department but that would return as the wolfsbane worked out of her system. Unless...she continued to ingest it. "All the other normal lusty things that comes with /c/
    15:59:40GiadaΦMilos : if it does not pain you to do so" she sidestepped a cart that was rambling up the street "My brother was much like you, I admired him so much, when he smiled the sun came out for me. Have you siblings?"her banter was easy not meaning to be intrusive. She was just so happy to have found someone that understood her life and her vows<F>
    16:01:43Sybilla•Covelin : the end of the full moon." A shrug came at the admission. To her this was a part of normal life. She craved food and sex. Though it wasn't quite so bad with the wolfsbane so she wondered if she could cure that too. There seemed to be upsides to ingesting poison. Not that she minded the whole lusting after things just she was half /c/
    16:04:09Sybilla•Covelin : curious what it might feel like to not -need- those things but rather just want them to want them. Fingers toyed with the fabrics of her skirts. "Why do you get so angry when people are stronger than you?" The question came out of left field but she could put two and two together. "I'm not you know. I don't call being able to /c/
    16:04:57†Dominus† laughed and shook his head at her joke about him not really speaking too much and he replied...."actually I took a vow of silence for two years from 15 to 17 years old during my training as a neophyte when I had verbally struck out at a fellow knight" he shrugged as it worked and during the time he had started on tatooing a scripture on his side<C>
    16:05:47Sybilla•Covelin : not control that power true strength. I could someone, people I care about, even other werewolves. How is that strength? It's not. If anything, that is my weakest form because that is the form I have the least control over." Sybilla gnawed at her bottom lip and tugged Tully off to the side. "You... are one of the more amazing human-types I have/c/
    16:07:17†Dominus† in penance. He smirked at said..."It is true I speak very little and when it does it is that of what needs to be said .....most of the time" his smirk still present on his face he looked at her then back to the path they walked...."I have no siblings, Marcas was the closest I had to a brother and Auraelius was my adopted father. I grew up in the"<C
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    16:07:52Sybilla•Covelin : encountered but you're so wrapped up in this need to be... something else that you don't realize the raw strength you already have. It saddens me to think that you would hurt yourself or drink yourself into oblivion just to stop feeling emotions because you feeling inadequate for no good reason." /d/
    16:09:32†Dominus† "Monastary, you can imagine it was much of a boring life fora child. Though I was tought very young how to handle a blade by many knights and warriors that came through" he continued as his voice was low but loud enough that kept their conversation between them. He would humor the conversation to show that he wasnt totally stalwart in his ways<D>
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    16:13:00GiadaΦMilos : She glanced to him and spoke " I am sure that the sun comes out when you smile, perhaps soon you will have something to smile about without the clouds of the past haunting your steps" It seemed that they came to a marketplace and her senses were assualted with the smell of spices and fruit, bright swatches of color and the sparkle<C>
    16:15:25GiadaΦMilos : of baubles catching the suns rays. She was a bit overwhelmed by it all and she sidled a bit closer to Dominus as people milled from stall to stall doing their shopping. Her eyes were drawn to a bent woman who was having trouble walking along. Giada slipped her arm from Dominus and moved to her speaking kindly "May I help you ?" the <C>
    16:18:15GiadaΦMilos : old woman had tears in her eyes "My coin pouch was stolen and the man who was supposed to give me a ride insisted on cash." Giada turned to Dominus "Can you find your way to Paulos she needs a ride unless you think that you and I can carry her?" the old woman protested " I can't have you carry me! That is too much to ask, maybe you could just <C>
    16:18:29GiadaΦMilos : walk with me and I can lean on your young man there"<F>
    16:23:17†Dominus† moved to the side of the old lade as she protested he never did reply to her about his smile. However he was focused at the task at hand he wrapped a tatooed arm scared arm around the old lady to help take almost all the weight for her and he said..."Nonsense, god bless your soul it is the least we can do to help you to where you need to get to"<C>
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    16:23:41Sybilla•Covelin : Welcome to Imperial)
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    16:23:54Irene※Winters : ty)
    16:24:06Sybilla•Covelin : (suppose I should have one on since we don't have one around...) ))
    16:24:50†Dominus† at this point a smile would break on Dominus's face to reassure the lady. He looked to Giada as to nod and to with out words say of course we are going to help, then again what kind of night would he be if he did not help the weak and stand in the face of corruption to spit in its filthy eye. He asked..."what did this man look like, I shall get"<C>
    16:24:56Sybilla•Covelin : Rules are in the link about, if you need any help or have any ?'s feel free to whisper me)
    16:25:01†Dominus† "your coin purse back"<D>
    16:25:27Sybilla•Covelin : above^ )
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    16:27:47GiadaΦMilos : She moved to the other side of the woman and took her arm though Dominus seemed to take the lions share of the womans weight. The old woman shook her head " I only had a few coppers but I did not see the theif, they are good here. In the market I should have been more careful" Giada spoke softly"How far do you live ?" She indicated towards <C>
    16:27:52†Dominus† : welcome))
    16:27:54Sybilla•Covelin : Yo. Kes.)
    16:28:20Kestral_Ennaiddraig : ty Dom and Yo, Syb))
    16:28:30†Dominus† : yw))
    16:29:25GiadaΦMilos : what seemed to be the poorer part of town and so they walked, slowly as Giada spoke to her, letting Dominus be the muscle she was more inclined to conversation. The poorer part of town smelled and children stared at the couple helping the old woman , none of it affected Giada as she was focused. The woman stopped in front of a rundown <C>
    16:30:58GiadaΦMilos : house and thanked them both profusely. Giada smiled and gave the woman a hug and then out of her bag she pulled out the bread and cheese and the few coins she had left "Here may the light of God shine in your darkness." She would broke no refusal and waited till the woman got inside . She had given everything she had , she winked to Dominus <C>
    16:32:37GiadaΦMilos : "God always provides." whether she ment for herself or for the old woman it wasn't made clear.
    16:35:06†Dominus† Dominus listend as they had moved through the city and to the old lady's home he was a bit offset at the fact he would not be able to get the coin purse back though the whole time he really didnt speak as the old lady moved into the home with what Giada gave her he motioned for her to follow as he turned and said..."I still have coin" he paused<C>
    16:35:21÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~Her words felt like a spit in the face, salt on a wound. He just bore it though, nodded, forced a smile. He felt like breaking more things, felt like finding that Werebear and fighting him and just getting it over with. "Be right back." He left her and went for his room. Once inside he locked the door and then went about the brief process of >
    16:36:29†Dominus† and looked back and said...."I will pay for whatever you need" Though he was running low on coin himself he still had enough to last him a day or two. Though he had all plans on starting to smith again anyways to start making up for his lack of coin at the moment. He put his arm out slightly so they would be able to pick up where they had left <C>
    16:36:44†Dominus† off and Giada would be able to get what she had set out for<D>
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    16:38:22÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : turning into a Human. He then put on more clothes, a shirt, some boots, and stuck a sheathed hunting knife into his belt. Only to rip it back out and toss it over to a corner of the room. It was useless. It was all useless. He did his hair up into a ponytail and tied it up with some string he had for such things. After that he left the room, and >
    16:40:55GiadaΦMilos : Her arm in his once again she shook her head "If I know anything I know that you carry little money. I cannot take the food from your mouth Dominus." she looked a bit disoriented " I was so busy keeping a conversation to ease the trip for her that I did not pay attention to where we were going" she looked up to him questiongly "you do know where <C
    16:41:27÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : returned to her. "Okay, I'm ready." He no longer cared if he ate, but he supposed it was the only thing he could think of doing. Anyway he was still glad to have her company, she was really the only friend he had in Hadara and the only person who'd put up with him. So far, anyway. "So you like the King's Head? I used to go there all the time, used>
    16:43:24÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : to live there even. Lately it's become less popular but, maybe that's a good thing." He smiled more genuinely, looking to her. "I like the bloody look, but this might be a little more suitable for the public." He reached out, wiping just a small bit still at the side of her soft lips, and then chuckled a bit. "Is there anything else you need >
    16:43:29÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : before we go?"~
    16:43:44GiadaΦMilos : we are?" she started laughing "See two halves, I talk so you do not have to and you can watch where we are going because I am so busy talking for two people that I pay no attention to where we are." She continued speaking as if she stopped for any length of time. "There is no reason for you to give up your room, we could share it. I can sleep <C>
    16:44:07•MatthewϕKnight• has joined the conversation.
    16:44:47GiadaΦMilos : on the floor. It would not be untoward, on battlefeilds we would have fought and died together, there is no reason that we cannot share a room till our situation improves."<F>
    16:44:51GiadaΦMilos : welcome)
    16:45:07†Dominus† : welcome))
    16:45:56•MatthewϕKnight• : Can I PM a host? ))
    16:46:37†Dominus† looking foward he smirked and started walking leading the way back to the Market area as she spoke he replied...."I am perfectly capable of hunting, so you would not be taking food from my mouth" he continued wlaking not realy replying to her question if he was lost. Though he would probably never admit to being lost as he was to proud to do<C>
    16:48:11Sybilla•Covelin : Sure)
    16:48:20†Dominus† such a thing in the first place. "Nonsense, I will let you sleep in the room on the bed. I would not be much of a Knight Captain if I am not to look after those of who I outrank" He figured he would pull rank on that and make her abide by that arrangement if she so chose to stay and share his room. A Harsh negotiator but he was defently good at <C>
    16:49:22†Dominus† it. His opposite hand of her came to rest back on his belt as they walked for comfort and he said...."Dont let me forget about my hair cut" it was really driving him nuts lately as it was hot and bothersome to have to deal with<D>
    16:52:02GiadaΦMilos : "Well then I am perfectly capable of cooking, you can hunt and I can cook." she bit her lip and offered " You know, the weather is not so bad, instead of wasting money on a room perhaps we could set up a camp in the forest? It is not as if we have not done it before, we could then have room for training and between us both could save some coin<C>
    16:56:26GiadaΦMilos : it is just a idea of course." She didnt want to seem forward and there were no ulterior motives on her part." Or maybe we could find a farmers barn that he would allow servants of God to stay at" she just hated to see the small bit of coin he had wasted on a room when they both could easily survive without civilization. She saw the market <C>
    16:56:59GiadaΦMilos : come back into view.<F>
    17:00:23†Dominus† he nodded as they walked and he said.."tonight we can leave the scrolls and the like stored safely there at the least as well as minor belongings" Dominus thought a moment as they walked and he said..."we could set up camp and begin training and scouting jobs some more in the following days to recieve coin" Dominus looked at her and said..<C>
    17:01:23Sybilla•Covelin : Sybilla made a sighing noise after he was out of hearing range. Crap, Syb. Just crap. The insult he felt had slapped her face scent wise and left her standing there looking at her feet. A kick to the dirt was given. She was just trying to point out that he wasn't weak at all not make him feel any worse. He wasn't weak. He didn't need to be any /c/
    17:01:39Sybilla•Covelin : stronger. When Tully turned back up, talking and acting like everything was fine Sybilla stood there silently appraising the behavior for a few minutes. "Yes, the bloody look is all the new fashion right now. I could start a trend." Was there anything else she needed? A sigh was released, "for you to forgive me? I'm still a little...stupid from /c
    17:01:46†Dominus† "though that dress my hinder you in the wild" he had cracked a joke and chuckled slightly at his own joke as he did though he figured he would give it a shot. Dominus knew he had been rather bitter all day and figured he could help change the mood to a better one if anything. To train her to him would be an honor and it would get him feeling<C>
    17:01:52†Dominus† better about himself he figured<D>
    17:04:57Sybilla•Covelin : being in the cage for days on end. Just...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said those things. Oh, and the King's head seems to have bigger tubs and better steak." Not mention with less people in it that meant there were less heart beats for her to less to and it didn't aggravate the senses quite so much. The wipe to the corner of her mouth was a /c/
