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    Post  Kaidus on Tue Jun 28, 2011 2:14 pm

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    11:57:52»Đãřâẏ« : can someone boot me from the OOC room when you have a minute?? I'm all ghosted in there x.x))
    12:06:09»Đãřâẏ« : nevermind ^^ all fixed))
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    14:15:14«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : look what the nyan cat dragged in))
    14:19:19Livana : pounces Tory*))
    14:33:51Tory-Oakcroft : Nyan nyan!)
    14:34:17Tory-Oakcroft : -Kicks them both outta thei cuppies.-)
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    14:37:40«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -rolls-))
    14:41:20Tory-Oakcroft : -humps and dives IC. Is in novel mode.-)
    14:42:44Tory-Oakcroft : -cracks fingers-)
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    14:43:49Livana : isnt kai stuck at the castle?))
    14:44:46Tory-Oakcroft : =Lay upon his bed, staring upward the ceiling cracks were beginning to become second nature to him. 36. There were 36, and one of them had gotten a little bigger. The truth was he was finding he had very little to do as of late. With things less tense, it almost made them tedious. The knights gone he presumed, Gia and dom had been AWOL for -c-
    14:46:39«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : o.o...yeah, i'm kept on a leash attached to Adie's bed >.>))
    14:46:47Livana : lmao!))
    14:47:12«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : nah, I'm allowed out for excersise once a day >.>?))
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    14:49:41Tory-Oakcroft : atleast, two weeks now. Pushing his hand back through his hair, the air inside the Wench was always thicker than anywhere else. The smoke, and sailor smell leaving it filled with a musky, almost throat shredding scent. Bright sunlight was streaming through the curtains. Had it really been another night with only an hour or so sleep? His head had -c
    14:50:57Tory-Oakcroft : spun all night. Tossing through everything, as he just couldn't quite weigh things up. Liv's words were still haunting his mind. The glistening look in her eye, as tears had threatened. It just didn't ring true. Liv was hard faced, well controlled. If anything she would get angry, attack launch hurling boulders of verbal assaults and fists...-c-
    14:52:30Tory-Oakcroft : not cry like a wounded girl. Yes, sometimes he did forget she was a girls....other times he knew all too well. The second thought had a smirk rolling, and his head chased his night on the beach. That was another story. One tat was beginning to give him a head ache, and bring him to a conclusion that it was possibly not worth the migraine. -c-
    14:55:12Tory-Oakcroft : Having been hauled up in bed for a good few hours, just staring at the ceiling his body had been aching. His ribs still sore, so it ment he lacked sleep as everytime he turned onto that side it woke him with a start. His flesh had offset from the cinnamon tan it usually held. The slight undertone of milky skin, running under the tanned flesh -c-
    14:58:00Tory-Oakcroft : leaving it pale. He pulled himself to standing, still lacking a shirt. Black pants hung low on his hips, the thick cotton waist band almost threatening to drop as he stretched out his shoulders and back. The door swung open, a young maid bustling in without warning. Wow. That was rude, although he supposed it was late in the day, for him the -c-
    14:58:59«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Weather: Hot and sticky, with sun throughout the day))
    14:59:19«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : just for your referance, since I can't put it in the topic))
    14:59:46Tory-Oakcroft : wenches and maids used to him being out at latest just after dawn. The girl hadn't looked up, until he raised a brow and cleared his throat. "Can I help?" His blonde spikes shifted again as he watched the woman suddenly panic. Dropping her bucket, the water spilt across the floor. The pool spread over the floor of the room and he rubbed the -c-
    15:00:18Tory-Oakcroft : the bridge of his nose slightly. Well it was one way to start the day.=
    15:05:30«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -The night had been one of drunken, fevered dreams. One ale had turned into several and he'd ended up sleeping on a couch in the parlour...He wasn't sure how, since he couldn't remember getting there but he presumed Carmella had hauled his drunken rear there...thankfully she hadn't decided to remove his breeches in the process. Rowan wandering -c-
    15:07:45«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : in on him naked from the waist down sprawled across a sofa probably wasn't the best impression to give the Prince after so long without having to endure his presence. The hangover was harsh and thrummed in his head like a bitch but Kaidus had endured a lot worse pain in his life...and a lot worse hangovers. Rising early to run drills after a -c-
    15:09:27«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : night drinking homebrewed liquor until a few hours prior was worse...trust him on that. Nothing like starting the days spewing up your insides into the desert sands. As a hangover cure he'd gone for a run...he couldn't face getting tangled with the guard and it gave him the oppurtunity to cover the long distance between the castle and the Hadaran-c
    15:10:54«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : stables. Despite the distance, his age and the alcohol he made it in good time and didn't even end up completely drenched in sweat. A quick check that everything was running fine and it was time for breakfast...after his wedding Kaidus had somewhat clung to the castle because he assumed everyone out in Hadara would know his face and treat him-c-
    15:13:42«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : oddly for the name he now bore...after the incidents in the desert he was less inclined to give a damn. He arrived at the Drowned Wench with the intention of finding proof that the food no longer tasted like cooked rat served with shite. Maybe he'd regret that, considering the churning sensation in his stomach already. For all his royal status, -c-
    15:15:10«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Kai had never really been inclined to dress up...he'd ditched black after he got married, for whatever complicated reason so today wore various shades of green that complimented the deep tan set into his flesh...nothing fancy, no giant tiara or bling jewelry. Providing you didn't know who he was, you'd never guess. Luckily the people at -c-
    15:16:31«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : the Wench seemed less inclined to know their Hadaran celebrities...at least not the ones on the lawful side of things. "Whatever's for breakfast...and tea..." he offered in his lilted tongue, frame dropped into a seat at the bar. No ale, not yet at least. Under his arm was a stack of parchment and papers...oh the joys of responsibilites. It was -c
    15:16:40«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : just a damn good thing he liked horses so much.-
    15:18:56Tory-Oakcroft : You playing Livvy?)
