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    08:13:28Ancient_Daltamare : -=Oh the joys of clean up. Easy task but ate away at ones patience, at least he had something to distract him from everything else. This I-pod thing was amazing, capable of switching music when things get worn out and the types of music they had now blew there mind. Time passed much quicker to say the least specially when the task at hand was >
    08:19:29Ancient_Daltamare : far more boring then listening to people drone on about there lives. Still he at least had a good rest today and this shower thing with running water, he was running out of reasons to return to the past. There had to be a way to remain without putting the others at risk. Taking out another cig, he lit it up inhaling with a deep sigh of content. A >
    08:20:38Ancient_Daltamare : simple life but it brought him much pleasure...except the kids, the world beyond these gates would be wonderful to explore especially since some of the security staff brought up something called a pistol and various things they claimed fired rounds faster then the speed of sound and even better, one after another without reload until something >
    08:22:08Ancient_Daltamare : called a clip was empty. As much as he wanted one they were not really allowed past the gates so he gave up hope on finding one....for now. Well, this area was done, it was about break time. He padded over to the soda machine putting in a few coins and pressed the button until a red bull came out. He chugged that back and prepared himself for >
    08:22:14Ancient_Daltamare : cleaning adventure land=-
    08:31:52xMystrealx : =It was warm, too wamr. The sun was barely up and it cast across the land giving a humid and close temperature in the air. It was enough to make you light headed. Mystreal was far used to hot temperatures....they were just a part of nature. It was still hot though. Fire red tendrils bounced around her cheek bones, as she had grown tired of -c-
    08:34:26xMystrealx : the flashing boxes being stuffed in her face. She had enough green paper to survive a good few weeks on food an water, and the tailors here had so many interesting designs and fabrics. Bouncing down the street, her feet were bare but the twisting lilac skirts and chemise set had gone replaced with a black top made of a soft linen that felt like -c-
    08:37:07xMystrealx : high class cotton...but it wasn't. The thin black straps held it to her shoulders, black fabric cutting just above her belly button and a larg picture of some oddly drawn mouse on the front of it. A Bright pink Tartan skirt flared hanging low on her hips and cutting short at her thigh. The pleast jostled with her bouncy step. The nice trader -c-
    08:38:37xMystrealx : in the shop had assured her that it was the "Coolest" outfit she had. Which in this heat, was definitely a plus. Blaze curled stashed in a small bag that dipped across her front and bobbed at her side as she almost skipped her steps. Amber eyes flashed on Dalt and she squeaked out a chirping noise of excitment before bouncing up behind him, her -c-
    08:40:11xMystrealx : voice raised a little, as all the pink fluff she had eaten for some reason seemed to make her want to shout and run. "Good morning Mr Dalt!" A broad smle spread her in greeting to him. It was funny, she almost twitched a litle at the end of each bounce. The park wasn't so bad, it had food and shelter and people handed you money ever so -c-
    08:40:56xMystrealx : freely for the oddest of things. They just threw it at things, like they had little cares. Mabye this was a park for Nobles? Or royalty....she didn't nkow but she was quite happy to skip through it.=
    08:55:20Ancient_Daltamare : -=He left one bud out in case his boss were to walk by and bark more orders his way so he heard the elf perfectly fine even over the blaring music in the other ear. Taking the mini speaker out of his ear he pulled out a small device and held a button until the music shut itself off=- Why hello there. -=That broad smile should of been obvious which>
    08:56:36Ancient_Daltamare : was in control. The last few days had been interesting with all that happened, this being able to go behind the scenes on the job gave him a new perspective on the park and its workings which he found gave him an advantage when it came to getting by or one point to another. They even taught him how to operate a golf cart properly and the keys to >
    08:58:15Ancient_Daltamare : one marked "17" in case he needed to get to an emergency. Security seemed to respect him enough after the previous day but a few were suspicous of him considering how he brought the man down without second thought nor much remorse. That and some seen the "ink" on his back and the gravestones which led them to be creeped out. Still he did his job >
    09:01:42Ancient_Daltamare : without question no matter the task...as long as he was given proper instructions before hand. People for the most part ingored him in the crowd figuring him for another employee and nothing else=- Nice clothing. -=Was his only other response as he took another haul of the smoke=-
    09:04:08xMystrealx : =Her feet had finally mastered themselves a little better, it was hard work not having the natural inclination of agile balance on your side. Raised on her toes she bobbed behind him as he seemed to be in the stand off modd once more, the man was aggrevating. But it didn't dampen her as she still bounced behind h
    09:04:08xMystrealx : im
    09:04:11xMystrealx : Ug
    09:04:12xMystrealx : )
    09:04:28xMystrealx : Rawr!!!! -Yells at child.-)
    09:06:23xMystrealx : -c- him with the same chirping tone as before. The excitment in her bubbled through with force, even mabye a little extra in reserve that broke through. Tucking her hands into the slimline pockets of the skirt she giggled at the half compliment and twirled. "The Tailor said, that it would suit me better." The pink skirt floated a little with -c-
    09:07:46xMystrealx : the twirl. The colours were rich, and bright. The dyes that had been used must of been of excellent quality to get such colour into the linen. If they ever got home she had to remember this for Annora, it was far easier to move in than skirts and petticoats. Brushing the fire of her fringe aside the Amber eyes watched his face as she grinned -c-
    09:09:42xMystrealx : with a force that had her looking a little manic. "You should take some time off. The people here said that there is something called a 'ride' and that it is ever so much fun!" Seemed she had fully forgotten about yesterdays little spat by this point. Paddling her feet she placed her hands on his forearm pulling a little but no harder than -c-
    09:10:11xMystrealx : necessary to just give a slight tug in the right direction. "Please Mr Dalt? They look ever so high...but I really would like to play on one."=
    09:19:04Ancient_Daltamare : -=He just sort of shrugged his shoulders briefly=- The tailor didn't seem to far off the truth. It does suit you better. -=He was getting far to used to this timeline it seemed, more so then he should knowing he had to go back with the rest. The possabilities of remaining were slim since the voice would not speak to them again and explain things >
    09:21:12Ancient_Daltamare : further. Oi, Mystreal enjoy leaving herself open to sarcasm or what=- Yeah I could take some time off so you could go on a ride with me. -=He was unable to hold back the snicker before again before looking to the ferris wheel=- I got the perfect place for a ride as well. -=By this time holding back his laughter was near impossible but he settled >
    09:23:26Ancient_Daltamare : down eventually=- Ok, being serious now. Let me go talk to my boss. -=He padded over and spoke to Travis from the other night and told him he was taking time off to play tour guide. He agreed without much second thought considering Dalt had been working near none stop around the clock since he got here with red bull, vodka and steak as fuel. >
    09:23:42Ancient_Daltamare : Returning to Mystreal=- Well I'm all yours for a bit. Lets go before he reconsiders.
    09:31:23xMystrealx : =The words were simple but they seemed to amuse him to no end which casued ehr head to cock. What on earth did she say. Still smliing with her head on a tilt like a spaniel waiting for a treat he wandered off and she clasped her hands infront of her. Eyes watching her toes she wriggled them and giggled. The floor around here was always warm, if -c-
    09:32:58xMystrealx : a little sticky. It made her soles stick to the floor. Shifting her feet Amber eyes flared over the pair as they talked and he came back. The news brought a wide smile across her face as she bounced on her toes excitedly. The large moving creatures had fascinated her since she came, metal and wood creaking and chruning together to produce whoops -c
    09:34:47xMystrealx : happiness from the humans and their pigy children. It was ever so enticing. But it was after all metal and wood moving magically at high speeds, which was wholey unnerving. Her feet bounced on the tarmac and a squeak came as she wrapped her arms around his neck excited that someone would come on the fast paced moving machines with her. "Oh -c-
    09:37:41xMystrealx : Thankyou Mr Dalt thankyou! I have never ridden something quite so tall!" Her eyes sparkled with a happy turn, as she was bouncing now even though she was half hitched around his neck. Letting go, her arms dropped and she grinned widely. "Where should we start? There are ever so many to try...." Pattering her feet she was nearly overloading on -c-
    09:37:46xMystrealx : excitment.=
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    09:53:46Ancient_Daltamare : -=He wore steel toe boots at this point since they had him doing manual labour. They were as uncomfortable as fuck at first but after the first day and something called "socks" they felt quite comfortable once he broke them in with all the walking he done around the park doing the random crap they asked him too. Even learned how to read the bloody>
    09:55:10Ancient_Daltamare : map, of course that was originally to find the tiki bar more often then not but it came in handy for getting things done. First thing he had to do was get out of this jump suit which was fairly easy after pulling his zipper down and a bit of a shimmy until he could step out of it. He wore a plain white t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans which was >
    09:56:36Ancient_Daltamare : also comfortable for work and very durable oddly enough though there were patters of oil on them. Taking the I-pod and his cash out of the suit laying on the ground he tossed it onto the cart him and his partner pushed around=- I'l be back. -=He spoke Mystreal threatened to choke him to death. One of his co-workers muttering something about lucky >
    09:58:22Ancient_Daltamare : bastard, how wrong the man was=- I bet you haven't ridden anything yet. -=It was true more then likely, for if she discovered that bouncing could be used in a pleasurable way the man would never catch a break in his life after that=- If you take me to its a small world after all...I will drown you there. -=His one and only warning, after being in >
    09:59:06Ancient_Daltamare : the tunnels after someone smashed one of the displays he was already sick of it=- We should start it off slow and work our way from there. -=He nodded twice before waiting for her to drag his ass along anyways=-
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    10:14:57xMystrealx : =Tugging at his arm the mans muttered words were understandable, she was a natural elf. Firey haired and tea skinned. But she had the ability to drive a person to insanity within 10 mintues if she put effort into it. The bounce still pushing she giggled excitedly. "I like the little singing Gnomes. They are ever so happy!" Her smile ran with that -
