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    11:28:55†Dominus† moved down by the small steam by the camp, he had came in late during the night and dropped his gear at the camp site. Dominus wore only his pants and boots as he stood next to the creek the rain dripping from the canvas of trees above him. Though the storm seemed not to bother him in the least. Dominus knelt down by the stream splashing water<C>
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    11:31:20GiadaΦMilos : welcome)
    11:31:34†Dominus† up onto his face. He wiped his arms and face repeatedly as he knelt looking out over the water. He looked at the scriptures on his arms as he did so. He had added a few more in privacy during the days following his fight with the black knight. Dominus mumbled under his breath as he continued to wash up. His hair short and still showing a darker<C>
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    11:32:20†Dominus† darker blonde with the raining dripping through. He shifted to both knees on the bank of the stream to brace his weight a bit more comfortably<D>
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    11:34:48†Dominus† : oh i was like wtf did i do? lol))
    11:37:50GiadaΦMilos : She had been busy the whole day, constructing a lean to shelter , she had learned her lesson since last night they had been steadily dripped on and she had hardly gotten any sleep. She made it big enough for them to both sleep under and for a firepit to be dug. She had gone into town and a canvas had been bought and then streched over a <C>
    11:41:53GiadaΦMilos : a framework she had lashed together with sinew and then it was covered thickly with branches she had gathered all day, she was very satisfied with her work, and was tired. Her arms were scratched up where needles had gouged her and she was damp and a bit miserable but she didnt let it dampen her accomplishment. She had dug a firepit and<C>
    11:45:40GiadaΦMilos : in vain so it seemed was trying to get wet wood to light up. It was useless, and she was tired of striking flint, they would just have to eat bisquits and cheese for dinner though she knew Dominus wouldnt complain. She settled in and pulled out her prayer book, besides the pendant she wore for safe keeping it was the most precious thing she<C>
    11:47:19GiadaΦMilos : owned. Cross legged her lips moved to the prayers within. She didnt need the book but it still ment a great deal just to hold it.
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    11:52:41†Dominus† picked up his soaked shirt and started back to the camp walking under neith what little bit of roof they had and sat down by where the camp fire would have been and he rung his shirt out of water and smirked and he said..."God has a funny sense of humor he does" though he didnt look to Giada he knew his words would not fall on deaf ears. Dominus<C>
    11:55:45†Dominus† put his shirt on and said..."If we are to restart this order it will need a good roof and walls" he smirked again it was the most he had joked in some time. Though he had been somewhat more outward then that of previous days. It was true that Dominus did like the rain he saw it as a way that god might wash your sins away for a time. He kept his<C>
    11:56:15†Dominus† personal beliefs to himself after those in the Order that had heard, put forth their distastes of his thoughts and ideals<D>
    12:00:41GiadaΦMilos : She chuckled softly "Well if I were a stonebuilder I might have done a better job but humble beginnings are nothing to be ashamed of." She slipped the prayerbook under her jerkin. "I am unable to get a fire so there are bisquits and cheese in that leather bag there, I did get a two pots to cook in and our bed bundles, did you want to <C>
    12:02:53GiadaΦMilos : hold all the treasury? I have no sword to defend if someone tries to steal it and you look more intimidating. "She winked at him " Especially when your in your silent mode. I wouldnt want to meet you on the battlefeild when you had that aura" She reached over for the bag that held the aforementioned food and pulling it out she unwrapped a <C>
    12:04:53GiadaΦMilos : a bisquit and broke off a piece of cheese and began munching. A clap of thunder sounded close and she jumped as the rain came down harder, they werent in the direct line as the trees protected them but as hard as the rain came down it still reached the ground with steady drips.
