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    02:14:22ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Welcome))
    02:14:30Allene : Hello.))
    02:15:29ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Bit quiet at the moment, I'm afraid))
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    02:23:33BrandonΞArrow : Hey all)
    02:27:01ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Hello))
    02:32:43BrandonΞArrow : Arms crossed over his chest, Brandon looked out towards the docks. A imposing figure in the darkness, his jaw set like steel as his eyes were fixed upon the lanterns that lit the main dock area. Large bonfires were up to show sailors the way through the darkness and they cast shadows on the area. If anyone >>
    02:34:35Allene : Hello.))
    02:34:39Allene : Brb, making dinner.))
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    02:35:35BrandonΞArrow : came and looked at the man they would see a longing, a lust and a wanting. His blood ran hot this night and yet there was nothing he could do about it except listen to her calling him, teasing and taunting. There was only one that could make his blood sing in his ears this way, only one mistress that would cause him to ache so. She softly>>
    02:36:50BrandonΞArrow : brushed against the shores in a sweet lullaby and he closed his eyes as she carressed his mind. The sea, had held him since he was a young man and she had not relinquished her hold on his soul.
    02:40:38ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora stepped down the gangway and onto the terra firma once more. Her possesions sent for and to the boarding house she would be living in until she could could aquire a shop and residence of her own. She let out a deep breath as the breeze came off the water, lifting one of her too-short curls and throwing it into her face. She smiled softly.<c
    02:44:08ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> She was much more comfortable now that her nice linens had been rescued from her chest on the boat. She brushed a non-existent wrinkle from her sage linen skirt. She had a basket over one arm, a woolen shawl tossed over that just in case the temperature dropped any more. As she stepped from the pier and onto the street she ran a hand through<c>
    02:44:17ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> her hair. She hated the night.+
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    02:44:50BrandonΞArrow : welcome)
    02:47:12BrandonΞArrow : A sigh would come woefully as he opened his eyes. Both his sons were out to sea and he still hadnt gotten that boat yet. Murphey gave him one more week, it was going to be close. He hadnt told anyone yet, they would surely find out soon enough themselves. His faithful companion was ever at his feet sitting >>
    02:48:43BrandonΞArrow : and with his master staring out into the black nothingness. "One day my boy, one day you and I will make for the open seas. Maybe we will find Aiden on the way eh?" Brandon looked down and grinned "Then you will be able to get your sea legs and you will thank me for fitting you with that pegleg Boner" the dog looked up and his >>
    02:51:15BrandonΞArrow : tail stumped on the ground as he gave a sharp yip. The pirate saw a woman walking down the docks. She didnt look like a whore and he wondered what brought a decent woman down to the docks. "A bit far out of your way there darling, take care the imperial guards dont come down here often" he wasnt a saint but he didnt>>
    02:51:37BrandonΞArrow : accost women either though many down on the docks wouldnt mind having their fun where they could get it.
    02:57:01ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora blinked as the man spoke to her. She nodded lightly. "Aye- Got kept much later than I had planned. I don't believe I've ever met a man so infuriating as he." She said, inclining her head. "I'll be keeping my head on a swivel, to be sure." She answered. Her displeasure at being kept waiting so long showed on her face. The Captain owed <c>
    02:58:22ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> her a debt on his life and his honor- but wasn't very happy about the situation. As such, he made it as inconvenient as possible to collect. The voyage over had been a pain, with both she and the Captain <c>
    03:00:28ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> muttering under their breath about throwing the other overboard. Of course, it was all genteel and chivalry to each other's faces. It was enough to give the low-born woman a headache. She looked to the peg-legged dog with a smile, then back to his owner. "Thank you for your warning, sir." She answered politely, her eyes looking to the moon. <c>
    03:00:54ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> It would be several hours until daybreak and the few hours sleep it could bring.+
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    03:06:24ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Wibbles))
    03:07:35Allene : Ty. Still kind of away, nibbling on steak, I'll join in soon. ; ) ))
    03:09:12BrandonΞArrow : He raised a brow" Which man are you refering to? A first mate the captain? I would never get in a fight with them unless I could swim well" he grinned and dropped his hands to his sides. "I have heard of others throwing people off the ship for drinking more then their share of rum" he turned his eyes to the direction that she came from>>
    03:12:46BrandonΞArrow : his lips pressed together in a thin line and then he turned back to her"Brandon, I own the Drowned Wench here on the docks. A decent place in a indecent place if you catch my meaning." it really wasnt exactly a decent place, it was clean and it had good food and service, however it was a front to more dasterdly things. Brandon kept under the radar>
    03:13:12BrandonΞArrow : however and so far was above sucpicion as far as the Imperials were concerned.
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    03:16:56Allene : -What an ironic place to return to. Both fond and disturbing memories lingered in this place. It had only been a short term since she last visited here, but it felt like years in her reality. In the duration of that time away, she had been doing, many, many jobs. Ones, she had not been proud of. It seemed, the woman who had been trying so >>
    03:19:00Allene : to grasp a normal life, had returned to her dark roots. Assassin. Out of sheer desperation for money and other reasons, the past she had tried so hard to suppress, had resurfaced. Leaving her an empty shell. That empty shell was now docking onto these lands, not to reunite, but solely for profit. She had a job to complete here.>>
    03:21:01Allene : Simple as that. When done, she would leave. Poised solemnly on the edge of the small boast that was making its way into the bay, her long, dirty blonde mane would wildly flutter with the sea breeze. She wore a white blouse, dark brown slacks, knee high boots, and a cinch about her slender waist. On her a simple travelling back slinged over >>
    03:21:25Allene : bag*))
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    03:22:28Allene : her shoulder. The crew she had been travelling with, was a mixed bunch from all walks of life. Most of which, could not help but oogle at her every now and again. Afterall, she was easy on the eyes, especially for men who had been out at sea, for many, many years.-
    03:22:40BrandonΞArrow : welcome home you piece of shite)
    03:22:52AidenΞArrow : Screw you, Da))
    03:24:05ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +She laughed a little. "The Captain. And we don't fight. He owes me his life, which is a fact he isn't overly fond of. He won't throw me off the side. Man of honor and all that." She said, inclining her head at his introduction. "I'm Annora- I stopped at the Drowned Wench when we first hit land- the ale was good, the service excellent and the <c>
    03:26:30ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> fish was fantastic." She said with a smile. Everything she said was true, of course. One couldn't have bad fish this close to the docks and stay in business for long. "I was just heading there now, actually- I could use a stiff drink after dealing with the Captain." She said with a half shrug. The company at the Drowned Wench was likely to <c>
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    03:28:32BrandonΞArrow : welcome)
    03:28:34Allene : -When the head man made his presence known by barking out orders, did Allene's line of vision move from the edge of land to him. The crew would scatter under his demand. Prepping the small vessel to anchor. It did not take them long to accomplish the task. She would jump down from her past, landing ever so nimbly. The heels of her boots>>
    03:28:53ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> be much more distracting than that at the King's Head. A loud bar with strong drinks would be just the thing to keep her mind off everything. Besides, she could climb in the boarding house window if she missed curfew anyway- she wasn't some prissy girl, and too old to worry about some old woman's ideas of what was appropriate.+
    03:29:44Killiam_Flamerose : ty}
    03:29:47Allene : clicking lightly as she did so. Again, she received some looks, but this time, they were not so perverted. Rather, envious. For she did not aide the men with docking their boat. No, there were circumstances. Business relations between her and the 'Captain' that excused her from those duties. When all was said and done, she paid her dues >>
    03:31:42Allene : and she would lose her sea legs and gain her walking ones, as she took her first step on land in more than a few months. The docks were weathered as ever. The atmosphere had not changed. The lowest of scum still made their living here.-
    03:32:00BrandonΞArrow : Hey I am highclass scum thank you very much Allene)
    03:32:22Allene : That is still in debate...))
