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    Post  Kaidus on Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:12 pm

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    19:28:13«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Hey Cat...want me to go first?))
    19:28:19BrandonΞArrow : sure)
    19:29:07BrandonΞArrow : whoops you were talking to Cat Cool
    19:29:22«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : yeah, get back in your coma old man >.>))
    19:29:23«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Cool)
    19:30:46«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -The powders given to him courtesy of Daray had been taken once he'd trudged back through the rain and luckily they'd worked...one long fitful night of sleep was all he really needed to get his head right again...insomnia was a small price to pay for the lengthy life he'd lived after all. With Cherik's borrowed clothing sent to the laundry with -c-
    19:33:27«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : directions to return them to the guild with a note of thanks (addressed to Cherik but for Daray to read out...He wasn't so stupid about blind people), Kaidus had spent the better part of the day in his usual haunt of the stables. The rain had passed for now and the heat was back to its old, close self. His morning had been spent with his newest -c-
    19:34:58«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : acquisition...a trio of very young ponies. They were still foals really but in a few years they'd be ready to ride...just in time for the triplets to be old enough. Ponies were best to start out on since they were generally much smaller. The stable hands thought him entirely mad of course, fawning over animals that even at their full size would -c-
    19:37:01«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : likely never hold his weight...and even if they did, his legs would drag. For now he'd dubbed them wahid, itnan and thalatha...otherwise known as 1, 2 and 3...he didn't much fancy giving them proper names because children usually had the inclination to name pets themselves...No doubt they'd end up called things like captain swordmaster and -c-
    19:38:35«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : princess...but that was the triplets choice to make. Kaidus didn't have any illusions that he would be able to teach them to ride or really play any part in their life at all...but he knew his horses and he wanted them to have well trained animals for when they started. As the afternoon started to draw on he decided to return to the castle -c-
    19:40:28«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : before the stablehands dubbed him insane and had him carted off to some dark corner of the dungeons. Besides...he needed food and a wash. Stable work was hardly clean after all. Leaving Andrei with the boy at the castle stables, Kaidus headed into the parlour and got into a conversation with Carmella about what was on the menu this afternoon -c-
    19:40:53«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : that somehow began to escalate into an argument...apparently he just had a face that made women want to shout at him.-
    19:43:01Catrina¤Thornwyck : Adam the most stubborn had finally fallen asleep. His brother and sister usually had no problem going down for a nap but for Adam there were never enough hours in the day to do what he wanted to do it seemed. He finally gave in to sheer exhastion. Catrina breathed a sigh of relief and then left the nursery quietly. She did not know what she <C>
    19:46:32Catrina¤Thornwyck : would have done without all the nurses that basically made a one to one ratio for the babies. Moments to herself were taken where most mothers would not have any. A cup of tea was what she was headed for, that and some fresh fruit and maybe a scone. Her figure was coming back though she definitely had a more curvy figure then she had<C>
    19:48:01Catrina¤Thornwyck : before she married Rowan. Her hair was tucked up into a french knot to keep little fingers from entangling into it and ripping it out by small handfuls. Adam had been fascinated with her hair and she learned quickly. She was happy though, Rowan was becoming the man he was intended to be and he grew everyday. She noticed the maturity<C>
    19:49:53Catrina¤Thornwyck : within him. She liked to think she had a part in that, but fatherhood and responsiblity for lives other then his own had a large part as well. Stepping into the parlour a smile grew upon her features. Carmella glanced at Catrina as she came in and her tones became more hushed but Catrina had heard it all. She traversed the space to where Kaidus<C>
    19:50:36Catrina¤Thornwyck : was and spoke "My dear Kaidus, dont you know that there is no arguing with a woman? Even when your right your wrong"
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    19:50:57Catrina¤Thornwyck : welcome to Hadara)
    19:51:06Lovidicus : thank you)
    19:51:30«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Welcome))
    19:51:34Catrina¤Thornwyck : if you have any questions please feel welcome to whisper a available host)
    19:53:34«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -It was apparently a lesson he still needed to learn...but given that Carmella and he often acted much like siblings and butted heads at every opportunity so Kaidus refused to count that towards his ineptitude with women. It was probably a little telling though. "I was just asking you to get me a plate of something Carmella...no need to threaten-c-
    19:55:02«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : me with a prosthetic foot to the crotch..." The woman gave him a glare, particularly for being so crass in front of Catrina but Kaidus ignored it and she was soon huffing off into the kitchens in search of her meal. "Sorry about that Catrina..." He offered gently, his shockingly blue eyes lighting on the woman. He noted the changes and their was -c
    19:56:21«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : no doubting that motherhood suited her well...she'd bloomed between the scared girl who'd been sent off to marry an ogre into a proud mother and woman whose efforts with the future King had not been missed...everyone saw the changes for the positive in Rowan...well except perhaps Kaidus who avoided setting eyes on the man at all costs...but he -c-
    19:57:59«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : sure heard about it from the chatty servants. A fond smile flitted across his sun stained lips and he offered out the stool beside him at the bar. "You look well Cat...I hope motherhood and life in general is still treating you well?" He'd been missing in the castle for most of the triplets life after all.-
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    20:03:38Catrina¤Thornwyck : "I have been busy as you can imagine. I love spending time with the children,I try to spend individiual time with them to get to know them apart from each other. Adam keeps me and everyone else on their toes. He is so determined much like his father he goes headlong into things without fully considering the consquences and Jehalia follows him"<C>
    20:05:07Catrina¤Thornwyck : she took the stool next to him and continued "Mace is quiet and watches everything around him. He is studying and processing, he is hardly any trouble at all but beside his brother it would be hard " she chuckled her eyes falling upon Kaidus as she gently continued "You have been avoiding me or at least it seems like. I have searched your <C>
    20:06:02Catrina¤Thornwyck : favorite haunts , the stables, here, even at the Kings Head when Rowan took me and you were no where to be found. Is the King keeping you busy?" now that the King was a Queen the hormones could have been a factor in why she hadnt seen Kaidus but she did not wish to assume.
