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    Post  Kaidus on Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:07 am

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    10:02:52Ancient_Daltamare : boo?))
    10:06:42xMystrealx : Morning.))
    10:17:26xMystrealx : O.o Or not.))
    10:22:20Ancient_Daltamare : I'm here lol))
    10:22:35Ancient_Daltamare : had to throw out a drunk and that took longer then expected _-_))
    10:24:56Ancient_Daltamare : you got coffee the type they use here sucks))
    10:26:44xMystrealx : -Throws him nescafe-)
    10:26:52xMystrealx : You had to throw out a drunk O.o))
    10:28:20Ancient_Daltamare : I work at a convience store night shift))
    10:28:23xMystrealx : I only have instant -Pouts- all the machine coffee ran out.))
    10:28:38xMystrealx : Ahhhh....now the world makes sense again =D))
    10:28:45Ancient_Daltamare : well forced to work here until my court date _-_))
    10:29:57xMystrealx : Lol. Forced to work in a convienience store?! Thats some hell of a corporal punishment!!!))
    10:29:59xMystrealx : XD)
    10:30:33Ancient_Daltamare : part of my release condition by a jp))
    10:30:49Ancient_Daltamare : I must maintain a job until my court date and very conviently they had my old one which no one wanted))
    10:30:53Ancient_Daltamare : so guess where I got stuck))
    10:31:51xMystrealx : Ouch. ))
    10:32:01xMystrealx : Although I have no idea what a JP is >.>"))
    10:32:12Ancient_Daltamare : justice of peace))
    10:32:17xMystrealx : O.o?!)
    10:32:23Ancient_Daltamare : one step below a judge in canada))
    10:32:24xMystrealx : Oooooooh a judge)
    10:32:31Ancient_Daltamare : they set bail conditions and whatnot here))
    10:32:33xMystrealx : Ahhh ok))
    10:32:41xMystrealx : Similar to a magistrate over here))
    10:32:45Ancient_Daltamare : yup))
    10:32:55xMystrealx : I get it now =^.^=)
    10:33:21xMystrealx : But seriously....doomed to convienience hell? Did you murder the pope! Yeesh.)
    10:34:52Ancient_Daltamare : got caught about to make brownies with a quarter pound of grass))
    10:35:59xMystrealx : -Hides the laughter-)
    10:35:59Ancient_Daltamare : gonna try and claim personal but they got me charged for trafficking))
    10:36:11xMystrealx : Oh mate that is just unlucky))
    10:36:25Ancient_Daltamare : back to the south mckenzie country club for me I guess))
    10:36:36Ancient_Daltamare : where I can sell a ciggie for four bucks a pop))
    10:36:36xMystrealx : ....))
    10:36:42xMystrealx : Wow!)
    10:36:45xMystrealx : Lol)
    10:36:46Ancient_Daltamare : its our low security prison))
    10:36:52Ancient_Daltamare : we call it the country club))
    10:36:54xMystrealx : Ahhhh ok.)
    10:37:07xMystrealx : Your gonna get custodial...for possession?!)
    10:37:14xMystrealx : Wow...harsh.)
    10:38:15Ancient_Daltamare : with my criminal record))
    10:38:19Ancient_Daltamare : This is getting off easy))
    10:38:39xMystrealx : Youch mate.)
    10:38:41Ancient_Daltamare : worst they can do is nail me with a major fine or get me to do community service to a town I hate))
    10:39:01Ancient_Daltamare : jail time isn't so bad, three good meals a day some easy money and meet up with old friends))
    10:39:10xMystrealx : >.>)
    10:39:21xMystrealx : I wouldn't know.)
    10:39:24xMystrealx : ^.^)
    10:39:52Ancient_Daltamare : been in and out more often then I care to remember))
    10:40:19Ancient_Daltamare : worst one was half a year for bear macing somebody then kicking them in the sack. They had it on camera))
    10:40:37xMystrealx : -Hide laughter again-)
    10:41:49xMystrealx : Mabye you should start behaving?)
    10:42:06xMystrealx : or get betgter at not getting caught O.o)
    10:42:13xMystrealx : XD)
    10:43:09Ancient_Daltamare : I knew the cameras were there))
    10:43:26Ancient_Daltamare : wasn't gonna let him walk away though))
    10:43:26xMystrealx : Did you atleast smile for the crime shot?!)