    03:32:26Allene : -Snickers-))
    03:34:52BrandonΞArrow : "Aye well it is a decent night, only a few ships returning after some time out to sea." His eyes focused on a figure that was approaching and he gave a slight smirk "Now look what got dragged in from the sea bottem. Allene you owe me a days work you know you just left and I gave you a full weeks wages" Boner barked at the woman that was >>
    03:37:10BrandonΞArrow : approaching and Brandon leaned closer to Annora and whispered"Watch that one she is as cold as ice" He rather had liked Allene though, she was a hard worker and hadnt crossed him or his sons and had actually been help, but he knew that if she was crossed she would gut you like a pig. Not that he didnt feel he could hold his own with her>>
    03:37:56BrandonΞArrow : but one of them were going to get hurt. "Welcome home to Hadara milady" he gave a flamboyant bow.
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    03:43:57ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora nodded. It would be a nice night. She was a little ackward as the other woman walked up, nodding politely to Brandon's warning- though unsure what to do with it. She inclined her head as the young woman joined them. She didn't leave quite yet- the gentleman was kind and would be a good contact in her quest to take over the tailor-shop. <c>
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    03:46:54ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> At least he would likely know where she could start. She unfolded the plaid woolen shawl she had with her, slipping it over her bare shoulders. It was a good weight- a rather open weave, but perfect for the somewhat cool night. Her eyes looked to the newest ship on the docks, tucking the one curl behind her ear again- her hair had been cut <c>
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    03:52:52BrandonΞArrow : welcome back)
    03:53:05ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Thanks))
    03:53:16ᴥАññóřãᴥ : How much got through?))
    03:53:26BrandonΞArrow : <c> At least he would likely know where she could start. She unfolded the plaid woolen shawl she had with her, slipping it over her bare shoulders. It was a good weight- a rather open weave, but perfect for the somewhat cool night. Her eyes looked to the newest ship on the docks, tucking the one curl behind her ear again- her hair had been cut <c>
    03:53:32BrandonΞArrow : that was the last)
    03:54:55ᴥАññóřãᴥ : short during the war to keep it from being a pain to deal with. It was now still growing out.+
    03:54:59ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Most of it then, thanks))
    03:57:52AidenΞArrow : It had been quite a long few months away from what had quickly become his home, but in that time he had seen much and learned even more. Some of his crew had been lost to the more violent of the seas or in battles on distant shores, but those that were lost had their memory honored and were then replaced by other stalwart men wishing to travel -c-
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    03:59:25ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Wb))
    03:59:35Allene : Ty.))
    03:59:51BrandonΞArrow : wb)
    04:01:37AidenΞArrow : the waves. Almost half his original crew had been replaced this way, though the new men seemed to fit in with the old well enough after a week or so at sea. Despite the hardships he faced on open waters, the trip home was eerily bland, almost like the ocean knew where he was going and welcomed him to it. Easy as the trip was, no one complained -c-
    04:04:14AidenΞArrow : gods knew they had enough behind them to last a few of the more boring lifetimes some people had. His ponderous state was broken by the first mate entering his cabin and informing him of their arrival to Hadaran waters, the end of their journey was in sight. "Thank you, Mr. Smithe. Carry on." 'Aye sir' was the response and the room was once -c-
    04:06:48AidenΞArrow : again empty, save him. The charts and maps were put away, and he took a last look in the chest near his desk; it was full of trinkets and mementos from his journey, some more rare and obviously more valuable than others. The chest was then sealed and the key tucked away in a pocket on the inside of his shirt, then a long jacket was added to -c-
    04:10:05AidenΞArrow : his wardrobe. He could feel the surprisingly cool air through an open window in the cabin and after being in the tropical weather for so long it threatened to cause shivers in him, which was something he did not wish to do in front of family. Not that they would judge, but all the same he would avoid it. He strode from the cabin and locked it -c-
    04:12:30AidenΞArrow : behind him, knowing full well the crew would want some shore leave after the trip, something he was happy to accommodate. Once the key was again tucked away he wondered about the intelligence of using the same key for both door and chest. If need be he could have the locks changed, but for now it would do. He turned to the first mate, "Bring -c-
    04:14:49AidenΞArrow : her in." before moving the the side of the side of the ship to watch the city draw near. He knew the first mate was shouting orders, but the noise barely registered over the wind rushing past him and his heartbeat in his ears. He was almost home. -d-
    04:14:59Allene : -Her head swiveled when she heard the familiar bark of the Wench's mascot. Boner. Sharp eyes of bright blue would glower down at the pet, before lifting up to meet its owner, whom greeted her with a dramatic bow and went on to playfully scold her about him overcompensating her for her time. She did not look amused.>>
    04:15:01AidenΞArrow : Whew))
    04:15:06Allene : Phew!))
