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    08:10:50Ancient_Daltamare : coffee))
    08:11:02xMystrealx : Lots please))
    08:11:10xMystrealx : So early -.-")
    08:32:30Ancient_Daltamare : -=They finally got there break time near the stages set up for performers and decided to fuck around a bit with a few mock bouts of there own forms of combat since some practiced something that was called "Mixed martial arts". They pointed out that some of the techiques Dalt used were orgins from Sambo and a mixture of Muai Tai which really meant>
    08:34:14Ancient_Daltamare : little to him. Just movements based off of instinct he used over the years to effectively go toe to toe with armed fighters, except he had a vicious set of claws and teeth to boot. As two of the others began there sparring session, none of them actually striking one another for they needed each other standing to finish the job and there was a lack>
    08:35:47Ancient_Daltamare : of animosity between them all which was suprising considering they were fighting, mock mind you but still. He wasn't as worn out as he thought he would be considering he still wasn't fully adjusted to being human. Water did seem to help with everything it seemed which was useful information=- Hey, you guys could you check >
    08:37:20Ancient_Daltamare : the internet for a place called Hadara? -=Maybe one of them could figure it out for him. The only thing he found on this thing called the internet was under book marks and they were a bunch of adult sites which he couldn't pry his eyes away from when all he wanted to do was check the history of war in hopes of gaining an edge as a merc down the >
    08:38:02Ancient_Daltamare : road and maybe bring advanced tech back. He looked down at his shirt, still ten minutes of break left, could always run down to the soda machine and grab a red bull if he was quick=-
    08:42:29xMystrealx : =The night had been a little colder than the last, and although Mystreal had managed with food and clothing shelter was not something she thought about. Never had, she was so used to enjoying the kis of nature as it rained, or blew but now....it was just cold. Having slept on wet hair, the bottoms kinked out in with a spiky kick at the bottoms. -c-
    08:45:04xMystrealx : Smotthign her hands over it it sat neatly as she ran her fingers through her fringe. What to do today, afterall the disembodied voice had said 4 days, this was the third. Goodness knew what happened on the fourth. Bouncing on the tips of her toes, her hair bounced as she traled the streets of the park. It was always so quiet at this time in a -c-
    08:47:01xMystrealx : morning. No people, no queues...Even the big metal contraptions were silent. Just the odd sweeping person floated around the tarmac, but even they were lacking this morning. Where -was- everyone. Double blinking she kept an eye out until she heard noise. A bright msile glanced her face as she bounced in the direction of the conversation. A big -c-
    08:48:34xMystrealx : open area where all the sweeping people seemed to have gathered. The pink pleasts of tartan bounced as she spotted Dalt. Pattering her feet she bounced through the staff. The back of her skirt bobbed, bare feet hiting the floor as she gigged and over exaggeratedly began tiptoeing up behind him. Two of the guys were too busy craning their nacks -c-
    08:49:58xMystrealx : upside down behind her to try and get a flash from up her skirt to pay attention, but another one on the stage smirked at her over acted stealth as she got about 2 foot away then pounced with a sudden spring of energy that would of left her hands gently shoving on his back to surprise him. "Good Morning Dalt!" Blaze chirped having apparently -c-
    08:50:17xMystrealx : finally forgiven the man and hopped onto Mysts shoulder squeaking a little with the surprise.=
    09:01:20Ancient_Daltamare : -=The tension within him was high after such practice. These people called them combat sports which amazed him that the culture thought of training for such violence as a game, the people of his age taught there children this for survival and these people thought it was for shits and giggles? He lost the odd bout >
    09:05:29Ancient_Daltamare : from odd techniques he had never seen before but still, to consider this a game was beyond him. Then he felt to small palms attempted to shove him and he could almost automaticly figure who it was at this time of night. Turning about, the voice confirming it before he just shook his head and sighed watching the others behind her craning there >
    09:07:01Ancient_Daltamare : necks away. He just shook his head and did the only thing he could figure to prevent that. He reached around her waist drawing her in then up making sure anything underneath the skirt was concealed=- Hey guys give it a break she is with me. -=Half truth really, she was around to see him but not in the sense they would think=- Hey blaze. -=He spoke>
    09:08:31Ancient_Daltamare : to the ferret before releasing one of his hands on her to reach down and grab his shirt before turning about and wandering off just out of view before placing her down and throwing it on=- You look like you need another shower. -=It was probably cold out for her considering she left still half soaked and wandered off. Still he placed a hand on her>
    09:09:16Ancient_Daltamare : head and patted her twice just to bug her=- So what are your plans for the night?