    10:43:28xMystrealx : XD)
    10:43:42Ancient_Daltamare : walked into court pleaded not guilty and said prove it))
    10:43:46Ancient_Daltamare : then they played that back))
    10:43:50Ancient_Daltamare : and I knew I was fucked))
    10:43:50xMystrealx : LMFAO!)
    10:44:00xMystrealx : That's a clear awkward moment))
    10:44:10Ancient_Daltamare : I just wanted to see a replay))
    10:44:14xMystrealx : "Prove it" tapeplays "Oooohh....well this is awkward")
    10:44:24Ancient_Daltamare : asked them to do it in slow motion then they threw me in the back of the police car and off to jail I went))
    10:44:33xMystrealx : -Cackles-)
    10:44:52Ancient_Daltamare : worst case I ever been in was for breaking a garbage bin in a drunken stumble _-_))
    10:44:58Ancient_Daltamare : was extremely hung over went into court))
    10:45:16xMystrealx : Well see all this says your not a criminal...))
    10:45:20xMystrealx : Just....))
    10:45:32Ancient_Daltamare : judge asked me if I got into my own product I just looked at him and said "I have H1N1 and only came in to spread the plague))
    10:45:33xMystrealx : a little extremem))
    10:45:42Ancient_Daltamare : fine got quadrupled and I was thrown out of court))
    10:45:59xMystrealx : -Snickers-)
    10:46:17Ancient_Daltamare : one of these days I'm gonna learn))
    10:46:21Ancient_Daltamare : just not today))
    10:46:26xMystrealx : I highly doubt that)
    10:46:29Ancient_Daltamare : and tomorrow isn't looking to promising either))
    10:46:35xMystrealx : Lke I sadi you will just learn not to get caught))
    10:46:45Ancient_Daltamare : I know not how to get caught))
    10:46:48Ancient_Daltamare : on major things))
    10:46:55xMystrealx : Lol)
    10:46:59Ancient_Daltamare : I'm just stupid when it comes to opening my mouth))
    10:47:05xMystrealx : -Nods-))
    10:47:10Ancient_Daltamare : sarcasm is my first language english is my second))
    10:47:14xMystrealx : LOL)
    10:47:28xMystrealx : I know someon else very similar to you))
    10:47:48Ancient_Daltamare : theres a few of me kicking around every country))
    10:47:56xMystrealx : Yup
    10:47:58xMystrealx : *)
    10:48:46xMystrealx : Ah well if their gonna give you a custodial for being hammered and humping a bin....then they deserved the sentiment of H1N1)
    10:49:03Ancient_Daltamare : I was just hung over))
    10:49:06xMystrealx : That's shite. I have a collection of cones in my cellar.)
    10:49:24xMystrealx : I aint planning on getting time for them)
    10:49:26xMystrealx : LMAO)
    10:49:38Ancient_Daltamare : up for rp?))
    10:49:44xMystrealx : Yeah can do mate.)
    10:49:51Ancient_Daltamare : dalt would be at the smithy shop))
    10:50:10Ancient_Daltamare : would be unusual for the fire to be burning this late at night or early in the morning depending on how you want to time it))
    10:50:11xMystrealx : kkk gimme 2 mins gotta let the dogs out.))
    10:50:28xMystrealx : I think it's like 5 am Hadara time innit?)