    17:05:25GiadaΦMilos : Her laugh rang out merrily" Indeed it would, though I will find a way to clean my clothing so that I can look the part. "She looked down at her dress " It does'nt look too awful does it? I thought it fetching when my parents gave it to me. They always said that I would need to draw the attention of a man someday because even woman of the order <C>
    17:07:10Sybilla•Covelin : little...intimate and Sybilla wriggled her nose at it. Turning to start walking in that direction. "Oddly, I don't feel all that hungry." Well, she had eaten half a cow in two days... "I could go for some ale though." She honestly worried about his drinking. About how drunk he got to the point he didn't remember what he did... and she wanted to/c/
    17:08:20Sybilla•Covelin : talk about it but... there was another sigh. Humans were such delicate creatures. /d/
    17:08:40GiadaΦMilos : should look like a woman sometimes. It is odd to feel it drawing around my legs." she took a deep sniff of the air that smelled much cleaner "You want to look for a campsite tonight or do you want to wait till tomorrow at first light?" it mattered little to her but they needed to look in the daylight at least for they would have to find <C>
    17:09:22GiadaΦMilos : suitable water source and other considerations.<F>
    17:11:42†Dominus† smirked and he said in reply as he turned now towards the tavern and he said..."tonight we shall rest back at the tavern....thus at first light we can find proper grounds for this camp and training ground." he was very paticular about where he trained his knights and how they were trained and lived when in the wild. As they walked he had did a <C>
    17:13:04•MatthewϕKnight• : Locations? ))
    17:13:15†Dominus† Double take as she had spoke about her dress and he replied ...."I....uh...you look that of what a woman should" He had no idea how to answer that and the unsettledness rang in his voice probably for the first time in quite a long time as he had never had to much experience in answering those questions right. Dominus looked back towards the road<C>
    17:13:20GiadaΦMilos : marketplace for myself aond Dom)
    17:13:33†Dominus† to find the location of the Tavern<D>
    17:14:00÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He rubbed at his eyes, the bridge of his battered nose. This was hurting his head. He really hated being so emotional, and attributed it to being hungover, even though he certainly didn't feel hungover anymore. "Forgive you for what? Being born a certain way?" The wrinkled nose was noted and he was reminded of their arrangement. His head hurt >
    17:14:20Kestral_Ennaiddraig : is currently Mistress Not Appearing in a Scene Yet))
    17:15:53GiadaΦMilos : A surprised smile lit up her face"Well thank you !" she gave another cursory glance around the market, there was nothing she could buy but she was trying to get a idea of what was there. " Perhaps I should ask if anyone needs help here, I could talk to people enough that they would buy wares to simply get some silence" she winked and<C>
    17:16:57÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : even worse. Now it felt like a festering, throbbing thing, ready to burst like a rotten melon swollen with putrescent gas. The mention of ale reminded him of his desire to drink, and then he was conflicted, dichotomically rended between a nauseating aversion to the stuff and a careless craving for it that both disgusted and amused him. He shook >
    17:17:41GiadaΦMilos : tucked that idea away for after they set up camp. There was much to do but at least they both could live off the land for now. She looked at his hair for a moment and then teased him " You know it looks like someone cut it with a dull dagger. I will ask at the tavern if there is a razor that we can use, it will make it not so <C>
    17:19:10÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : his head, unable to believe he could feel so many negative things at one time. "I apologize, I'm not the sanest person in the world. I'll try to control myself better. Sometimes I get confused, a little lost in my own head." He cleared his throat. "Anyway, there's nothing to forgive. You're stronger than me, that much is fact. You could rip me in >
    17:19:49GiadaΦMilos : rough looking. You should watch out though if you look a proper gentleman all the ladies will be batting their lashes and trying to get your attentions" her heart felt rather light, lighter then it had for a long time. It was almost as if she was becoming her old self once again. <F>
    17:21:10÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : half. However, you've told me your weaknesses and, I have a few other advantages that would tip the odds back into my favor were we ever to do battle. Strength isn't everything afterall. Same goes for that Bear." He cracked his neck with a sudden twist of his head, shoving his hands into his pockets and starting for the tavern. He was basically >
    17:23:05÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : just talking to himself, out loud. "Why is it important to me to be able to best you? I don't know, but it is. Perhaps it goes down to my blood. I'm a warrior, I fight, and obviously winning is important to me as it is the difference between life and death. Why would I be pleased to know I'm weaker than you? Afterall, you said yourself that, >
    17:25:15•MatthewϕKnight• : The hooves of the Clydesdale thudded across the dirt, approaching the City of Hadara that breathed with the sounds of hustle and bustle, and its breath smelt of baked goods. He approached the city like a parasite about to prey on an unsuspecting beast. The Black Knight, or, The Black Devil as people of other lands called him had arrived. Upon-c-
    17:25:17÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : you seek a mate who is stronger than you. Not that we would ever be mates, of course. You've made that perfectly clear to me. But now I know, too, that I am not even adequate, I do not meet your criteria, I am inferior and undesirable. You do not even consider yourself to be of the same species as me. Technically we're involved in beastiality on >
    17:28:22•MatthewϕKnight• : passing through the gates, the guards couldn't resist to leer at the dark visitor. His head hung from his shoulders and through the eye holes of his helm, even in the light, all they saw was darkness as though no man resided within the iron suit. Reluctantly and without questioning, they watched as the black horse sauntered within the walls-c-
    17:29:20÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : both accounts." He laughed uproariously at that. "In any case, it doesn't matter, ultimately, and in the end, we're both inferior, aren't we? You and I would both be easily killed by the guards here, and we have need of each other, so ours is a symbiotic relationship of sorts, based off of a mutual friendship. I like you, you like me, we get along>
    17:30:20÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : fine, and in this form, at least, we're comparable strength-wise, at least enough to have some fun." He looked back to her, realizing he'd just rambled on for quite a while, and wondered just how she'd react to his venting.~
    17:30:47Kestral_Ennaiddraig : How did it feel to travel outside map boundaries? To hear parched deserts call to towering rain clouds, beckon and beg precious moisture, just short of sea-storms? How did it feel, stormy skies, whorled zephyrs, ancient code strung up spiral staircases through generations? How did it feel to see the earth shift, birthing new volcanoes, electric >
    17:31:57•MatthewϕKnight• : , carrying what appeared to be a lethargic knight. He was hardly lethargic. He was bored, and as his helm began to resonate with noise--laughter and boisterous din--he raised his head and sat upright on his steed. The shifting crowds parted about his horse as though he were just any cart or carriage passing through. It was when children tugged-c-
    17:32:44Kestral_Ennaiddraig : lightning midwifing the changes, rivers rising to wash away the muddy afterbirth at grey junctions where boundaries blured. It was beautiful, and terrifying, and ultimately tiring. She felt weary, the endless travelling, bartering her skills both mundane and otherwise for the means to survive, and always, that aching yearning in her belly, similar>
    17:34:34•MatthewϕKnight• : on the skirts of their mothers and pants legs of their fathers and pointed at him in fright that people began to regard him. They clutched their children as though his presence would snatch them from their sides and ushered them to another section of the city. Ah, the attention. The fearful attention. If only they could see the impish grin on-c-
    17:35:15Kestral_Ennaiddraig : to insatiable hunger. She wanted more than anything to go home, but the oath extracted from her frightened and pained lips ensured that she could not. She'd left not long after the promise was ripped away from her, and she had not stopped for miniature eternities since. Now, she sat her horse on the crest of the city, its name coyly flickering in >
    17:37:33•MatthewϕKnight• : his face as he drank it in. It wasn't every day that one gazed upon the twisted and black armor that belonged to someone unholy. His horns were buffed to glint in the sunlight--couldn't miss those--and the black mane of horse hair that covered his mantle--originally there to warm his neck--gave his ensemble some realism. As usual, the dark-c-
    17:37:33Kestral_Ennaiddraig : the deepest shadows of her thoughts, for it was unimportant. It wasn't home. But she needed rest, she needed to close her eyes and breathe. Just breath. The salt air licked at her senses, triggering memories of a primordial place in her mind, the green hills embraced by the restless sea. She tightened her grasp around the reins held previously >
    17:37:42•MatthewϕKnight• : warrior was looking for a fight. -end-
    17:37:58†Dominus† looking around as well though keeping his attention to detail out and about with his stay alert stay alive mentality going he replied to her perking up to his compliment and said..."your welcome" almost immediatly...he paused in his coversation as he saw Matthew moving towards them in the distance people parting ways to let him through. Giada<C>
    17:39:05Kestral_Ennaiddraig : slack, and made a clicking sound between her teeth with her tongue. The mare ceased nibbling on the sweet grasses and reluctantly stepped into a delicate trot down the winding path, carrying her mistress and what few posessions the woman owned, toward Hadara.~
    17:39:35†Dominus† had no sword on her and wasnt dressed for a fight he pushed her forcefully behind him though he stood his ground in the middle of the street. To him this was no warrior that would force women and children out of his way. Dominus had seen his kind before and it did not sit well with him. Dominus only wore ragged clothes but he wasnt looking for a<C>
    17:41:15†Dominus† fight so he would not double back for his armor. Though the cross tatoo on his shoulder and the scriptures tatooed and burned into his arms would peg him as that of a warrior of his god. It was true he tried his best to be a protector of the weak and a faithful servant to those in need. he said speaking back to Giada..."Ive got to handle something"
    17:41:17†Dominus† <D>
    17:45:12GiadaΦMilos : She was a bit surprised to be taken behind Dominus but when she looked up she saw Matthew and she understood. She nodded "May your steps not falter ..." She backed away for she had no weapon and it was a order not a request. Her eyes were fully upon the scene playing in front of her. She could only whisper prayers under her breath in <C>
    17:47:04GiadaΦMilos : a attempt to dispell the darkness that seemed to try to grip them with dark icy fingers. The Dark Knight was not being proactive but those of the light could feel the opposition , light and darkness always going against each other. Her vows were to dispell it but she was still a novice and she knew her place, she would only move upon the orders<C>
    17:47:10GiadaΦMilos : of her Captian.<F>
    17:47:42Sybilla•Covelin : The more he spoke the smaller Sybilla felt. It -had- to be the wolfsbane. Is this what it felt like to be human? Brows furrowed and she began to shake her head at him. "I have a human soul." This was so beyond complicated, fingers were shoved through tangled locks of honey and gripped. "I never said I didn't consider us the same /c/
    17:47:53Sybilla•Covelin : species." Bestiality. The word caused Sybilla to stare downward at the ground. Was that a reaction from the whore? A swallow. It doesn't matter. Those were never the things that she said. "You are not inferior. What you lack in strength you make up for in compassion. I've seen that much." Sybilla just stared at Tully. Fun. Yes, /c/
    17:48:06Sybilla•Covelin : she was so often capable of acting like she had no emotions at all but things were a little screwed up at the moment. -She- was a little screwed up at the moment. The mention of the guards had Sybilla turning a little to peer at them. Maybe a little longer than she should have because they stared back and normally the smiles they /c/
    17:51:27•MatthewϕKnight• : Amongst the parting crowds, there were two individuals that made themselves known as they reacted defensively to his approach. His head turned and the hollow eyes of his helm fell upon them like a cross hair. His eyes roved over the man that protected the woman and found himself guiding the Clydesdale in their direction. The tattoos upon his-c-
    17:52:20Kestral_Ennaiddraig has left the conversation.
    17:52:23Sybilla•Covelin : gave her would have elated her that she could have had a little fun. Instead, she looked away, somehow all that fun was beginning to make her feel about an inch tall. Skirts were gathered into fists only so Sybilla could plop down onto the side of the road, her cheeks resting on her fists while her elbows sat on her knees. A deep frown /c/
    17:52:25Kestral_Ennaiddraig has joined the conversation.
