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    Post  Kaidus on Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:08 pm

    19:54:52«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : >.> wow it's quiet in here))
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    19:56:16ᴥАññóřãᴥ : It's not quiet))
    19:56:25ᴥАññóřãᴥ : There was rp a few minutes ago 8 ))
    19:56:33ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <-- Formerly Juni, btw))
    19:56:37∙†Sven†∙ : ok im back))
    19:56:42ᴥАññóřãᴥ : WB))
    19:56:46«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : so you all just went quiet when I walked in?!))
    19:56:47∙†Sven†∙ : ty))
    19:57:06ᴥАññóřãᴥ : It's the authority effect))
    19:57:18Elyse : Kai can I whisper you please?)
    19:57:26ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Everyone goes quiet when the hammer comes in)
    19:57:50«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : if you can...then yes xD...if not let me know))
    19:59:21∙†Sven†∙ took her hand and gave a nod as Annora replied to him. Sven took a seat across from her..."There is no real occasion besides just another day to drink". He took a seat across from her as he put his hand up in the air and looked back at the bar..."Another Ale!" he said loud enough with a chuckle. Sven looked back to her and he asked curiously <C>
    20:03:09∙†Sven†∙ "what brings you to these parts" . Sven sat back crossing his arms his dual axes resting against the wooden back of the chair. He kept an eye out for the sailor and the mans friends as he expected the man may get heated enough to start a ruckus against Sven. He always drunk or not kept a good eye out for anything that could be a possible threat<C
    20:03:22∙†Sven†∙ to him.<D>
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    20:08:48ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora smiled softly, sitting back and sipping the ale slowly- it was pretty good. "The day is reason enough to celebrate, I'd suppose." She said with a smile, looking around. "I'm hoping to relocate here- I've got some lands around here that I inherited. Nothing too fancy, but they have good sheep stock." She shrugged <c>
    20:11:31Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg slowly walked towards the wench, hoping that perhaps today might hold some interesting events for him. He walked over to the docks, his eyes shifting from person to person as he made his way to the tavern. A small smile hung on the lips of the fighter, thinking that perhaps today would hold a few fights for him. If he was lucky, he would >
    20:12:37ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> her shoulders. "Nothing too interesting. I just came by boat- the Captain owes me a favor and was coming this way anyway. But more immediately, lunch brings me here." She said, trying to lighten her rather dull reasons for moving. "And what brings you here? Just the good ale?" She asked, flagging a server down to get a plate of lunch and a <c>
    20:12:40Sīεgfгїεδ : be able to use his full power without having to worry about killing anyone. That was just an idle hope that he held everyday, and rarely did the opportunity come up that he was actually able to do so. He took a step into the building and cast his gaze around, amking sure everything was as orderly as he expected: no fights, no one harrassing the >
    20:12:43ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> refill for her glass.+
    20:13:01Sīεgfгїεδ : staff, else they would get violently removed from the premises by him. -f-
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    20:17:40∙†Sven†∙ : skip me i gotta run for a few work calls))
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    20:39:59ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +As Sven moved on Annora shrugged. The plate was brought and she smiled- fresh fish chowder from the docks. The bread was good- course brown bread, but she liked brown better than white anyway. She leaned back in the chair as she ate, watching those that ventured out to the tavern that day. Most were sailors- a few lower class merchants. <c>
    20:42:58ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> She was keeping her eye mostly on their clothing- trying to gauge the style of the kingdom. While the royalty usually led the fashions for the nobility, the merchant and middle class needed clothing as well. She yawned a little, digging into her lunch- hungry for a meal that didn't take place on a rolling deck.+
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    20:58:33ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Welcome))
    20:58:50Ģidęoŋ : got sick of his last name being there >.>))
    20:58:54Ģidęoŋ : And thanks))
    20:59:52Ŧαнαяїαľ : tempermental elfthing))
    21:02:34Ŧαнαяїαľ : - Taharial made his way from the pond he had been snoozing in back to the city and the King's Head. He figured he could indulge with one mead before making his way towards the castle to submit the paperwork he'd need to run the tannery. Sigh. Paperwork. Pushing the door open, the large man ducked into the room and then dropped himself into one of >