    10:51:00Ancient_Daltamare : dunno))
    10:53:18xMystrealx : Meh imma guess 5 am. Because I am too ass lazy to chang emy mind now XD)
    10:53:35xMystrealx : Lemme jus tpull my music up)
    10:56:24xMystrealx : =The sun was barely skimming the sky, the orange flecks of sunrise passing over the tree tops with a calming glow as her feet padded down the hall. It was 5am, and the majority of the Kings were still in bed. Graceful feet moved with careful precision to glance over the cold stone over foot and trot down the steps. The Inn owner was already up, -c-
    10:57:47xMystrealx : cashing last nights takings he almost missed her heading for the door until the last few steps. "It's still dark Mi'lady." Waving her hand over her shoulder to dismiss him she shifted through the doors. Hadara was quieter at this time. Mystreal loved the hustle of the market, and the buzz of conversation but sometimes...peace was needed. -c-
    10:59:51xMystrealx : A cheshire smile flitted her features and she took into a bounce down the street, The perpetual energy in her always outletting more than was necessary at one time. The lights were all out, only the odd oil lamp burned in a top window, the streets still cold from the night and silent apart from the odd Castle staff getting supplies early -c-
    11:01:38xMystrealx : for the day ahead. Auburn hair looked rusted in the dim light, almost brunette. The soft mismatched waves scattgered her shoulders the tips swaying, as the front braided round to the crown laced with golden beads. The under mesh of lace turned around her knees, corset ribbons floating on the soft breeze that flashed through the street. It left-c-
    11:03:57xMystrealx : her looking odd placed. Not that she understood that. Fitting into human current accepted fashions was a nightmare, they changed so quickly. Up ahead a light drifted as the fires burn't. While everywhere else slept, one fire still forged a stream of light from the windows. Curiosity killed the cat, or in this case the Elf. Peering round the door-c-
    11:05:37xMystrealx : of the smithy she could smell the flames, and feel the heat. It was just nosiness, and intrigue as to why the fires still burn't at this time, and also what actually went on in the smithy. Delicate fingers curled around the frame as she placed a hand to push the door open a little wider and get a better look. It was an odd think. Such nieavity -c-
    11:06:07xMystrealx : gave a willingness to pleaser, but also ment...sher did what she wanted on the spontinaeity of the moment, which often came off as rude.=
    11:06:38xMystrealx : Sorry, that was awful. Dogs are going mad outside -Forgot to let them back in, runs-)
    11:08:00Ancient_Daltamare : lol))
    11:08:04Ancient_Daltamare : posting now))
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    11:13:40Ancient_Daltamare : go moofies))
    11:13:43Ancient_Daltamare : -=He had much personal projects he left behind that needed to be completed and he figured this was the time to do it. After stoking the fires to an acceptable level he started digging about the forge itself cursing profoundly in Russian about misplaced tools and the like. The place was perfectly organized the last he checked but then again that >
    11:16:08Ancient_Daltamare : that was ages ago...he needed to keep track of time better. Once he had everything required in place at long last he took a moment to rest for he had yet to sleep since his return even though he didn't need it bad habits died hard=- Ok....when Tully returns I castrate him so there is no future generation to harrass me down the line. -=Ok final >
    11:18:16Ancient_Daltamare : plan was completed for the orc, now just to run into him in a nice dark alley. Yes he would brood for a while for he left little more then a mess in his wake from what he could tell. Wait, the hell was that? He listened closer as he heard the door swinging open to the shop, the first set at least. Joy, that just might be him or someone foolish >
    11:19:25Ancient_Daltamare : enough to consider theft at this time of night. Either way they were intruding on his own private domain for the night. He adjusted his belt so it wouldn't slip during sudden movements before swinging open the door to the guest quarters, making a rapid dash through the threshold before he realized it wasn't either. Instead there >
    11:20:49Ancient_Daltamare : was an elf before him, hand outstretched for her throat before the beast came to a complete halt. Must of looked strange, nine foot snow white bastet stopping suddenly enough he fell overhimself. Still he had morales never to strike a woman of any race for fear of his mother returning to beat the lesson into him again=- My apoligies. -=He spoke >
    11:22:07Ancient_Daltamare : a heavy Russian accent as he tried to bring himself up to his feet=- May I ask what brings you here this time of night? -=His own piqued curiousity taking hold of him. Body now guiding him to the kettle above the fire and too a pair of cups for tea. Couldn't be rude and not offer a drink considering his actions=-
    11:22:21Ancient_Daltamare : I'm getting back into rp slowly so my posts are gonna be a bit rough lol))
    11:22:40xMystrealx : It was better than mine lol))
    11:23:05xMystrealx : but i'm all set now lol fire is on and I have mini cheddars. Win!)
    11:23:56xMystrealx : Just a double check. He pretty much looks like a big tiger, on two legs.)