    17:52:35GiadaΦMilos : welcome back)
    17:52:38÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : wb ))
    17:52:45†Dominus† : wb))
    17:53:50Kestral_Ennaiddraig : ty ty sorry))
    17:54:07•MatthewϕKnight• : arms made him curious--specifically, the one in the shape of a cross. He pulled back on the reigns to stop his steed and the words that resonated from his helm wore a smile. "Are you a priest?" he questioned and didn't leave much room for him to answer. "Because if you are, I may ask for you to pray for me. Someone will die today, and I'm going -c-
    17:54:35Sybilla•Covelin : settled on her face. Is that really what he thought? That she thought him inferior? Sybilla began gnawing at inside of her cheek and she began to formulate a plot in her mind to remedy this situation. "I bet if you kept you working out, you could best me. I won't get any stronger but you could. There's another weakness. A werewolf is only /c/
    17:56:51•MatthewϕKnight• : to need someone to beg their god to forgive me." His knees pressed into the flanks of his steed as he guided it into a circle to face the gawking crowds--the onlookers--and announced in his high, "I am The Black Knight. I am a devil, a monster, and I have come to take your champions. Someone here will fight me for I will not leave until I've had-c-
    17:57:33Sybilla•Covelin : tso strong. I could do as much exercise as I want and it won't do any good but you...you can get stronger. So really, that makes me the inferior one because I'm unable to change." His words had set jabs at wounds but she was doing her best to hide the bleeds they'd caused. "You're not inferior Tully and I never meant to make you /c/
    17:58:37•MatthewϕKnight• : a duel. If you try to force me to leave, then you will die...and then I will leave because for you to force me to leave only gives me what I want. Who will represent this kingdom? Let them speak now or I will just find a place that will grant me hospitality for my 'long' stay here." -end-
    18:00:28Sybilla•Covelin : feel that way. That was just stupid pack things... which doesn't matter anymore because I don't have a pack." A breath in was taken. "Pack play is all about establishing dominance and usually you say stupid things to get the other wolf and.. I was just in the moment of things that day... I forget sometimes that not everyone plays that way." /c/
    18:02:24Kestral_Ennaiddraig : She came on the heels of the darkling 'Knight', riding through the gates at a sedate pace, curious when the guards seemed to mobilize themselves, perhaps for a change of duty. Unaware of the challenge issued in the square further away, the young Chakravat continued to drift past peasant and merchant. A ragged man, thin as frail sticks that might >
    18:02:59Sybilla•Covelin : Now she was rambling. Eyes shot up in his direction with brows furrowed in concern. "I don't want a mate. It's not you. It's not any one." /d/
    18:04:19Kestral_Ennaiddraig : have been referred to as kindling lifted a boney hand toward her, his bald head wrinkled, nut-husk brown. He wore a kind of grimace that was as miserable as it was hopeful, and his mouth showed empty gaps that once housed brittle ivory teeth. "Alms?" He begged, and the softness inside her spilled forward. She reached into the folds of her robes>
    18:06:00Kestral_Ennaiddraig : ~black heavy velvet affairs that might have once been fashionable but were now modestly antique, and covered in the grime of the road~ and produced a two bright glittering coins. She placed them in his hands, with a genteel smile and a whispered benediction for God's grace to shower upon the poor and the meek, before she moved on. Behind her, the >
    18:06:33†Dominus† his head lowered as if to cower from the knight as it came closer and he said low...."oh Lord please forgive me for i must break my vow of peace. End my pilgrimage and pick up the blade once more." dominus raised his head once more now to look upon the knight not really heading any word the man said.. "If I were a priest I wouldnt spit on you"<C>
    18:08:47†Dominus† yes he had a bitter manner to him when those that were threatening the peace and weak. "I will challenge you to this duel, I have no armor for I wear gods armor and he will protect me this day as I will protect these people" he would not take his eyes off the man his face without emotion without distress. Dominus was stalwart in the face of this<C>
    18:08:51Kestral_Ennaiddraig : saddle bags clinked and rattled with her truest trade; she was a woman of herbs, a woman who helped new life into the world. There was another nature, darker, but no less gentle that lurked beneath it, and those who bore the hallmarks of enlightenment would recognize it while those who slept on would not. She rode further into the streets, seeking>
    18:08:59Kestral_Ennaiddraig : tavern or inn, and stables.~
    18:10:17†Dominus† evil. This was a pious as he had been in quite some time, it was though the old Dominus rang out in light and he spoke his oath of the moment "I tread the path of Righteousness. Though it be paved with broken glass, I will walk it barefoot; though it cross rivers of fire, I will pass over them; though it wanders wide, the light of the Lord guides">
    18:11:15†Dominus† "my step.". He continued to stare at Matthew to watch his reaction. His right hand came to lay on the hilt of his sword that was still in the scabbard on the left side of his waist at the belt<D>
    18:12:40÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He felt badly that he'd said the things he had, especially the beastiality bit, and seeing how it affected her..he hadn't wanted to do that. "I'm not looking for a mate either, really." He sighed in turn, then took a seat next to her, leaned back onto his palms, legs crossed at the ankles, staring off at the tavern. He turned his gaze to her. >
    18:15:39÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : "You know, it's funny. Part of me is glad you're stronger than me. I find that incredibly sexy. I'm just a very confused guy, full of conflicting emotions and desires. I wish I wasn't this way, but I am. It gets me in trouble more often than not, but having vented like that, I really do feel a lot better. So, thank you, for listening to me. And >
    18:15:47GiadaΦMilos : In a strange city they had to meet this dark one. She knew that things were about to get ugly. When the dark one called for someone to fight him she knew that Dominus would not let anyone take that challenge he himself would take it. There was little recourse now it had been given and accepted<C>
    18:17:04GiadaΦMilos : she began to chant softly in the background, Dominus would feel the strength of her spirit and she prayed that he would see that the Order was needed as long as darkness like this persisted.<F>
    18:17:30•MatthewϕKnight• : The black knight turned an ear to the voice that called out an acceptance to his challenge. There were stunned whispers that blossomed around them. Matthew turned his horse around to see that the one who had challenged him was the supposed-holy man, but he looked like a pauper, a has-been. A single cough of laughter left the knight's mouth-c-
    18:20:13•MatthewϕKnight• : . "God protects you? Is that right? Where's your armor? You will challenge me with but only that sword and the sack cloth on your body?" he interrogated. The duel was already unfair, and Matthew didn't challenge those who were unprepared or not at their best. He could have removed his armor so that he was on par with the man, but he didn't-c-
    18:20:48÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : I'm sorry for the things I said, I was just.." He shook his head. "Confused. Now it's all sorted out though. Maybe I can't beat you in an arm wrestling match, but so what? That's not everything." From this angle he caught sight of something going on in the distance, some crowd gathering. He didn't think much of it, though, that happened all the >
    18:22:45÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : time. Likely another vendor selling anti curse potions or the like. He pulled his legs in from the road, then, as a woman on horseback neared. He glanced her over a moment, then returned his attentions to Sybilla. He hopped up to a stand again, dusting himself off, and offered her a hand. "In any case, I'm starved. Let's get something to eat, hm?"~

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    18:23:24•MatthewϕKnight• : wish to be seen. His armor did more than protect him from danger but from people. It kept them lost in an illusion that he was intimidating, something to be feared, before he backed it up with his actions. "Get some armor and maybe then I'll pay you mind." He turned back to the crowd and called again, "Who with armor and a sword will fight me?"-end
    18:26:35†Dominus† now angered with his arrogance he drew his sword and he said with a thundering voice..."Stand and fight you filth. God will see me smight you....You will not even graze me I need no armor against your pathetic abilities" he would not go get his armor now he would not bow to the wishes of a filth knight such as this man. Dominus saw right through<C>
    18:28:14†Dominus† him knowing he was nothing but a mere man and he said...."Are you worried that you need to slow me down with armor to win in battle against a seasoned crusader such as myself." He came down on the mans pride the best he knew how. Dominus felt that this was his way to repent to trust and have faith in god that he would not be slain this day. He <C>
    18:28:17Sybilla•Covelin : Sometimes venting was better than drinking it into oblivion. It was better to take the verbal hits than watch him do something self destructive like that. "Because you're half human and half-orc. Those two halves are probably conflicting within you. Like sometimes my human half and my wolf half don't always agree. " As Tully rose /c/
    18:28:45†Dominus† lowered slightly his sword pointed at Matthew and he said..."Get off your horse and act as a man would coward"<D>
    18:29:56Sybilla•Covelin : to his feet Sybilla followed with his help, leaned forward and rose up on tip-toes to kiss his temple. "Vent anytime you want." Food. The thought still made her wriggle her face up into an odd contortion. "Maybe they'll have some fruit instead?" Because that's really what she was craving, the sweetness of fruit rather than the bloodiness /c/
    18:31:37Sybilla•Covelin : of meat. "After that I'll take my bath. Maybe you could help..." She wasn't really sure what they'd do after the bath... nice long soak in hot water sounded nice. /d/
    18:34:01•MatthewϕKnight• : The crusader's words triggered a nerve, and Matthew laughed to make it seem that the man only tickled him with his retorts. "Bold words from a blond and blue-eyed girl," he scoffed. He rested a hand on the horn of the saddle and carefully dismounted. His boots thudded against the cobble and he glanced at the warrior again only briefly.-c-
    18:34:45You have been marked as being away.
    18:37:42•MatthewϕKnight• : He was reluctant to remove his helm. It disturbed him to think about it as he knew right outside his iron exterior there were eyes and beasts just waiting to eat him to shreds. He mustered up his dignity and raised his hands to his helm to slowly lift it from his head. There was no monster, but a man beneath whose dark brows were situated in a-c-
    18:41:01•MatthewϕKnight• : scowl. His skin was slightly tanned and his hair was cut in short, black feathers. He bent over to set his helm upon the ground and the first comment he heard was from a large, older man behind him. "He's just a lad," the man noted in surprise. It then followed with a woman shouting, "He's no devil!" Matthew's frown deepened as he tried to-c-
    18:44:40•MatthewϕKnight• : stay focused on his opponent and the duel they're to partake. He continued to unbuckle his armor, starting with his torso and then his shoulder pauldrons. People were beginning to shout in anger. They felt they had been scared for no reason. "Beat him!" another screamed. Matthew couldn't have felt anymore angry as he removed his greaves-c-
    18:47:26•MatthewϕKnight• : and rested a hand upon his horse's saddle so that he could step from his boots. Wearing nothing but a filthy-white tunic, charcoal-black trousers, and leather-soled shoes, the black knight picked up his sword belt and left his shield. His hands buckled it about his hips in haste as they were too busy shaking from the rage that was coursing hotly-c-
    18:49:40•MatthewϕKnight• : through his veins. "All right, let's-" A stone struck the back of his head and Matthew hung his head, his eyes clinched in not only pain, but he was ready to explode. He felt the blood rolling down the back of his neck and his lips trembled as they rolled back to bare his teeth like a ferocious hound. All he could hear was the people screaming-c-
    18:52:29•MatthewϕKnight• : , calling him names, and cheering for this blond fool to beat him. He couldn't take it anymore. He would kill all of them. Raising his head, his brown eyes were shrunk in his maddening fury as he yanked his sword from its sheath and pointed it at the wall of people where he suspected the rock had sailed from. "I will kill ALL of you!" he roared.-e-
    18:55:09†Dominus† watched him as he removed his armor and listened to the people grating on the warriors nerves as he readied himself for the battle. Dominus was glad already as anger did no good in a fight when not directed in the wrong direction it was fatal. When the rock struck the back of Matthews head and the man reacted in such a way of slowly brewing<C>
    18:58:04†Dominus† over the edge in anger that he snapped at the crowd and pointed his sword at them menacing he called out with the thunder of a holy warrior of a fervour unmatched by any in his order ...."No Pitty for those of heathen nature COWARD!" he leaped foward though he did not strike the warrior or even attempt to touch blades. Dominus took the <C>
    19:00:20†Dominus† the oppurtunity that presented itself and leveled his blade at a high angle of attack the tip of the blade about a foot from the side of Matthew's throat and he said following his call for battle...."I say again God protects me and I protect these people this day, leave no and leave with your life you pathetic filth" Though at angle of strategic>C
    19:00:55†Dominus† Dominance he was ready for the Angry Knight to lash out at him and went over many plans of how to counter act and end the fight before it really began<D>
    19:01:10Kestral_Ennaiddraig : The shouts drew her attentions, the talk of devils and children, causing something to stir in the pit of her belly. She knew well those words, had heard them thrust at her like wayward stones. Without even knowing what was facing her, the Chakravat slid effortlessly from her worn saddle. Aground, she stood no more than five feet, if she reached >
    19:02:58Kestral_Ennaiddraig : such a height at all. She followed the stall-lined paths, through the throng of people, leading the chestnut mare behind her...and then almost immediately wished she hadn't. Her curiosity had been so moved by pity and the desire to protect that she gave no real thought to the source of emotion. She managed to arrive at the forefront of the crowd >
    19:05:01Kestral_Ennaiddraig : in time to see the men preparing to spit one another on their swords. For a split second, the great height of the one combatant lead her heart to leap into her throat. But he was too young, too fair-haired to be the Duke, and she was able to breathe again. Catching her lower lip between her teeth, her small hand clenched the Crucifix at her throat>
    19:05:10Kestral_Ennaiddraig : and with wide eyes, she merely looked on.~
    19:09:58•MatthewϕKnight• : His eyes darted to his left where the holy warrior now stood, directing his sword at him. His anger was suppressed for but a second as he turned it from the people to this one warrior. He would kill him, and then they would take him seriously. Matthew grinned wildly as he continued to leer at the blond. The whites of his eyes were shining as he-c-
    19:16:18•MatthewϕKnight• : brought his sword swiftly around to purposefully connect with the blade of his opponent. The strike had strength and anger behind it, and was meant to jar his opponent's sword balance (couldn't think of the word). Simultaneously, the swing had him turn to face the holy warrior and if it connected with his blade, he would-c-
    19:18:56•MatthewϕKnight• : use the collision of the blades as a deflector in his favor to give him the bounce he needed to ready another attack. -end-
    19:24:30†Dominus† He turned with the collision of the blades with speed that he usually dont have due to his armor. As Dominus swung around he lowered into a crouch sweeping his leg up under Matthew's legs bring the knight's legs up from underneith him and as the large man would fall for sur to the contact. Dominus would bring his boot down upon the blade of his<C>
    19:25:16•MatthewϕKnight• gave permission (letting y'all know he's okaying this). ))
    19:26:12†Dominus† opponent to stop any further attack. Breathing slightly heavy from the acting he pointed the blade at Matthew's face he knew in his heart that this man would not yield to him any day. Dominus contiplated killing the man where he was reached up and spinning the blade and bringing the hilt down on the mans sternum hard to break the wind from his<C>
    19:27:21†Dominus† chest in hopes to end the fight early as he did not want to take a life. Dominus would say...."its to late in the evening for blood to fill these streets. May the Lord forgive you someday for your sins"<D>
    19:31:31GiadaΦMilos : She had stayed silent and only watching during the fight. It was hard to fight the darkness when they looked like everyone else. This knight wasn't much older then her and as she stopped praying. It was starting to get dark and she called out"Dominus, perhaps we should go and let the man tend to himself" she was worried the crowd might set on the<C
    19:32:55GiadaΦMilos : man. He had felt some shame by their insults and shouts and she was afraid that innocents might get killed or hurt because a mans ego was a fragile thing. Even men in the Order at times suffered with it. She was only thinking of those around, Dominus could take care of himself. It was unlike her to speak out to a superior but <C>
    19:33:23GiadaΦMilos : officially the Order didnt exhist anymore and that is what she would fall back on if a rebuke came from Dominus for her speaking.<F>
    19:33:51GiadaΦMilos : permission given to npc Dom )
    19:33:57†Dominus† : ok i gotta get outa here and yep))
    19:34:08†Dominus† : ill catch you guys later ill be on tomorrow))
    19:34:14GiadaΦMilos : night)
    19:34:17•MatthewϕKnight• : The knight had been drawing his blade back for a thrust when he saw his opponent whirl before him, his next strike shrouded by his erratic movements. He felt something connect with his ankles and became aware all but too late of what the holy warrior had planned. He collapsed and reached out with his right hand to safe fall. The blond warrior's-c-
    19:34:19•MatthewϕKnight• : night))
    19:34:56Kestral_Ennaiddraig : cya))
    19:35:23†Dominus† has left the conversation.