    21:03:27Ŧαнαяїαľ : the chairs near the window. Hair was tucked back from his face as he looked outside into the bright light of the day and the head reflecting off the ground. Ugh. So not his type of day. He was likely to evapourate if the temperatures stayed this high much longer. THere was a reason his kind didn't live in jungles and other such nonsensical areas. >
    21:03:50Ŧαнαяїαľ : Motioning to the tender for some drink, he waite for the chilled mead to be brought to him before he eagerly gulped down a couple mouthfuls. -
    21:06:41Ģidęoŋ : -Another day of plying his wares to the traders of Hadara...not in a seedy manner of course. It was all above board. Gideon had avoided another run in with the brats who held no appreciation for his swordfighting skills or what he might be capable of teaching to them...Children always did tend to miss the big picture. The elf arrived at the -c-
    21:09:19Ģidęoŋ : King's Head drenched in the sweat of the day, pack dumped in the doorway as he lifted his tunic and flashing the tanned flesh of his torso in attempt to cool down. There was a cool pinch around the corner...his elven senses told him that much...or maybe it was the gossipy single toothed fishwives who had made it known to him that a storm was -c-
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    21:12:31Ģidęoŋ : brewing. Gideon really did seem to attract a whole host of weirdos wherever he went it would seem. Speaking of weirdos...oh look, there was Hari. He hadn't seen the nymph since the beach and he gave him a light wave as he dragged his bag closer to the man. Had he sought the man out? No...he just happened to be staying here. "Drink...need...a -c-
    21:13:59Ģidęoŋ : drink..." He whispered in a dramatic manner as he dropped his frame into the nearest chair. "Ahh at least it's cooler in here..."-
    21:14:13Ģidęoŋ : Annora, not sure where you are but feel free to join in))
    21:14:38ᴥАññóřãᴥ : I was at a generic "inn on the docks"- I'll make my way over))
    21:15:28Ģidęoŋ : Lol, generally people go to either King's Head (nicer place in the marketplace) or the Drowned Wench, which is at the docks))
    21:15:35Ģidęoŋ : just for future referance xD))
    21:16:07ᴥАññóřãᴥ : We'll say I'm at the drowned wench then ^.^))
    21:18:29Ŧαнαяїαľ : so we're waiting for you?))
    21:19:28ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Finishing her lunch and paying, Annora headed out into the city again to explore the place she had decided would be her new home. While the fish chowder was excellent at the Drowned Wench, she had no intention of staying the night there. The forest would be more hospitable- she knew she needed a more genteel base of operation. A few inquiries <c>
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    21:22:24«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Wb both of you))
    21:22:32∙†Sven†∙ : sry bout that and ty))
    21:23:08ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> later she learned of King's Head- well travelled and known for reasonable rates. She made her way there, slipping into the room- out of direct sunlight, it was much cooler than outside. She made her way to the bar and sat, letting out a sigh of relief. It was too hot to be out and about on a day like today- but she knew that a storm would <c>
    21:23:57ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> likely be rolling in soon. She pushed a curl out of her face, silently cursing her too-short hair that seemed to always be in her eyes.+
    21:26:18Elyse : welcome)
    21:29:10Elyse : Her fingers had callouses from twisting the reeds. She had spent the day weaving but had to stop for she had cut her thumb on the knife she used to trip the reeds. Her thumb was bandaged but the crimson stain still seeped through. It took more time to change it then to just quit and wait till the morrow. She had some coin-
    21:30:17Ŧαнαяїαľ : - Raising a brow as the dramatic elf slumped into a seat across from him, Hari merely slid his sweating tankard of mead across to the other man. "Maybe a small sip, don't need you stumbling around again." Chuckling softly he leaned back in his chair and settled with his arms folded across his chest. "How was selling your stuff today?" He figured >
    21:30:44Elyse : in her pocket and stepped into the Kings Head to get something to drink before heading off to the camp. She had ridden Tal in to town and would need to pick him up at the stables but for now her stomach rumbled with the anticipation of food and her throat was parched. A light sheen of sweat coated her features as she stepped into-
    21:31:49Ŧαнαяїαľ : that's what the pack was for. Which would also explain why the man was sweating like a pig. Really something had to be done about this heat. Hm...maybe he could make it rain or something. It'd be worth a shot right? Once the elf had taken a drink of his ale, he took the large mug back and took another drink himself. Turquoise eyes watched as >
    21:32:13Ŧαнαяїαľ : another stranger came in and made her way over to the bar. "So what is on your agenda for today, now that you're done pushing your merchandise on the populace?" -
    21:32:48Elyse : the tavern. It was slightly cooler and much cooler then sitting out in the sun as she had been all day. Her cheeks had a tinge of red, as the smell of spice followed her movement. Dressed in a skirt and a deep red blouse she sat gratefully on a chair and ordered some cider.