    11:25:43Ancient_Daltamare : yup))
    11:25:48Ancient_Daltamare : nine foot in height))
    11:25:48xMystrealx : =Her palm was still falt on the door barely having creaked it as the large creature came barelling towards her, White fur and ears caught her eyes as tyhe hand outstretched toward her. Now a normal person, would have a self preservative, and very natural reaction of 'oh crap run for it' in there head, and more than likely have taken off in the -c-
    11:26:27Ancient_Daltamare : only thing unusual about him is his eyes which are pitch black and have souls trapped inside))
    11:28:49xMystrealx : other direction at speed, or atleast have flinched. Mystreal's internal thoughts at thise moment were closer along the line of "kitty!". Amber eyes sparkled and she bounced on the balls of her feet softly her smile broadening. What brought her? Fixing her eyes on him, still just lingering in the doorway her figure almost dancing with the pent up-c-
    11:30:03xMystrealx : energy of excitment. This one was new. As an elf she had experienced most races at some point, p[articulalry having been on her travels to do such that task...but this...was new. Realising she had been stood there silently staring at him for over a minute, and clearly placed herself bang in the 'village idiot' column she shook her head free and -c-
    11:31:50xMystrealx : finally answered. Stepping inside, her feet barely shifted the dust. Bare to the stone her dress bobbed and she chirped. "Your fires are still burning...." Still the same brimming mile chasing her she stood a few feet inside the room and bounced on her toes, before tucking her hair behind her ears. Fascination had her, which lent itself to her -c-
    11:33:41xMystrealx : seemign to be a little dumb. "It is rare anyone is roaming at these times...apart from sailors, and drunkens." She screwed her nose up slightly at the thought, remembering the several times groups of them had blocked her path with cat calls and drunken gibberish. "And they are not the politest of breeds." Still the smile sat and she looked ready -c
    11:34:06xMystrealx : to almost circle him in full like a child fascinated with a large christmas present.=
    11:39:42Ancient_Daltamare : -=Just when he thought the only mad house in town was the drunken wench he remembered his own smithies reputation for attacting lunatics of there own and he accepted this as a fact of life for it would get dull without such individuals=- You have a strange idea of kitty. -=If he seen something like himself in full dash he would of boot fucked it >
    11:40:12Ancient_Daltamare : oi scratch the kitty comment >.<))
    11:40:37xMystrealx : I was thinking..lol)
    11:43:56Ancient_Daltamare : in the nuts without second thought=- You are an odd one. -=His eyes cast down before him never once raising to look to her directly. Most considered this rude but it was due mainly to his lack of vision nor desire to scan there aura unless he deemed them a threat of any kind. She seemed to be in a sort of a trance, the lack of movement gave it >
    11:45:36Ancient_Daltamare : away so he offered the a cup and placed the kettle beside her with some tea bags made of various herbs he found amongst his travels. Not the more flavourful ever but good for ones health=- Yes I know it took me half an hour to get them too the right tempature. -=Still much work to be done but socializing was still a vital part of the business, or >
    11:47:39Ancient_Daltamare : at least that was his excuse to take a break=- Well, you must have some form of charm them whether you are physically attractive or known for wealth. -=Even as he sat, that transfixed gaze never shifted from before him signalling he was most likely blind=- No, most humans are not but there are the exceptions. -=Most of the time they broke out the >
    11:49:24Ancient_Daltamare : torches and pitch forks at the sight of him, the only cat calls he got involved cat nip and a bear trap which strangely enough worked until they provoked him=- Please don't get behind me...at least introduce yourself before examining me as though I were some project. -=He had a distaste for others lacking an introduction, specially when treading >
    11:49:59Ancient_Daltamare : upon his territory and treating him like something on display at a musuem (sp?)=-
    11:56:37Ancient_Daltamare : thank god for unlimited caffine))
    12:00:01xMystrealx : =There had always been a fine line between madness and eccentricity. Growing up a sheltered life of elven elders, *museum btw)
    12:00:05xMystrealx : AGH!
    12:02:38xMystrealx : =There had always been a fine line between madness and eccentricity. Growing up a sheltered life of elven elders, cocking her head at his comment she wrinkled her nose and just smiled broadly. His words came in one stream as she waited for him to finish before sh realised she had indeed forgotten her introductions. Oh how rude. His eyeline -c-
    12:04:14xMystrealx : gave her a key he couldn't see her bubbling energy and movements, or atleast barely. Still she offered her hand an an apologetic tone...even that came out like a young child's harmony of trills. "Oh my, I am sor Sorry Sir, I forge tmy head...Duchess MKystreal Harriet." She carried her title with pride, never ashamed or even bending to hide it. -c-
    12:06:22xMystrealx : in introduction. It was just an unfortunate side effect that his animal traits had her species lines bristling, and forgetting her manners. Animals were her passion, and they usually left her a little back footed when they spoke, and acted this cognitive...and were a good amount taller than her. Blaze bustlled in the large over exaggerated bow -c-
    12:07:47xMystrealx : bustle at her back, chirping a little the Almon ferret chattered and moved to sit on her shoulder, he usually hissed and growled at most people. Even coming close to biting some. The large 'kitty' had him stumped however and her chirruped again in complaint. "Tea would be lovely." Taking the cup in both hands she took a perch on the nearest -c-
    12:09:56xMystrealx : chair. A smithy was something she had never experienced. "I wouldn't know what entices them into such things sir....Mostly rum I suppose." Her voice never failed to perk at the ends, almost spilling out with a rippling of bells. "Project? Oh my goodness no...Apologies again sir....it's just fascinating. Seeing somethign I expected to see on four -c
    12:12:10xMystrealx : feet, rushing towards a door on two." Her smile still brimmed as she poured some tea and took a sip. "What is it you do here?" Was she slow? Metal wasn't in her nature....having no weaponry, and little passion for it. The closest she came was jewellery. Her feet swung under the chair back and forth as she turned her attentions around the room -c-
    12:12:45xMystrealx : instead. Elven ears twitched to the sounds of the fires, her nose wrinkling at the slight lingering smell int he heat of metal and acrid air.=
    12:12:50xMystrealx : *Mystreal >.>)
    12:12:56xMystrealx : Idiot keyboard.)
