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    Forum Site Rules Empty Forum Site Rules

    Post  King Adiemus Thornwyck on Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:41 am

    These rules are subject to change by realm Owners only. If you break the SAME rule twice you will be banned for 48 hours. If you break the same rule 3 times you will permanently IP banned.

    • Disrespect towards admins and moderators will not be tolerated. Doing so will result in a temporary ban depending on the intensity of the situation.

    • Deaths will be looked over by a an Owner member before confirmed.

    • Posting Order pertains to Role Play boards. If no post is made within 48 hours, anyone may post (this includes double posting).

    • Do not "bump" a topic more than twice.

    • You MUST post in Third person in the RP sections.

    • Your Username MUST be the name of your character, either first, middle,last, or any combination of the three.

    • There is no site max for quantity of characters allowed to be registered. We encourage you to bring them all.

    • No porn pictures. Break this rule and you will be IP banned. The punishment is not ours but forummotion.com's, the site provider.

    • Members are not allowed to post within someone else's profiles, regardless of your reasoning. Doing so will result in a 48 hour ban.

    • Do not create topics you have no intention of replying to.

    • Create topics in their appropriate area.

    • In RP topics, you must remember the Ranks, Titles and Forms of address or some other form of recognizing higher authority. If a king has your head cut off because you fail to do so, its your fault and the death WILL be approved of. This rule has no site punishment to it, but the punishment decided upon the member of higher rank will be enforced IC.

    • In the RP sections, the minimal posting length is 5 sentences. There is no max length.

    • NPC Monster apperances may be made by players and admin's alike; within reason. However lack of restraint is a bannable offense.

    Original document containing this text found herein originates from Divided Arms and has been posted here with permission from Sir Warren to adjust as needed this document to suit our realm.

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