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    16:13:19Sybilla·Covelin : MOrning everyone)
    16:13:27_x-Ethan-Brendon-x_ : Hello all.))
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    16:22:07Sybilla·Covelin : So, Ethan, if you could just peruse our rules real quick and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have...)
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    17:18:24†Dominus† : ....net is hating me))
    17:18:58GiadaΦMilos : wb)
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    17:25:29GiadaΦMilos : A stew was bubbling on the fire and she sat with pieces of cloth drapped over her legs. Her head was bent over her work and her fingers worked the needle in tiny stiches as she worked on the shell of the cloak. This would be a summer cloak , she would need to make ones of wool for winter but that was another time. For now she>>
    17:27:15GiadaΦMilos : wanted to get this done. She sat aside her work for a few moments as she stood and streched, she reached for the ladle and stirred the contents of the pot, put a few more sticks on the fire. After they ate she was hoping to go back in town, their clothing should be ready and she needed to see a cobbler to either have her boots repaired or >>>
    17:29:17GiadaΦMilos : to get a new pair. She also had found a few other things she needed, salt for one, and some rope. When they left the camp it would be a good idea to tie up their food and hoist it in tree to keep certain animals from it though it wouldnt deter everything. She was sure Dominus had a few ideas as well and before she sat back down she cast >>>
    17:30:10GiadaΦMilos : a glance toward the stream to seek out the familar form of her compainon but not spotting him she bent her head over again, took up her needle and continued to sew.
    17:34:29†Dominus† had been out early spending a bit of coin but not in town. Dominus had wennt further out the road nearby to a stable that he had saw before and picked out a new horse. The horse was that of what his people in the north called Mabari, a large warhorse. Dominus wore his armor over his clothes as if he was on his way to battle. Though it was just <C>
    17:36:26†Dominus† case another danger decided to show up to challenge him. Dominus's gauntleted hand held onto the reigns as the other rested on the hilt of his sword as he sat in the saddle. The horse moving rather fast down the road causing a good deal of noise in the woodline. Dominus pulled back some to slow the horse and to turn down the path he had used to<C>
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    17:37:48Sybilla·Covelin : Grrrr...)
    17:37:52GiadaΦMilos : welcome)
    17:37:52Sybilla·Covelin : I mean, Welcome home!)
    17:38:32Ķąlęb : grr to you too))
    17:38:35Ķąlęb : and thanks))
    17:39:23†Dominus† the forest. After a moment he could see the camp as well as making out Giada occupying it. The horse trotting up to the camp he turned it side way pulling his helm off and holding it in his free hand that did not hold the reigns and said...."Busy I take see?" with a smile. Shortly after speaking he would look up at a break in the canvas of the <C>
    17:39:56†Dominus† forest to see sun light beaming in his eyes causing him to squint some<D>
    17:42:24GiadaΦMilos : She looked up when she saw a horse approach but when she recognized who was on it her face broke into a easy grin. Setting aside the fabric and sticking the needle in it so she wouldnt lose it she stood and nodded with a approving glance to him before taking her hand and running it down its neck. "Magnificent, what is his name?" she >>>
    17:44:58GiadaΦMilos : chuckled "Paulos will have company now though he might have prefered a mare" She threw a admiring glance up to him " You look fine in your armour, it reminds me of one of the mornings when the regiment went out to battle, banners waving in the wind, the sun gleaming off of helms. " her eyes got a far away look as she was transported to another >>>
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    17:46:35†Dominus† : welcome))
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    17:47:56«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Welcome, please take a look at our rules and if you have any questions whisper myself or Sybilla or join us in the OOC room....doh o.o))
    17:48:04GiadaΦMilos : time and place. "The sound of trumpets calling forth the knights, I remember I stood back and pride swelled in my heart." She broke from her reverie and then turned a smile up to him "Yes you look very fine...are you hungry I have some stew that should be ready"
    17:48:08«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : oh well, atleast I have the message for the next time xD))
    17:48:24†Dominus† : lol))
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    17:51:41†Dominus† looking down at her from in the saddle and as she spoke he smiled and he said in reply..."His name is Thunder" a very ordinary name but it held to Dominus due to the size of the Horse. Through his leg over as she spoke still he tied thunder to a tree close by and was lost in her words about the old times. Dominus full well remembered sitting <C>
    17:52:50Ķąlęb : -The interaction with the wolf woman and her grouchy friend had ended rather abruptly. No doubt the sight of the freshly wounded Kaleb, naked and very much the man who'd stolen her pig, had overwhelmed her. Maybe it was anger...or just because he really was that outstanding a sight naked. Since the incident with the hunters, Kaleb had kept a low -c
    17:54:41†Dominus† horse back to the side of Grand Master Araelius waiting for battle. He loved doing what he did even after he learned that he was adopted and his real family were barbarians. It gave Dominus a reason to fight harder in the name of god as it did strike a little low to know his real parents were godless evil people. After shaking the thought he <C>
    17:55:21Ķąlęb : profile and avoided the forest. He'd avoided his fur as well...no sense in giving humans an excuse to skin him alive for maiming the gang. They'd recover their wounds no doubt...didn't an animal have the right to defend themselves as well? Probably not, if you asked a human. The wolf had been loitering at the dodgy establishment on the sea front-c-
    17:56:11†Dominus† turned to Giada and took a few steps towards camp hooking his helm on his belt and resting his hands on his belt and said..."Thank you" to her gesture of how he looked and finished with..."Yes I do think I could eat a bit....Thunder back there fought me half way here" he chuckled at the thought of almost being thrown from the horse a few times<D>
    17:58:32Ķąlęb : , enjoying the hospitality human's did well...drink and women. Now he was looking for the little blonde wolf in sheeps clothing for a meeting that might last longer than a fleeting hunt...He had her scent after all so it shouldn't be too hard to seek her out. She'd likely not be a happy puppy when they met again...dogs tended not to forget the -c-
    17:58:37Ķąlęb : thieving of a meal.-
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    18:02:20GiadaΦMilos : She moved to the fire gave one last stir , giving him the chance to dismount she folded up carefully her sewing project and slipped it into a canvas bag. She chatted as she moved around the camp "I think I should like to go to town after we eat, I need some rope and some salt and my boots need mending though I am not sure there is >>
    18:02:24GiadaΦMilos : welcome home)
    18:02:43«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Welcome home))
    18:04:14Tory-Oakcroft : -Sunlight, the blinding gold curse of daylight waking you up. The golden light breaking through the small port side gap in the fishing ships cabin. The smell of ale, and smoke rendered stung in his nose as he snorted out the acrid smell and shifted his weight to sitting. Sea legs were certainly not something that you ‘acquired’ he was certain -c-
    18:05:03Tory-Oakcroft : of this, he was also nearly certain that all sea farers just pretended not to be queasy, for effect on those who preferred to keep their feet on solid turf. The thick sea air rushed him this time, as the chattering of seagulls over head had the 5 crew members of the decrepid old sea boat seeming to brim with excitement. Pushing his weight -c-
    18:05:48Tory-Oakcroft : finally from what was apparently classed as a bed, his bones creaked and his left shoulder gave a loud crack. “Even floor boards are more wretched, on this floating death trap.” His stomach was turning. Over and over the waves causing it to threaten his breakfast into his throat, meaning all his strength was taken on swallowing it hard back. -c-
    18:06:11GiadaΦMilos : enough on the sole to mend" grabbing the wooden bowls she dipped the ladle into it and the rich broth was spooned into the bowls. "Though I am a bit sad that now you have your own horse, I kind of liked sharing" she gave him a wink and then sat his bowl so that he could take it up while she divided the last of the bread with him for their >>
    18:06:40Tory-Oakcroft : Suddenly the alerted sounded “Land!” The crew men pulling at the rigging, as the main sails swamped cross words over the deck to catch the onslaught of the coasts breeze. His stomach rolled again. The sickening sense growing in his gut as he gritted his teeth in response. The crew took little time in racing the boat thankfully through the waves, -c
    18:06:47Tory-Oakcroft : *alert)
    18:07:30Tory-Oakcroft : almost taking into flight as it skimmed over the wave tops and launched violently towards the shore. Once wood met sand, he launched over the side with a quick bound, his hand bracing the side before propelling his body heavily down into...water. A riot of laughter ensued, at the haste in which he left causing him to jump to soon and land knee -c-
    18:08:05Tory-Oakcroft : deep in the sea water, but he didn’t care. Land was land. Wading through the salted brine, his leather boots filled and sloshed as he came ashore and grumbled at his now bedraggled appearance. Sandy hair stuck to his features, the tips plastered to his squared jaw line before his hand scruffed it back from his face. Hard blue eyes glanced over -c-
    18:08:30GiadaΦMilos : meal. She sat on a log and began to eat watching him and the horse "I take it he is trained or are you going to have some work to do with him?" she had a hand with Paulos but there were masters there helping her along the way. A battle trained horse was given special pains and for a knight it was necessary. Horses were a extension of the Knight>>
    18:09:01GiadaΦMilos : often times it would be the last vestiage of defence in battle and time and time again they had turned the tide.