    20:11:37«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -The words about each of her children were listened to and he couldn't help but smile at the obvious love in them...she had gotten to know her babies it would seem and even so young they were each developing a personality of their own. It would be interesting to see how they grew up and the odd dynamic it would create...He'd known a few twins -c-
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    20:12:53Catrina¤Thornwyck : welcome home)
    20:13:07Tory-Oakcroft : -Salutes-)
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    20:15:51«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : in his time but never a set of triplets. "They sound like they are all moving towards being strong characters in their own right...it will be interesting to see who they become...but then I guess that is one of the joys of having kids?" Not that he was an expert of course. Carmella returned with his food and it was dumped unceremoniously infront-c-
    20:16:48«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : of him before she turned her far more polite attentions to Catrina. Not the King who was now a Queen keeping him busy no...which was probably a good thing considering how Kaidus so shoddily handled situations with women. It was true that outside of Catrina, Carmella and of course Alice Kaidus hadn't had much cause to interact with women since he -c
    20:17:35«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : was a boy and had a gaggle of sisters to contend with. "Actually I was not here...I left for the desert...I would say my homelands but they are not so much any more....So you would not have found me anywhere..."-
    20:22:22Catrina¤Thornwyck : Catrina smiled at Carmella, "I will have some tea, whatever fresh fruit is available and some scones. Not feeling like much of a meal today, its too hot" she had been eating lighter this summer because a heavy meal just sat like a stone in her stomach. When Carmella moved off she continued her converstation "Yes they have a large future, Adam the<C
    20:23:47Catrina¤Thornwyck : King of Hadara and Mace if my brother has no heirs will be the King of Riverwind. Jehalia will be married off to someone I am sure but I am hoping that Rowan lets her marry for love. He and I were lucky but arranged marriages can be unhappy and I do not wish that for my daughter" she leaned with her elbow on the bar as she asked curiously <C>
    20:24:41Catrina¤Thornwyck : "I thought you did not like to go there, it was a miserable place you said if I recall rightly. I made it sound romantic and you opened my eyes" she continued "Did need drive you ?"
    20:27:32«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -The food, a light meal of meats and greens was absently picked at as Carmella shoved an ale his way and then headed off for Catrina's tea and fruit...She seemed much more willing and eager to wait on Cat by the looks of it....Bah. "They will all have a lot of important things to do in this world no doubt..." The thought did made him slightly -c-
    20:29:03«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : sad, given that he knew the weight of responsibility and a name such as theirs...but then these children would grow up with it and would likely know no different so it wouldn't be so bad. Talk turned to the desert again and Kaidus' shoulders shrugged lightly, prodding a few more morsels about his plate before answering. "Need of a sort...a...-c-
    20:30:12«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : friend asked me to return to aid in some military tasks..." That was about the extent of detail he was willing to share. His life back in Aridia had a box of its own and he very much doubted Catrina wanted to open it. "Adie needed time to...adjust...so it came at an opportune moment really..."-
    20:32:40Catrina¤Thornwyck : She knew Kaidus enough to know that there was much that he was not saying but she was not the kind to press and she gave a nod" Yes I cannot imagine what the King might be dealing with, and things," how could she put it delicately "Things must be odd , for if Rowan turned into a female I....wouldnt know what to do with him" Kaidus would <C>
    20:34:31Catrina¤Thornwyck : surely know but Catrina had been quite ill educated in matters of sex. Kaidus poor thing had to instruct her to a degree though he had always been vague. Rowan had no problem exploring and she had learned but between women she still wasnt sure how it work. A faint pink came to her cheeks, "I understand that it is not permanent things will <C>
    20:35:38Catrina¤Thornwyck : return to normal soon I hope" She had not seen the King and in his new form whether it was to avoid Rowan because Rowan did not approve or because something else Catrina had not seen the King nor had he visited his grandchildren unless she had no been there.
    20:37:56«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -The comment about not knowing what to do did make him chuckle, head shaken lightly and his half eaten food pushed away. "I have been with women before Catrina...so I know how it works..." It was a little more to the point but then he wasn't much to pussyfoot around such things. Carmella gave a snort and muttered something about it being 'not -c-
    20:39:46«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : likely save for knowing the hole to put it in' and Kaidus gave her a narrow eyed glare for a moment but let it go. It wasn't as if he hadn't taken jabs at her sex life in the past. "I suppose I thought it would be easier for both of us than it has been...not bedroom wise...just in general..." A sigh and he gave a hard stretch. "But I would have -c-
    20:41:29«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : stayed if she'd wanted me to...but me and the drycells...well we do not exactly go together..." Not since he'd spent all that time confined to them, not quite dead but not quite alive. Oh...whoops, there was another box not worth opening. "I have some ponies for the triplets...before I forget...I know it will be a few years before they can ride-c-
    20:41:57«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : but the ponies are young and I will need time to train them before they can be ridden..."-
    20:44:28Catrina¤Thornwyck : A look of confusion passed over her face "Drycells? What are drycells?" Rowan did not speak of his race much and really she didnt ask. She knew what he was and his family legacy but details, well those were things that Rowan tended to avoid a lot. Such as dating his sister and the fact that the water in the tub was cold as ice, and that he<C>
    20:47:33Catrina¤Thornwyck : had seen she had something in her teeth but failed to tell her so she greeted people with a bit of green in her smile. Yes he wasnt big on details. "I am sure that the children will love the ponies, they will be perfect! Thank you Kaidus" she smiled though confusion still remained within her eyes. Her tea and fruit and a fresh scone were <C>
    20:48:08Catrina¤Thornwyck : brought with some clotted cream and jam. She absently stirred her tea as she wasnt sure if he would answer her query or not.