    12:08:30†Dominus† looked to her as she spoke now and he moved to where he rested on his knees so that he sat up a bit higher he replied..."hold it for now, I will buy a safe for such things" refering to the treasury. Dominus smirked at her words as she poked at his silent demeanor at times and he replied..."I only speak what needs to be spoke, and in battle I"<C>
    12:10:17†Dominus† "Let the my enemy's know the wrath of the almighty through battlecry and swordplay" though he smirked and it was true he had won many of battles off of fear alone from what would appear to be a mad holy man screaming fervously of their god and the enemies death. Dominus watched her jump and chuckled and looked up as the rain came down harder<C>
    12:11:03†Dominus† "God is letting everyone know his presence" he would say lowly and with a still steady smirk on his face. Dominus did love the rain and storms<D>
    12:16:59GiadaΦMilos : She looked at him as a flash of lightening lit up his features. He was a handsome man but she could tell that he carried some baggage. She looked out from the shelter in silent musing. He had seen more battle then she and he had the reptutation of always going to the line of properiety within the order but he never crossed it. Made some of the <C>
    12:18:40GiadaΦMilos : older knights raise brows and watch. She began to speak "I speak too much, I suppose speaking makes me fill in the silence. You can always tell me that I am prattling on and I will take a temporary vow of silence" She tore off a piece of her bisquit and then looked to their meager possesions " Is there anything else you think we need? <C>
    12:19:39GiadaΦMilos : I only spent a few silver on the hatchet, the pots and the bedding, I did get two wooden bowls but I remember one of the Brothers telling me that less was more."
    12:23:27†Dominus† he looked back to her and he smiled and he said speaking out now more than he had ever...."You do not speak too much, I just do not speak alot" he paused a moment and then started in of what was on his mind as he pounded his fist into an open palm bringing his hands together..."we will rebuild the order. We will give it a new name. Fill it with"<C>
    12:26:14†Dominus† "with brothers and sisters and we will bring light to those in the dark in these lands." he stood up picking up his sword that was scabbard from his things and he said holding it..."I have asked gods forgiveness of my sins and I commence a pilgrimage. Well the end of my pilgrimage will be at the start of the new order" He held his sword in its <C>
    12:27:50†Dominus† scabbard out to her hilt first as he looked to her and he said...."show me a good fighting stance" his brow raised as he waited to see how she acted<D>
    12:31:37GiadaΦMilos : She smiled inwardly when he talked about rebuilding the order, He had come to some sort of healing within himself for just a few days ago he had been talking about simply being the last two of a dead order. She put down her meal and stood wiping her hands on her breeches before taking the the sword and sliding it out of its scabbard.>>>
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    12:36:17GiadaΦMilos : It was a well balanced blade and she brought it forth and she bowed her head to him. Moving a few steps backward she planted her feet her right slightly behind her left shoulder width apart. The sword was brought accross her body so that if a swing would come to her she could parry either right or left. Her eyes watched him ready for <C>
    12:36:20GiadaΦMilos : welcome!)
    12:38:28GiadaΦMilos : another instruction though she was a bit wary wondering if he was testing her. Knights often tested acoylytes by having a "test" that is a decoy . The real test is something else that the acoylytes did not expect. She had been a student enough of these tests that she had just cause to be weary. <F>
    12:42:49†Dominus† still held the scabbard in his head he flipped it around strong enough to withstand a blow from the sword itself he would put it up touching the side of the blade it self as he had a sword and he said..."attack me" he waited to see her reaction as he stood now in an uncentered casual stance as though he was not in a fight at all. He grinned and <C>
    12:44:32†Dominus† as he waited he pushed his wet hair back a bit and he wondered what kind of attack if any she would launch as he knew his request would seem outlandish and that was its whole purpose. It was ot make her think more then to test her skills in combat. He would wait and his plan was to launch his own attack if she did not launch one herself. <C>
    12:45:24†Dominus† Lightening and thunder would flash and sound in the background. The ambient noise made a mockery if one was trying to listen to their surrounding as rain kicked up a bit more<D>
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    12:51:56GiadaΦMilos : She was taken aback,l attack a unarmed man? Her mind raced, a test within a test? He was capable of course but she held a deadly weapon. If she over extended she would be off blanace if she did not attack she figured he would come to her. The scabbard would still hurt like hell if she got smacked in the head with it. She sought to disarm him <C>
    12:57:07GiadaΦMilos : without attacking him outright. She moved forward with her left foot and engaged his "sword" from underneath and swinging it upward to the right to try to force his "blade" down and have him be postioned awkwardly. His strength of course would be a factor against hers , if she was successful she would attempt to sweep >>
    12:57:52GiadaΦMilos : his leg with her right to knock him off balance. She was very nervous, it had been months since she had lifted a sword and those were practice swords...