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    18:09:15Tory-Oakcroft : the land that now came into his vision, the main sites a large hilltop castle, offset by a small city. Pulling his satchel to spin behind him, he headed off towards civilisation, as that was usually the best bet for food, and shelter. He was an odd man, tall and broad his gait carried him with a proud and upright stance, yet his stooped -c-
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    18:09:38Tory-Oakcroft : shoulders and head, gave him a weakened appearance of withdrawal. He had heard from the fishermen, that this was a beautiful place to find solace, and food. The native men having been visiting his town after being swept ashore by a brief storm, he had bartered passage. Anything was better, than wandering through towns owned by the creed that -c-
    18:10:09Tory-Oakcroft : their back in shame to you. He carried towards the main town. Food and a bed that atleast had a straw matting the only things… in his thoughts.=
    18:10:34Sybilla·Covelin : Just a bite. No such thing as just a bite. It wasn't the bite but the anger. That split moment of red she'd seen which had caused Sybilla to flee with all due haste from all semblance of civilization. To purge. Because pack law dictated- no wolf should ever attack a human. It was, in her world, an act of war. Granted, she was an entire /c/
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    18:10:59Sybilla·Covelin : ocean away from -her- world. This world was different. The rules were different. Still Sybilla had gone four days without food or water. In a human this would have caused serious problems. For Sybilla although the weight loss was not appreciated it was not life threatening. Merely annoying to hear your heart pounding loudly /c/
    18:18:00Sybilla·Covelin : within your skull. Sybilla had climbed up the rocks near the beaches and then stopped, to stare at the water. The pounding got louder, then was hastened by a second beating heart. A scent which caused the woman's face to contort slightly. "Ofi.." the name rolled off with the drawl in an almost growl. Her mother's language for the /c/
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    18:21:26Sybilla·Covelin : word dog; an insult among the other wolves. "What do you want?" Sybilla was not feeling all too charitable to the pig thief. Even if she'd been willing to give him shelter days ago the four days of repeated nightmares had caused a waning in her charity. Then again, she was hungry and thirsty two thing which were enough to /c/
    18:21:38Sybilla·Covelin : make people like them very grumpy. /d/
    18:21:46†Dominus† moved to pick up the bowl of stew and sat down near the fire pit as listening to her words as he started to poked around a bit at the stew before he would start in on the stew. "No one said we still couldnt share" he chuckled. Dominus took a bite of the stew and nodded to her comment about the Horse needing to be trained..."He doesnt need much"<C>
    18:23:59†Dominus† "Training just needs to get use to me I think". Dominus had seen her with the cloaks when he had road up he asked..."I see you had started on the cloaks?" or she may have been almost finished with them he couldnt tell. Dominus reached into the bowl again taking more stew as he ate. He hadnt ate all morning as he walked the road to find the <C>
    18:24:09†Dominus† the stables he had saw weeks prior<D>
    18:24:23Ķąlęb : -Oh she was grumpy. Perhaps she'd caught it from her little friend? The odd smelling half breed....Bad moods could be catching. The beach wasn't the place you expected to find a wolf but then she was wearing her human skin again so actions tended to vary in your meat suit. "Ofi? That a pet name you've given me princess?" He offered with a -c-
    18:26:37GiadaΦMilos : "I am a poor excuse for a tailor but I am doing alright. Its too hard to sew at night so I am trying to get as much done as I can while I have the light." she dipped her bread in the bowl to soak up the juices and she popped it in her mouth "Well I got used to you and so anybody could I imagine" her eyes lit with teasing as she finished her stew.>>
    18:26:51Ķąlęb : sardonic grin. His feet were bare...apparently Kaleb didn't approve of shoes. He'd lost too many pairs of them over the years. He didn't speak Sybilla's tongue, despite the similarity in their accents, so he didn't know the insult in her words. Jade eyes flickered to the nearby boat dragging it's arse into the bay and the man departing before -c-
    18:27:43AlexDkar : *Leaning back against the tree he'd just take to the shade, his form was relaxed, as well it could be and now he found himself looking blankly ahead at the world around him as it passed by in the courtyard and as such he didnt need much to be seen, he was hearing all and that gave him enough to know his surroundings, it was funny -c-
    18:28:06AlexDkar : to him anyways, that the children hadn't found him yet, considering they followed him around like a flock of lost sheep, not that it bothered him at all any*E
    18:29:14GiadaΦMilos : "There is plenty , did you want to take Paulos and Thunder or did you want to ride one horse or the other. Yours is already saddled but I have no problem getting Paulos ready. " she rinsed out her bowl in the pot of extra water they had for such purposes and then dried it off by tapping out the extra water and then putting it away. Not the most >>
    18:30:10Ķąlęb : they snapped back to Sybilla. "You look like you've been rode hard and put away wet sweetheart...What's got your fur so ruffled?" Oh he was looking for a punch the way he was talking to her...would she be one of the women who found his smartassness charming? Probably not. "I was making sure the sight of me naked hadn't got ye so flustered ye'd -c-
    18:30:38GiadaΦMilos : sanitary way to clean up but it was the middle ages and they werent too keen on such procedures. She started to walk back to sit down when she tripped and ended up sprawled on the ground. After spitting out a mouth of dirt she slowly got up and glanced back to see that she had torn the entire sole off her boot "I guess that trip to >>>
    18:30:58Ķąlęb : plain run out of the city...I know I'm impressive little pup...but it ain't no reason to get yerself completely flustered..."-
    18:32:04GiadaΦMilos : the cobbler can no longer be put off. I am going to look like a idiot wearing slippers but this is not going to do" She turned around and pried off both of her boots and then in stocking feet she stood, and went to find her slippers which she only wore with dresses.
    18:33:57Tory-Oakcroft : -The water moving in his boots, had become a little more than an irritation as it sloshed within the leather confines, and causing his feet to grind against the rough edges of the leather. Halting he watched the civilisation in the distance for a moment, then looked to his feet in contemplation, his mind wandering over the topic of if he would be-c
    18:34:45Tory-Oakcroft : able to bare the watery footsteps for such a distance. The resounding answer was no. Slumping to a crouch he pulled at the leather boots, the scruffed footwear barely holding at the stitching as he emptied the water out into the thick sand underfoot. Pulling at course woollen socks next he wrung the water from the material, and hung the clothing -c
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    18:35:12Tory-Oakcroft : over his satchel to dry in the sunlight. The sea breeze was brisk, whipping over his as he scanned the surrounding area with a squinted glance, but with the sun behind them all he caught of the pair atop the rocks was a hint of shadowy movement before the bright light blinded his vision. The sandy fringe once more floated into his eyes, covering-c-
    18:36:18Tory-Oakcroft : the ocean colour as he shoved it back again. A knight should stand proud, with steed and blade he should be a beacon to those who have lost hope and lost guidance. A friend to a stranger, a blade to the weak....but this was a past memory. At this point in time he looked broken, weather beaten and mostly wet. Tying the jagged laces of his boots -c-
    18:36:26GiadaΦMilos : Dom had something come up I will NPC him to a point)
    18:37:07Tory-Oakcroft : at the ends he slung the items over his shoulder and rubbed his temple. The throbbing muscle in his forehead sending a thick set pain as the nausea eased for a pounding headache. Sea travel was by no means his preferred transport. The sand underfoot shifted in his weight, leaving foot trails along it’s length as he headed towards the rocky -c-
    18:37:56AlexDkar : *The darkened form would drop down infront of Alex in a crouch of bowing and he'd open his eyes 'Yes?' came the words from alex's lips as the knight would stand upright "The council requests your presence you highness, it is rather urgent" Alex's form would relax back further into the tree if it were possible "Regarding what, and my name is Alex-c-
    18:38:59GiadaΦMilos : They decided to ride his horse and on the way to town he seemed to be fairly well behaved. Dominus wanted to take him to the farrier and so he dropped Giada off in the city . She sighed softly , the city was still largely unexplored for her but she didnt want to seem too dependant on having Dominus so the only thing to do was to strike out and>>
    18:39:22AlexDkar : outside of the Valley, I hold no title on these lands, please remember this Knight." a bowing of his head he'd apologize "They need you for a defense meeting, as we recieved a decree of war if demands are not met" raising a brow Alex would shake his head "Triage again?" the Knight would nod his head "Tell them i will not come to the meeting-c-
    18:39:37Tory-Oakcroft : beach edge, to gain shade from the beating sunlight that was scorching on his flesh. The fishermen had finally docked, beginning to slacken the sails and hitch their roping to the nearest port posts. Ocean eyes just watched the hardened men go about their rituals, with a slight intent. Every movement being traced and analysed as he took in the -c-
    18:40:01AlexDkar : they know my stance against there petty demands. If they truely wanted war they'd have come after us already"*E
    18:40:07Tory-Oakcroft : -c- site of the twisting rope and knots.=
    18:40:56GiadaΦMilos : find a cobbler herself. She walked along the streets as if she wasnt aware she was wearing slippers instead of boots. No one seemed to give her notice, her old boots were in a bag over her shoulder and she began to navigate the streets. She passed things that vaguely looked familar, but then every building seemed to >>>
    18:42:40GiadaΦMilos : look the same. The press of the crowd moved her along as she kept a eye out for the sign of the cobbler. Intent on her destination but not knowing how to get there , she ended up in a seedier part of town as she looked around smelling the sea air . Now this is where she had landed, the docks, but she doubted there would>>>
    18:44:17GiadaΦMilos : be a cobbler there. What she did see was a tavern, with a odd name "The Drowned Wench". Well this wasnt the royal district, she could use a drink and directions, but she heistated for a moment . Letting the strong winds blow over her and listening to the waves. If it wasnt the forest she would like the sea, something so beautiful>>>
    18:44:34GiadaΦMilos : and primal about nature, it sent a thrumming through her very soul.