    20:51:16«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -The drycells really had little to do with the race of the men in their lives...it had to do with this castle and a world where those who used magic, whilst rare were often powerful and dangerous. "Oh the drycells are a portion of the dungeons...magic doesn't work down there..." It was a vague description but it was all he knew really. "As for -c-
    20:52:54«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : the ponies, that is no problem...It will make them learning to ride much easier since you have to be relatively old or large in size to handle a horse...Future Kings and Queens after all must be good at riding..." It was one of his few skills he thought they might appreciate receiving...failing that he could always get one of the hands, who'd all-
    20:52:55«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -c-
    20:53:27xMystrealx : =The beautiful cool dappled sunlight of early evening spread along the floor of a westernly room of the Kings. Leopard print spreads of gold and shadow chasing the stone pave floor and spreading onto the slightly thread bare foot rug at the bedside. Having travelled to a town a good few miles from Hadara and back again, the journey had taken -c-
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    20:54:29Catrina¤Thornwyck : welcome)
    20:54:31Killiam_Flamerose : ty
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    20:55:05«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : gone through Kai's training to pass the skills on...they weren't as good as him but at least it would be better than nobody teaching them. He took a sip of ale and pondered for a few moments. "Has anything else happened here whilst I've been gone...I'm not inclined to take all my knowledge solely from the gossip of servants..."-
    20:55:51xMystrealx : a little hard on her and she had resided to her room for a nap, to gather her energy once more. Finally woken by the stream of sunlight through the curtain gaps, she stretched her arms over her head letting her shoulder muscles curve as her back arched. The air in her room was tight, thick on her skin and she yawned widely. The yawn giving her -c-
    20:57:27xMystrealx : features a moments grace before they spread into a cheshire smile at the sight of one small, and fluffy Ferret coiled up near her ankles. Nudging with her foot, once, twice he didn't stir more than a squeak of complaint and curling himself tighter in his slumber. Throwing a pillow on the floor, just under the creatures decent line the third push -c
    20:59:00Catrina¤Thornwyck : She spread some jam on her scone and chuckled "Well, Rowan said I could plan a summer festival. It will be in the marketplace I havent gotten it all worked out. I thought it would be nice way to involve all the citizens of Hadara." she took a bite and chewed before washing it down with a sip of tea "I have seen nothing of Anne or Kieran, I <C>
    20:59:03xMystrealx : with her toes curled to slip him off the bed with a 'poof' as he hit the soft cushion of duck down that had been placed. Squeaking loudly suddenly to life the Ferret skitted looking in all direction startled, before casting amber eyes on Mystreal. "What? Don't blame me, if you twitch in your sleep." Her giggle came out as she picked the small -c-
    21:00:39Catrina¤Thornwyck : believe their wedding was postponed and though Kieran returned he has made himself very scarce. Anne must be busy in Rutland, but I my world has narrowed much." she turned to smile a bit sadly "Rowan keeps a tight leash not because he is controlling but because he wishes my safety and that of the children. I find my pleasures here in my garden<C>
    21:02:36Catrina¤Thornwyck : and with the children. I did hear that the head housekeeper found a servant and a maid in one of the royal guest rooms having their fun." she grinned a bit too gleefully for Catrina "She took a broom and beat the naked couple all the way out to the kitchens and then Gunther gave him his whatfor because you know how he is. They were sacked<C>
    21:02:49Catrina¤Thornwyck : and a broom was broken in the process."
    21:04:35xMystrealx : animal up and cradled him to her chest tightly before washing and dressing and heading off out the doors of her room. The weather was still hot, so she opted for soft cottons and silks. They were so much cooler afterall. Thin corset bones worked down her ribs, and curved over her hips sinching in her waistline. A think teal coulour ran the main -c-
    21:05:07«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -The speak of Kieran, Anne and Catrina's rather small world was a rather pleasant change from his own churning thoughts such as they were...Kaidus was always far too inwardly turned, far too inclined to stick inside his skull than he was to be involved in the world about him...Cat was rather different in that respect. "I would offer to accompany-c-
    21:06:04xMystrealx : body ivory lace and stitiching running over the top. The intricate spider lace running down to her waist befor the skirt plumed from the hip spreading with under nets of lace and mesh. Bare footed as ever, she did her best to dress to human attire, slender olive legs however just never felt right teetering on those odd little sticks that human -c-
    21:06:14«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : you if you went out and about Cat...but after last time with the bandit incident I doubt Rowan would have any love for me if it went awry..." He was not a whole armed guard after all...more capable than the average man but certainly not a superhero by any terms. "I am sure when they are a little older he will worry less...new fathers are prone -c-
    21:07:24«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : to being over protective after all...." he gave a chuckle at the talk of the servants sent on their way via a broom. "They are lucky...servants have been dealt much worse for breaking the rules in the past..." He didn't explain what he meant by that but there was more to it than idle chatter. "My world feels small as well Catrina, now that I am -c-
    21:07:39xMystrealx : women wore. Aurburn shocks of hair were neatly braided at the crown in an elven sweep that held the front portion of her hair from her face but still left a good mass of oddly waved hair covering her ears. Lightly stepping over the stones, the soft falls of her footsteps slinked through the bar. It was filled with off duty guards, the odd tailor-c-
    21:08:20«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : back...I suppose I didn't realise until now how different it would be to wear the tag of royalty wherever I went...I swear when I visited the Wench the other day the proprietor Brandon wouldn't take his eyes off me...and it wasn't because of my dashing good looks..."-
    21:09:10xMystrealx : and merchant plishing off a days work over ale and wine. The smell of stewed meats lingered in the air as she meadered gracefully through the mismatched tables. Mystreals was alway nieav to the odd glance that she was thrown. Amber eyes gleaming with an unnatural light of autumns full colour, her smile brimmed as she hit the streets and -c-
    21:10:15xMystrealx : meandered herself over the cobbles. Blaze was never far. Her father had left him with guard duties, considering he knew she would never let Franco follow her around like a rottweiler. The foot man had an easy life, each town they got to he had free reign to do what he wished until she wanted to leave. Considering they had loitered here for -c-
    21:11:22Catrina¤Thornwyck : She choked a bit on her tea and the bit about Brandon. Coughing she glanced to him "Brandon Arrow? You were at his tavern?" she grabbed a napkin and wiped her mouth and suddenly found her scone needed more jam and clotted cream. She spread the jam thickly and jammed it in her mouth while she thought. Of course Brandon would be suspicious, <C>
    21:11:36xMystrealx : nearly 3 weeks. Goodness knew where he would have been loitering. But he kept tabs each night, which was enough. Twining a small tendril of hair through her fingers she headed up towards what she could see was a beautiful garden. The flowers in full summer colour, surrounding the stone castle. The stone and mortar however didn't interest her. -c-
    21:12:54xMystrealx : The large bow that sat at the small of her back jostling as she almost skipped her steps down the cobbles towards a sea of wildflowers, and honey scented lilacs. Finally coming to the gardens, she stooped running her fingers through the wildflowers as the leaves turned as if they were a dog nuzzling their owner in loyalty. A sweep of a random -c-
    21:14:18xMystrealx : breeze caught her. The summer flush of air spreading the scent of the gardens over her. This felt like home. A nostalgic reminder of the solace of nature that gave her smile a deeper set. Tiptoing through the grass, the blades barely dented. A soft misted dew spread from her feet, casting behind her in a glistening trail as she loitered on the -c-
    21:14:47Catrina¤Thornwyck : her father had let the man have some rein in Riverwind though Alexander always questioned it for the man did not deal above the law. Catrina knew that Brandon was here but she pretended that he was just someone she knew from Riverwind. She jammed another bite in her mouth and a glob of jam rested on her lip she stared straight ahead while<C>
    21:15:24Catrina¤Thornwyck : clearing her mouth. Taking up the napkin to wipe of the jam she asked "So how was it there?"