    15:19:30Livana : Livana hadn't gone home that night, least not to the Kings Head to the room she shared with her supposed minion Siegfreid. -c
    15:19:31Livana : yes))
    15:21:38Livana : The girl had instead spent the night wandering the darkned streets of Hadara, blending in with the shadows as she avoided the glowing torch light casting amber glow and providing the night walkers with but a smidge of light to work by. She had no fears of what could possibly happen to her within these darkened alley ways. it was almost as if -c
    15:23:18Livana : the girl was taunting the rapists and pimps to try and lay a hand upon her so she could delight in crushing their skulls into the stones at her feet. The onyx haired female had said she would harm none, but that didn't mean she wouldn't protect herself if need be. Eventually she had made it the beach, moving to sit upon the rocks and look out -c
    15:24:49Livana : at the vast black expanse of night and sea....human eyes could not determine were the line of heaven and earth was drawn..least not without the stars and moon for aid. She could see it as clearly as if it were day, the roiling black liquids swishing and lapping against the sandy beachs...rushing up as far as it possibly good erroding that much-c
    15:27:21Livana : more of the land as if the two were in a constant battle for supremacy. She had sat there even as the dawn began to break and the unforgiving sun began its journey into the sky above, blaring down upon her...threatening to deepen the already bronzed caramel flesh. Tiny grains of gold, and pearls of sea spray clung into the beaded and feather -c
    15:29:10Livana : decorated tendrils of black licorice strands. Her flesh glistened with the mornings dew, apparently not having moved much..if at all...that long night as thoughts tumbled violently over themselves, battering against her spirit to the point of exhaustion. Haunted pale sea green orbs continued to stoic stare as if something had broken in her that -c
    15:30:55Livana : night, but then again she was alone..there was no need to hide. The scent of him still lingered upon her clothes and flesh, it made her stomach churn and her heart to limply beat in wounded rhythm like a bird with broken wings fumbles along the ground. Muscles were stiff, screaming in agony for her to uncurl them, to stretch, to walk, to run...-c
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    15:33:11Livana : to do something other than remain so statuesque upon the rough boulder that was her perch; ts jagged edges bitting and indenting her flesh to the point of going numb. She never should have visited him that night, and she cursed herself for having been so stupid as to give into the toxic venomous dance she and Tory always seemed to be weaving -c
    15:33:20Tory-Oakcroft : Hey brandon.))
    15:33:21Livana : together.-d
    15:33:27Livana : hey Brandon))
    15:33:40BrandonΞArrow : greetings)
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    15:36:47«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Hey Brandon))
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    15:38:04BrandonΞArrow : welcome)
    15:38:10BrandonΞArrow : thank you Kaidus)
    15:38:48Rosalie_Shadowfax : thank you))
    15:39:05«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Hey Rosalie))
    15:39:16Rosalie_Shadowfax : waves*))
    15:41:28BrandonΞArrow : Brandon waited on the bench outside the Wench. He had gone over all the markers that were owed to him and it still did not equal the amount of gold he would need for the ship. He still had two weeks but things looked grim unless a treasure chest happened to fall out of the sky and hit him in the head. He wasnt one to >>
    15:46:40BrandonΞArrow : give up. He looked longingly out at the sea and stood "Come on Boner, I need some rum." The dog hopped off the bench and followed Brandon inside to the gloomier interior. His boots sounded hollow on the floor perhaps reflecting a bit how he felt at this time. Regulars were within and he slid behind the bar reaching for his bottle but it >>
    15:48:03BrandonΞArrow : wasnt there. He knelt down with a frown on his face "Where the hell is my bottle?" Brigit came by and he stopped her"Where is my bottle?" She gave a shrug "Maybe the new girl moved it or used it " he gave a slight groan and waved her on to do her work. His eyes >>
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    15:49:46Tory-Oakcroft : Hey Sybi.)
    15:49:51BrandonΞArrow : welcome)
    15:49:55Sybilla·Covelin : Hey everyone.)
    15:50:26Tory-Oakcroft : Everyone but liv is in the wench Syb.)
    15:51:05Sybilla·Covelin : Ok, thanks Tory I need to grab something to eat.)
    15:51:21BrandonΞArrow : moved around the bar not sure if she was working today "Rosie!! Where the hell is my bottle!" His arms crossed as he waited like some King awaiting the answer to a summons.
    15:51:44Tory-Oakcroft : =The water had flooded over nearly the entire floor, covering the stones under foot and soaking a small hesian rug at the foot of the bed. Luckily for him, (and the airheaded woman that had just knocked the bucket flying.) All his belongings were on the bed or small chari in the None strayed onto the floor, but the gliding water did find cracks -c-
    15:54:00Tory-Oakcroft : in the floor as it seeped through and began to drip on the floor below. Drip toward a sailor, drip toward Boner, drip toward Kai's head. Thankfully this ment, with some frantic mopping with hesian sheets, the rug and tghe watger escaping downside. His room was only left a little soggy. The small female, suddenly jumping as her name was bellowed -c-
    15:55:59Tory-Oakcroft : from downstairs. She finished and skittered off. The whole few minutes a slight flash of a dze, as he cocked his head to one side. Daft woman. How hard was it to control a bucket, and cloth...The soles of his boots were still a little sodden, as were the trails at the ankles of his pants. Flicking his foot back, he knocked the door shut again -c-
    15:56:14Rosalie_Shadowfax : umm Tory...))
    15:56:22Tory-Oakcroft : Not you.)
    15:56:24Tory-Oakcroft : I know)
    15:56:25Tory-Oakcroft : lol)
    15:56:35Tory-Oakcroft : But I had already pressed enter lol)
    15:57:01Rosalie_Shadowfax : I'll roll with it ^^))
    15:57:16Tory-Oakcroft : My brain, was about a minute behind my fingers.)
    15:58:12Tory-Oakcroft : ugh, woman. You made me lose my track!)
    16:00:52Tory-Oakcroft : with it. The wood swung on it's hinges, and clicked into the lock behind the woman as she bustled out. Pushing his hand through his hard, he washed changed and lumbered towards the stairs slowly. (Lazy) The fresh bandages at his ribs, no longer itching as they were not filled with sand. Blonde spikes pushed the scene infront of him, Large -c-
    16:02:07Tory-Oakcroft : broadsword swung at his hip, the new black cotton pants baggier at the bottoms around his boots, and riding a little lower on his hips. White cotton on his shoulders, a small coat of arms emblazed on the chest pocket, the arms a little too lon for him they hung over his hands lazily. His fingers clutched at the hemline, teasing over the cotton -c-
    16:03:41Tory-Oakcroft : there. His satchel over his right shoulder he moved with careful footing, his ribs were still an issue. He really did need to find a physician, before he ended up waking up dead. Or staying asleep dead? Wow....he had never mused on that sentence before. This keeping him contained, as he drifted past Kai and Brandon toward the door.=
    16:05:12Rosalie_Shadowfax : This was not poor rosa's day, normally most of the tenants of the tavern were gone by this time so she hadn't been expecting a person to be within the room she was scheduled to clean. With hurried motions she tried to mop up the floor as quickly as possible, uttering soft curses in between apologizes and squealed when Brandon started hollaring -c
    16:06:33Tory-Oakcroft : Sybi clone!)
    16:06:57Sybilla·Covelin : Not unh!)