    18:49:22Sybilla·Covelin : Princess, again. Sybilla didn't look bathed or pristine. In fact, she looked... much like she had been on the beach for days. Indeed she had found a small indent in the rocks to tuck herself into at night. Going back to the forest had seemed to risky. Bare feet, must have been a normal thing for their kind. Blue eyes slowly moved away /c/
    18:49:32Sybilla·Covelin : from the man in front of her toward the one who had left the ship. Sybilla watched because that was her nature. To watch. To wait. To learn patterns. It was a...whore, wolf, thing. Then Ofi opened his mouth and Sybilla returned her sights to him. The first comment didn't bother her much. After all, she was what she was and she expected /c/
    18:49:52Sybilla·Covelin : to hear such things from time to time. It was his cocky attitude about his appearance that had one brow lofting higher than the other. Sybilla turned slightly to eye the other man before she moved from the rock she was standing on to share the rock Kaleb was on, whether he had enough room or not. "Ofi, you haven't seen ruffled yet. /c/
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    18:50:18Ķąlęb : Wb))
    18:50:20GiadaΦMilos : welcome back)
    18:50:22Tory-Oakcroft : Ty)
    18:50:28Sybilla·Covelin : Nor are you anything all that special to cause any flustering. Oh and..." Sybilla smiled as sweetly as she could manage despite the whirling dizziness. "...I doubt a wolf of your...particular...status could return anything wet." Jackass. A palm came to lightly touch his chest if he'd let her and with the same smile she'd make like she was /c/
    18:51:38Sybilla·Covelin : using him to help climb the rest of the way before she'd give a shove. /d/
    18:54:08Ķąlęb : -Perhaps because she was anything but pristine, Princess was an ironic name for her to be given. Nobody said nicknames had to make sense...He didn't know what her name was so he had to call her something and princess was a damn sight nicer than some he could think up. He followed her with his eyes, out of habit more than anything...she was -c-
    18:56:42Tory-Oakcroft : -Once the rigging was cleared, the sails were sagged and tied the men trudged fully ashore, bantering among themselves. The eldest had already grabbed a large pair of black leather boots, the pair not in much better repair than his own that were slung across his back. Warm sand and sun had dried him for the most part, but he still had a distinct -c
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    18:58:23Tory-Oakcroft : odour of smoke and salt. As the men closed the distance, the eldest drew from the conversation of the pack of men and lobbed the boots a little roughly in his direction, the pair parting in flight. He managed to grasp one, catching it clumsily in his right hand but the other tumbled against his chest, the left hand trying to catch as it fumbled -c-
    18:58:46Ķąlęb : either prey or a predator on even footing so it was well worth keeping her in sight. Never trust a wolf you don't know, especially one that looked as sketchy as she did. Her return comment about his comments made him laugh, a sound that rumbled in his throat like a rising bark. "Woof woof princess, did I touch a nerve there? I think ye doth -c-
    19:00:37Tory-Oakcroft : air before the boot hit his lap. The man just grimaced a toothless smile and rejoined the gaggle of men as they headed to the port side buildings. He eyed up the boots. There were few things that came out of kindness. Raising a brow he figured he would deal with consiquences later and shoved his foot into the dry leather. Warm and dry once -c-
    19:01:17Ķąlęb : protest too much for someone unruffled..." He caught her hand when it pressed to his chest and when she gave him a shove he'd prove harder to budge than you'd expect...well for a half starved, dehydrated werewolf anyway. "My status? Are you a wolf snob there princess?" he quipped though it was rather easy to spot her waning health. She looked -c-
    19:02:16Ķąlęb : about ready to drop. "You should really sit down...before you drop down...Have you been out on these sands since I saw you?"-
    19:03:01Tory-Oakcroft : -c- more he stood to aim in the direction of the port side businesses. His shoulders squared as he took in the rough edges, and loud riotous singing eminating from inside of the closest tavern. Sea shanties and a drawling undertone of drunken verses beginning to crescendo as he pushed open the door. The place looked relatively clean, even if the -c
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    19:04:26«Kâiđuş٠Thorηωyck» : Wb))
    19:04:31Tory-Oakcroft : -c- the patrons didn't. The stale smell of ale, and brine stining his eyes as he let the door swing shut, and pushed his hands carefully into his pockets. Keeping them contained her strode over the floor of the tavern. Heading towards what he only assumed was a bar, through the crowds of drunken sailors and fishermen. Stooped in his stance -c-
    19:04:36GiadaΦMilos : thanks)
    19:04:39Tory-Oakcroft : Wb Gia. ^.^)
    19:04:58GiadaΦMilos : computer froze)
    19:05:25Tory-Oakcroft : He tried to fight his way through the crowd to the bar. A room and board was welcome, even if it was low standard it would be better than 22 dqays spent on a fishing boat.=
    19:07:30GiadaΦMilos : She turned slowly and entered the Tavern, this was not the Kings Head, a different crowd seemed to be here. She held a bit tighter to her shoulder bag as the smell of unwashed bodies and rum and other cloying scents assualted her nostrils. The shutters were thrown open so at least there was a breeze. There was racous laughter and such and nothing>>
    19:09:43AlexDkar : "Go, fly safe" Alex would nod to the Knight as he took flight and Alex would then push off the tree and begin to walk into the city and mingle amongst the populace, he was dressed in less than regal attire, he was a king but never showed it unless it was deemed important to show his class, for which it was mostly military situations, might and -c-
    19:10:41AlexDkar : power, two very distinctly evil but needed pieces in a kingdoms placement and survival, but to him, meant nothing to a commoner who would never attain such riches by simply being born and as such, he never flaunted it and his feet found him back at the bakery he so often visited here in his allies home, taking a seat outside he'd enjoy the smells-c
    19:11:03AlexDkar : of the dough being cooked and wondered how long it would take before the children found him at his favorite hang-out~E
    19:11:45GiadaΦMilos : really bothered her. She didnt frequent rough places but she didnt shy away from them either, it was part of the job description and so she slipped past tables , weaving her way to find a tender. Wenches were busy with tankards and platters of food as they served the patrons. She had been alone for a while except for recently after finding>>
    19:13:14Sybilla·Covelin : After the death of her mate a decade ago, Sybilla had gone out of her way to avoid...well, wolves like him. Touch a nerve? No. A wolf snob? Hardly. Sybilla had worked hard for every ounce of the respect she'd gained in her pack. Brows furrowed as he mentioned being out here since they last spoke and Sybilla yanked her hand /c/
    19:13:24Sybilla·Covelin : away from him. A little too harshly as it sent her backward, the bang against the rock caused a scrape on her elbow. Which bled. "Don't you act so concerned..." Yes, they were competing for territory. Weren't they? Neither one could trust the other. Not really. And yet, they had a better chance at survival if they could get along. Wolves /c/
    19:13:26GiadaΦMilos : another of her order , rubbing shoulders with people seemed a bit odd. She lifted her hand and started to ask a passing wench for a ale but the woman didnt hear nor see her. She turned a bit sheepishly towards the bar waiting for another to give it a go. A few sailors left the bar leaving a open spot and so she quickly>>
    19:14:33Sybilla·Covelin : weren't meant to travel alone. "would you just..." Sybilla growled lowly and took in a breath. "Yes." Arms folded under breasts and she sat there on the rock mulling over the last four days. "I got angry. I saw red. It scared me. I could have killed that man. I wanted to..." and that above everything else bother Sybilla because although /c/
    19:16:07GiadaΦMilos : took up a spot and slid onto one of the stools claiming her place. Her eyes swept accross the room again this time just casually checking out her fellow patrons. Her clothing though worn was clean and besides the pendant around her neck of her order there was nothign to distinguish her except her olive skin and dark hair. She was not a >>>
    19:17:00GiadaΦMilos : noble nor a mere peasant, she carried herself with confidence and assurance but there was a bit of shyness in her. Another wench came back and she called out "Excuse me please miss!!" but her voice got lost in some friendly shouts from the other side of the room.
    19:17:58Sybilla·Covelin : she wanted Daniel's killers brought to justice she'd never wanted to kill a human in place of it. Words were muttered under her breath in her mother's tongue about the very idea she was sitting here talking to -him- about this. "I need to go eat. It's been four days..." /d/
    19:21:21Ķąlęb : -She really was in a terrible mood and Kaleb tried to search inside himself to find something considerate and pleasant, something that might relate to what she was going through. Sadly he couldn't find much of anything in there but more sarcastic and unhelpful remarks. When she fell he gave a huffed breath and dropped down to sit beside the -c-
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    19:23:19GiadaΦMilos : wb)
    19:23:39Tory-Oakcroft : -sighs-)
    19:23:40Tory-Oakcroft : ty)
    19:24:40Ķąlęb : grumbly woman. "You're a wolf...that's why I'm concerned...I might be as dumb as a bag full o' hammers...but wolves look out for their own..." he wasn't sure how well he'd agree with that if they really had to fight for the territory. He'd fight hard if it came to that. "You got angry because they were hunting you...We have the right to defend -c-
    19:27:08Tory-Oakcroft : His hands still resided in his pockets, tucked tight into the linings as he kept his head bowed. The rough shadow of stubble around his jaw, and the matted sea weathered hair meaning that he seemed to meld into the crowd of ale soaked men that surrounded him. Sandy hair, still damp at the tips caught to his jaw line and he shoved it back finally -c
    19:27:27Ķąlęb : ourselves if we're attacked...If a wolf attacked a human, you'd expect the human to defend themselves...we do just the same..." he stated in explaination. "And you wouldn't have killed anyone...you ain't like that...a bite don't mean a kill princess..." he slipped to his feet and hopped down off the rock. Hands moved to lift her down but fully -c-
    19:27:53Tory-Oakcroft : from his eye line as he drew up to the counter. The place set his nerve on edge, not that it was a nervous edge...more a good portion of cautious consideration of the surroundings. The men inside were not that rough edged they looked dangerous, and the giddy sea shanties that billowed from them certainly added to their harmless effect. A drunken -c
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    19:28:07Tory-Oakcroft : man however, was an unpredictable man. The wenches served ale and food to almost gnashing jaws at tables, the men ravenous after living on salted means and moulded fruit. His eyes just watched silently, taking in the movement of the room that skitted around him. His own creed pendant hung around the satchel arm. Only a knight that had betrayed -c-
    19:28:13Ķąlęb : expected to get a smack or a finger bitten off for offering the hand...Independent woman and all that. "Come on, I'll buy you a meal to make up for stealing your meal the other night..."-
    19:28:13ᓷŠ³ᙔᙇᓸ : oops sorry__
    19:28:14ᓷŠ³ᙔᙇᓸ has returned.