    21:18:46xMystrealx : royals lawn. Her hair wrapped her shoulders as she slumped herself into the soft cushioned law and began twining the odd daisy's that sprung from the emerald carpet into her tendrils. Her smile was child like. Always looking on the world with a fresh gaze at the sheer beauty of it's intricate design. The twist of a spiders web tween two -c-
    21:19:46«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -An eyebrow was quirked for his own experience with Brandon was relatively limited to the times he'd wandered into the pirates bar...He wasn't an idiot, he could see that the man was running some sort of under the law operation...but that was the way the world worked. Just because he was there, didn't mean he was going to run to the guards and -c-
    21:20:55«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : tell them what he saw...short of something that affected the royal family massively (like a plot for their demise) Kaidus really didn't have a great deal of care for what the bad men of Hadara got up to. "It was alright...what you would expect from a dock bar...But you forget, I was not always royalty...there was a time when I was a man much -c-
    21:21:29«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : like Mr Arrow..." not a pirate but not someone who followed the rules. "So it was strange for me to be so...suspect in the eyes of people who I had once belonged to..."-
    21:21:36xMystrealx : branches coated with dew, the dappled tree shadows of a willow. Most people missed what was right under their nose, to busy supportying families and bills to stop their rush long enough to care. Her fingers fed through the locks and she hummed a soft lilted tune upon her breath, before without realising the words to the elven chant were feeding -c-
    21:25:10Catrina¤Thornwyck : "You are a royal now Kaidus. You live a life that you need not work for, you need not worry about the cold or if all that you have slaved for to provide a life of comfort comes crashing down around you." she bit her lip "You live a life of privilage and it matters not where you came from, you are not one of them. You do not <C>
    21:27:05Catrina¤Thornwyck : have their cares and yet being a royal can be a prison in itself. Duty bound , the burdens of a nation and its people upon your shoulders." she picked up her cup of tea "My father always had a relationship with the people of Riverwind, his father was a tyrant but my father believed that a King is only as strong as his people. He <C>
    21:28:30Catrina¤Thornwyck : had a understanding with even Brandon Arrow. There were whispers ....my father would not speak of them though." she grew silent for now the prison of birth into a royal household was her childrens fate, for good or ill.
    21:29:18xMystrealx : "Flowers and bees, sunrise and trees. Soft kiss of morning will give you fresh life. Take on the day with such vigour and yearning. Learn little princess of daddy's kingdom." (Typist is to lazy to translate) The soft melody drifting just below on eof the castle windows, the elven birth right of a siren like chirp of tongue letting it ring -c-
    21:30:20xMystrealx : harmonically over her tongue, as she just chattered to herself.=
    21:33:51«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -He had found a nerve it seemed for bother of them...this world could seem very small sometimes, like a fishbowl that wasn't quite big enough. But he only found it difficult because well...he hadn't lived this life, hadn't grown into it. There was no denying that there were times no doubt when Rowan or Thorn wanted to walk away from this -c-
    21:36:02«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : responsibility but it wasn't quite the same thing. "I had already built a life of sorts for myself...and I have never had reason to feel cold or hungry...even before I was a kept man...I suppose in some ways I feel...without use..." He couldn't provide much of anything...money was no object, none of them wanted for anything but in a way sometimes-c
    21:38:30«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : that was harder. "I'm sorry...I guess I just didn't think about how much things would change...How differently I would be treated..." And this coming from a man who had been a slave. Perhaps that was the problem...it wasn't exactly an easy adjustment.-
    21:42:08Catrina¤Thornwyck : She nodded "I was used to a more hands on approach of my fathers rule. With the children I have kept busy and have found my purpose in family. I have talked Rowan into letting me have money that goes to various charitys within Hadara. This festival as well is something I wish to put my heart in. There are more options for you as you are a man<C>
    21:44:38Catrina¤Thornwyck : you will find your niche if you seek one" she took a slice of apple and popped the tender piece of fruit in her mouth. "Keep going to those places and perhaps they will see that not much really seperates you but money. You still love, you still hurt and the sunshines and the rain falls on you as well." she took another slice. "I was<C>
    21:45:34Catrina¤Thornwyck : hoping my brother could make it here. I miss him terribly but he has been unable to so far. I am going to ask Rowan to let me go to Riverwind though the children are too young for such a trip. "
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    21:51:37«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -There was a smile from Kaidus at her words...truly she did seem to say the right thing at the right time and although it did not change much within him, they were certainly words to consider. "Thank you for the talk Cat...and I am sure your brother will come soon...he has nieces and nephews to meet after all..." With that he slipped from his -c-
    21:52:07Sybilla·Covelin has joined the conversation.
    21:52:26«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : stool and gave another stretch. "I best go and change out of my stable gear...people must think I enjoy smelling of horse muck and hay...It is wonderful to see you again..." A kiss to the top of her head and Kaidus was strolling off.-
    21:52:28«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Hey Sybi))
    21:52:30You have been marked as being away.
    21:52:42«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : I promise I was already cupping before you showed up xD))
    21:52:42Sybilla·Covelin : Hi Kai, bye Kai.)
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    21:59:33xMystrealx : sybi!!))
    21:59:37Tory-Oakcroft has returned.
    22:03:15Sybilla·Covelin : Myst/Tory! )
    22:03:28Tory-Oakcroft : Lol. -Salutes.)
    22:03:57Tory-Oakcroft : -Changes back to slightly less closet worthy-))
    22:04:19Synnova has returned.
    22:04:36«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : aww...I miss the pink))
    22:04:43«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : and wb Synn))
    22:05:24Synnova : ty ty)).
    22:05:40Synnova : and I changed mine so Tory wouldn't get confused.
    22:06:07Synnova : ))
    22:07:17«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : he is easily confused))
    22:08:28Tory-Oakcroft : Kai.)
    22:08:44Tory-Oakcroft : Go drown in the tyne XD)
    22:09:47«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : i would but its abit of a walk...can i go drown in the sea instead?))
