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    07:52:22Tory-Oakcroft : taaa daaa.)
    07:52:29Elyse : welcome)
    07:52:59Tory-Oakcroft : -Salutes- Morning.)
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    08:00:18Elyse : A small cart led by a chestnut horse moved through the gates of the city. She had pushed through traveling through the night and there was relief in her eyes when the guards finally let her through after a persury search of the wagon. They found nothing but a bedroll , some cooking pots and jars, both large and small filled with various herbs and-
    08:03:30Elyse : plants marked in a odd script. Boxes and roughsacks also had mortors and and other implements that came in useful for her "trade". What she needed was a place to get something to drink , to park her wagon and get her horse some care. She would have to wait till the afternoon to start her search. The night was warm but she still wore a scarf-
    08:06:57Elyse : on her dark hair, half hiding her features. Not exactly blending in the wheels creaked loudly in the streets, most people were still in bed this hour and she wasn't sure she would be able to find a place open. With a sudden lurch she felt the wagon give as the axel broke, a groan came from the woman "Whoa , whoa" the reins stopped the -
    08:09:45Elyse : horse and Elyse jumped out of the cart. Bending down she saw the damage and her countence fell, she didn't have the tools and would need to find a wagoneer. Dark eyes searched for someone that could direct her but seeing no one , she moved to Tal . "I am sorry my friend but we are going to have to make some noise" She urged Tal forward leading him-
    08:11:20Elyse : the broken axel scraped along the road. Dragging the wagon was slow work and she knew because of that the damage would be greater then if she could have simply fixed the axel. Right now though she was worried of the noise and who might pop out to see what the racket at this time of day was.
    08:19:46Tory-Oakcroft : ugh sorry hun.)
    08:19:54Tory-Oakcroft : I gotta do a runner.))
    08:20:09Tory-Oakcroft : The fit hit the shan here)
    08:20:25Tory-Oakcroft : Buh bye)
    08:20:28Elyse : alrighty another time
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    09:13:57Tory-Oakcroft : ok drama dealt with -sighs- back.)
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    11:58:38Tory-Oakcroft : Hey livvy ^.6)
    12:01:20Livana : hiya ^_^))
    12:04:06Tory-Oakcroft : =The beach sand was warm, the rain had finally subsided and eased back out over the ocean. The humid air now hot around the land. His body was bruised, the three bottom ribs bent and cracked, the stretch across his torso beginning to bruise heavily. The small firecracker of a wolf had left him a little more than broken. Sat on the beach edge, -c-
    12:05:23Tory-Oakcroft : his torso was bandaged to hide the bruising. His jaw now healed, he sat without his shirt to give him some space to breathe. The air around him was thick, and dense and it made it even harder to scoop breath. Yet the sweet sound of flute music drifted on the air. Trilling notes, cresendoing and falling as they spiralled from him. The insturment -c-
    12:06:53Tory-Oakcroft : was the one thing he never sold for coin. No matter how many lands he had been to it had stayed at his side. His breath uneasy, but he forced it. His eyes hidden behind closed lids, as the soft music followed the air. The melody haunted, a lilting sound of not sorrow, but solitary solace. Enough to jerk a lump into the throat. Hidden set back -c-
    12:08:43Tory-Oakcroft : behind the rocks, he sat upon one facing the sea. His fingers trilled out the notes, with a well learnt ease. He only ever played when he needed space. When he needed to just be him, just for that instant. Tanned flesh, coated in a thin layer of sweat from the heat, and strain of his breathing. His hair had begun to finally grow back out a -c-
    12:09:30Tory-Oakcroft : little. The spikes settled lazily in the heat, a small amount at the front curling round onto his face. He just needed to be his own mind....just for now.-
    12:09:37Tory-Oakcroft : done.)
