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    16:26:49The chat's topic is: [ Realistic Medieval Fantasy ][NKZ/ Multi-Para Literate][ToD equal to EST.] [As the rain settles the heat returns. Humid and Sunny]

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    16:30:20xMystrealx : Kaaaaiiiii, annnyyyonooone. Play with me!)
    16:31:11CathaoirMacDonnchadh : I have a few))
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    16:34:24CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir came down from the room he rented holding a stachel and wearing his white poet's shirt with embroidery at the cuff and his family kilt. His eyes were tired and slightly sunken. Looking at the people in the Drowned Wench he frowned softly and made his way out into the streets. He wasn't sure where he would go while the sun shined. He <c>
    16:36:46CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>needed to come to some understanding in his own mind. He couldn't keep treating Annora the way he had on the ship and last night. She was all he had familiar in this strange land. He had the money now to charter a boat to get back home. but what was left at home? There was nothing for him anywhere but here. The only family he knew was <c>
    16:38:14xMystrealx : Awesome!)
    16:39:03CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>dead beside the entire village and the port city was barely anything but a simple fishing village now with a vague tie to the ruling family. Aside from not being able to drink the water of this place there was nothing better at home. He wandered toward the docks again, his blue eyes cold and sad but his face expressionless while he was <c>
    16:39:12CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>still lost in his own thoughts.'|F|
    16:40:01CathaoirMacDonnchadh : I am only here for another 20 minutes at best- Have to go towards the ocean, armor up and thwack people with sticks with Annora ))
    16:40:33CathaoirMacDonnchadh : And I am not embellishing at all ^_^))
    16:49:19xMystrealx : I am having house issues.))
    16:49:28xMystrealx : I have shoulder readers!!! -Hides screen-))
    16:59:00CathaoirMacDonnchadh : I swear Mystreal is a familiar name to me from my ancient rp days lol))
    17:04:29xMystrealx : Very possibly.)
    17:04:40xMystrealx : I was around MSN Alot.)
    17:04:52xMystrealx : >.> That sounded dirty....))
    17:06:25CathaoirMacDonnchadh : lol, I was around msn a lot too hahahaha))
    17:06:41CathaoirMacDonnchadh : Name Virsago or Virtashi sound familiar?))
    17:06:48xMystrealx : Nope.)
    17:06:51xMystrealx : ^.^)
    17:06:56CathaoirMacDonnchadh : kk))
    17:06:58CathaoirMacDonnchadh : lol))
    17:07:10xMystrealx : Anyways i'll bash a post out gimme a min.)
    17:07:19CathaoirMacDonnchadh : kk))
    17:09:16xMystrealx : =The young girl had been up for hours, trailing down the beach in weaving patterns. The sand was dry and warmin the heating sun and it trickled into the small forced wells she was making with her feet. Scuffing ther sand a trilling giggle came as the spray launched covering blaze in a shower of dust and the odd shell conked with a thunk against -c
    17:10:26xMystrealx : his head lightly. The ferret grumbled curling tighter in his ball on the sand and she made an attempt to huff. Now most women could huff. Striking the age old pose of hands on hips and stamping her foot. But the cheshire smile, and slight bounce in her heels made it look as over animated as a pantomine drama. "Get up you lazy beast! " The words -c-
    17:12:09xMystrealx : were soft and chamred from her throat in a slinking silver ring that shimmered melodically around her. Bouncing again on her heels the Ferret refused to move and she dropped down next to him prodding him intermittently. "You know I should just feed you to Sir Ancient....Or Andrei, for all the use you are." The ferret was a ridiculous lay -c-
    17:13:36xMystrealx : about. Spectacularly equipped at doing nothing. The sun was bright against the clear blue skie and she lay in the sand. Bare legs crooked up, the plumed teal skirt over topped with an intricate ivory spider lace. The over ornate bow that sat at the small of her back ment her body arched a little awkwardly to accomodate it. Puffing out a breathe -c-
    17:14:07xMystrealx : of air at a loose tendril that strayed in her face, it flicked up then landed back in position. Grinning she did it again, and again and again. Small things and all that...=
    17:18:40CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir walked along the beach, witnessing some of the entertaining acts being done by the young woman and the ferret. He shrugged some and continued walking. It was nice to have that minor distraction for a short moment. He sighed softly and continued to walk along the beach, walking further and further than he did the day before. He wondered<c>
    17:21:22CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>if it waspossible for him to get lost just by walking the beach. it was very strange and confusing to think he hadn't really walked along a beach since before he became a sailor. Yesterday didn't really count, being only a few moments and not for the reason to walk the beach. He muttered to himself as if talking to someone else.'|F|
    17:21:34CathaoirMacDonnchadh : gotta head out, sorry. Will be back later tonight))
    17:22:21xMystrealx : okies buh bye.)
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    17:47:39xMystrealx : Welcome.))
    17:47:51xMystrealx : To anyone who survived the mass poptarting.)
    17:48:09Ŗħylvąyaş : ~The heat was suffocating in this place and the air thrummed with it, squeezed in around you and tried to drown you. It wasn't exactly a welcome change to the frozen north or the dank caverns from whence he came. Footsteps were calculated as they led the hooded figure down the gangplank and onto the docks. The scourges of this race lolloped >>
    17:49:57Ŗħylvąyaş : around, sweating and soliciting. Even he all shrouded in a hood, all out of sight and hidden in darkness seemed to earn a few offers. For all they knew beneath the shade he could have been a leper, a diseased cretin, horribly scarred or disgustingly disfigured....or worse. To some, perhaps he was worse. Still he was sensible enough to decline >>
    17:52:07Ŗħylvąyaş : the offers with a lilted and accented tongue, pinpricks of ice blue peering from the shadows, cold enough to put most women right off him. They were like knives hewn from icicles, cutting and oh so empty. His purpose here was as hidden as his frame but he continued through the choking heat and blinding sunlight until he found a place at which to>>
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    17:53:38xMystrealx : welcome.)