    19:38:25•MatthewϕKnight• : shadow cast over him and defensively, Matthew raised his blade to ward him off when his foot came down upon his wrist. His knuckles knocked against the cobble and he froze upon the ground, gazing at the sword that was pointed in his face. Matthew, amidst pants, grinned at the blond. "Do you really think this is over?" he questioned. "You'd-c-
    19:42:21•MatthewϕKnight• : have to-" What would have been "kill me" never left the knight's lips as the holy warrior whirled again and came down upon his chest with the craziest move he had ever seen. When the pummel of the warrior's sword and his weight struck his diaphragm a gust of wind left his lips harshly. Blackness flashed before his eyes and the knight frantically-c-
    19:44:38•MatthewϕKnight• : blinked to clear it from his sights. It came again in another dark wave, lapping over his pupils as the sky seemed brighter than it really was. He was soon unconscious before he even realized he was. Matthew's head fell back and his eyes rolled back into his head. -end-
    19:46:47Kestral_Ennaiddraig : Perhaps it was a hint of madness, but most likely it was the pity she carried for all of the world. Despite the rash of hatred from others, she slipped her hand free from the reins, knowing full well that the horse would not leave without her. She stepped forth through the haze of anticipation (they were liars who said they had no stomach to view >
    19:47:43GiadaΦMilos : She walked toward Dominus and the man of little words just gave her a nod. She in mercy and compassion even for one such as this spoke to the crowd "It is time to disperse there is nothing more to see here, go with the blessings of the Almighty" she and Dominus would stand there as the crowd dispersed. <C>
    19:47:57GiadaΦMilos : oops sorry Kestral didnt see you posted will wait for you to finish)
    19:48:58Kestral_Ennaiddraig : the bloodshed of another), and came to kneel beside the fallen Knight. She had no idea what had sparked the flame of fight, but she did recognize injury where she saw it. Glancing at the other woman but briefly, she offered a nod of gratitude before turning her eyes to the darkling, luminous orbs that gleamed like wet copper against the tawny>
    19:49:03Kestral_Ennaiddraig : no worries hun))
    19:51:32Kestral_Ennaiddraig : skin of her delicate features. Tender were the skilled fingertips that stroked the man's brow, following the line around the curvature of cheek, down the length of jaw. Her hand came away sticky and dark once she'd sweeped his throat, and she frowned. "Please...Lady..." Her words were spoken huskily, just a shadow of a whisper in the wake of the >
    19:53:10Kestral_Ennaiddraig : woman's entreaty to the crowd. "For the love of the Lord and His mercy, fetch me my saddle bag?" She nodded her head in the direction of the mare, before she turned back to her ministrations, opening herself up to the pull of Prana.~
    19:55:12GiadaΦMilos : She looked to Dominus and then spoke quietly"Go I shall meet you back at the tavern and I shall be fine." she bowed her head toward him her hand in a fist coming accross her chest showing his rank above her. She knew that he needed some moments to himself anyway and giving her promise to not be long he headed toward the tavern. She <C>
    19:58:09GiadaΦMilos : looked toward the direction that Kestral had indicated and gave a nod of acquiescence. The crowd had grumbled but had thinned going onto their errands. Nimble fingers undid the straps of the bag as she quickly released it from its postion and brought it to Kestral. She sat it down and then moved to the opposite side of the fallen man."I will <C>
    19:58:19You are no longer marked as being away.
    19:59:04Kestral_Ennaiddraig : Wibs S))
    19:59:54GiadaΦMilos : help you though I have a feeling that our compassions will be held in disdain" she gave a wry smile and looked once again to the man upon the ground. What drove some men to use fear and arragance and others to choose the light path and to service? She might never know but she having only rudimentry knowledge of healing and that on the <C>
    20:00:09•MatthewϕKnight• : Skip me on the next turn. I'm going to run to get some food and move my laptop into the other room))
    20:00:13•MatthewϕKnight• : brb))
    20:00:16•MatthewϕKnight• is away.
    20:00:43GiadaΦMilos : battlefeild waited to see how much Kestral might know. She introduced herself " I am Giada , a pleasure to meet you Lady" a bow of her head was given in respect and a quick smile.<F>
    20:05:01Kestral_Ennaiddraig : "Perhaps," she replied with a vague hint of a smile, "but the Holy Word encourages us to forgive others, that we might be forgiven ourselves. And the hard heart may be turned, in time." She knew nothing of the man, either of them, but she did not really need to. What she saw was only a youth bleeding from the back of his head, with a crushed wrist>
    20:07:03Kestral_Ennaiddraig : and bruises that would sting his pride long after the flesh had healed. "A pleasure, Lady Giada. I am called..." There was the briefest of hesitations as she turned to the leather bag and slipped loose the tether from its clasp. Things tinkled, clinked and rattled as she pawed through its mysterious contents. "Kestral, by most." The young woman, >
    20:09:37Kestral_Ennaiddraig : surely no older than perhaps twenty summers, smiled a little more brightly as her fingers seized her prize. A few cloths, clean and plain, a small stone pot, sealed with wax, and a dark glass phile that appeared to contain some kind of liquid. Ignoring now the bag, she looked to Giada. "If you would be so kind, I would prefere to tend the wound at>
    20:10:48Kestral_Ennaiddraig : at the back of his head before we try to rouse him back to the waking world. Makes him less prone to bite." She winked at this, and with a free hand, grasped one shoulder, though it was obvious that she would need help in turning him. And while the street was no place to cure a man, she had relatively few options to consider.~
    20:13:35GiadaΦMilos : She turned to make sure that Dominus had retreated back to the tavern and then with a quick nod she agreed "Yes he does seem to be rather, shall we say aggressive. At least we do not have to fight with armour, there is some light in this after all" She reached over and pulled the man over , she had to use her body weight<C>
    20:15:43GiadaΦMilos : to counter his dead weight. Pulling him him would allow Kestral to push from the other side "Do you wish me to hold him on his side or shall we put him on his stomach?" Surely Matthew would not take kindly to being face down in the street. " I can hold him while you tend to his wounds" She knew that they wouldnt have much time because<C>
    20:16:27GiadaΦMilos : the man could come to at anytime. Giada did keep a eye on his armour and his horse to make sure that someone did not take advantage of the situation and try to make off with his articles. <F>
    20:23:50•MatthewϕKnight• : He's not awake yet so can skip me again lol. I'll wake him soon don't worry. o_o))
    20:24:13•MatthewϕKnight• : Prepare yourselves ))
    20:27:46GiadaΦMilos : Kestral is afk for a bit)
    20:28:00•MatthewϕKnight• : Ok))
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    21:19:50Kestral_Ennaiddraig : and back))
    21:20:00GiadaΦMilos : wb your post!)
    21:20:27Kestral_Ennaiddraig : oh, lol))
    21:20:31•MatthewϕKnight• : wb ))
    21:20:34Kestral_Ennaiddraig : ty))
    21:24:15Kestral_Ennaiddraig : "We could cushion his head against my leg," she said and moved herself into better position for it. She liked this woman, something about her reminded Kestral of her sisters at the convent, only more spirited, like the Roma. "This salve will keep out infection, and will help the cut heal smoothly, with little scarification." She thumbed the little>
    21:27:17Kestral_Ennaiddraig : pot's lid, and released a sweet smell into the air. She'd made it from Saint John's wort, sweet almond oil, comfrey and beeswax from hives she tended herself back in Pennswood. It rose in the warm evening air, the scent and mingled with her own, something reminiscent of cinnamon. The dusky woman wiped the blood away with the cloths as Giada held >
    21:29:14Kestral_Ennaiddraig : him steady, then dipped her fingers into the salve. Light as as a kiss she slathered the cut with the cooling remedy, dabbing the cut where the rock had broken skin. Head wounds tended to bleed profusely for even minor wounds, and she was quite relieved to see he would need no stitching. "I am grateful that your lord husband did not hurt him too >
    21:29:33Kestral_Ennaiddraig : much, Lady Giada. And it is kind of you to assist me."~
    21:32:03GiadaΦMilos : She watched as Kestral worked watching and learning, she tried to be gentle in how she held the man as well trying not to have her fingers press too hard into his flesh. People now were gone but they did get some curious glances from passerbys. She would simply smile and nod as they walked on to their business. When Kestral mentioned<C>
    21:34:47GiadaΦMilos : "lord husband" she started to chuckle "Nay he is not my husband, he is my friend and mentor. We are all that is left of our Order and until recently believed that we were the only one. Things were destroyed before I could recieve my full training and when I found him he has agreed to finish my training. He is a good man, and he and I have<C>
    21:38:27GiadaΦMilos : walked the path of sorrow and things are looking up now." she pulled a little bit repostioning herself "Forgive me I have the habit to jibber jabber as my mama would say. I speak enough for Dominus and myself together, which is why probably we work so well together." She continued" No need to thank me it is in my vows, even though <C>
    21:39:05GiadaΦMilos : this man is a stranger and was ...shall we say not the nicest flower in the garden he is loved by the Almighty"<F>
    21:42:27•MatthewϕKnight• : Matthew's chest expanded as he took a deep breath of air into his lungs. In a hot and abrupt huff, his breath rolled against the thigh that was supporting his forehead. His left hand slid across the ground as he brought it up near his shoulders as though he was preparing a push-up. His right arm, however, was stuck and he tugged on it a few-c-
    21:44:22•MatthewϕKnight• has returned.
    21:46:31•MatthewϕKnight• : times, feeling it wedged between his side and two knees that were pinning it there. There were two of them--he perceived. He didn't know what they were doing with him, but he wasn't going to make it easy while in his weakened state. Angrily, a snarl left him as he jerked his arm free. He thrust his right hand first at the one who sat to his-c-
    21:47:50«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» has left the conversation.
    21:49:59•MatthewϕKnight• : right. His palm prepped to shove against the hardened chest of his assailant, but instead, felt supple flesh giving against his touch. Okay, so there was a fat ass amongst them, no biggie. His hand then traveled forward to the one that sat before him. He grasped the side of the other's neck, moving his thumb over her jugular as he finally-c-
    21:50:35«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» has joined the conversation.
    21:52:13•MatthewϕKnight• : pushed himself up with his left hand and snapped his eyes up to gaze upon...a woman. He glanced first to Kestral and then to Giada, retracting his hand as though he had grabbed the wrong body part. Why were they all over him? What did they do? He felt himself over, his finger brushing over the gooey salve. He brought his sticky fingers to his-c-
    21:54:05«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» is away.