    22:12:23xMystrealx : XD)
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    22:32:57Tory-Oakcroft : -For once he woke up in his room, in a rather mundane manner. How uneventful. Stretched out over the bed, the large man took up almost the full length of the standard double, his feet hanging over the side. Waking up was something that he didn't want to do. The evening sunlight curling through his window, and cursing in his eyes they screwed a -c-
    22:34:19Tory-Oakcroft : little and the top comforter was pulled over his head. It was hot, too hot. Sweltering beneath the sheets, it was stifling but better than having to wake up. He had loitered around the wench, and even intermittently strided the back alley waiting for Brandon. The man had not shown. That fact alone would usually be enough to irritate him, -c-
    22:36:36Tory-Oakcroft : but the fact he had seen mornings light, and sailors rum yet again meant he was craving sleep. Last nights clothe messily cast ont he floor, the white shirt crumpled and still damp from the nights rain. The sun persistted. As it always did and he finally grumbled and pulled himself up in bed, leaning against the wall behind he shoved both hands -c-
    22:39:03Tory-Oakcroft : through the sandy mess of locks, the salt matted roots straightening before it feel shoddily over his face. Blonde tips dipped over the sea blessed pacific blue of his eyes. With a shudder, Brigit bustled in on her 'duties' of room cleaning. The womans eyes faultering on him, as it was hard to miss a slight smugness in her smirk that she had -c-
    22:44:56Tory-Oakcroft : come in to him just waking. Leaning his head back against the wall, he was getting used to the staff of the mench barging into his room at random times. Rosealie being a prime culprit of such. Raising a brow to the womans sincere lack of even an attempt at apology she loitered in the doorway. "Can I geet ye anything, sweetheart." Her drolling -c-
    22:46:30Tory-Oakcroft : tone running him. He was tired, and too lazy to get up, pushing through a rather force soft smile. The edges would have almost cracked if he had forced it any furhter, but the bare of teeth against the soft blonde hair and eyes cam eout relatively charming. "Tea, and some food." He almost gave his 'fakeness' away until he caught his own mistake. -c
    22:51:07Tory-Oakcroft : "Please, My dear." His tongue when he put the effort in was as slick as silver, though he hated entertaining most people. Speak was a novelty from him, but he had the use of it when he needed it. Or when he was just to damned lazy to get up himself and drag his behind down the stairs. The woman flushed and nodded, bustling off and clicking the -c-
    22:52:47Tory-Oakcroft : door shut. Ugh. The after effects of his sheer lack of energy would probably come round to bite him, but right now. Stretching his arms out the shoulder muscles clicked, the fine ink of the Lords prayer on his right chest stretching with the movement. One lazy day wasn't a crime.=
    22:52:55Tory-Oakcroft : sorry >.> Got carried away.)
    22:53:17Sybilla·Covelin : >.> All good.)
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    23:02:56Tory-Oakcroft : Welcome back Allene..)
    23:03:02Allene : Ty.))
    23:03:22Tory-Oakcroft : Yw, and all that jaz.)
    23:03:34Allene : =D ))
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    23:10:20Sybilla·Covelin : It was, for the most part, business as usual. The bakery's workers had worked through the day getting the ovens to their proper temperatures and preparing dough for the next day. Sybilla had given instruction early in the morning and had spent the rest of the day roaming the marketplace. Idly staring at wares she didn't need or want. /c/
    23:10:30Sybilla·Covelin : At the butcher an order was made for Friday and a piece of meat was taken with her. She ate in an empty alleyway. The nourishment helped to eliminate some of the melancholy that had settled over the day. From the alleyway, Sybilla wandered in the direction of the docks and the Wench. Stopping at a fruit vender along the way for some /c/
    23:11:04Sybilla·Covelin : berries to snack on while she walked. The bustle of the docks was skirted by taking alleyways and slipping through the breaks in the crowds until she reached the Wench. The door was tugged open and a quick glance proved to be a little disappointing. No Tory. Eyes slipped toward the stairs where Brigit was heading with tea and food. /c/
    23:12:05Sybilla·Covelin : Quickened steps took her to the wench and she pointed at the tray. "For Tory?" Yes? Sybilla tipped her a few coins and snagged the tray. There came the indecision at the door. Knock or just wander in. Knock. Fingertips tapped hard enough against the door to cause a quiet knocking. /d/
    23:13:07BrandonΞArrow has joined the conversation.
    23:13:18Allene : Wb.))
    23:13:42BrandonΞArrow : ty)
    23:22:23BrandonΞArrow : The day and night passed and through random strands of conscience he knew that he was still on the ship. His body had been tended to and he had been stablized but beyond that was unknown. He had dreams, snippits of memory distorted, memories that had been long hidden in the mans subconscience. A voice familar kept calling him back from>>
    23:23:36Tory-Oakcroft : =Eyes half closed, his head still rested against the back wall. Cupped palms supported behind his head as he finally decided to get up, there was lazyness then there was sheer sloth. Roughed hands shoved through the sandy crop again and he hauled out of bed. Pulling out cotton pants from the ricketed wooden wardrobe in the corner, he had just -c-
    23:26:05BrandonΞArrow : a darkness. A voice familar to him soothing and holding him by a thread in the world of dreams. Pain was far from him as he was stuck in a fog between two worlds. A face floated before him, a Guardian from Riverwind . Brandon couldnt hear him and although he was familar with the Guardians, they would not be allowed in this land. He >>
    23:26:13Tory-Oakcroft : pulled them on when a small feminine knock came on the door. Bare footed, no shirt he just half gruffed a "Come in." He assumed it was Brigit, afterall she had been the person sent to gather his lazy ass some food.. Tory's back was faced to the door, as he was routing through a draw of shirts trying to find one that wasn't heavy rough cotton. -c-
    23:27:56Tory-Oakcroft : Just from the stifling heat in the room, he could tell that heavy clothes were not going to be an advantage today. Large angel wings spread the curve of his shoulders, peeling down the musclf of his back either side of his spine.Finely etched in the skin, the feathers carefully shaped and shaded. The plumes almost looked real. The soft etching -c-
    23:30:17Tory-Oakcroft : of the edges seeming to some from his back as though they would flutter into life any moment. But they were just ink. Once the door squeaked, he didn't bother turning round. Why did he only own warm clothes. Cursing his original homeland for being of such a cool climate, he snuffed at the contents of his clothing collection. Grabbing the first -c-
    23:30:38BrandonΞArrow : knew of only a handful that had a audiance with them. They were associated with the royal house of Riverwind. The voice started to come into focus "Foolish pride of man. You have been under protection and have not even known what you had" Brandons voice sounded in his head "What do you mean?" The Guardian gave a chuckle >>
    23:31:24Tory-Oakcroft : shirt he got a hand on, he began pulling it on. Thick clawed scars running his shoulders and ris, he spoke as he turned. "Just put it on the desk." Turning to fae the door, and the person who now inhabited it's frame.=
    23:32:19BrandonΞArrow : "The treaty with the King surely you know of it man" Brandon responded "Aye but the royals are the only ones you protect." the voice began to fade "Think man, your body is broken but your mind is not" then he was gone .