    13:01:04†Dominus† locked his leg so that hers would mit against a stiffened braced support though he shifted as he purposely dropped his scabber and with his palm slapped her blade away. Dominus could see the uncertainanty in her movements and stature. He would attempt now to reach out and grab her arm sto stop the movements so that she would have to lock up if <C>
    13:04:08†Dominus† he was succesfull in this. Dominus would go to stop the practice in its midst. It was merely a lesson that a blade wasnt the only weapon that could be used to fight. Though now his free hand had a small slice on it that started to moisten with blood. He had made no voice other then ..."A sword is merely a tool, the weapons is the knight itself"<C>
    13:04:22†Dominus† his face a serious face though it showed that of a smirk behind it<D>
    13:05:08†Dominus† : sry for typo's....kicking my butt tonight))
    13:06:53GiadaΦMilos : no worries)
    13:08:30Sybilla·Covelin : typos? i see no typos -covers eyes- )
    13:08:38†Dominus† : lol))
    13:09:47GiadaΦMilos : She was unsure of herself. When he grabed her arm she succombed immediatly and then bowed her head in submission " Yes Captian, I was too focused on trying to find the lesson , Captian Marcas often chided me and told me to always go with my gut instinct. I am sorely out of practice, I feel almost as if I need to start all<C>
    13:12:42GiadaΦMilos : over again. From a novice , I was ready to get my first set of armour and my sword but I think that I should wear the robes for a while." She held his sword out to him in her open palms. She was getting wetter now but at least the rain was warm, another flash tore the sky and the thunder rumbled. "I was wanting to ask you something, can a evil<C>
    13:14:27GiadaΦMilos : man be truely redeemed? To leave the path of destruction if he is shown the love and compassion of the Almighty?" she was of course refering to Matthew. She had not told Dominus that she had been seeing him, he seemed to be coming around and she had great hopes for him. It would still take time for the damage and darkness in his soul <C>
    13:15:16GiadaΦMilos : would not go away without dilegence. It was too easy to fall back into old habits but she was determined that his life could be changed. A foolish notion of a acoylyte but well intentioned.
    13:21:40†Dominus† took his sword and placed back in his scabbard placing it back with his things and he turned listening to her he said in reply..."The Lesson to be learned is never easy, do not let it be anymore then a lesson learned" he placed his hands on his belt and he listened to Giada's words and Dominus replied... "Everyone has a level of guilt" he paused<C>
    13:24:02†Dominus† and continued..."Redemption is in the light of God himself,....As I have seen over the years the path that we walk we normally do not fall from we only deviate from said path" as he spoke he tilted his head and asked...."is there a certain individual you speak of, as it is in the level of actions as well the want to be redeemed" he stood casual<C>
    13:24:39†Dominus† as they conversed. He knew all the well of redemption as well as damnation.<D>
    13:29:40GiadaΦMilos : He was her friend as well as her Captian and guile was not in her but she struggled a bit. She was afraid to make him angry "Yes there is, I have been talking to the Knight that you fought in the marketplace the other day. The Lady Kestral and I have been seeing him here and there, I was ready to give up on him but he <C>
    13:32:47GiadaΦMilos : seemed to have some dawning and I have thought that perhaps I had finally shown him that his way is destructive. I have been praying for him every day, God must be softening his heart dont you think?" she looked at him hopefully. The rain dripped around them and once in awhile there was the sound of scuffling in the leaves and underbrush and <C>
    13:33:25GiadaΦMilos : they could hear the rushing stream as the rains caused the banks to swell.