    12:13:11Livana : " something you've always done well, besides being a curse heathem" she'd say from somewhere beside him, standing upon a rock or two higher than him and out of reach. " is play that tune.." For how sensitive her ears were, it was surprising that the notes didn't send her screaming in the other direction trying to claw out her brains. The -c
    12:15:21Livana : familiar tune he played had awoken her from her fitful sleep in the room she was sharing with Sieg, separate beds of course, when the tune had drifted in through her wind and turned her dreams to memories she wished to forget. The way his tan skin was glistening in the low light, the smirk that crooked his lips as he leaned over her and -c
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    12:18:10Livana : breathed that single word....fireworks....it had brought her bolting upright out of bed with a mini heart attack. Even now the tune was tugging upon heart strings she didn't care to admit she had, folding arms over her chest as she closed her eyes, and waited for his natural reaction which was to start baiting her. That felt more normal than what-c
    12:18:29Livana : he was making her feel now, if she could hold onto the anger, her hatred of him, everything would be fine.-d
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    12:27:01Tory-Oakcroft : Stupid compuper.)
    12:27:03Livana : wb))
    12:27:10Livana : " something you've always done well, besides being a curse heathem" she'd say from somewhere beside him, standing upon a rock or two higher than him and out of reach. " is play that tune.." For how sensitive her ears were, it was surprising that the notes didn't send her screaming in the other direction trying to claw out her brains. The -c
    12:27:13Livana : hiya ^_^))
    12:27:19Tory-Oakcroft : Ty.)
    12:27:23Tory-Oakcroft : and hi back ^.^)
    12:27:38Livana : familiar tune he played had awoken her from her fitful sleep in the room she was sharing with Sieg, separate beds of course, when the tune had drifted in through her wind and turned her dreams to memories she wished to forget. The way his tan skin was glistening in the low light, the smirk that crooked his lips as he leaned over her and -c
    12:27:48Livana : breathed that single word....fireworks....it had brought her bolting upright out of bed with a mini heart attack. Even now the tune was tugging upon heart strings she didn't care to admit she had, folding arms over her chest as she closed her eyes, and waited for his natural reaction which was to start baiting her. That felt more normal than what-c
    12:27:57Livana : he was making her feel now, if she could hold onto the anger, her hatred of him, everything would be fine.-d
    12:29:47Tory-Oakcroft : -His ribs bandaged, his body still bruised the music just played a few moments longer even though she had spoken. Drawing to the end of his frame, the minims and crochets circling in the air in a smooth rapido. It was an oddit. The battle scarred, and broad man sat in the peace of the sea air, the tune he played beckoning like a siren over the -c-
    12:31:12Tory-Oakcroft : ocean. Finishing the refrain the flute dropped into his lap, leaning back against the rock that was at his back, he had little intention of baiting her today. Much...He could barely stand against her when at full swing, so when he was sore and bruised and barely able to breathe. It was a bad idea to poke the bear. "I do many things well Liv." As -c
    12:33:02Tory-Oakcroft : ever he barely filled inthe gaps between silences. The tune was an anthem of his homeland, a piece that was played in times of reflection.His shoulders pushed back against the rock. He didn't seem to run, Liviana may be psychotic, but she was proud. The likely hood of her ripping him a part when he was barely able to put up a fight was low. -c-
    12:34:23Tory-Oakcroft : She wanted his head, but she wanted it fairly. There was no satisfaction of putting an injured man down. Ocean eyes peeled up over her, still she never lost that edge of being able to make his pulse beat a little harder. "Why are you still here Liv. You know aswell as me, that if they find me...they find you too." It seemed like code. But Liv -c-
    12:35:44Tory-Oakcroft : knew the Order aswell as he did. She had spent years, trying to infiltrate it. Thanks to him...she had nearly succeeded. "They might kill me Fireworks. But it is a damn sight better than what they will do to you." He couldn't help himself. The word had tripped out in reference to her before he realised. Turning back to the sea he leant his back -c-
    12:35:47Tory-Oakcroft : against the rock.=
    12:39:29Livana : Again that word slipping from his lips, once a word of endearment, now a torturous lash against every fiber of her being. The soft inhilation of breath was like he had just knocked the air of her by the most painful punch he could afford her, she turned her head away flightly to hide the wince as lips curled up in grimace. " don't play that you-c
    12:42:01Livana : care what would happen to me...and I told you before, none are following," getting her face back into that mask of brooding hatred, she faced him again with that intense feral gaze. He was battered pretty bad this time, but nothing compared to last time, that night only came to her in bits and pieces as he screamed out to the humanity in her -c
    12:43:56Livana : while the beast raged, howling for his blood. She often wondered how exactly he had survived, had he actually been able to break through to her....had she been holding back? Did it matter anymore? " if they find you..then my plague is over..and ill happily follow you to the pits of hell "-d
    12:47:53Tory-Oakcroft : =His lips turned a little absent mindedly into a smirk, his head shaking softly. Hard as stone, and a fiery as dragons breath she always managed to amuse him. But the fact remained that he would never forgive her for what she did. He would also never take that chance again. He had lost too much before that scarred him underneath. Things that he -c-
    12:49:32Tory-Oakcroft : never planned to let seep out towards aynoine again. Although over the past few days...that vow to himself seemed to be cracking. This was something he was planning to correct. His eyes leeched her still, the pacific colour lacing her as he just spoke in his usual calm force. Hehad never been scared of her for what she was, never expected -c-
    12:54:37Tory-Oakcroft : her to be anything, never presuming. Even after she had prooved that what lay underneaht should be feared, should be avoided....in some peoples eyes should be burnt and buried. The brearth in his chest hurt, and he still smelt of the latest two hounds he had associated himself with. Pushing a hand back through his hair, the blonde spikes shifted-c-
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    12:59:12Tory-Oakcroft : Sybi went poof.)