    10:16:24xMystrealx : unmistakeable mischief as she mocked a pout at being not allowed to go back to the happy world of singing midgets. "Oh, but Mr Dalt. It is ever so exciting in there." Letting his forearm drop after they had walked for a good 20 minutes she spotted the brightly coloured teacups she had seen the day earlier. The spinning and twisting had her eyes-c-
    10:18:24xMystrealx : mesmerised onto the colours as she giggled and her head began very slightly weaving in time to follow. "That one!" Her eyes darted back to him, and then to the teacups as she bounced off. A short skirt was not the best plan for an elf with a bounce, as it flicked at the back with her bobbing steps. The fireflies in bottles sparkled intermittently-c
    10:19:55xMystrealx : causing lighted patterns to flash around the edge of the circular ride and she double blinked speaking more to herself than anything. "I wonder how they get the fireflies to stay in such small bottles? It surely cannot be comfortable for them." Smiling as she was sorely tempted to climb the barriers and unscrew one she bit that temptation back -c-
    10:21:13xMystrealx : for now as she headed towards the queue. Walking backwards just before she disappeared a little in the crowd to stand in the queue. "I wouldn't assume anything Mr Dalt. It leads to wrong answers" Her smile brimmed and she moved through the crowd spinning on her axis to join the queue.=
    10:34:43Ancient_Daltamare : -=He couldn't understand the elf. He sighed and spoke in her native tongue as though it were his own=- Those little gnomes should be torched. -=With a shake of his head, still drifting along beside her until he seen the tea cup=- To hell with that. -=He pointed at the ferris wheel so they could get a better view and plan something out instead of >
    10:37:00Ancient_Daltamare : doing circles on a tea cup. He shifted direction and padded over to a vendor making a quick purchase of a bottle of water=- I wouldn't know how they get them in the bottle and I don't think they honestly care about the feelings of an insect. Everything here is for entertainment and nothing more. -=The way some of the employees were the illusion >
    10:37:48Ancient_Daltamare : was dropped for him very quickly that this was a place of pure joy. Wouldn't be suprised if one of them went over the deep end and tried to go on a spree really=-
    10:43:26xMystrealx : =Caught off guard by his Elven tongue she cocked her head. It was rare anyone outside of the race spoke int heir tongue, it was never of much use to a human world. The language was outdated, and hard work for the tongue. But it always came out in a beautiful stream, especially when you were well practiced. As she quickly proved. The words that -c-
    10:45:31xMystrealx : rippled out of her matched her voice, the sound chiming wstill holding the excited and bell like tone but it seemed to be less forced, more fluid. The small thing moved her eyes up to the ferris wheel as she spoke. "Up there? Is it safe do you think..." his name came out the same. "Mr Dalt." A few people gave her an odd look at the flowing -c-
    10:48:22xMystrealx : foreign tongue that chirped out of her. Stepping to crane her neck up at the tall ride, she bounced a little and nodded. Still speaking in Elven as it was so much easier for her to word. "Aslong as you do not plan on pushing me out from a great height, I will gladly give it a try Mr Dalt." Never one too keep still for long she bounced off towards-c
    10:49:54xMystrealx : the winding fences that usually held queus of people, but it was early and so there was only a scarce amount of people waiting. Bare feet hit the ground as she bounced over the tarmac. A group of yound male employees loitered by the entrance to the ride as she bobbed past a cat call or two came. Bare legs, short skirt....it was her own fault. Not-c
    10:51:25xMystrealx : that she realised, or understood the fact. A whistle came out of the middle one, the tallest on the far right spouting with. "Oy legs, fancy wrapping them around me sometime." Mystreal was sweet, and fairly sheltered. But she understood when something was a low level catcall and it caused her to brush her fringe over her face and hold her skirt -c-
    10:51:51xMystrealx : with her fists to stop it bouncing. "I think I need a new skirt, Mr Dalt." Her words chirped out a little as he caught up.=
    11:05:03Ancient_Daltamare : -=He wondered why she would think he would toss her from the peak of that. Hard to hide the evidence he did that way, more likely he would take her along on a "canoe" trip and only one of them would come out of it all heart broken and the likes, seemed like the logical way to do it=- It should be. -=He padded along silently trying to avoid making >
    11:06:25Ancient_Daltamare : quips though it was so hard to resist. Everything was fine while waiting in the short line up until the guy that operated opened his mouth in which case he opened up the door for her to enter first then grinned at the man=- Just like I fancy my hands around your throat. -=With the happiest smile in the world on his lips before he slipped quietly >
    11:07:48Ancient_Daltamare : into the ferris wheel booth not bothering to gauge the mans reaction. Closing it behind him he stared out the window wondering what the overhead view was like. Seemed like the best option he could do considering the map didn't cover everything=- Why? If you are comfortable with it why change it? -=He sounded confused=-
    11:10:08xMystrealx : =Completely missing his off hand, and slightly protective threat to the man she had already clambered into the seat inside the little seethrough bubble. The strange box swung a loosely on it's ties at the top, and it caused her to grip the seat a little. Dalt shut the door and they moved systematically notch by notch as the booths filled. Amber -c-
    11:11:33xMystrealx : eyes sparkled with the floating ovement. In effect she was flying, and it had her bouncing. The bounce caused the booth to rock a little and she tried to still it as the rocking made her a little uneasy. It was an odd sensation afterall, swinging freely in the air. Giggling she stood and tried to see pressing her face against the glass. The view -c
    11:13:24xMystrealx : across the landscape of the park unfolded a little more with each notch as her back to him she knelt on her seat palms against the glass her face as close as she could before her nose would be smooshed. Everything was beautiful bright, and shining in the sun. It spread as large as 4 Elven cities atleast! The sight had her bouncing again as a -c-
    11:14:51xMystrealx : squeak of excitment squeak of excitment played. "Oh my! It is ever so beautiful....I dont think I have ever seen anything quite so pretty in my life." The buildingws werre so many different colours, and as they scooped another notch higher the people streamed like ants below. Brushing her hair behind her ears she turned leaning across him a -c-
    11:16:13xMystrealx : little to press her palms on the glass of his side so she could watch that too. The castle stretched in the distance, the sparkling excitment that rushed her had her fingers tapping a little on the glass as she turned to switch sides again not wanting to miss a moment of either side of the park.=
    11:25:05Ancient_Daltamare : -=He didn't rise from his seat while taking in the full view of everything he could slowly formulating a plan of where to go and what to do. Might take the golf cart out for a spin if he was allowed for the sake of traveling faster from place to place. He could see why she was excited but it was different for him. How were they to get back? >
    11:26:48Ancient_Daltamare : This was another time zone, a world where the super natural didn't exist except the imagenation=- I will admit it is interesting. -=Eyes scanning rapidly already seeming to analyze the shortest route to the tiki bar. He knew it opened in a few hours so if he could finish up work before then life was peachy but still, why were they here >
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    11:28:36Ancient_Daltamare : in the first place and what of the others for he had not run into the scottish pair of lovers nor seen Tohopka since. The mutts he could care less about and that man called "Tory" didn't care much for him either since they caused a scene. Reaching into his pocket he drew another ciggerate and paused before lighting it, placing it behind his ear >
    11:28:58Ancient_Daltamare : when they got out of this thing not wishing to smother her in smoke=- Use this time to plan where you want to go next. -=He spoke calmly=-
    11:30:50xMystrealx : =The world was different to her, it was new and exciting even when she was in her own time setting, so for things to work so differently and to almost move with a controlled magic she had never encountered it left her brimming with excitment. The whole world to her seemed to have turned golden. Bright colours, happy people and an abundance of -c-
    11:32:22xMystrealx : food that left you giddy and with a spin in your head. "Interesting?" Amber eyes flashed on him as she shook her head with the same cheshire smile that warmed her face guiding it with a happiness that was rarely ever found in people. "Interesting is a book, or a new trunk with a trick catch. This...this is just beautiful." She had swapped back to-c
    11:33:46xMystrealx : his side again her hands on the glass as she leant over. It was everything that was in her head. Rainbow colours, fuzzy cutsie animals and strange mythical creations. It was like someone had literally taken her mind, squeezed it onto some land and put a fence around it. Mabye that was what happened? Perhaps some odd wizard cursed -c-
    11:36:47xMystrealx : them all to spending eternity inside Mystreals thought process. To some of them it would be hell incarnate, to her....it was wonderous to behold. "There are so many rides I don't know which one to choose." Her eyes were flicking from place to place in a speed that was almost dissying as she tried to decide. "Which one do you want to ride Mr Dalt?-c
    11:38:46xMystrealx : Her attention was quickly taken by a large mountain that was taking people inside of it in a rickety looking savage sanoe down a river that spat from it. The end result was them getting soaked and coming off giggling in fits of giggles to stand at a booth for a few minutes before leaving. "Oh! That one..." The sight caused more excitement as she -c
    11:39:41xMystrealx : shifted her knees onto his lap to try and get closer to see further. Her eyes still weren't working right, leaving her almost short sighted as it felt to her. Which ment she kept wanting to sit right on top of things to see.=
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    13:17:08xMystrealx : Hey cath.)
    13:29:30CathaoirMacDonnchadh : Heya Myst))
    13:34:29CathaoirMacDonnchadh : http://rotocat.tripod.com/maps/map_dl.jpg <--- Map I had looked at to find where Ann and Cath could sleep))
    13:59:09CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'pokes myst out of the cup' WAKEY WAKEY!!!)0
    13:59:46CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'sits on his overturned cup and tosses the large stick away and whistles innocently'))
    14:04:11xMystrealx : -Shoves him to OOC)
    14:04:17xMystrealx : *room-)
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    14:43:22xMystrealx : Welcmoe home Sybi doodle)
    14:44:46Sybilla·Covelin : thankies)
    14:49:02xMystrealx : Your welcome.)