    12:18:12Ancient_Daltamare : -=He more or less waited patiently on the introduction before returning the gesture=- Daltamare Ancient -=He didn't have any title nor was he really known amongst the elven culture unless it was the drow and needless to say they didn't get along all that well due to his severe lack of submissive nature. He gave her credit though for carrying her >
    12:22:27Ancient_Daltamare : name with pride but then again most elves were proud creatures much like his own race...well one of them anyways=- Don't worry about it. If there wasn't another in my mind I would forget my own head as well. -=They were usually constantly engaged in arguement yet the Ancient seemed awfully quiet this night, was a blessing really=- >
    12:24:16Ancient_Daltamare : Feel free to help yourself we got cream and the likes on the counter. -=That was if those bastards stocked properly as they should of while he was gone. It was odd for one known as a feline he wasn't very curious about her, more less interested in her reasons of why she came=- I understand its an uncommon sight but if you have a question ask >
    12:25:58Ancient_Daltamare : because it is rather intrusive to just go about it without permission. -=Duchess or not he had his own pride and that involved people treating him as he would them=- I take metal and turn it into what the customer needs. -=He didn't care much for there wants and desires unless the price was right and that rarely involved monetary value=-
    12:26:02Ancient_Daltamare : sorry for the short))
    12:26:18xMystrealx : it's k)
    12:28:28xMystrealx : =The air was a little thick for her, leaving the bare herbs in the tea a perfect remedy. The brewed leaves and roots tasting like the beckoning smell of forest floor. Swallowing back slightly, quicker than needed as he had spoken and a response was required. The hot tea burnt a little, but she just shirped through it. "It is a pleasure to meet -c-
    12:29:48xMystrealx : you Sir Ancient. Oh yes, a pleasure." Her trilling tongue made every word come out with an added rumble of excitement. Placing her tea down on the table she ran her fingers through the tendrils of her hair, twirling the odd ends as she swung her feet still. The flats of her soles scraped along the stone every time and she picked Blaze off her -c-
    12:31:28xMystrealx : shoulder and placed him in her lap. Kneading her fingers through his fur she cocked her head a little. Intrusive...she had made no attempt to enter. Just look. She was no thief or bandit, just curious and it caused her nose to wrinkle. A moments internal annoyance before he voice countered with the same happy tone. "I am so very sorry sir. I did -c
    12:33:51xMystrealx : not mean to intrude, I was just curious. I will leave if you wish....I certainly did not mean to bother you." She had not ment to offend,and this caused more of a concern in her, than anything. Elves were not so protective of territory, or possession. A home was there to be visited, and a crafter was available when his fires burnt. It was a -c-
    12:36:03xMystrealx : calmer setting, and she was quickly realising one that did not spread to the outer worlds. Cocking her head slightly at the last part the earlier thought just seemed to be knocked out of her head like a domino in a chain. "Really?" Every bit of her voice dripped with the bubbling fascination. "Oh how wonderful! Shiras back in my homelands -c-
    12:38:04xMystrealx : he makes the most wonderful jewellery from silver, and sometimes gold if the traders come!" A side thought had her rummaging in her pocket, as she pulled out a small silver pendant chain with 6 rings threaded onto it. Silver and gold each embellished with stones that sparkled in reds and blues and the usual clear sparkle. "I have travelled so far-c
    12:39:40xMystrealx : from home, that I was worried I may lose it." Pulling off one of the rings the silver stems of a lily intricately carved around golden leaves and flower. Three stems in the centre stretched out, bowing a little topped at the ends with three soft set amethyst. The flower had worn at the joint, and as she held it out in her palm and jostled it it -c-
    12:40:59xMystrealx : seperated a little to show the problem. "It broke some moons ago....it is so small I fear I may lose it if I do not get it fixed. I could pay of course." Another rummage and she pulled out her purse, it chinked heavily as her father had sent her well prepared with gold and silver coin (Gold afterall could traded anywhere.) But also diamonds and -c-
    12:41:22xMystrealx : pearl which also came to be sought after. "Do you think you could fix it?"=
    12:42:22Ancient_Daltamare : I gotta head out for a couple hours))
    12:42:27Ancient_Daltamare : been a good rp))
    12:45:30xMystrealx : Okies.))