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    21:37:59Ģidęoŋ : -The man's tankard was grasped as it was offered out and several gulped mouthfuls disappeared down his throat before it was given back...Maybe that had been more than a small sip. Oh well. Gideon ordered another drink for himself and Hari to make up for it. "Thank you Hari...I feel much better..." He gave his body a shake down and after a few-c-
    21:40:16Ģidęoŋ : moments he had his elven composure back. Elves had a habit of being able to look all sparkly and sheened with minimal effort. Less like a sweaty pig t least. "It went average...I kept getting accosted by toothless croons cooing over me however..." he sighed, his limbs draped perfectly across the chair. "As for the rest of the day...I haven't got-c-
    21:42:06Ģidęoŋ : a clue....It took all my effort just to make it back here in this heat..." His bright eyes followed Annora in and he dropped his feet off the nearest chair if she had the inclination to join them...No outright invite because he was still too busy preening. "How about you Hari? How comes the search for employment...?"-
    21:42:09∙†Sven†∙ he moved down the city street pushing through people where the crowd may be too thick. He wore his normal linen clothing and leather boots. His two Axes on his back as normal, he never left without them. He had been to every estabilishment that provided ale. Though he moved into kings head tavern as his last stop or had he been there before this<C>
    21:44:50∙†Sven†∙ day, he couldnt quite remember as it was a bit of a blur since earlier in the day even though he was comming down of the buzz he had going. Though he stopped as he saw Elyse in his current field of vision and he spoke loud enough heartily "Elyse, ah the gods show favor on me this hour!" he had a bit to drink and it was obvious at least it would<C>
    21:46:11∙†Sven†∙ be for her. Sven rested his hands on his belts that crossed his chest his grin ever present on his face. He was always excited to see Elyse, except for the few times she was upset with him. The only woman to have been able to back the towering man into a corner of insecurity.<D>
    21:46:15ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora looked up at the other patrons as she caught her breath from the walk. She smiled as the tender came to her- spying the cider the other woman got, it seemed like an excellent idea. "I'll have a cider too, please." She said, pulling the fabric of her linen shirt a little way from her chest to keep it from sticking as badly. There was <c>
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    21:47:12«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Hey Sybi))
    21:47:40Sybilla·Covelin : Hai. )
    21:48:46ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> little that could be done for the rest of her outfit- most of her clothes were still in her trunk on the boat, waiting for a place to be sent. The soft green bodice wasn't too bad, but the black skirts were definitely too thick. Linen, next time. She looked up as she spotted Sven, smiling a little as she watched him stumble into the room <c>
    21:49:44ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> and greet the young girl at the counter. Her eyes went to the gentlemen at the table, just observing for the moment.+
    21:52:55Elyse : Elyse smiled at Annora and wiped her forhead with the back of her hand. "it is very hot out there today, cider should perk you up !" her eyes turned toward Svens voice and she quirked her mouth "Well Sween please do not be shy and come and have a drink though I would guess that perhaps you have had a few before me" she shook her head-
    21:53:29Ŧαнαяїαľ : - Taking his drink back, it was quickly finished as a second was brought round at Gideon's signal. "I just have to go to the castle and submit some paperwork and requests to be able to run the Tannery. It'll do for now I suppose. But it can take some time to get approvals so I don't know when I'll be able to start." Shrugging, he took a small sip >
    21:54:25Ŧαнαяїαľ : of the second drink, not wanting to get drunk too fast. He'd never be able to live down making a bad impression on Gideon. "so you're done for the day then? Which means I could stalk you and steal up more of your time hm?" He shrugged as if that might be an idea worth considering. His eyes continued to watch the women and now another man at the >
    21:56:11Elyse : with a soft chuckle of affection. She spoke again to the girl with the short cropped hair "Newly come to the city? I noticed your clothing was a bit hot. I would suggest a light cotten to help wisk the sweat off your body." she gave Sven a sidelong glance " I am Elyse and as you heard that is Sween" she could never pronounce his name -
    21:56:30Elyse : correctly and he had never said anything. V sounds were not ones she was familar with.