    21:54:23•MatthewϕKnight• : nose to smell...cinnamon...(the bastards!) His diaphragm felt like it was sinking deeper into his chest, making him clutch it through the rough material of his tunic. He bent over and bore his teeth as though he had gotten kicked in the stomach. "I'm going to kill him..." he rasped. "He should have killed me. I'll make him regret his mercy." -end-
    22:00:30Kestral_Ennaiddraig : She started to smile, began to speak. "Pray your pardon for the misunderstanding. I myself was raised as a Benedicti-" but the words dried in her throat as a calloused thumb travelled along the length of her throat. It wasn't the first time she'd felt such a touch, and she was certain it wouldn't be the last. One part of her was all instinct, the >
    22:03:13Kestral_Ennaiddraig : spark of defensive clenching in her belly, urgining her to retaliate. But the logical, rational part of her mind understood that the man had all the right to be confused. "Easy, good sir. We are simply..." but she couldn't really say much, if he still had murder on his mind. Oh, how she was tempted to use her hidden skills upon him, to ease his >
    22:03:53Kestral_Ennaiddraig : anger, but she'd been here less than a quarter of an hour, and did not want to move on. She might be charitble, but at times she could be just as selfish as anyone else.~
    22:05:57÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~Tully pushed the door of King's Head open, leaving it, laughing, saying behind him "I still think the brothel's a good idea. Maybe you can make it a brothel/bakery. Bake cakes topless." He walked out a bit, then stopped in the road, noticing again the crowd from before, a ways down the road. He looked over his shoulder at Syb, who'd had a few >
    22:06:32GiadaΦMilos : The touch upon her breast caused her mouth to drop open and a gasp of surprise got caught in her throat as his other hand found Kestrals throat . Her effervesent personality did not fail to show up even in this situation. Calm and collected she spoke "We did not wish you to bleed out on the streets sir, and someone needed to watch your <C>
    22:08:05GiadaΦMilos : armour and your horse. In some places things disappear in the blink of a eye. Please let my friend go we were thinking only of your safety" her tongue came out to wet her lips as she spoke. They were on precarious ground here because if he did not cease and desist then the women would need to defend themselves. Dominus would be angry at her<C>
    22:08:22÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : drinks while he'd eaten but then, she could throw them back with the best of them. "Hey, anything going on over there?" He knew her super senses could detect what his could not. He waited back just a bit, his sense of adventure kicking in. Short post is short.~
    22:09:25GiadaΦMilos : though she had a niggling that Kestral was far from helpless she wished no more violence. "We do not wish the city guards to come and see the ruckas now do we?"<F>
    22:13:07•MatthewϕKnight• : Matthew's back straightened before his shoulders as his head felt like it was full of rocks. He rested a hand over his face and was hardly listening to anything the two women were saying. He had missed a good portion of what they had spoke for he was immersed in his own thoughts of how he would get his revenge. His solution for being short-of-c-
    22:17:28•MatthewϕKnight• : -hearing came in the form of a snap, "Shut your mouth!" He lowered his hand to glare over to his horse. His brown eyes then lowered to the armor still gathered at the creature's feet. Pessimus had been trained to stay put. A horse of his size wouldn't be easy to move, and although he couldn't say the same for his armor, iron wasn't easy to lug-c-
    22:18:07Sybilla•Covelin : The host...... wants to know.... location....)
    22:18:23•MatthewϕKnight• : City? o_o Not really specifically anywhere))
    22:18:28Kestral_Ennaiddraig : middle of street with Gia and Matthew, currently not being strangled))
    22:18:31GiadaΦMilos : marketplaceish I think?)
    22:18:38•MatthewϕKnight• : There we go middle of street lol))
    22:18:39Sybilla•Covelin : Also.... she's sliding in after Matt, Tully is sliding in after me...)
    22:21:27•MatthewϕKnight• : away all at once. Anger and humiliation were the two emotions that tormented him. That holy warrior had cursed him with unfinished business. The black knight hadn't been defeated. He was still alive. Matthew approached his horse and rested his hand upon the saddle as he bent over to once again wait for the pain in his chest to subside before he-c-
    22:22:24•MatthewϕKnight• : gathered his gear. He was going to find where that blond girl lived and call him out for another go. There was no time for rest. Hit and run damn it. -end-
    22:25:23Sybilla•Covelin : It was an instantaneous slap to the senses as the wandered out of the tavern. Blue eyes, filled with silvered flecks and Sybilla groaned quietly. Too close to the end of the full moon. Nostrils flared and Sybilla stared at him when he asked the question. The eyes would speak volumes. "Human blood. Let's go see." Oh yes, let's bring /c/
    22:25:34Sybilla•Covelin : a werewolf who was just out of a cage for two days because of the full moon to a scene where there was human blood. A hand smacked lightly at the half-orc's shoulder with a sly smile. As Syb walked closer to the group, she willed the blue eyes to return to normal. Wasn't happening, Sybilla did not have that kind of control over /c/
    22:25:43Sybilla•Covelin : her wolf so soon after the full moon. "Mmm..." Scents were powerful things, emotions produced all kinds of pheromones, most of which caused the woman to salivate. Horses didn't like Sybilla no matter how well they were trained, they sensed the predator within. Which amused her greatly. "Three heartbeats." She whispered /c/
    22:27:17Sybilla•Covelin : to Tully as they got closer, "two female and a male.. very unhappy male." See, her senses came in handy for a lot of things. Time to put on the charm, an easy smile came to Sybilla's face as she came up to the group with Tully. "Why hello there... everything alright, with you all?" A deep southern Louisianan-type accent flowed forth from the /c/
    22:27:28Sybilla•Covelin : woman's mouth as she glanced at all three of them. /d/
    22:31:33Kestral_Ennaiddraig : so Gia, Me, Matt, You, Tully?))
    22:32:05GiadaΦMilos : your before me Kestral)
    22:32:16Kestral_Ennaiddraig : ah okay))
    22:34:25÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~Tully grinned, coming up alongside Sybilla and spectating the scene. He had noted her lust..and liked it. As for himself, he was a trim, buff, blonde man, his hair long and done back in a ponytail. He had brown eyes and a light complexion, as he worked indoors. He wore but a simple green shirt with brown lacing at a v neck collar, and loose->
    22:36:59÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : fitting tan pants held up by a thick leather belt. Leather boots brought him a little closer to the situation, to peek over and see what it was all about. He had a foolish, childish air about him, as though he took nothing seriously. As well, there was something about him that was unstable. Something in the way he smiled that suggested he would .
    22:37:03÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : >*
    22:40:38÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : just as soon see a house burn as he'd see it built. "Anything we can help with?" he asked all the same. He stayed back, letting Sybilla do whatever she wanted. He didn't share her penchant for blood, and then he wondered what she thought of his. Oh, that old voice came calling..Telling him he wasn't good enough. Not tasty enough, in this case. He >
    22:42:35÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : -was- a half Orc, afterall, and even though he was a Human as far as things went, she could smell and taste at least, what, two hundred times moreso than he could? Maybe more..as a half Orc perhaps his senses were even duller than a Human's..He shook his head, trying to clear it of the spiderwebs that he was finding here and there.~
    22:47:33Kestral_Ennaiddraig : The only thing Kes really did was raise a brow at the rather unchivalrous and frankly calloused way the Knight had dismissed them. She wondered vaguely if he were related to Sebastien, but here and now was not the place to ponder bloodlines. She looked to Giada, wondering if the woman was okay, though she was sure the woman could take care of >
    22:49:23Kestral_Ennaiddraig : herself, if push came to shove. She gathered her small supplies and gently returned them to the saddle bag. "And there is no helping some. I hope your Brother does not meet him again in a dark alley." She rose to her full, if completely unimpressive height, and held out a hand to the other woman. Not too long after, two more strangers arrived, >
    22:50:59•MatthewϕKnight• has left the conversation.
    22:51:15Kestral_Ennaiddraig : and an inquiry of some type had begun, leading the Chakravat to want to be anywhere but right here in that moment. Her mare showed no signs of such qualms, standing placidly and turning her muzzle toward the flowers arranged at the stall near her. She had been too well bred to eat them, but there was longing in the beast's eyes. "I am afraid to >
    22:51:55Kestral_Ennaiddraig : say...no, there is not much." Unless they could escort the Knight away, at which point Kestral would wish them good luck and Godspeed. She waited for Giada.~
    22:52:43•MatthewϕKnight• has joined the conversation.
    22:52:53•MatthewϕKnight• : oops))
    22:53:05•MatthewϕKnight• : I was closing windows and accidently hit this one))
    22:53:13÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : it's all good ))
    22:55:49GiadaΦMilos : Giada had expected the behavior of the Knight and so she was not dismayed at his reaction. She simply stood and watched him walk away and called to him "Have a nice evening and may your head heal quickly" she whispered to Kestral "and his temper, I will let Dominus know of his intent. " she held a hand to Kestral "I am at the mercy of <C>
    22:57:22GiadaΦMilos : having no coin but if you are heading my way I would invite you to walk with me" she turned when the two strangers arrived and smiled brightly "Everything is fine here, the Knight just bumped his head and it was fortunate that the Lady was here." she watched Matthew as he gathred his things" He seems to be back to himself though it was <C>
    22:58:00GiadaΦMilos : kind of you to inquire. I am sure that he would love you to bring your concerns directly to him, he seems to appreciate the caring and kindness of others" she stiffled a small giggle and then waited for Kestral to answer.<F>
    23:03:20•MatthewϕKnight• : Matthew had buckled up his boots and fastened his greaves. He slid his tunic up briefly so he could fasten his sword belt, and a few passing women stole a glance at the bricks of his stomach and the happy trail that passed his navel. They turned their heads to giggle into their hands. The knight was already pissed, and here they were laughing-c-
    23:06:34•MatthewϕKnight• : . No matter. He managed to grin with ill-intent. He was going to string that holy warrior high or beat him until he pleaded for him to kill him. After another two minutes, he had all his armor but his helm on. He wasn't going to leave, but he wasn't going to stay within the walls either. He didn't trust the city after it had shown its ugly-c-
    23:09:06•MatthewϕKnight• : face. If he had the opportunity, he would have burned it to the ground. Matthew faced the saddle and rested his arms across the back of his Clydesdale. He rested his forehead momentarily against the cool leather as his head and abdomen began to ache again. If he wasn't in shape, he was certain the blow he had taken from the warrior would have-c-
    23:11:42•MatthewϕKnight• : ruptured some organs and if he had aimed a bit higher, shattered his sternum. He became convinced that perhaps riding in his condition wasn't wise. The jarring would have only made him sick. Retreating into his helm, he took the beast by the reigns and walked it back to the city gates. He had a camp to prepare for the night. -end-
    23:21:07Sybilla•Covelin : Sybilla watched the male like a predator might watch her meal. It seemed they had missed all the fun. Bummer. Instinct told her to follow the injured to hunt. A hand reached for Tully and the grip that she hid from the other's was not a light one. Spirit help her. The giggle caused a narrowing of the whore's eyes. A quiet click of the /c/
    23:22:01Sybilla•Covelin : tongue was given. Obviously the wolf was not pleased at being giggled at. Stupid human children. "I think it might have been too soon for us to leave, Tully. I'm not feeling myself." The last words came with slight shakes and Sybilla turned to stiffly start walking away. Had to be the wolfsbane. Teeth were gnashed together and once out /c/
    23:24:50Sybilla•Covelin : of the human's ear shot Sybilla let loose a low rumbling growl. "Did you hear her giggle? Did you? I should go back over there and..." the woman had about faced, this was a bad idea. Bad. Bad. Bad. So soon after the full moon. Shouldn't be gallivanting about where there was human blood and anger. At least /c/
    23:26:29Sybilla•Covelin : she wasn't at full strength but still. Maybe she needed Tully more than Tully realized. More than she realized. Maybe she should have eaten while she was at the tavern. Lots of maybe's with one intent at the moment. To be a very bad dog. /d/
    23:35:29÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He caught her hand, suddenly realizing this was more dire a situation than he'd erstwhile thought. He drew himself toward her, putting his hand around Sybilla's shoulders, crowding her with his body meanwhile, walking her along, away from the scene. "Sorry, should've known better. I have an idea." He looked back, saying more openly to the women .
    23:44:10÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : "Pardon us, she's ill! Going to vomit!" He rushed her along to the forge, saying something about how they shouldn't have gone out at all what with her being in this condition, "You said you were all better! I asked you how many times and you told me!" Until they were out of human earshot, or what he guessed to be such, and then he brought Sybilla .
    23:47:30÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : around to the back of the forge and unlocked it from that location. "Come in here..." He went in and cut on a light, locking the door behind them. He didn't whisper, there was no need. The walls of the forge were thick. And if any had ears to hear through them, they'd do so whether hushed or no. "Okay, here's my idea." He told her of it in privacy.