    16:08:29Rosalie_Shadowfax : for her downstairs " oh sweet lord'n'jesus.." she'd mutter under her breath finally managing to get some of the mess up before she scurried out of Torys room with the door being swiftly shut behind her. With lifted skirts her feet quickly descending the stairs in quick succession, seeing the aftermath of her blunderings in puddles that dotted -c
    16:10:34Rosalie_Shadowfax : the floor. With deep crimson panting her cheeks, she looked at Brandon in wincing apology as she came towards him thoroughly expecting to possibly be thrown out of the Wench for being such a blundering accident prone woman. " yes Mr. Arrow?" she'd ask cautiously, twisting her fingers nervously. -d
    16:11:24«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -Drip...drip...drip. Why was there suddenly water on his paperwork and finding its way onto the crown of his head. A glance up and a drop hit him square in the face. Maybe he hadn't been so far off thinking this place would be serving rat...the place had sprung a leak and it wasn't even raining outside! The papers were given a light shake, Kaidus-c
    16:14:07«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : frowning at the ruined ink. Another drop and Kaidus gave an irritated swing out with his hand in it's direction...of course this happened to coincide with Tory passing by him and if the man didn't side step he'd end up with a thump to the side (might be his bad ribs, that's up to Tory!) by Kai's curled fist. "Ah bollocks...Sorry about that..." -c-
    16:17:03«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : He ventured as he took a sidestep away from the path of the water....and any fist that might come as a reaction to his misplaced flail. In a place like this you could never be sure who might find an excuse to smack you in the face. Anyone who knew him wouldn't dare...or rather knew who he was but in somewhere full of drunks and dregs that -c-
    16:18:58«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : probably wasn't a great deal of people. "I obviously need to learn were to put my hands..." His unnaturally blue eyes studied the man from within his tanned face and he shot Brandon and Rosa a brief, passing glance but not for long...He was smart enough not to take his eyes off someone he'd just thwacked.-
    16:22:20BrandonΞArrow : Water dripped on his head and he gave a small growl of resignation. He gave a small nod of apology to Kaidus as he saw the man trying to avoid the water and he himself pointed up silently as Rosalie came to standin front of him. He brought a hand and whisked away the drops from his hair as he sidestepped. "Girl dont look like >>
    16:24:35BrandonΞArrow : I am about ready to make you walk the plank. Never did that on my ships, my favorite was to tie them upside down spreadeagle on the rigging for the day naked as a the day they were born. " he gave a stern look for a few moments, "For the wenches I hire I just tie them to the roof" he glanced down to where his bottle of rum >>
    16:26:18BrandonΞArrow : usually lay "You see down there, usually there ia a bottle of rum there and its mine. I keep it there to keep me from tying wenches to the roof ...its been moved" if she wasnt so nervous she might notice his eyes were twinkling though his face remained stern. He rubbed his chin "Now where do you suppose my bottle went? Perhaps the same >>
    16:26:29BrandonΞArrow : person that has made it rain in my bar would know eh?"
    16:28:13Tory-Oakcroft : =Sure enough Kai's hand sailed straight into his right hand side, catching the bottom of the cracked rib. Luckily he mainly caught the mans side, and only just skimmed his botton rib but it still cause a grunt of pain to be forced out. Considering his size, and the fact his injuries were concealed this would seem a little like an over acted -c-
    16:30:09Tory-Oakcroft : response to a bat in the torso. Pacific eyes closed a minute as he took in a careful breath, before turning them over the man. Not exactly the punch first ask questions later Type. Unless of course you were an Ass-wolf with an over inflated perception of your own importance, he just raised a brow slowly. "Not in my ribs, would be preferable." -c-
    16:32:43Tory-Oakcroft : The words came out quiet as ever, the volum barely audible to the ear so the soft accent, and eloquence underneath were hidden in the soft tones. Pushing his hand back through his hair, the over sized sleeves accompanying his fingers through the locks. It was a weakness, the need for information always had him getting himself in trouble. -c-
    16:34:11Tory-Oakcroft : Blue eyes flitted a moment over the papers, seemign to forget his bangs were no longer in place to hide his eyeline. Running over them, he barely caught any text. A glance that was bareyl worth it. Pulling his leather bag up on his shoulder again he nodded carefully to the man. Being kept an eye on was not his favourite passtime, the crest on -c-
    16:35:07Tory-Oakcroft : on his chest peering from beneath the leather strap a little before it was covered back up. His sleeves covering his order mark, the only thing that swung on show was the age old pendant. Which just looked like a trinket to most. As far as Tory was concerned. To an untrained eye, he was just another face.=
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    16:36:20BrandonΞArrow : welcome, please take a look at the rules and if you have any questions feel free to whisper a host)
    16:36:30†¤Winrei¤Telame¤† : ty))
    16:36:52Rosalie_Shadowfax : For a moment that pale skinned beauty blinked and stumbled over her words as Brandon made threats of tieing her to the roof naked, her heart rate kicking up a notch or two before she noticed the twinkle in his eye and new he was making fun of her. " Mr. Arrow..you are a scurvy dog for picking on a young lady like that," shed chide him, but the-c
    16:38:56Rosalie_Shadowfax : flustered blush still remained painting her cheeks as she brushed a curly tendril of dark chocolate that had worked its way out of her up swept hair do. Wiping her hands upon the apron cinched around her narrow waist she swished her way behind the bar to retrieve the mans bottle of rum, having thought another wench had been lazy in not putting -c
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    16:41:58Rosalie_Shadowfax : it with its breathren spirts. Striding back to him with sultry sway to hips, the navy skirt of her dress swinging with the exaggerated motion as she purposely rolled shoulders back to display that lovely expanse of cleavage he so enjoyed admiring.-c
    16:44:12Rosalie_Shadowfax : The rum bottle was sassily dropped back into his grasp, as she upturned her chin with an attitude she was picking up from Bridget and the others. " as for the rain in the bar, if I hadn't been startled by a bag of lazy bones still snoozing in bed it wouldn't of happened and the chore would already be done." blatantly blaming Tory for the water-c
    16:45:00Rosalie_Shadowfax : she had spilled. " will that be all Mr. Arrow? or do you intend to pay me to stand here playing a battle of wits with you all day?" -d
    16:45:06«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : -Just another face...Wasn't that always the way creatures like him wanted to be viewed? When his flesh had been marred by tattoos and his hair the colour of flames being such had not been an easy task...now he was married into royalty it was back to that again. Eyes continued to watch...not in an intentionally rude manner but in the usual -c-
    16:46:52«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : stare of curiousity. He didn't expect to see anything, though his eyes snagged on the man's tapped side for a brief moment. "Nursing some wounds? You should look for a man named Daray...He usually fixes me when I am smashed to smithereens..." Usually that involved Rowan or a horse...both were capable of hitting bloody hard. A glance to his -c-
    16:48:38«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : paperwork and his soggy breakfast Kaidus gave a sigh. "Looks like it was never meant to be..." Booted feet found the floor and he slipped past Tory...Kaidus was not untrained and that pendant...well he could read the significance in the item if nothing else. "I best be off before another rain cloud decides to collect above my head..." He doubted-c-
    16:50:02«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : this man cared in the least but he shared none the less...He was doing his best not to be so closed off....at least as far as mindless chatter went. With that the man left coin for his food and his drink and headed for the door...Best finish his business before he allowed himself the opportunity to relax.-
    16:50:12«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : bah I have to go for abit...be back in a few hours))
    16:50:15You have been marked as being away.