    09:21:13xMystrealx : =The shove came followed by a trill of a giggle that soon darted into a squeak as he hiked her yet again off her feet. Her face level with his she smiled broadly her eyes instinctively watching his as her hands gripped his shoulders. Hanging loosely against his side as he proceeded to carry her she wriggled a little. "You knw one of these -c-
    09:22:43xMystrealx : days Dalt, you will just ask me to follow you instead of jiggling me around like a pet." Her giggled sprouted again as her arms clung a little round his neck, not feeling wholey secure as he let go one arm to dip and grab his shirt. Another squeak came as she clung her legs stil dangling. Blaze was trying to keep his footing, although all her -c-
    09:25:00xMystrealx : wriggling and bouncing as he walked jogging her ment he scrabbled a little on her shoudlers trying to regain footing before he clattered to the ground, and trotted in tow behind. The skirt was long enough to keep her covered, as she shook her head. "I don't need one, but you smell like you do." An over exaggerated sniff came before she grinned -c-
    09:26:40xMystrealx : a cheshire cat and was dropped on her feet. The guys behind them had let out a few whoops, and mocking noises as Dalt skirted her away out of view and she craned her neck trying to see round the corner. The thought would of come, but he patted her head causing a huff and her hands to flatten her hair back down again, although the lifted corners -c-
    09:29:47xMystrealx : of a smile still showed. Bouncing on her toes she thought a minute, her head cocking in response to using her brain and she shrugged a little. "I don't have any. Everything is dark at this time....and all the street traders have gone home. " Pulling herself up on the edge of the stage her legs swung freely over the lip of it as she leant forward-c-
    09:31:22xMystrealx : a little Amber eyes watching his still slightly fascinated at the change from metal to colour. "Can I stay with you? Please..." Doe eyes again. She was pretty good with those considering she came across as too nieav to use them properly.=
    09:31:31«Αdiϵ٠Τhorηωycκ» : -Takes a fluffy cat-o-nine to them both.- Good morning. -Then gets ready for work.-))
    09:32:04Ancient_Daltamare : lol))
    09:32:05Ancient_Daltamare : try not to have too much fun at work))
    09:32:12Ancient_Daltamare : I hear its counter productive))
    09:36:09xMystrealx : -CLings to Adie, and stows away to work with-))
    09:45:02Ancient_Daltamare : -=He just shrugged his shoulders briefly=- You ever consider the thought I enjoy holding you? -=He figured sometimes it was just better for her she didn't know what the others were up to. In this world the men were as back in old, if not worse=- Besides you have my favorite lil guy with you. -=He would attempt to use his eyes to look at blaze but >
    09:46:36Ancient_Daltamare : he didn't see the lil creature anywhere off hand. The sound of his own steel toe boots masking the lil critters pursuit=- Well, there is no rule here saying we couldn't take one together. -=He couldn't help himself, her niave nature just left her open to being hit on and the fact she never took it seriously made it that much more fun. She was >
    09:48:42Ancient_Daltamare : learning sarcasm slowly though, or at least opening up to him=- Since this should be our last night here I will see if I could get a staff room or something. -=As she sat up on the edge of the stage he padded up and checked the hem of her skirt and sighed since she didn't get a change of clothing for the day either. He couldn't stand wearing the >
    09:51:45Ancient_Daltamare : same thing for longer then a day, the beast could but not him. Which reminded him, had to show Annora designs for something called a hugo boss suit, they had one for business that looked freaking amazing but costed 1600 bucks and required a fitting which meant he had to leave the park, and we all knew they were not allowed. Maybe he could push >
    09:52:25Ancient_Daltamare : Kaleb through just to test results=- We will get your clothing washed as well. -=He didn't know why he felt the urge to take care of her, but it was there none the less=-
    09:54:12xMystrealx : =Double blinking her head cocked at the first response. "If you want to carry me around everywhere, I have no plans of complaining" She giggled a little, a free ride was a free ride considering her feet didn't seem to like working in this land. Brushing her fringe to the side she swung her legs still swinging. The skirt hem was fine, keeping -c-
    09:57:43xMystrealx : place half way down her thighs. Blaze in response to his words suddenly chirped and once he had dropped the girl, launched himself up Dalts back to chirp on his shoulder. The small creature nudged atg the mans face and Myst gve a giggle. "Traitor." The girls eyeline never faltered, the broad smile warming her face and her eyes focussed on his. -c-
    10:01:54xMystrealx : They fascinated her. Not just the shift, but the thought of why someone would choose to close the world out. To shut out the light and the colour, for something more logical....more cold. To not want to see a world without someone, she just didn't understand. "Dalt..." Her eyes still focussed she spoke a little airily as her words spread out of -c.