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    17:54:11Ŗħylvąyaş : grab a drink...A dockside bar seemed the sort of place no one would bother him or grow concerned about his determination to hide within his hood. The place smelt as bad as was expected on a day like this, when bodies crammed in for refreshments with little concern for the stench of body odour and stale breath which came with such close >>
    17:56:04Ŗħylvąyaş : proximity. He'd survive, he'd handle it...He had smelt much worse in his lifetimes below. It was terribly clichéd what he did next, a seat taken in a darkened corner away from the rabble. Hiding in the shadows would suffice for now since truly he had no concept of how creatures in this port city would react to him. His race rarely got a pleasant>>
    17:57:55Ŗħylvąyaş : reception. A handful of coin was laid out on the table, gloved fingertips offering the shiney coins out to the nearest wench...there were only two conditions. That he be left alone and that the drinks kept coming. Wine was his order and he didn't doubt it would likely taste like pig swill in a place like this...oh well. You couldn't expect much >>
    17:58:01Ŗħylvąyaş : from humans.~
    17:59:23xMystrealx : =Laying out on the sand the sun flashed over the shimmering crystal embellishments that littered the front of her corset. Sparkling delicately over her frame she was enjoying the calm rush of sea air, and the easy movements of the waves in the distance. Suddenly Blaze jolted from his position. His head perked in a fashion more suited to a Meerkat-c
    17:59:34xMystrealx : than a Ferret. A hissing growl came as he ground his feet into the sound his eyes focussed on the ship in the distance. The small creature was more endowed with senses than people would assume as the heckles along his spine lengthened. This was something that quickly brought her to bolt to sitting. “Blaze...” The ferret snarled not looking at her-c
    17:59:45xMystrealx : as the small creature edged backwards still snarling. His eyes were keener than even her elven blessed amber hues. “Blaze stop being silly.” Another snarl. Her hands went to scoop him up but the small thing scrabbled to be free and began tugging at her skirts to make her move. Shaking her head asthough the small creature had gone mad she lay back-c
    17:59:56xMystrealx : down. “It’s such a perfect day blaze.” Auburn hair caught the air that drifted down the beach. Elves were well found creatures if you knew how to look, the air sparkled around them with the life that ebbed from them. Her smile broadened as she was about to lay back down, tucking her hair behind her ears as she hit the sand. A flash of figures in-c-
    18:00:11xMystrealx : the distance churned through the tree line catching with the sunlight as a flash of grey and black circled. The sand around her littered with water and she smoothed her fingers through the grains calmly. Mystreal was sheltered, and generally trusting of most. So she never saw to hide herself, especially in a human world. Blaze settled finally, -c-
    18:00:20xMystrealx : but sat at her side alert and on edge.=
    18:13:09Ŗħylvąyaş : ~Everything would have gone fine. The wine arrived without much bother and although it tasted pretty awful he was fine drinking it and studying those around him...until people got bored of feeling his eyes upon them. It was a wench first, a busty woman with few manners and little self respect who attempted to charm her way into his hood and his>>
    18:15:13Ŗħylvąyaş : pants. It would not have mattered so much since the wench he'd slipped coin to see him left alone soon urged her on to someone far more willing and far less likely to inflict injury if continually harassed. Undoubtedly they had their share of men like that in a place like this. Of course one of her many undoubtedly disease riddled bedfellows was >>
    18:16:59Ŗħylvąyaş : picking to start a fight with Rhylvayas for looking at his girl. He wasn't apt enough to argue with so a lowly intelligent creature nor was he inclined to slip a dagger into his nearest kidney over something so stupid...so he left. Wine downed, he ignored the chicken calls from the uncouth creature. The man was on his list now and he wasn't >>
    18:18:54Ŗħylvąyaş : likely to forget it any time soon. Even with the sun low, it was abrasive on his eyes and his quick steps sought to somehow outrun it. Somehow he ended up with sand beneath his boots on a beach beside the sea...hardly a place full of shelter and shade. He grumbled inwardly to himself and pondered simply hopping on the next boot out. It was true >>
    18:20:52Ŗħylvąyaş : this was a prime place for a creature like him to find so many varieties of prey but it was also heavily populated...Too much so he was beginning to think. Icy orbs cast out across the waves, vaguely aware of a distasteful presence close by...but he hadn't yet looked in the direction of this.~
    18:22:29xMystrealx : =The girl had settled in the sand. Her very existance was the contrast of the dark shadow that was hunkering it's cursed weight down the beach. Her soft mannerism and sparkling need to please echoing against th yang of a want to destroy. The air shifted, casting over him and in her direction. Blaze still on full alert resumed his hiss. That time -c
    18:24:01xMystrealx : she caught it. It was vague. Masked by fabric and muddled with salted air, and the warm heat vibrating off the sand but something in the air tightened. That was the thing about creatures from such a close species line....it was almost unique to the breeds. Blaze bundled the sand hiss with his heckles raised along the length of his spine.The -c-
    18:25:09xMystrealx : thickening sense of threat had her ears twitching as she lent herself upright on her elbows. Amber eyes cast of the figure that from here could have been nothing more than a cloak draped over a large stump. Cocking her head her smile still sat but the edges looked ready to break. Something was wrong. Even rainbows and unicorns couldn't -c-
    18:26:43xMystrealx : stop that niggling feeling in her. "Blaze...stop it." Shaking her head she set the natural instinct aside. It was a very bad idea to ignore instincts....but to her they were just something that destroyed the day. Auburn tendrils caught on the air and she sat watching the waves with a cheshire smile. Happiness brimmed from her in this setting...-c-
    18:28:12xMystrealx : the sparkling crystals mirrored in the dots of dew that were curling on the wind which seemed to change in it's path around her and coil to her skin before casting off to continue it's course. Yet she couldn't stop glancing at the figure intermittently.=
    18:30:55Ŗħylvąyaş : ~The smell of her was obvious in his nostrils. Elves had a special sought of scent, like fresh cut grass and bubbling brooks. It was the smell of a fresh summer morning and as you could imagine to a drow, it wasn't particularly pleasant. Eyes slid sideways in the hood and settled on the innocent young female...her looks were all sunbeams and >>
    18:33:51Ŗħylvąyaş : fields of flowers and natural instinct was to ruin it or stay away. Both he did his best to ignore...for now he was more interested in testing the waters with this particular creature. She had a ferret who seemed to have a natural dislike for him even at this distance and the temptation was to boot the rodent out into the ocean with one firm >>
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    18:58:43Ancient_Daltamare : welcome back))
    18:59:33xMystrealx : Wb)
    19:03:06Ŗħylvąyaş : ~Poison yes, though perhaps not quite as pleasant. There was a certain burning misery to poison that one didn't get from such acidic happiness. He was well trained however in dealing with all manner of creatures he didn't like and so when she chirpily addressed him in a voice that was all sweetness and light Rhyl simply smiled within his hood, >>
    19:04:46Ŗħylvąyaş : pearly whites catching in the lights. It was an unnatural expression and hurt his face muscles to a degree but hopefully it reassured the foolish elf whose animal was doing it's best to warn her against him. "No matter Miss, I am sure he is just trying to protect you..." It was a hidden warning but he doubted the elf would notice it. The hand >>
    19:06:29Ŗħylvąyaş : that was offered out received a glance...instinct said to check for a hidden blade or a poison laden spoke and he did. Only for a moment before his gloved hand slipped free and caught the elf's. A tip of his head and he pressed a kiss atop it, all the while remaining hidden. His jet flesh was probably his most guarded secret at this moment in >>
    19:08:16Ŗħylvąyaş : time. "Charmed Duchess...You may call me Rhyl..." He did not give his full name for it was as telling as his flesh, especially to an elf who had no doubt been warned against his kind. "My thanks...I am looking for a place to stay whilst I am in town and somewhere I might trade some weapons. Would you know of such places?" He could find them >>
    19:08:30Ŗħylvąyaş : easily enough on his own but this...well this was far more amusing.~
    19:11:04xMystrealx : =the girl brimmed at the polite greeting her feet bouncing causing her whole body to hop in a bounce closely comparable to an excited rabbit. The same dakrening feeling hit her and as the kiss hit her hand a shock of worry circled through her mind. A dark thick cloud of ash and sulphur that spurred in her imagination. It almost choked her -c-
    19:12:16xMystrealx : causing her to take in a sharp breathe asthough she were drowning. Warning number two. The charm of his tongue however had her ignoring it again. The close proximity of the man caused blazes hiss to shrill out loudly and he head butted into the mans legs to attempt to increase the distance between them. Amber eyes sparkled, a flash of green in -c-
    19:13:45xMystrealx : the centre starburst as she shook off the clammy feeling of darkness that had surrounded her for a moment. "Oh It is quite a pleasure to meet you Rhyl!" Her voice was still as full force. Perky and still bounce she wriggled her nose as them thought process she went through displayed on her overly animated features. "Oh I know!!" Her hands -c-
    19:15:26xMystrealx : gripped into the pleat of her full skirt the grip creasing the fabric around her fingers disshevling the pinnfor a little. "Sir Ancient has a..." The word escaped her and she frowned in an oddly cartoon like way while she tried to remember. "He makes metal." It was simpler. Mystreal was not stupid, her knowledg of her own world, and her -c-
    19:16:52xMystrealx : textbook intelligence was quite adept. Unfortunately she was young, sheltered and easily lead. " Come I will show you!" The excitement of helping him bounced of her in waves, radiating over the air as she walked through the streets leading him to the forge. A knock on the door given she waited patiently instead of just walking in.....lessoned -c-
    19:18:03xMystrealx : learn't there atleast. Red tendrils spread her back, her small frame almost shrouded in the mismatched waves of hair. The teal corset dress tight to her frame it plumed out netted beneath to cut around her bare thighs. Bouncing in the doorway she waited.=
    19:20:24xMystrealx : You wanna jump in Dalt...or we will be stood outside all night.)
    19:20:28xMystrealx : XD)
    19:20:36Ancient_Daltamare : I'm posting))
    19:21:54Ancient_Daltamare : -=One of the apprentices would bring the door open to full swing just to look at the pair oddly, jaw dropping open for it was his first time seeing one with pointy ears and in all honesty he was a little creeped out then he would see the dark hand of the drow. Shying away he offered santuary within before running over to the oversized tiger in the>
    19:23:04Ŗħylvąyaş : he's wearing a hood and gloves so you can't tell he is drow >.> Just so you know!))
    19:23:17Ancient_Daltamare : ahhh sorry leave that part out then))
    19:23:40Ancient_Daltamare : or did you want me to repost?))