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    13:00:08Tory-Oakcroft : and he just let out a short breathe, sighing slightly against the wind. "If they find me, you know that it will not be that simple. There are things that need accounting for." His lips twisted slowly upwards and he kept himself silent for now.=
    13:03:04Livana : Flesh heated wherever those moody blues touched, breath escilating just that little bit more as the pale sea foam green orbs...so light they seemed to be mixed with silver..combed over him in the same fashion. The draw to him was incredible painful to ignore, but perhaps the she-wolf was sadistic in that fact, forcing herself to keep away from-c
    13:04:49Livana : him...not like he'd have her now anyways. Yet despite what she had done to him, he never once tried to destory her in return...then agian, he hadn't needed to lift a finger to do that now had he. He'd used her, just as she had been trying to use him, only he had turned out the victor. An irritated rumbling growl like boulders being grinded -c
    13:09:02Livana : together released from her chest in his direction as he mentioned things that needed to be paid for. Oh yes, there were many things that needed to be paid for, " don't even go there, knight" the last word spit out, meant to cut him as deeply as the name fireworks cut her. Taring her eyes away from him, she swung her head away to look out over-c
    13:11:14Livana : the ocean, midnight hair shadowing the motion as it swung around causing the beads that decorated a few of its dark tendrils to click together, still holding the hawk feathers she seemed to love wearing. One of them was even one he had given her those 5 years ago, when things were turning more from being about business to-- " you reak of the -c
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    13:13:30Livana : others....surprised you have even muddled yourself up with that she-wolf....since you have such a distaste for us...or is it simply..just a distaste for me.."-d
    13:13:44Livana : welcome))
    13:14:20Juana : Ty.))
    13:15:51Tory-Oakcroft : =The pacific blue's tended to have that effect. Hence why he had hid them since.....well since the last person that had seen something in them other than a cold void. They would remain that way once his hair grew back to full length, but for now they just had an extra edge of ice to them. The soft sandy blonde that he just sat. Strong hin his -c-
    13:23:05Tory-Oakcroft : silhouette. His broad shoulders still squared. His breath was husked as his ribs were aching. Bruises were one thing, but the broken bones she had inflicted would take atleast 2 weeks to be anywhere near healed. Raising a brow he gruowled a little under his breath at the name. "Don't push your luck Fireworks." His face hardened a little. He -c-
    13:27:11Tory-Oakcroft : hated that title. Yet the pendant was still hooked to the strap of his satchel. It shimmered. He would never let go of that part, but he seethed everytime it was brought up. She seemed to make that rich angst harder. He paused a moment, and thought about his words carefully. He had to watch his step. Liviana was a big mouth, who would enjoy -c-
    13:29:37Tory-Oakcroft : stripping shreds of him if she could. But it ryled him. His eyes shot over her, even though she was looking away they burned a little on her flesh. "Distaste? I sincerely hope you are jesting girl. I lost my home, my world. I lost..." He still refused to say it. He hadn't spoken about it since the day, and he refused to now. "Sybilla was just -c-
    13:30:14Tory-Oakcroft : repaying a favour. Nothing more." It was as he saw it. The favour she thought she owed him now repayed.=
    13:35:46Tory-Oakcroft : Font test.)