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    15:06:42Sybilla·Covelin : morning Dalt)
    15:06:49Ancient_Daltamare : morning))
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    15:09:42xMystrealx : =The world was different to her, it was new and exciting even when she was in her own time setting, so for things to work so differently and to almost move with a controlled magic she had never encountered it left her brimming with excitment. The whole world to her seemed to have turned golden. Bright colours, happy people and an abundance of -c-
    15:09:47xMystrealx : food that left you giddy and with a spin in your head. "Interesting?" Amber eyes flashed on him as she shook her head with the same cheshire smile that warmed her face guiding it with a happiness that was rarely ever found in people. "Interesting is a book, or a new trunk with a trick catch. This...this is just beautiful." She had swapped back to-c
    15:09:52xMystrealx : his side again her hands on the glass as she leant over. It was everything that was in her head. Rainbow colours, fuzzy cutsie animals and strange mythical creations. It was like someone had literally taken her mind, squeezed it onto some land and put a fence around it. Mabye that was what happened? Perhaps some odd wizard cursed -c-
    15:10:00xMystrealx : them all to spending eternity inside Mystreals thought process. To some of them it would be hell incarnate, to her....it was wonderous to behold. "There are so many rides I don't know which one to choose." Her eyes were flicking from place to place in a speed that was almost dissying as she tried to decide. "Which one do you want to ride Mr Dalt?-c
    15:10:47xMystrealx : them all to spending eternity inside Mystreals thought process. To some of them it would be hell incarnate, to her....it was wonderous to behold. "There are so many rides I don't know which one to choose." Her eyes were flicking from place to place in a speed that was almost dissying as she tried to decide. "Which one do you want to ride Mr Dalt?-
    15:10:52xMystrealx : Her attention was quickly taken by a large mountain that was taking people inside of it in a rickety looking savage sanoe down a river that spat from it. The end result was them getting soaked and coming off giggling in fits of giggles to stand at a booth for a few minutes before leaving. "Oh! That one..." The sight caused more excitement as she -c
    15:10:57xMystrealx : shifted her knees onto his lap to try and get closer to see further. Her eyes still weren't working right, leaving her almost short sighted as it felt to her. Which ment she kept wanting to sit right on top of things to see.=
    15:12:33__WolFGaNG__ : Jesus Christ,...is this guy for real???<sighs>
    15:13:23__WolFGaNG__ : get to the back of the bus dude
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    15:13:58Sybilla·Covelin : wow... I'm just that scary(
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    15:15:22xMystrealx : O.o?)
    15:15:36xMystrealx : What was that all about...))
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    15:25:58Sybilla·Covelin : mornin')
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    15:26:38CathaoirMacDonnchadh : I was given permission to mode Ann in my entrance post since she will not be here until around 4))
    15:28:09Ancient_Daltamare : -=Mystreal sounded as though she never heard the word interesting. Her comparisson (horrible spelling I know) was terrible. He couldn't read a book so they lacked any form of even curiousity from the tiger, a trunk? Typically he had pouches which he could store massive amounts of gear in so a trunk was nothing more then a piece of wasted wood in >
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    15:33:33Ancient_Daltamare : his eyes. This view was interesting in the fact he got the general lay out without having to take the effort of climbing anything and getting his ass caught for being a retard in doing so, of which he likely already was since he should of done this the first day just to see where he was at. Beautiful was spending days with loved ones which were >
    15:34:15CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir and Annora had woken to the bright light at 6 in the morning. they couldn't know the time. Together they snuck out of the barn area back to the small lagoon near the pirates ride. There they hid until the masses began to arrive in droves. Cathaoir took 100 from his stash and left the rest to Annora. "Go get some clothes that are more<c>
    15:35:24Ancient_Daltamare : damn near non existant in his life at this point and he didn't intent on putting enough faith in others to let them become one either for those people were the only ones that could truely hurt another. He wasn't really up for rides but he would travel with her during the time he bought himself for a break. He likely needed one anyways for these>
    15:36:21CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>to your liking Sparruh." He kissed her cheek. "If you need more money I will be just outside that cave midday. And we can meet back up before supper at the bar we found each other at last night." He and Annora shared a kiss before she left to find something to wear. At the moment she was wearing a bikini top which made her uncomfortable and<c>
    15:36:34Ancient_Daltamare : two days as a mortal have been working his body to the point where he was physically getting sore, he had cuts down his arm and still a sore jaw from the other day which something called an advil seemed to fix right up for a few hours at a time. Speaking of which he had something called vitamins in his locker for Mystreal hearing they >
    15:37:55Ancient_Daltamare : provided much nutrients though they had the face of that annoying mouse he always seen around this place which was overly large just by the appearance. Place rivaled the city they came from in sheer size, maybe more or less since he had never physically seen that either. Oh the joys of seeing for the first time in centuries even if it was against >
    15:38:07CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>only covered up more by having a hoody on over it. On her lower half she was in short shorts which also made her very uncomfortable. Cathaoir was still in his kilt and shirt. He smirked and looked around at the many people as Annora vanished into the multitudes of people. He needed to cool down some and could use a little more money. He<c>
    15:39:08Ancient_Daltamare : ones will=- Sure, we'l go on that one. -=He barely even knew which one she was speaking of until he looked in the direction she was. Why not whats the worst that could happen...well worst that could happen was that Kaleb character came and got revenge by sacking him from behind but whatever dealing with situations as they came was his specialty >
    15:39:59Ancient_Daltamare : anyways=- Wouldn't mind seeing you all wet. -=Of course that means he would be soaked to the bone as well and since his blade wasn't inside of him he seen no real threat to the ride=- We will head over there right after this one then. -=He nodded softly=-
    15:40:05CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>came up with an ingenious plan. He walked to the waters edge and dove in. He swam into the middle and pulled out a floating bottle and returned to shore. He carried the bottle over to a trash recepticle and dropped it in. His action drew attention, though no Disney worker would make a complaint since that floating bottle would break the <c>
    15:43:16CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>illusion as well as warranting an ass chewing to everyone for not properly cleaning up the night before. Soaked head to toe, Cathaoir got many more pictures taken of him. Apparently a soaked scotsman pirate was a sexy must have photo for many women. His plan for a quick rinse ended up giving him much more money than he could have imagined.'|F|
    15:45:01xMystrealx : =There was a wide difference between interesting and beutiful in her eyes. But that was a point of argument that would never come, as the world could sparkly and most would ignore it. Still knelt on his lap the ride began to churn to the end and she squeaked excitedly at the prospect of the new one. Bouncing a little she was already strood up by -c
    15:46:44xMystrealx : the time the ride juddered to and end and their booth was parallel with the paltform. Pushing the door she smiled broadly. "If you still swim like a rock, you will not see much Mr Dalt." Walking backwards out of the booth before she bounced to a turn and the same ride attendant from before made no qualms of running a dirty gaze up her length. -c-
    15:49:21xMystrealx : Atleast this time he kept his trap shut as she clicked out of the turnstyle. The streets all looked the same now that she wasn't flying in a bubble any longer, and she turned her head left and right to try and gauge which way to go. The pink tartan round her hips bounced as on her feet levered onto tiptoes. Brushing her fringe to the side she -c-
    15:50:39xMystrealx : giggled at a large cartoon duck that waddled down the street surrounded by the fat, sticky pawing monsters. Amber eyes flashed on him and she hopped off toward him tugging at the costume as she circled him a little then tugged again. "Hey lady....unless you plan on getting in ehre with me, pack it in." Her eyes brimmed as she grabbed the head and-c
    15:51:48xMystrealx : yanked squeaking at the man inside as she tugged the neck line down trying to see inside. "Oh my! You have been swallowed whole by this beast..." Her fingers tugged again and the guy tried to bat her away. The children gasped and the odd one started to cry before one yelled. "You is a fake!" They all let out a childlike battle cry and mobbed -c-
    15:53:18xMystrealx : the nman suddenly. Jumping back she cocked her head and smiled widely at the scene. "They will save you..." Her feet bounced and she turned suddenly remembering that she had Dalt following so waited bouncing on her toes for him to speed up. The man walked every step at daudle pace, whereas she could probably walk there and back 6 times in her -c-
    15:53:25xMystrealx : bouncing steps in the same time.=
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    18:23:35xMystrealx : Stupid connection.)
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    19:14:26Ancient_Daltamare : feed me))
    19:14:37Asriel_Asharien freaking amazing he is still alive...)
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    19:41:04Ancient_Daltamare : -=He kept up his own pace of exploration until the ride came to a complete stop, eyes finally casting themselves upon her. Where did this little one hide all of her energy. Was she the same as the generators here which kept on running until they were bone dry of something called fuel? Strange creature she was even as a human=- Now that I lost >
    19:43:55Ancient_Daltamare : some weight I should be more then fine. Neck tilting off at an odd angle causing the odd snap before straightening up. Hand reaching up for that smoke to spark it up to life with a lighter once more=- I think I seen one of your family on TV, are you related to someone called the energizer bunny? -=Thing never seemed to run out of energy or so the >
    19:46:34Ancient_Daltamare : legend goes. They both watched her set up the one called "donald duck" for a fall, or at least the actor underneath it as she exposed his nature to the kids and got him mobbed. He would save the poor bastard but he was off hours so he stepped by the mess and did his best to catch up to the hyper active elf and keep up=- They enjoy keeping kids >
    19:47:15Ancient_Daltamare : under the illusion these creatures are real. Always wondered what happened once they seen the truth. -=He spoke as he mentally mapped out the quickest route to the log ride=-
    19:51:54xMystrealx : agh back.))
    19:51:56xMystrealx has returned.
    19:53:08xMystrealx : will post in one sec.)