    19:23:54Ŗħylvąyaş : no no, that's fine, was just letting you know))
    19:25:02Ancient_Daltamare : corner poking and prodding him awake. The beasts only reply was=- I don't wanna go to war today...I'l kill them in the morning I promise... -=Before the human teenager decided to poke him with the butt end of a spear hard enough to get a reaction out of him to at least open those black orbs of his=- Oh....people....wait.....bubbly elf...Mystreal >
    19:26:31Ancient_Daltamare : and random person.... -=He analyzed there aura briefly before looking to the kid making a feeble attempt to grab him but alas failed miserably while still in the process of waking up. After a few seconds of shaking off he rose to his full height of nine foot and extended his hand to the male with Mystreal=- Why hello there, first time picking up >
    19:28:04Ancient_Daltamare : your scent. How can I help you? -=The man had a dark aura he had only seen in the underworld amongst the dwarves and elves. Didn't seem to phase him though for he knew whatever purchased would go to use, unlike most in this city which wanted trophy weapons they had no ability to use. If his greeting was accepted he would dip his head into a polite>
    19:29:37Ancient_Daltamare : nod, if not it wouldn't phase him in the least=- So Mystreal did you wish me to start on the ring then? -=He knew not if she hired this man as a guard or not but it seemed unlikely considering her little ferret friends heart rate seemed to be racing. Whatever to each there own=-
    19:29:55Ŗħylvąyaş : ~The sound of her voice really was grating to him but he endured for the sake of letting her play tour guide for him. He could sense her wariness upon contact with him, as if it had hitched a touch and reminded himself to stay an arms length from the woman. Some elves could put two and two together in an instant and undoubtedly that would have >>
    19:31:23Ŗħylvąyaş : led to him getting that ferret tossed in his hood. He really could do without that. As she bounded off with eagerness he followed her skipping, flouncy frame. His speed was quick enough and his steps never seemed to fall behind though he had no need to be quite so energetic in his movements as she did. When they arrived at the door to the forge >>
    19:32:50Ŗħylvąyaş : it seemed a wise enough place to go to sell weapons. He had no however been expecting the owner who answered the door...a human smithy he'd thought but no. This appeared to be some sort of giant tiger. Instinct, the same that kept you alive in the dark realms below, said to turn and around and make a sharp exit but considering the bubbly elf at >.>
    19:32:57Ŗħylvąyaş : err...>>, not the face))
    19:34:54Ŗħylvąyaş : his side still had her head intact he assumed that meant the creature was harmless. At least until you started poking it with a stick. "A pleasure Sir...I am new in town and had a few weapons I thought you might be interested in purchases. If nothing else you could melt them down and reuse the metals. They are quite rare..." His accented tongue >>
    19:36:41Ŗħylvąyaş : worked like silver and gave the impression of someone oh so charming. Drow had their talents after all. His pack was lightly dropped and from within he pulled out a roll of fabric. Within were wrapped two drow crafted swords and a strange looking dagger, all made of metals you only found in the Underdark. They weren't his own of course, taken >>
    19:38:20Ŗħylvąyaş : either on the end of a blade or by the deftness of a stealing hand. One of his own weapons required repair but he needed coin from these lands first before he could even consider that. Eyes strayed to Mystreal, wondering if she might have the sense to realise once she saw the blades. "Take a look, if they hold no interest to you I am sure I will >>
    19:38:32Ŗħylvąyaş : find others willing to buy them..."~
    19:47:24xMystrealx : =The door opened and an unknown face hit her, peering round the door her hand came up to stifle a giggle at the mans unique way of waking a sleeping beast. Bouncing she smiled broadly in greeting to Dalt as he drew to the door. “Hello again Sir Ancient.” Her voice had taken a new sudden force of excitement, and sunflowers that right now must be -c-
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    19:47:45xMystrealx : grating the Drow to the point of stabbing her. Blazes heart was past racing, almost thundering in his chest as he squirmed. Out of what the small creature saw as two evils, the one with fur came preference. The Ferret began chattering manically at Dalt. His head swaying in rapid motions. “Blaze. Be polite To Sir. Ancient.” Stepping inside every-c-
    19:47:55xMystrealx : bit of her looked thrilled to have found yet another new person to banter to. Obviously she was completely oblivious of the mans race otherwise the fairytales of drows and war would of had her running to find Franco. Aurburn hair curled and she nodded enthusiastically. “Oh! I forgot.” She forgot most things. Thoughts went in like fluid and tended-c
    19:48:21xMystrealx : to come out the other side. “That would be....” Rhyl over stepped her and she runched her fingers into her dress waiting patiently. The swords almost slid right under her nose and she watched them. The metal oozed to her, causing that same ashen sense of sulphur clouds around her throat to stretch. It encompassed her breathing and she worked hard-c
    19:48:37xMystrealx : to swallow back. Drow metal was a danger at the very least, they had been known to forge it with laces that could kill a Good tribe elf from the smallest knick. Warning bell number three and this one she didn’t ignore. Not necessarily associating the metal with his race...her feet took two steps back and Amber eyes stared at the blade. Keeping -c
    19:48:55xMystrealx : . Keeping quiet Blaze huffed and gave up just staying ready to step in if needed. Pushing her hair behind her ears she took in a breath to bite back the sense of fear and brimmed out a smile. “Those are Drow blades...” So she wasn’t a complete knuckle head. Bouncing on the balls of her feet the next sentence came out with such an endearing sense -c
    19:49:06xMystrealx : of childish qualities that it was almost sickly to the ear. “You should be careful. My father said they are a nasty race...” Nodding curtly to her words she turned her eyes up over the pair in turn.=
    19:55:02Ancient_Daltamare : -=The man was to was to tall to be one of the dwarves from the underdark and his tongue far to slick to match there lack of charisma but that didn't make him any less dangerous for one to survive down there required them to be excel at something, he just didn't feel like finding out this mans talents first hand=- Always a pleasure to see you >
    19:56:36Ancient_Daltamare : Mystreal. -=He wasn't going to let the cat out of the bag of the man being a drow, or at the very least a night elf but honestly he couldn't tell the difference between the pair, both were very aggressive one just prefered poison over bows=- Don't worry blaze, I know what I am doing and if she is hurt there will be hell to pay. -=His heavy Russian>
    20:00:39Ancient_Daltamare : accent sounded off but his voice didn't seem to waver in any manner towards an aggressive streak nor showing signs of a bluff=- Rare material to work with is always welcome here. -=He spoke noticing the man failed to introduce himself which he considered rude but he didn't expect much out of his race from his personal expierences with them. When >
    20:02:41Ancient_Daltamare : the weapons were layed out on the table, the beast opened those black orbs of his to analyze there structure the best he could using some of his abilities=- There is no poison, Unusual. -=Then his attention shifted to the dagger and since Mystreal seemed to catch on finally he might as well be open=- I haven't seen one of these since I had to >
    20:04:50Ancient_Daltamare : kill Zekven'omph. I will take them, ask your price if it is fair it is yours. -=Before looking to Mystreal almost annoyed=- Do not speak of anothers race so rudely. We all have to do what it takes to survive the Drow just happen to come from an enviroment where you have to be cut throat. -=He knew from personal expierence, he had to live down >
    20:04:59Ancient_Daltamare : there at one point in his life=-
    20:06:12Ŗħylvąyaş : -He seemed to realise his rudeness a second after the tiger man had moved to eye the blades...He'd been a little thrown off his usual game courtesy of this unusual beast. It wasn't exactly easy keeping track of playing nice when you had sugary sweetness on one side and an overgrown furball on the other. "My apologies...I am Rhyl. I suppose I was>>
    20:08:29Ŗħylvąyaş : so eager to see rid of these weapons that I forgot that..." He played at not being a drow fairly well and seemed to have the elf convinced, even after showing these weapons...might as well play along. The weapons seemed to catch the beasts attention though Mystreal's warning was an amusing one. "I suspect everywhere one goes there will be a race >>
    20:09:56Ŗħylvąyaş : someone doesn't like. Have you ever met a drow to prove such a thing?" It was a light question and still revealed nothing of who he really was within the hood. Let her decide if she wished to stay trusting him or not. He was not looking for trouble in this case. "The weapons are rare in these parts so they will be pricey..." His gloved hand >>
    20:11:36Ŗħylvąyaş : vanished into his hood, jaw stroked in thoughtfulness. Exotic though they might be, he did not want to enrage the animal by asking too much for them. Most wouldn't know the worth of such weapons and short of finding surface drow to trade with (which were rare at best) he doubted he'd find a better buyer. "300 gold for the lot..." It seemed >>
    20:12:44Ŗħylvąyaş : a rather huge price but the beast looked like he could afford it. If not Rhyl was always open to bargaining and fully expected Daltamare to offer him less. The fact he defended the drow amused Rhyl to no end but he would break his cover if he thanked the man at that particular moment in time.#