    16:50:31Tory-Oakcroft : Dammit Kai, and I had the cactus ready.))
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    16:50:53Livana : hey Sieg))
    16:51:03Sīεgfгїεδ : hiya ))
    16:51:03BrandonΞArrow : welcome home)
    16:51:08«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : you'd have to buy me dinner first Tory))
    16:51:09Sīεgfгїεδ : Thank you ))
    16:51:17Tory-Oakcroft : Damn.)
    16:51:20Tory-Oakcroft : No deal)
    16:53:06«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : just buy me a cookie and you can do what you want >.>? XD -goes now...for real this time-))
    16:53:19Tory-Oakcroft : -Has fresh baked cookies-)
    16:53:30Tory-Oakcroft : -offers him one-)
    16:53:57BrandonΞArrow : He clucked his tongue "Now now is a paying customer and if he chooses to stay in bed all fecking day he has the right. Its his room...." He took the bottle and looked over to Tory "Now you should go over and apologize to the man and tell him for his troubles he gets a night on me. " He didnt repremend her for her lip, he liked them feisty >>>
    16:56:46BrandonΞArrow : He took the cork out of the bottle and and took a drink before wiping his mouth. He looked over to Tory and nodded "Oakcroft can I see you for a moment?" he then whispered to Rose "Now be nice and congenial, not like you are with me" he gave a grin as he waited for the man. "Brigit!! be a good lass and clean up the puddles on >>
    16:57:14BrandonΞArrow : the floor, and dont look at me like that lass or I will string you upon the roof!!!"
    16:58:44Tory-Oakcroft : =Still cradling his ribs, he wasn't deaf. He could over hear the lippy woman that was barely a few metres behind him. He was quiet not stupid. He ground a little, having every temptation to show the woman the large black bruise, and bent ribs underneath the bandages for her mouth. If she had 4 broken ribs, she wouldn't be moving to far either. -c-
    17:00:46Tory-Oakcroft : Stop it Tory. He took a breath, realising he had turned and his eyes had been a little harsh. Turning on his axis he shoved his hand back through his hair, pulling up infront of brandon he nodded. "Brandon." His tone polite, he was glad he got last named rather than full named like Valera had taken habit to. His eyes strolled the girl, and his -c-
    17:02:48Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg yawned and stretched out, walking down towards the beach to possibly go relax for the day. He was still dead tired, and his eyes heavy. He hadn't slept too well the night before, having too much energy to sleep properly, and have a comepletely ruined sleep pattern. Walking along until his feet could feel sand, and walking along the beach. >
    17:03:06Tory-Oakcroft : jaw gritted before he turned them over brandon. Cradling his ribs, his right hand spread across the bones. "New staff?" The words came out in a sarcastic tone, that was just thick set. The puddles in his room showed that, he already knew the answer. Keeping his tongue behind his teeth for now. (And because it was his ooc mistake) he just shoved -c-
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    17:04:20Tory-Oakcroft : his hand back through hair once more. Leaning against a table behind him he perched, his hands gripping the edges. Standing was becoming a hardship. The cloth covering his hands tucked under the edge too, like a child in a jumper that was too big. Sea blessed eyes focussed back on Brandon, the blue colour cold and iced as he loitered a little -c-
    17:04:47Tory-Oakcroft : infront of him. The expression as ever stoic, and well controlled. He just waited to be enlightened why he had been summoned.=
    17:04:55Sybilla·Covelin : So, midway through the day Sybi had decided they'd made enough dough, had enough loaves of bread baking and enough pies on the rack that she could skirt out for awhile. Bonus of being the owner. Besides they were old professionals at this by now and if there were people she could trust to leave the bakery in the hands of/c/
    17:05:15Sīεgfгїεδ : It had been a long and dreary day in the eyes of the fighter, who had nothing but tiredness dragging down his thoughts and bodily reactions. He did see someone on the beach, and he headed wearily in that direction, and upon closer inspection realizing it was in fact, Livana. "You been hard to find as of late, my snoring finally drive you away?" >
    17:05:25Sybilla·Covelin : it was the four in the kitchen. The plan had been to wander the marketplace for new produce. Nice part about living in a port city: traders. People came in with wares from all other. Which meant that Sybi had a full range of ingredients to choose from rather than just the seasonal variety. Everything was picked up, handled, and smelled. /c/
    17:05:53Sīεgfгїεδ : he asked sarcastically in her direction, stopping his movements a few feet away and setting himself down on the sand. -f-
    17:05:55Sybilla·Covelin : Some traders even offered a sample taste. Oooh. Bananas. They could be used in a custard pie. Sybi would make one just for herself and the others. Coins were exchanged for the fruit and she continued to wander the stalls. Eventually, Sybi ran out of market and began to wander down into docks area. Feet planted at the sight of /c/
    17:07:29«Αdiϵ٠Τhorηωycκ» has joined the conversation.
    17:07:35Sīεgfгїεδ : wb ))
    17:07:36BrandonΞArrow : welcome back)
    17:07:42«Αdiϵ٠Τhorηωycκ» : Thank ya kindly.))