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    19:28:22Tory-Oakcroft : man however, was an unpredictable man. The wenches served ale and food to almost gnashing jaws at tables, the men ravenous after living on salted means and moulded fruit. His eyes just watched silently, taking in the movement of the room that skitted around him. His own creed pendant hung around the satchel arm. Only a knight that had betrayed -c-
    19:28:38Tory-Oakcroft : his creed, did not wear his order mark with pride. A shout came from a few people down, as a woman tried to gain the attention of the nearest tender or well...anyone it looked like. He raised a brow as he watched her be ignored and shook his head a little. The only thing he had was his height. Straightening to his full stretched, at pushing 6’3 -c-
    19:28:51Tory-Oakcroft : he towered above most of the hunched sea farers around him. His head straightening for the first moment since entry he stood tall to gain the tenders attention. A tactic that was obviously well practiced as the man bustled over quickly. He nodded his head to the woman down the bar. “Ladies first, I believe sir.” The minute the quiet words passed-c-
    19:29:07Tory-Oakcroft : his lips, he returned to his former stance shirinking back as his shoulders stooped and he was almost covered within the crowd.-=
    19:31:07GiadaΦMilos : The tender came to her his face red with exertion"The man said you needed something Miss?" She looked to where he jabbed his thumb as he pointed Tory out. She leaned back and caught sight of him and nodded "Aye , I was hoping for a ale and directions to a cobbler. And who is my benefactor?" The man shrugged "Never seen him before , looked like >>>
    19:32:40GiadaΦMilos : someone netted him and forgot to throw him back" he laughed heartily and then said"A ale it is and the cobbler you will find them just outside the market place" he started to go and she called "Whatever the man ordered I will pay" She watched as he bustled off not sure he had heard her but she leaned back and gave a glance at Tory once again.>>>
    19:34:02GiadaΦMilos : She should thank him in person and so she left her seat and pressed her way and spoke rather loudly for she needed to be heard"There are two seats where I am , come and share a ale, thank you for sending the tender to me. I am afraid that my approach was far too timid for a place like this" her white teeth flashed into a friendly smile>>
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    19:34:53GiadaΦMilos : as she nodded towars the seats "Join me ? I told the tender that I would pay since you were so kind"
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    19:36:45Sybilla·Covelin : Shakes of the head came when he told her why she got angry. "No, that's not why I got angry." It wasn't? "Being hunted doesn't bother me. I can run away. They're only human. It's not their fault they're ignorant and don't understand our kind aren't here to hurt them." Sybilla let out a sigh. How very... progressive of her to /c/
    19:37:00Sybilla·Covelin : think such things? It was the truth. The hand was accepted. A sign of truce between them. That and she was starving and had no coin on her. Why not use the situation to her advantage. As they walked toward the Wench Sybilla made a face, "it was the way the hunter smiled when he shot you." Hands were pushed into the /c/
    19:40:26Sybilla·Covelin : pockets of her long skirt, even it was looking a little worse for wear along with the tunic. Sybilla didn't really want to get into it. "It just... triggered some memory or something I guess." She tried to shrug the topic off by changing it. "Have you ever been before?" By the way some of the dock workers were smiling at her good guess /c/
    19:40:45Sybilla·Covelin : she'd been here before and Sybilla sighed quietly. /d/
    19:43:37Tory-Oakcroft : -As he was pointed out he would be almost concealed within the crowd, even though his height did somewhat give him away. the tender bustled as he ordered an ale from the man which was served in due course. Due course being at a slow elderley pace, that started to grate the minute the drawn out mans handling of the task began. He just watched, -c-
    19:44:42Ķąlęb : -She had issues...most wolves did. They lived long lives and ran into trouble more often than not. The statement about why she'd gotten mad made him nod, not really aware he was doing it. "They enjoy the hunt....We enjoy the hunt...can't judge them for that...all I'm saying is that we should be entitled to fight back...We're not prey after all, -c-
    19:46:35Ķąlęb : we're predators..." that seemed to be the point he was making. As they reached the Wench, Kaleb's eyes darted towards the sun...it was the closet thing anyone had to a watch after all. "I have been here...but I ain't as popular as you it seems..." he taunted. Digging into his coin pouch he tossed Sybilla a handful of coin. "Here, buy yourself -c-
    19:46:53Tory-Oakcroft : -c- taking in each movement even moving as far as to cock his head to the motions of the people behind the bar. A mutter came, under his breath as he shook his head. "It is a wonder people do not starve at this pace." His words inaudible they passed underneath the hub of excitment in the place unheard. Searching his satchel for the bare few -c-
    19:47:30Ķąlęb : something pretty princess....and something edible...I've got some business to take care of..." And off the arrogant ass wandered. What he was going to do...well he didn't share and he'd be a hard beast to follow if he didn't want to be.-
    19:47:59Ķąlęb is away.
    19:48:54Tory-Oakcroft : -c- coins he had set aside, the tender gruffed out a rather bothered sentence, out of breath from the rush. "The lady paid, boy. Unless you wish to tip me twice take it up with her." He raised a brow still stood in quiet contemplation but turned his back to the tender. Tips were for service, not for a sluggish pace by an aggrevated man. Before -c-
    19:51:19Tory-Oakcroft : -c- he could retreat to the solace of a lone table he was interrupted in his pace and almost gritted back his first thought of response. Socialisation was not exactly his preference. The ridgid tense of the muscle in his jaw the a key to his unease, before an answer came. Out of polite duty rather than choice. "As you wish, Milady." He bowed -c-
    19:52:55Tory-Oakcroft : -c- through the crowd to the table and drew into the seat. Against his broad side, it drowned a little his stature shrouding over it as he dumped his satchel tot he side. The pendant at the strap, clicking on the metal buckle. Ocean eyes finally passed across the dark haired woman. His ale sat before him he nodded, his tone so quiet that even in -c
    19:54:59Tory-Oakcroft : -c- a calmer corner of the tavern he was hard to hear. "Thanks are not necessary Milady. I just stood up..." He smirked a little, the half arrogant smile a response to the fact that the tender still seemed to be glaring him down from behind the bar in response to his force on service.=
    19:57:18GiadaΦMilos : She had to strain to hear him. He reminded her of Dominus, a man of few words unless there was something that needed to be said "I am honored , I am Giada at your service" She brought her hand over her chest her fist balled as she saluted him. She looked around her glance simply flitting over the assembly "I was a bit lost and wanted to get >>>
    19:59:27GiadaΦMilos : directions, need to see a cobbler. Came to get some ale and see a bit of the cities residents. I am rather new here myself and have only made a few forays into the city so far" she was talkitive, she was used to talking for two. Before the massacre of her order she was always chattering, it was hard for many to put a damper on her. She had >>
    20:01:10GiadaΦMilos : withdrawn for many months in her sorrow and guilt but the last weeks she had been renewed and refreshed once again and so her old personality was pushing its way past the introvert and reasserting itself. She gave him a appraising look and then looked to his bag seeing his pendant there she nodded in curiosity "That pendant....is it your seal?" >>>
    20:02:30GiadaΦMilos : She took a long draught of her ale and smiled, her eyes friendly and curious though she wasnt trying to offend or intrude in anyway. It was just her way, she didnt allow him a chance to answer before she apologized "I tend to chatter a lot but my fellow knight seems to speak little and I hate long silences"
    20:02:40Sybilla·Covelin : "We're not just...." never mind. Sybilla was not getting into the predator/prey argument with him too. Sybilla didn't want to be lumped into that theory that all she could ever be was this animal who had to hunt things. The handful of coin was taken into her fist with a sigh. Father sky help her, she watched him walk off until the /c/
    20:02:50Sybilla·Covelin : crowd swallowed him up and then, Sybilla stared at the coin in her hand feeling like -she- had stolen something. Even from through the door she could tell it was busy. This was going to be nauseating. All those sensations on delicate senses made iffy by her self-inflicted punishment. Deep breath in Sybilla. The breath was held as the /c/
    20:03:42Tory-Oakcroft : One sec gai, I have to feed little boy.))
    20:04:05Sybilla·Covelin : door was opened. Quickly eyes swept the room. First for those hunters, second for familiar faces and lastly for a spot to hide. All of it took a matter of seconds before Sybilla wandered in slowly. The coins being carefully tucked into her pocket. Blue eyes settled on familiar female with a new male, the figure from the boat. It was a brief /c/
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    20:06:56Sybilla·Covelin : glance, a quick smile was given as she passed their table and continued apparently unaware or uncaring that she looked like a wildling and her arm had a rivulet of blood heading toward her fingertips. No, food was the primary concern and then she could worry about everything else. The men watched her walk, Sybilla ignored it, because /c/
    20:08:39Sybilla·Covelin : even they seemed a little wary of flirting with the normally smiling and flirtatious little whore. Predatory, yes, that was the ebbing feeling that would come off her as she made her way toward the bar. Sybilla leaned her elbows on the bar with a smile in front of the tender and quietly clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth. /c/
    20:10:59Sybilla·Covelin : "Food and ale... please and thank you, darlin" The coins were slid toward the tender and she lifted her arm, " maybe a rag too... would hate to messy up your bar... dang feet just got tangled all up in my skirts!" Believable enough. /d/
    20:16:34Tory-Oakcroft : Ok, back.)