    20:12:46Ŗħylvąyaş : ~
    20:20:30xMystrealx : =He smile beamed to the compliment again and she nodded. Blazes chirps still and he took his usual place in the large oversized bow that sat at the small of her back. The small creature kept his eye on the Drow, but it seemed he was reassured for now. Her eyes flicked to Dalt and she cocked her head to his words of reassurance to blaze. Again an -c
    20:20:41xMystrealx : over animated thought hit her expression and she shook her head rapidly. “No sir...but...” Dalt’s Chid interjected her and she wrinkled her nose. Bouncing a little on the balls of her feet she smiled broadly. “Apologies. Instinct I suppose.” Blaze huffed from her bushel in complaint, but she didn’t falter and just strode back into normal step. -c-
    20:21:00xMystrealx : Teetering on the balls of her feet to put her on tip toes, both men were a good portion taller than her meaning the tops of the blades were hard to see. Fascination took her as her fingers twitched at her sides almost begging to touch. Another lean and she almost toppled over herself trying to see. A little hop came as she jumped to try and -c-
    20:21:13xMystrealx : further gain a view but it only lasted a second. Twirling the tips of her hair, Amber eyes skitted between the back and forth. Excitement just bubbled at the engage of bartering, a skill she had never mastered. Keeping quiet (This took much effort on her part even to the point of biting her tongue a little.) she gripped the front of her dress. -c-
    20:21:23xMystrealx : The material pleated at the grip creasing the front of her pinafore. The sparkle on the blades almost had her entranced and she cocked her head reaching out a little.=
    20:28:21Ancient_Daltamare : -=He stepped aside allowing Mystreal to view the blades=- If you throw in the poison 300 is acceptable. -=There was no point in collecting drow weaponary without the true strength behind them in his eyes and considering the position this man was in he doubted it was an offer he would refuse. He extended his hand to pat Mystreal on the head only to>
    20:29:46Allene has joined the conversation.
    20:29:52Ancient_Daltamare : then bypass her all together=- Hey boss. Grab 300 gold and a pouch for it. -=He doubted the drow would trust him on the amount given and would make it easier for him to count. All the while he had a list of weapons collecters running through his mind of which he could potentially double his money from this transaction=- Nice to meet you Rhyl. My >
    20:31:55Ancient_Daltamare : name is Daltamare Ancient. -=One would notice though he never once turned his back to the drow for he knew better, trust was never an issue because it simply didn't exist yet he found no reason to be openly hostile as he was with the garou or vampires that roamed the ear= While you find a place of your own I would suggest the kings head tavern. >
    20:32:08Ŗħylvąyaş : Welcome))
    20:32:30Ancient_Daltamare : The drowned wench would be a little hectic even for one such as yourself.
    20:34:48Ŗħylvąyaş : ~The little elven maiden seemed terribly intrigued by the weapons. They were interesting designs of course, built for maximum damage as drow rarely had mercy for those they fought. Definitely they were well crafted, the finest of blades...perhaps not as good as his own but as was the case with most drow...it would take death to see those out of >>
    20:34:49Allene : Hello.))
    20:35:05xMystrealx : Hey allene.)
    20:36:33Ŗħylvąyaş : his hands. "Be careful Duchess...these are dangerous weapons and I would not wish to be the cause of harm coming to you..." It sounded so sickly genuine it even churned his stomach. He had the sense to smile again though and although neither had seen his face yet the whites of his teeth had the tendency to catch the light. "With the poison? >>
    20:38:08Ŗħylvąyaş : ...Fine..." For a moment he considered playing dumb but the extra coin was something he most definitely needed...besides the elf hadn't proven a particularly shiny penny, not the sharpest knife in the back if you catch his drift so he doubted she'd put two and two together. Back into his pack he went and gloved hands plied free two separate >>
    20:39:00Allene : Locations?))
    20:39:51Ŗħylvąyaş : vials. They were his own brand of poison but he still had a contact in his homelands that could get the unique ingredients. "These were on the weapon barer...Be careful though Sir, I am sure drow are known for their poison for a reason..." Each had different effects but both were deadly. He got the impression that Daltamare knew exactly what he >>
    20:39:57Ancient_Daltamare : there all at the phoenix feather forge))
    20:40:07Ancient_Daltamare : they are*))
    20:40:07Allene : Thank you.))
    20:42:07Ŗħylvąyaş : was but since the beast was not saying then Rhyl was quite happy to keep everyone else (namely Myst) ignorant. "Daltamare Ancient...I suspect you will be a difficult creature to be forgotten..." He considered the offer of places to stay and gave a nod. "I agree, I visited this Wench before meeting with the Duchess...It was a little too...crowded>>
    20:42:47Ŗħylvąyaş : for my liking..." He had not tested yet how people would react to him and for now intended to stay in this easy disguise. He was used to hiding in the shadows after all.~
    20:44:11Ŗħylvąyaş : Feel free to jump in whenever Allene))
    20:44:28Allene : I will. =) ))
    20:45:05xMystrealx : =Amber eyes lilted over the carefully crafted weapons taking in every details. Every curve followed in the time she had to take them in. The edges shined and she watched the light flint off it with a glimmering force that was a little unnatural. “I am sure you wouldn’t sure” The words came out sweetly, and in full trust of the mans charming -c-
    20:45:18xMystrealx : tongue. That was all until she was patted like a house pet. Raising her eyes sharply she smoothed her hair at the top. Brushing her fingers through it she twirled the ends of the tendrils. The conversation was far past anything she had ever experienced, and it was making her head buzz with the intensity. The excess energy in her brimmed out in -c-
    20:45:32xMystrealx : her steps as she graced the floor toward the seat she had taken up before. Elven ears twitched, ever crakle of the fire, and chink of metal caught her hearing like it was next to her. Leaning back on two legs of the chair her fingers coursed through the tendrils to braid thin lines into the mass of waves. A soft sound floated the air. The sweet -c-
    20:46:15xMystrealx : lace of her voice quietly chanting under her breath as she worked the braids. Weapons were of no interest to her once their design had been admired. The soft melody drifted from her and she swung her legs underneath the carriage of the chair. Not the brightest penny. Somewhere deeper down she had him sussed. The trouble was she had a tendency -c-
    20:46:56xMystrealx : to very seldom listne to her own instincts, or advice. No doubt if she twigged, or he had a day of boredom the Drow would quickly dispatch of her either way. Ignorance was bliss it seemed.=
    20:56:38Ancient_Daltamare : -=The man Daltamare called Boss showed up slightly irked at the coin that was spent in the last couple days since his return even though he understood it would be made back with profit. It was the time it took to regain it that was his problem. Placing the tray on the counter the weapons would vanish to the back just as quick with the man along >
    21:00:16Ancient_Daltamare : with both vials of poison. Waiting until the man was done speaking with Mystreal the beast would begin to speak=- So out transaction is complete then I assume. -=Never once considering taking so much as a seat around the man nor letting up his guard. He just knew better from past encounters=- Aye, they are known for such which makes a complete set>
    21:02:38Ancient_Daltamare : all that much more valuable. -=To get so much out of the elves of the underdark was much more challenging which left him with an advantage that this one was out of his own enviroment and possibly stranded within the city. At least they both got something out of it they desired=- I have given up on trying to remain forgotten. Besides makes it >
    21:04:45Ancient_Daltamare : easier to do business over time when it is difficult not to remember one. -=Not the reason why he wandered around in his hyrbid form but an advantage none the less. Oddly enough the beast would start stirring about grabbing a hot water kettle throwing it over the hearth in preperation for tea to serve the duchess for he didn't wish to be rude >
    21:05:25Ancient_Daltamare : himself, just that business came before being hospitable=- Care to join us? -=He asked as he continued about his tasks=-
    21:08:15Ŗħylvąyaş : ~Rhyl rather enjoyed Myst's naivety, no doubt for all the wrong reasons. It was different. Drow women were even worse than drow men and were just as likely to drive a blade through your back as they were to converse with you. At least the elf woman seemed unlikely to do that. As the coin was offered out Rhyl did as was expected emptying it onto >>
    21:09:54Ŗħylvąyaş : the nearest surface and counting it alarmingly quickly. It was not a personal comment on the beast or his Boss but just in his nature to lack trust in everyone. As swiftly as it was spilled out it was slipped back out of sight and a nod came from the hood wearing creature. "It is indeed, you have my thanks Daltamare Ancient..." The coin would >>
    21:11:25Allene : -A long breath escaped Allene as she arrived in town. She had been absent for almost a week, as she had unfinished business to attend to in another location. It had been a hard journey. Evidence of such could be seen in the discolored patches of flesh on her neck, arms, and if she were not wearing pants, her legs too. Her hair was smoothed >>
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    21:14:05Allene : Wb.))