    17:08:14Tory-Oakcroft : wbers adie)
    17:09:15Rosalie_Shadowfax : " I'm always nice and congenial.." came the protest from raspberry stain colored lips as if offended that he would think she was anything but to his customers. " I only save such lip for you." Flicking eyes that couldn't decided between being golden brown or moss green over Tory as Brandon called out to him and resigned herself to the apology -c
    17:10:54Sybilla·Covelin : where the water met the horizon. They're not going to be there, Sybilla. No, she supposed they weren't. There hadn't been any word from Kaleb. Which made her wonder if the wolf had tucked tail and ran off. Nope. There was too much to do to start worrying over a full grown man perfectly capable of taking care of himself. Eyes shifted /c/
    17:12:13Sybilla·Covelin : down to the basket of goods and she pulled forth an apple to sink her teeth into while she wandered in the general direction of the Wench. She might as well get a glass of wine to go with the apple. That's if there was anything left of the apple by the time she reached the wench. /d/
    17:12:43Tory-Oakcroft : I will brb. Like 5 mins)
    17:13:10Rosalie_Shadowfax : owed...at Brandons prompting only. " Mr. Oakcroft...Mr. Arrow seems to feel I have given some offense, and wishes to extend his apologies by offering you a nights stay on him." she'd say softly to him. " I also extend my own apologies for having so rudely awoken you...and drowning your floor..which will be cleaned by the time you return." -c
    17:15:02Rosalie_Shadowfax : Glancing to Brandon she hoped that was pleasant enough, though she had purposely been a little saucey to be honest. -d
    17:16:55Livana : Sieg's voice broke noisily into her mind as she finally turned her head to gaze at him, dark shadows were settled beneath her eyes like she hadn't slept all night. " you snore?" she'd ask with a tilt of her head and half smirk playing across her lips but the jest didn't reach her eyes. The pale sea green orbs seemed to be way too serious, and -c
    17:17:16BrandonΞArrow : He gave her a wry grin as he turned narrowed eyes upon Tory "You know I have been in enough brawls to know that your not feeling too well. Had to patch men up in my time when they got too drunk to know when the hell to stop. I would be happy to take a look and bind you up properly, not the best to try to take care of these things yourself. If>>
    17:19:12Livana : haunted with a pain that he'd probably never learn about...least not for a while. Deep wince creased her smooth features as she started to unravel her body from the stiff sit she had been holding up till now, the limbs complaining loudly at the motions since they had become used to being immobile for so long. Sucking in a breath, everything -c
    17:19:39BrandonΞArrow : its broken ribs they will take a month to heal. Come on back into the kitchens and I will fix you up no one need to know Oakcroft" He could tell the man wasnt one for spreading his business out there and Brandon understood. Few knew more then he wanted them to about Arrows life. His whole life had been keeping a low >
    17:21:15Livana : ached...bones...muscle..skin..sleep tingles prickled throughout her body painfully causing her to twitch as blood rushed back into area's that had been starved and gone numb. " were you fancying a swim my dear Sieg or just out for a stroll to see what mischief was afoot.."-d
    17:23:01BrandonΞArrow : profile and staying just under the radar. He kept his voice low and Rosalie might have heard him if she was still standing there. Dark eyes rested on the man, there was a certain look to men that were hiding , a lifetime as a Thieves Guild leader in Riverwind had taught him to read men fairly well. With his business it was death or >>
    17:23:22BrandonΞArrow : folly to misread.
    17:25:24Sīεgfгїεδ : With a chuckle, Sieg laid himself back down against the sand. "We can do whatever you wish to do." he had no ideas on what to do, but his attitude was a little lacking today, as if his shoddy sleep had somehow sucked away a small bit of his personality. Of course it wasn't something completely obvious, but just something that would eventually >
    17:26:03Sīεgfгїεδ : surface to those that had a knowledge of him. "Just checking on you. You never returned last night. Making sure you weren'
    17:26:09Sīεgfгїεδ : Stupid enter key ))
    17:27:34Sīεgfгїεδ : weren't eaten by a shark." With a light shurg, hsi hazel hues darted up and watched the clouds in the sky, letting his mindf see shaps instead of just clouds, the one on the left looking like a strand of bacon. -f-
    17:28:25Tory-Oakcroft : back.))
    17:28:31BrandonΞArrow : your post)
    17:29:37Tory-Oakcroft : on it =)))
    17:32:00Tory-Oakcroft : -The girls, spiced tongue had his brow raising again. The fire under the sweetened tone given a little too freely, but it wasn't his place to comment. Okay it was, but he wasn't in the game of playing bat the wit ball with wenches. Generally he tried to avoid them. Brandon caught him a little off guard, and he smirked slightly. The blood in truth-c
    17:34:09Livana : Low chuckle escaped her lips as she rotated ankles and wrists to try and get the blood flowing a bit more while nerves fired painfully over every inch of her. " if only I were so lucky.." shed muse about being eaten by a shark. " sorry to have worried you comrade...simple matter of a ghost getting under my -c
    17:37:42Livana : skin is all....sleep was not my ally last night." gazing him over " as it appears it wasn't your bed mate either.." Shifting her butt off the boulder she was sat upon, another hiss through her teeth given as the indented flesh lanced more pain through her with the leaving of its jutting tormentors. " ...rocks don't make good -c
    17:38:05Livana : beds either.." voice a little strained as she stood rubbing her sore backside. -d
    17:38:32Tory-Oakcroft : had started to worry him. Considering the option, and Kai's earlier words he mused the point. For the minute the bar was heaving, and being summoned and then escorted into the back he felt would leave him looking like a thief, or some such. As ever his tone ran out quietly. "Perhaps later? Medicinal Ale for now...." He would most likely take the-c-
    17:40:42Sīεgfгїεδ : He paused and thought for a moment. "Sleep was not my best friend last night, that's for sure. But just taking nights off to sleep on boulders is not something that is easily predicted." He chuckled lowly, "And besides, if a shark ate you now, who else would I be around for the duration of my stay?" He glanced over at her, noting the soreness. >
    17:40:55Tory-Oakcroft : offer later on. For now, he turned his eyes on the new wench and smirked slightly. "Ale?" It was almost and order...but not quite. Seeming to have taken an instant dislike to the girl, his eyes cool as he nodded to Brandon politely however. The man had done nothing, and was kind in his offer. His own voice staying low as he appreciated the mans -c-
    17:41:33Sīεgfгїεδ : "Perhaps a swim would do us some good." He mused, looking over the water's edge mockingly searching for the dorsal fins of sharks just in case. -f-
    17:42:25Tory-Oakcroft : knowledge of a life lurking below the radar. "Later, definitely." He mabye had a few other things the man could 'assist' him with too. Pulling himself to a table, he let his back rest against the wall and took a few calm breaths. Hidden set back in the alcove, almost concealed as he yawned slightly. That girl was going to have a hard ride, if he -c
    17:43:35Tory-Oakcroft : had anything to do with it. Tory was quiet, but he had a thick streak of calculated coldness in him. Note to self. 3 AM, he would need....well whatever he dreamt up.=
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    17:44:41Rosalie_Shadowfax : skip))
    17:47:38BrandonΞArrow : He shook his head the man "Rum is what you need, Ale is piss water" he bent beneath the bar and moved to the mans table setting it down"On the house, I wouldnt drink it all in one night of course but it will take the edge off the pain especially when your trying to sleep. " He pulled a chair uninvited but it was his bar>>
    17:49:22BrandonΞArrow : he told Roseie to go finish upstairs so that the water wouldnt be dripping and so Torys room would be ready if the man needed it. "So there are those around that might seek to take advantage of your condition, all sorts of lowborn theives and thugs. The guards dont have eyes in the back of their heads but until you get >>
    17:51:14BrandonΞArrow : better you should." He looked Tory over and grinned "I imagine when your in perfect health you are a force to be reckoned with." he lifted his leg so that his ankle rested on the opposite knee. "Rumor has it that you make a living with your fists. Is this unfounded?" All sorts of rumors ran rampant in the bar, Brandon always went to the source>>
    17:52:22BrandonΞArrow : if possible or more reliable means. Usually where there was smoke there was fire but the size of the fire would vary. He tapped is fingers on the tabletop, the ring finger on his left missing down to the second knuckle. "Its a rough way to make a living."