    20:16:42Sybilla·Covelin : wb)
    20:16:48GiadaΦMilos : wb)
    20:18:30Tory-Oakcroft : -The muscle that tensed in his jaw seemed to tighten another notch, as the woman soared into full blown conversation, barely breathing between sentences. The fast paced chatter hitting his ears in a buzzing enslaught of jumbled words. The almost fixated look on his face trying to keep track with her conversation thread, as she flitted a little. -c-
    20:18:36Tory-Oakcroft : -c-Ty ^.^))
    20:21:26Tory-Oakcroft : -c-He watched the salute, and he had to force his expression to hold back a cringe and he nodded in response his own hand drawing to his chest. His fist clenched but his index and middle finger outstretched towards his chin as he lay it on his chest quietly. Words when words were necessary, were even possibly a stretch for him. He just let her -c-
    20:23:10Tory-Oakcroft : -c- come to a rest in her chattering patern, half way through his brow raise a little as she commented on the pendant. Taking in a slow breath, he kicked the back further underneath his chair, leaning forward slight his left forearm resting across the table top, the right leading his ale to him. Downing a large sip he raised his eyes finally to -c-
    20:24:32Tory-Oakcroft : -c- her. He had been silent for mabye a good five minutes, while she bombarded his ears and mind with conversation. Finally he pursed his lips to talk. "I can't imagine that with you around, silences are ever...long Milady." It seemed almost like an insult, but the soft tone in his voice charmed it out like it was silver. He took another drink -c-
    20:26:33Tory-Oakcroft : -c- the stale taste leaving his palet yearning for a better brew but he held his tongue. Sandy hair shrouded over his eyes, shadowing them out as he truly did look like something that had been sheltering in a cove for a few weeks, the acrid smell of salt and smoke still thick on his skin. He mused a little over his final sentence. "I myself -c-
    20:28:01Tory-Oakcroft : -c- could use the assitance of a gifted cobbler." He jerked his chin to the leather boots slung at this shoulder and finally smiled. The slight show of teeth running his features as he watched her. " Mabye we could put your chatter to good use, and you could talk him into a lower price..."-

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    20:30:54GiadaΦMilos : She gave him a smile of chagrin "I am sorry, I do tend to talk a lot" she looked over her mug to nod to Sybilla as she walked by. It had been several days since she had seen her and there had been a man with her last time but he didnt seem to be in her company at this time. Her eyes sparkled at his references to her chatter "Well I will see what>>>
    20:33:13GiadaΦMilos : I can do. Perhaps I can talk so much he will give us a lower price just to get me out of there?" she laughed merrily as she seemed to not be disuaded by his smell or his very reserved company. Dominus was no socialite either and she dealt with him just fine. "I think that I could grow on you or so I have been told. " her brows furrowed>>
    20:35:56GiadaΦMilos : in thought. "You havent told me your name though , I do believe its customary to exchange such pleasentries before one is talked in oblivion." She leaned to grab her bag where her boots were just to make sure the bag was still there, as she did her pendant slipped out of her tunic and caught the light. It was very ornamental not usual >>>
    20:37:36GiadaΦMilos : something that a knight would have but rather a Master. She was far too young to look to have ascended to Master and if spotted would surely create questions even if unspoken. She sat back up and grinned "Yes the boots are still there but they are in such bad condition I dont know if there is much to repair. I think I shall>>>
    20:38:22GiadaΦMilos : have to simply get new ones. Or spend some time in these" she lifted her foot to show her ladies slippers, that seemed far to fine for her outfit .
    20:44:20Sybilla·Covelin : The rag came first and it was dutifully held against the bleeding arm while he deposited an ale down in front of her. "thank yah, darlin." A few dabs had the bleeding slowing but that would be odd for a human so she held it close and with the other hand held the ale while she leaned against the bar to watch the room. The bowl /c/
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    20:44:30Sybilla·Covelin : of stew was plunked down for her and she noticed the meat was a little... pinker... than the other bowls. A smile came, Sybilla leaned further over the bar to place a kiss to the tender's cheek. "Thank-you." Amazing what tenders remembered about their clientele in a strange way they were a lot like whores. The thought amused Sybilla /c/
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    20:47:07Sybilla·Covelin : as she took the bowl of rare meat mixed into the stew and turned again to watch, hell with watching, the rag was left behind as Sybilla moved through the crowd to grab an empty chair and calmly set it at Giada's table to sit down with a smile. Her ale was set on their table but she clung to the bowl letting it perch on her palm. "Why /c/
    20:47:38Sybilla·Covelin : hello there..." the thick Louisianan-type accent along with the honeyed hair and blue eyes made her seem... innocent. Almost too innocent for her own good to be in a place like this. "You all just looked so friendly...thought I'd tuck myself over here."/d/
    20:49:32Tory-Oakcroft : -His eyes watched her greet another further in the bar, and most would have turned to look over their shoulder to see who the new possible friendly stranger would be but he just let his eyes rest on his ale for a minute until she resumed her onslaught. The chatter seemed almost without end, each sentence threading into the next almost without -c-
    20:52:19Tory-Oakcroft : -c- breathe. It was impressive he would give her that, but the taught muscle in his jaw tightened a little more as he seemed to be finding the conversation a little straining. Taking in another breathe to steel himself, he wasout to respond when the pendant almost jumped out and swayed under his nose. Ornate, and a high rank to be sure. Ocean -c-
    20:54:10Tory-Oakcroft : -c- eyes rested on it heavily, watching it's sway a little to intently as his grip on the wooden mug infront of him tightened enough for the weakened timber to give wayand crack, ale leaking over his hand. The sudden force of the container cracking in his grip made him jump and he drew back from the table in a swift motion to avoid the ale -c-
    20:55:39Tory-Oakcroft : -c- spilling over his lap. However, once he had done it he considered the fact that ale probably smelled a little better than he did at the moment. Shaking his hadn at his side the liquid sprayed to the ground. The thankful distraction of another member at the table for once came as a solace. His back straightening as he was still stood as she -c-
    20:58:15Tory-Oakcroft : -c- sat. The accent hit him like a wave, he nodded a little in response tipping his chair forward to clear the pool of ale on it's surface off before sitting once more. He turned his attention over the new addition before realising he had to give some sort of vocal response to Gia. "Oh, my apologise Milady. My name is Toridius Oakcroft. But -c-
    20:59:09Tory-Oakcroft : -c- most call me Tory." He turned his attention to the stew on the table and raised a brow. The pink meat giving him a slight churn in his still sea nauceous stomach. He was sure meat of that colour made most ill.=
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    21:01:36GiadaΦMilos : She was startled as the mug cracked. She looked up at him questioningly but did not speak. She had done it, she had finally talked someone into such annoyance that they were driven to crush wooden mugs. This revelation whether true or not caused her to become reticent and she looked down at her own mug apologizing profusely"I am very >>>
    21:02:00GiadaΦMilos : welcome, please see the rules and feel free to whisper a availiabe host if you have any questions)
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    21:04:31Tory-Oakcroft : or not...?))
    21:05:24GiadaΦMilos : sorry Tory" she noticed the pendant out of her shirt and slipped it back inside without thought. Her demeanor did change as she drank her ale she just gave a slight nod of greeting to Sybilla and a reserved "Greetings". She cleared her throat and swirled her ale in her mug as she glanced around for a wench , "A rag miss we had a mishap...." the >>>
    21:07:51GiadaΦMilos : woman saw the amber liquid that began to creep over the surface of the table and tossed a rag to Giada. She stood and spoke quietly"I will sop this up...."she leaned over the table and did her best to control the puddle , sopping as much as she could and then wiping her hands on her breeches she sat back down . Her eyes moved to the >>
    21:08:31GiadaΦMilos : now thinning crowd. It seemed that meal time was over and people were getting back to their various duties.