    04:16:45Allene : Actually, she had no type of emotion on her face. Just a blank..slate. Enough to make Boner growl a little in uneasiness. And even the other woman shiver, when she briefly glanced at her to take notice, before allowing her attention to once again, settle on Brandon. "How much do I owe you...?" was all she said. No greeting. No smile.>>
    04:17:55Allene : Nothing to show she was happy to see him. She would probably further disappoint the man, when he would find out her true intentions of her being here.-
    04:21:49BrandonΞArrow : He gave Annora a knowing look "Well you dont owe me anything. I suppose you forgot how to take a joke." he crossed his arms again and shook his head "Grand seeing you Allene, very grand indeed made my whole night" he gave her a wink and then looked down to Boner "Hush boy your going to get foaming at the mouth if you bite that one and then>>
    04:24:02BrandonΞArrow : I would have to put you down" he laughed undetered by Allenes coldness. His eyes turned toward the docks and he almost did a double take. "Son of a bitch!!!" The Lady Wench, his beloved cutter was coming in and that ment Aiden. "Excuse me ladies, I need to greet someone" He moved with long strides toward the mooring place that the Wench was >>
    04:25:25BrandonΞArrow : docking. Boner hot at his heels, he could spot the Lady Wench without even reading the name. It had been his cutter and named after his first wife Annalise.
    04:30:52BrandonΞArrow : Annora your turn)
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    04:31:28ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora watched as the woman answered Brandon without humor. She had heard that tone- the blank voice and face. After a battle where a man had lost almost everything he had- his wife, his sons, and a daughter. Yes, that was the tone of someone who was alive but not living. As Brandon took off at a run she debated following her new aquaintence, <c>
    04:31:29AidenΞArrow : WB))
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    04:34:19ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> but in the end decided to carry on to the Drowned Wench. She would likely see him there, and if not, well, it wasn't that important. She inclined her head to Allene, a soft "Good Evening." was all that was said as she turned and travelled to the pub. A late dinner and a stiff drink seemed like an even better idea now. She let out a growl <c>
    04:35:05ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> as the short curl once again escaped from behind her ear and she paused, removing a blue ribbon from her bag and using it to pin back the unruliness.+
    04:38:13AidenΞArrow : The ship traveled quickly as ever, and before long it was pulling into the dock. The gangplank was extended and wood met wood just as the boat stopped moving, then just as quickly Aiden was progressing down it's length and onto a surface that didn't buck with the tide. His crew had already been given permission to take to the land and Aiden -c-
    04:39:49AidenΞArrow : almost felt sorry for the wenches that awaited them. He had seen his father from his place on the deck and figured there would be questions, but those would most likely be over rum. Before that it was time for a bit of a reunion. He opened his arms as he stepped towards the older man. "Da, haven't changed much I see." A grin spread across his -c-
    04:41:46AidenΞArrow : face at the jokes he could be making, though he felt a bit more mature from his time away and as sign of that he kept the jabs to himself. In the meantime the crew was tying the boat off and making for port, excited as they were they managed to look professional about it, which pleased their captain greatly. The last thing he needed was his -c-
    04:42:45AidenΞArrow : men acting like a bunch of animals, especially in front of his father. Aiden stopped and let the elder Arrow come to him, "So," a sly look crossed his face, "did you miss me?" -d-
    04:43:00Allene : -Perfect. Just what she had been seeking out. Her intel had followed through. And her former employer confirmed that when he was sprinting off towards the Lady Wench. When Annora bid her a 'good evening' she did not return the courtesy, not to be rude, but she just did not care for a useless face such as her. Instead, she pursued Arrow.>>
    04:44:20Allene : Not too quickly. She did not want to give away her unnatural speed. She tagged along, just a few feet behind Boner. When the man came to a stop and started to greet his son, she remained on the sidelines, completely disinterested in their reunion, rather, her eyes looked else where, as if trying to pick someone out specifically.>>
    04:44:53Allene : One by one, as Lady Wench's crew moved off the ship, she remained vigilant. Observant. Ready to pounce when the right man would appear.-
    04:47:16BrandonΞArrow : Brandon just stood there and watched as Aiden disembarked and for a just a moment he stood unsure really. Aiden had disappeared without really a word and Brandon had taken a lot of heat from that fish girl and Tana as well. He had spent some sleepless nights worrying though Aiden was a competant sailor he had given no word to where>>
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    04:49:14BrandonΞArrow : he was as well as Pety had not heard about him either. Brandon grinned and approached him arms wide open as well to give him a hug. "You son of a bitch..." he pulled back his fist and gave him a right hook in the jaw. "I missed you fecking son of a bitch" it was said with absolute affection. Brandon wouldnt admit how much seeing>>
    04:49:16AidenΞArrow : Welcome))
    04:49:21Allene : Hello.}
    04:49:22Isabella†SaintClaire : ty))
    04:49:32BrandonΞArrow : welcome)
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    04:50:53BrandonΞArrow : his son did for him. "Welcome home" Yes everything that he had been feeling lifted off the mans shoulders. He even missed the old man comments. If his fist impacted Aiden , Brandon would brace himself for a counter which he expected and wouldnt blame the boy for.
    04:51:17ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Skip me, working on my profile real quick))
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    04:55:24AidenΞArrow : To be honest, he didn't expect a blow to the jaw, though he took the hit without staggering and brought his head back around as he reached up to rub the sides of his jaw. He noted some stubble that would need to be dealt with. "Hell of a way to say hello. You aren't going senile are you?" Another grin, he knew the old bastard missed him and was -c-
    04:59:51AidenΞArrow : probably incapable of expressing such a thought. "So, are we going to stand here all night or are you going to invite me back to the bar for some rum?" There had been lots of rum in the different places he had been to, and some of it damn good. But nothing quite matched the drink that was found here and he was anxious to get his hands on the -c-
    05:01:12AidenΞArrow : familiar liquid. It would be nice to see Tana again too, assuming she was still around. He wasn't too sure he wanted to see Oona though. The time away had given him plenty of time to think, and though he had come to grips with his fishy heritage he wasn't sure getting mixed up in aquatic affairs was something he wanted to do again. -d-
    05:03:43Allene : -Sadly, the man did not make his appearance. Was he no longer with the crew? There was a possibility of rotation while Aiden was away. The original faces could have left or died off. The thought was a slight bit disappointing. That meant, her stay here, might be...prolonged. A small sigh passed her lips. At least, she had connections. >>
    05:05:55Allene : They came in the form of Brandon Arrow. When the two men were done with their...unique way of showing affection, eyes shot straight to Brandon, "Would it be possible to stay for a few nights at the Wench?" She did not go into further detail other than that. If and when the man answered, would she either follow or not. Depending on the >>
    05:06:21Allene : response. As for Aiden, she gave him a brief glance, just because of all the chatter he created, before those piercing eyes once again, returned to Brandon.-
    05:08:39BrandonΞArrow : He threw a arm around Aiden and rubbed his fist into his hair "My rum is your rum Aiden. You will have to tell me where you have been but Tana might not be too happy to see you. She was a bit , shall we say pissed when you left." He pulled Aiden toward the tavern and then when Allene spoke he rubbed his chin "Well I believe there>>
    05:10:56BrandonΞArrow : is a room or two left. By the way hello to you ...." he smirked and headed toward the Wench Boner following his pegleg thumping as he walked."So son, you have come back looking fair. Leave some wench behind crying in her apron?" he hoped that he was over the mermaid fixation that he seemed to have before he had left. "Your sister is back too but >>
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    05:12:08BrandonΞArrow : I am afraid you missed Pety. He is out last week. Hit a bad storm and lost his first mate and his ship was docked for repairs." He turned around for a second to look at the cutter "She looks to be in good shape."