    17:54:04Tory-Oakcroft : =the rum was eyed a little, it seemed to be all sailors drunk. Certainly the ones that had smuggled him across the waters, a slight lost memory of large portions of rum and him ending up base over apex over the side of the boat, into a black sea below. Not an old friend to him. Brandon sat, and he didn't particulalry mind either way. Brandon -c-
    17:55:47Tory-Oakcroft : was relatively good general company. On top form, in his own setting Tory was no feather pillow. Heavily trained for years, and with the bulk to push his luck. Quick with the blade, and even quicker with the quiver. Something seemed to edge forward behind his eyes, a sudden passion. There it was. That one subject that had his eyes flickering -c-
    17:55:52Livana : Clambering down from the rock with an agileness that shouldn't be possible, her feet made dull thud as they impacted with the golden grainy ground,her legs bending as they took her weight and straightened again. " only time I want to be swimming with them fishes is when I am long since dead " she'd answer as bare feet soaked up the warmth -c
    17:57:18Tory-Oakcroft : with a slight heat. Apart from studying every bit of informaiton that came his way, or course. His lips twisted at the corners slightly, and he lent back in his chair. The slightly satisfied looking giving his answer, as he shrugged his shoulder halfly. "Coin is Coin." It didn't commit him to anything. Afterall, Brandon was in most respects -c-
    17:57:35Livana : of the sand. Moving towards him, shed settle into a sit at his side, fiddling with her decorative beads to ensure none lost their grip upon the precious bird feathers. " to be honest..today....I want nothing to happen.." -d
    17:58:57Tory-Oakcroft : unknown to him, and what Tory did when the shadows came out was not always walking the blue line. He only deviated a bit....just a mile or two. His arms crossed over his chest, Tory himself wasn't stupid. He had heard skitters in his weeks here, rumours of things moving in the night under the town. Considering he was usually awake at all hours, -c-
    18:00:58Tory-Oakcroft : somethings that went bump in the night he heard all too clearly. But that was not information he was planning on parting with. He drank back a little of the rum, the rare taste on his tongue burning slghtly and he winced in an odd sneer at the taste. Conversation was always hard work, he never committed to answers, didn't give more than was -c-
    18:01:24Tory-Oakcroft : asked. Just maintained speech...minimally.=
    18:01:37Sybilla·Covelin : The tavern sort of just appeared in front of Sybilla. Lost in the sea of scents and bodies, there'd been a sharp pain, and then...nothing. Coin purse was still there. Basket of goods was intact. There was leakage from the front of her stomach. Tint of red on her fingertips. Random stabbing around the docks wasn't entirely uncommon. Sybi just.../c/
    18:02:06Sīεgfгїεδ : The male put his hands under his head, and tilted it to catch Liv sitting next to him. "You expecting something to happen?" he asked, titlting his head back up to watch the clouds passing overhead. It was quite relaxing and he felt that if it weren't for their voices in the air, he would have long since been fast asleep on the sand. >
    18:02:25Sybilla·Covelin : was a little shocked? Clean hand shifted the basket to the bloody one and she lifted it to pull the door to the Wench open. Sybi moved to sit at a table away from everyone else where she could peek at the injury. Why not just cry out in pain? Because... she was still trying to comprehend exactly what the heck had happened to her. When /c/
    18:03:21Sīεgfгїεδ : "Well whatever the case, just make sure you are well rested. It's not healthy to skip out on sleep more than once in a while." With a sagely nod, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again, the hazel hues darting from cloud to cloud, seeing various foods in his head. -f-
    18:05:14Sybilla·Covelin : the wench came over, Sybi twisted to hide. "Rum and could I get a towel, I cut myself. Please?" Bloodied hand was shown with a frown. Buyable since there was no way of telling from the way she was sitting just where the blood on her hand had come from. /d/
    18:12:10BrandonΞArrow : "There are more ways to earn money in Hadara and especially here on the docks." he grinned "I am a scruvy cur though and so maybe not the best to be talking about imperial jobs but I hear there are plenty." he pushed the bottle toward the man and leaned forward "It hurts like shite but you need to try to breath deep. A healer told me that >>
    18:13:35Livana : " not really," she'd answer in sighing rush. closing her eyes as she'd take a leaf out of his book and stretch on the sand beside him. " but surely you've noticed that hanging around me..draws alot of attention...most of it unwanted." Course it wasn't necessarily so much her, as the fact that her tongue was as venomous as vipers at times and -c
    18:14:20BrandonΞArrow : you could get the lung disease (pneumonia) with broken ribs cause the air cant get in your lungs. Nasty business, you can die from the lung disease though if you try to breath deep he says it takes the bad air out" it was a simplistic explaination for pneumonia but it was all that archaic medicine had. "You will need some swigs >>
    18:15:56Livana : often wagged her into trouble. " something...ALWAYS ends up happening whether I start it or not." tiny shoulders lifted and fell in shrug. " I'll sleep plenty when I'm dead..for now its just an annoying habit."-d
    18:16:42BrandonΞArrow : or you will think that some bloke has your chest in a vice with his legs and is squeezing" If Tory inquired more about jobs on the docks Brandon intended to steer him towards some things. He wasnt adverse to pointing out certain things, though the man had the look of someone entirely too good to be involved in underground activities. He had >>
    18:17:39BrandonΞArrow : learned to sniff out those long ago. His benvolence kept his personna alive and well for the most part and sometimes the best way to avoid detection was to be out in the open.