    13:35:49Tory-Oakcroft : That sucks.)
    13:36:06Tory-Oakcroft : Test.)
    13:36:18Tory-Oakcroft : Test.)
    13:36:24Livana : Lips flicked again with animalistic twitch, flashing sharp eye teeth as she'd quickly move from her rock to his in seconds but not in human motions. Her body bent, contorting in shadow of the beast that lay in waiting beneath her flesh, closing the distance with lightening speed as she moved upon all fours. Now she was leaning over him, bareing -c
    13:37:06Tory-Oakcroft : Test.)
    13:37:08Tory-Oakcroft : Ew!)
    13:38:46Livana : down in threatening manner as he, or so she felt, lied through his teeth. Cruelly bent hand, though it was still injured, pointed crystalline nails towards his throat though she kept it at least a hands width away lick she had run into some kind of invisible barrier around him. He would easily be able to hear the noisy breaths, the deep -c
    13:41:06Livana : inhalations through her nose as her head weaved in motions that just weren't natural for a woman. " lies" she'd hiss in his ear, looming into his personal space, forcing that overpowering aura of hers to be felt by him. " you allowed yourself to be distracted by her...and look what it won you," using the hand that wasn't clinging her -c
    13:43:56Livana : awakwardly to the rock he leaned against, she reached out and poked at the worst broken rib he had. Even though the pain would still be searing to him, she was holding back greatly with the touch, had Syb even straightened them out for him? she didn't know. She didn't fear any sort of retalliation for the time being, he'd be too slow and too -c
    13:46:03Livana : sore to give her any trouble. " you should have known better than to think I would attack her...stupid male" His scent was intoxicating to her, she could the heat radiating off his flesh, the sound of his heart beat, the blood pulsing through his veins and canine groan was released. It was a sound he knew well, she had made it often enough -c
    13:47:31Livana : before the nightmare had began between them, it was a haunting sound that often left people feeling jittery because it called to their inner animals and they had no idea how to respond. -c
    13:50:24Livana : Again the noise pressed out of her as closed her eyes, her head tilting almost seeming to curl about his in nuzzle but kept the motion hovering..unwilling to touch him, unwilling to let him touch her...unwilling to let any touch her. The violent ragings bubbled forth as suddenly she barked out one, savagely in his ear snapping her teeth together-c
    13:52:32Livana : as if she wanted nothing more than to sink them into his flesh and eat him like a T-bone steak. Drawing away again, she put distance between them again, once more standing in rigid manner two rocks above him with arms folded over her chest. " she doesn't know does she...what your profession was...maybe i should enlighten her to your dark past."-d
    13:54:45Tory-Oakcroft : =She drew into his space, leaning over him as his own eyes hardened and he sat a little straighter, almost squaring back to her. This brought her nails a little closer to his throat. Tory did not lie. He concealed truthes, and did not speak of them. He avoided questions, and conversations that could lead to him having to face things that he fled-c-
    13:57:33Tory-Oakcroft : His eyes darkened as she snarled out her retort. "She didn't..." He was cut off, his ribs searing with pain as he growled low. The noise gutteral for a human throat as the pain gurgled bass in it's retort. Her finger digging into the fire as he moved to try and grab her arm and push it away, but she had already moved herself. His eyes flamed. -c-
    14:00:35Tory-Oakcroft : the cold iced temperature rising in them as his aggression was beginning to tear at him. He wanted to slam her face into the stone, and feel her breath stop in his hands. His fists gritting he kept his head. He was injured, and she was able to rip him into man flavoured jerky, even when he wasn't. Finally coming back to her sentence now that the -c
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    14:03:11Tory-Oakcroft : pain had subsided. "I never know anything for certain Fireworks. You proved that a long time ago. When I thought people were just that. And she didn't distract me...." He glared low. The blue flash in his eyes stinging it as he dared her to disagree. His eyes flared, and he smirked. "She knows. They both know" They knew he was a knight. That he -c-
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    14:04:45Tory-Oakcroft : had been order bound at one point. Just because he had concealed the rest underneath, didn't mean he lied. Just meant tha it was not something they needed to know, or he wanted to face. "They don't care." He sneered his nose up, and turned his face away from her.=