    05:15:19AidenΞArrow : For some reason he hadn't seen Allene standing there, though he picked up on her quickly once she spoke. He flashed her his pearly whites, "Well hey Allene, you just sort of blended into the night there. Why don't you share some rum with us? It should warm you up a bit." He had only seen her once or twice before but she seemed....colder now -c-
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    05:16:01Allene : ...))
    05:16:11Allene : -Facepalm-))
    05:20:38AidenΞArrow : and not like the woman he remembered. Just like that however his father's arm was around him and damn near dragging him to the Wench. "Bah, women will get pissy over almost anything. They all get over it eventually." He looked back at Allene and rolled his eyes at the wench and apron comment. "No Da, I didn't leave anyone behind crying about -c-
    05:22:20AidenΞArrow : anything besides dead husbands. I'm trying to avoid becoming you." He elbowed the old man in the ribs. "How are the other two anyway? Haven't seen them since one kicked the shit out of me on my own ship and the other poisoned me." There was still a hint of being bitter at that in his voice, but it probably wouldn't last long. -d-
    05:23:49Allene : -Again, Allene had switched her attention back to Aiden's ship, just to reassure herself she did not miss any stragglers. Same results. Again, she sighed. It was only when Tana's name escaped Brandon's lips, did she look visibly shaken. For a moment, a flash of emotion shifted across her youthful features and her eyes once again, darted to.>>
    05:25:18Allene : Brandon, concern lingered in them. The blue color was a lot more vivid, "Tana....how is she....?" That aspect of her, she could never quite put down. For she left right after Tana had been brutally attacked by those thugs. And she being her personal savior, that was something not easily forgotten. But she never stuck around to see>>
    05:26:16Allene : how the woman faired. Then, Aiden chimed in. Charming smile and all. Coupled with...sarcasm. She said nothing in reply, rather than, just nodded to his invitation, before Brandon solely had her attention once more.-
    05:27:09Allene : fared*))
    05:28:28BrandonΞArrow : He stopped for a moment not wanting to have a chance that Tana might overhear so outside he spoke to them both "She is not herself. She used to love to hunt but hasnt gone out by herself since her attack happened. Her body is healed but her heart has not" It did ache within him that there was >>
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    05:30:09BrandonΞArrow : nothing he could do about it to help her. With that being said he stepped inside and roared "Brigit ! A bottle of rum for my boy here and make it quick!" he let go of Aiden and then spoke under his breath "That girl is worse then Nellie, she sleeps with whatever throws some coin her way. She has the crotch of a played out whore, or so I have>>
    05:32:11BrandonΞArrow : heard." he moved behind the bar and grabbed his bottle as Brigit took a quick trip to bring Aiden a bottle of his own.
    05:35:40AidenΞArrow : It seemed the mention of Tana had brought some emotion out of Allene. That was a good sign. His attention was quickly drawn to the mention of an attack, however. "What attack? And where is your ship. Did this place go to shite while I was gone??" He hoped the old man wasn't losing his grip on business. One day it would be nice to take over, -c-
    05:37:25AidenΞArrow : but he wasn't ready yet. Aiden took note of his father's warning and barely paid the woman any mind as she delivered the rum. Even without knowing her reputation he was hardly interested, his whoring days were behind him and this news of an attack held his attention fast. He did however have the presence of mind to request a bottle for Allene -c-
    05:40:36AidenΞArrow : as well, since he was the one that offered it. The woman, Brigit, hurried off again to fetch more rum. When she returned he tipped her a silver and took the bottle, removing the cork before passing it to Allene. "Here you go, drink up." He popped the cork on his own bottle and took a seat at one of the tables in the corner, his back to a wall -c-
    05:42:51AidenΞArrow : leaving the other wall for his father. As he took a swig his eyes went to what seemed to be the only other blonde in the place and he nodded at the empty chair that wasn't reserved for family, "Have a seat, relax for a bit. You seem a bit...tight." Once more he flashed a grin and leaned back some as he waited for the table to fill. -d-
    05:45:36Allene : -When Brandon divulged Tana's current state, she felt her heart sink. Yes, that coldness that she had reinforced for the passed few months, was slowly starting to break. Oh so easily. Perhaps it was because, other than the Blackburn family, Brandon, Tana, and the faces she had connected with here, in this place, had been a unit to her. >>
    05:46:52Allene : Her first ties, in many years. A slew of questions started to gather in her head and she wanted to vocalize them. Desperately, but a certain part of her judgement quipped her from doing so and reigned her back into submission, reminding her of her duty here. As to why she initially returned. Again, that facade returned and she just followed>>
    05:47:38Allene : Again that facade was reestablished*))
    05:48:58Allene : the men in, quietly. Allowing them to talk amongst themselves about the woes of womens' nature. She was just about to branch off and go settle in a room, when she was intervened with Aiden's offering of rum. She glanced to it, then to the younger Arrow. Well, she did agree to join them. It would only to be to her advantage afterall to keep >>
    05:50:30Allene : an eye on the very captain of the ship the man she was hunting had sailed upon. Settling in the vacant spot Aiden provided for her, she took immediate interest in the rum. Picking it up, she took a good swig or two, before resting it back infront of her, again nodding.-
    05:53:08BrandonΞArrow : Brandon took his seat and took a long draught of rum before speaking "Tana got attacked of all places not on the docks. They think the docks are bad she was near the Kings Head." he leaned back and his eyes were filled with concern. "I do not know what the man did exactly but it affected her and she has stuck close to home ever since. She >>
    05:55:01BrandonΞArrow : was cut up pretty bad." he didnt care to talk about it much and so changed the subject "Your mermaid is gone thought that perhaps she followed you and you were off with her somewhere. Its been months you could have sent word" he watched as some of Aidens crew came in to drink and get something to eat>>
    05:57:32BrandonΞArrow : that wasnt hardtack or jerky. "Vale is well and Pety, well your brother always can take care of himself." Aiden could too and Brandon did not mean to infere he couldnt , it just sounded that way so he spoke up "You have done well....any good business dealings?" he wasnt sure how much Allene guessed about what the family really did and wasnt going>>
    05:57:42BrandonΞArrow : to go into detail in public anyway.