    23:33:17BrandonΞArrow is away.
    23:45:14Sybilla·Covelin : In she came to the room. Stopping to take a long gander at the tattoo on his back a slow, amused, smile came to her features even as his instruction of where to put the tray came Sybilla stood for a few extra milliseconds to admire. And why shouldn't she? The tray was slid onto the desk as he had asked. Sybilla tried to not stare at /c/
    23:47:02Sybilla·Covelin : the claw marks knowing full well who did it and why only served to irritate the wolf within. Best not think on that. Not ruin the bettering mood. "So, you have them fetching for you now? Do they roll over too?" It was all spoken in a playful tone even as she started to cross the room in his direction. She knew for a fact that he hadn't /c/
    23:47:39Sybilla·Covelin : rolled over with any of those wenches, at least, not since she started paying attention to those scents. A nudge was given against his cheek with her nose before she wandered past him to roam the small room. /d/
    23:50:51Allene is away.
    23:52:35Tory-Oakcroft : =The cold blue ran her and he cocked his head a little to the question. "Apparently not. I have you doing it instead." His smirk flitted briefly, before he began buttoning up the front of his shirt. The food on the desk given a look he chuckled at the sudden hint of play him her voice. Finsihing with the buttons he shoved a hand back through his -c
    23:56:28Tory-Oakcroft : fringe shifting it back from his eyes and shrugged with a coy smile. "Mostly. Some bend..." His eyes shot her a half cut heat of defiance to her bait, and he shoved his feet in his boots. The heavy leather creaked, and he was just shifting his heels into them when she nudged his cheek. You could take the girl out of the dog, and all those old -c-
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    23:58:31Tory-Oakcroft : cliches. It was endearing, either way. Placing his hands on her hips, his palms rested on the sides of her hip, fingers curving around to the small of her back as her slight frame compared to his ment they covered a fair portion of her back. It also meant picking her off the floor was no hard task. Usually just bringin her onto tiptoe as he -c-
    00:00:21Tory-Oakcroft : stooped to kiss he, this time he continued with the upward motion lifting her about an inch taller than him his arms gliding as he lifted to anchor around her thighs and hold her in the higher position. "You need to grow. My neck is suffering." His tone came out soft, with a sting of sarcasm. The cold set of blue eyes met hers and he tilted his -c-
    00:01:46Tory-Oakcroft : head backwards a little to push a kiss on her lips. The tips of her blonde tendrils licking at his arms, his own fringe pushed back with the tilt of his head he spoke just before the kiss. "You know your easier on the eyes than Brigit."=
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    02:33:15Synnova : Upon his return, the gangling youth came upon the lady at the head of Arrow's bed, her arms pillowing her head. He thought her asleep until he noticed her eyes were half-lidded, the gaze itself entranced by the candle flicker across the cabin. He cleared his throat loudly to rouse her from her thoughts as he set down those things she asked for. >
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    02:35:55Synnova : She lifted her face as the heavier of the two returned on his friend's heels with a large pot. "Place it, just there." Weariness resounded in the hollows between her words, shaped roughly by the fear that ran through them all. She offered Brandon's lips more of her mysterious concoction, before she gathered her heavy hair into bands of solid gold>
    02:40:48Synnova : prior to rolling up her sleeves. "Ve vhill begin vith his legs," she said. "First ve must make certain his bones are joined, then ve vill brace them using the vhillow branches." They nodded at her explanation, it was not unlike ship construction. The tall one, Pohl, gripped his ankles and at the lady's command, gave a sharp, swift jerk of >
    02:43:47Synnova : Brandon's left leg, shifting the lower bone into place. Teague, the shorter, held a thin branch to either side of the leg as she first wound a scarf of fine wool round the length of it. This was followed by shells of the elm bark, and finally a layer of clay from the pot. First his legs, then his arms. If he had wounded his spine, there was so >
    02:45:50Synnova : very little she could do. Hours passed in near perfect silence, broken only by sighs and muffled curses. Sunlight, weak and watery, bled against the horizon by the time they finished their work. When it was done, she offered them coin for their assistance, and when they refused, she offered them employment. There was a modicum of confusion, for >
    02:49:24Synnova : why would the lady need two rough hands. She explained that the reasons were hers to keep and that she would pay them well. By six bells, she was poorer by some silver ladies, and richer by two servants. Time would tell if she still remained with one of her friends. She dismissed Teague and Pohl to their rest, and used the last of the clean water>
    02:53:01Synnova : to wash herself and put on fresh clothing as her shift was now heavy with dried blood, sand and water. "Brandon, Brandon, vhy must men be foolish?" She offered him a wan smile as she brushed dark hair from his brow. She did not expect him to reply, his dreams should have been sweet in regards to the draught she had forced him to drink. Settling>
    02:55:25Synnova : beside the bed again, she could not remember when it was that she submitted to sleep. Only when Pohl returned did she rise. He placed a tray of wine and bread on the cabin's solitary table, then stood back. He held his cap in one hand, brushed back his hair with the other. It amused her to see he had attempted to make his presence more palatable. >
    02:57:59Synnova : "M'lady, p'r'aps ye should take some air. I'll sit wi' Master Arrow in the meanstime." "Thank you, Pohl," she replied and did just that. The heavens had darkened again, the threat of more rain heavy on the tongue as she leaned against the rails of Brandon's unnamed ship, her face turned upwards to the breeze. For all the evening's beauty, she felt>
    02:58:16Synnova : restless, her mind an unquiet thing.~
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    03:14:20Dannick·Hartigan : welcome)
    03:14:25Synnova : thanks))
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    03:15:26Dannick·Hartigan : welcome)
    03:15:28ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Evening all))
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    03:16:56ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Rawr, flash crashed))
    03:17:00ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Locations?))