    21:14:44Ŗħylvąyaş : know when you might need further coin. Rhylvayas didn't take a seat but rather loitered near the wall. It was true he could play charmer and had a tongue to match but he wasn't exactly the most adept at extended social situations. You didn't get many in his home that didn't degenerate into knife fights by now.~
    21:20:21Allene : Upon her right arm, a satchel, containing all of her earthly possessions. Her walking and posture seemed rigid. Uncomfortable. Nonetheless, she managed to be nimble pace. Once towards the center of town, she would mingle with the vendors and gather various items. All with the purpose of resupplying what she used over the course of her travels.
    21:20:24Allene : -^
    21:21:10Ancient_Daltamare : oi gotta go do something last minute. They can stay at the forge if they, I'l be about half hour))
    21:21:14Ancient_Daltamare is away.
    21:22:02xMystrealx : =It seemed she was the only one in the room who didn’t have trust issues. Both men seeming to reserve their faith in people for those who had earned it. On the flip side of the coin she gave it ever so freely to most. Still braiding the tendrils she let them talk, content in her own company. The preparation noises of tea however did cause a twitch-
    21:22:06xMystrealx : from her ears. Looking up her finally as the conversation drew to a close Amber eyes drifted the two. Her tongue had been still for atleast 10 minutes, which was an achievement...and possibly a record for her outside sleep. Shifting uncomfortably on the chair she drew her legs up to sit lotus position on it. The keen elven balance allowing her to-c
    21:22:23xMystrealx : to keep it on two legs while seeming to put in very little control, but perching on top of it. “It is not private Sir Rhyl. Sir Ancient was kind enough to offer to fix some jewellery for me.” Another warm smile flooded her as excitement nearly hit maximum at watching how he fixed the metal. Tucking the odd braids and waves behind her ears the -c-
    21:22:44xMystrealx : sparkling set of her eyes came over him. His hood was dark, and her stomach still rolled with that nauseating sense that his cursed blood gave her. Like sulphur in her mouth. It ment she naturally avoided looking. Finally she directed her eye line to Dalt and cocked her head her eyes bright with eager antiscipation. “Will you still be able to -c-
    21:22:52xMystrealx : show me how you fix it Sir Ancient?” Biting the corner of her lips she thought before chirping again. “If it is too much trouble I can return to collect it tomorrow.”=
    21:28:23Ŗħylvąyaş : -It seemed that Daltamare had been called off for a blacksmith emergency (which Rhyl assumed meant someone somewhere had got their sword stuck in the wrong place or the likes), leaving just the drow and the elf alone in the shop front. His helper served them the tea and they were offered to wait for him to come back. Now here was an awkward >>
    21:30:38Ŗħylvąyaş : situation...a drow and an elf stuck in a blacksmiths, a few feet apart. It almost sounded like a bad joke. Drow were not big on jokes. "Was it just a ring or was there more? I can take a look whilst we wait...I used to mend such things, long ago..." being that he was a drow he'd lived longer than most and had tried his hands at a few things. His>>
    21:32:09Ŗħylvąyaş : lean frame shifted and moved to sit on a chair opposite her so those cool blue orbs could linger on her. From within the darkness of his hood they almost seemed to glow. It was hot in there and the fires of the forge were not helping with the suffocating heat inside his layered clothing. It was times like this he missed the dank, cold underdark>>
    21:33:41Ŗħylvąyaş : more than ever. The tea was poured out for Mystreal and then his gloved hand pushed it in her direction. "Or you could just tell me about yourself Duchess...I haven't noticed many of your kind in these parts..." If it came to him having to discuss himself then he would just have to lie...it was a good thing he was naturally good at that.~
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    21:39:33xMystrealx : Effing backspace!)
    21:39:37ᴥАññóřãᴥ has returned.
    21:39:40«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Wb Cathaoir))
    21:39:54ᴥАññóřãᴥ : That's weird))
    21:40:16ᴥАññóřãᴥ : He's backish- he hasn't touched his computer, he just went to jump in the shower))
    21:41:34xMystrealx : =An odd situation indeed. Watching Dalt leave she waved a half goodbye before he disappeared. Blazes response was no where near as calm. Without the reassurance of the creature he hopped onto the table sitting central. Bright round brown eyes fixed on the man, staring constantly at him from the table top. Tea served before her her hands scooped -c-
    21:43:32xMystrealx : the hot cup into them cradling it as she sipped gingerly at the hot liquid. The forge was acrid, and warm. She didn't mind the heat but the metallic smell leaving in the air made her feel a little enclosed. The tea helped. A bright smile was given to him, "Oh that is such a very kind offer Sir Rhyl....But Sir Ancient did say he would show me -c-
    21:45:57xMystrealx : how to do it." Her ears perked a little. Blaze sneered at the Drows prying question but Myst had little issue sharing it. "Oh. Well...there is not much to tell I suppose?" Taking another sip of her tea. "I have been travelling many moons, around the various lands." Her smile broadened as she seemed to grow a little with a pride filled -c-
    21:47:24Ŗħylvąyaş : They are in the forge just so you know Annora))
    21:48:10xMystrealx : square of her shoulders. "When you come to age, you can travel on your 'Journey of the right.' (Spoken in elven I am too lazy to translate.)" Running her hands through the mid lengths of her hair, she continued. "It is to experience to worl outside of our own." It was inevitable that in response her eyes drew on the place where his face should -c-
    21:50:17ᴥАññóřãᴥ : I'll be joining ^.^))
    21:50:24ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Thanks for the heads up.))
    21:50:27xMystrealx : have been, but was just a dark shadow. "What about yourself Sir Rhyl. You must have travelled so many very interesting places to have acquired such trinkets."=
    21:51:03Ŗħylvąyaş : want to jump in Annora?))
    21:51:12ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Yes please))
    21:51:59Ŗħylvąyaş : go ahead))
    21:53:30Ancient_Daltamare : I'l jump in after))
    21:54:06ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora had woken late in the day- the sun was setting as she rose. It was unusual for her to sleep so late, but being in a clean, warm bed- with the sounds and smells of the forge nearby- reminded her very much of home. How often had Bear come in smelling like hot metal and fire? Her father? Jacob, Eli? All of her brothers had spent time at her<c>
    21:56:26xMystrealx : Bah bed.!)
    21:56:43ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> father's smithy- even she had been banished to the forge when she angered her mother. She tied the small gift she had for Dalt onto her leather belt. She wore simple clothes- a clean linen skirt and chemise, with a black suede bodice. As she left the room she made her way around to the storefront, careful and practiced. She entered the <c>
    21:58:00ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> store from the front, inclining her head to both elves that occupied the store (raised in a small village, she had just learned about elves, and as such did not make much of a disctinction between them). She inclined her head, smiling to the both of them. The large amount of sleep had certainly brightened her mood. "Good eve." She greeted, <c>
    21:58:45ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> tucking a stray curl behind her ear- she hadn't bothered to bind them back. Her eyes darted around, looking for Dalt.+
    21:58:59Ŗħylvąyaş : Rhyl is wearing a cloak, hood and gloves...so nobody can tell what he is >.> just so you know))
    21:59:52ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Oh, oops))
    22:00:11ᴥАññóřãᴥ : *an elf and another humanoid, then))
    22:00:18ᴥАññóřãᴥ : She still is dumb when it comes to elves))
    22:01:10Ŗħylvąyaş : lol, np...he's just being all ninja and hiding what he is))
    22:01:19xMystrealx : just have myst wander off chasing something sparkly....))