    06:00:34AidenΞArrow : A dark look crossed his face and he took another drink of rum. If people were getting attacked that far into town it meant things were either going really well on the docks, or really bad in town. He was almost glad for the change in subject though, "No, she wasn't with me. I just assumed she was here still. I'm glad she is gone, honestly, -c-
    06:02:28AidenΞArrow : I like to think my tastes have 'matured' to more land based fare." He glanced quickly at Allene and nodded just slightly as she drank. From the way she was talking about Tana the rum was probably just what she needed. "I wasn't out for business, Da." His eyes went back to the older man, "I was just out. I'm sorry I didn't say anything or send -c-
    06:04:06AidenΞArrow : word, but if I had stopped before leaving I might not have left at all." Another drink, "besides, what am I doing if I'm not giving you grey hair?" He chuckled and looked over to Allene again. "How about you, finally upgraded from working in this dingy place?" -d-
    06:04:35Allene : -She unfortunately played witness to the last bit of Tana's beating. Which had initially opened that channel between the light and dark in her. Wide open. In came the dark side. Actually, it flooded her subconcious, enough to make her snap. She would have been a murderer that night if Tana's condition had not been priority. >>
    06:06:42Allene : Her facial expression mimicked Aiden's in regards to having a shadowed look on it. The memory was indeed, a daunting one. For it was the very reason she left in the first place. For if she almost allowed herself to violently attack one man, she might turn that on her loved ones. Had shooken her to the core. She had just hoped Brandon nor >>
    06:08:05Allene : Tana had found out she was the mysterious savior. Thankfully, Brandon changed the subject and to settle her emotions again, she gulped down some more rum. The liquid burned her throat, but it was satisfying nonetheless. As they continued with their business, her attention took notice of a few crew members of Aiden's coming in and indulging in>>
    06:09:32Allene : what the Wench had to offer. Perhaps she might be lucky and the man she was looking for might come to her. Once more, when she heard Aiden's voice, her cerulean gaze would flit to him, "I have found a job, here and there." She stated, her tone bland.-
    06:11:48BrandonΞArrow : He clapped Aiden on the shoulder "I better let Tana know your here and break the blow. I will also try to keep her from coming down here to kick your arse. She wasnt so happy with you" he grinned "Nothing I cant handle though, we shall chat a bit more later, first night back home take some time and relax and with your permission>>
    06:14:42BrandonΞArrow : I will come aboard tomorrow." He had been jonesing to get aboard a ship, not like his crazy time earlier that year when he sailed off. He stood and nodded to Allene "Tana will be happy when she finds out that your back. " he took his bottle and moved upstairs whistling as he went. It had been many a week since his step was so light>>
    06:15:33Sīεgfгїεδ has left the conversation.
    06:15:55Allene : Bedtime already?!))
    06:16:18BrandonΞArrow : He felt that all was well, at least for now. He slid in beside Tana who was sleeping, better to tell her while she was half asleep and then he would have the excuse that he did tell her,but she just didnt respond. So he whispered to her and she of course didnt answer him. He would take that as she was fine. He whispered to himself>>
    06:16:27BrandonΞArrow : "Brandon Arrow your a genius"
    06:16:35BrandonΞArrow : yes gotta get up in 7 hours sorry)
    06:16:41Allene : I kid.))
    06:16:45Allene : Sweet dreams. =) ))
    06:16:50AidenΞArrow : Night))
    06:16:56BrandonΞArrow is away.
    06:19:05Virgil has joined the conversation.
    06:19:48Allene : Hello.))
    06:19:57AidenΞArrow : He could tell when his father was making excuses to leave, and this was one of those times. He catered to the elderly though and allowed him to leave on his own terms. "Of course, Da. Just don't sneak up on me, I might have company." He chuckled and drank a bit more as the old man walked off whistling. Once he was out of sight Aiden turned his -c-
    06:20:03AidenΞArrow : Welcome.))
    06:20:03Virgil : Hello.]]
    06:20:07Virgil : Thank you.]]
    06:21:55Allene : EEEK.))
    06:22:00Allene : Thunder. >< ))
    06:22:07Allene : Sorry...randomness. ))
    06:22:30AidenΞArrow : attention to the pretty blonde seated next to him at the table. He smirked a bit as he spoke, "So, cutie, odd jobs here and there huh? What is it you're trying to hide from me? Or are you trying to come off as mysterious perhaps, lure me into a cunning feminine trap? I'll have you know I'm not entirely against the idea, though I might be -c-
    06:25:54AidenΞArrow : getting ahead of myself." He tilted his head slightly and looked around the room at his crew. He had noticed her looking them over as they entered and perhaps her interest was with them and he was only a means. "Maybe you're setting your sights a bit lower. Just don't leave them too befuddled. I will need them back on the ship at some point." -c-
    06:26:13AidenΞArrow : He winked at her, whether she was looking or not, and took yet another drink from his almost half empty bottle. -d-
    06:26:27Allene : -When Brandon made it known that he was leaving, her eyes lingered on him, "Please take care of Tana..." was all she said. Her monotoned voice replaced with that of honest concern. It seems, when it came to Tana, despite how icy she became, that was her one weakness. That and the fact, she had downed almost all of her rum by now.>>
    06:28:20Allene : The drink was starting to have an influence over her. Not only has she loosened considerably, but there was a small hint of pink on her cheeks as well. However, she was not too tipsy. She still had enough sense in her to hold a conversation. When she looked Aiden in the eye, she had to admit, she was hesitant to answer him, not because>>
    06:29:56Allene : of her nature, but now that she had her full attention on him, she remembered how handsome he was. Curse those Arrow genes! Between his charm and the booze, unfortunately, Allene released a little...too much detail, "You are right. I am on a job and it has to do with one of your crewmen. But it is not what you think." She was a little>>
    06:30:32Allene : disappointed in him for thinking she was some common whore. She would think he would put her in a higher class, considering last time, she was working under her father and serving them drinks, not once did she ever flirt with him. -
    06:34:11AidenΞArrow : Now -that- piqued his interest. "A job concerning my crew?" His attention returned to her in full, "Tell me about it, maybe I could help. I probably know them a bit better than anyone else considering they work for me." He laughed lightly to ease some of the tension she was probably feeling. He had never thought of her as a whore, but she was -c-
    06:36:00Virgil has left the conversation.