    23:47:37÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : end ))
    23:55:21Kestral_Ennaiddraig : The fact that Gia had thrown the Knight onto the metaphoric horse hooves amused Kestral, and she too laughed at the notion, though almost as soon as the soft, husky sound left her throat she felt nearly instantly guilty. If the strangers did decide to check on the Knight's well-being, then they would be at fault for the violence that ensued. But >
    23:57:23Kestral_Ennaiddraig : at least they weren't laughing at the woman. No sooner had Gia spoken then the new arrivals became the first of them all to depart the scene, and Kes couldn't really blame them. "Oh, I do not accept coin for healing..." she said almost as an afterthought. "What I earn is mostly in trade from my herbs, and I am a trained midwife." Which mostly >
    23:58:37Kestral_Ennaiddraig : mostly meant Kes spent her days covered in blood, and existed through the kindness of others. And when kindness could not be counted on, there was always magick. At least enough to subsist on. "And I would be glad for your company," she said, though she could not help but to glance over her shoulder at the Knight. There was something about him >
    00:00:39Sybilla•Covelin : "I was fine! Am fine!" Despite the low growling sounds that kept coming out. The human blood maybe? Wolfsbane? Something. Something had messed with her. He was scolding her like the child wolf that she was and part of her was proud of him. Hell, all of her was proud of him. He would have let her just go and watched the carnage /c/
    00:00:41Kestral_Ennaiddraig : that she could not put her finger on, something that spoke to her. Perhaps he reminded her of the Get. Certainly the weight of the chip on his shoulder was something she was intimately familiar with. "And while it is certainly putting us in harms way...I feel...guilty just letting him leave. He is not well, that one."~
    00:00:59Sybilla•Covelin : but no, he kept her in check. Inferior her ass. When they made it to the forge Sybilla had calmed slightly. Idea? He had an idea. "Well, what's this idea of yours?" She wandered to fill a cup with the purplish juice that was slowly becoming wine. It would need to be thrown away soon. In a few good gulps it was gone. "I don't understand. It is/c/
    00:01:40Sybilla•Covelin : over, the moon cycle I mean and I feel fine now. Maybe it was the combination of the smells... sometimes they do funny things."/d/
    00:01:54Sybilla•Covelin : -breaks posting order cause we're in two different locales- )
    00:03:27GiadaΦMilos : She looked the way Matthew went , well I have a horse up the street if you wish we can follow him. With him the way he is I could not feel right with you going alone and it is dark now, or if your horse can bear two riders we can go now." she wondered why the other two left and supposed it was because of Matts behavior. She ran a<C>
    00:05:55GiadaΦMilos : quick hand through her long dark hair to take it from her face. "Are you sure you wish to go after him? He will welcome us the same way he thanked us ." she wasnt too bothered by it herself but Kestral seemed kind and she did not wish her to be ill used. "You must be a cleric? For few would have such dedication but those that are <C>
    00:07:13GiadaΦMilos : commited to healing or those that belong to a religious order of some kind" she did not see anything identifying but in this light it was hard to see and she had not paid attention when there was enough light to see.<F>
    00:11:29•MatthewϕKnight• : Matthew was practically hunched over by the time he left the city and found a spot in the woods veiled in a blanket of dead leaves. There was a rotten log that he knelt next to and then slowly sank to his side. He crossed his arm over his stomach and though he usually didn't lay in his armor due to it being very uncomfortable, nothing could have-c-
    00:11:47÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~He was actually proud of himself at that. There was a part of him, and no small one, that would have loved to see her tear into, rend, rip, mutilate, DeStRoY. Instead, he'd saved her from the bloody end in store for that debacle. He sat his ass down on the workbench and threw off his shirt, grinning. "Maybe you just need to hunt" he conspired, .
    00:15:04•MatthewϕKnight• : made him feel any better. He felt unaccomplished. His soul would not rest until he's had his revenge and redeemed his reputation. He was undefeated. He had destroyed many; and if it wasn't for that warrior turning his city on him, then he would have killed him just like all his other opponents. He didn't prepare camp for he refused to budge from-c-
    00:15:15÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : then lay back, reaching, finding, plucking a clove cigarette. So few left. He went to a stand, and then over to the torch he'd lit to light up his cig. "Ahhh.." Smoke plumed. Tully sighed. "Did you know I have Darkvision?" He turned to her, seeking her through the smoke. "Not in this form, of course. But in my other, I can see in pitch black." He .
    00:17:09•MatthewϕKnight• : that spot until he felt fit enough to return to the city and drag that blond girl out for another bout by the hair. Pessimus simply scraped at the leaves with his hoof and lowered his muzzle to the wet blades of grass he found. At least one of them was getting fed. -end-
    00:22:46÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : went into a side room and came back out with a bow. A big, big bow. "This.." He grabbed the bowstring roughly, as though he were trying to rip it off, just to show how tough it was. "is special. Came with me." He went over and grabbed an arrow from a quiver hanging on a wall. The forge was such a place that weapons were strewn all about, all >
    00:23:40Kestral_Ennaiddraig : Kestral smiled. If the woman wanted to assume she was a cleric, who was she to deny such a thing. While she belonged to the Euthanatos tradition, it certainly did not prevent her from being an active Sister of the Benedictine Order. "A novice, not yet avowed." She replied. Still, she took obience, poverty and chastity fairly seriously. She waved >
    00:24:30÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : manner of them. He threw the bow to her, then, and once she caught that, the arrow.~
    00:24:34÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : Try it out.
    00:25:31Kestral_Ennaiddraig : toward the mare. "Imbri is young and strong, but if you wish to bring your own beast, I would be glad to wait. She hefted the saddlebag over her tiny shoulder, for she was half a foot smaller, and nearly half the weight of the other woman. The black robes she wore were fairly plain, adorned only at the hem and the cuffs with a modest lace. Her >
    00:27:20Kestral_Ennaiddraig : only jewelry in the faint light a golden Crucifix that hung suspended from a wooden rosary about her neck. "I have fresh fruit, bread and dried venison in my other bag. Perhaps by breaking our fast with him, he might be in a better mood. And if not, at least we will be able to leave him without worrying overly much that we had not done our best to>
    00:27:39Kestral_Ennaiddraig : be charitable." It sounded fairly reasonable to her, and she hoped for Gia's company.~
    00:30:05GiadaΦMilos : She thought about it and then winced "Dominus would be expecting me back I better not go back for Paulous incase he catches me. I will ride with you ! I gave my bread and cheese to someone that needed it more then I today so I have nothing but my company to offer. " She was still wearing the damable dress and that would make <C>
    00:33:06Sybilla•Covelin : Hunt. Why was he grinning at her like that? Could see in the dark. The bow caused a widening of Sybilla's eyes and for a moment what seemed to her to be a very loud pounding of her hear within her chest. Came with him. When the bow and the arrow came in her direction, Sybilla caught both. Bows and arrows were a little /c/
    00:33:14GiadaΦMilos : riding a bit more difficult, she would have to hike up her skirts a bit. She walked to Imbri and spoke softly running a quick hand over the muzzle of the horse "We should hurry, his temper won't improve over time. By the way he was walking he feels none to good " She would wait for Kestral to mount and then she would mount behind. She was <C>
    00:33:15Sybilla•Covelin : more what she was accustom to seeing and using. Try it out? A brow lofted in his direction. Did she not tell him of her people. Sybilla rolled her shoulders, straightened her posture and boy did this feel strange doing without her sibling or her tribe mates egging her on. A lick of the lips came as she notched the arrow and drew back /c/
    00:33:42GiadaΦMilos : a bit worried for if Matthew had done what she and Dominus were planning, the forests might not be large enough for the group of them.<F>
    00:34:35Sybilla•Covelin : the string. It was a nice bow. There wasn't anything to aim for and Sybilla was taught to never waste a good arrow so she carefully released the tension in the bow and smiled in Tully's direction. "I may need a hunt... the hunting I do is in fur. Thank you for showing that to me though." See, it wasn't all weapons just the ones that reminded /c/
    00:37:42Sybilla•Covelin : her of skinning tools. "Deer not humans. Or rabbits or fish or whatever else I may be in the mood to catch. However, it has been a long time since someone has hunted me.. for sport...not literally, that's no fun." /d/
    00:39:48•MatthewϕKnight• : Skip. ))
    00:41:31Kestral_Ennaiddraig : With a practiced ease Kestral lifted one boot to the stirrup, then swung easily into the saddle. The robes parted in the front, to reveal that underneath them she wore breeches of black linen. It was scandalous in some places, but it made the riding much easier. The saddle had been designed for a man much larger than she (she had never had a >
    00:43:29÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~His eyes widened with excitement. "Okay, I get ready." He went into what he now called the Dressing Room. There was a full length mirror in it. But first things first. He undressed. Then there was no sound, no grotesque ripping, he just expanded, turned green, grew claws, and suddenly he was able to see. Blacks and whites. He didn't need light to>
    00:43:41Kestral_Ennaiddraig : chance to collect a saddle more appropriate to her size), and she offered a hand to Gia again to help her onto it. Imbri did not seem to mind the two women, and once they were settled, the mare dutifully stepped into a trot that became a canter and then on into a gallop. The wind picked up heavy locks of twin dark hair, flinging dark ribbons >
    00:46:44÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : see anymore. The mirror was useless, of course. Just a black square staring at him like a void of time and space. He looked around at all the armours, the weaponry, everything that he had made over the months. He went to a Poleaxe, grabbed it, slashed the air before him. It made a clean, singing sound, making him to smile. He did not prefer the >
    00:50:43Kestral_Ennaiddraig : behind them. She followed the streets until they were back to the gates, and then slowed to inquire of the night watch. With a vague general direction, the women rode into deepening darkness. This perhaps was not the most well-thought out plan, but Kes couldn't shake the pull she felt, nor could she forsake the injured. That Giada had come was a >
    00:51:49Kestral_Ennaiddraig : comfort, and for the first time in quite a long while, she did not feel lonely. "Perhaps if we are lucky," she said, "we will not need to be healed ourselves."~
    00:52:58÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : Bow, either. He liked to get in close. But this was a hunt, not a war. They did not seek humans, as she said. Deer. Rabbits. He had been shown to shoot more recently by an Elf, further mastering his skill. Yet he did not choose that weapon. Instead he vied for the Javelin. Ironwood with a sharp steel tip, weighted for a beast such as himself. He >
    00:53:32GiadaΦMilos : She wished there had been a full moon then they could have seen better. Giada was not a stranger to riding by any means, her dress was pulled up almost to her shins, luckily it was dark and they did not incur any stares but by the guards who surely wondered what drove two women out of the city limits at this time of night. Her hands rested <C>
    00:56:31GiadaΦMilos : on Kestrals shoulders as she flowed with the gait of the horse. " He could not have gone far I do not think his wounds would have driven him far , his condition was a deterrant I am sure." she kept her eyes though moving back and forth looking for signs of the man or his horse, who would probably be easier to spot. His horse acually seemed<C>
    00:59:11GiadaΦMilos : nicer then him. The only sound was the sounds of night, crickets and the sound of owls calling in the night. As they continued further outside the city she tapped Kestral on the shoulder "Is that a horse over there? It could be anyone but we could check it out." the dark shadow of a horse munching grass but she saw<C>
    00:59:22GiadaΦMilos : no fire nor any signs of the the Knight.<F>
    01:00:08÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : plucked it and then donned a belt, to which he put a sheathed carving knife. He looked around himself. What else did he need? Oh yes, pants. He remembered some fur he had attained for a menial price, red such as his hair, and adorned it. A loincloth and not much more than that. He smiled. Complete! He went back to Sybilla, Javelin in-hand. "Okay, >
    01:00:13÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ready."~
    01:04:59•MatthewϕKnight• : Pessimus snorted as a leaf tickled his nose. He tossed his head and stomped his foot, continuing his scrapings while his master slept. The knight had been still long enough for an arachnid to climb out of the eye hole in his helm and a trail of small ants to march from the jagged teeth of his visor to his horns. He was used to sleeping outdoors-c-
    01:06:46Sybilla•Covelin : Sybilla's came with grotesque ripping noises those it was rapid and over in a few minutes, it left her feeling more exhausted than normal. Too much shifting. Too little food. First evening after a full moon cycle was a nightmare but Tully was right, this was exactly what she needed. The tawny colored timber wolf shook out fur. Blue /c/
    01:06:56Sybilla•Covelin : eyes blinked and peered in the orc's direction. How ordinary would this look. An orc and his wolf out hunting. Those eyes settled on the sheathed carving knife and Sybilla had to all but lock every one of her muscles to stop the urge to run away. What a damaged wolf she was. Ready. Good. The paws of the wolf made very little sound /c/
    01:07:51Sybilla•Covelin : as they padded across the floor of the forge and out into the darkness. Hunt. Black nose lowered to sniff at the ground while they moved, she didn't run but she was moving swiftly toward the forests. Syb didn't have to sniff at the ground to catch scent but it looked more authentic if she did so. Not raising suspicion was key while /c/
    01:07:59Sybilla•Covelin : hunting in this form especially with the oddly colored eyes./d/
    01:08:16•MatthewϕKnight• : , and the wildlife was the least of his worries. In his armor, he felt just as safe than if he had lit a fire and slept within its warm embrace. Pessimus would alert him when there were threats and though seeing another horse carrying two young women, he didn't see them as a danger. The mare, however, did get a few long glances. -end-