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    20:05:31xMystrealx : =Bright eyes were watching the scene unfold before her as she giggled at the mobbing of the man, while Dalt caught up. The energy was a by product of the natural inquisitive curiosity she had beneath the surface. The bouncing energy that came had always been there, but right now it was a little heightened by the sugary treats that she had been -c-
    20:07:10xMystrealx : working her way through. "The ener...what? I do not think I have any rabbits as relations?" Was that even possible? Surely not...her eyes flared on him and she cocked her head before realising he was leading her on a goose chase of words again and her smile brightened with an amused chime of a laugh behind it. Stood on tiptoes she mocked squaring-c
    20:09:00xMystrealx : upto him, although her inadequate height, slim build and broad grin left her looking like one of the cartoon characters. "I am sure if this Rabbit is as bouncy as me, you would enjoy it's company to no end.....especially if it was female." Well, the little elf finally stood up for herself....badly, but the effort was there. Brushing her fringe to-c
    20:10:45xMystrealx : the side, the firey red blaze of locks now spread with golden streaks from the intense sunlight of the magical land. Her eyes were solid, the lack of her elven traits leaving the Green a memory that no longer sat in her eyes. Dropping to his side she watched the streets, following in hope he had knowledg eof where they were going. "Why do you -c-
    20:11:18xMystrealx : work so much Mr Dalt? I mean...both of you...you drown yourself in tasks that could wait."=
    20:19:51Ancient_Daltamare : -=He didn't get much chance to watch tv since he was constantly flooded by work most of his waking moments but the break room did have a tv which advertised a bunny that went on and on and on type deal. If she wasn't related to the easter bunny she must have a battery pack somewhere, or a small generator like they had in storage for emergencies >
    20:23:02Ancient_Daltamare : in case the power went down in certain areas=- Just asking. -=He shrugged with his own little bit of natural curiousity, well the felines anyways as both of there personalities leaked through at times=- The rabbit looks much calmer but just keeps on going while banging a drum. -=He bobbed his head twice as though both agreed. The moment she stood >
    20:24:38Ancient_Daltamare : herself up on her tippy toes, he found himself unable to resist wrapping an arm about Mystreal to draw her in close=- So, are you saying as long as it is female I will enjoy its company? Want me to prove otherwise? -=If she had seen him around Sybilla she would know the truth behind that by now. His free hand slipping under the back of her shirt >
    20:28:36Ancient_Daltamare : searching for a place to put batteries but could find none. Hand withdrawing he threw another theory out the window yet still held on wondering something else at the same time=- So what would you say if it was just your bouncy energy I enjoyed having around? -=He asked as he looked her in the eyes as though finally seeing into them for the first >
    20:30:02Ancient_Daltamare : time. It was a good expierence again being able to view the world, now if he could just find some redhead jokes he was set for life around her=- I work because there is little else for me to pass the time with and there is much to be discovered in any trade. -=Since he got here the most interesting thing he could say he discovered about the >
    20:31:08Ancient_Daltamare : workings of the park were something called ball bearings. The second would be that this elf could hold her own but needed a little push it seemed. Releasing her he just wandered off towards there destination keeping an eye out for anything interesting along the way, namely some place solid to eat when they were done there little trip around the >
    20:31:10Ancient_Daltamare : park having fun=-
    20:37:46xMystrealx : =Pulled tighter to him her eyes rushed on his, as she never really was one for enjoying her space being taken. Being Airy was one thing, being uncautious was a far cry from that. His hand slid up her back as he questioned her and a smile came. It was sweet, and calm even though the amber of her eyes flicked over his always aware.Oh the -c-
    20:39:57xMystrealx : temptation to call him on his words was there, but she just giggled and shook his head. "If the shoe fits Mr Dalt." She was under no illusion that he was gender specific in his friendships, he managed with Cathoir...and Toh. It was just a small jab at him, that was all she was capable of. There wasn't enough of an edge in her to do -c-
    20:41:31xMystrealx : much else. His fingers dragged her spine and it caused her to arch a little, before a small shudder split her bounce for a brief moment as the sensation of something crawling through her =vertebrate hit. A broad smile came as she bounced with the release and kept footing with him. "But Mr Dalt...there are so many otherthings to discover! -c-
    20:42:59xMystrealx : Like people, and places and..." She spun a little on her axis as she bounced. "And the colours of everything around you, that make everything so unique. Did you know, that no two petals are identical. Each one will have an individual flare that gives it identity." Much like people, or animals. Everyone was seperate from the last. She just smiled -c
    20:43:28xMystrealx : but was soon forced to link her arm with his as the crowds grew around the Lrge mountain of water. She would get lost if she didn't.=
    20:52:08Ancient_Daltamare : -=He couldn't resist a good laugh while she spoke of if the shoe fits=- I wear boots that are one size to large. -=He spoke with a snicker, but it was true and if she did step on his toes she would find they were steel toed. The size to large was to fit into something called socks which helped with the uncomfortable feeling of the leather inside=-
    20:52:10Ancient_Daltamare : >
    20:52:39Ķąlęb has returned.
    20:54:18Ancient_Daltamare : Besides, I thought you were the one telling me not to stereo type. -=Before releasing her he poked her side gently=- I know there is plenty to discover. I can see the aura, the outline and study the angles perfectly just fine the way I was in Hadara. Colour means nothing to me unless it is an aura from someone. -=Usually a dead give away on there >
    20:56:46Ancient_Daltamare : mood without having to ask. As she took his arm he didn't seem to mind since they were constantly seeming to invade one anothers space anyways=- We should get you into a shower after this. I think they have one down at the main security station I could get you into. -=Besides he wanted to speak with the guards anyways over a few minor details=-

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    20:58:52Ancient_Daltamare : refresh?))
    20:59:11«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : indeed))
    20:59:24The chat's topic has changed to: [Realistic Medieval RP with a touch of fantasy realm.][Closed realm-wide storyline for the next 2 days.]
    20:59:42«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : that and I don't know who to play))
    20:59:58Ancient_Daltamare : either or, care to join us?))
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    21:01:14«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : I'm deciding if I have the brain capacity for it xD))
    21:02:01«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : and filling the room with different versions of me apparently))
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    21:04:10«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Hey Sybi))
    21:04:16Sybilla·Covelin : -waves-)
    21:11:24«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : I think you killed Myst, Dalt))
    21:12:16Ancient_Daltamare : hides the knife=- O.o))
    21:12:21Ancient_Daltamare : prove it))
    21:12:46xMystrealx : -Chokes on blood in the corner?-))
    21:12:57«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : wohoo...Aliens 3...the second worst of the films!))
    21:14:32«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : oh -and sticks an elastaplast on Myst-))
    21:18:31xMystrealx : =Her fingers curled around his forearm, toying with the fabric between her fingers as she kept close. She had learnt from the past few days if you take your eyes off anyone they disapeared in seconds and disappeared. She still hadn't found Kaidus, or Viktor. Flattening her fringe with her free hand it took all her concentration not to become -c-
    21:20:30xMystrealx : distracted. Which lasted around 3 minutes before the balloon seller came again with his floating silver crinkly creatures again and they caught her eye, her grip on his arm lapsed a little as she began to stray towards the trader of sparkly creatures. Amber eyes focussed on the air as she giggled. The tartan skirt around her hips bounced and -c-
    21:21:17xMystrealx : within a second she ahd released his arm and aimed herself towards theballoons. Her hair bounced around her cheekbones and she giggled again. His words fell on deaf ears as her attention had gone.=
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    21:24:43Sybilla·Covelin : welcome homeness)
    21:25:22ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Thank you))
    21:25:37ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Ahh. Nothing to do this afternoon except play and relax ^.^))
    21:26:19Ķąlęb : -The night had been spent in some scarily shiney, white place where he was threatened with tubes, masks and pokey sticks. In the end they seemed to satisfy themselves by giving him a bag of ice to place on his crotch. Before they could call the 'ambulance' (whatever that was...it didn't sound good) Kaleb had slipped out of the first aid station-c-
    21:26:24Sybilla·Covelin : <-- plagued by the homework)
    21:27:29CathaoirMacDonnchadh : wibbles))
    21:29:26Ķąlęb : and spent the rest of his night nursing his aching balls in a hidden corner of the park called 'lost and found'. It was times like these he was very thankful for his werewolf abilities in their homelands because normally a kick like that wouldn't linger so long. Oh well...at least he didn't feel nauseous anymore. The good thing about this lost -c-
    21:31:51Ķąlęb : place was there were a lot of things he could 'borrow'....odd leather books which contained many green pieces of parchment that he'd come to learn were the equivalent of coin, a change of clothes (including something with a hood so he didn't draw the attention of the ever present guard) and numerous bits of technology that included flashing -c-
    21:33:49Ķąlęb : boxes. Part of Kaleb wanted to find the dickhead who'd kicked him and kick him back...several times over...another part wanted to find Tory and do much the same to him. Sadly without his wolf side to back him up he'd probably only end up with his balls stomped on again and he wasn't much in the mood to endure such a thing. Instead he set off in -c-
    21:34:24Ķąlęb : search of food and water....and a way out of this forsaken hell known as Disney.-
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    21:38:13Ancient_Daltamare : -=He padded after Mystreal not really putting much effort into stopping her as he fiddled with the contents of his pockets. Pulling out his I-pod he wrapped the buds around his neck so he could still clearly hear his surroundings but had some back round noise of some band called "metallica" which had an interesting sound. To bad he couldn't >
    21:39:17ᴥАññóřãᴥ has joined the conversation.