    06:36:10AidenΞArrow : very attractive and he wouldn't be able to sleep properly tonight if he didn't comment on that at least a couple times, old habits had a way of sticking with someone no matter how long they'd been away. He brought a hand to his chin and stroked the stubble on it. "If I had to guess, I'd say someone hired you to track down a crew member that got -c-
    06:38:29AidenΞArrow : a bit too familiar with someone's wife or daughter. Or maybe they had sticky fingers in a port and took something of value. Enough value to send out agents looking for said item. Well? How am I doing?" He smiled once more as his hand dropped to his bottle and he idly ran his thumb around the mouth of the container. Right or wrong with his -c-
    06:38:45AidenΞArrow : guesses he had managed to keep the conversation on this topic, for now at least. -d-
    06:41:23Allene : -Well, Allene certainly was not going to give him the gratification of being right. Thus, her expression remained, subtle. It seems the Arrows were not only handsome, but clever. She should have known better. Like father, like son. And what was an even bigger blow to her ego, is that she did not know the exact reason behind her job.>>
    06:42:54Allene : Other than, her employer wanted the man's head. Leaning back against the chair she sat in, she sighed out, eyes glancing away and towards the group of men that had gathered not too far off from them. A portion of Aiden's crew. "I had never expected for it to lead me back to this place..." was all he would get in return. And again, another>>
    06:43:19Allene : moment of emotion passed her. A small smile even started to curl her lips upwards, as she was remembering the fond memories of this place.-
    06:47:32AidenΞArrow : Well, he hadn't gotten a straight answer but at least he seemed to be getting through the ice she had put up. Her smile did not go unnoticed and he took a drink in silence to let her linger in it. Once a few moments had passed he broke the silence, "So you left after I did hmm? Couldn't stand the place without me?" Another grin gave away the -c-
    06:49:31AidenΞArrow : joke and he let his gaze hold hers as long as she would allow. "Where did you go?" He was assuming she would tell him no more about her purpose for his crew, though he might come back to it later. "I just sailed around for a bit personally. Had some tough time in there though," his face darkened for a moment as he took another drink, -c-
    06:51:10AidenΞArrow : remembering the dead, "but we pulled through, just like everyone does eventually. You know you have people here to help you through the dark times, right?" He hadn't ever been close to her, but she had worked for his father and the man seemed to respect her, not to mention Tana. That brought her closer to family than most people would ever come -c-
    06:51:41AidenΞArrow : and family helped each other. Once more he made to catch her eyes and would keep her locked there until he got a response. -d-
    06:51:56Allene : -SLAM. Her hands would drop down heavily onto the table as she propped herself up promptly onto her feet. Eyes glaring daggers at him. Now there was a whole flurry of emotion rushing to her. Anger. "My leaving had nothing to do with you!", joking or not, it was known she was thoroughly offended by his comment. Considering how tense her body>>
    06:53:44Allene : language was too and how she raised her voice, it looked as if she might pounce on him. Like a wild cat on its prey. But when he continued on a more, serious note, especially when he mentioned how their might be people to help her through the rough times, did she seem to calm down once more. Enough to take her seat. Her head shook in >>
    06:55:45Allene : disagreement, "If I had stayed, I would have hurt those who had helped me..." she spoke as if he knew what she was talking about. And in that moment, did she have a realization. The person she was now, was something she had fought so hard not to become. What Galvin, her father figure and mentor had taught her to step up from. >>
    06:58:21Allene : The very nature Tana and Brandon had nutured with their kindness and generosity, she had allowed it to be crushed so easily. That was easily evident by the job she had taken up. Was fate perhaps, trying to put her back on the right path by bringing her back here? Disturbed by this revelation, she again, was quick to be on her feet, leave >>
    06:58:53Allene : some coin, and start to head for the door.-
    07:01:40Allene : Not realizing just how effective that alcohol was, her footing go ahead of her thinking, and just as she approached the door, her balance was lost.*
    07:01:47Allene : got ahead*))
    07:05:40AidenΞArrow : Her outburst seemed to startle the whole room, and not just him, but with a short shake of his head the crew resumed drinking and the rest of the room soon followed. She seemed to calm and sat back down at which point he apologized, "It was a joke, I wasn't trying to be presumptuous, I'm sorry." He bowed his head slightly and then listened -c-
    07:06:44҂Ӊāꙇḭḕḻ҂ǬȕȋȠȠ҂ has joined the conversation.
    07:06:50҂Ӊāꙇḭḕḻ҂ǬȕȋȠȠ҂ has left the conversation.
    07:06:51Allene : Hello.))
    07:06:54Allene : Good BYE.))
    07:08:01AidenΞArrow : as she continued speaking. "Perhaps, but how much did you hurt those that care when you left? Just musing is all." He had barely finished his sentence when she jumped up again and he thought more yelling would be in order, but she just tossed down some coin and made for the door. Luckily as she started to leave Aiden was quick to rise with her -c-
    07:10:19AidenΞArrow : and was on her tail when she lost balance. In other times he might have taken advantage of her situation and gotten a better understanding of her body, however he wasn't that man and his hands found her shoulders and kept her upright. "Don't forget, you have a room here. Why don't you take advantage of it and you can slip out quietly tomorrow -c-
    07:12:03AidenΞArrow : after the rum has worn off." It was more suggestion than question and he looked around for Brigit, whom he questioned about an empty room and once informed he made to turn Allene and lead her to the stairs, his hands still lightly on her shoulders should she decide to take a dive again. "You can think just as easily in bad as you can wandering -c-
    07:13:47AidenΞArrow : the streets. I'll tuck you in and you can come talk to me tomorrow if you'd like, how's that sound?" He would have been happy to share that bed with her, but any mention of a connection between the two of them seemed to upset her, she he would be a gentleman and make sure she was in bed safely before he took to his own quarters on his ship. -d-
    07:15:47Allene : -When she was steadied and her balance was restored, she just remained there. Still. But her slender shoulders, trembled. Her appearance seemed far more fragile than it was just a short time ago. That ice, had completely shattered. Melted in the form of tears. He would not notice this, until they had ascended the stairs and to the >>
    07:17:36Allene : intended, vacant room. She had been submissive and quiet the entire time. Her head bowed. But once outside of the room, she lifted her head, those tears, quiet noticable as they trickled down her cheeks. She turned and grabbed handfuls of his shirt, "I need to leave, Aiden. I cannot stay here. I have become a monster....! Ever since that >>
    07:19:08Allene : day, I have lost myself. I cannot hurt Tana! Or your father...or..." Now she was just babbling. It sounded like emotional, crazy talk, right? Releasing him, she tried to wriggle free of his strong grasp. His advice was good, but again, she did not feel right staying here. This place was making her confused.-