    21:11:44Sybilla·Covelin : Sybilla watched the man who had broken the wooden stout. Nonchalantly, her hand pushed her ale in his direction. Two fingers entered her lips and a shrill whistle broke through the sounds of the bar toward the tender. Sybilla held up three fingers and then went to grab her meal. Pausing at the man's lofted brow. Dangerous /c/
    21:13:28Sybilla·Covelin : waters to walk on, eating such a thing in front of a human but then Sybilla was hungry and it had been four days since she ate something. A smile tugged at the corner's of her mouth. Still, she could smell the sickness on him and Sybilla being Sybilla lifted the bowl toward a passing wench. No sense in nauseating the man further. What /c/
    21:19:02Sybilla·Covelin : was a few more hours? As the ales were delivered Sybilla handed over the coin and eyed the pair at the table. The thinning crowd was easing the stress on the senses, thankfully. "... Sybilla Covelin. So, I know she's a knight. What are you, Tory? I mean, if you don't mind indulgin' a prostitutes curiosities.." Oh, she had no issues admitting /c/
    21:20:40Sybilla·Covelin : to who and what she was. Why should she? She'd be on this planet long after their bones turned to dust. The new ale was lifted and she took a long sip from it while she peered at the pair of them with an easy kind of smile. /d/
    21:21:46Tory-Oakcroft : -He watched the dark womans reaction to the sudden spill, and her sudden shut down into herself. Rubbing the bridge of his nose at the commotion that had drawn around him, the pinch at the bridge easing a little of the tension in his forehead. This was the exact reason he avoided people in general, he tended to make those around him -c-
    21:23:51Tory-Oakcroft : -c- either try and accomodate his nature out of blind politness, or brought out their own withdrawn traits. His eyes turned on Gia and he let out a slow breathe and shook his head. "Milady, no apology needed...was just...clumsy hands." He tried to ease her mind that it was not her conversation, however much it buzzed in his head that caused the -c-
    21:25:27Tory-Oakcroft : -c- situation. Luckily, the other female chirped in with her introduction. Lucky he thought until the question came and he stalled immediately on the sip of ale he was about to take. The liquid churned in his throat, catching at the top of his windpipe to send out a cough and he breathed through it carefully. He was starting to think that -c-
    21:27:26Tory-Oakcroft : -c- he should be locked away far from people. Finally composing himself, a red colour running over the top of his cheek bones and the arch of his nose as his jaw tensed again. " Certainly not a sailor, that is for certain." He half quipped at his roughed appearance just from what any fisherman considered a short journey. His head hanging a -c-
    21:28:50Tory-Oakcroft : -c- a little deeper over his ale as he let his eyes drift over the pair and he sighed slightly. "Perhaps, I should leave you ladies to your own company? I seem to have left my manners with the seaweed it seems." Bowing his head a little he went to stand and leave.=
    21:32:49GiadaΦMilos : She looked to Sybilla how did she know that she was a knight? She looked at Torys hands out of habit when he said that he clumsy hands. She raised her brows "I doubt your hands are too clumsy, they are hands that have worked with a sword at least or some other labor" when he said he needed to leave she scrambled up and shook >>
    21:35:56GiadaΦMilos : her head"Please, no remember I was going to show you where the cobbler is" she gave a encouraging smile "Besides I will try to get you the best price and well, I might fare better then you , I smell better anyway" she gave a slight chuckle trying to lighten his mood with humor at least. She nodded to the chair "Please sit and finish>>
    21:37:53GiadaΦMilos : your ale" He didnt seem to like questions and she wondered...Dominus was much the same way. He had lost his faith and the downfall of their Order had caused him to withdraw even further. The pendant that he had , not like hers but simiular though hers was for a Master. She had taken it off the beheaded body of the abbot when she found the >>>
    21:39:33GiadaΦMilos : carnage. Her normal pendant had she goen through the rites would have been not as ostentatious but the same but simpler. She talked a lot but she was far from observant or stupid. "Please....I shall try to keep my chatter more lowkey. I promise , at least till we talk to the cobbler"
    21:42:59†Dominus† has joined the conversation.
    21:43:10Sybilla·Covelin : The cough caused a rising of concern as he choked on the liquid and Sybilla tilted her head at the behavior, "oh, I'm sorry, sugah... didn't mean to make you choke on your drink. You alright?" The response brought a quiet laughter. No, she guessed he'd probably been sick the entire time. Being the daughter of the explorer /c/
    21:43:20Sybilla·Covelin : she could relate and she was about to say as much that was until he went to leave. Sybilla chirped her tongue against the roof of her mouth to watch the other woman launch herself from her chair. How did she know? Because like wolves... knights travel in packs. It was in their stature. And she -old.- Maybe she'd wandered passed /c/
    21:43:29Sybilla·Covelin : their camp a few times while in wolf form too. Watching the woman plead? Or was it beg? Whichever for the man to remain with them caused an amused smile to come to Sybilla's face. A very wolfish look. Lifting her ale she sipped at it more while the woman continued to speak about cobblers and lowering prices, though Sybilla /c/
    21:45:07Sybilla·Covelin : doubted it was the same way she would have done it. "In short, sit your handsome ass back down and keep us company..." a wink came and after it she continued to watch. Because really, it was more fun to watch humans than be one sometimes. They were so... self conscious./d/
    21:47:10GiadaΦMilos : after Tory I am going to let Dom slide in)
    21:51:14Tory-Oakcroft : ^.^)
    21:53:19Tory-Oakcroft : -Shoving his hair from his face the sandy matted mass fell back, sticking up a little awkwardly this time for a few minutes before gravity began to cause it to fall. Beneath the sea beaten clothes, and rugged stubble and a large amount of salty dirt he was actually a lot younger than he appeared at this minute. His hand giving the hairline -c-
    21:53:40Tory-Oakcroft : another shove back, seemingly a nervous habit. The muscle in his jaw looked ready to crack as he finally conceded to her garbled attempt to make him stay. Ocean eyes ebbed a little with a small glint of appreciation for her persistence. He hovered for a moment more before the more cocky demand of Sybilla chimed, finally rising a half laugh from -c-
    21:53:56Tory-Oakcroft : from him. The stern rather pensive look he had held the entire time shifted aside for a more pleasant charm. He shook his head in amusement and just slumped back in his chair. It was odd, how even in a new realm he seemed to have drawn himself straight away to the nearest thing to a knights creed....an underlying need for the brotherhood and -c-
    21:54:13Tory-Oakcroft : stability resonant as he just nodded again and for the third time shoved his hand back through his hair. He raised a brow at Gaida once his expression had returned back to the stern mask of self containment. Glance from her back to Sybilla in an almost ‘do I really smell that terrible’ silent question. He knew he did. “Cobblers.” A simple word -c-
    21:54:24Tory-Oakcroft : of agreement. His large form stuffed back into the chair he downed his ale finally, the warm liquid again stale and he let out a breathe, and just resumed his quiet, uneasy silence. Today was going to be a long day....he finally spoke. His words again so quiet they were barely audible, just the rumble of the bass tone leaving a harsher volume on -c
    21:55:16Tory-Oakcroft : the air. “Do either of you by chance know of anywhere with low cost quarters? I have a feeling that this smell is not going to improve if left to muster.” The acrid smell of smoke and salt, thick on his olive skin. It was begining to ferment to a point even he was finding it difficult to sit beside him.=
    21:55:28Tory-Oakcroft : Wb. Dom btw.)
    21:56:25†Dominus† : ty))
    22:00:38†Dominus† made his way through the streets passing by people who would give him the occasional stare as he wore his armor still his black clothing under the armor could be seen where the gaps were and where chainmail was not. His blonde hair pushed back behind his ears as he walked shifting somewhat in the breeze. His hands rested on his belt out of <C>
    22:05:45†Dominus† comfort. Dominus had left his horse to be taken care of as he went in search of Giada. He neared the "wench" and he figured he would get a drink and continue his search after. The worn black battle robe with cross that was over his chest and back shifted as he looked up to the building. Dominus started into the building pushing through the door<C>
    22:07:10Ķąlęb has returned.
    22:07:14GiadaΦMilos : wb)
    22:07:39Sybilla·Covelin : webblies wolfers)
    22:07:41Tory-Oakcroft : Wb, Kaleb.)
    22:07:42Ķąlęb : Thanks))
    22:08:46†Dominus† letting it close behind him he looked around letting his eyes adjust from the light outside to the light inside. After a few blinks and a quick gaze his eye was caught by Giada, Sybilla and the stranger he hadnt met before sitting at a table nearby. Dominus inclined his head some and moved towards the table and said..."Greetings" he gave a slight<C
    22:09:23†Dominus† grin and asked ..."may I join?" <D>
    22:10:41Ķąlęb : I'm gonna be posting out of order, so you don't have to wait for me))
    22:10:48Ķąlęb : -The wolf had done his business...and no that didn't follow the same line as a dog doing his business in the backyard. Whatever it was, it was hush hush and when he returned he had more coin than he'd left with. Perhaps that's why he'd been so generous with the money he'd thrown at Sybilla. Now he was making friends with a selection of grizzled-c-
    22:11:45GiadaΦMilos : She was relieved to see him and stood greeting him, balled fist over her heart in salute "Well met , I know this isnt the cobblers but I decided I need a drink and I was lost anyway" she gave a slight grin and then looked to Tory in answer of his question" I dont know of anyplace that is inexpensive but you are welcome to stay at our camp>>>
    22:12:41Ķąlęb : dock hands who'd noticed his purse was a little too heavy. Seems Kaleb had a knack for finding trouble. "This'll go alot easier if ye jus' hand over yer coin runt..." Kaleb wasn't exactly small but these were men who spent their days hauling heavy loads off ships and seemed to have inherited the freakishly large genes that lurked around these -c-
    22:14:25GiadaΦMilos : we have it set up nicely and there is a stream near by. Fish and game, until you get on your feet and I promise as Dominus could attest that I am quiet sometimes, mostly when I sleep" she grinned and then made introductions. "This is my fellow knight and mentor, Dominus , Dominus this is Tory... Oakcroft. A stranger that I have decided to >>>
    22:15:38Ķąlęb : parts. Must be something in the water. "But why would I give you slack jawed imbeciles my money? I frankly don't see the logic in that meathead..." The largest member, a man with only a handful of teeth and muscles entirely coated in tattoos...shit tattoos at that, snarled (as much as a man can when he's lacking in teeth) before lunging at Kaleb-c-
    22:16:04GiadaΦMilos : accost with my verbal barrages. He also needs to find the cobbler. Tory ...Dominus" she hadnt been properly introduced to Sybilla they had never really talked she had only seen her that one time. She had no problem introducing herself she was sure . She pulled a chair over for Domnius and sat herself. Dominus would probably>>>
    22:16:50GiadaΦMilos : think she was crazy inviting a stranger to camp with them but Giada had a inkling about this one.
    22:18:11Tory-Oakcroft : I know have a worring image of a chavvy toothless yokel, grimacing in an odd snarl...worrying.)