    21:39:55Ancient_Daltamare : manipulate a sound like that in the days of old. Making sure his keys were secure for when he had to go back to work he didn't have to wait on another employee to let him in and his LED flashlight that was awfully bright but it did assist him in darker aspects of the job at nights was in a small hoslter that fit on his belt. Cash in pocket he >
    21:41:15Ancient_Daltamare : it was fairly easy to make it by here short of the odd job where he didn't have a clue what was going on like having to attempt plumbing he near blew up a toilet from pressure if that was all possible. He was in civilian clothing, black denim jeans and a plain white tea that was simple and comfortable for work and still didn't expose his "ink" as >
    21:42:23Ancient_Daltamare : people commonly called it this day in age and they had this habit of asking where he got it to which they never once gotten a reply. Strange society but for the most part he avoided most attention fairly easy. Grabbing his last cig from the pack he sighed in disappointment, these things costed quite a bit but still he couldn't help himself they >
    21:43:16Ancient_Daltamare : seemed to keep him calm even in the worst of times though he did get in shit a few times for smoking them inside buildings. Well where was the merry elf off to now he wondered=-
    21:43:44ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora found herself in frontier land, hands in the pockets of her shorts. She eyed the people around her through the darkened lenses of her new "sunglasses". She had thankfully found a shirt to wear on top of her top, so she felt a little less naked. She was watching for someone- anyone that might stand out as belonging to their homeland. <c>
    21:46:35xMystrealx : =Pointing to the bright orange fish her eyes sparkled as the Trader handed her the balloon and she palmed a few green bitsd of paper into his hand. Counting it he offered her one back and she shook her head to dazzled by the balloons shiny surface to pay much attention. He handed her another one as compensation and a wide smile came as she -c-
    21:47:48ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> She ran a hand through her short curls. For the time, she looked pretty stylish in her loose black shirt and shorts and the dark sunglasses. She felt like a cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs, but outwardly she was calm and collected. She had been a successful scout once upon her time <c>
    21:49:07xMystrealx : bounced with excitement. Oh it was too much to hope she could keep them and take them home, wasn't it? A bright pink tartan skirt skimmed her hips, the pleats barely covering half her thighs. A thin strapped black top cut just above her belly button, with a large print of the strange mouse with pants on it stamped to her chest. The tailor had -c-
    21:49:26ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> and it was fairly easy to treat the people around her as she would non-combatants. Perhaps she had a job as a head hunter ahead of her if they didn't get back. During lunch she had heard someone talk about a canine bounty hunter- perhaps a were of some description?- and was fairly sure she could do a better job.+
    21:53:25xMystrealx : said it would suit. Although she ahd complained about the girls bare feet at the time. Fire hair bounced as she squeaked in excitment meandering through the crowd. Amb er eyes flashed on Dalt who was lumbering close by still, the crowd shifted but as he was stood stil aiming in that direction through the crowds was easy. Her shoulder bumped Kaleb-c
    21:54:43xMystrealx : and she chirped out a quick apology, turning her eyes up she half recognised him as the man Dalt had kicked somewhere painful, tottering her steps back a little nervously she smiled. "Oh! Hello again Sir. I am sorry..." Bowing her head both Balloons bobbed as she smiled broadly and went to bounce back her skirt bobbed up at the back when she went-c
    21:54:52xMystrealx : to make a quick retreat back to Dalt.=
    21:59:02Ķąlęb : -Survival wasn't anything new for Kaleb...although his first day had been rather shambolic, mostly culture shock he would have gotten on just fine if it hadn't been for Tory. That's right...it was all Tory's fault. Even Dalt's kick was Tory's fault. No matter...Kaleb could bear a grudge at length and hopefully soon enough he'd have the strength -c-
    22:01:49Ķąlęb : and speed to back it up. Insert maniacal evil laugh here. Though he'd pocketed enough bills to last for a week, Kaleb had already slipped a few peoples wallets from their persons, emptied the contents and dumped the things in the bin...What could he say? He liked money,whether it was coin or this stupid paper they used in this place? The wolf-c-
    22:03:28Ķąlęb : was lost in his 'earnings' when Mystreal walked right into him...he was used to it in this place. Everyone seemed inclined to shoulder barge everyone else in this damn place. There was a brief flash of recognition, since the glimpse he'd gotten of her was brief...on the floor trying not to vomit and all...She'd been there with Dalt...but she -c-
    22:05:32Ķąlęb : hadn't looked like that! Kaleb's head canted sideways and he made no secret of sliding his eyes up her rather uncovered body. She was trying to leave by the time he caught her apology. "Hey now darlin'...why are ya running? I ain't gonna hurt ya..." he wouldn't force her to stay...he might be a leach but he wasn't some sort of rapist...He'd -c-
    22:07:36Ķąlęb : never had cause to be that way inclined afterall. Ladies dug bad boys. "Ah remember you from yesterday...New outfit?" He was grinning like a dog that had just got a bone...er...probably not the best analogy. "Ya from Hadara too huh? Any idea how Ah get out of here?" Kaleb...having a polite conversation with someone? Well...when the skirt was that-c
    22:07:37Ķąlęb : short...-
    22:08:20xMystrealx : -Facepalms- Kaleb!)
    22:10:41Ķąlęb : what?! you're the one dressed like a hooker!))
    22:10:59xMystrealx : Your just jealous you dont have the legs for that skirt))
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    22:13:34Ancient_Daltamare : -=He came along with a casual saunter behind Mystreal not really paying attention to whom was in front of her. His lips whistling out a tune "To live is to die" before he looked up and noticed Kaleb=- Why hello there good sir, are the children doing ok? -=In friendly reference to the kids he likely couldn't have after there meeting yesterday=- I >
    22:15:47Ancient_Daltamare : hope you are doing ok as well for it was unfortunate circumstances that you tried to sucker punch that asshole yesterday. -=Truely he was a neutral party and didn't really take a liking to either of them for they made his job more difficult then it should of been and his job to him no matter what it was might as well of been his wife=- Anything I >
    22:16:59Ancient_Daltamare : can help you with. -=His heavy Russian accent lingered with a tone of joy as though yesterday was just another friendly meeting. For the most part he ingored Mystreal knowing this man was a potential threat, didn't seem like he would be to Mystreal but after the events yesterday no doubt he harvested hostility towards him=-
    22:20:45xMystrealx : =Her feet paused in their backwards walk at themans drawling southern tone and her eyes fixed on him. Never one to see trouble when it smacked her in the face she smiled brightly to him and nodded. "The tailor lady said that it was better than my old clothes." She didn't have much presence of mind for body taboo. Considering Elves were creatures -c
    22:21:13ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora was a little surprised when the little boy tugged on her hand. She raised an eyebrow at the little red-head, looking at him over the top of her glasses. "Aye?" The little boy looked to her shyly. "I can't find my mommy." Annora stood from the bench. She was supposed to be meeting Cathaoir there, but the scared blue eyes made <c>
    22:22:43xMystrealx : of purity and rarely revelled in such. Bouncing on her toes as ever a thread of excitment always left an energetic bounce rushing through her and she shook her head. "To know how to get out, I would have to know how we got in....which is a mystery to me as it is." The tartan skit bobbed with her motions as Dalt flanked her she smiled again and -c-
    22:26:03ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> her heart melt. Always kids. "Alright- well, we can find her. Sit here for a moment while I check the map." She said, standing as the little boy sat, sniffling. Annora poured over the map for a moment. 'First Aid' seemed as good as any place to start. At least, they could point her in the right direction. She looked to the boy. "Alright, <c>
    22:26:24xMystrealx : offered out the spare balloon. "Would you like one Mr Dalt?" Amber eyes were fascinated with the other man as she offered her hand to him. "Duchess Mystreal Harriet....it is ever so much of a pleasure to meet you Sir..." She just hovered a litle on the sentence expecting him to fill in the blank. Her eyes sparked a little with energy but she had -c
    22:27:27xMystrealx : the presence of mind enough to step back a little to keep herself in Dalt's radius. The last time she saw the man he had been throwing dirty shots. Bare legs still bouncing she grinned widely. "Mr Dalt is going to take me on the rides....would you like to come for a ride too?"=
    22:27:31ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c. hold my hand and we'll go to the place that can find your mommy." The boy nodded and Annora took his hand, making the way to first aid station. It wasn't too far away- it would only take a moment to get there.+
    22:32:54Ķąlęb : -Ah crap...Why were irritating men always showing up to ruin his fun? First it had been Tory with Sybilla and now it was this dick and...this woman in a short skirt. He hadn't got the name at that point. "I think the tailor might have been right darlin'..." He managed to drawl out before Daltamare showed up. "It'll take a whole lot mare ta -c-
    22:33:58CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir was patiently awaiting annora. He had gained a lot more money during the morning and lunch hours than he had managed the first two days. With that he scoured the park for things. He bought a strange sac that closed by dragging a metal toggle across it's mouth making its teeth lock together. After that purchase he gathered a shirt, a<c>
    22:35:01Ķąlęb : make me sterile brother...so Ah'm afraid it's a swing and a miss in that department..." he quipped. Her bouncing really wasn't helping and his eyes kept catching sight of...err...things he thought he probably shouldn't. Stop looking Kaleb! You'll get another kick! He forced his eyes away and growled just a touch. "True enough sweetheart...but -c-
    22:36:00CathaoirMacDonnchadh has returned.
    22:37:23CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>pair of shorts and sandals. He still hadn't drank the Dr.Pepper from the day before. He too had found sunglasses which he was very pleased to have as well as a strangle lotion that he was told would keep his skin from catching fire. He of course liberally applied this when the fear of catching flame hit him. All of the thing he had <c>
    22:37:27Ķąlęb : being lost in 'ere ain't so bad now Ah've found you..." smooth Kaleb, real smooth. As she offered her hand he took it, tilted his frame and pressed a very gentlemanly kiss atop her slender hand...shame he needed a shave pretty bad...it was probably a little spikey. "Kaleb Theron...but please don' call me Sir darlin'...ain't nothing gentlemanly -c-
    22:38:55CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c> purchased ended up in the magical bag. He twiddled his thumbs at the booth he was sitting, the same they had been in yesterday. Maybe he should go out to find her or someone else. He still didn't know what they were supposed to be doing. He sighed deeply, looking at the Dr.Pepper like it was a challenge to him.'
    22:39:11Ķąlęb : bout me..." he offered a broad grin, shooting Daltamare a brief look before he had the sense to give her hand back. The offer only highlighted just how innocent Mystreal was and Kaleb had to stop from licking his lips and offered her a continued grin. "Oh darlin'...Ain't nothing I'd like more right now than ta go for a ride with you..."-
    22:41:39Ancient_Daltamare : -=He just continued beaming a bright as ever smile as the man mentioned something of taking a whole lot of mare=- Funny reference to my name, might as well introduce myself. My name is Daltamare Ancient, and I have steel toes now. -=He kicked a tree lightly causing a louder more solid impact then just a leather pair would have=- Pleasure to meet >
    22:43:31ᴥАññóřãᴥ has left the conversation (Ping timeout).
    22:44:47Ancient_Daltamare : you. Oh, yes and the only reason why it would miss is because they would be non existant or near close. -=He wondered if he spoke in a friendly enough tone Mystreal wouldn't be able to read between the lines, but figured the man could=- So lets try to keep things civil. -=He looked around briefly for the nearest vendor that had ciggerates >
    22:45:12ᴥАññóřãᴥ has joined the conversation.