    10:03:27xMystrealx : of her in question. "What happened to your wife?" The assumption of course was that she must of died horrifically for him to be so effected. Myst very rarely understood emotional situations, her default setting being upbeat. It was rare she ever truly hit upset. Her hands gripped the fabric of her skirt carefully as she smiled broadly. waiting for
    10:03:37xMystrealx : I'll be back in an hour or so got to nip out.))
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    11:20:22Ancient_Daltamare : o.o))
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    11:58:40xMystrealx : Back!)
    12:01:26Ancient_Daltamare : -=He would just shrug as he placed her down. Honestly he didn't mind and it he didn't want the poor thing taken advantage of really. He snapped the odd joke but nothing would ever go beyond that unless he wished to make her uncomfortable enough to leave, which he doubted she would remember longer then an hour or so. >
    12:04:20Ancient_Daltamare : Reaching up at this point he patted Blaze on the head before she asked the question=- There are things even we don't bring up. -=It was simple, straight across and the Ancients tone near matched the lack of emotion the beast usually carried. Reaching down into his pocket he drew the pack of smokes drawing out a cig before laying back and just >
    12:05:07Ancient_Daltamare : staring off into the sky in silence as he puffed away=- I will see to that room right away. -=He spoke before getting up and taking her hand to guide her along=-
    12:18:55xMystrealx : =The tone had her a little on edge, there were times that the emotion, or lack of in the air was so thick that even she was aware enough to notice it. She was slower here, not empathic connections everything seemed muddy, and almost fogged out. Her eyesight was short, the keen senses of elven attributes gone it was almost like she was drowning in-c
    12:20:24xMystrealx : treacle without them, but she just kept her smile. No one ever considered there was more beneath the surface, which was exactly how she liked it. A pat on the head, and a there there and people generally kept her all wrapped up in wool. It was always easy to assume that sunshines and rainbows were all that was there. It was the major portion, -c-
    12:21:42xMystrealx : just not all. Dipping her eyes too the ground her hands tightened on the edge of the stage, the thick set smile never faultered just beamed and she nodded. "Sorry. I didn't mean to pry." It was left at that, The thick smoke in the air bellowed and her nose sneered and a cough came out as she wafted it away from herself. "I do not think that is -c-
    12:23:17xMystrealx : going to be very good for you Mr Dalt." Formality of name was back, little thinks noone ever struck on that gave her slice of higher thought processes away. But she was sparkly and er bounce hid alot. Swinging her legs she smiled and dropped to the round with alot less grace than was usually there. "Is the room out of care, or duty. Because I -c-
    12:24:42xMystrealx : don't need pity charity Mr. Dalt, as kind an offer it is. And do not get me wrong it is ever so kind. But I have troubled you enough even before we got here." Her smile was lucid, no harm in her words or hostility underneath just a small dose of knowledge that she was used to being surrounded with people who were not friends, they were people -c-
    12:25:53xMystrealx : with good hearts who thought the little sunshine needed a roof, and protecting. It was natural, afterall. Blaze chirped again at his ear, the little creature no longer intune with his master with her elven outlets gone he was beginning to get confused by the sudden changes of mood, and a little worried. Funny thing about elves. Take away their -c-
    12:27:47xMystrealx : calm connection to nature, and everything began to become more solemn. They needed the thread of peace that mother earth gave them. Her bounce came and she smiled bowing her head carefully. Turning to look at the men that had begun sweeping again she jerked her chin with an energetic smile and scooped blaze off his shoulders, plonking him back -c-
    12:29:01xMystrealx : in the fabric satchel at her hip. "I think your break time is over Mr. Dalt." On tiptoes she kissed his cheek and a softer smile than the usual brimming energy came as she nodded. "If the offer of that room is still there, I will meet you at the castle later." Bouncing off through the sweeping men, again necks craned that made her a little -c-