    07:23:41AidenΞArrow : He sighed quietly, tears were one thing he never could fully handle. He was just never sure how to respond to them, so he decided to stay the course he was on. "No, Allene, you need to stay here, you cannot leave." He took one hand from her shoulder and used it to open the door before putting it back on her and leading her through. He closed -c-
    07:25:13AidenΞArrow : it behind them with his foot. "I'm not sure what mirror you use, but we need to find you a new one. I've seen no signs that you're a monster, and I've seen a few in my time." He didn't question her about what day she was talking about since it would probably only lead to more tears. Instead he moved her to the bed and applied just enough force -c-
    07:26:41AidenΞArrow : to make her sit. "Now listen, I've seen the way you get at just mentioning Tana, I don't think you would ever hurt her. Like Brandon said, she would be happy to know that you are here. How do you think she would feel when he tells her about you and then she finds out you left again? If anything, just talk to her, who knows, maybe she can help -c-
    07:28:19AidenΞArrow : with whatever problem you're having since you won't let me in to do so." He let go of her shoulders but was ready in case she tried to bolt. If need be he would tie her to the damned bed and watch over her from a chair in the room. "Nothing has ever been lost that can't be found again. Just remember that, ok?" He stood silently after that -c-
    07:29:24AidenΞArrow : thinking it might be appropriate to give her a hug or something, but not quite sure about boundaries and other things like that. Instead he watched for some sort of reaction from her, something that could let him know what he was supposed to do next. -d-
    07:29:36Allene : -Stationed on the bed, thanks to his helpful hand. Using the back of her palm, she wiped away any remanants of tears. It had been so long since she cried. The last time was when Tana got hurt. Sucking in her breath and then releasing it slowly, she looked him straight in the eye as he lectured her. An obvious frown etched on her lips.>>
    07:31:38Allene : When he finished, she replied, "She has her own problems. The last thing she needs is to deal with mine." Then, came confession time. She did not know why she was doing it with him. It could have been the alcohol. Or maybe it was the mood. Either way, she would continue with, "I almost killed the man who hurt her. If she had not>>
    07:33:07Allene : been there and wounded, I would have snapped his neck. And then I would have taken out the group he was affiliated with." She stopped and tilted her head away, her chest would rise and fall, as she took in and released another deep breath. Once her bearings her gathered, she was up on her feet again. That ice was starting to form.>>
    07:34:10Allene : "There is nothing left for me here. That is what I will remember. But what you should remember is...you will be missing a crew member by the time I am done here." Her tone, frigid all over again, she would then move to walk pass him and to the door, if he made an attempt to stop her, she would react from there.-
    07:38:22AidenΞArrow : "The last thing she needs is to have her friend disappear again." He wondered if his father knew about her saving Tana. "So, you were the one that saved her and brought her back here. And then what, you ran away from it all?" She was getting cold again, and he doubted any amount of charm would help this time. "So there is a darkness in you -c-
    07:40:24AidenΞArrow : I'm sure someone has told you before that it is all about what you do with it, not to let it control you. Would you dishonor them this way?" He made no move to stop her this time, he wasn't in the mood for a fight and it wouldn't do any good in the state she was in. "You still have a chance to take control. But if you kill one of my crew that -c-
    07:42:07AidenΞArrow : chance fades with his life. I suggest you think about the things that make you happy. Think about your reason for continuing." He then turned to face her if she was still there. "There are people that want to help you, but once you cross that line, that will be the end of it. Are you sure you want to close that door?" He would end it with a -c-
    07:42:43AidenΞArrow : question and hopefully it would give her something to think about. He knew his crew like the back of his hand, and he would know if one came up missing. He would know who was responsible. -d-
    07:46:01Allene : -Spoken like a true Arrow. Aiden definitely had his father in him. For time and time again, she had seen that same quality in Brandon when the situation called for it. She had long since stopped infront of the door, hand rested idly on the door handle as he listened intently to his words. She remained quiet, for the longest time, as she >>
    07:47:47Allene : allowed them to soak in. She thought of Tana. Of Brandon. Of all her coworkers and the good times she had here. Nothing else measured up. The passed few months....alone, in her travels had left her desolate. Barren. A void. She had done dirty work. Just as she did in her younger years. She had not killed yet. This was her first >>
    07:49:56Allene : job she had taken up. But she figured, she had already fallen down that hole. No use in trying to recover and get out of it. Right? Wrong. Aiden's honesty had brought back that light she had been avoiding all this time. Soon enough, she moved away from the door and breaking any personal boundaries, her head came to rest on his broad back.>>
    07:52:02Allene : Forehead nestled next to a shoulder blade, as her fisted hands settled in the middle. As for any reply from her, he did not receive any yet, as she could not conjure up anything to say.-
    07:52:34Allene : This was her first job of that kind she had taken up.*))
    07:56:34AidenΞArrow : She was quiet for a long time, and he wondered if she was thinking about what he said or if maybe she had fallen asleep at the door. However, he heard her release the door handle and in what was a very unexpected move she put her head to his back. He stood still for a moment as the shock of the move started to fade. He turned slowly as to not -c-
    08:00:25AidenΞArrow : knock her off balance and stopped when her head was in his chest. This wasn't exactly how he expected this night to go for him, though he wasn't disappointed in the slightest. "Allene..." once more he needed to know she was awake...or at least get some kind of clue as to what was going through her head...slowly he raised his arms and wrapped -c-
    08:01:37AidenΞArrow : them around her back, pulling her into a comforting hug. The girl had her ice shattered, then refrozen then shattered again. If that didn't call for a hug then he just didn't understand hugs. He was still playing the gentleman though as she was quite obviously vulnerable. If Tana was mad at him for leaving imagine how mad she would be if he -c-
    08:01:51AidenΞArrow : took advantage of her friend. Though...every man had his limits...-d-
    08:05:18Allene : -She allowed it. And returned it, in full. He would know she was fully awake when her arms ensnared his waist in return and squeezed. Her fingers would clutch onto his shirt and her head tilted up, eyes once more, meeting his. "I missed home..." she finally said. Her eyes were wet, but she did not cry. It just showed, that indeed, the ice >>
    08:07:11Allene : had melted. For good. And that she would climb out of the hole she had dug. She would return to the person she wanted to be. Not the one, she used to be. "I am sorry...." she then said a few minutes after that. Shame and regret were starting to form in her now. Especially when he mentioned that she could dishonor her >>