    14:08:21Livana : " I highly doubt that....did you tell her how you used to hunt us, did you tell her about me..." she murmured softly, in familiar lustful tones that had once baited him into her cave, again stepping down from her rock to start pacing slowly, prowlingly before him. " mm, did you tell them what you did...how you got those marks...how you -c
    14:11:47Livana : abandoned me for that! that!," she couldn't even bring herself to say the womans race, let alone her name. The pain was great in her little body, it was burning anguishingly within her, tearing to her pieces and twisting her in this dark ugly creature who desired nothing more than rivers of blood to flow amongst chaos at her hands. -c
    14:12:19Livana : " do they know you were exiled.....that you had me! exiled!" -d
    14:14:07Tory-Oakcroft : =His voice growled a little lower in his throat, the blue colour of his eyes flaring as he snarled. Agressiong took hold, tearing at his throat as he sound rippled out strong enough to combat her own snarls and rumbles. How dare she think she had high ground. To come charging in, thinking that he deserved to be beaten into solitude again. -c-
    14:15:25Tory-Oakcroft : he had done his best to remain through his pennence. Paid his price. His eyes came out of hiding fully. The thick set pacific, lacing with the raging agression that hid behind it. The pain, the sheer torment at what had been torn from him. Ripped from his grasp, for what? For honour. Out of duty, and blind allegiance to pages and bindings that -c-
    14:17:10Tory-Oakcroft : gave instruction by inducing fear of wrath. He pushed himself to his feet. Dropping off the rock, his feet planted and he squared himself. Peeling to his full height, he was nearly a foot taller. His head and shouldres pulling free of her own height. The bass in his voice rolled out strongly, as he raised it in a stern chastise. "Don't you dare. -c
    14:19:04Tory-Oakcroft : " His voice echoed around the rocks. Tory rarely raise his voice. It was barely louder than a whisper usually, but this was a strength he was obviously missing a trick on. His voice was strong, bass underneath with a smooth tenor drawl over the top. At a louder volume his accent eased through. A dulcet tone, with a ringing eloquence. It was -c-
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    14:26:14Tory-Oakcroft : clear, well rounded and a little easing at the ends. "You tried to kill me, left me for dead in that ambush you so kindly set up for me." His eyes flaming still, they focussed on hers drawing inches away from her. "You will never be her." The insinutation in the tone was that no one would ever be her.=
    14:34:28Livana : He thought she had ambushed him? He had known it was growing dark, new what she was to become...yet he said she had ambushed him! That was rich but whatever wild retort was about to come spilling out of her lips was silenced when he so blatantly stated that she would never be her....no one would compare to his secret. It was sharper than any -c
    14:36:38Livana : silver dagger stabbing into her heart, " ...and yet look at what you did to her.....shes dead..because of you...your a bane on every womans existance" shed snarl out, looking up into his face, holding her ground not budging an inch. He could tower over her all he liked, she could still knock him flat if she so desired but right now she was-c
    14:39:34Livana : appeased with tearing about his soul as much as he was her. " that she-wolf doesn't know whats about to hit her....your like the plague, spreading death, decay and disease where ever you go," she knew her words were harsh but she didn't care anymore. Tory had drawn the clear line that they would forever be enemies, so be it. " she'll learn -c
    14:41:37Livana : I'll teach her..." smirking coldly as she stepped back. " and everyday that you find an ounce of solace, happiness...I'll be there to remind you that because of your actions...she can never smile, laugh, or make love again...and its all because of you"-d
    14:44:50Tory-Oakcroft : =His heart raced, the pounding noise of his pulse stretching in his veins and thumping around his body. The quick pace of it spreading adrenaline around his body. She could flatten him in one shot, but he didn't care. He would not step back. She had pushed her luck once too often, too far. His chest rumbled as he narrowed his eyes. More -c-
    14:48:05Tory-Oakcroft : animated than most who had met him would expect him to ever be able to muster. The stoned look on his face seething. The words bouncing in his head, words he had not been able to utter. His heart still pounded, every muscle of him wanting to slam his fist into her face so hard she would be swallowing her teeth. "Jealous, Fireworks?" He would -c-