    22:18:31Ķąlęb : and smacking the cocky ass squarely in his jaw. There was a crunch, suggesting something broke but perhaps it was nothing important. Your face didn't have any important bones in it...did it? Either way Kaleb's head snapped sideways and a tooth skittered across the wooden dock planks. Lucky for him his make up meant any teeth he ended up spitting -c
    22:19:57Càss¡an has joined the conversation.
    22:20:05†Dominus† : welcome))
    22:20:09GiadaΦMilos : welcome )
    22:20:49GiadaΦMilos : please read the rules and if you have any questions feel free to whisper a avialiable host)
    22:21:34Ķąlęb : out would find their way back. The yokel (thanks Tory!) gave a gawking barrel laugh at the sight. "Take dat pretty boy!! We'll 'ave ye lackin' in teeth in nae time! Bawhahaha!!" The wolf however simply joined in the laughter, offering a broad, bloody grin to the now confused fella. "What are ye laughin at ye snivvelin' piece o' shite?! Ye like -c-
    22:22:55Sybilla·Covelin : "Oh, it won't be so bad with two pretty ladies." Because it sounded like a normal tone to her and then Sybilla realized that it probably had been hushed to everyone else. Maybe not even audible to Giada. Oops. See what four days of not eating did? She wasn't paying attention. Did he smell horrible? Of course but to her nose /c/
    22:23:07Sybilla·Covelin : -everyone- smelled horrible. So, it was something that Sybilla no longer really bothered to pay attention to. The silent question was given a shrug, as if saying, she had no idea what the complaint was about. The mention of inexpensive housing brought a smile, "this place isn't so bad. It at least has a bed. I stayed here until I found... /c/
    22:23:57Ķąlęb : gettin' yer teeth knocked out?!" Kaleb cracked his neck a few times and wiped the excess crimson from his stubbled jawline as his eyes levelled on the eyes a few inches too high. "Sure because unlike you, I won't come out the other side looking like a chamber pot that ain't been emptied fer a month..." The wolf grinned, big and irritating and it-c-
    22:24:47Sybilla·Covelin : other arrangements." As Dom approached Sybilla leaned her head backwards to peer up at the other knight. A friendly smile came, "hello..." She could respect his... position despite her distaste for what he could do. Or what he might do if he knew what she was. Still he'd seem rather nice that day all hell had /c/
    22:25:45Ķąlęb : was enough for another swing to be taken at his face...This time he had the sense to dodge, frame jerking around the man's side and giving him a shove from behind so he stumbled courtesy of his own momentum. Kaleb had the sense not to completely lose himself in beating these men's skulls to bloody pulps...mostly out of a sense of self -c-
    22:26:46Ķąlęb : preservation...not some deep respect for human life. He'd let them take their swings and dodge the lot...Hopefully one of them would end up falling in the nearby sea and accidentally drown. That'd be score one for survival of the smartest. Somehow he doubted he'd be so lucky.-
    22:28:03Tory-Oakcroft : -The table around him was now becoming worryingly busy, new people wandering to be seated at almost regular intervals. The definite unease in his eyes, was shrouded out by the heavy sandy fringe still as he head stooped a little. A knight should sit proud, confident. Aware of his surroundings, and of the conversation around him, not stooped -c-
    22:28:15Sybilla·Covelin : broken loose in the streets with Selene. Speaking of Selene, she hadn't seen the wench in some time. Her and her citrus fruits. "I'm stayin' at the forge now. There's an extra room and probably work too. I could talk to the man there." Sybilla was trying to bring home strays again and why not? Do unto others as they would do to her or whatever. /d/
    22:29:32†Dominus† : alright its later than i expected i gotta run again))
    22:31:31†Dominus† has left the conversation.
    22:32:56Tory-Oakcroft : ~Sorry Syb...))
    22:33:03Tory-Oakcroft : Pressed enter and didn't realise)
    22:34:08Sybilla·Covelin : all good, we're human)
    22:34:31Tory-Oakcroft : pathetically over a stout of ale almost willing himself to fade a little. The unease was forced from his eyes as he nodded politely to Dominus, his own hand gritting to a fist once more, but the same jut out of his fore and middle finger pointing towards his left shoulder as he saluted a little. Not the best way to keep yourself hidden from -c-
    22:34:41Tory-Oakcroft : Barely, somedays I think for myself lol.)
    22:34:55Tory-Oakcroft : from questions, by greeting in such a distinct manner. His eyes ran over the man carefully, holding caution before he finally found an acceptable excuse to leave the table for a few moments solace. “Ale..” The simple word was a sentence in his book. Sometimes it was hard to tell whether he just spoke in single syllables, or if he used full -c-
    22:35:11Tory-Oakcroft : sentences but his tone was just to quiet to be audible. He stood, his towering height pushing up as he arched his shoulders out to ease the aching muscles that were beginning doe to being confined in a small chair. Striding over the ground, his gait was wide, covering what would be a good few pace’s to most in about three strides. Heavy borrowed -c
    22:37:11Tory-Oakcroft : boots churned dust up from the floor, if he was anything it certainly wasn’t swift of foot. Drawing up to the bar, he lent on it, his forehead resting in his palm elbow on the bartop as he awaited the tender. He had moved off before either Gai could distract him, or Sybilla use her own unique way to summon service. The tender took pity on him. -c-
    22:40:15Càss¡an has left the conversation.
    22:41:17Tory-Oakcroft : Taking his time to get to serving him giving him a moment to breathe as he watched the ales served out, his hands wrapped around the mugs with room to spare. Heading back to the table, he looked a little offset at the offers of accommodation. “I...well.” Idiot. He was a scholar in atleast 3 languages, and he managed to use a grand total of -c-
    22:41:28Tory-Oakcroft : –none- of that talent in that answer. Taking another swig from his ale he finally summoned up a response. “Thank you both. The kind offers are appreciated with much gratitude, you can be sure of that.” He half smiled, as he continued his sentences...both together possibly leading to equal all the words he had spoken all evening in number. -c-
    22:45:47Tory-Oakcroft : “I think maybe I will loiter here tonight, just until I find my feet around the place. Before I impose on someone elses hospitality so early. Plus, I do not feel it would be a great first impression to impose a stray on your hosts, that smells like wet dog.” He half smiled again nodding in a gentle way, his eyes drawing over sybilla finally, -c-
    22:46:01Tory-Oakcroft : cocking her head as he realised she had responded to what was almost an internal question. Ocean eyes ground over her, from beneath the heavy set containment of his fringe with a slightly more cautious look than before.=
    22:49:37GiadaΦMilos : She gave a nod to Tory "Well you are welcome should you wander in the forest our camp is to the east following a stream."Dominus whispered to her and she nodded as he left without a word to anyone but just a nod in departing ."It would be no impostion to us , we do not own the earth and you have just as much right as we do." She finished her ale>>>
    22:51:24GiadaΦMilos : and noticed the time "I better get to the cobbler before he closes, its going to take a while for me to get a new pair of boots made" she looked forlornly to the bag that held her boots " I fear my old boots arent worth saving and so I shall be condemed to wear ladies slippers for the duration and I do not believe that they>>>
    22:53:50GiadaΦMilos : will be forgiving in the forest." She picked up the bag and shouldered it before standing" Your welcome to come with me if you wish Tory." She looked at him intently as if trying to read his very soul. He had a story and he would not relinquish it easily. The pendant and his gestures in greeting, she decided to go out on a limb "A fellow Knight >>>
    22:55:36GiadaΦMilos : is always embraced when perchance a meeting is encountered" she bowed her head, to him and then turned to Sybillia "Perhaps we shall meet again , it seems that when we do meet it is brief ." she waited the answer about going to the cobbler while her eyes watched his reaction.