    08:09:35Allene : relationship with Brandon and Tana by following through with the path she had walked when she first arrived here. If she had decided to pursue the assassination. Unwraveling her arms from around him, she breathed out and combed her digits through long mane of dirty blonde, only to rest again on his chest, as she looked him the eye once again.>>
    08:10:52Allene : "Thank you for setting me straight...." and Allene Young was back, once again. The one Brandon and Tana knew. The one Aiden had a glimpse of before he decided to take a leave of absence. She was in...control once more. But it was not absolute. She was still doubtful if she could keep it.-
    08:14:42Allene : only to rest them again*))
    08:16:19AidenΞArrow : He smiled down at her when she looked up at him. "There isn't anything to be sorry for. we all need to be set straight from time to time. That's the whole reason we have friends and family." He released her when she removed her own arms, though he could see in her face that she was dwelling on the negative again. "Look, no one else knows -c-
    08:19:03AidenΞArrow : what you've told me. Maybe we should keep it that way. No sense concerning them with things that don't matter, right?" He leaned down and kissed her forehead. It was an impulse move and he wasn't even aware of it until he was standing straight again. He cleared his throat slightly, "So, with that out of the way do you think you can sleep? -c-
    08:20:58AidenΞArrow : Or would you like me to stay a bit longer?" Internally he was chastising himself. Those damn months at sea had killed all of his lines. Curse boats and their lack of women....though he doubted he would want to be with a woman that went on month long trips with a bunch of sailors. Gah, the entire train of thought had just pulled him further from -c-
    08:21:37AidenΞArrow : the matter at hand. "What I mean is, I would be happy to stay if you wanted me to." A bit better...but it was still something he would have to work on. -d-
    08:23:02Allene : -The one thing that could not be denied, was an attraction between the two. Whether from being months at sea or just physical chemistry alone, when Aiden planted a kiss to her forehead, it burned, in a good way. Enough to cause chills to run down her spine and want more. If he had limits, then so did she and she was not about to hold back.>>
    08:24:13Allene : Especially with a tall and handsome Arrow infront of her. She was no whore, but she was a woman. A woman who had not been with a man, for quite some time. Without so much an answer, she stepped forward, closing the distance between them, her lips on his. She did not have to make much of a trip. There wasn't too much of a height difference>>
    08:25:57Allene : between them. Her slender form meshed firmly to his. Arms enveloped his neck, digits buried in his short locks of blonde. At one point though, she did have to pull back from the intense kiss, to take a breath. Plus, his stubble tickled her a bit. Enough to make her giggle some. In the duration of her break, she again, uttered, "Thank you. >>
    08:27:06Allene : And again, leaned in to peck his lips. This liplock was more of an affectionate one. A grateful one. It was brief too. Perhaps she was starting to gather herself again. And she feared, if she did not stop now, things might get a little too heated. Hence she loosened her hold on his neck and gave his shoulders a good pat.-
    08:28:09Allene : Without answering*))
    08:31:45AidenΞArrow : The kiss, although surprising, did answer his question and it didn't take but a second for him to respond with the kind of fervor that can be expected from a man months at sea. His hands moved to the small of her back, pulling her closer than her arms around his neck would as their lips danced with each other. When she pulled back for a breath -c-
    08:34:38AidenΞArrow : he flicked the tip of his tongue quickly across the surface of her lips and smiled in response to her thanks. She moved back in for another kiss, though he was disappointed to find it much shorter than the last. She patted his shoulders and he tilted his head, wondering if she really thought that would sedate him. He raised a brow at her -c-
    08:37:07AidenΞArrow : and gave her a sharp shove into the door at her back. She hit with a soft thud and he swooped in quickly to resume the kiss she had broken. His head had tilted again to allow his lips to press harder into hers and his tongue snaked out a few more times, meeting her lips and her own tongue as it moved. If she was adamant he would stop, but -c-
    08:37:44AidenΞArrow : no proper concept like being a gentleman was going to slow him down. Damn proper, he was a man on a mission. -d-
    08:38:05Telperien has joined the conversation.
    08:38:15AidenΞArrow : Welcome))
    08:38:21Telperien has left the conversation.
    08:38:29Allene : Scared him off.))
    08:38:37AidenΞArrow : Guess so))
    08:38:50AidenΞArrow : It's just too hot in here, lol. Should open a window))
    08:38:57Allene : That too.))
    08:40:43Allene : -The pat was not for him. It was for her. She was trying to keep a cool head. Sedate her own desires. Considering what she had seen in the past, she high doubts that Brandon would take kindly to her sleeping with his son on his first night back. That concept alone had kept her in line. However, that disappated in an instant when Aiden >>
    08:44:23Allene : pinned her to the door, lips back on hers. She savored the sensation. His hot lips on hers. Her tongue mingling with his. She really, really wanted it to continue. But again, despite her needs as a woman, she really did not feel right following through with them. For one, she did not want to be lowered down to a common whore.>>
    08:45:47Allene : She was well aware how long Aiden had been out at sea and he was a man who had not seen a woman in awhile. Two. She did not want to use him for her own desperate desires in return. Thus, she again, put a stop to it. It was hard, but she managed to pry away her lips from his and shake her head. She had to catch her breath and strength>>
    08:47:58Allene : before she could form words. Pushing him back and putting him at arm's length, she managed to say, "I think it's best...I get some sleep now." It was not the most graceful statement to say when bowing out, but, at least she was making it known.-
    08:53:23AidenΞArrow : Ouch. Rejected. He did his best to hide his disappointment though he was sure it was obvious. He took a moment to collect himself and nodded. "Of course, it's probably been a rough day for you. I should get some sleep too. Make sure to see Tana tomorrow, and I should be on my boat if you need me." He released her from the door and waited a -c-
    08:54:53AidenΞArrow : moment before saying, "I'll need to use that to leave." A grin and once she moved he was on his way out, but not before he wished her good night and sweet dreams with a wink. Surely his dreams would be sweet and he hoped hers would be as well. He was only slightly bitter at being rejected but by tomorrow that would pass. It was a short trip -c-
    08:57:07AidenΞArrow : down the stairs and to the almost empty bar room and from there to the boat. He unlocked his cabin and shut the door behind him, then put his coat up on the hanger. His windows were still open and the cold air helped to siphon the heat from his body. He undressed and crawled into bed. He didn't even realize he was tired until his head hit the -c-
    08:57:39AidenΞArrow : pillow, but he was out almost as soon as it did. He did indeed have sweet dreams, with no real thoughts about the morrow. -d-
    08:58:43Allene has left the conversation.
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