    21:57:11Ŧαнαяїαľ : counter. "Seems like more people had the same idea to take refuge from the heat here." Turning his head to glance at Gideon briefly, he then looked back over at the others by the bar. "Perhaps we should propose finding a nice cool stream or something to go swimming in? That'd help us cool down wouldn't it?" -
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    22:03:27Ģidęoŋ : Hey Liv))
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    22:03:36Livana : hiya)
    22:03:39«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Welcome))
    22:03:40Elyse : welcome x2)
    22:03:48√αζмαг : Thankyou.)
    22:04:07Livana : ty))
    22:04:44Elyse : play is in the Kings Head at this moment)
    22:07:49Elyse : moof check?)
    22:07:54∙†Sven†∙ : good))
    22:08:02∙†Sven†∙ : was about to do the same))
    22:08:07√αζмαг : I am browsing the site.)
    22:08:13Elyse : your post Sven)
    22:08:35∙†Sven†∙ : oh my apologies))
    22:08:59Ŧαнαяїαľ : i'm waiting on Gideon. I think he died o.o mebbe the rain made him float away?))
    22:09:15Ģidęoŋ : -Hiding from the heat. Clearly what this place needed important was...snow. Or an iceberg. He'd seen both in his travels but he got the impression it wouldn't travel well. Most people wouldn't pay through the nose for a puddle of cool water...Shame. "You don't sound too enamoured by the idea Hari...if you don't really want to play with leather...-c
    22:10:49Ģidęoŋ : find something you want to do?" He didn't gulp down his drink when it arrived, blowing the hair from his eyes as he eyed the tankard and the tempation it brought...no no, no need to get totally drunk right now. "I think if you intend to stalk me you're not doing a very good job...I thought stalkers were meant to keep their distance?" He quipped. -c
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    22:13:14∙†Sven†∙ Sven moved next to Elyse and put his hand up at one of the serving wenches shouting out to them..."Ale....bring me the whole cask" he joked as he laughed and looked back to Annora..."ah yes Sven it is yet again" as he reintroduced himself to her and looked back to Elyse. Sven spoke again to her saying..."you know me much better, I have had more"
    22:13:20∙†Sven†∙ <C>
    22:13:21Ģidęoŋ : Eyes found the gaggle of people closeby but made no attempt to interact...he was too hot and too lazy to bother right now. "It would, although if we had any business sense we'd cordon it off and charge people an entrance fee..." He took a few more mouthfuls of drink...a cold stream sounded good but the effort of moving did not.-
    22:15:14∙†Sven†∙ "then a few drinks...I have....lost count" it was true he held his ale well. He had then looked around the room and did not see the sailor that he had almost had an altercation with earlier in the day. Sven still stood there his hands on his belts on his chest. He more or lessed looked around the room sizing up anyone who might be able to be <C>
    22:16:45∙†Sven†∙ considered a threat. Sven loved drinking, fighting, and well a few other things, however his few loves he kept close. His eyes would shift back and forth from Elyse and Annora and wondered what plots had been going on since his time away from Elyse.<D>
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    22:20:54Ŧαнαяїαľ : ugh i need to go cool off IRL. way too hot here x.x ))
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    22:21:05Ŧαнαяїαľ : when I get back we can go swimmings!