    13:40:35†Dominus† : brb a moment))
    13:45:39†Dominus† moved away in an upset fashion and he kneeled down by the firepit again his hands resting on his legs he said..."I do not believe that man can be redeemed. His anger swells to greatly and speaks that of atrocities in his pass either on him or on others" Dominus believed in second chances but he knew there was something wrong in his heart about<C>
    13:46:49†Dominus† the knight he had dueled in the days prior. Dominus felt taht he should have ended his life then and still did not stray from that feeling now. However an act of mercy he gave as he did not like to do such horrid acts infront of innocents such and women and children in the market area that day. Dominus had seen so much wrong commited during the<C>
    13:47:02†Dominus† crusades he did not want to repeat or see it repeated again<D>
    13:50:12GiadaΦMilos : She stood where she was and her coutenance grew sad. "Are you angry at me then? You did not tell me to stay away from him but if that is your wishes then I will do so ." She did not want to disappoint Dominus he was all she had left , until they could build up the order again. She slowly moved beside him and sank next to him "I just believe <C>
    13:53:11GiadaΦMilos : that God can do miricles. I feel nothing for him, if that is what you are worried about. He is not for me , I just thought that if he changed it would bring great honor to God. " she let out a pent up breath waiting for his answer and feeling as if she let him down somehow."Dominus I am still untried in many ways, I feel as if <C>
    13:54:00GiadaΦMilos : I was born anew when I heard you in the cathedral that day, as if there was a second chance for my life."
    13:59:43†Dominus† he looked to her his hair ragged in the rain he said..."I am not angry, do as you wish but at the end of the day know this...That man is not redeemable I have seen many like him before" he paused he traced his hand along his arm feeling the markings as though reading them through his hand and he took a breath..."God does work miracles,..he"<C>
    14:01:15†Dominus† "saw it that we would find each other and rebuild the order again in his light. So no nothing is impossible" though he hated to spit the words out that no it wasnt entirely possible for the man to be turned back to the light of god. Dominus was stubborn and it showed through when he had a natural dislike for something or someone and had to speak<C>
    14:02:39†Dominus† of the thing or person. "chances and risks are all we have sometimes, and sometimes we have to know when and when not to take them" he gave a smirk so she could see trying to lighten the mood as he didnt like to be sour he just sometimes came across that way<D>
    14:05:41GiadaΦMilos : She saw him moving his hand along his arm and she put out a tenetive hand and traced with her own fingertips along the breadth of his appendage. "I never marked anything upon myself but I have not seen much yet." she let her fingers finish their trailing and then looked out toward the stream "I will be cautious, and keep my <C>
    14:07:34GiadaΦMilos : time with him as simply teaching him. If he does not respond then I will stop. At least when you two meet again and you kill him his soul shall be redeemed" She picked up the piece of cheese and offered it to him " You should eat my friend, you never took the vow of denying yourself sustence and I cannot eat all this before<C>
    14:08:49GiadaΦMilos : it spoils" she returned his smirk with a wide smile, innocence shone in her eyes , she had indeed seen carnage and death but the aftermath , she had not been involved, so in some ways she did not have the sense of hardness that those of battle did.