    01:13:55Kestral_Ennaiddraig : Imbri tossed her proud head and coyly fluttered afoot, but slowed almost before Kes shook the reins to give command. Ahead she could clearly see the black beast (so reminiscent of Zaeth that it took her breath for a second). Surely, that could not be, for Zaeth was last seen returning to his master's aboad, and she knew Ainirion could not have >
    01:15:44Kestral_Ennaiddraig : have travelled the paths she had, so she was free of the Duke's long shadow. She searched the shadows with almost inhumanly keen vision, one of the perks of her awakening, and found what she thought looked like a shadow too smooth, too rigid, to be anything other than a human. "Aye, there. Perhaps you are right." When the horse came to a halt,>
    01:17:14Kestral_Ennaiddraig : Kestral slid down for a second time that day. And with the intention of warning, she turned to a different saddlebag and produced a small lantern. Flint and steel sparked flame to the candle's wick, providing them the flickering illumination of a will-of-the-wisp. "Perhaps he will not be inclined to behead us, if he knows we come." And with that >
    01:17:40Kestral_Ennaiddraig : said, she made the sign of the Cross, and offered a silent prayer for protection to the glittering heavens above.~
    01:19:49GiadaΦMilos : She threw her leg over and jumped from the horse "I think we better announce we are here. If we startle him he is bound to run us through just on principle. The light will help illuminate us for sure but maybe for a knife thrown in exasperation. " She mummered "Almighty protect us from all that seek to harm" she then called out in a singsong <C>
    01:23:24GiadaΦMilos : voice " Hello fair Knight! It is your merciful angels once again...." she made a wry face to Kestral "weak I know but I would rather sound a fool then die a wiseman" she strained her eyes in the darkness looking for movement that was surely to come as well as words that were best heard in a bar after a brawl. She was ready to defend<C>
    01:24:39GiadaΦMilos : herself and Kestral if need be but with no weapon it would have to be with a form of martial arts and that would need hand to hand, she couldn't do much with projectiles though.<F>
    01:28:15•MatthewϕKnight• : Matthew didn't budge though within his helm his eyes cracked open and his sclera was littered with red veins. He gazed into the night, swearing he heard something, something that didn't put him on alert right away but made him cringe. There were feminine voices not too far away from the log he was lying next to. Women? What were women doing in-c-
    01:29:42•MatthewϕKnight• : the woods? Fuck that. What were they doing near him? He said nothing. If they were wise, they would have taken his silence as a kind piss off or perhaps a warning for them to follow their instincts. -end-
    01:34:07Kestral_Ennaiddraig : Sliding threadlike fingers into Giada's hand, Kestral then played the part of Diogenes. However, with her lamp and her new friend by her side, she sought not an honest man, but a dark and wounded one, the more dangerous of their ilk. What possessed her to this fool's errand was the same fibre of being that had sent her seeking the stone hallways >
    01:35:43÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : ~The Orc and the Wolf went to the forest. Tully jogged alongside her, admiring her sleek curves, her beautiful lines. She was a creature of grace, to be sure. He broke into a sweat very soon into it, as it was hot and humid out and, he was hot-natured anyway. It didn't matter though. She would smell his pheremones, his testosterone, she would >
    01:35:50Kestral_Ennaiddraig : filled with ghosts and cobwebs of her lord's private domain. The same sense of purpose that had her take in a stranger on a storm tossed night, a wolf in angel's guise. It was the enthralling song of entropy, the alluring glance of fate already written, and the highest ideal of the impossibly young and naive; the belief that she could make some >
    01:38:40Kestral_Ennaiddraig : kind of difference. "Good..." sir. No, she could not lead with that, for while the man might be a Knight, she wasn't sure he was good. In fact, the attraction toward him might have said otherwise. "Good eve," she began a second time. "We have brought you food, and company. You looked a little pale, and...we ..." she was painfully honest. "We >
    01:38:52÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : smell that every fiber of his being was -alive- in this moment. Soon the trees neared, and Tully smiled. "Lead the way.." He jogged after her, going into the depths of it. Once they were in far enough to be surrounded, he slowed, then stopped altogether, just letting his breaths calm, his muscles relax, his ears open up, his eyes look all around >
    01:39:33Kestral_Ennaiddraig : fretted your well-being. Will you not welcome us?" Her voice was lyrical, tinged with a layer of green and coastal Wales, but likewise dark and superstitious Wallachia.~
    01:39:58÷Ťûľľŷ÷ : him. And let the wolf do her work. He was very happy. He hadn't done this in..well, in a while, to say the least. It was nice to get out in the wild, be an animal again!~
    01:41:39GiadaΦMilos : She stood with Kestral and watied, he would have to be on deaths door not to hear them or know that they were there. Her body was tensed ready to respond but her outward appearance seemed as if she was simply on a picnic with friends. She hated to think of Matthew as the enemy and what would Dominus do if he found out she was out here<C>
    01:42:54GiadaΦMilos : catering to the man that wanted to kill him. She would not lie it was not her way but she was hear for Kestral and maybe the Dark Knight was redeemable at some point. One could never know unless they tried and the fact that he wanted to kill the only other person of her Order , well there were no accidents or coincedences and she had to<C>
    01:43:21GiadaΦMilos : believe there was a greater plan. She had nothing to add so she just watched and waited.<F>
    01:46:36•MatthewϕKnight• : Food. They had brought him something he very much desired. His hand slowly peeled itself from the hilt of his dagger. He would have lobbed the knife at one of them and with one of them down, he would have improvised on how to kill the other. Because they were women, he didn't think it would have been too difficult. Sluggishly, the knight sat up-c-
    01:49:19•MatthewϕKnight• : and with the leaves and dirt tumbling from his helm and shoulders, it looked like he rose from the dead with how stiff the action had displayed. As far as his logic went when it came to food: Women + Food = Good Food. It was common sense. They were bringing him something decent and thus worth his time. Unfortunately, the food was all that he-c-
    01:49:22Sybilla•Covelin : Tully wasn't the only warm one, Sybilla was wearing a fur coat after all. Tongue dangled out of her mouth as she moved, breathing heavily in pants as she tried to cool off the wolf-side. Good Spirits above she despised summer time. Yes, Tully certainly scented like he was enjoying this. Lead the way. The wolf made easy work of navigating /c/
    01:49:33Sybilla•Covelin : through the thickening brush as the deepened themselves into the forests. Nose lifted high in the air to catch scents moving through the breeze. Ears rotated on top of her head as she listened to all the noises the forest made during the night hours. There was a noise not far. A rustling sound, not loud but not quiet either. So, that /c/
    01:49:45Sybilla•Covelin : was where her ears focused, both of them at a very odd and amusing angle. The wolf hunkered down and began to pursue the boar in the distance. Boar were a fun challenge especially because of the tusks. Despite her lightly colored fur color, the wolf's ability to get below the brush made her excellent at the hunting smaller game. When /c/
    01:49:56Sybilla•Covelin : she got close enough, Sybilla lunged for the back of the boar's neck delivering repeated bites until she had a hold. This was so much easier with a whole pack involved... /d/
    01:51:43•MatthewϕKnight• : wanted and not the company. His upper lip turned up in disgust at what he was about to say, "I accept." It made him wince on the inside as though someone had just prodded his bruises. His hands rose to his helm and he lifted it from his head to allow the wet-fart, night air to cling to his filthy skin. His eyes were half-lidded as he kept them-c-
    01:53:29•MatthewϕKnight• : directed at the trees before him. Not once did he turn his eyes over his shoulder to regard the milk maids. Instead, he remained silent, wearing a look of mild irritation, and slumped so low against the log his shoulder blades touched it. -end-
    02:02:12Kestral_Ennaiddraig : With a sigh of relief, the tension seemed to drain from the little nun's shoulders. She gave Gia's hand a quick squeeze then handed her the small candle-lantern in order to procure the bag that held her food, and a cooking pot. She slung it over one arm, and then took a couple of skins too, one with water, the other with wine. She had gotten them >
    02:03:34Kestral_Ennaiddraig : on the road, travellers whose caravan had broken down when the ox had turned a hoof in the mud. She happened along and noticed that the bone was not broken, only bruised and had taken a few days to tarry over the beast. In their gratitude, they'd offered her a small cask of their wine. She had intended to barter it at the market, but this seemed >
    02:04:16Kestral_Ennaiddraig : more useful. "At least he didn't throw anything," she murmured to her friend and slowly in the fashion of approaching a wounded bear, she made her way toward the Knight.~
    02:06:20GiadaΦMilos : "The night is not over yet" she gave a grin and then crossed her arms over her chest. Matthew had already been more familar with her chest then anyone ever had. That would be one fact she would leave out to Dominus because he might take it as Matthew sullying her virtue, she of course knew that he had no idea at the time but <C>
    02:08:00GiadaΦMilos : Dominus was a man. Not that there was anything between the two but men were men were men. She approached with Kestral and spoke softly to Matthew " I hope we didn't wake you , but with a wound like that sleep should be restrained for a while. Your wound was not just a tiny scratch, by the way I am Giada and this kind woman with me <C>
    02:09:53GiadaΦMilos : is Kestral. Just in case you ever wanted to put names with faces. Am I talking too loud for you? You must have some headache, sleeping in your armour in this heat you could get dehydrated quickly..." her speech was to distract him perhaps from changing his mind but with his temper it would probably only sound like drivel and annoy him<C>
    02:10:45GiadaΦMilos : she did not expect him to be anyone then who he was and so perhaps he would consider accepting others as they were, but that was probably beyond his patience level at this time.<F>

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    02:14:20•MatthewϕKnight• : When Giada began to speak, he found her talking to be rather long-winded. He didn't care about who they were as he made it clear. "Food," he said plainly. "Your payment for staying alive within my presence is food. Where is it?" His tense malt ball eyes then darted to meet with Giada's own. It was a nonchalant stare and she would be surprise to-c-
    02:15:39•MatthewϕKnight• : know that he could hold that stare for a very long time without blinking. His eyes spoke for his actions. He had seen death, he had excited death, and he had survived death a countless amount of times. So far, she was the closest one and so she got his murderous look first. -end-
    02:21:30Kestral_Ennaiddraig : Had Kestral not been otherwise busy, or at least privy to his thoughts, she might have offered him a radiant smile. She had survived death, and was as intimate with it as a lover, holding its secrets silent behind her meek demeanour. She brought the ease of pain to the suffering, and she had washed them, and wrapped them in their winding shrouds. >
    02:23:14Kestral_Ennaiddraig : She did not care for it, and she went through extraordinary lengths to deny its entry into the world, but she knew death. She also knew life just as closely, and just as sweetly, which perhaps was why she offered him a kind of respite now. Purposefully, she slipped between his gaze and Gia in an effort both to break the line of his glare, and >
    02:25:01Kestral_Ennaiddraig : spare her the worst of his expression and to collect some twigs and bark with which to make a fire. Loaded down like a pack mule, the tiny woman took several steps away from them and scraped at the earth with the tip of her sandal to make a receiving hollow. She set down her wood, her supplies and casually tossed him the wine-skin, and a hunk of >
    02:25:45Kestral_Ennaiddraig : nearly fresh baked bread. Another piece she offered to Gia with an incline of her head. "If you will be but patient, Sir...I promise you a worthy fare."~
    02:27:49GiadaΦMilos : Giada grateful for the bread took it. She would have eaten dinner with Dominus but because of Matthew had gotten distracted and her last meal had been breakfast."Thank you Kestral, your kindness is appreciated" she bowed her head and prayed over the meal before taking the first bites. It was delicious and she turned to Matthew "I am sure you <C>
    02:29:18GiadaΦMilos : will feel better after eating and having a few drinks. It always makes me more merry to have something to eat. Who knows you might feel so good that we could dance around the cookfire and exchange tales." despite her outgoing personality she had seen death as well. Only the other day she had been weeping at the loss that haunted her dreams. <C>
    02:30:40GiadaΦMilos : Perhaps it was why she was so outgoing during the day because at night the stench of death and the images of her brothers and sisters of the Order came to haunt her. Sleep had not been a refuge for many months, she continued to eat and to watch Matthew so that Kestral would have warning if he decided to change his mind.<F>
    02:33:11•MatthewϕKnight• : Contact was broken with Kestral's passing and he caught the wine skin in his right hand, and then the loaf of bread in his left. He inspected it closely, making sure to almost shove it in his own eyes to see if there was any mold growing on it in the dark. He then took a large bite from it, spreading the mushy dough across his tongue. There was-c-
    02:35:49•MatthewϕKnight• : the softest hint of honey that made the loaf all the worthwhile. He fed it further into his mouth until his cheeks expanded. He couldn't even close his lips with how much was still peeping out. As he whittled away at it, he began to unfasten his torso mail. He was getting comfortable to better appreciate the offering from these two women. With-c-
    02:38:14•MatthewϕKnight• : his mouth still full, he uttered a short, scoffing laugh at Giada's statement. "Yeah...right," he muttered. He then popped the cap on the skin and raised the nozzle to his lips. His eyes widened for a second in surprise that it was wine. It only confirmed his theory. Women packed good shit. He guzzled the beverage almost like water for he hadn't-c-
    02:40:20•MatthewϕKnight• : had wine in several months. The plum-colored liquid seeped in thin streams from the corners of his mouth and upon lowering the skin, he gasped and wiped at his face with the back of his hand. "If this bread had been stale and this wine sour, I might have had both of you for dinner," he chuckled. -end-
    02:46:01GiadaΦMilos : night all thank you for the play)
    02:46:03GiadaΦMilos is away.