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    18:19:20Rosalie_Shadowfax : Rosie was laced with a hinting sheen of sweet by the time she finished mopping up the mess she had made, but at least Tory's floor was now as spotless as it was going to get. Smoothing back more dark curly tendrils that had wiggled their way out of her up do, bouncing and sticking lightly to her forehead and the sides of her face. Returning -c
    18:20:14Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg shrugged and listened. "Well life is boring if nothing ever happens." It was true enough, and he had grown accustomed to speaking his mind to those he at least gave a portion of his trust. " I personally enjoy my sleep." He said, his eyes half closed. "Leaves me awake and refreshed afterwards, like I could conquer a mountain." It was already >
    18:21:27Sīεgfгїεδ : apparent that his mind was screaming at him to sleep, but he deftly ignored it and continued to speak so that he would not fall asleep on the beach, so comfortable was the sand against his back. "I kinda like this place. Lots of people, not too much trouble. Might come back here pretty often." -f-
    18:21:53Rosalie_Shadowfax : downstairs, she noted Sybillas enterance and had been the wench to offer her service, concern spreading across the womans face when she noticed the blood. That was not her department though, she was no healer and the sight of blood was making her feel like she just might cause Brig another reason to mop the floor. Turning away she did go and -c
    18:22:15»Đãřâẏ« has left the conversation.
    18:22:51Tory-Oakcroft : =Tor's eyes flared over the man, listening to every word that peeled from him. Taking the bottle he down another swig, the liquid burning down his throat. Unlike Sybilla he didn't have super sniffing spidey sense, so tucked back int the alcove with brandon and engrossed in conversation he hadn't noticed her merge in with the crowd and sit. -c-
    18:24:17Rosalie_Shadowfax : retrieve said rum, though she'd make a round trip that took her past Brandon, leaning down in feign of being flirtacious with him. " not that its my business Mr. Arrow...but we seem to have a wounded lady in our midst." she'd murmur against his ear so softly it be doubtful that Tory would over hear her. With Rum pitcher in hand along with a -c
    18:24:29Tory-Oakcroft : Ocean eyes watched the man, cocking his head a little to the sxide he almost lurched forward. His upper body leaning a little toward the man almost biting at the bit for more information. Tory had even when he was expected to by creed, never been fully on the light side. Never take your foot of the docks until your secure on the docks, so the -c-
    18:26:03Rosalie_Shadowfax : mug and towels asked for, she returned to Sybilla pouring the drink and setting the towels down before her. " you sure you alright there miss?" she'd question in soft tones, flashing gaze to Brandon before looking back at Sybilla. -d
    18:28:30Livana : " your intending to leave then?" Onyx lashes parting to let pale orbs sweep to the corners and side glance at his resting form, she hadn't been expecting that but then...did it really matter? He was only meant to be a comrade for the day..and so far it had lasted several, though she was definitely reaping the benefits of this friendship -c
    18:30:29Livana : getting free room, food and drink...within reason. He was there when she wanted him to be and doing his own thing when she desired her own company, all that just from chance meeting that had invovled a drunken Tory. -d
    18:33:39Sīεgfгїεδ : He fell quiet. Well of course this would happen, and he figured it to be this case to begin with. "Yeah. I won't be able to leave for at least another week. I still need to make some preparations." The words hung in the air, almost dreading to say it, but he wasn't one to stick to a single place for too long. "Of course I may return after >
    18:35:07Sybilla·Covelin : The werewolf wasn't being very... supernatural with the senses today. As the mug of rum was set down along with a rag, Sybi offered a quiet "thanks." The shock was wearing off and though she might not have been completely human she was not immune to pain. Nor was she unaccustomed to stab wounds. Boar were particularly /c/
    18:35:29Sīεgfгїεδ : I go." Again, he failed to mention that even then, he would be ging and returning to this city until he had explored all of the cities and towns within a certain distance of it. After that, if he would ever return, was completely up to him. -f-
    18:35:49Sybilla·Covelin : nasty with their tusks and even the most experienced wolves got gored a time or two. Similar prospect. When Rose spoke, flashed her glance like she had in the men's direction there was a quiet hiss of irritation. "Just a gash. I'm fine." A towel was picked up, she poured some of the rum onto it and held the towel against the /c/
    18:36:09Tory-Oakcroft : saying went. The girl bustled over, and her eyeline switched from Brandon to Sybilla and back again. Curiosity got the better of him, leaning round to look over the crowd as he rasised a brow at Sybi. A flash of red seen on her hand, and a bustling wench coming to advise her employer of something. Watching the scene. His hand brushed through his -c
    18:37:05Tory-Oakcroft : hair and he furrowed his brow. A little stubborn after last night, if she wanted help she would ask. If not...either way. His mind drifted and he lent back in his chair, once m,ore slipping back into the almost unseen.=
    18:39:32BrandonΞArrow : He leaned to Rose as her words were whispered in his ear. A nod and he figured it was just informative, she knew where the healer supplies were , bandages and ungents. Brandon had to keep them around because there was always someone getting the shite beat out of them or losing a game of mumbly peg. He turned back to Tory and rubbed his chin.>>>
    18:41:12Livana : It was not in Livana to whine, complain or other wise show such emotions, it was doubtful that even if he left he would receive even so much as a farewell from her. That was not to say she didn't care, more like she wasn't willing to show any such attachments. To his words she simply looked away and closed her eyes, " matters not to me if you -c
    18:41:41BrandonΞArrow : "Lots of ships here , lots of cargo and muscle is always needed. Thieves and unsavory charchters trying to get a piece of the pie. Makes a man like me involved with shipping have to work a bit harder just to protect my interests" Veiled words , he was hoping to get that extra ship soon. He had sent word to Valera that he needed to retrieve >>>
    18:42:32Sybilla·Covelin : bleeding wound with a forced smile. "You can promise Mr. Arrow, I am not going to die on his floors." Eyes shifted in the direction of the men's table again and Sybilla frowned more deeply. Sure, just what she needed an audience to watch her bleed. "If you have a needle and some thread, i can...tend to it on my own." /d/
    18:43:22Livana : return or don't comrade." perhaps that was a little harsh sounding but that was how Livana dealt with things, it violence and abrasive behaviour. " our comradeship only extends till you do leave, after that your on your own." -d
    18:43:36BrandonΞArrow : some that was owed to him and so he might be gone to Riverwind. He didnt want to leave his Kitten wondering where her Da had gotten to. "How good are you with a sword?" he casually questioned Tory as he took a deep drink from his bottle.