    22:45:37CathaoirMacDonnchadh : wibbles
    22:45:39CathaoirMacDonnchadh : ))
    22:45:46ᴥАññóřãᴥ : ty))
    22:47:36Ancient_Daltamare : as the man tried hit on Mystreal in which case he knew was futile for her interest was in shiny objects, herbs and playing 20 questions each 5 seconds=- So, I need a ciggie before I do anything else, care to join us then? There is some really good dog food they sell here, or so my co worker says. -=He again spoke with that same smile=-
    22:48:13Ancient_Daltamare : >*
    22:49:20Ancient_Daltamare : -=He took the balloon wondering what the hell to do with it before releasing it and watching it float to the sky, amazing what a bit of hot air could do or was it that helium thing employees liked getting high on, by the end of it they looked to fucked up and sounded like half the cartoon characters around here for him to even gain any remote >
    22:49:27Ancient_Daltamare : interest in it=-
    22:53:27ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora took the boy to the first aid was tempte to just leave him there- except the boy was attached to her hand, giving her a scared look as she tried to move to the door. She sighed and sat down next to him. "What's your name?" She asked, looking to the little boy. "Chris." Annora nodded, leaning back in the chair and getting comfortale. <c>
    22:59:20ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> "I'm Ann." She said, offering him a hand to shake. The kid was polite enough, anyway. Better than she had seen in other children at the park. She yawned a bit and looked to him. "So, how'd you get lost?" She asked, trying to figure out something to talk about. "I was trying to talk to the chipmunk and... and...." Annora smiled, ruffling his <c>
    23:01:17»Đãřâẏ« : locations?))
    23:01:45ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> hair. "Hey now. Don't cry- I'm lost too." She whispered to him in a stage whisper. The boy sniffled, looking up at her. "Really?"+
    23:01:52ᴥАññóřãᴥ : First aid)0
    23:01:55CathaoirMacDonnchadh : I'm at the tea party, Annora was taking a boy to the first aid place to get him to lost children))
    23:02:02xMystrealx : =Bright amber eyes watch the new man with fascination as she bounced a little giddily. His southern churn made him hard to understand for the most part, as she cocked her head a little. Dalts tone was light, but she wasn't stupid. She was easily distracted but not stupid. The conversation had left her behind again, as she always felt -c-
    23:03:31xMystrealx : like she was jumping into a book at chapter 9. "Why would he want Dog food?" Her eyes flicked between the men as she still bounced but looked a little confused. Why would someone willingly eat canine food. Being of human setting, she had little let in to Kalebs true inner puppy so she just gripped the front of her skirt a little sheepishly -c-
    23:05:04xMystrealx : as the men talked over her head as though she had floated away with the balloon. Wait..oh! Flashing her eyes to the escaped creature she blinked and caught Dalt in her gaze. "It is lucky Blaze does not run away....otherwise you would lose him." Speaking of the lazy ball of fur, he was still stashed asleep in her bag. Too many hits with the pixie -c
    23:05:45 Gambler has joined the conversation.
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    23:06:58xMystrealx : sticks for his little system to handle. Kaleb spoke and she smiled widely at him, her tea like complex surrounded with the smooth mane of fiery hair. Kissing her hand in such a gentlemanly fashion had her swayed that he was safe. "Oh that is ever so wonderful...Si..." She paused overly animated as she thought on her words. "Kaleb." It was rare -c-
    23:06:59»Đãřâẏ« : o.o where's everyone else?))
    23:09:04«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : err...i think the other 3 are near the log thing still))
    23:09:34xMystrealx : Mystreal dropped the status and called anyone by a simple first name. But it happened on request. "We are going to go and ride the water mountain. I hope you don't mind getting wet?" Her feet pattered on the ground as she kept a tight clutch on her balloon and giggled. "Come, come! Before there are too many people." Grabbing both their hands she-c-
    23:10:22xMystrealx : tugged them toward the queue, letting go once they were on path to bounce ahead of them both. Her energy was limitless as she hopped toward the queue. Bobbing to a stop, she gained the same glances from a few men as Kaleb had dealt.=
    23:10:40ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora stood once again as a couple ran into the office. The little boy was in there arms in a moment, and Annora slipped out past them. She was a bit late, but hopefully Cathaoir was still there. She made her way quickly down the road to the Tea Party, dodging here and there through the busy crowd. She came to a stop outside and <c>
    23:14:40»Đãřâẏ« : just lemme know when I can jump in somewhere? ^_^))
    23:14:42ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> stepped in. She blinked, suddenly blind. Removing the dark lenses she put them in her bag and came to sit next to Cathaoir, tanned dark by the constant sunlight. "Hello darling." She said, resting her hand on her chin and smiling at him. "Sorry I'm late. I'm starved- have you ordered yet?" She asked, leaning forward and giving him a kiss. <c>
    23:14:55ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> "Was helping some kid who was lost."+
    23:15:01Ķąlęb : just post Daray, until you're interacting it doesnt matter))
    23:15:05CathaoirMacDonnchadh : jump right in))
    23:15:56Ķąlęb : -Daltamare...Again he seemed less interested in the man than he did in everything else...given that the other thing in the picture looked much better in a skirt than him. "Ah'd say nice to meet ya Daltearmeare...but Ah generally don't have a lot of love fer men who great me with a nut kick..." The threat of the steel tipped boots didn't seem to-c-
    23:17:58Ķąlęb : be particularly threatened...again he was uninterested...He'd have the sense now to avoid a swing like that and keep himself out of kicking reach in regards to the douche with the threatening feet. "I ain't bein' uncivil Daltearmaere...trust me...you would know uncivil..." He wasn't going to start throwing punches right now. He'd already spent a-c-
    23:18:21CathaoirMacDonnchadh : brb))
    23:18:28ᴥАññóřãᴥ is away.
    23:18:35ᴥАññóřãᴥ : same))
    23:20:01Ķąlęb : few days being locked up and beaten. He'd save the punching until he had his full swing back. "He's just bein' derogatory Miss Myst..." Cute name that. "Ah ain't interested in eatin' out o' dog bowls anymore than he is..." he wasn't going to bother going into the whole wolf thing right now...not when he didn't have the fur to back it up. An -c-
    23:21:28Ķąlęb : invitation to get wet with her. Was this woman serious? She was either a massive whore or completely unaware...and based on how she was bounding around like a pup chasing its tail, he was guessing the latter. He couldn't decide if that made it more of a challenge...or a step too far for him. "Oh darlin'...Ah'm more than happy ta get wet with you-c-
    23:22:42Ķąlęb : any time..." Well even if he wasn't going to do anything but look, he could still talk like that. Steps slipped into moving and he followed Mystreal towards the ride...Shame about the musclehead escorting her but Kaleb never let anything throw him off his game...short of a kick to the balls of course.-
    23:25:52xMystrealx : imma have to head to bed....my brain died bad))
    23:26:55Ķąlęb : ditto...well...i'm going to go into lurk mood))
    23:26:57Ķąlęb : err...mode))
    23:27:01xMystrealx : Erm...-doesn't trust either of them- NPC Myst...Annora keep an eye on them.))
    23:27:20Ancient_Daltamare : just say a shiny object caught her eye and off she went?))
    23:27:21xMystrealx : Damn british time zone.))
    23:27:29Ķąlęb : I have to clean the kitchen and feed the felines before they try to devour me))
    23:27:33xMystrealx : can do. Or you can og shove her in the showers.))
    23:27:40xMystrealx : ...wiat...))
    23:27:50Ancient_Daltamare : that works, it will give me an opp to get dalt back to work as well))
    23:27:58Ķąlęb : -rolls away-))
    23:28:00Ķąlęb is away.
    23:28:00xMystrealx : Night x)
    23:28:04Ancient_Daltamare : night))
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    23:28:08«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : if you need me, leave me a message!))
    23:29:17Ancient_Daltamare : I just don't want you anymore I need you so bad o.o))
    23:29:22Ancient_Daltamare : oh wait goes to send via msg=-))
    23:29:37Ancient_Daltamare : rolls bic=-))
    23:30:02»Đãřâẏ« : bah you all suck *pouts bout everyone leaving. goes to monologue by himself somewhere*()
    23:30:11Ancient_Daltamare : I'l join ya in a moment))
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    00:16:21Ancient_Daltamare : boo?))
    00:18:09CathaoirMacDonnchadh : yep))
    00:18:21ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Here))
    00:18:29ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Ish. brb))
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    00:24:12CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir smiled and reached out to her. "No I haven't ordered yet. I was waiting for you." He sighed softly and relaxed deeply. "So you helped a boy find his parents?" He asked slightly confused. He had not seen one lost child the whole time he was there. Leave it to Annora to find the one lost soul and help out. She was the very image,c>
    00:25:56You have been marked as being away.