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    22:01:29xMystrealx : I gotta crash.)
    22:01:32Acele has left the conversation.
    22:01:38Ŗħylvąyaş : Goodnight Myst))
    22:01:40ᴥАññóřãᴥ : night!))
    22:01:43ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Sleep well!))
    22:01:46xMystrealx : Night guys.)
    22:01:48xMystrealx : x)
    22:01:53xMystrealx is away.
    22:01:54Ancient_Daltamare : -=He caught the gist on the general conversation as he entered the shop area once more with another steaming hot kettle=- M'lady I told you I would show you how I do it. -=His methods of forging were....potentially the laziest ever and likely the most effective this day in age. Most couldn't mimic it unless they were potent at psionics but it >
    22:04:26Ancient_Daltamare : didn't matter which she chose. Finding himself a seat he nestled in, those closed eyes of his never once leaving the ground leaving it fairly obvious he was blind. How he managed to run a business like this was beyond most but he had his own ways of doing things and a manager that could take over at a moments notice if need be=- So, what business >
    22:05:11CathaoirMacDonnchadh : ty to all who wb'd me -computer auto connected))
    22:06:08Ancient_Daltamare : are you in. -=He asked the Rhyl all the while doing up his own cup of tea that had enough sugar in it to rot someones teeth out. He glanced over in the direction of Annora with a polite nod=- Sleep well? -=He was hoping the bath at home wasn't full of dye, an incident already happened where he ran around completely blue which is why he insisted on>
    22:06:10Ancient_Daltamare : the rules he did=-
    22:08:43Ŗħylvąyaş : ~Interesting places indeed. Lucky for Rhyl Mystreal seemed to remember an appointment and make a sharp exit before he needed to come up with any sort of excuses or lies for the elf. Leave that for next time. The drow had every intention of following her to the exit but found the beast had returned and stealthy as he was he doubted very much he >>
    22:09:11CathaoirMacDonnchadh has left the conversation (Ping timeout).
    22:10:56Ŗħylvąyaş : could just disappear in plain sight...well he could but it wouldn't be particularly subtle in regards to keeping his drow side hidden. The tea was politely finished, a little too sweet and pleasant for his taste before his feet were found. "I am in many businesses...as you would imagine, I do what I must Daltamare Ancient.." He had already >>
    22:11:45CathaoirMacDonnchadh has joined the conversation.
    22:11:59CathaoirMacDonnchadh : sorry bout that, had to close and run to keep someone form messing with the chat))
    22:12:08ᴥАññóřãᴥ : My little brother >.>)
    22:12:33Ŗħylvąyaş : guessed that the man knew what lay inside the hood but had the discretion not to blurt it out. A tilt of his frame and he offered the beast a bow. "Thank you for your business and I am sure our paths will cross again in the future...for now I think I need to find a place to stay for the night..." And off the shadowy figure wandered, giving the >>
    22:13:24Ŗħylvąyaş : briefest of glances to Annora as she appeared but deciding he had suffered through enough social interaction for the day. No need to add more potentially sparkly women to it...~
    22:13:34Ŗħylvąyaş : I need to crash as well, thanks for the rp))
    22:13:39CathaoirMacDonnchadh : night night))
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    22:17:04ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora raised an eyebrow as both customers exited the door, shrugging it off. "Aye- very well. Better than I have in months." She said with a small smile. Her strange accent seemed to have gotten a little thicker after so much sleep- the sort of accent that would make a name like Cathaoir Mac Donnchadh roll off the tounge as easy as 'fish'. <c>
    22:19:39ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> She moved to the counter, looking to him. "You'll be happy to note that your baths are still clear. And, I have a small gift for you." She said, untying the bit from her belt. "I found it amongst my things, and I knew it would fit you perfectly." She said, meaning literally and figuratively. The necklace, made for a human's neck, would <c>
    22:21:21ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> probably fit the were-tiger's wrist. "I made it in my father's smithy one day when my Mum kicked me out of the house to get me out of her hair." +
    22:24:21CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir started back towards the wench. He was far down along the beach. The long walk gave him some time to think about what an ass he had been and how much he had changed. He would need to apologize a lot and spend days maybe even weeks building back to who and what he was when he was 16. On the way he was practicing apologies. He sighed<c>
    22:27:16CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>deeply and decided maybe he should pull out some coin just in case. He opened his satchel and reached in to pull out a coin. He felt something softer and smoother than the burlap and pulled it out to look at it. What he saw was a well made dress for what he could only assume was a baby. He carefully tucked it back into the satchel. He would<c>
    22:29:36CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c> end up returning it to her later tonight or even tomorrow if he had to wait still. He frowned thinking she probably wouldn't take being near him well for a while still. Maybe he could slip into her room and place the tiny dress on her bed.'
    22:29:39CathaoirMacDonnchadh : |F|
    22:31:10Ancient_Daltamare : -=He took a sip of the tea with a relaxed sigh and settled fully now that the Drow was gone. Never could let ones guard down around one for odds are a knife would end up in the back, or front depending on which was more convient at the time=- That is good to hear. -=He enjoyed helping others though avoided making a habit of it because some would >
    22:34:44Ancient_Daltamare : take advantage of it but she didn't seem the type so he would ask for nothing in return. Her accent changed, perhaps it was the improvement of mood considering the events of last night for now though he wouldn't comment, merely enjoy the silence until it was broken once again by her voice=- A gift. -=It was unusual for him to recieve something >
    22:36:26Ancient_Daltamare : without a favor being asked right after but he had no reason to refuse such a gesture so he extended his hand out and took it=- Oh, neat a braclet. -=He would fidget with it until it was latched securely to his wrist. He would not always be able to wear it due to his habit of prefering gaunlets but it would work for now=- She must of had alot of >
    22:36:40Ancient_Daltamare : hair too fit you in it. -=Again with his dry humour=-
    22:39:26ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora smiled a little, laughing. "Aye." She said, doing the leather tie so it would attach. It was simple, of course- brown leather set with bronze rivets for decorations in neat little rows. In the middle was set a small round of bronze, worked to a shine with a rune carved into it. She lifted his hand to the rune- it was carved by a <c>
    22:42:18ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> novice, apparent in the uneven strokes. "This is a rune that is said to repel wolves." She said, smiling at the triangle with an 'x' settled in the middle. "I thought you might find it useful." She said with a smile, shrugging a bit. Of course, there was nothing magic- and nothing useful- about the bracelet, simple tradition. "Traditionally,<c>
    22:43:10ᴥАññóřãᴥ : ,c> it was worn by lazy shepherds." She joked, stepping back. "Oh, aye. Lots of hair- it came down to her waist, and she always had a rough time trying to pin it all up and out of the way.+
    22:49:32ᴥАññóřãᴥ has left the conversation.
    22:49:33CathaoirMacDonnchadh : Annora will be back soon))
    22:50:19CathaoirMacDonnchadh : i eat psorry bout that, had to close and run to keep someone form messing with the chat))
    22:50:30CathaoirMacDonnchadh : i eat poop
    22:50:44CathaoirMacDonnchadh : sorry about that, left the computer for too long))
    22:51:48ᴥАññóřãᴥ has joined the conversation.
    22:51:52CathaoirMacDonnchadh : wibbles))\
    22:51:56ᴥАññóřãᴥ : ty))
    22:52:01ᴥАññóřãᴥ : reposts?))
    22:52:04Ancient_Daltamare : wb))
    22:52:07Ancient_Daltamare : yours as the last one))
    22:52:12ᴥАññóřãᴥ : kk)0
    22:56:15CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir found himself at the docks. He wasn't too far from the wench now. He was wondering if he should go somewhere else, but he didn't know where to go. He hadn't been many places in the kingdom yet. He knew all too well that getting lost in the kingdom at night could lead to him possibly robbed and he wasn't exactly awake enough to protect<c>
    22:58:19CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>himself or find his own way after taking turns he shouldn't. He decided the Wench was still the best idea for now. He would find someone tomorrow to lead him around so he could better navigate the area as well as hunting down a job of some sort. All he was good at was fishing, hunting and captaining a ship.'