    03:18:03Synnova : Synn is on the deck of a ship))
    03:18:20Dannick·Hartigan : havent entered yet)
    03:18:31ᴥАññóřãᴥ : kk))
    03:18:55ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Running to change my shirt, my breastplate left a rust stain on it, brb in a few seconds))
    03:22:56ᴥАññóřãᴥ : back))
    03:23:06Synnova : wb))
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    03:23:23ᴥАññóřãᴥ : ty)
    03:26:52ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora stepped out onto the street, letting out a deep breath- glad to be out of the stuffy room that she had set up her loom in. It was small and cramped in there now, but the act of weaving was relaxing and familiar. It let her sink into an almost meditative state. Several yards of a loose linen weave with a little bit of silk woven in for <c>
    03:27:05Synnova has left the conversation (Ping timeout).
    03:34:55Dannick·Hartigan is away.
    03:35:14ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> quality was now done- ready to be continued tomorrow. However, it was night now and much too dark to get anything fine done. She ran a hand through her short hair- the Drowned Wench might be a good choice tonight. She headed the familiar way down to the pub, letting the rain drench her as she walked. It was a hot day, and the linen would dry<c>
    03:35:42ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> fast enough when she got out of the rain. She smiled a little, closing her eyes as she walked the path.+
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    03:39:46Synnova : Ugh, Finally.))
    03:39:55ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Wibbles))
    03:41:58Dannick·Hartigan has returned.
    03:42:00Dannick·Hartigan : What was it with ships? For gods sakes he spent most of his trip green and praying for death to come. He emerged from the ship shaky and in need of something more then the hardtack and dried meat. His pack was slung over his back and he tried to walk on unsteady feet feeling as if he was still lurching on the deck of the ship. He was-
    03:48:08Dannick·Hartigan : heading for a inn he had heard about. The Drowned Wench the sailors called it. A welcome sight though the rain only dampened his spirits slightly. He was hoping that this weather was not indicitive of what the weather was all the time. The humidity was harsh here and he wasnt used to it. He stepped inside and shook out his hair-
    03:49:45Dannick·Hartigan : Dark eyes peered through the gloom as he found a seat. His stomach was still queasy but he really needed to eat. "Some broth please and some bread and a ale" he sat back while the wench went off with his order. It seemed a rather queer clientele here. Mostly dock workers and such and sailors, he had enough of them for a bit -
    03:50:31Dannick·Hartigan : the sailors on his ship had guffawed and made fun of him for constantly heaving his stomach over the railings.
    03:54:02Synnova : At some point, she decided that perhaps Brandon would prefer to be re-clothed. Or mayhap there were touches of a personal nature that would bring him comfort. The only difficulty would be in procuring them without rousing Tana's suspicion. She moved from the deck railing to the gangplank, damp slippers making little noise on the wood. She made >
    03:56:03Synnova : her way to the Wench. If nothing else, she should retrieve her cloak. She was comfortable now, if only a little wet from the misting rain, the wool gown deep green and embroidered with gold thread at the cuffs and hem. The hues brought out the moss-green of her eyes, made her thick hair that much more red, her pale skin even paler. Synnova had >
    03:57:32Synnova : delicate and noble features, though she would never say she was a beautiful creature, she reserved that for her mother (and she was unaware of how much she resembled the queen in that regard). She passed by faces both friendly and unknown, offered greetings in return to those that came her way. By the time she reached the inn, she was sodden down>
    03:59:03Synnova : to the skin, droplets forming diamond-bright clusters in her hair. Perhaps she would stay and bolster her defenses against the weather with something hot. She slipped into the busy inn with little fanfare, took her cloak down from the peg by the door and surveyed the seating. There were but two tables that weren't filled to capacity. She made her >
    03:59:58Synnova : way to the one with the most solitary of groupings, a dark haired man who looked about as miserable as she had felt the night before. "Pardon," she said with a half-smile. "Do you mind if I am sititng here vith you?"~
    04:00:32ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora made her way into the tavern with a bright smile to the serving girl- they weren't exactly friends, but they knew each other well enough that she wouldn't have to order. The soft grey skirt and bodice she wore was drying quickly- the benefit of high quality <c>
    04:02:27ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> fabric, which was a perk of her job. She followed in a young lady, quickly noticing the same thing that the other young woman had- there were few empty tables. She stood for a moment, looking around with a frown- well, it was time to make some friends, it seemed. She smiled sheepishly as she followed the other young woman to the table. <c>
    04:04:00ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> She shrugged her shoulders, looking to the two others. "Hi- mind if I join you both? It's a bit crowded tonight." She said, a little unsure of herself. If they said no, there was always the King's Head, but the place struck her as a little formal, and a little empty. No, the Drowned Wench was the place to be. Also, the drinks were a <c>
    04:04:38ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> half-penny cheaper. She tucked a rogue curl behind her ear- it would stay there for a moment because her hair was soaking.+
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    04:08:15ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Welcome))
    04:08:22Allene : Hello.))
    04:08:37Synnova : hi hi Allene))
    04:09:07Allene : Hi.)