    22:21:07Ŧαнαяїαľ : *))
    22:22:24ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora nodded to Elyse, smiling a bit. "Aye- I know. I'm a weaver. All my good clothes are in the cargo hold of the boat, unfortunately." She said with a smile, watching Sven, her eyes turning to Elyse. "I'm Annora- weaver and seamstress." She said offering Elyse her hand in introduction. Her eyes went to the serving girls, who seemed to be <c>
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    22:31:57Elyse : Elyse patted the seat next to her "Come and sit by me before you get yourself into trouble." She gave him a wink for all his passions at least she was one of them and so much was forgiven. He did whatever he set his mind to with his whole being. "So how are you at feild medicine?" she held up her thumb with its damp bandage on it and hints of red-
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    22:32:22Elyse : wb )
    22:32:25ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Moofy attack))
    22:32:27ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Ty))
    22:32:30∙†Sven†∙ : wb))
    22:32:32Elyse : +Annora nodded to Elyse, smiling a bit. "Aye- I know. I'm a weaver. All my good clothes are in the cargo hold of the boat, unfortunately." She said with a smile, watching Sven, her eyes turning to Elyse. "I'm Annora- weaver and seamstress." She said offering Elyse her hand in introduction. Her eyes went to the serving girls, who seemed to be <c>
    22:36:10ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> working on bringing up the cask. "I was looking to find a room to rent- then I can contact the Captain and have him send me my things." She said with a bright smile as the cider had been brought. She nodded her thanks to the girl that brought it and sipped it, letting out a deep breath before looking to Sven, inclining her head. "I can't <c>
    22:36:29ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> wait for the rain- it will definitely take an edge off of the god-awful heat."+
    22:37:35Elyse : Elyse patted the seat next to her "Come and sit by me before you get yourself into trouble." She gave him a wink for all his passions at least she was one of them and so much was forgiven. He did whatever he set his mind to with his whole being. "So how are you at feild medicine?" she held up her thumb with its damp bandage on it and hints of red-
    22:39:31Elyse : she of course was a healer herself but she was not adverse to bringing out his more tender side. She gave a wry smile "If your as good at that as catching rabbits with enough meat to make a pie then I might lose this thumb" she took the cider and drank deeply of its contents. The liquid hit her system and began to slowly refresh-
    22:40:53Elyse : she had been dehydrated and her body was feeling the effects.
    22:43:17∙†Sven†∙ Sven would shake head to her offer of the seat and he put his hand out resting it on the side of Elyse's neck and he said..."I must tend to hunting and trapping some mroe today, I have spent too much time in liesure" he gave a smirk followed by a bit of chuckle. Sven brough his hand back to rest on the belt again and he said..."Well Ladies I"<C>
    22:44:43∙†Sven†∙ "shall make my departure" he cleared his throat and shook his head the top knot he had in his hair at the point shifted as he did so. Sven moved to the door almsot stumbling out of the frame as he exited the building. He moved down the city street pushing past a few crowds here and there. Sven made his way back towards the camp to finish up his<C>
    22:45:09∙†Sven†∙ errands only to find a strange new scent that brought back a few more old memories<D>
    22:46:02∙†Sven†∙ : alrighty im going to run and try to take some pills and go to sleep lol))
    22:46:08Elyse : night!)
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    22:48:31Elyse is away.
    22:54:55ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora smiled softly to Elyse, watching her interact with Sven with a light interest as her eyes wandered the room. A sketchbook was produced from her leather bag, which she used to start designing a few gowns- one for a lower class woman, and one for a higher class. She was a fair hand, and she moved to a corner of the room, taking out a few <c>
    22:56:54ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> watercolors. Revived using the condensation from her glass, she dipped the small brush, starting to set down the rough colors for the dresses. A soft sky blue would be good for the merchant's dress- being less vibrant, it would be one of the middle run-offs from the dye batch.+
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    23:44:55Ghοst : Hello? .__.))