    14:50:14Tory-Oakcroft : pound sense intoher head if he had to. He had no interest in anything. He cut that part off years ago. He never would...his heart beat again. Calling him a liar. Baiting him out, as he couldn't stop his words before they came. "You will teach her nothing...." It was a clear threat. The burn in his skin racing him, as his ribs were pulling. His -c-
    14:52:42Tory-Oakcroft : stretch to use his height against her causing them to almost collapse against his lungs, but he had passed the point where it would register. His head buzzing with the beating of war drums. "You are poison Liviana. Through and through. I will never, forgive you for what you took." He was avoiding the subject again. Never one using any words that-c-
    14:54:57Tory-Oakcroft : ment he had to face up to the truth. The burn in his eyes still flared as he watched her. "You came here to cut me off. When all you have done, is make your own kind turn on you. Again. Does it sting Fireworks?" It was a low shot, but she was asking for it. He regretted saying it even as the words were coming out but she -always- pushed him -c-
    14:58:58Tory-Oakcroft : too far. But still he couldn't beat back the temptation to try and soothe her, to ease her solace...to give her that spark back. "All gun powder and no spark Liviana. You just don't glisten." His smirk rolled a little, and he snorted. "Infact Liv, preach what you want to who you want. What will it break, you know better than anyone It wont -c-
    15:00:54Tory-Oakcroft : hurt me." It wouldn't hurt him because he made a point not to draw any connection to anyone. She could chase everyone of, and gnash and gnaw all she wanted. He made a point not to care if he was seperated. Another thump of his heart, the slight movement of his emotion from anger, to...something else. It wouldn't hurt him...there was no one here -c-
    15:01:35Tory-Oakcroft : that mattered that much. Not to compete with Daci. Her name dropped into his head and he immediately winced, but there was something else there. Someone was getting to his inner layers.=
    15:06:29Livana : To invision the pain that Tory was inflicting upon the Livana with his words, would be to picture a stake being held over her stomach...not necessary made of silver. With every line spilling from his lips , the sledge hammer dropped against the flat head of the stake, driving its point through all her mushy parts to pin her to the -c
    15:08:30Livana : heated stone beneath that was slowly beginning to scorch her flesh and cook her alive as she failed uselessly in attempt to get up and away from the searing heat. That was what Tory was doing to her now, the turmoil that was racing through the already mentally disturbed femme, fueling her psychoticness and fusing it with her savage beast. All -c
    15:10:05Livana : the while her mind was screaming for him not to do this, as heart pounded within her chest, why had she pushed him to this point? why did she have to take it that far? why did she feel bad for causing him so many head aches. She had no intentions of actually telling anyone about his past, when Kaleb had asked all she had said was that he had -c
    15:12:31Livana : survived and that was her reasoning for hating Tory so much. The rage rushed forward again like an angry sea constantly batters at the rocks until they are crushed to nothing, so her anger would break over Tory time and time again, refusing to give. Drawing herself up again, a cold, calm look played over her face, a sign of when she was at her-c
    15:15:36Livana : most deadly...where she would no longer take in the accounts of others feelings...his included...and lots of blood shed usually followed. " Ill give you sparkle....and this city will cry out in anguish with its light.." shed murmur, slowly turning around and beginning to walk away. " I wonder what Daciana would say....knowing your replacing -c
    15:18:50Livana : her so easily...with the she-wolf....Sybilla is it? " the words spoken over her shoulder. Climbing back up the rocks, she turned and looked down at him then. " I'll grant you this peace Toridius..I'll allow you time to heal, in that time...Sybilla will know nothing, and the streets will remain quiet...even if there is a full moon...you'll -c
    15:19:55Livana : need all your strength..limited as it is." With that she dropped down on the other side of the rock and departed the beach, going in search of the large male Sieg that she had seemed to attach herself to.-d
    15:22:06Tory-Oakcroft : See yah in a bit livvy hun <3)
    15:22:23Livana : <3))
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    15:23:58Tory-Oakcroft : - Scampers off chasing tumble weeds, until people turn up-)
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    16:09:49Elyse : Hello?)