    22:58:22CathaoirMacDonnchadh : |F|
    23:02:42Ancient_Daltamare : -=A thought clicked into his feeble little mind. If she had previous expierence with a family of black smiths she could also be of some use which couldn't hurt any considering how he disliked dealing with people on mass, more specificly when it involved junk like hoes and shovels=- I could use a clerk here at the store. -=Would allow him to focus>
    23:04:50Ancient_Daltamare : on his work unless it involved a custom order for a blade. The prices were already marked so it wouldn't be that difficult...except the cleaning of the store front considering it had been almost strictly all males here that prefered working in the forge itself and paid little attention to appearance=- Lazy shepherds...but they are useful for meal >
    23:07:06Ancient_Daltamare : time. -=Most shepherds were not so lazy when it came to running at the sight of him charging there sheep in a fit of hunger=- Speaking of long hair I have to get a hair cut soon. -=Remembering the neglect on his homid body. Certain aspects continued to grow even as he remained in this appearance=- I was going to ask last night but the timing >
    23:08:48Ancient_Daltamare : didn't seem right. The child wasn't your husbands was it? -=He could put two and two together and he figured this could be one of the sources of discomfort for her in Cahtaiors pressence. Guilt wore heavily on a person even after so many years=- No need to answer if you wish. -=Yes he was rather random about everything but still that had piqued >
    23:09:04Ancient_Daltamare : his curiousity and he wanted to see is his theory was right or wrong=-
    23:11:34ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora leaned against the counter, looking around. "A clerk?" It would be a good job- a great job, especially as she got used to the foreign money system and regular customers, while she tried to get her own business started. A forge, too- something she knew well. Languages and styles changed, but metal on metal, that remained the same. <c>
    23:13:42ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> "I would love to." She said with a bright smile. Yes, it would be a great start for her indeed. And, when it was time for her to move on, she could train someone else how to do the day to day running of the front and cleaning. She wasn't taken aback by his question, her wide smile just turning into a wistful one. <c>
    23:15:35ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> "No- Katherine was the daughter of Cathaoir. When he disappeared, he left me pregnant and alone. My husband knew- before we were even married. My family would have been furious if they knew I told him, but I couldn't trick him like that." She shrugged a little. "John was older than me- and had an unfortunate dueling accident that left him <c>
    23:18:11ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> unable to have anymore children. So, he married me, and adopted Kat as his own. No one outside my family knew of the truth. And then, when our village was raided, she was killed, along with my family. John died in the war, which means now that only I know. And now, you." She said, running a hand through her hair. "Please don't tell Cathaoir. <c
    23:19:23ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> He is willfully ignorant of the fact, and that is probably how he deals with it."+
    23:23:51ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Skip Cath))
    23:23:56Ancient_Daltamare : k))
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    23:27:33ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Wb))
    23:27:52CathaoirMacDonnchadh : ty)
    23:28:29Ancient_Daltamare : -=Again he would offer a simple response for wasting air on words was not one of his talents=- Good, since you will be the one working out here feel free to set it up as you please. -=Her answer took a major load of his shoulders. Mind already returning to a list of things to do before he started full production. Then he had to visit the castle >
    23:29:59Ancient_Daltamare : once more to let them know he returned and was capable of taking bulk orders again if need be. He would have to get the boss to check the ledgers as well to see how much they owed in taxes and do the general clean up of the forge itself and take inventory. He stopped thinking business once she replied to him=- I understand, we all do what we must >
    23:30:53Ancient_Daltamare : to survive and do not worry I will not speak of anything that is said between us. -=He had no real reason to and besides at this point he considered her more of a friend then anything which was rare for him=-
    23:32:27CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir entered the wench and found his way to the counter. He took the stool he had left his hat near yesterday. He opened the satchel again, moving away from others so that it wouldn't get stained at all. He examined the stitching and frowned softly. The embroidery was so intricate and beautiful. He had guessed after seeing the marriage<c>
    23:34:33CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>license that maybe Kat was his. He even had a small inkling when he had seen the little girl, but she looked so much like her mother it was just so simple to ignore it. Once she had mentioned having embroidered his shirt when she was pregnant he was almost certain and now seeing the matching embroidery on the baby dress he couldn't deny it<c>
    23:37:55CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>any longer. He sighed deeply and pulled out enough to buy a bottle of whiskey. He could care less if they watered it down or not. When he was given the bottle he simply pushed it aside, staring at the dress. He never got to know his own daughter. The only reason he wasn't breaking down was because she had lived a far better life than he could<c>
    23:39:26CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>have given her. He needed to find Annora and give her the dress back and attempt some sort of apology before going solo with the bottle of whiskey. It was the only way that he knew to cope with unhappy memories and emotions. '|F|
    23:39:33ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora smiled a bit, stretching and looking around. "Seems like tomorrow would be as good a time as any to start work here- besides, I have to get my things from the Drowned Wench- assuming that your offer of a place to stay was for more than just one night?" She said, looking to him. She had been assuming it was, but wanted to be sure. She <c>
    23:41:57ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> rested a hand on his arm, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Thank you Dalt, for all that you've done. And know that the road stretches both ways. Should you ever need an ear or a pair of hands, just ask. Well, more than you just did." She said, smiling a bit to him. Dalt was all she had for a friend in the city- barring Cathaoir, who was less a <c>
    23:46:20ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> friend and more of an 'I don't know what'. "So, I think we both could use a cool drink and a warm dinner. Down to the Wench?" She asked, smiling up to him. "And if you need a haircut- I think I can manage that, if you want. Can't say I've ever given a were-tiger a haircut, but I used to cut my brother's hair on occasion, and only got a few <c>
    23:46:25ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> complaints."+
    23:47:57ᴥАññóřãᴥ : *brothers'))
    23:48:01ᴥАññóřãᴥ : She had a few))
    23:48:53Ancient_Daltamare : lol))
    23:50:00ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Seven, actually))
    23:51:28CathaoirMacDonnchadh : Yeah-craziness))
    23:55:42Ancient_Daltamare : -=He didn't stir much until until he cup was empty only to stare at it with a low groan=- Tomorrow works out fine, it will give you time to think on things. -=A forge needing a womans touch, never heard of such a place but if it existed this was it=- The offer stands for as long as you require. -=It was odd though, all he did was get presented>
    23:57:20Ancient_Daltamare : before the king and he took over the forge that very night without a question being asked. Did they treat him differently then others because of his appearance. He could only assume the answer was yes though he wouldn't judge himself unless he got an answer directly from one of them=- Believe me I have an ear stuck in my head that won't shut up >
    23:58:09Ģɛɲɛral-Ķąlą has joined the conversation.
    23:58:17CathaoirMacDonnchadh : welcome))
    23:58:32Ģɛɲɛral-Ķąlą : Hello. ))
    23:59:20Ancient_Daltamare : when it should. Extra hands are welcome though. -=Hard to find reliable help these days=- Lets go then. -=Saved him the effort of serving his own drinks really even if the distance wasn't worth the effort nor coin laid down=- It isn't for this body. -=He didn't like exposing his human form to others, prefered to use it to move around without >
    23:59:33Ancient_Daltamare : notice when times called for it=- We can get your stuff on the way back as well.