    12:30:03xMystrealx : uncomfortable from the minute she stepped away from Dalt's radius. Clutching the hem of her skirt down, her eyes flashed over them as each one gave her a different response. From a look that made her skin crawl, to a polite smile or a whistle. Aiming herself to just head off to wander the park once more.=
    12:41:51Ancient_Daltamare : -=He tossed her the pack of ciggerates to show her the warning label of a human set of lungs infected by cancer=- I know there not healthy for me, but they keep me sane. -=He rose up from his position with a stretch and another long haul before putting it out on the side, making sure to flick the butt into a nearby ashtray. He never assumed >
    12:45:53Ancient_Daltamare : anything about the elf for the surface was the only one thing visible, it still ran deeper to points where people could not explore=- Do not worry people ask me it often enough. -=And all got the same treatment of silence=- I have no duty towards you. I do this because I care because if I didn't I wouldn't be here right now. Besides, it is nice >
    12:48:12Ancient_Daltamare : to have someone to wake up to as well so you are doing me a favor just the same. -=She was right a few days earlier, they didn't like to be alone and had been that way for ages. Pulling out a radio he messeged his boss=- I got a friend thats sick, I am going to the rest of the night off. Make up for it tomorrow. -=He looked to her again=- Lets>
    12:49:07Ancient_Daltamare : go, I will never deny you my time for you are far more important then work. -=He did that to occupy time so he never got bored and nothing more, the coin didn't hurt either but he had enough to last the day and they were gone by tomorrow anyways=-
    12:59:10xMystrealx : =Pausing in the centre of the large space of tarmac she smiled brightly and nodded, itwas hard not being able to see, or hear as she was used too. The bob of red hair bouncing at her cheeks as she bounced on her toes. Blaze wriggled in the bag and tuckedhis head out so he could see the world around him and chattered a little at a man that got to -c
    13:00:42xMystrealx : close to her side. A hiss came out strong at him with a snap of jaws and the employee stepped back. Tucking her hair behind her ears her smile spread and she giggled lightly. "Try a teddybear, they are always there in the morning." He had a slight affliction of clinging onto her if she was anywhere near him in sleep. Which was something she would-c
    13:02:01xMystrealx : never really understand or get used to. "Or a dog. Although, I have a feeling you would havethe poor thing dragging carts by days end." Her smile brimmed a little wider as the same slight charm of defiance ran it. "Or you would end up trying to charm it with words." Pattering her feet she waited until his feet brought him to join her side and -c-
    13:03:55xMystrealx : the same energetic bounce rolled out, it had lost it's edge from tiredness, but it sat the same with a little more effort. "You shouldn't lie Mr Dalt....it is bad for you too." Mystreal never saw the point in false truth, she just didn't hold the ability to really lie to people. Avoid the questions yes, but not lie. Her stomach growled and she -c-
    13:05:33xMystrealx : let out a small breath of frustration. "Human bodies are hungry ever so often, it is a wonder they can even function day to day." Elven ears twitched and she threaded her arm into his which did earn him a slight huff of jealousy, or smirk of appreciation from his new male friends. The tartan skirt bounced around bare legs and her smile broadened.-c
    13:07:46xMystrealx : "Oh! Mabye we could go to the tailors? I would really like to buy some more clothes to take back. They are ever so comfortable." Gripping back onto his forearm with her fingers she bounced again and her smile beamed "Thankyou Daltamare." It didn't need to be said what for, but his words had been kind on her afterall.=
    13:12:18xMystrealx : -scoots-))
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    15:03:01CathaoirMacDonnchadh : herro))
    15:05:10Ancient_Daltamare : hey))
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    15:26:49Viktor : holy cow, did you know you can start fires with a condom? ))
    15:29:55«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : o.o))
    15:30:01«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : i'm not even gonna ask))
    15:31:45Viktor : I'm looking at some other uses for them, and this is kinda entertaining ))

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