    04:09:28Dannick·Hartigan : He looked up to both women a sickly smile albeit a sincere one as he spoke"Please do sit down" his food was brought as he held out a hand to each of them "Dannick is the name, I just sailed into town. You just excuse my green pallor it is not my usual color but the tossing of the waves did not agree with me -
    04:10:31Dannick·Hartigan : I am afraid" the smell of the food made his mouth water but he knew if he were to ingest it too fast he would regret it. He did not wish the ladies to have a intimate encounter with the contents of his stomach so he sipped the broth slowly and then sat it down as sounds of gurggling erupted from his stomach-
    04:11:59Dannick·Hartigan : he gave a slight grin"Sorry I am afraid that I still am not feeling myself and my stomach is not agreeing" He ran a quick hand through his soaked hair and then asked"What bring you ladies to such a place so late at night? I heard there was another Inn in town but this one was closer. You dont have the look of sailors in you"
    04:18:39Synnova : Chill fingers wrapped around his forearm, a tight clasp that longered for a moment, and allowed his own fingers to reciprocate before she took back her hand. "Dannick...is this a nordlander name?" It sounded faintly familiar, similar to the tongues of her native country. "I am called Synnova." She excused the shades of illness painted on his skin,>
    04:20:43Synnova : some people did not travel well. She seated herself to his left and as the Wench passed by, called out for mulled wine. "And I...am not a sailor." She was many things, foremost a healer, but she knew more about cures than simple healing salves. She had also not divulged to any soul that she was of royal blood. Her father's lands lay long beyond >
    04:21:54Synnova : this world, and she saw no reason to upset the balance of powers within it on prideful boasts. Still, from the quality of her clothes to the exquisite nature of her adornments, it was easy to see she was a woman of means. She lifted her gaze to the other woman, one she did not recognize.~
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    04:30:09ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Sorry, fell asleep at the keyboard))
    04:32:57ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora smiled softly, taking Dannick's hand in greeting after Synnova. "Annora- pleasure to meet you." She said, inclining her head to Synnova in turn. "No- not a sailor. A weaver and tailor- though I haven't had a chance to open up a shop yet." She said, nodding to the serving girl as her drink was brought, sipping the cider with a grateful <c>
    04:34:28ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> smile. She was quickly becoming a regular at the tavern. "The drinks are better here, and the company is usually more relaxed than at the other good pub." She said as an explanation of her being on the docks at the late hour. She leaned back in the chair, getting comfortable for the moment. It had been a long day cramped in a stuffy room in <c>
    04:35:24ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> front of a loom. "Yes- the boat ride in can be a bit choppy, but I'm sure you'll recover your land legs soon. It took me a few days to get balance back myself."+
    04:38:40Dannick·Hartigan : "I hope so a pleasure to meet you both." he said their names again "Synnova , Annora, " he nodded sure that he got them and he took some more of the broth"My name I do not know where it comes from. My mother simply liked it and well my father had no complaints I suppose" he seemed rather easy going and would have been even -
    04:40:06Dannick·Hartigan : more so if he simply had felt a bit better. He tasted the ale and sighed with satisfaction "Much better then ship fare. I was hoping to find a healer around could you ladies direct me to one? I am afraid that my stomach might not hold my dinner and I have a bit of other problems too" too much of a gentleman to say that he had been-
    04:41:03Dannick·Hartigan : running to the chamber pots either from food poisoning or a effect of the rough waters and his sea sickness. He wiped a hand accross his forehead "This heat is it always like this in Hadara? I am afraid that I am a bit more used to color tempatures but I feel as if I have just gotten out of a bath"
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    04:42:18Dannick·Hartigan : welcome back)
    04:42:25Allene : Ty.))
    04:43:58ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Thunderstorm incoming- if I disconnect, please just assume my character excuses herself please?))
    04:44:13ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Power has been a little unreliable lately))
    04:45:14Synnova : Synnova settled in her chair and listened to the two of them speak, a melange of accents and harmonies that was not unpleasant. A weaver was an interesting and prosperous career for a young woman. "What ails you," she asked Dannick as he questioned about a healer. There were others in the city of course, but it was fortunate he'd found one of that>
    04:45:23Synnova : wb Allene and ok Ann))
    04:46:17▐╡༓╞▌Fʀᴏѕт ᴅᴀʀᴋᴍᴀηᴇ has joined the conversation.
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    04:47:51Allene : Ty.))
    04:49:23Synnova : company sitting beside him.The stomach was a cantankerous thing, the causes of its illness often manifold. And as he spoke further, she nodded, understanding. She remembered Sigismund's first voyage, they thought he would drown for how often his head hung over the side. "I have some herbs..." she let the thought hang in the air as she reached >
    04:50:39Synnova : into the pack at her feet to produce a small pouch which she placed on the table. "A pinch or two...no more...three times a day for three days...and all should be well." She did not bother to explain the contents.~
    04:50:52Allene : -Somehow or anything, Allene had made it in one piece from Aiden's vessel. She had been there for almost an entire day. She had hardly any time to...rest. Despite his bed being, quite comfortable. Regretfully, she had errands to run and needed to have a word with Brandon outside of the subject of Aiden. Perhaps inquire if he had any job >>
    04:52:50Allene : openings again. With her interest renewed for Hadara and again, it was not just because of her interest in the Arrow, but wanted to reconnect with old friends as well, she knew her stay here in these lands would far extend that of the few days she had originally thought. Allene's footing was a bit, stiff. And she was in need of a good shower, >>
    04:53:46Allene : hence why, she headed back to the Wench and made a beeline for her room. Before she decided to refresh however, she had counted her coin to see how she would fare if she decided to get another pair of pants and a shirt, as the one she had worn was weathered from the rain.-
    04:55:09ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora nodded softly- she only met one healer, Elyse, and had no way of contacting the young woman again. She wwas glad that Synnova knew something of healing. Annora's knowledge was more along the lines of basic first aid: stitching up puncture wounds, pulling out arrows, and bandaging up gashes left by a sword. As to the weather, she shrugged <c
    04:58:02ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> lightly. "I'm afraid that the heat hasn't broken since I've been here, unfortunately. Wish I could give you better news, but this place is has been downright sweltering since I've been here." She said, nodding to Synnova as the herbs were placed on the table. "And on that note, I'm afraid I must take my leave. The landlady that I'm renting <c>
    04:59:01ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> a room from often locks the doors this late- and I do not feel like scaling the ivy in the rain." She stood, inclining her head to Synnova and Dannick. "It was a pleasure to meet you- I hope to run into you again soon."+
    04:59:50ᴥАññóřãᴥ : I'm calling it and heading to bed before the power goes out))
    04:59:53ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Night all!))
    05:00:03Dannick·Hartigan : goodnight hope to meet you again in play)
    05:00:05Allene : Take care.))
    05:00:17ᴥАññóřãᴥ : I'll be around longer tomorrow- no practice))
    05:00:28ᴥАññóřãᴥ is away.
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    05:05:12Dannick·Hartigan : He took the pouch gratefully and fished out some coins. "How much do I owe you milady?" he knew that there was work involved in the gathering of such things and he didnt expect her to give them up for free. "I appreciate it you are a healer no? " he looked her over again a bit more frankly looking for some clues he might have missed. -
    05:06:55Dannick·Hartigan : she was dressed rather richly for a healer. Most healers he dealt with dressed in robes and more plainly but this was a different land and they probably did things that would seem odd to him. Though he had traveled quite a bit. "I insist on paying and if you do not wish it then perhaps I can buy-
    05:07:49Synnova has left the conversation.
    05:08:29Dannick·Hartigan : your meal in return for your kindness. I am afraid that I do not know the customs here in this land." he started second guessing himself. Perhaps he was being offensive, confusing always moving around with different customs and the like.
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