    16:10:18Sīεgfгїεδ : Mornin ))
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    16:16:48Elyse : welcome)
    16:16:58Monuush : ty))
    16:25:27Sīεgfгїεδ : Top of the mornin to ya monuush ))
    16:25:52Monuush : thank ya siegfried))
    16:27:24Elyse : The broken axel was going to cost her. She had managed to drag the the wagon without much notice. She had waited for the owner of the wagon shop and he looked over the damage. He shook his head "It will take me a few days I have jobs afore you. Leave it here and I will get to it as soon as possible" She had no choice and bowed her head -
    16:29:49Elyse : in resignation. "I shall return in a few days" Exotic eyes grazed over the man, what was in their depths was not shown "You can take your animal to the stables" he quipped as she left, a silent bow of thanks was given and then she was gone. The wafting of spices lingered in her wake, cloying but not overpowering. She found herself wandering-
    16:31:26Elyse : straights that were now filling with people. The barest of glances was given the woman but she was keenly aware of those around her. Powers of observation were part of her enigma,the "witch" had often been accused of using darkarts but little did people know how much could be duduced by simple attention to details. The way a person moved, -
    16:31:54Elyse : the way their eyes spoke the truth while their lips lied. It was a art, not dark magics.
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    16:34:48Sīεgfгїεδ : Sieg had awaken to find himself staring at the ceiling in the inn, much later than he had anticipated. He had training to do, and the kids had wanted to join him when he did. He sat up, reaching for the top of his dark gi which was the grey of violent stormclouds, setting it onto his body and tying it firm with a belt of the same color, the >
    16:36:22Sīεgfгїεδ : outfit made a thick fiberous material, difficult to cut or damage and long lasting. Last steps, he thought to himself and reached for his crimson headband, fastening it around his head, and then finally taking the time to wrap his hands. He was now ready for the day! Heading outside, he looked around, so far none of the kids had spotted him, >
    16:38:14Monuush has left the conversation.
    16:38:38Sīεgfгїεδ : but a few faces of the crowd had recognised him from the fights yesterday. Seems word had spread amongst the townsfolk of the mysterious stranger that had taken on and beaten 5 men without taking a single hit. With a determined expression, he made his way to the outskirts of town where he had set up the training posts, and found to his delight >
    16:40:04Sīεgfгїεδ : a small group of kids that had been waiting for him, each eagerly trying to imitate him, which was more flattering than anything. He waved pleasantly to the kids, and watched them silently for a while, occassionally speaking up to correct one of their postures or attack angles. -f-
    16:43:31Elyse : Most cities were the same, meandering streets with a rhyme or reason only known to those that laid out the streets. Most towns grew outward and had no real planning, her travels had shown that there were few well planned out cities. She followed the logical path, or what seemed to be and soon found herself to be near what seemed to be a training -
    16:45:34Elyse : area. Children were using it and she looked around for their mentor for some direction. She saw only one man dressed oddly for he wore no armour no leathers and had no weapons. Perhaps he was but a bystander but it did not matter, the soft clomping of her horse sounded amoungst the shouts of the children as they encouraged one another-
    16:49:09Elyse : or congratulated for a move they thought rather well exucuted. Her voice was soft but seemed to hold a command as she stopped in front of the man "Many pardons but I am looking for a stable, or a Inn that has one so that I might put my beast to rest and partake of a meal." she looked around for landmarks for future reference "I would be obliged-
    16:50:14Elyse : if you could help my quandry. I usually do not get so turned around" A faint smile crossed her features whether in polite greeting or amusement of the circumstances she found herself in was hard to discern.