    00:25:58CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>of a loving mother. He sighed again at that thought. He hoped for them to have another child together, this time with him there to help raise the child. Annora was everything he wanted and he knew that she would make the perfect mother and made very good looking children with his help. '
    00:38:55ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora smiled softly, kissing his hand. "Someday. After the wedding." She said, looking to the waitress. "I'll have a..." She looked to the menu. "Lemonahd?" She said, mangling the word. The waitress nodded. "Food?" "A burger. And fries- a lot of fries." Annora said with a smile, running a hand through her hair before <c>
    00:41:34ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> looking to Cathaoir. She really liked frenchfries. "I didn't find anyone while I explored today- I looked, but it's just too busy here to try and pick out our people amongst the crowds." She smiled, before shrugging. "About the wedding- I was thinking about planning it while I looked. Did you know who you wanted to stand <c>
    00:41:40ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> with you?"_
    00:44:23Ancient_Daltamare : -=Daltamare and four others walked into the bar, the other three seemed to prattle on about how shitty there day was at work. Daltamare just took it all in stride with a good laugh along the way considering there version of a bad day was his version of an interesting one even with horrid results. The job got done though an hour early and they were>
    00:45:54Ancient_Daltamare : given the evening off, at least until midnight that is when they had to return to janitorial. Mystreal had her shower and found some shiny object and decided to chase it though he didn't have the heart to tell it was it the rear lighting of a golf cart. Kaleb was off on his own devices doing who really cared. Him, he was just given permission to >
    00:47:28Ancient_Daltamare : go nuts with the crew considering they already put in most of there day as work. Another hang over it was, thankfully this advil thing killed more then just muscle pain but headaches as well and water seemed to help the cause. He wore simple black denim jeans and his white t-shirt was stained with oil from there attempt to fix leak in a hose >
    00:48:52Ancient_Daltamare : for a generator. He didn't care though it was his only shirt other then his thick black tunic which brought him to a point of over heating in this tempature. It wasn't his usual bar the tiki, instead some place called the tea house. Fucked up name for a bar but as long as they had stolie he couldn't complain really. They all filed in towards the >
    00:50:19Ancient_Daltamare : counter of the bar taking a stool each. Each rambling about the events of the day including Daltamare this time around in his usual heavy Russian accent. He was truely beginning to enjoy it here. Each ordered there drinks, he ended up with a triple of stolie sipping away at it as the others started trying to pound back beers like fools=-
    00:55:45CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir nodded to Annora squeezing her hands. "I can't wait to be married to you Annora." He stared deeply into her eyes. "well, I thought it would be obvious... you." he said, not understanding her question. He looked up to the server. "Make that two burgers and-" He froze, watching Dalt walk to the bar with a rambunctious group of <c>
    00:58:24CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>people. He pointed to Dalt. "And send him over here. I'll pay for his drink and the first round for his friends as long as he comes over." He looked to Annora and mouthed/Dalt/. He looked back to the server. "And I'd like a cold.. " Der Pepper/
    01:00:01CathaoirMacDonnchadh : ." He said, mangling the name. She smirked, holding back a mean chuckle."Okay- So a Lemonade and a Doctor Pepper." She closed her book and wandered off to put in the order and pass the word on to Dalt and his friends.'
    01:05:56ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora smiled and shook her head, going to correct him as he ordered food. Her eyes also went immediately to the Russian, smiling brightly as her thoughts were confirmed. Dalt was here- and he likely knew where Myst was. She ran a hand through her hair, her eyes staying on him. Where there more like them, trapped in <c>
    01:07:44ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> this strange world? She let out a deep breath. Dalt, Myst, Tully, and Cathaoir- those were all the friends she had in the world. If they survived this... whatever it was, she would be a happy camper. She tapped her foot impatiently. She was hungry, and the food here either took forever or was incredibly slow. <c>
    01:08:35ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> She looked to Cathaoir. "I didn't mean me- I meant for your groomsmen."+
    01:10:08Ancient_Daltamare : are they in modern looking clothing or old school?))
    01:10:41ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Annora's wearing black short shorts, and a stylish black shirt with black sunglasses))
    01:11:00ᴥАññóřãᴥ : She isn't liking colors at the moment))
    01:13:01Ancient_Daltamare : what about cath?))
    01:13:35CathaoirMacDonnchadh : Cath is still in shirt and kilt as usual))
    01:14:02CathaoirMacDonnchadh : His change of clothes is in the sack made with an angry animals mouth
    01:14:04CathaoirMacDonnchadh : )))
    01:14:10CathaoirMacDonnchadh : lol))
    01:15:50Ancient_Daltamare : -=He peered out at the couple with a perk of the brow. Oh joy not another couple going to ask him retarded questions about things he didn't know. He found it best to turn them to others or just straight up piss them off enough to leave. The man seemed to be scottish which would be easy to provoke and get the bouncers to toss him out. The woman he >
    01:16:59Ancient_Daltamare : couldn't regonize for the life of him but they were going to pay for there drinks regardless if he went over there, never said anything about staying. Well here goes=- Guys I will be right back. -=He left his drink there with no intentions of sitting anywhere but the bar. Standing slowly he padded over to the couple and put on a semi friendly >
    01:18:04Ancient_Daltamare : smile=- You two look like a great couple but I'm not into this swinging thing people keep mentioning, just sounds wrong but thanks for the drinks. -=He didn't even bother to wait for a reply just sorta sauntered back to his seat and settled back in taking another sip of his vodka. The other three guys looked at him as though he were a lunatic and >
    01:18:16Ancient_Daltamare : shook there heads mentioning how he really was crazy as rumours said=-
    01:22:10CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir leaned back. "Ooooh, that... I don't know. I guess Dalt and Tully." He shrugged his shoulders. "I really don't know or associate with any other men in our land. He watched Dalt walk up and was shocked at the quickness of his speech and leaving. How could he just leave them like that. It hadn't even occured to him to think about <c>
    01:24:24CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>the fact that Dalt was blind up to this point. He stood quickly as Dalt returned to the bar. He looked to Annora. "I'll return quickly." He held his temper back and walked towards the bar. He was thinking very little about concealment or worry. "Ya know ih's ruhd tuh lee' uh meetin with those who buy ye drinks uhfore they geh' uh speak with<c>
    01:27:40CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>ye." He glared slightly at him. It was only coming to him now that Dalt was blind when they met, but now he couldn't turn from what he started without seeming crazy. " 'Specially those who offer ye unlimited drink jus as to hah yer company! You ack like a blin' tiguh jus goh vision tuh noh' reco'nize kin!" He was trying in his own way to <c>
    01:28:29CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>recover without actually starting a fight. "Or do ye forgeh' yer Ancien' frenz when ih sues yuh Dalh?" '|F|
    01:30:38ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora rolled her eyes at both men's actions. Cathaoir's accent was incredibly thick, and Dalt always had problems trying to understand it. She moved to Cathaoir, resting her hand on his shoulder. "Darling, you're drawing attention. Why don't you go sit? I'm sure if Dalt wants to join us he will when he pleases." She said, smiling to Dalt and <c>
    01:33:41ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> inclining her head. "It's nice to see you, again." She said, squeezing his arm gently. "Fox, the food is ready." She said, slipping her arm into his and walking him back to the table, sitting down. She hadn't been too concerned when Dalt hadn't recognized them. Dalt operated so well that she often forgot that he was blind <c>
    01:35:02ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> and wouldn't be able to recognize them on sight. Of course, she had taken a moment to think of why he had brushed them off. Also, what in the world's was 'swinging'. She had a feeling if Dalt (or rather, Ancient) wasn't interested in it, it probably wasn't something that was too enjoyable.+
    01:37:09Ancient_Daltamare : -=When Cathaoir came up in his rant, his mind blanked out as he tried to understand half of what he said. That small hamster in his brain running that wheel into the ground until one could swear they seen smoke come out of his ears. Then it hit him, only person he knew that couldn't speak proper english in a normal situation much less when he was >
    01:39:45Ancient_Daltamare has left the conversation.
    01:53:46ᴥАññóřãᴥ : ...))
    01:58:46CathaoirMacDonnchadh : Hm ... Give him 5-10 more minutes to return before moving on with our own rp and let him join us later when he can?))
    01:59:17ᴥАññóřãᴥ : I suppose))
    02:09:09«Αdiϵ٠Τhorηωycκ» : -Peeks in.- Just read the last bit. He's been gone for half an hour, I'd venture to say, GM style, go ahead with your RP. -Bangs gavel.-))
    02:09:35»Đãřâẏ« : ADIE!))
    02:13:11Ancient_Daltamare has joined the conversation.
    02:13:21CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir calmed down fast, partially due to the fact that he had realized that Dalt was blind in the past. The other more impactful part was because he loved Annora and if she so much as touched him and whispered to him he would calm down if it was in the right tone. He looked to Annora and slide his arm around her.'
    02:13:29CathaoirMacDonnchadh : Small intervening post))
    02:13:51Ancient_Daltamare : -=When Cathaoir came up in his rant, his mind blanked out as he tried to understand half of what he said. That small hamster in his brain running that wheel into the ground until one could swear they seen smoke come out of his ears. Then it hit him, only person he knew that couldn't speak proper english in a normal situation much less when he was >
    02:14:00Ancient_Daltamare : -=When Cathaoir came up in his rant, his mind blanked out as he tried to understand half of what he said. That small hamster in his brain running that wheel into the ground until one could swear they seen smoke come out of his ears. Then it hit him, only person he knew that couldn't speak proper english in a normal situation much less when he was >
    02:14:06Ancient_Daltamare : fuck))
    02:14:32Ancient_Daltamare : excited was Cathaior=- You should of brought the ugly hat. May have blinded me again but at least I would of regonized you. -=One of the guys next to him tried to stand up yet dalt would just put his hand on the mans shoulder and drag him right back down into his seat=- Its ok their old friends, just didn't regonize nor expect them here. I will >
    02:16:24Ancient_Daltamare : join them for now. -=He took his vodka and raised it=- Well see you again when those slave drivers kick our asses awake again. -=Most that had to work with Dalt considered him nothing less then a machine run off of red bull, ciggerates and vodka then finally food it seemed. They didn't expect him to know what a friend was considering his mannerism>
    02:18:28Ancient_Daltamare : of speaking out his mind so openly. Taking a shot with the guys he looked to Annora with a nod before sauntering over to there seat and making himself comfortable=- So are we having fun yet? -=Innocent enough question really to start everything off=-
    02:19:43Lavanda has joined the conversation.