    02:50:15Kestral_Ennaiddraig : Kestral raised a slim, dark brow. "Really? And if we had objected? Or what if we were stringy?" Though petite, there was nothing really stringy about her. She layed the kindling precisely in the scruffed dirt, hunkered down and balancing on the balls of her feet. She struck steel to flint and watched as the sparks lept from her hand to the twigs, >
    02:51:58Kestral_Ennaiddraig : once then twice. The third time the fire caught and she bowed lower still over it to cup her hands around the kindling and blew gently upon it until the fire grew strong enough to live on its own. Slowly she fed the nascent flames, lifting her bright eyes to the dark Knight. Though not as gregarious or talkative about her new friend who sat >
    02:53:55Kestral_Ennaiddraig : protectively near and chewed her own bread thoughtfully, there was a gentle humour in her tone. "Once...I was almost eaten." The marks from the wolf teeth had long faded from her throat, and Kestral bore no scars from it, though her throat had nearly been torn from her body. Still, out of some kind of reflex, her fingertips lifted to graze >
    02:54:55Kestral_Ennaiddraig : the spot that should have been horrifically scarred. "Apparently, the beast did not find me so pleasant to taste. Perhaps the same would go for you." And she offered a small laugh before arranging a larger piece of wood atop her fire.~
    02:57:25•MatthewϕKnight• : "There is no room for objections," the knight declared. He went back to drinking and paused when Kestral explained about how she had been attacked by a wolf. Apparently, a story about a potential traumatism or scarring had caught his attention and when she indicated her throat, he didn't seem much scarring in the kindle light and thus lost-c-
    03:00:58•MatthewϕKnight• : interest...or did he? He rolled his eyes at her story. She survived a mauling by a wolf. If the wolf had been a good hunter, she would have been dead. "I was detained once by a cult of priests. I was drugged and kidnapped in my sleep. They took me deep into the catacombs of their church and tortured me in ways you couldn't possibly imagine.-c-
    03:01:50•MatthewϕKnight• : " He left his story off. He didn't think she was interested or he wasn't used to being social. It was in the past for him, and so he didn't think much of it as he took another swig from the wine. -end-
    03:10:38Kestral_Ennaiddraig : "You would be surprised by the things I could imagine," she said softly, an echo of autumn and wood-smoke in her voice. Content that the fire could now carry on without her nursing it, she placed the last logs on the blaze, and picked up a set of sticks. Leaning back on her heels she made short work of tying them just so and then stabbing them >
    03:12:33Kestral_Ennaiddraig : into the rich loam. She tested their sturdiness, and hung the cooking pot from the cross stick. She filled it with the water, added herbs to the mix, and proceeded to pick through the vegetables she possessed. Choosing a carrot she produced a sharp dagger from the nebulous black of her robes and carefully began to peel it. "How did you come to >
    03:14:09Kestral_Ennaiddraig : escape them?" she asked, not meeting his eyes, not because she didn't care if he spoke the truth. It was simply that he had no reason to lie, they were already sympathetic toward him despite all of his churlish behaviour and the oath to avenge himself on Gia's brother. They could think no worse of him, and yet he was still not the kind of man who>
    03:15:23Kestral_Ennaiddraig : would care what opinion they had. The kind of man who would see them as chattel, as things to be used and thrown away. At least she acknowledged the fact with dignity and accorded him respect as a fellow human being. "I cannot imagine it was easy or without a great deal of blood and sorrow."~
    03:18:58•MatthewϕKnight• : The knight grinned softly when she said blood and his eyes became distant as though he were gazing deeply into his memory to recite how he had escaped. He eased his head back until the back of it rested upon the log and he gazed up at the night sky with his smile. "I am a devil," he began, "And so their purpose was to exorcise me. They succeeded-c-
    03:21:47•MatthewϕKnight• : . I became as holy as you and that blond fool. I even wept at the sight of their god. But then I saw the rod, the one they used to burn holes into my body, and I killed every last one of them. They had failed. I put them through their own torture devices and told them to ask their god to save them. He never came. There was so much blood I'm sure-c-
    03:23:36•MatthewϕKnight• : it stank after I left." He didn't mind boasting over things he considered great feats. That was what he did best. He returned to guzzling wine and kept an eye on her cooking. She had better been cooking. -end-
    03:32:17Kestral_Ennaiddraig : "Impressive," it was almost impossible to tell if she were mocking him, she sounded completely sincere, and lacked the kind of judgemental tone that few could possess. She put the carrot, and several other vegetables in the pot with the simmering water, and gave it a stir. Indeed she was cooking, and it was one of her joys. "What was it that made >
    03:34:23Kestral_Ennaiddraig : you weep? The sight of their god, or the end of your pain?" It was an honest question, one posed without offense. "And surly, sir, you have done even greater deeds than that?" She turned her attentions toward meat now, and spared Gia a glance. The woman had stopped chewing, and Kes actually felt guilty that she might be making the girl sick with >
    03:34:34Kestral_Ennaiddraig : this kind of talk.~
    03:39:01•MatthewϕKnight• : Matthew grinned again at her question as though she was full of nothing but amusement. "I never saw their god, but I pretended to. Weeping was easy with how much pain was passing through my body," he clarified. He then raised his head, his dark brows knitting at her next query. It sounded like a challenge. "Yes, but I've had too many duels..."-c-
    03:41:19•MatthewϕKnight• : His mind flitted through several, but he had a high opinion of each and didn't know which would be most impressive to recite. Ah, there was one other feat. "Have you ever seen a dragon before?" he questioned. He then added with emphasis. "Have you ever seen someone -slay- a dragon before?" -end-
    03:46:35Kestral_Ennaiddraig : That raised her gaze, a flash of something fierce in the depths of the copper, though to give a name to such a fleeting emotion so quickly hidden wasn't easy. The smile she offered was brittle. "Y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn," she murmured, and then, for his benefit and Gia's she repeated it. "The red Dragon will lead the way. That is the motto of >
    03:47:58Kestral_Ennaiddraig : the country of my birth." The rumours had always been spoken that her mother's line had carried within their veins the blood of dragons, the keeper of their lore. "I have seen them, sir, indeed, but I have never seen one slain." And she never would, should she have a choice about it.~
    03:51:36•MatthewϕKnight• : The black knight sensed a slight change in her tone as he propped himself up on his elbows to regard the back she kept toward him. There was a long and wicked smile on his face. Dragons were a sensitive subject it seemed. "It was -black- dragon. I was traveling the mountains when one attacked me. This was before I had Pessimus. It ate my horse-c-
    03:55:17•MatthewϕKnight• : and chased me deep into the mountains. I had burns all over. My armor did nothing but cook me, and if it hadn't been for my shield, I might have been served on a platter." He frowned in slight confusion. "I honestly don't know how I killed that thing..." He then stared down at the ground as he tried to recall the memory. The wine was getting to-c-
    03:57:14•MatthewϕKnight• : him. "I shredded its wing with my sword, and then when it tried to fly it crashed into the mountain side. It tripped a brittle shelf and fell into the gorge to be buried alive." He shrugged and his eyes became half-lidded. He still felt as though he slain it.-end-
    04:01:11Kestral_Ennaiddraig : "That is rather understandable," she said, and dumped the hunks of lamb into the stew to simmer. She wiped her hands on a clean cloth, and turned back to the other two. "The agony must have been beyond imagining. I am sorry for your scars, but it was a brave thing you did." She complimented him on his prowess though some part of her grieved for >
    04:01:32Kestral_Ennaiddraig : the loss of such a majestic creature. "Would you allow me to check your wounds?"~
    04:04:16•MatthewϕKnight• : Matthew scowled. He wasn't expecting her compliment on his feats and he certainly didn't accept it. When she asked to see his wounds, he gave her a defensive stare as he stated ominously, "I'm fine." The wine had numbed most of his pain, and so he felt justified saying so. Then again, he didn't like the idea of her touching him. -end-
    04:10:45Kestral_Ennaiddraig : "As you wish." Giada had excused herself to look after the horses, and Kestral followed her movements as long as she could until shadow swallowed up her friend, offering the woman a kind of privacy the campsite could not. When Kestral felt she was out of hearing range, she too leaned against the log, not bothering to keep watch on the knight. "The>
    04:15:58You have been disconnected from the chat server due to network difficulties. Please wait while you are reconnected...
    04:16:20•MatthewϕKnight• : wb))
    04:16:30Kestral_Ennaiddraig : see the blood there still. "They had tried to kill Him, this lord of mine, and I..it was all I could think to do."~
    04:16:32Kestral_Ennaiddraig : wb))
    04:20:55•MatthewϕKnight• : Matthew had a hardly amused and interested look on his face when she delegated that the hour was her story hour. He turned his head away from her and looked about ready to fall asleep until he heard the disturbance in her voice. He stated simply, "Then you did the right thing. So what? Is the food ready? Your story almost put me to sleep, and I-c-
    04:21:27•MatthewϕKnight• : haven't even received payment for putting up with this girl shit." -end-
    04:30:52Kestral_Ennaiddraig : "I think...I might have enjoyed it," she murmured and rose to her feet to check on the food.~
    04:33:02•MatthewϕKnight• : Matthew's brows rose at her comment and he gave her a suspicious look. "You're a priestess right?" If she wasn't, then he might have wanted to check the bread and wine he had consumed thus far. He didn't want to wake up in any catacombs. -end-
    04:35:37Kestral_Ennaiddraig : "I wouldn't say...priestess. I am...Chakravanti." She left the mystery of the word to hang in the air between them before she fished an earthen mug from her bag, and a spoon made of bone. She dipped the mug into the lamb stew. "And to be honest, if I were to try to kill you, I would not use poison to do so." And as if to validate her honesty, she >
    04:36:01Kestral_Ennaiddraig : took a bite of the stew, and swallowed before she held the makeshift bowl out to him.~
    04:39:12•MatthewϕKnight• : Matthew's suspicious stare didn't thaw. Instead, it transformed into confusion for a moment when she said Chakravawhat'sit. He didn't know what that was or what it meant, but he nodded any way as though he understood completely what she was talking about. He felt slightly relieved when she tasted her own stew and accepted the mug from her, but-c-
    04:42:24•MatthewϕKnight• : didn't accept the spoon. Spoons were for faggots. He waved the bubbling soup beneath his nose, breathing in the smell of cooked carrots that had given it a slightly sweet smell. He then kissed the rim allowing the thick liquid to touch his lips so he could feel how hot the soup was. He opened his mouth wider. The stew washed into his-c-
    04:45:17•MatthewϕKnight• : mouth, leaving behind on its tide chunks of lamb and vegetable that he began to grind between his teeth. It reminded him of his theory: Women + Food = Good Food. The theory was true to its equation, and he suppressed the pleasant smile that threatened to curl his lips. The black knight didn't offer any compliments on the meal as he chucked the-c-
    04:47:42•MatthewϕKnight• : mug back at her, expecting a refill as he cooled his mouth with another swig of the wine. "If you bring a friend next time, both of you will have to cook. Keep that in mind that there's no fare sharing." Oh yeah, he was greedy. Good food was hard to come by.-end-
    04:52:03Kestral_Ennaiddraig : She chuckled and refilled the mug and left it by his leg. She took another cup and headed off in the direction Gia had gone, lost in her own thoughts. She still had not decided if the knight was a candidate for the good death, but he wasn't completely odious company. She offered the stew to Gia, and the young woman thanked her. Certainly, Giada >
    04:53:50Kestral_Ennaiddraig : was not. There was too much potential, too much goodness to even think of such things. Besides, Kestral had a soft-spot for the lost, the lonely and the tragic. She returned to the fire, to have some of her own stew.~
    04:57:35•MatthewϕKnight• : The meal had been exquisite and after draining the wine skin dry, the knight was a bit more expressive of his true feelings. His chest rose and then his mouth opened to expel a loud, long, and heavy belch that if one bothered to count lasted roughly four seconds. He was grinning merrily as his face was flushed from his intoxication and-c-
    05:00:32•MatthewϕKnight• : his tunic had become tight against his round belly. He looked as though he had swallowed the whole pot. He slumped against the log, his arm looping about the back of it while his right hand remained resting on his gut. "I think you guys overpaid your dues," he said on a drunken slur. He then rested his head back as his eyelids felt like sand-c-
    05:02:01•MatthewϕKnight• : bags from the alcohol. "You can leave now. I think I'm going to sleep." It didn't take much for him to be snoring and drooling off in la la land. It wasn't his prettiest of moments, but what was pretty about drinking? -end-
    05:04:47Kestral_Ennaiddraig : She left the pot and the stew. It would be there in the morning, the pot anyway, and if it wasn't, she could always get another. She cast one last glance at the Knight and shook her head. An interesting case that surly bore further watching, perhaps from a distance. "Sleep well, and dream of blood," she murmured, certain he could not hear her,>
    05:06:16Kestral_Ennaiddraig : before she turned her steps back toward Gia and Imbri. The mare seemed to have survived close proximity of the man's stallion, and she was glad of that, as she did not relishing having to walk back toward town and carrying her things beside. Gia was already mounted and ready to go. Kes stowed the earthen mugs, and decided they could survive>
    05:07:12Kestral_Ennaiddraig : without being washed until the morning. She climbed into the saddle, and shook her head. "His head will ache, but it will still be attached to his shoulders come morning." And with that, the intrepid holy women took their leave.~

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