    16:52:46Sīεgfгїεδ : He turned to face the woman who had been speaking to him, his hazel eyes glaring into her own, discerning her intent almost as if peering into her soul. After a moment, he turned back to the kids and spoke to her. "One moment please." he then walked ot the kids and spoke up. "I have to go for a few minutes. Until I get back, I want you each to >
    16:54:24Sīεgfгїεδ : sit down and try to feel our breathing and body. Get well in tune with it." The kids followed his directives, one speaking up "Why?" Sieg grinned and spoke softly "Good question. Mastering yourself is the key to martial arts. Mastering your heart, your fears, and your body." It was simple enough, but later on he would begin to teach them how to >
    16:55:40Sīεgfгїεδ : harness their ki, and expand on it. Turning back to the woman. "I can lead you to an Inn if you wish, it would be this way." Without looking back, he began to head back towards the city, moving through the streets. It wouldn't be hard to spot him in a crowd, due to his size and clothing, so he was sure the female would be able to keep up with his >
    16:57:20Sīεgfгїεδ : strides, especially on a horse. Pointing to a building, he spoke up. "That's the Inn, and the tavern lies in that direction" again pointing to a building that was in sight. "If you need anything else, feel free to ask, though I am new here myself." -f-
    16:59:50Elyse : She noticed the man seemed hell bent on simply fulfilling a duty as he gave no converstation. A pity because since she was going to be here a few days she would have liked to speak to someone, the days of travel were very long and could be wearisome. She dismounted and bowed her head gracefully, her eyes followed where he pointed "It is my honor-
    17:01:59Elyse : that you chose to help me. Perhaps I can do something for you now" she reached in a leather bag that was slung over her shoulder, fishing into it she pulled out a small bag that had a thick coating of wax on the outside. The smell was strong and pungent, instantly he would know it was mint mixed with other things but the mint-
    17:05:13Elyse : hid anything else that might smell less then pleasent"I noticed that the children were doing a fighting dance. There are some that will not be used to such movements if they have not limbered beforehand."She gave a soft chuckle"Children do not often think of such things beforehand, this is lintment in case one of them has need."-
    17:06:11Elyse : it was a simple gift though she knew that many that were poor could not afford to see a healer when needed. She offered it to him her palm open as the bag sat upon it"For your kndness"
    17:06:50Elyse : test)
    17:07:28Sīεgfгїεδ : you are still here ))
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    17:08:15Sīεgfгїεδ : He nodded, gently taking the bag and inspecting it. "Thank you for your generosity. You are welcome to watch from the side if you wish to see what I am teaching these children." indeed, she was welcome to join in even if she wished. Spreading a sense of honor and dignity to youth was something he enjoyed, it was almost as if becoming stronger and >
    17:08:46Elyse : welcome)
    17:09:06Judas : Thank you.]
    17:10:06Sīεgfгїεδ : bringing a sense of dignity to others was his purpose in life. It wasn't a bad purpose in his opinion, and it was active. "It's about time I returned to check on their progress. Again, you are welcome to come and see for yourself." as he said this, his hues gazed agani into the female's intent, and sensing no killing intent, he turned and headed >
    17:10:21Sīεgfгїεδ : back towards where he had left the group in their mind and body focus excercise. -f-
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    17:11:53Judas : Welcome back.]
    17:11:58Sīεgfгїεδ : wb))
    17:12:01Elyse : thank you)
    17:14:40Elyse : She called out to him before he got out of earshot "Your dance, I have seen simular before. My people call it a dance because its movements call for the one who dances to be wholly dedicated to each movement. What is this dance of yours called? " What the children had been doing was familar but not anything she had seen before-
    17:16:52Elyse : Her eyes once again looked to get oriented on where she was so that even though she followed the man in her curiosity she would not have to ask for directions back from where he was training his children. She watched him move, the subtle liquid ripple of each step , the air of confidence "You are a master of the dance" it was a rhetorical-
    17:18:58Elyse : observation. Not a question, she might have had a different venacular but he would know of what she spoke. She tugged on the reins leading Tal near the man. Curiosity to learn new things and new ways that could be incorperated to make her people stronger was their way. They traveled nomadically and picked the strengths-
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    17:20:40Sīεgfгїεδ : Welcome, and top of the mornin to ya Inara ))
    17:20:50Elyse : of those they encountered and forsook the weaknesses. They were masters of none but had just enough knowledge in many things that they were often looked upon with suspicion. She knew some moves of the dance but she was no master, a dabbler perhaps. Afternoons spent watching others that preferred that combat she simply was one that helped ease -
    17:20:50«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Hey Inara))
    17:21:05Elyse : wounds of those that imbibed.
    17:21:59·Inara··Sybrant· : Kaidus))

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