    12:45:39xMystrealx : >.>" Dont bear mace anyone on the way home XD)
    12:46:53Ancient_Daltamare : -=His response was fairly simple yet carried a deep rumble followed by a purr=- Pleasure is all mine. -=Before tilting back the cup of tea quick rapidly making sure to place the cup aside aside=- I do not mean intrusive as in the shop I mean stepping in behind me. You must realize no matter how civilized I seem I am a beast by nature and always >
    12:49:49Ancient_Daltamare : will be. -=His back was not offered freely to anyone including many of his most trusted friends unless he was leaving a room. Not that he was offended in any manner judging by her nature she was harmless, at least physically. He did enjoy listening to her speak though even if he himself said little in return for he was not much for words unless >
    12:51:09Ancient_Daltamare : he was irked by something. His tail swaying contently until she was finished=- Return later in the day and I can fix it free of charge for such a small task. But for now I do not mean to be rude by asking you to leave I have much I must do for I have been gone many months and need to get this place into a condition where I can work once more. -=He>
    12:51:32Ancient_Daltamare : merely forgot to lock the door earlier=- Again been a pleasure.
    12:53:01xMystrealx : =Pulling to her feet she nodded energetically. "Oh of course." Bundling blaze into her bustle she pushed the jewellery first, and then the purse into their set pockets on her pinnifore front. Smoothign the pleasts with her fingers to ease the lace as she did. " I will drop them in later in the day. Thankyou for your time, Sir Ancient." Nodding -c-
    12:53:58xMystrealx : her head her feet skitted toward the door and out. Barely audible her steps always played delicately. "Fare day to you, sir." She bounced out the door and continued on her original task of heading off to gather some herbs from the shore edge. =
    12:54:39xMystrealx : See yah later)
    12:55:09Ancient_Daltamare : later))
    12:55:16Ancient_Daltamare : again been an enjoyable rp))
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    14:26:03«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -flops in-))
    14:26:33RoωαηΤhorηωycκ : (-Zaps him.-)
    14:27:31«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : o.o -disintegrates whilst eating a sandwich-))
    14:33:51xMystrealx : O.o))
    14:34:04xMystrealx : -Steals the sandwich from the ash pile-))
    14:34:11xMystrealx : -munches-)
    14:39:38«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : my sandwich!
    14:39:39«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : ))
    14:40:16ᴥАññóřãᴥ has joined the conversation.
    14:40:36ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Anyone around?)0
    14:43:49CathaoirMacDonnchadh : not ic that I know of Cool)
    14:45:10xMystrealx : I am a little. But might be going for a nap so)
    14:46:40CathaoirMacDonnchadh : brb)
    14:46:43CathaoirMacDonnchadh has left the conversation.
    14:47:13CathaoirMacDonnchadh has joined the conversation.
    14:59:49ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora cursed. It was much, much to early for all of this. Sporting a wicked hangover and after a night of both good and bad dreams, Mistress Smith had kicked the girl out of the house. And as such, Annora sat on the side of the road with three trunks and two baskets, sitting on one as she pondered what to do. A bony old woman watched her from <c>
    15:03:12ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c. the window, but she couldn't be bothered to look or move. She rested her head in her hands, trying to stop the damned pounding. There were only two choices, really. The Drowned Wench was more economical, and closer- and friendlier, in her opinion. With one large, glaring exception. One large, rediculous hat wearing exception. She stood and <c>
    15:05:23xMystrealx has left the conversation.

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