    23:45:16AlexDkar : yo))
    23:45:38AlexDkar : sorry was afk at work))
    23:49:00AlexDkar : "Alex im telling you it will never work!" the guard shook his head in frustration to which alex merely ignored "The world doesnt turn on what cannot be done or would be assumed unable to achive Dalth" his reply was firm enough to show he wasnt going to back down "We take measures of faith in steps of solidity" Alex would raise his brow at Dalths-c
    23:51:50AlexDkar : comment and shake his head "Its ironic i almost called you young in mind" shaking his head he'd lean back against the rock "ghosts of our fathers will not live upon the shoulders of our youth" holding up his hand "at this point i will tell you i am done with that and i want you to head back and i'll return to the kingdom when i deem it time" a -c-
    23:52:59AlexDkar : salute that he could see was burning the kid alive inside and he'd take his leave, Alex would then sigh and rest easily against the rock, the waves crashing in now "drakkar...im losing the grip" he said aloud and looked to the sky above "where are you eve...i need your guidance now more than ever" it was a rather pathetic sight to see him asking-c-
    23:53:40AlexDkar : the air for guidance but the only shoulder he'd ever leaned on had dissappeared many many years ago and he feared she was dead and it pained him that he failed to protect her like he'd promise, a dark demon that ate at him every day.~E
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    01:14:40ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora smiled softly to Elyse, watching her interact with Sven with a light interest as her eyes wandered the room. A sketchbook was produced from her leather bag, which she used to start designing a few gowns- one for a lower class woman, and one for a higher class. She was a fair hand, and she moved to a corner of the room, taking out a few <c>
    01:14:43ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> watercolors. Revived using the condensation from her glass, she dipped the small brush, starting to set down the rough colors for the dresses. A soft sky blue would be good for the merchant's dress- being less vibrant, it would be one of the middle run-offs from the dye batch.+
    01:26:14Elyse : Sven left and she moved back to her cider. "You have met Sween before? I hope it was before he started drinking. He is much more, shall we say bigger then life when he has some ales in him" she gave a slight smile and then ordered some stew from the wench. "A tailor did you say? I have wanted some lighter -
    01:27:47Elyse : clothing since I got here. I have only a few things that will do." She looked embarassed "Or did you say a weaver? I am afraid that Sween had me a bit bufuddled when he came in. He does know how to make a entrance when he wants to " she nodded toward the stew that was being brought."I would reccommend the stew here its very good-
    01:27:57Elyse : and I must say I enjoy the large chunks of meat"
    01:35:04ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora put her paints and sketch away, lifting her head. "Both, actually." She said with a smile. "And yes- I met him around lunch time, but I'm afraid he was well into his cups by then." She said with a smile, leaning back in the chair and looking to Elyse. "I heard him singing and stepped into the pub he was at. Not a bad place on the docks- <c>
    01:36:55Sīεgfгїεδ has joined the conversation.
    01:37:01Elyse : welcome)
    01:37:14Sīεgfгїεδ : I got my new charge cord back, so I had to set up the comptuer stuff ))
    01:37:25ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> A bit on the seedy side, but the fish chowder was excellent. Fresh fish from the docks can't be beat." She said with a smile, sipping her cider. "You mentioned your hand hurt- I could take a look at it if you'd like? I don't know much about healing, I'll admit, but I've gotten my fair share of bumps and cuts and the like- I <c>
    01:37:30Sīεgfгїεδ is away.
    01:37:32ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> might be able to help a bit."+
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    01:39:40Elyse : Quirking a brow she asked "Singing was he? Yes he had advanced a bit and odd that he was at the Docks bar but it is a bit nearer the marketplace. " she looked at her bandaged hand and shook her head "It will be fine, I will make a poultice for it tonight to make sure to draw out in infections." the stew was placed before her in a -
    01:43:15Elyse : wooden bowl with a piece of bread on the side. She tore small pieces of it and let it soak up broth from the stew as she picked them down with the wooden spoon."I am a healer of sorts, I use plants , not really a healer so to speak but I guess you could call me a herbalist. Plants can be used for many things besides healing." she took a chunk of-
    01:43:47Elyse : meat and chewed and swallowed before she went on. Her eyes turned to Annora with frank appraisal "Sween did not offend you in any way did he?"
    01:51:41ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora smiled softly. "I know a fair bit about plants myself- they always make the best dyes." She said, smiling. "But it's good that you're a healer- I admit that the extent of my knowledge is limited to patching up soldiers fresh of the battlefield and handing out steaks for eyes." She said, smiling softly into her cup, forcing herself not <c>
    01:54:38ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> to remember- the dark flash across her eyes spoke volumes. "No- he didn't offend me." She said, smiling up to Elyse. "I spent about three years serving with a group of military men- honestly, it was a bit refreshing to be treated like some lass, with none of the 'm'lady's and all that." She said, finishing her glass of cider as a a refill <c>
    01:54:45ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> was brought.+
    02:00:27Elyse : "he is nothing like I have met before. His ways are a bit strange to me though I have to say he is always polite and yet ...."she shook her head and took another bite of stew."So are you passing through Hadara or do you mean to stay for a while?" she had met many that were just passing through the town it seemed-
    02:02:26Malεna has joined the conversation.