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    02:22:30ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora smiled, sipping the lemonade. It was good- refreshing. "The food is pretty good. The alcohol not so much." Annora said, leaning back in the book and smiling at Dalt. "Glad to see that you're alright- at least, you seem fine. Have you seen Myst or Tully?" She shrugged softly. "That voice said that our friends <c>
    02:23:47ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> were in danger. I've been trying to scout for last few days, but the crowds make it difficult." She said, shrugging her shoulders as food arrived, and eating several of the french fries. "Also trying to figure out what happens if we don't finish this quest that it talked about. Short of taking some kid to find his parents, <c>
    02:24:23ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> I haven't done anything questlike."+
    02:27:34CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir chowed on his burger and fries, keeping himself silent for several moments. "The extent of my questing was defeating the non-existent danger in the cave of courage and finding Mystreal and then Annora." He said simply after finishing off several bites of food. "Seems you aren't quite what we're used to Dalt." He said waving his hand<c>
    02:30:07CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>over the general sight of Dalt's body. "Mystreal kept her general image, though she seemed a little more level." He wasn't sure what was going on. Normally Dalt and Mystreal were right beside one another and she hadn't even mentioned seeing him. He took a drink of the Dr.Pepper and coughed a little. "Thah' ain no liquor!" He pushed it to <c>
    02:30:35CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>Annora for her to taste. It took moments for the after taste to settle in and the effects of the bubbles die down.'
    02:34:01Ancient_Daltamare : -=He watched the pair with a shake of his head=- You are at a bar and you are drinking soda which kids chug back like water and call it liquor? -=He looked over to the tender=- Two shots of my friend jack, and two of Irish whiskey, don't really care what brand. -=He spoke as though he were already adjusted to this world=- I been working, none stop>
    02:34:55«Αdiϵ٠Τhorηωycκ» is away.
    02:36:39Ancient_Daltamare : trying to figure out whats going on. Place is interesting to say the least. -=When They mentioned the other names he just shrugged=- Tully went off to his own devices as per usual and Mystreal was around then she went to go chase the back of a cart, sorry one of those horseless carriages tail light. -=He took another sip of the vodka truely amazed>
    02:37:58Ancient_Daltamare : at how they advanced in 500 or 600 hundred years. Didn't want to leave actually, it was starting at the beginning of a book, skipping all the trash in the middle then getting the good stuff at the end. They had some contraption called the internet to fill him in on the rest, once he learnt how to use it that was=-
    02:41:59ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora nodded, glad her other two friends had arrived safe and sound. "Working?" She asked, before shrugging her shoulders. She had asked a clothing shop if they needed a worker, and they had handed her a sheet of paper. She had given up when she had no idea what a social security number or a phone number was. Besides, she <c>
    02:43:32ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> hoped they would be going home soon. "Aye. Interesting- loud, noisy, messy, and crowded. All the women run around half-naked, and few take pride in their appearance. Truly a wonderful place to live." She drawled somewhat sarcastically, before trying the soda. It burned nice, for all that it wasn't alcohol, and tested sweet. <c>
    02:44:42ᴥАññóřãᴥ : *tasted))
    02:46:28ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> She was more grumpy about the fact that she had spent a large amount of her first day debating whether or not to eat out of a garbage can while men gawked at her chest while she was in a bikini. Some of them were even looking at her scar. "Not all of the humans are too bad off though. I've met one or two of the nicer <c>
    02:46:47ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> ones." She said, sipping the soda some more and taking a bite of the burger.+
    02:56:32CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir listened to both of them before throwing in his own words. "I know it aint liquor, I can taste that! " He chuckled and shook his head. "And they wouldn't serve us whiskey last night when we asked for it. Instead got some sort of mead that tasted like someone took a piss in it and then poored water into it." He said rather braisenly. He<c>
    02:58:53CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>wasnt fond of the alcohol he had tasted, but if Dalt asked for certain styles of drink he clearly knew they were good. It took him only a second to register the irish part of the whiskey. "Eirann still exists!? " he said excitedly. Cathaoir and Annora never specified whether they were Scottish or Irish, though it could be a moot point<c>
    03:00:27CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>given the fact that many scottish were really just irish that had crossed the water to get more land only to find harsh mountains covered in moss. He was excited now, though it would possibly bring him to tears to know the truth about Ireland and Scotland. He took several more bites of his burger and fries. Chewing prevented him from talking<c>
    03:03:15CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c> When he could talk again he pulled out his wad of cash. "People keep giving me this currency to stand by them while a magic box flashes and steals a moment in time. And they pay me enough for not even a quarter days work that I can manage feeding - well, at least us here, Tully and Mystreal. " He looked to Dalt. "Who else do you know is here?<c
    03:03:56CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>Myst said that there was a pirate friend of hers and a Kaidus ... do you know any others we haven't run into yet?" '
    03:07:51Ancient_Daltamare : -=He looked at Annora as though she was stunned=- The hell you mean, the women half naked around here are my only joy to watch during work. -=Again she had to remember he had been blind for the longest time and though the tiger scolded him for it he didn't exactly wanna take over to prevent it either. Those ice blue eyes scanning the crowd >
    03:09:58Ancient_Daltamare : briefly=- Well there was Kaidus, Adie, tohopka, Tory, Sybilla, some dipstick named Kaleb....I might of met a few others when I went to the tiki bar the other day and got drunk but I don't remember much of that time period. -=Big black spot in his memory, for both of them very highly unusual=- Honestly though, if I can get everyone back home and >
    03:09:58Gävîn has joined the conversation.
    03:11:09Ancient_Daltamare : stay here. I think I will. More interesting, plus with all the new things they are using the weapons in this time must be amazing. -=From what he heard so far, something that fits in the hand was more effective then a ballista of there day and they had shoulder mounted weapons that could take out a wall like a catapult would. He wanted to see >
    03:12:57Ancient_Daltamare : this so badly just to satisfy his curiousity=- Those magic boxes are called a camera. Take something called pictures that freezes time in a piece of strange paper or something called memory storage. -=He prefered to find out the truth behind things and he ha dbeen very busy these last few days, the only thing magic he could think of were those >
    03:14:46Ancient_Daltamare : strange things that flew overhead every so often leaving a vapour trail. He wanted in one of those giant metal birds, or at least ride on top of one if thats how they were guided. Cath seemed to go on about something called Eirann, foreign to him even from the past since both cultures had reputations as drunks and tended to avoid them. When the >
    03:15:26Ancient_Daltamare : drinks came, he slid one jack to each, and one of the irish whiskey=- Well, try not to wake up anywhere strange now after tonight. Public nudity isn't allowed in the park...children and all running around.
    03:19:27ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora raised an eyebrow at Dalt, unamused. Or perhaps just a little amused. She let the two of them talk, just relaxing deeper into the booth- she was bone tired, and knowing her friends were safe was enough to let her sleep well. Picking up the glass shooter, she examined it with a frown. She had seen glass before- blown <c>
    03:21:54Gisella_Grey has joined the conversation.
    03:22:32ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> glass carafes and bottles, windows of course... but these held no sign of the usual swirl or imperfections that came from being made that way. She raised the small glass to him. Wood, metal, or glass, she knew a shot when she saw it and downed it. Grimacing at the burn she followed quickly with the second one before standing. "It was <c>
    03:22:32Gävîn : Welcome.]
    03:23:15Gisella_Grey : hi thankyou))
    03:24:02Gisella_Grey : has munuush been in today))
    03:25:43ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> good to see you, Dalt. I'm glad that everyone is alright." She said, squeezing his shoulder before looking to Cathaoir. "I'm going to bed, Fox." She leaned over and ruffled his hair. If he joined her, excellent, if not, then she would sneak back into the stables alone and set up the temporary bed they had rigged.+
    03:25:55ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Night all- gotta be up at 5am tomorrow))
    03:26:16ᴥАññóřãᴥ is away.
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    03:29:25Gävîn : Welcome.]
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    03:30:06Šάùŗợn₪Ðάяк§ŧФŗм : thanks ))
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    03:36:44CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir took his shots with a wide grin. The burn only made him happier for being there. He knew he could get some of this quality if he used connections to get good whiskey shipped. It might take a few weeks though. He looked to Dalt with a grin.
    03:36:47CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>
    03:39:26CathaoirMacDonnchadh : "I'm only ever nude while you are blind and someone finds it funny that I should be that way. Though a fair few lasses here have tried to see up me kilt. "He shook his head to Dalt. "We all go back or none of us .. I think that's the deal." He drank the rest of his Dr.Pepper. "If there is one thing I know, it is the threads of fate." He watched <C>
    03:41:38CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>Annora stand and made the rest of his statement quick. "There isn't one person brought here from our time that we do not know through one person or other. We are all connected. If this is fate, maybe we are supposed to get to know and trust each other better. I could be very wrong, but noone else seems to have a good idea." He took Annora's<c>
    03:43:13CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>hand and bowed to Dalt. He reached into his pocket and then counted out 200 dollars and handed it to Dalt. "You seem human now. This is more than enough for you and your friends over there. Don't end up naked anywhere public." He added as the money changed hands. "I have to get Annora to bed safely." '
    03:54:00Ancient_Daltamare : sorry had to try out new map pack))
    03:55:36CathaoirMacDonnchadh : kk*(
    03:55:54Ancient_Daltamare : -=He looked over to Cath with a tilt of the head as he offered the cash. The man was disturbing his thought process on whether or not to screw everybody out of everything for his own sake. Then again he did have one reason to return home he doubted would still be alive to this day, the debate was on=- I don't need your cash. Use it and get by. >
    03:56:38Ancient_Daltamare : -=Between a few trades and enough of breaking his back around here he was getting by fairly well=-
    03:56:40Ancient_Daltamare : sorry for the short))
    03:56:42Ancient_Daltamare : -.-))
    03:58:05CathaoirMacDonnchadh : thats okay, I will be doing similar)()
    04:00:57CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir shook his head and instead shoved the money into one of the pockets on Dalt's clothing. "This wont matter when we go back home, but I owe you and this way if we are stuck here, I at least am comforted knowing that I paid you back the best I could." He patted Dalt on the shoulder. "We'll be here again tomorrow same time." He headed <c>
    04:02:35CathaoirMacDonnchadh : ,c>towards the exit with Annora. "Maybe we will see each other at some other random point. Try telling people to meet here for dinner! If we can get all of us together maybe we can figure it out. NIGHT DALT!!" He ended with a shout as he and Annora made a beeline for the festival area. They once again snuck into the barn and got snuggled up on a <C
    04:03:05CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>makeshift bed. They were both asleep so fast that they didn't even get a chance to do anything suggestive.'
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    04:03:12CathaoirMacDonnchadh : Night all))
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