    00:00:23CathaoirMacDonnchadh : skip me))
    00:06:18ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora smiled brightly. Tomorrow morning would mean sunlight, and scrubbing down the front with the door open in order to get fresh air in the place. She nodded- food and drink sounded good. She tucked a hair behind her ear. It was the three trunks- armor and swords, her loom and materials, and her clothing. She could heft the clothing without <c>
    00:09:07ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> much strain, and she could ask for his help with the other trunks. "And tomorrow I could cook, if you'd like." She said, smiling at him with a shrug. She blinked at his talk of his other form. "Oh? Well, if you need a hand, just yell." She wasn't the type to press the issue. She had a feeling that still waters ran deep when it came to him,<c>
    00:09:52ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> and Annora wasn't the type to push- hadn't ever been. She smiled and moved towards the door to head to the Wench+
    00:15:54Ancient_Daltamare : -=He rose to his full height with the most casual of stretchs before scratching at his lower back. Feet guiding his lazy ass towards the front door without realizing it=- I always eat out. -=He didn't exactly keep a store of food around like a smart person would, that and he wasn't required to eat either so it wasn't something that struck him as >
    00:17:43Ancient_Daltamare : vital=- Maybe, depends on my mood. Let us go drink then. -=Oddly enough that was one of the few things he couldn't say no to but he didn't mind, it got him out of the work mindset and so there journey to the drowned wench would begin....by the way what did the wench drown in anyways=-
    00:21:36CathaoirMacDonnchadh : I would say watered down whiskey by the sounds of things yesterday))
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    00:24:42CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir continued to stare at the dress. Taking time to think things through really opened his eyes to how much he had screwed things up. As he thought about it, maybe it would be better if he left the dress on Annora's bed instead of waiting to give it to her in person. He wasn't sure either idea was good in the long run. He looked to the <c>
    00:27:00CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>bottle of whiskey and reminded himself that he was waiting on that. He rested his free hand on his money satchel and looked to the door only for a moment. '|F|
    00:31:07ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +The trip to the Wench was rather uneventful- it usually was, when walking with a giant tiger. It wasn't like someone was going to jump out of the shadows when you had an escort. Her thoughts wandered to Bear- her overprotective brother. Had he been here... well, things would be interesting, to say the least. And Cathaoir would likely be dead or <c
    00:34:01ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> married. She smiled as they reached the pub, heading towards the bar. She was a little lost in her own thoughts, and as such didn't notice Cathaoir. She certainly didn't notice him holding the tiny christening gown. In honesty, the gown had been put in the same bag as Cathaoir's clothes because both were too precious to get rid of but too <c>
    00:34:17ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> painful to look at.+
    00:34:47Ancient_Daltamare : just post it as dalt wanders off somewhere I gotta nap bad before work))
    00:35:11CathaoirMacDonnchadh : kk, night night!))
    00:35:52ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Night!)
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    00:40:21CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir looked up at Annora. He couldn't speak right away. She was happy looking. He folded the dress and covered it up. He took a quiet deep breath. "Would you like a drink Ann?" He asked politely. He took the bottle with his free hand and held it towards her. He would ask her after he gave her back the dress and apologized and not <c>
    00:41:43CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>necessarily in that exact order. He was tired looking, but was hiding it by keeping his eyes as wide open as possible. Annora didn't need to know he hadn't slept yet.'|F|
    00:45:23ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora looked to Cathaoir, blinking a bit. Well, if he was being pleasant, she could be as well. She nodded. "Aye, sure." She said, her accent thicker than it had been in the last few days. She sat down next to him, leaning back as the serving girl brought a glass with some chilled whiskey stones in it. She offered him the glass to fill. <c>
    00:47:48ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> She looked at him, not seeing the christening gown. "I'm sorry about hitting you last night." She said, frowning a bit. "I lost my temper, and you didna deserve it."+
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    00:47:57ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Welcome))
    00:48:01˕FallonDeliaCross˕ : Thank you))
    00:48:04CathaoirMacDonnchadh : welcome))
    00:48:10˕FallonDeliaCross˕ : Thank you))
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    00:54:09CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir opened the whiskey and poured it into her glass. He smiled hearing her accent. he let out a gentle sigh and set the bottle down. "Don't apologize. I deserved it and more." He looked at the bottle for a moment, turning back to her soon after. "I'm sorry for everything I've said and done. Last night you looked like you needed to hit <c>
    00:55:57CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>someone hard and let out anger. I was stupid in thinking that I should egg you into hitting me. and I shouldn't have blamed you for what happened at the village. I don't know what happened, but I know you wouldn't have just let something like that happen." He took a deep breath and looked at the whiskey again, stopping himself from taking any<c>
    00:59:11CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>. She deserved a completely honest apology un-aided by alcohol. "With that stupid hat I was trying to be someone stronger and callous. It seemed the best way to move on. I was wrong though." He looked down at the hand covering the christening gown. It wasn't quite time for him to lift that up yet. He wanted to see her response before continuing'
    00:59:13CathaoirMacDonnchadh : |F|
    01:05:06ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora was taken aback by the apology, stunned into silence. She blinked at him, confused. She inclined her head a little. "I'm sorry too, Cathaoir." She said, her voice soft. "I should have tried to find a way to tell you everything with a little more tact." And silently, she apologized for everything she hadn't told him- the grim details that<c>
    01:07:57ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> she knew would break him. That she had given birth to his child. "You were right- I needed to hit something. And for all that I was sober, I wasn't in my right mind." She said. Annora sipped the whiskey- apologies traded, she wasn't sure where they stood. Friends? Strangers? Somewhere in between? She ignored his comments about the hat- she <c>
    01:08:29ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> already knew everything he was telling her about his hat.+
    01:13:15CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir pulled the christening gown to his chest while she wasn't watching him too closely. "I found something I believe you meant to keep with your special things." He offered her the christening gown. "It was folded up on the side of the satchel." He looked down at it and then back up to her. "She was ours ... wasn't she?" He asked just<c>
    01:18:29Ģɛɲɛral-Ķąlą has left the conversation.
    01:19:40CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>to be sure about it. He was looking at the little dress as if Kat were in it. "When I first saw her all I could see was you. And when I saw the marriage license I had thought maybe she could be mine, but I was too distracted by how fast it happened to think it through." He thought he was babbling so he stopped talking to let her respond'
    01:23:22ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora took the little christening gown gingerly, holding it on her finger tips, tears coming to her eyes as she saw it. All the little detailed work in white thread on the white gown, the soft lace at the neck and hands. She touched it gently. She hadn't meant to give it to him, hadn't meant for anyone to ever see it. But she couldn't get <c>
    01:27:36ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> rid of it. It was too special. She looked to Cathaoir, her breath catching in her throat as he just asked her, straight out and honestly. "Do you really want to know, Cathaoir?" She asked, looking to him, her eyes dark and still flowing with tears. She wanted him to really want to know- though the thought didn't really make any sense to her. <c
    01:28:37ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> She bowed her head, looking down to the christening gown again.+
    01:37:21CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir touched her hand gently with his right hand and reached up to her cheek with his left. "Yes Sparrow, I really want to know." His eyes moved between her and the christening gown. He wasn't sure where to go from here. He had apologized like he meant to and now found himself in a situation he hadn't thought of in all of his walking or <c>
    01:38:01CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>at night during the hours he had stayed away. '|F|
    01:43:15ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora let out a deep breath and bowed her head, unable to meet his eyes. "Katherine was yours." She answered, her voice cracking slightly as she stood. She needed to get out- escape. She needed to breathe. She felt claustrophobic in the busy bar, and she stumbled away from him and towards the door. She couldn't look at him- didn't think that <c>
    01:46:13ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> she could see his reaction. She walked out of the bar. She'd catch up with Dalt later- the next day during work, perhaps. Her things could wait for another night- she'd pay the silver and not think twice about it.+
    01:51:44CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir nodded softly, somehow keeping an even face, probably because he had been prepping himself for this all day. He was silently happy knowing that, even though that knowledge was also saddening since he hadn't been there to save her. He took the bottle of whiskey and followed her outside. He didn't understand why she was running<c>
    01:55:02CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c>away. He could easily guess that she couldn't look at him to see how he would react, but he wasn't sure why. He was rather inept emotionally with the stunting he got from his life. "Sparrow ..." He stopped outside the door of the Drowned Wench and watched her leaving.'
    02:00:23ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora kept walking. She couldn't face him. She couldn't face him and tell him that she had failed to protect their daughter, that she wasn't strong enough to raise her alone, and that she couldn't even think of the little girl without bursting into tears. She would not turn around when he called her Sparrow. This was why she had left. So that <c>
    02:02:11ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> no one would know her, know her life, her history. She didn't want to be Ann, or Baroness, or Sparrow. That life was over. She cursed as she found herself at the docks, turning on her heel to head back to the forge.+
    02:02:45ᴥАññóřãᴥ is away.
    02:07:33CathaoirMacDonnchadh : 'Cathaoir frowned deeply and walked back into the Wench. He took his things back to his room and drank his whiskey with the door closed. He would make it through the whole bottle before falling asleep sitting up against the wall on the bed. He would start working on managing his life better tomorrow, when he could find a boat to buy or rent and<c>
    02:07:43CathaoirMacDonnchadh : <c> the gear to go fishing with.'
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