    02:02:44Elyse : to be such a place that attracted some for a quick job and then they were gone. "I came here and thought I would stay for just a while but plans did change. I plan on making baskets and selling poultice and such till I can earn enough moneys to some how ...keep things pleasent enough for me." she fished out a broth-
    02:02:46Elyse : welcome)
    02:03:13Elyse : soaked piece of bread and popped it in her mouth. "I am sure there is plenty for you to do here as well if you were looking for a job"
    02:04:35Malεna : Thanks ]
    02:09:55ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +She sipped her drink with a smile, nodding. "I am hoping to find a job and stay. I heard there was an opening for a clothing shop. I'm a bit of jack of all trades- while weaving is what I know the best, I also know a bit of metalsmithing and am handy enough with a needle." She shrugged a little. "Habit of being born poor, I suppose- I picked <c>
    02:12:10ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> up a fair amount of skills from my parents, and when I married I learned enough to fake nobility until I could learn what I was actually supposed to be doing. " She said, leaning back in the chair some more and sipping her drink. "Of course, then we went off to war and being a peasant was a blessing and most noblemen who followed their <c>
    02:12:19ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> husbands proved to be useless."+
    02:14:51Elyse : She listened and nodded as she ate finally asking more questions "Your husband is in Hadara as well?" she realized that she was probably being a bit too nosy for her own good but she was curious. "I think Sween said something about women in his clan. I cannot remember if they fight or not though he told me that the warriors often fight over-
    02:16:13Elyse : women" she scraped the last bit of succulence that was her meal into her spoon and then washed it all down with a drink from her cider. "I travel alone and have had to learn many things without a man. Though traveling alone can get rather lonely. My horse knows all my secrets for he has been the only one I have had to talk to for long-
    02:16:18Elyse : streches of time."
    02:17:10Malεna : [ “The bag, if you would.” A metal hand waited open as the woman went about the task of loosening the knot of the small purse and handed it to the guard. There was nothing to check, no knives or suspect vials; simply a reasonable count of coin intended to make a Ladies journey all the more comfortable. Malena, bored by the >
    02:18:40Malεna : spectacle of the guardsmen, waved away their thanks and continued past the gate towards the castle; her dark dresses bundled in both hands to avoid catching the dust littering the path before her. The entry way was indeed what most would consider ‘grand’, the archways soaring so high overhead that the woman needn’t bother with the >
    02:20:54Malεna : indecency of craning ones neck. She had seen castles, and each presented the same history of blood and death and honour – and besides – it was hardly a nobles place to gawk and splutter with awe. A round chin lifted in preparation as the smells of the castle lobby began to permeate the stones; the Aristocrats jewelled fingers >
    02:23:03Malεna : the reds of her gown to present herself in full... A tall woman, well past the age of buxom youth, strode confidently through to the lobby, grey eyes rolling calmly across the setting. She belonged here, amid the old and antiquated, the feint lines about her lips growing all the more >
    02:23:52Malεna : formidable as dark flesh pressed together tightly. Intriguing, she thought with an uprising brow. Perhaps this place will provide the information she needs... ]
    02:24:50ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +She shook her head. "No- I am a widow." She said, sipping her cider. "Died in the war that we were fighting." She said, smiling softly to her. "My stepson holds the estate now and gives me a healthy allowance from the lands, which is kind of him." She said, tucking a stray curl behind her ear. "I was a second marriage. A bit of a fairytale. He <c>
    02:28:03ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> saw me on my father's farm and arranged our marriage the same day." She said with a shrug. "But now I travel alone. You get used to it- make friends where you can, move on when you can't. "+
    02:28:23ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Sorry for the short post, cutting out a pattern piece))
    02:30:29Elyse : no worries brb)
    02:34:56Malεna : Sorry to be rude and not continue my entrance, called into work early. Sorry and hope you all have a great night! ))
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    02:40:57Elyse : back sorry)
    02:43:39ᴥАññóřãᴥ : np, wibbles))
    02:45:17Elyse : She pushed the bowl back and spoke softly"Forgive me if I brought up memories or tried to delve too deeply." she chuckled "Sween must be rubbing off on me because he can be rather bold in his questions. I think it is his way for his clan. I do not understand how it works but they are very primitive in many ways. He speaks and -