    23:01:36Sybilla·Covelin : The stew, the internal question, this human was just luckily catching her on a bad day of mistakes. Sybilla looked back, no caution, no concern, just with a smile. "You haven't smelled my host... he smells like a wet dog most of the time." The comment caused a wide smirk that Sybilla couldn't help. Wet. Dog. It was vulgar and rude, /c/
    23:01:56Sybilla·Covelin : they wouldn't even know it. Had Tully been here he would have been laughing hysterically and she suddenly realized that she was missing both him and the damnable pig thief. It was a pack thing. Instinct to be with your own kind and although Tully wasn't her kind, far from it, she'd adopted him as such. The humans were leaving, /c/
    23:02:08Sybilla·Covelin : talking amongst themselves again. Sybilla lifted her ale to listen to them speaking about cobblers. How boring. Shoes. "Maybe the next time I go for a wander in the woods I'll come visit." It was a thought. "I think i need to be heading home." Sybilla found her feet and swayed for a second. Whoa. Sitting back down. "... on second thought, /c/
    23:02:17Sybilla·Covelin : I think I'll stay here and enjoy the scenery."/d/
    23:05:41Tory-Oakcroft : -Listening carefully to her he contemplated, and nodded only in response that he would accompany her as previously agreed. He turned his eyes over his own long serving boots hung at his shoulders, rubbing the back of his head with his palm he looked to the scruffed pair on his feet. He had lived with worse. He swung his well used and loved pair -c-
    23:05:52Tory-Oakcroft : free and offered them out to her in one hand. “Mabye a good cobbler could at least make you something out of two pairs.” He nodded curtly. The boots still offered out to her before he lent down reaching for his bag and swinging it over his shoulder while still in his seat. The long leather strap complained a little at the weight it supported in -c-
    23:06:12Tory-Oakcroft : the main body of the bag, before finally conceding that it had no choice. His eyes weakened in their short live boost of social activity, receding back at the sudden shot in the dark. He squared his shoulders a little, fiddling aimlessly with the leather strap of his bag to straighten it as he stood. He just again diverted the question. “Mabye -c-
    23:06:23Tory-Oakcroft : would enjoy the wonders of the cobblers yourself Miss Sybilla?” It was an easy out he knew it, but it was worth a try to side step the truth. He towered over Gaida. His head held up a little more than it had, but the broad build of him seemed to just add to the height making him look taller than he was. Letting his hair rest in his eyes for the -c-
    23:06:37Tory-Oakcroft : the minute, he watched the sway of the girl and raised a brow slightly. He was loathed to leave her here, to drink to use herself. “Mabye we do shoes first. Then I could really use something to eat.” Her lean physique wasn’t hard to spot, and to someone who was assuming she was human it looked almost near deathly. “You said there was game in the -c
    23:07:32Tory-Oakcroft : forest right Gaida?” He smirked, almost a little too keenly at the thought of some brutal activity. His fist subconsciously gritting at his side, without his control at the thought. Fish for weeks on end, had you yearning red meat....a large amount of it. Plus being confined to a very sdmall fishing boat, for such a distance ment his -c-
    23:07:44Tory-Oakcroft : -c- steel hand was getting itchy.=
    23:09:47GiadaΦMilos : She nodded her head slowly "Aye there seems to be game aplenty. We havent suffered though Dominus does most of the hunting, his cooking skills are not quite as honed as mine are." she heistated though about taking the boots he offered. "Are you sure? Because I would not wish to ...." she had always been the giving one and was now >>>
    23:11:25GiadaΦMilos : finding it difficult that she was being offered a gifting. The words of Marcas though came to her gently whispering upon her memory when she was still a novice "Being able to accept a gift is as important as knowing how to give one" She swallowed and then placed her fingertips to her forehead "Blessings upon your generosity and may it be>>>
    23:13:20GiadaΦMilos : given back sevenfold" she took the offered boots and placed them on her shoulder for her bag was full. He had avoided her question and she was not oblivious to it. Had he not been a Knight he would have refuted it, there must be something that kept him from being open about his origin in a Order. She knew that even though her Order had been >>>
    23:14:44GiadaΦMilos : destroyed she still wore its banner proudly. People were different, perhaps his story was familar to hers and perhaps not but in her travels most Knights seemed to bear their office with pride and honor and all he seemed to do was want to avoid it.
    23:21:17Sybilla·Covelin : Invited along? The human invited her along. Sybilla stared upwards was about to politely decline when he mentioned food. Further mentioned game in the forest. Her nose picked up the subtle hints of his desire to hunt and the wolf within drooled at the idea. "Oh, well, I... suppose I could tag along. Been a long time since I've /c/
    23:21:27Sybilla·Covelin : been to a cobblers." About fifty years ago. Yes, how could she -explain- that? Could lie, oh, but Sybilla despised lying. Still as she stood up her hear was racing at the very idea of heading to the forest. Deep breaths. Eyes flittered down to the fist Tory had made and a knowing smile came with it. That's exact what her skin felt like at /c/
    23:24:03Sybilla·Covelin : the moment. Clenched and uncomfortable. She'd gotten quiet. It happened when now the brain was pounding out a singular thought over and over. Food. /d/
    23:26:05Tory-Oakcroft : -The surge of a slight need for aggression left him finally, ebbing back behind his control as he nodded to Giada carefully. "I am sure milady." He watched her as she seemed to be weighing him up with every glance, he had little doubt that the truth usually spilled out eventually but for now he felt that this was not the company to get into the -c
    23:27:32Tory-Oakcroft : -c- underlying subject. A cred rarely banished it's members. Knights were picked for their heart, their spirit and their devotion. He however had spent a few to many years of his youth, pointed at a target and told to hit it repeatedly until it broke. This left him with a slightly unnatural urge for a fight at times. But he managed it, for the -c-
    23:28:58Tory-Oakcroft : -c- the most part. He was not proud of his origin, he was not proud of his creed. Infact it was generally the opposite but that was a long story that was not to be told. Holding his head up a little, trying to brace himself against he soul searching gaze he watched Syb a moment and smirked. A hunter knew a hunter. It was a simple as that. She was-c
    23:30:55Tory-Oakcroft : -c- making a lot of mistakes, and he was quiet enough and logical enough to begin piecing together jigsaw squares. The muscles below her flesh had tensed at the mere mention of a chase, he just smirked to himself and returned a polite gaze upon Gaida. Waiting for her to lead the path to the cobblers. Considering only she knew the way, it was a -c-
    23:33:04Tory-Oakcroft : given. He looked at his dress and let out an internal grumble again, the words once more spoken to himself as he sighed. 'Great first impression Tory, you look like you belong in a ditch with a begging bowl. Excellent." A little pointlessly he tried to smooth out what were obviously deep set, week old creases from his shirt. But it was a -c-
    23:33:29Tory-Oakcroft : fruitless endeavour.=
    23:35:25GiadaΦMilos : Her eyes narrowed once again on Tory but she stayed silent. Repostioning her bag she moved through the door and outside where the air was fresher. A deep lungful clearing out the acrid smell of the tavern and she began the small sojourn to the cobblers. It seemed that everyone was making their way back to final errands or their homes>>>
    23:40:56GiadaΦMilos : the sun hung heavy in the sky and the streets were thinning from their human press of earlier. She spoke little as she navigated the streets, stopping once at a crossroads to get her bearings she saw a begger hoping to catch a few people on their way home in a generous spirit. She walked to him ignoring the fact that their were two others with >>>
    23:43:13GiadaΦMilos : her. A smile of kindness was given to the man as she pulled out a silver coin and pressed it into the mans filthy hand. She spoke a blessing over him "May the Almighty guide your footsteps and provide comfort in your darkness hour." she then whispered in his ear and he nodded kissing her hand as she turned back to Sybilla and Tory. Her countence >>
    23:44:53GiadaΦMilos : serene and a gentleness that was hinted at but not seen thus far with their brief time together. "I believe the man told me it was on the other side of the marketplace, so only a street more and we shall be there" she dodged a pile of horse leavings and continued up the street till the swinging sign bearing a boot with nails on its face came>>
    23:44:56GiadaΦMilos : into view.
    23:48:22Sybilla·Covelin : Just like horses grew uncomfortable in her presence for no good reason. That was not something Sybilla could control. Prey knew predators. Predators knew other predators. A patrol of the guard had the young woman stepping to side to let the make a wide berth while her head dropped. Keep going, keep going, keep going. Sybilla /c/
    23:48:40Sybilla·Covelin : tensed further as rode passed to the point of actually cringing. It was the combination of the horse sounds and human sound all at once. On top of the armor. Once they were gone, Sybilla opened her eyes to see Giada speaking to a beggar. The swinging sign was a relief to see. That meant the next stop was the forest. She wondered /c/
    23:49:56Sybilla·Covelin : if they would be bothered by the idea of running? Oh, she was so very hungry. "I..." nope, she couldn't wait. Fingers clawed at her skirt and she peered at the pair of them. "... am very sorry but I really must be going." /d/
    23:53:20»Đãřâẏ« : - It had been some time since Ray had been seen in the Kingdom proper. Or at least within the city. He had first been spending all his time at the castle helping Catrina care for the triplets and checking them for any signs of ailments based on their mixed breed heritage. Then he had spent weeks in the highlands gathering up some of the rare turn>
    23:54:03»Đãřâẏ« : of the season herbs that he required for his Guild. He didn't want to risk sending one of the other less experienced healers. Ha! Less experienced. HE was the youngest Healer in the realm and here he was - the GuildMaster. Ugh. Too much paperwork, not enough blood. What wouldn't he give for a good amputation or a plague right about now. That'd >
    23:55:53»Đãřâẏ« : liven things up a bit! Then there had been that trade mission with Cherik. He had only gone along with his lover since the Merchant was going to a mountain town that had some rare ingredients Ray wanted for the kitchens and for his herb stores. He had just finished putting his supplies away in the Guild House when he figured he might as well make >
    23:56:45»Đãřâẏ« : his way back to the loft he shared with Cherik. Fate, it would seem, had other ideas however. A murmuring of the crowd had drawn Ray down to the docks - a place he had not been since meeting with that PIrate creep one time. He was in his GuildMaster outfit - the typical green and brown robes with a bright gold sash/belt combo. His hair was longer >
    23:58:01»Đãřâẏ« : than others would recall, hanging loose and thick around his shoulders, bangs tucked back behind his ears. From the back he would undoubtedly look like a rather slender woman. From the front he likely just looked like a flat chested one. Damned genetics. Ducking and weaving his way through the crowd, he glanced up to spot the sign of the Drowned >
    23:58:21»Đãřâẏ« : Wench coming into view. Wasn't that Brandon's place? Hey! Maybe he'd be around. HE was always a good one to share a pint with and hear a rather bawdy story. -
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    00:01:39GiadaΦMilos : The cobbler saw the two come in and she let Tory go first, when he was done it was her turn and she handed him the boots that Tory gave her along with her old boots ."Can we see what we can make due with these and I will need a new pair as well"The cobbler looked at her old boots and shook his head but when he saw the others as well he >>
    00:03:22GiadaΦMilos : held up a hand"I can repair these so that at least they will last you till a new pair is made" She was relieved not wanting to wear the slippers for longer then she had to. Her foot was first measured and then she was bade to sit down as he took the pair of boots back into the room behind him. She would have to wait and Tory bade her >>
    00:04:37GiadaΦMilos : farewell for now he was going to go back to get his room. She watched him leave after giving her goodbyes and then let her mind work again. Yes there was much more to his story, she hoped that she could find it out without upsetting him. She would talk to Dominus when she got back to the camp. He might know the order that >>
    00:04:46GiadaΦMilos : Tory came from and that would be a start.
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