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    Attention All New Players

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    Attention All New Players Empty Attention All New Players

    Post  King Adiemus Thornwyck on Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:38 am

    Welcome to Menouthis' Forums!

    The Chronicles of Menouthis is an exciting place for a free chat with fellow players. It's a refreshing change from the non-serious topics that we often participate in, in other realm forums. Enjoy participating in a lighter chat on almost any thing you feel like, and playing an active role in threads designed for your character/

    Menouthis encourages open participation in the realm forums and this is what we expect from all members enjoying the forum.

    Off topic Discussions:
    We shall not entertain discussions on religion, race, nationalistic sentiments, and gender in our forum.

    The forum shall be free from gossips on personal hostility and abusive languages. However, such posts will be edited without notification.

    We expect you all to uphold these principles and co-operate with us in maintaining the integrity of our realm.

    The forum is a place where exchanging ideas is all about having fun. Let's hope that you enjoy being a part of it and share your experiences and insight on any topic of your interest.
    If you are not a member, please sign up to be an active member of our Community Forums. Once you have signed up, you will have access to the rest of our Role Play boards.

    We are creating a realm where all members get the opportunity to express themselves and help others in developing detailed storylines.

    Our realm believes in providing unbiased knowledge and information on role play and other character issues. It's an effort towards improving the lives of common people and their characters who are associated with role playing all around the globe.

    Being our Realm member:

    We have three kinds of membership in our Community.
    Forum Only Members:
    By joining only the forum you will have access to our play boards and chat history to be kept informed on realm happenings. You can also take active part in our forums for further interaction.

    Chat and Forum [combined] Members:
    Through this membership, you get the chance to help others by suggesting better ideas and solutions through our forums and the chat. Please sign up to become an active participant in the forums.

    Chat Only Members:
    If you chose not to join our forums and remain a chat-only participant, you will be missing out on many new adventures, some of which may effect chat-play.

    As a realm member, you can update your profile and provide details of your encounters in our threads. You can advertise your characters services in our message boards.

    Enjoy visiting our realm:
    While you become our member, don't forget to participate in our real time chat. It's an interesting way of making the realm feel your presence.

    We look forward to your active involvement in enhancing the lives of our members.

    Please refer to this forum section for further queries, and feel free to post a note to the management team, we're here to assist you along the way.

    Final Note:
    When joining you will be notified by email shortly after your application has been sent. Please use a valid email address as your confirmation link will be sent to you allowing access to our forums.
    If we do not recognize you as a member or regular participant in our live-chat, your account may be temporarily disabled until we hear from you on our Visitors Center forum board introducing yourself to us. Please be patient in this process as we look forward to your interactions!


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