    02:46:45Elyse : does not seem to be able to understand social situations. Perhaps it is because he does not remember everything" she sat back and nodded to Annora "It is good that you dont have to worry about money. There are few professions for women that pay plenty. I am happy to have enough for the week. I do not mind hard work but when winter comes-
    02:47:05Elyse : I will have to make some sort of arrangements for living in the forest at the height of winter can be daunting"
    02:53:47ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +Annora smiled softly. "I can't imagine that you will have to live in the forest for winter- not with a friend like Sven about." She smiled softly, finishing her drink. "And do not worry about bringing up memories- I deal with them all the time- there is no such thing as bringing them up because they are not very buried." She said, a touch of <c>
    03:00:53ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> remorse to her voice. "It is a sad thing, of course. But I will survive." She said, running a hand through her short curls. "So, you are now making baskets- though I would be surprised that a city such as this doesn't have a healer's guild or perhaps a apothecary that could use some help. I know in the big cities I've been in before, there <c>
    03:01:44ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> are usually both. In summertime, my mother used to gather herbs for the shop and they used to pay a pretty penny for some of the rarer ones."+
    03:07:08Elyse : I need to scoot for about a half hour I am sorry family thing)
    03:07:35Elyse is away.
    03:07:55ᴥАññóřãᴥ : No worries))
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    03:45:04Riggs_Behren : thanks much))
    03:46:41Riggs_Behren : wow, everywhere is so quiet tonight))
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    03:49:37_Jacob_Owens_ : thanks again, just changed characters))
    03:50:46ᴥАññóřãᴥ : I figured after I looked at the new profile))
    03:51:18_Jacob_Owens_ : yep, two characters. Modern and not))
    03:51:23_Jacob_Owens_ : very similar))
    03:56:37ᴥАññóřãᴥ : +After speaking with the innkeep and securing a room for the next week or so until she found more permanent lodging, she went to the streets again. Night time in the city was always interesting- as a poor country girl at heart, it still hadn't lost it's splendor as people ended the work of the day and spilled onto the streets for dinner and <c>
    03:59:53ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> entertainment. She let out a deep breath as a sea breeze rustled her short hair- night time was always the worst. In the night was when the sadness crept up, when the memories got just a little more than she could handle. The change of scenery helped of course, but it wasn't a complete cure. She sidestepped a lightweight who was stumbling <c>
    04:00:18ᴥАññóřãᴥ : <c> from a tavern and made her way towards the beach.+
    04:01:21_Jacob_Owens_ : mind if I join in?))
    04:02:12ᴥАññóřãᴥ : That was the intent, actually))
    04:02:18ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Everyone else is AFK))
    04:02:43_Jacob_Owens_ : lol aight))
    04:04:34_Jacob_Owens_ Jacob had been wandering through this unfamiliar city for several hours now, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells. He rarely frequented such large areas and it often took him a while for his senses to get used to the great amount of goings on and peoples. He was barefoot and simply wore a pair of tattered pants that were little more than <c>
    04:06:45_Jacob_Owens_ knee length. He wasn't filthy, but the dust covered his feet and his white hair was cut short. He wore several days of facial hair growth on his face. Had he known what a peasant he looked like he would probably have been embarassed, yet he had been in the wilderness for so many weeks alone that he had forgotten to consider his appearance. <c>
    04:08:56_Jacob_Owens_ a large travelers tote was thrown carelessly over his shoulder, clean clothes and necessities within. Lashed between the shoulder harnesses was a large simple sword. Simple but in good working order. He finally realized that his stomach had been growling, but when he looked up he chuckled as he watched a woman step around a drunk. He<c>
    04:09:48_Jacob_Owens_ he watched her head towards the beach and wondered what it was about her, but for some reason he felt that she was in some sort of emotional stress. Still, he's not quite the intrusive type so he kept walking quietly trying to sniff out a quiet place to find a meal. <e>
    04:11:44ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Ugh, I've got to run))
    04:11:50ᴥАññóřãᴥ : Sorry!))
    04:12:05ᴥАññóřãᴥ : I hope we run into each other again!)0
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