    18:47:16Rosalie_Shadowfax : Oh good, Sybilla could stitch herself up and save Rose the trouble of yaking into a bucket while trying to attend to the wound. " I can get you those things miss, but might I suggest we..head up to a room to be looking after that wound." Nodding her head in the direction of the stairs, " 2nd door in is available if you want to start making -c
    18:48:08Sīεgfгїεδ : He shrugged. "I figured you would say that." he muttered, listening to the sounds of the waves breaking on the shore, and the clean air drifting around. "I may miss your company though. I seldom meet someone this interesting on my travels." That much was true, and Sieg very nearly drifted off to sleep at the peacefulness of this place. >
    18:49:42Sīεgfгїεδ : "Are you very hungry?" He asked, wondering when was the last time she had eaten. He hadn't eaten since the night before, and he was pretty hungry, and would go and find some food at a time soon to now. Liv said she had wanted a day without event, and so he wouldn't force her to go with him. At least, not toda he wouldn't. -f-
    18:51:48Rosalie_Shadowfax : your way." Still that sort of panicked concern still fussed over the girls face while she regarded the injured maiden before her. Turning away with resigned sigh, with rum pitcher clutched close in her hands...thinking maybe after this she would need to be taking a drink herself. Collecting the healing supplies to be gathered in-c
    18:52:40Tory-Oakcroft : =The challenge now was whether stubborn self thought, or that slight thud would win out. For now his head ruled. Only the odd side glance giving to Sybillas table, as he kept most of his eye contact on Brandon. Glancing down at his ribs, the bound muscle not exactly leaving him not much use as a weight carrier. He raised a brow to quesiton if the-c
    18:52:44Rosalie_Shadowfax : slender arms, she cast a glance for where ever Sybilla decided to stay either at the table or take herself up to the offered room and soon follow suit with the requested things in hand.-d
    18:54:13Tory-Oakcroft : the man was being sarcastic about the heavy lifting. The second quesiton however came more in his line. The large croadsword at his hip, gave away alot. Only a man that could turn his weapon with pride tended to have spent the money on such extravagance. The enamelled black sheath twisting with red and gold thread, that weaved with a rose pattern-c
    18:55:38Livana : Hungry? she couldn't remember the last time she had actually eaten but she couldn't stomach the cooked mess that he liked to partake of. The threads of weakness starting to coil in her limbs, she should have taken the opportunity a while ago when they had killed those hunters to stash a body and feed upon. Such things she would not trouble her-c
    18:57:02Tory-Oakcroft : that was etched under the surface. Blue eyes focussed and he shrugged his shoulder, an inability to blow his own horn showing as he mused. "I get by." It was becoming a mantra for him. In truth, even in this state he was a fair swordsman. Nope, that thud was beginning to win. Taking in a deep breathe as prior Brandons earlier instructions, he -c-
    18:57:25Livana : honorable friend with. The oath not to hurt any was still in play, which meant her hunting days were on pause...at least in the city, nothing said she couldn't hunt out in the forests for animals..though that idea wasn't as appealing it would at least sate her for a while. " I will eat later." she answered even as her gut rolled out a growl -c
    18:57:52Tory-Oakcroft : didn't wince. Even though the pain seered through him, it didn't seem to register. "My first thought however, is why ask sir?" His brow raised again, it was an odd conversation twist from hefting box's to sword play.=
    18:59:34Livana : of discontent...the beast within knocking against her brain with a vicious temper, it was lusting to be free and when it was...all hell would most likely break loose. She chose to ignore his endearment of missing her, not willing to give him the same sentiment back..cause that would mean she actually cared and it was no longer a partnership of -c
    19:02:43BrandonΞArrow : "My boys are out to sea with them their crews and until I get a ship of my own I have been getting freight here and there using the help of others. I have a shipment of wool coming in its a commodity that seems benign but hells bells if there arent black marketeers that want to steal such things." he failed to mention that he himself>>
    19:02:47Livana : convience but an actual friendship...a facade she didn't dare drop. Pressing off the grainy earth into a sit, she'd shake out her onyx tresses to try and leave at least some of the beach on the beach instead of in her hair, trousers or tunic. " a drink though..thats much more needed." yes another round of drinking, becoming a bleary eyed -c
    19:04:55BrandonΞArrow : was smuggling the wool to avoid the tarifs." So I could always use a sword to help protect the goods while on the docks till the buyer comes for it. Most sell swords are busy with wars and such so if you can still swing a sword in your condition you could be what I am looking for. Your at least intimidating enough that it might give some >>
    19:05:33Livana : drunk feme...so that hopefully somebody would do something stupid and release her from the curse of being non violent. Getting to her feeet, shed wait for him to stand and start leading way to whatever his preferred dining spot was.-d
    19:05:36Sybilla·Covelin : A room was a good idea. Syb offered a nod in agreement. Snatched her basket of goods with her clean hand while the bloodied one carried the rag. There was a slight sway as she stood. The stain on the front of her tunic suggested this was no simple gash. As she traversed passed the men, she merely watched them with a blank /c/
    19:06:39BrandonΞArrow : a second thought before trying to pinch my cargo. Though discreation is needed here because if the word gets round then you will have the dogs sniffing early. As long as they dont know what the ship holds well then so much the better." He gave a nod and a smile "We can negotiate a salary and I will let you have your room for the duration of when>>
    19:07:54BrandonΞArrow : the ship gets here to when the buyer takes it away. You will have shifts twelve hours, you up for it? " he leaned back "If all goes well might be more work..."
    19:08:24Tory-Oakcroft : =He listened, the information driving over him and it seemed to spark him. Tory was only a shade away from full wrong side of the fence, keeping his balance on central by a thread. Plus a good salary, was never going to be turned down. How much trouble could guarding a few boxes be? It gave him something to fill his time atleast. Rather -c-
    19:09:55Sybilla·Covelin : expression on her face. It was a little hard to be friendly when she was bleeding like she was. At least it looked human. The stairs were taken a bit more slowly than normal. Once she reached the room though the basket was dropped and Sybi lifted her shirt to peer at the hole in her torso. The towel in her hand was pressed against it and /c/
    19:09:55Tory-Oakcroft : than moping on his....train of thought lost. Blue eyes trailed Sybi and he watched her as his eyes flashed to the blood that littered her front. To him, with human eyes it looked like a possible death sentence, a source of infection, shock...any manner of ailments. His logic reasoned him as he almost rose to his feet, but it kept him sat. She -c-
    19:11:40Tory-Oakcroft : wasn't exactly a little girl. Infact she would probably heal faster than him and he had a good week on her injury. Breathing another deep breathe he rubbed the bridge of his nose. This had to stop. Guard work. Yes...something to deviate him "Why not..." He offered out his hand to the man, watching him carefully. Blonde spikes shifted as he -c-
    19:14:04Tory-Oakcroft : was atleast a perfect deterant, built like a sledgehammer. In his current state, he wouldn't be able to battle army's....but he could handle a few bandits, surely? Another breath. His hand still hidden slightly beneath the sleeve that over shadowed it, fingers only just showing as he offered the man a handshake.=

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