    14:14:03†Dominus† : sry if im slow, bad multi tasker))
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    14:18:23†Dominus† he looked down at his arm and the back to her replying..."it is my way of rememberance of my sins" he listened to her words about the man and he said as he took the food from her holding the cheese in his hand looking at it, Dominus looked to her and then back to the cheese as he took a bite of it. He did eat he just chose to do so alone most of<C>
    14:20:54†Dominus† the time. Dominus seen it as a time to reflect while he did so. He replied to Giada with a...."do as you wish, if you feel he can be redeemed. I may be to bitter in recent times to see so....only God can see this" He finished off the cheese as he was a firm believer in eat now taste it later method. He looked at the camp fire pit curiously as<C>
    14:21:09†Dominus† he really was in thought of the reprecusions if the man could not be redeemed<D>
    14:26:04GiadaΦMilos : She was glad that he had eaten if nothing else to humor her. " I am going to get some water I shall be back soon" She picked up one of the pots and left Dominus to his own thoughts for a bit. She figured that maybe just maybe she could get a fire started and they could have something warm, though she wasnt cold there was just something <C>
    14:28:51GiadaΦMilos : about a hot meal that seemed comforting. She approached the stream careful of its banks, she didnt need it to give way since the rain had softened the earth. Crouching she moved to dip her pot in the water when she noticed she was not the only one there. She saw a dark form who was perched on the banks, she swallowed as she brought <C>
    14:31:41GiadaΦMilos : her eyes up and she held her breath and froze. A large blackbear had taken this opportunity to fish in the swollen waters and she hoped she hadnt caught its attentions. No luck however it had seen her before she had seen it. It gave a warning growl and she slowly moved from the bank keeping herself as low as possible, so that it did not <C>
    14:33:50GiadaΦMilos : think she was trying to intimidate it by standing to her full height. Her cautions were useless and it stopped what it was doing and came quickly shambling toward her. She had no weapon and so holding the handle of the pot she thought to swing it against its head should it get close enough. What she did know is that she would <C>
    14:34:21GiadaΦMilos : not be able to outrun it.
    14:38:43†Dominus† He had heard the noise and sounds the animal is what had caught his attention as he unsheathed the sword next to him and started to run he cursed himself as he ran for not grabbing his hunting bow. As he ran he dodged trees that was in his path back and forth his agility still at its peak from months without a real fight. Dominus would place <C>
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    14:39:43GiadaΦMilos : welcome)
    14:40:36†Dominus† himself inbetween the bear and her as he yelled..."run!!" he wasnt sure how he was going to be able to kill this thing, as he had never tried to fight a bear in his life. Dominus grunted as he stood in a solid stand and started praying that god would help him with this one. He had fought many and he himself was a large man but never a bear. He<C>
    14:40:39†Dominus† : welcome))
    14:40:53†Dominus† would do a double take to make sure she ran away and was safe<D>
    14:43:02•MatthewϕKnight• : Hey))
    14:44:24GiadaΦMilos : She hadnt expected Dominus to show up and she was grateful because battling a bear with a cooking pot was not exactly going to get her far. He moved in front of her and she moved back far enough but not back to the camp. After all she couldnt let him be all alone. She really needed a weapon of some sort damnit >>
    14:47:03GiadaΦMilos : If she could just have gotten the fire started, it was a moot point the wood was too wet but then she came upon a idea, she could make a makeshift torch, they did have some oil. She ran back to the camp leaving the bear for now to Dominus and grabbing one of her old shirts she began to rip it and with hurrid profeciency<C>
    14:47:44GiadaΦMilos : she poured oil on each scrap wrapping it around tightly binding it to the end of one of the sticks.
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    14:56:09Sybilla·Covelin : Sybilla left a note where Tully could find it that she'd gone to the forest to stretch. Sybilla never went from human to fur in public. In front of humans. Or from fur to skin unless seriously injured. So the process had been completed while in the forge and the paws had taken her through the wooded areas, down to the swollen stream /c/
    14:56:19Sybilla·Covelin : for a drink when noises of a struggle ahead caused the wolf to lift its head. The rain washed away scents so the wolf had to move closer to see exactly what was doing the attacking. A bear and two humans. Oh... This was trouble. A quiet yap was given in the bear's direction trying to gather it's attention away from the humans. Paws /c/
    14:57:47Sybilla·Covelin : striking at the ground. Come on, big oafish creature... no? Okay then. Sybilla made a dash toward the animal to snap her jaws at its rear paw before running off again. Would the humans understand she was there to help? Oh, she hoped so. /d/
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    15:03:40GiadaΦMilos : Dom had to run something came up he hopes to be backin a bit)
    15:05:28Sybilla·Covelin : k)

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